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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 15, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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great father that took care of me as well. for all the fathers in our families. thank you for spending time with us on "the five." thank you very much. have a great weekend, everybody. check us out at the game. ♪ ♪ >> chris: president obama's re-election campaign makes a run for the border. targeting hispanic voters with new immigration rules. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president obama is making major changes in the way u.s. enforces the immigration laws. those changes come as he scrambles for election year foothold with a major voting bloc. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the top story. >> reporter: exactly one week before president obama delivers a key speech for major latino group if battle
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ground in florida, administration issued a directive allowing hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to get a work per pit and stave off deportation. >> they penal allegiance to our flag. they are americans in their heart, in their minds, in every single way but one. on paper. >> reporter: presumptive republican nominee mitt romney also speaking to the latino group agreed with the sentiment but slammed it as a half measure. >> if i'm president, we'll do our best to have that kind of long-term solution. that provides certainty an clarity for the people who come in this country through no fault of their own. >> reporter: the president noted he had been pushing a solution with the dream act , providing come permanent residency to immigrants in good standing. but republics blocked it -- republicans blocked it. today, various republicans ripped executive move as a power grab. last year, the president seemed to have reservations, too. >> the notion i can just suspend deportation to
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executive order, that is just not the case. because there are laws on the books, that congress has passed. >> this decision is more about securing votes in swing states like colorado, florida, nevada and new mexico. >> politically pandering in an election year because he a all of us know how important the hispanic vote is. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano told fox politics was not involved. >> it was the product of really looking at what the results were, the ongoing review of pending cases, how we want to focus our resources for now an for the coming year. >> in effect, 800,000 people who can apply for two-year deferred action. they have to be under 30 and arrive here before they turn 16. no criminal record. earned a high school diploma and continuing their education or serving in the military. reporter from the conservative
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daily call rewrappingaled the president interrupting his statement. >> the answer to your question, sir, and the next time i prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question is this is the right thing to do for the american people. >> the general question was legitimate. what is the impact on unemployment from giving illegal immigrant workers permit when you have millions of americans out of work right now. typically, though, reporters wait until the president is finished making his statement out of respect for the office before shouting a question. >> chris: i never saw it before. ed henry reporting from the white house. thank you. wall street doesn't seem too worried about what could be major changes in europe. the dow finished up for a second straight day gaining 115. the s&p 500 picked up 14. nasdaq finished ahead 36. greeks addicted to deficit spending will try to decide this weekend whether to stick with their budget austerity plan or go a radically
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different group. senior correspondent affairs greg palkot tells us what is at stake. >> greece goes the polls sunday in an election that could have impact on europe and the united states. tapping the unrest has been the front ruper. i wants to stay in the european common current city euro but it wants out of austerity filled bail-out packages. >> by voting late, and -- [ inaudible ] fight for something better. and for dignity. >> european union officials say if that happens they will cut off funds. that boosted the conservative pro-bailoubailout democracy pol. >> there is a path of responsibility. >> bank of england will inject $200 million in the u.k. economy via a loan. >> we are not powerless in face of the euro zone debt storm. together, we can deploy new fire power to defend our
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economy from the crisis on our doorstep. >> european central bank sounded ready as well. economic dominoes falling across europe, spain and italy had trouble raising funds this week. the biggest economy, germany showed few signs of pitching in. >> germany will not be convinced by the quick solutions. german chancellor angela merkel said if we agree we'd politically make the same mistakes the markets made. the euro woes have the u.s. worried. banks have big stakes in european institutions. european trade is worth $600 billion a year. slowdown abroad hurts any recovery stateside. >> the president and his economic team have been working closely with the european partners. we obviously bring a lot to the table. in terms of our own experiences and the tools and approaches we have used in our own financial crisis. >> white house critics say europe's threatened financial
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armageddon is a warning to those in washington too interested in expanding the public sector and not concerned enough about the ballooning debt. >> we are moving down that path. eventually, creditors will want the higher interest rate for our debt. >> white house says that much of this will be taken up at the g-20 economic summit next monday and tuesday. by then, the result of the greek election should be known and financial world should be reacting. timing is everything. chris? >> chris: greg, thank you. back here at home, mitt romney decided it's time to see small town america. he is traveling by campaign bus through a half dozen states. chieve political correspondent carl cameron reports the governor sees them as targets of opportunity. >> mitt romney kicked off the first bus tour of the general election at the new hampshire farm where he launched his bid for republican nomination a year ago. >> in the days ahead we'll be traveling on what are often called the back roads of america. but i think our tour is going
