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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 15, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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verdict in the case breaking real time during the middle of kelly's court. we like that. thank you for watching, if you want to weigh in on the verdict whether you think they got it right follow me on twitter. have a great weekend. >>shepard: you too. numbers number today on "studio b," the not threw a major curve battle in immigration and it could have huge implications for november. the president's move to stop deporting certain illegals immigrants. the secret service hooker scandal in colombia was just one of the hundreds of accusations against agents the past decade. details of a just-released report. cut your grass? or pay a big fine. it's the battle over one town's efforts to crackdown on overgrown lawns. but is it a little bit too much? that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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this is "studio b." all first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, president obama has ordered his administration to stop deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the united states as children, went to school, never broke the law, never did anything. and he is doing it without the approval of congress. >> effective immediately, the department of homeland security is taking steps to lit the shadow of deportation of the young people. they are americans in their hearts, minds, in every single way but one: on paper. they were brought to this country by their parents. sometimes even as infants. >>shepard: this is in the middle of a heated election where latino voters could an big key. republicans say president obama's clearly politically motivated. but it is also the sort of immigration policy that the president has been pushing for many years. and he just bypassed congress get it done.
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immigrant whose came to the united states before the age of 16 and are currently less than 30, will have a shot at legal residency. temporary. these are people who in many cases consider themselves americans in every way, speak english as a first language. have very few ties to their native country. under the new rule, they must have lived in the country if at least five straight years. they must have high school diploma or a ged or served in the united states military. and, they cannot have any serious criminal record. the policy does not provide a pat to decisionship but achieves goals set out in the dream act which congress rejected in 2010. critics say the changes ignore the law and amount to back door amnesty to law breakers. wendell, do we have a sense if how many are affected? >>reporter: 800,000 fall in the category you laid out. the president says they are adding to the country by holding down jobs or learning skills or
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trades for use later. the president says it is not amnesty because the proposal provides them only with a two year temporary work permit but that can be renewed. and because there is no path to citizenship in the plan the president says that it is just a temporary fix. >> it makes no sense to expel talented young people who for all intents and purposes are americans. have been raised as americans. understand themselves to be part of this country. to expel these young people what want to start businesses or defend our country, but simply because of the action of the parents. >>reporter: the people the order targets poses no threat security so it makes no sense to spend resources deporting then according to homeland security security jap company. >>shepard: what are
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republicans saying? >>reporter: when says it is a back door amnesty, arizona will now have to compete with the people if jobs. florida republican senator rubio who has a similar plan was a bit more cautious in his proposal saying if a written statement "there is birthday support for the idea that we should figure out a way to help kids undocumented through no fault of their own but by going around congress this short-term policy will make it harder to find a balance and responsible long term." texas congressman smith accused the president of putting partisan politics ahead of the rule of law. this order expected for appeal to hispanics in self battleground states. and it could make a difference in nevada, including in colorado and florida the >>shepard: and now chris wallace, live for us, this is an interesting one, chris, because it almost feels like he may have gotten rubio
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immunization, he said he does not like the way he did this but he is for it. and romney was against this sort of thing and said so in the debate. if he stays that court, that is not good for latino voters g he goes the other way then he is flip-flopping. >>chris: that is right. this is a smart political move and that is the point you will hear republicans saying, it is blatantly political. megyn kelly was playing a clip of the president, a year or two ago saying he could not do this kind of thing, he could not go around congress, he could not take action, he had for enforce the laws. now, under the discretion of who we will or will not deport he is saying he will do this but it is going for appeal to a lost hispanics who felt this president has been long on talk but short on substance when it comes to immigration reform. >>shepard: you wonder if what he needs to do is energize that
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portion and whether this will energize them is the question. >>chris: the latest poll from the "wall street journal" shows that president obama leads romney among hispanics by 2-1, 60 percent. some in the high 20's. so, no question that hispanics favor obama. the question is, will they get out and vote for him? this may do it as you say and energize them to come out and vote. >>shepard: open question. what is your sense for the way the republicans will play this? surely this is something they have gamed. >>chris: what we hear from some of them including john mccain called it a power grab, and we will hear a lost them say this is amnesty with a lot of lipstick on it, but, they are certainly not going to say, gee, the president has outsmarted us.
