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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 15, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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america is the most tolerant country in the world. these days, being liked is so much more important than being safe. >> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: president obama makes major election year moves in an attempt to win over latino voters. this afternoon, hi announced a major change to america's immigration policy. a change that includes stopping the deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. >> let's be clear. this is not amnesty, this is not immunity. this is not a path to citizenship. it's not a permanent fix.
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this is a teach rare stop gap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving debris of relief to hope, talented, driven, patriotic young people. is it the right thing to do. >> kimberly: so this amnesty or doing the right thing? >> eric: i like that versus what you almost asked me. is it amnesty? no. it's not amnesty yet. but it's on the path to amnesty. the problem, look, this isn't about kids. this isn't about illegal immigrants here. this is about the president using his pen to subvert congress when congress should be voting on this. the senate voted on. this it failed. got 55 votes. they needed a few more votes. president obama knowing that now he has issues with the black community, with maybe with the gay marriage issue. he has to shore up the latino vote now and he does this irrespective of what the people voted and spoken about. this is the president playing king of the united states.
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>> kimberly: dana, shrewd political move, do you think it helps him out with the numbers? >> dana: you wonder about the positions that evolved over time. he had democrats in congress the first two years of his presidency. he didn't push this. he could have got it together. but last year he did interview asked why haven't you done anything? he said because i can't sir scrum vent congress. i can't do anything on my own. today, in what was a cynical move in the rose garden, campaign event. three months before the election. all of a sudden he figured out he can do this by executive order and he makes a statement, he said several times be clear and the right thing to do. i heard so it many times i could have written the speech myself. what is sad about that, marco rubio tried to bridge the gap to get 60 votes. it might not have gotten there, but he was trying. they didn't even get a phone call from the white house
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today. the worst presidential affairs i have ever seen. >> kimberly: strong statement. i like that. greg, you have big eyeballs. >> greg: i can't believe how sin can you've become calling at it political move. it clearly wasn't about hispanics, he's talking about canadians and belgians. they have dreams, too. >> dana: irish. >> greg: them, too. they should bring that up. do you think mexico would offer a similar plan? i think we are the only country that doesn't take the border seriously. obama thinks borders is still a bookstore. >> bob: when did you go to mexico. >> greg: i'm trying that. >> bob: i want to make a couple points. first, this is the right thing to do. it's not circumventing the dream act. rubio did try to come up with a legitimate program.
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the right thing to do. they were in if military a they didn't break laws. this is one of the shrewdest political moves ill've seen. i don't care if he does it in the rose garden or the top of the white house. shrewd move. romney is backed up. romney will get less than 20% of the hispanic vote. >> greg: i agree with bob about the military piece of this. if you are willing to defend the country you're in -- >> dana: as i recall, i think president bush signed that absolutely during the iraq war. >> greg: why the school -- i don't know why the going to school somehow makes it okay. >> eric: we are debating the dream act, right? sure we are. that is what the dream act is about. for most part. in effect this exactly, a lot of the similar language in dream act. we're debating whether it's
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right or wrong. obama took it off the table. forget it. it's not the dream act. we solved the problem. he solved the problem through the obama administration amnesty program, whatever we call it. minor -- amnesty for minors program under president obama. >> bob: when the democrats controlled the house and the senate, they were having the bill on the floor. they were debating it. they went home for spring break. the democrats came back and up for election and harry reid, we don't want it on the floor. >> dana: which is what they did in 2007 as well. >> bob: that's right. was it -- >> dana: 2007 when president bush was president. they didn't try hard because president obama wanted healthcare bill. >> greg: the number one issue right now is the economy. the number one real problem is unemployment. this doesn't help either. it could hurt unemployment because they are offering unemployment. that says the politics are more important than the
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economy. jimenez was not without the interesting moments. besides -- >> kimberly: this was not without the interesting moments. beside the bird. they interrupted the press conference and said mr. president, why do you favor foreign workers over american. the president wasn't happy with this. this is how he responds. >> in answer to your question, sir. in the next time i prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question, is this is the right thing to do for the american people. i didn't ask for an argument. i'm answering your question. >> why in the world they would give daily caller a white house press pass is beyond me. throw them out. get rid of them. >> greg: doesn't boze have a press pass? >> kimberly: but someone who won't ask a hard question. >> bob: throw them out, too. you put the blogs in. >> eric: you'll hate me for saying this. i don't think it was right for him to yell that stuff out there. let president obama --
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>> dana: it wasn't a press conference. >> eric: allow me. let him say his piece. he was blowing himself up. the right is now going to go ahead and coalesce against him on this issue. that is the way you do it. not necessarily. >> dana: this wasn't a press conference. president gave a speech in the rose garden. the question is will he take questions? he usually doesn't. he had a press conference last friday when we got the private sector is doing just fine statement. i could bet that they were like let's have him go out there, give a statement, make it clean and don't run the risk of asking the question. there will be attention in some circumstances about this interruption. i actually think his reaction to is it a turnoff to a lot of people. why doesn't he just say no questions. keep going. >> greg: what is so special about the rose garden? you can't ask questions? is there a weird -- >> dana: i believe there is something you don't know. i believe it was named after rose kennedy, not a flower. >> greg: i had no idea. >> dana: i believe so.