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to take us along what i'll call the backbone of america. >> dubbed the every town counts tour, romney will roll through the farm and industrial heartland of six swing states that went democrat in 2008 where he will need big turn-out in the rural area to overcome the president likely strength in urban areas this time. >> there are so many americans that this is between their town and the city of washington, has never seen so far. federal establishment as never seemed so hostile and so remote. disconnected from the economic reality. >> in new hampshire, the president is up by more than six points in the latest real clear politics average in recent polls. romney hits pennsylvania tomorrow where he trails by eight. in ohio sundays, the president has a slight edge, romney will campaign with john boehner. monday is wisconsin. romney is down 3-1/2. governor scott walker and congressman paul ryan will join him. iowa, the president has a sliver lead and it end tuesday in romney's native michigan. nationwide recent poll had
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romney up 20 points with rural voters. >> washington's big government agenda should not smother small town dreams. >> move move and the -- and democratic national committee has separate bus tours bashing romney economics. dnc calls their middle class under the bus tour and posting update and audio. >> it didn't do anything to help middle class americans when george bush tried it and it won't do anything to help middle class americans when romney tries it. >> romney ridiculed the president's speech about the economy in ohio. >> president spoke of giving people a fair shot. i could not agree more. under president obama, more americans are living in poverty than under any president in history. that is a tragedy, not a fair shot. neither romney nor democrats are riding buses.
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s the cliche of the old fashioned bus trip is not what it appears to be. >> chris: they're creating jobser bus drivers. both sides are. we're learning more tonight about the serious allegation against the service secret agents going back to 2004. got documents have claims that they were involve with prostitutes, leaked sensitive information and accused of sexual assault and publishing porn rafy. this follows the recent scandal involving agents and prostitutes in colombia. the secret service says the vast majority of complaints do not involve alleged misconduct by the agents. i will talk with senate homeland security chairman joe lieberman about the secret service as well as the recent string of national security leaks on "fox news sunday." we will be joined by former c.i.a. director pa michael haydn and we'll discuss this with david plouffe. president obama didn't get his
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own message being stuck with a big restaurant bill. that is later on the grapevine. up next, deciding who will be the next president of egypt. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks.
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>> chris: the white house is confirming one of the worst kept secrets in washington. the u.s. taken action against the al-qaeda members in yesmen and somalia. the administration made it official in a report delivered to congress today. the head of the u.s. mission in syria says the recent bloodshed and spike in violence may force them to leave. activists say at least 10 people were killed today in attacks by the government forces in the northern city of alegba. egyptians vote for a new president this weekend but the political landscape there changed thursday with a major court ruling that dealt a severe blow to the muslim brotherhood. leland vittert is in cairo
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tonight. [ chanting ] >> reporter: chanting the quran is our constitution, supports of muslim brotherhood candidate mohammed morsi marmed to the main square. this shows the battle lines, mohammed morsi of the muslim brotherhood supported by many hardline islamic clerics. on the right hand is supported by the regime. tahrir square, and many of the folks around he say if ahmed shafiq wins they will be in the square protesting even if it means violence. >> many don't like the idea of the old regime, they explain brotherhood takeover is more frightening to egyptian voters. >> they don't want people to pressure them to go to the style. [ inaudible ] they will enforce the islamic law. >> the muslim brotherhood
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controlled 45% of the egyptian parliament. then the army controlled the supreme court, declared it unconstitutional. >> they are trying to weaken us. they are trying to divide us. >> perhaps most telling of who really runs egypt is front page of today's newspaper. one of the country's top generals, not either of the candidates here on election eve. many fear who matter who wins the election the army will continue to control egypt. chris? >> leland vittert reporting from cairo. thanks for that. china increased the holdings of u.s. debt in may for the first time in three months. while we hear a lot about the more than $1 trillion, the u.s. owes china, you probably don't know that relationship works both ways. fox business network senior washington correspondent peter barnes on the chinese debt to americans. >> these are old chinese
3:16 pm
bonds. many backed by gold. up paid by china for 70 years. many investors consider them worthless more valuable as artwork than security. with the debt to china topping a trillion dollars, group of u.s. investors is demanding that china pay up. insisting the holdings are worth billions, maybe trillions, too. >> pay your bills. pay your debt. just as we, the american people, and the u.s. government pay ours. >> a complex decade long legal an foreign policy controversy. china issued the bonds before world war ii. said they would be honored by the successor government. practice followed by most countrys. after japan invaded china in 1937, china stopped making payments and defaulted. no they claim with soaring interest of gold, come pound interest could be worth $177 billion to $3.# trillion.