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they will find ways to oppose it and to try to denigrate it. >>shepard: the guy who interrupted the president, you saw him, right? play that sound bit. this is year. >> it is the right thing to do. excuse me, sir, it is not time for questions, sir. not while i'm speaking. >>shepard: a reporter for tucker carlson's outfit, that breaks decorum, long, long standing decorum. does it not? >>chris: it is outrageous, i covered ronald reagan for six years and with sam donaldson alderson we would scream out our lungs but we always waited until the president had, and any president finished speaking of the the idea you would interrupt the president in the middle of prepared remarks and shout a question, i don't think the guy should be allowed back in the white house or given a press
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pass and my guess is he won't be. >>shepard: tucker carlson is our contributor. he says this is what reporters supposed to do, and they supposed to get their questions answered. it is hard to know what is answering with asking the president a question. i am hoping he did not see it and didn't know the context because he knows better. >>chris: well, the point is, i agree, we do want for get the questions answered but do not interrupt the president. >>shepard: as i interrupt. because of the satellitedly. how was prison, by the way? >>chris: i was not in prison. i know you are sensational on "studio b" here, but ... >>shepard: you were on phone? >>chris: i was talking to a station, don't pull that daily caller stuff on me. i was talking to a station in stimulus on my cell phone. it is illegal in washington, dc. and i was pulled over and i was given, as i should have been, a
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traffic summons, a ticket. which i will promptly pay. >>shepard: how was the food in prison? >>chris: what is this with prison? i wasn't arrested. i will say i would not do well in prison, and neither would you. >>shepard: i am trying to avoid it. a goal for the summer. but you never know. i could fail. what is on the show this weekend? >>chris: it will be a good program. we will talk about all of this. i am sure the immigration. and, we will talk about the national security leaks, how serious they were. and, how should they be investigated. and we will have the senior advisor to the president in the white house, and we will talk to joe lieberman the chairman of the homeland security committee and we will talk about the change in immigration and former director of the c.i.a. and ask how serious he thinks the national security leaks were.
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>>shepard: glad you are out of resolution and great to see you and see you on sunday. >>chris: that's a clown question. >>shepard: that's a clown question. >>chris: do you know what that means? you have to look on youtube. that is my new question when you say something over the line. >>shepard: have a great weekend. see you sunday. thank goodness he is out of prison. two months after the secret service hooker scandal came to light, a newly released federal report details hundreds move accusations again agents and officers dating back a decade. allegations involving sexual assault. information leaks. illegal wiretaps. and much more. the scandal started breaking back in april. that when investigators said secret service employees brought prostitutes to their hotel room in colombia where prostitute is legal, days before the president arrived. doug, are these serious
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allegations? minor? combo? >>guest: some are real serious. some are frivolous. all of the above. it is an incident list, 229-page list, presents a picture of almost keystone cops like kind of ... incidents. i should say, that in addition to that, it is full of incidents of officers being potentially victimized by nigerian investment scams, accused of domestic violence, several suicides, d.w.i.'s, reckless driving and an officer arrested for soliciting a prostitute in his marked police cruiser. not to mention an accidental discharge of weapon. here is one. officer [blank] discharged a round in the vehicle and it lodged on the uss command post. no one was injured.
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and a report of a sexual assault. >>reporter: we do not know the extent of these. no indications how therapy adjudicated. take that for what it is worth. >>shepard: and from the secret service a do we get? >>guest: we got a statement from them, and i don't have my glasses, so forgive me, it says this documentaryflects intake log received by dhsoig which mentioned or been referred to the secret service. it includes allegations compiled over eight-year-period of time, and the vast majority did not
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involve allege misconduct or officers, they go on to say that allegations of employee misconduct whether received at oig or aanyone miscellaneous hotline are taken seriously and are fully investigated. so, there you have it. >>shepard: thank you, doug. what happened in greece this weekend could affect your savings and the 401(k). it has to do with the euro and whether greece will stay not euro. and the manhunt for a surgeon and special forces soldier is over after police find another body. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 92% of people who tried it said they would buy it again. visit today for a special trial offer.