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>> greg: thorny subject. >> bob: it's very pretty. >> greg: i'm not allowed near the white house. >> bob: then why allow the daily caller? i don't know. >> greg: good point. >> kimberly: speaking of roses or thorns in somebody's side, is the new obama girl more of a help or hindrance to him? >> bob: who is sandra fluke? >> greg: you have a short memory. president obama got endorsed by julia, because the fictitious woman depep dept on government is sandra fluke. this is anti-endorsement for you think about it. he needed a champion of private enterprise. got the poster child for whiny entitlement. >> dana: trying to mold her to a new spokesperson. desperate to have people out there, women who make arguments op their behalf. they should have spent more time with obama girl to get her up to speed. rather than this one, because it really was not convincing at all.
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>> eric: ask you a question. does the white house or try to get the endorsement of sandra fluke? >> dana: i think really, right, some endorsements you don't want? >> eric: right. did they entertain the endorsement? >> bob: the 315 million people in this country spend less time thinking about this than we talk about it. it matters not a whip. >> dana: fun to talk about. >> bob: it is. >> greg: i like you didn't remember her. that's true. the way the news cycle is. >> bob: i sort of did. but like talking about the how the right is coalescing and how they've been -- >> dana: wait. we'll see. >> bob: go to the poll. >> kimberly: supreme court comes out with a decision. we'll see what happens. poll, 55% of americans believe that political positions will play a role in the healthcare decision. controversy continues. coming up, bad news for welfare recipients. new york may stop letting them use taxpayers dollars to buy food.
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>> greg: new york lawmakers are proposing a span for residents spending their money on vices. no smoking, trips to casinos or strip clubs so it guarantees that dana will never be on welfare. the bill sponsors a republican because they're evil. the common sense legislation would protect hard-working taxpayers from abuse. this is what i call a stimulus plan. new york just did more to make sure its men stay employed than 100 bail-out plans. i don't believe in telling people how to spend their money but then again it's not their money. it's ours. this is the problem. entitlement society has. if you're entitled to my
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money, i'm entitled to say how it's spent. here is a question any kid can answer. when did do you get off a merry-go-round? when it stops. or when debit cards are no longer ticket paradise some folks might give them up. everyone is entitled to a good time. i'm jealous. strip clubs, gambling, booze, it bother mess they're having a better time on my dime than i am. there will be enforcement problem with the bill so i'd like to volunteer bob to help with that. he can cover strip clubs and casinos since both are part of his morning routine. >> bob: i work out. >> greg: yes. >> bob: casino -- >> greg: you burn a lot of calories on the stripper pole. >> bob: first, this bill is something that has been passed in other legislatures and will be passed in all 50 because president obama bill that the middle class tax relief bill. that's where it was included.
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states would not get federal money. the fact is it's only new york state. it's interesting. new york state, all the horror stories emanate out of the city right here. for those of you, i don't live here. the rest do. >> it's isolated the new york city and new york state. >> bob: 3.7%. everybody can look at this and say of course. >> dana: you don't think you are paying for somebody to eat or take care of themselves. spend it on strip clubs -- >> bob: imagine election year anybody voting against this bill? >> dana: who is going to say this? how big is the problem? 3.7%. >> eric: i think it's higher than that. 3.7% of the cases they find and they know about. you know you can take ebt card, walk down the street and
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go to any bodega and say give me half the money on the card in cash. >> bob: i can go to the garage next door and buy ounce of cocaine. what does that mean? >> greg: don't oust the garage. >> eric: therein lies fraud. that's illegal. you don't count that. >> bob: with all the people on food stamps keep in mind, vast, vast majority don't do that. in new york city, con artist on earl corne corn -- every cor. >> dana: the small percept doing it are bad apples that spoil the bunch. they are taking from other citizens who could then -- >> bob: this will cost new york state. >> eric: 3.7% includes only the issues, people they caught doing it. >> bob: perhaps that's true. if they thought 3.7% -- >> eric: how much is going up? >> bob: maybe 10. >> eric: a third. >> bob: maybe.