3:17 pm
they claim the u.s. government holds chinese bonds be used to cancel the u.s. debt to china. the treasury department has no knowledge of such holdings. the communist government took power in 1949. it is argued it's not responsible for repaying the debt of the priest regime. charging it was corrupt. quasi government u.s. claims commission sided with the communists. noting that they had no role in the 1930s default. china also has successfully argued in u.s. courts as a sovereign nation, it, like the u.s. has immunity from mr. private planes in other countrys. >> that means they won't pay. that means they will not pay on the bonds. as far as they are concerned they don't owe one single nickel on the bonds. >> but in 1987, china settled similar claims on old bonds with british investors, when beijing wanted to sell new bonds in british financial
3:18 pm
markets so the payments were small. the american bondholders chargeed an international double standard. and pushed u.s. administration ever since to force china in to settlen't talks. they've gotten nowhere. they say the obama, bush 43 and other administration have ducked the fight. to avoid upsetting beijing as the u.s. seeks its support on trade and international security matters. >> i think it is a lost cause unless the u.s. government were to espouse their claim. >> u.s. debt to china soaring, the bondholders feel they have a stronger case today. they have won some support in congress. >> we are held to the same scrutiny so it should be balanced playing field. >> in a recent letter, treasury department says they have no obligation to help the bondholders saying the long standing vul of the u.s. government is the resolution on the defaulted
3:19 pm
bonds is private matter. chris? >> chris: peter, thank you. still ahead, while voters in a rural pennsylvania democratic county are going republican. but first, how much is too much to spend on food stamps? wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> chris: next week's scheduled vote on contempt of congress resolution against attorney holder may not happen after all. house oversight committee darrell issa says he will postpone the panel's action if holder delivers some subpoena documents hes agreed to. another scandal for the transportation workers. they want to fire seven workers for alleged bribery
3:23 pm
scheme. ten employees gave money to trainer instructor to pass a wall proficiency exams. three workers already quit. the food and drug administration is blaming what it calls manufacturing and quality problems for rash of medication shortages. fox news first reported a house committee putting responsibility on the fda. and says it's causing treatment delays and premature debts. many americans rely on food stamps to keep them and their family from going hungry. >> the recession hit families hard. one lawmaker says the continuing increases is astronomical rising from a benefit for one in 50 americans to one in seven americans now costing $80 billion a year. >> this has doubled in the last four years. it's gone up four fold since
3:24 pm
2001. we have not had anything like that increase in unemployment to justify numbers. >> in fact, government numbers show a steady growth of food stamp even in good times. 10 million more signed up in 2001 and 2006. when the unemployment rate hovered around 5%. food stamps have taken over the farm bill now accounting for 80% of it. some democrats say it takes others. >> grocery clerk and others to haul the food. sixteen cents goes right back to the farmer. >> republican critics however point to a number of problems including incentives for state to sign people up. >> states are given bonuses to see how many people they can sign up for program. they don't get incentive for identifying the amount of fraud going on. >> many states drop assets so some that don't deserve food stamps qualify. >> nobody who wins the lottery
3:25 pm
should get food assistance and we outright been a it in this bill. we outright been a a number of areas where there has been waste, fraud and abuse. >> some supporters argue it's form of economic stimulus. >> it's a good invest in the the economy. for every dollar you put in food stamps you get $1.71 back in the economy. >> if that is so why don't we provide everybody's clothes, shoes? >> sessions dismisses that notion saying the original cost has to come from somewhere. >> when you take money from the economy, or borrow it as we are doing today to provide food stamps for everybody you don't get a net gain to the economy. >> most agree on helping the needy in a crisis but the democratic budget would continue to spend almost $850 billion a year for the next ten years. long after the economy is supposed to be in much better shape. chris? >> chris: thanks. leon panetta thanked the gay and lesbian military service
3:26 pm
for their service in the first ever gay pride month celebration at the pentagon. a few moments ago, president obama hosted white house recession to observe gay pride month. a cold war icon has been awarded the silver star. the late air force captain francis gary powers was shot down in the spy plane in 1960 and held prisoner by the soviets. the pilot was traded for soviet spy. powers died in a helicopter crash in 1977. we will look at tweets politicians don't want you to see. and the president springs for lunch but leaves the restaurant holding the bag. grapevine is next.