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>>shepard: your 401(k) doing fine today. the dow is on track for the second winning week in a row. it is up 88 points. and investors acting on promising new signs that banks in europe are well equipped to
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prevent the struggling economy from spiraling out of control. and gerri is with us. greek elections this weekend, explain what is at stake as they try to decide whether they will stay with the euro or go back to the drachma. >>gerri: that is what they will decide. that is important. some people thing if greece leaves the euro zone it could result in a worldwide credit crunch. that is a big "if." but big concerns and countries all over the planet are following this. what could be important is how many people come out, it could depend whether it is a good beach weekend, first. and, there is a big soccer game everyone is following that could stir you will national sentiment and that could have an impact on how people vote. >>shepard: if they drop out of the euro, explain what it means big picture? >>gerri: all the central bans have to jump in, probably
12:18 pm
including ours which is probably not going to be popular with the american people. and, you can see a situation where banks get in trouble, not just bangs in greece but in other parts of the planet and there could be a credit crunch that hits everyone and you probably remember the last credit crunch we faced in this country. >>shepard: feels like we are having one now. >>gerri: not as bad. >>shepard: not easy to get a loan. gear but it is not impossible. find a small bank. >>shepard: good to see you. police in buffalo say they believe they found the body of the surgeon they call the "person of interest" in a hospital murder. this doctor and former arm special forces weapons expert you see on the screen sparked a nationwide hand hunt after a nursing student turned up dead at a hospital. cops say this doctor disappeared after the shooting and friends of the victim say she used to date the doctor and a friend told the local newspaper she was
12:19 pm
afraid of him. hours ago the cops told fox news they found what they believe to be the doctor's body near his home and it looks like he killed himself. shot himself. they are waiting for the autopsy results to confirm that. and gregg jarrett, with an update. greg the -- >>gregg: the body was found close to a creek near his home and they believe the gunshot wound was self inflicted. the neighbors told police about hearing a gunshot on the day that the girl was found shot to death at the medical center where they worked. it is reported he returned to his home after the slaying and vanished and during a search an off-duty police officer was found leaving with about $5,000 in cash and a rolex watch and he claimed he was concerned about his friend. >>shepard: what are police saying about military experience. >>gregg: it could have played a relative. the victim was shot four times
12:20 pm
at pointblank range with what is described by police as military precision. jorden, withdrew large sums of money and may have arranged a secret get away car and friend of the victim said he would not let go after they broke up, and he held her captive in her home and the victim warned her friends if anything happens to me, it was jorden who did it. >>shepard: thank you, gregg jarrett in new york. just into fox, lindsay lohan. somebody reportedly found lindsay lohan unconscious in a hotel room at the plaza, i believe. according to the reporting of our network news service in los angeles, channel 7, someone found the star this morning in her room, the ritz carlton, i should say, and friends said they were concerned and they could not wake her up at 10:15
12:21 pm
and the fire inspector says the paramedics evaluated a paint in their 20'ss at the seen and released the paint without a trip to the hospital. the fire inspector would not comment on the identity but lindsay lohan spokesman told reuters she was treated for exhaustion and dehydration and she is doing fine. you know tmz is all over this. they started this reporting. it is reporting that lindsay lohan has been shooting parts of the new movie near that hotel last week, she went to the emergency room after her rented black porsche slammed into a big rig in los angeles. and you think your live is dramatic. a death row inmate says he is ready to die, he just wants to get it over with but the governor is standing not way saying no more death penalty, enough with the government killing people. well, now the death row inmate is suing. that is next.
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>>shepard: a prisoner on death row in oregon who says i am ready to die, kill me. but the state's governor has delayed all executions on moral grounds. now the inmate is suing the governor for not killing him. here is the inmate. he got the death sentence for murdering a fellow inmate back in 2007, stabbed the victim a couple of times, and actually 80 times, and crushed his head with a metal rod. oregon democratic governor granted him a reprieve and the governor says he regrets he
12:26 pm
allowed two executions back in the 1990's and he vowed to put all state-sponsored killing on hold as listen as he is in office. the inmate says that is unfair. and he says that the governor cannot suspend any oregon law just because he is opposed to it. but a state attorney argues that the governor is acting in his rights. fox legal analyst, arthur, he is acting. >>arthur: she, but believe it or not there are legitimate arguments that prisoner has and one of them is that under the law, the, he is supposed to get clemency, he has the state if limbo. he is supposed to do it, the governor, on case-by-case basis. reduce the sentence, decide on your own that based on the sense of justice and hue mapty you do not get the death penalty but life produce parole and the governor is allowed to do that.
12:27 pm
or allowed to set him free. the argument is can you not just say, well, i'm the governor and i don't believe the death penalty so i will not do it because the legislature has passed the death penalty but he has 17 different ways did keep him from being killed and she on the record as saying i am not participating in killing. >>shepard: and he will not. the lawsuit is going nowhere. the guy is a bad dude. >>shepard: he only stabbed him 80 times. before he got to prison. >>arthur: an older homicide he did time for and this new >>shepard: the man is a model? >>arthur: he is not that old, heel be living for a while, and he wants to die and the governor is saying, sorry, not on my watch. we don't have a right to die in america. we do not have assisted suicide, you cannot say i am dying of
12:28 pm
cancer. >>shepard: but the government is good to go for killing you. >>arthur: depends on the circumstances. this particular government is not. a lot of states are good to go. texas cannot wait to take you down. they is the highest in the nation for executions. >>shepard: maybe in the world. a judge today said the jetblue pilot is mentally fit to stand trial. investigators say back in march the first officer locked the captain out of the cockpit and the captain shouted "bring down the plane," and something about jesus. passengers tackled him and held him until the jet landed and the judge reviewed a court ordered psychiatric evaluation and says pilot is fit to stand trial. there he is. he faced charges of interfering
12:29 pm
with a flight crew and charges that carry potential prison sentence of up to 20 years. all new reports of sexual abuse and torture as world leaders struggle to stop the violence. the united nations monitors say they may have to get out of there. details on that coming up. and the g.o.p. nominee, romney, launch add new bus tour and the democratic national committee is right on hi trail with its own bus. i've always looked up to my brother. he doesn't look like a heart attack patient. i was teaching a martial arts class and it hit me. we get to the emergency room... and then...and then they just wheeled him away. i had to come to that realization that "wow, i am having a heart attack." i can't punch this away. i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to you doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm a fighter and nowadays i don't have that fear.
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for a body in motion. >>shepard: a horrifying new report from syria as they descend into full scale civil war. the troops are sexually assaulting women, men, and children held in captivity there. sexually assaulting them. some of the victims reportedly as young as 12. officials from the human rights group interviewed former syrian detainees who say the troops raped them, beat them, and tortured them, and others, with electrical shocks. and the head of the united nations observer mission in syria, says that a recent spike in violence could force his unarmed team to pull out of that country. officials from another human rights group today say the u.n. observers should work on stopping the killings or leave. the observers have simply become
12:34 pm
witnesses to the slaughter. and now conor, monitors got in the hard hit area in syria. tell us what they found there. >>reporter: well, for the past week there have been reports of intense fighting in the syrian town that was a popular tourist destination. there are fears growing that assad would turn out another massacre, the u.n. trying to get this this for days. they finally got in and when they did the town of 25,000 people was a ghost town with the smell of dead bodies in the air. the u.n. did not find anybodies on the ground but they said there was clear evidence that someone had been trying to cover up the attacks and the violence in the town so they are trying to figure out how many died. remember, the u.n. while taking criticism from everyone about their ineffective in syria are the only ones operating in syria and only ones able to get
12:35 pm
around. journalists are not allowed to investigate the crimes or potential attacks. right new the u.n. has failed in syria. they are the only ones getting to the bottom of this. >>shepard: but the peace effort is just afailure. >>reporter: the international community is struggling to find a way to solve the violence in syria, the violence continued again today with the town of homs hit hard as it has been for weeks upon weeks and months upon months. and russia said they want to take part in this international conference on syria but they are saying they are only going to attend if the united states and other countries do not develop a plan to oust president assad. they will not have any discussions that include discussions of removing president assad. they also want iran to attend this meeting, and the united states is firmly against that. so, while the violence continues in syria, shepard, the diplomats are squabbling about how to
12:36 pm