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♪ >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> chris: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. this week, president obama likened the deficit he inheriteinheritedinherited fromh administration to being left with the tab for expensive steak dinner. the next day the president did the same thing himself. after taking two service members and two local barbers to father's day lunch, the group left without paying. the bill was $55.58. unlike the federal deficit, the white house picked up the tab by the end of the day. the sun light foundation launched a new project called ballot woots. the post deleted tweets from politicians. some were typos but others may
3:31 pm
have been twitter remorse. john mccain deleted this following a tearful victory speech by russian president putin. >> chris: tennessee lawmaker took down this observation about a popular tv show -- >> chris: a kentuck man showed o pick up saturday witches but when he wasn't believe they were made at ordered he picked up the phone. >> i specifically asked for little turkey and --
3:32 pm
>> the deli owner says the customer called to apologize and promised to return for more sandwichs. >> chris: fox news continues to listen to voters all over america. tonight, we're in rural pennsylvania. my colleague bill hemmer talk to people who live off the land and what is under it. they are voting their pocketbooks. >> you know how easy to spend is. >> bill black has a good laugh over the good fortune. he worked the fields for 50 years. now his money is made beneath ground. leasing the farm to a company that drills for oil 7,000 feet below. >> until the oil boom came along people found it difficult to pay taxes. more difficult if they had a mortgage. >> bill black knows who he is voting for. >> he is going with romney. in the democratic county is the exception, not the rule.
3:33 pm
>> four years ago when the state of pennsylvania went for barack obama voters did something they haven't done in 40 years. they went republican. john mccain won the county. >> it was billionth on the back of coal. the fuel in the engine that has driven the local economy. coal long aligned as a dirty source of energy. that is something they have been fighting for years. cee of con sue energy, one of the largest employers in the county. >> what do you think of the energy policy? >> the current american energy policy is political. >> we are not looking at resources. we have new natural gas. >> the shift from blue to red politically four years ago, begs the question why.
3:34 pm
diana vaughn has been a county commissioner for 17 years. >> i think washington county voters are more likely to look at the candidate. and look at the issues. and the positions of the candidate. when they vote. rather than just pulling the straight party lever. >> unemployment she argues is better than most. 6.7% last month. well below the national average. >> the recession really hasn't had a huge impact in washington county. we're third in the nation in job growth. 40% of that is the marseillus shell play. >> giant formation of the rock covering new york, pennsylvania, west virginia and ohio. washington county is in the heart of it all. >> mining this play has made the county a mini boom town. >> they drill 9,000 feet below to the shale. the government says there is enough natural gas on that
3:35 pm
shale to power the need for six years. companies argue it's closer to 25. >> some say they don't trust republicans because of the environment. >> that is why this woman backs president obama. >> he has done the best he with what he is given. >> this voter blames congress. >> i don't kear who is president. congress and the senate better do their job. we wouldn't be in the conditions we're in today if congress did its job. >> in the country, where gas platforms bring out in the field. afternoon piece disrupted by heavy strucks, bill black and his wife watch it change from comfort of their front porch. the lives got better, worries about the rest of the country. >> 3.5 years ago we talked about change. the change that we have seen, we really don't like.
3:36 pm
>> he does like the newfound energy on the countryside. bill hemmer fox news. >> chris: will president obama's big change on immigration win him the latino vote in november? we'll talk about it with the panel when we come back. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel.
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we have a left and a right 'cause you can each control your individual side. i can adjust mine to my liking and she can do the same. oh yeah. you can have comfort and you can be in the same bed. you can have it your way and i'll have it mine. and right now, during our summer sleep sale, save $500 on our exceptional p6 bed set. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. let's be clear. this is not amnesty. this is not immunity. this is not a path to citizenship. >> there is no question about it. it's an election season. he is pandering to a certain element of the electoral population. in this case, hispanic americans. >> president obama and texas republican congressman mike mccaul disagreeing about the new white house policy on immigration. bring in the panel. hayes from "the weekly standard."
3:40 pm
rick klein of abc news. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. before we get to the political implications of this and they are considerable, let's talk about the policy. the administration will stop deporting younger illegal immigrants between the ages of 16 and 30. they then will be able to get renewable work permits. but to qualify, they must be in the u.s. for at least five years. no criminal history. graduated from high school or served in the military. steve, good idea or not? >> look, i think there are some merits to doing something like this. sort of the big picture on a policy level. the question is process. the question is process. could the president done this in a way to brought together republican and democrats to fashion a bill? the answer is question. he opted not to do immigration reform after promising to do it early in his term because he had other priorities. stimulus and healthcare. >> he did try to get the dream
3:41 pm
act and it was blocked. >> he tried to get the dream act but he did not push for immigration reform in what he promised to do. as a candidate. in 2007, 2008. i think there are some merits to this kind of a policy. but should the president be doing this by executive? i think not. >> chris: rick? >> i think there is bipartisan support for what he did. but aside from that, i think you have to inject the politics and put it later on it. we're five months from the election. he does something that hits republican at a serious soft spot. a big division how to hand this issue of the children of illegal immigrants. people who are brought here without their own knowledge. you have one segment who says this is amnesty. and that you have to send them home essentially. another segment says you need something else. it puts romney and republicans in a difficult situation. how do you speak to latino workers without criticizing a policy that will have widespread support. >> chris: before we get to
3:42 pm
the politics and we will, i want to ask what steve was talking about. are you troubled by the process of this? that the president did propose or get involve in the dream act, defeated by congress in 2010. a lot of people call which an executive end run around congress. to accomplish the same thing. >> which is what it is. beyond pandering and the process, it's constitutional decency. this is out and out lawlessness. you had a clip of a president himself say months ago i cannot do this on my own. because there are laws on the books. i have news for president, laws remain on the books. they haven't changed. he proposed the dream act of which the executive order is a variation. he proposed a dream act. the congress said no. the congress is the one who makes the law. the administrationed a my centers the law.
3:43 pm
it pretends to use discretion. that's what the homeland security said this is not discretion. it's when you treat it on a one-by-one basis on extenuating circumstances. that is declaration of a new set of criteria, that is regulating a legislation congress said no to. this is not how you run a constitutionm republic. this should be in hands of congress. it's end run. what is iron sick for eight years, the democrats have been screaming about the imperil president. the nonsense about the unitarian executive. this is out and out lawlessness. not how you gob. i think that is the first issue that should be on the table. >> steve, let's go to the other issue on the table, that, of course, is the politics of it. hispanic americans while generally supportive of the president have been upset he talked a much better game about immigration reform than he has produced.
3:44 pm
hispanic voters are sport in swing states like colorado, new mexico, nevada and florida. how much does this in practical politics help barack obama in november? >> well, i think it could help him in part because there have been that frustration i think among many hispanic voters who felt like he made a promise in 2007, 2008. he didn't keep it. is there a huge sub text, background going on here that has to do with marco rubio. rubio is ahead of david axelrod and david plouffe and jim messina and others in the obama campaign. marco rubio had been putting together legislation and a coalition that would have involved both democrats and republicans to do something along the lines of this but make it permanent and do it without legislation. behind the scenes obama was trying to kill this. much to their surprise dream act proponents embraced parts of the rubio plan and gave him credit for trying to put
3:45 pm
forward something that could solve a long-term problem. this explains a lot of what the white house is doing, not wanting to give rubio the platform, because he has a book coming out on tuesday. he's going to be everywhere in the national media for about a week starting next monday. >> chris: rick, is this mitt romney's play now? he signs on with rubio for dream act light? >> we are seeing that the signs with romney today. he is supportive of the way that rubio approached this. farther than in the past. he has no choice. this is set to be a rubio moment around the dream act. democrats worry about it getting away from him. that played in the timing a little bit. it puts romney in position of a primary he had to run to the right, where he has to invoke dream act. >> clearly a pander and maneuver and way to take credit away from rubio and the republicans who are working on something like this.
3:46 pm
would have done it legally or constitutionally through congress. it's also, you got to remember in august of 2010, with three months to go before election day, the h.h.s., homeland security secretary leaked a memo where this had been proposed, fire storm opposing it. mostly on the constitutional grounds. it was withdrawn. now it looks as if the president having tried to make reframing speech yesterday to appeal to the whole nation. decided he is going to pander to the group after group, try to win them. with a goodie here or there. that is how he will get 50 plus 1%. >> chris: next up. the friday lightning round. rhoo. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer togher. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there.