approach a meeting to deal with the violence. >>shepard: conor thank you. and now, senior fellow with the brocking institution, nonpartisan nonprofit policy organizations based in washington, dc. good to see you, michael. let's start with the russians. what do we do with them? >>guest: well, shepard, russia has a lot of interests here not the same as ours to put it mildly but if they are unwilling to negotiate over assad's future i'm afraid we are at an impasse. we are not suggesting there be a complete revolution in syria. what we are suggesting with the peace of the that is failing, but, the idea is, get rid of assad and go off in exile and let the regime remain in a power sharing arrangement with the opposition. i don't know if it would work but it is about the most minimal
12:37 pm
thing you could imagine working at this point. in terms of still preserving some remnants of the previous regime out of practicality not because we like them. russia will not go along with that. as long as they hold on to dream that assad can stay in power they supporting one side in a military confrontation which is a civil war and rooting for assad. as long as they are in that situation, we just have to keep working on them to change their mind because it is not something we can make headway with. >>shepard: is there anything that the international community can do to try to slow down the killing? >>guest: no, to be aunts. our next step could speed up the killing because well arm the opposition. that is the logical next step. i don't know if the united states be involved in that. it is going in a preliminary way already with other countries providing limited arms, and that inevitably is beginning to increase. which is what russia should recognize, as well, and realize we all are going to lose if this goes to that level. the international community is
12:38 pm
not going to have much choice of tolerating assad stay in power so we will try to increase the pressure on him but we don't want do enter veep so we will do it through proxies and arms transfers. that is almost inevitable next step i see coming. unfortunately, it is probably going to increase the killing in the short-term, and you hope that some of his cronies will aside assad cannot be kept in power and the only hope is to go and russia will get that message. it make for a bloody summer in the best of cases. >>shepard: before we go, michael, i wonder what you think about the so-called experts who suggest syria could have, could use chemical weapons. >>guest: if they did that the chance of outside intervention are greater. i am not necessarily rooting for anything like that because the humanitarian travesty, why think most americans want another war and if syria is a place we decided to overthrow the assad
12:39 pm
regime, it starts to look more like another iraq or afghanistan and we do not want that but that is the so the of thing that is hard to rule out if assad used chemical arms against his own defenseless people. >>shepard: thank you, michael, on an impossible predicament. >> governor romney kicked off five day bus tour through five battleground states. rather, six battleground states. the former massachusetts governor started things with a speech in new hampshire where he slammed president obama as "out of touch iraq and used the president's private sector out of context comments against him. >> when americans went to townhalls and said we do not want obamacare he ignored us. and spent 15 months ramming his health care bill through congress on a single party vote. and when we asked, where's the recovery you promised, this president lectured us saying, the private sector doing fine. >>shepard: of course the president clarified the private
12:40 pm
sector comments later, and said the economy is not doing fine, and that is why he held a news conference. meanwhile, the democratic national committee announced it is now shadowing the governor with its own bus store calling romney economic the middle class under the bus. dealer. and carl, this bus tour targets mostly rural voters but. >>carl: he said every town counts. rural voters in six key swing states as part of the bus tour to offset the president's likely advantage in the very important battlegrounds, in urban areas. listen to romney. >> for so many americans, the distance between their town and the city of washington, dc, has never seemed so far. the federal establishment has never seemed so house fill and
12:41 pm
remote, so disdeathedconnected m reality. washington, dc judd not smother small town dreams. >>carl: a poll shows that romney is leading with rural voters over the president by 20-point margin. but the real clear politics average of recent polls in the states he will visit this week show he is trailing by as little by 8 points in ohio, and up to eight in pennsylvania. >>shepard: and the democrats' bus tour? >>carl: they will hit the same places but they get there before happen, they are not shadowing but foreshadowing blasting romney economics in new hampshire on the middle class under the bus tour. they are going to be dogging him in every state, arguing that romney's land to cut both taxes and spending is irresponsible, and hopefully it will hit rural voters hard and the dnc is with them today, and the group has a bus truck. so we have gone from bumper bumo
12:42 pm
bumper attack ads to tailgating bus trips. >>shepard: good time had by all. all after 17 years police have caught up with a cult leader on is behind a poison gas attack. you will hear how they tracked this man down. and honoring an american hero from cold war days. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! to help protect your eye health as you age...