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>> chris: we're back now with the panel for the friday lightning round. and our first topic, what happened to the arab spring in egypt? egypt ruled the new parliament must be dissolved and they say the last prime minister of the mubarak regime can run in sunday's runoff presidential election. steve , protesters are calling this in effect a coup by the regime. is it? >> strong words but there are no options for united states. muslim brotherhood on one hand and authoritarian left on the other. neither outcome is great for the united states. i think if you are the obama administration, what you want to do is whoever wins the election may clear right away that you expect protections for the spirit and the individuals who start it te >> reporter
3:51 pm
reform move fire department the begi be -- reform movement n the beginning. >> you have mubarak loyalists taking over again. it does seem something like a coop but legalistic means. the broadest concern is this is a crucibles of the arab spring. if it could happen there, where couldn't it happen? that is a place we're going to take roots in egypt. now to see it wash away. >> we'll end up being the mass demonstrations in tahrir square? >> that will depend on what the brotherhood decides to do. it could strike a deal with the generals. the generals have been in charge since 1952. they were not going to go quietly. the reason they disbanded the parliament, a few days ago, appointed 100-man committee to draw up a constitution. and that is the threat. so the parliament is gone i'm sure the committee will be dissolved. the problem is it's president election. there is no constitution to determine whether it will be
3:52 pm
an empty presidency, symbolic one or strong one as happened in the past. army wanted to make sure it could control the writing of the constitution to determine the powers. whoever wins on this election day. i think the army is going to stay in charge. it looks at the experience of turkey, the army stayed in charge for 80 years. i think that is how it sees its role. it won't go quietly. >> chris: turn to greece, which has its own elections on sunday. with growing concern around europe that majority will pick a government to blow off the austerity deal with the euro zone. that greece could drop out of the euro an create financial crisis. >> that is inevitable, but the question is the timing. center right party wants to defer the deadlines for austerity program. they don't want anything to do
3:53 pm
with austerity. but 80% of greeks want to be part of the euro. you can't say no and then yes to the euro. something has to give. greece is eventually going to be out of the euro. whether it's the short-term or longer term. >> the bigger problem is it is not ending with greece. spain is a big issue as well. this is a big moment for american diplomacy. g-20 next week. president obama will be on the hot seat. in how he handles this. knowing that everything that happens there is going to impact the economy here quickly. >> charles? >> i agree. it's not -- greece is the first domino. spain bonds are now every 7%. once you get over 6%, the country will require a bail-out. italy hitting 6% as well. which means the whole southern european tier is to theering. .
3:54 pm
the greek eventually will leave the euro zone but it could be the threat of leighing the zone and the panic it caused in the banking system in greece might scare electorate to temporarily not electing the left and staying with the bail-out. >> chris: we have less than two minutes left. quickly on the campaign. obama, romney, competing economic speeches. polls tightening. some of them, romney now ahead. briefly, steve, where is the campaign right now? >> i think we are at a basically a dead heat. if you look at what romney is doing with the bus tour, he is trying to hit places in the upper midwest i think may well decide the outcome of the election in november. this is a place where president obama struggled in the democratic primary against hillary clinton. romney didn't do well. making contact with the voters this year. this is going to be the ultimate battleground i think. laying the precedent for that. >> your sense, who is -- obviously, it's well within the margin of error. who is leading right now? >> a big romney moment. i think this bus tour, i'm less interested in what he says than what it looks like. i want to see the pictures.
3:55 pm
>> chris: tv guy. >> exactly. i want to see the picture of the guy -- i want to see how the local papers play this. that has impact. they care more about what they say in a local paper in dayton than anything we say here. this is a chance for him to reintroduce himself and put himself out there in a moment people are paying attention to the campaignment goes to external events. an opportunity to take advantage of that. >> charles, you wrote a column today. we have 30 seconds left. you bemoaned the fact we got 4-1/2 months of this. why? >> because not much is happening, but because of the media, the internet, the repidty of the response and technology everybody has, on the air all the time without much happening. so it's sort of, much ado about little, didn't happen 20 or 30 years ago. ping-pong response in twitter every eight minutes. but that is what it is. it's still rather stale a will remain there almost all the way through. >> chris: that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see feat of
3:56 pm
daring that goes terribly wrong. ♪
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>> chris: finally a dare devil will try to walk a tight rope across niagara falls tonight, true on live television. well, we found out just how dangerous that can be in your own backyard. ♪ ♪ >> the guy is practicing his -- trying to walk a tight rope. now is he going to crawl across it. watch this. [ laughter ] everybody see that? i hope that doesn't happen tonight. and that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. please join me this weekend for "fox news sunday" where we will discuss the leak of top national secrets withav


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