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>>shepard: a doomsday cult member who was on run for 17 years is now set to face justice for the 1995 nerve gas attack on the world's busiest subway. police in japan arrested him leaving an internet cafe after an employee recognized him and called police. they release add gas on tokyo subway system and camed 13 and poisoned thousands of others. it was sarin gas you may remember, the nazis used it in
12:46 pm
world war ii. it causes difficulty breathing and nausea and drooling and loss of body control if you know what i mean and kills by suffocate people. the suspect was one of japan's most wanted fugitives more than a dozen other members of the cult are already on death row for the grew and attack. all the air force awarded one of the highest honors to the american at the center of a major incident with the soviet union at the height of the cold war. the year was 1960. the pilot was francis gary powers, on a mission to take high altitude photos over enemy territory but the soviets shot down his plane. a spy plane. and he parachuted into the hands of the kgb. >> weakened by lack of food and denial of sleep, and mental anguish of constant interrogation captain powers refused you all attempts to
12:47 pm
glean from him sensitive information that would have proven harmful to the defense and security of the united states. >>shepard: he spent two years in prison before a spy swap sent him back to the united states. he died in 1977. today the air force awarded captain powers the silver star for gallant gallantry in action against a citizen of the united states. >>reporter: there is a little known fact that gary powers spy incident, in fact, the plane that he was flying, it took off from a secret c.i.a. airbase inside pakistan and the discovery created all sorts of problems between the united states and pakistan would leaders shut down the base. that was 50 years ago. it was the height of the cold war. gary powers was an air force pilot would volunteered to fly
12:48 pm
the secret missions for the c.i.a. the spy planes were launched from pakistan so the c.i.a. could keep an cry on the soviett union's ballistic missile sites and to measure how much radioactive material was produced sound like the controversial secret drone program being friend until recently from a secret c.i.a. base in pakistan. it flew at 70,000 feet. when he was ejected after being fired on by the russian missiles and after fighter planes tried to ram the spy craft he was criticized for not hitting the self-destruct button. he was returned to the united states in a prisoner exchange with the kgb in 1962 and today he was honored with the silver star for courage at the pentagon. >> the powers family is deeply grateful and deeply appreciative for the awarding of the silver
12:49 pm
star to my father. it goes to show that it is never too late to set the record straight. >>reporter: that was gary powers jr. the he died in 1977 working as a television news helicopter pilot when he ran out of fuel. he could have saved himself but instead piloted the helicopter away from a civilian area to avoid killing several children. >>shepard: an american hero. thank you very much. homeowners who let their houses fall into disrepair could have to pay up to $10,000 in fines or go to jail. and you thought your homeowners association was tough? cut that grass. yout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: homeowners in a new york state town can face $10,000 in fines in long island after approving antiblight law where there are overgrown lawns and broken lights but it could apply to private homeowners with similar laws in parts of florida and south carolina. and now to arthur aidala, there are these likes everywhere, keep your law up or you are fined but $10,000 is a lot. >>arthur: i don't know what your house would have to look like. what i learned by researching this segment, when you borrow money from the bank there is a clause in the paperwork, you sign all of those papers when you borrow the money, there is something in it that says if you don't keep your property maintained, the bank can come in and maintain your property.
12:54 pm
they can come in and mow your lawn. the mayor of this town is on the record saying they put in a ten day grace period. you get a warning. >>shepard: and then days to fix it. >>arthur: they, leave a note from this town saying you have to mow your lawn and fix the broken window, and trees have fallen down or big bushes, or anything that is a fire hazard but what it brought about, the economy. all the homes in this little town that have been take were over by the bank and the bank lets them rot. >>shepard: they did not have a way to say, you cannot do this. the banks do not cut the yard. they let trees fall down and lights fall off, and there are places where vagrants can come and hang out. you try to be a good citizen and the bang is sitting this next door and it is all of. >>arthur: do you think the bank will quiver over the first
12:55 pm
$250 fine? it will cost more than that to mow the lawn. >>arthur: i can not see any c.e.o. of the bank going to jail for not having unkept house. >>shepard: that is the first bank of horrible. >>arthur: first bang of horrible. but it is the mayor trying to do something to protect his constituents. >>shepard: great love to our friends on long island. two weeks after a guy risked his wife to pull a woman from a burning car the rescuer has stepped forward. what he says about the dangerous moments on the tollway. that is ahead.
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12:58 pm
>>shepard: a woman in north texas was trapped in her s.u.v. after a fiery crash on a tollway there. now we hear from the texas
12:59 pm
national guard member who risked his life to rescue her. this is surveillance video of the crash. this is from this month. the staff sergeant climbs on the car, busted open the window with a fire extinguisher and pulled the woman to safety. i saw a lady screaming, she is still if there, and everything just clicked. i should be home. i should have multiple injuries. i should not be there. >> she got out with a broken angle. the driver says she has not met with the man would helped save her life but she called him her guardian angel. that is it for "studio b" on this friday afternoon. man, a beautiful day in new york city. have a great weekend plan. the dow is sending us into the weekend up 121 points on the session! up a percentage point. business having problems?


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