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program this size like medicare. how much does it do in medicare. 15 to 20%. harder to commit medicare fraud than swap the ebt card. >> greg: with the government, easy to commit fraud in every area. >> kimberly: okay. having worked at the prosecutor's office and hand the cases you would be surprised. there is so much more of it going on. a small portion they are able to get because it's reported, someone turns you in. it's difficult to track it. they are saying this needs attention to try to curb it, because there is more out there we're not getting to. why would you be against financially responsible measures to make sure there isn't abuse of the system. >> bob: the states are california and washington. this is not a partisan issue. i would support the bill.
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>> greg: don't you think it would help people get off welfare and food stamps? >> dana: sure. thinking, when you are a prosecutor, how do you mostly find out about this? if you were on food stamps and you found out there was fraud and there was incentive to turn them in, i mean, maybe that's a better way to try to get people to stop it. >> kimberly: jealous friends like greg. but people who see abuse happening and going on. people drive per saids and nice cars and food stamps gets reported. but a small portion. >> eric: white board, quickly. in america, we spend $927 billion in on welfare. it does not include the social security checks to elderly. 100 million people receive benefits. almost $300 per person. family of four gets $37,000 per year on average. the working family makes $51,900 a year.
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how is this? almost set it up that is better off, better to stay home and take benefits. >> bob: there is the -- there is eric's white board. >> greg: on that note. doing a card trick but we do it in the break. coming up, who were the biggest winners of the week? i'll give you a pick. if you leave now i won't wax my back for a week. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. it's been interesting week. a lot of drama. winners, losers, feelings hurt, people cried.
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that is just inn the studio. we were wondering big picture, who won the week? the ball player, celebrity, kid with the heart defect, who? kimberly, for you. >> kimberly: step up to the plate. mitt romney is the big winner of the week. how can he not be? this is a presidential election. obama had a tough week. poll numbers, losing constituents, the whole nine yards. and the economy. take a look at this. >> if i don't have this done in three years, it will be a one-term proposition. >> democrats are saying something like this. don't go back in reverse. give us two more years. if it doesn't work you have another election in two years and vote us all out then. >> of course the economy isn't where it needs to be. of course we have more work to do. everybody knows that. >> eric: what do you think? >> bob: i think it's a bad
11:26 pm
ad. big surprise, everybody will use that quote of his over and over. romney gave an economic plan but a sophomore could have written it in high school. >> greg: it was a plan. >> bob: it was not. a bunch of crap put together -- >> greg: a plan, not a platitude. plan surpassed platitudes. >> bob: this is the front runner and he probably could be president. it'd like to know exactly how you create jobs. you were wrong about this. i must say this. i got the research together today. massachusetts was 35th in job creation. then went to 47 under romney. country what a growth of 5.7%. >> eric: i will beg to differ with you. they came up from 50th. >> dana: i read they were 49th and took it to 47. >> eric: who won for you? >> bob: eric holder. he was beat up by you. this show what is the
11:27 pm
republicans are like on capitol hill. not all republicans there are wonderful republicans. but people on capitol hill are pretty much -- anyway. take a look, at first of all, a senator from texas. this is what he had to say about eric holder. no information -- >> eric: c'mon! >> attorney general, more with sorrow than regret. than anger that i say that you have no alternative than those who call on you to resign the office. >> i don't have any intention of resigning. i heard the white house say that the president has confidence in me. i don't have a reason to believe that is not, not the case. >> kimberly: his head is barely above water. he is no so much trouble. one vote away from held in contempt.
11:28 pm
he is my photofinish for worst of the week. he's in trouble. >> bob: darrell issa should resign before his does. based on nothing he says to resign. attorney general of the united states. they have no class at all. >> kimberly: then act like it. >> eric: who won the week? you know who won the week for me? president obama's ego. look at this yesterday. 54-minute, nothing. last night he spent the night with sarah jessica parker. >> dana: well, did he -- >> eric: the evening. the evening. >> bob: that is not what you said. >> greg: it's anna winter. >> eric: is it? >> bob: michelle will put a whoop-up on you. >> eric: he spent an evening
11:29 pm
with mariah carey. $4.5 million. >> kimberly: he is a good fundraiser. >> greg: these are the people you look to, to lead the nation. celebrities. >> eric: who won the week? >> dana: george h.w. bush who had a birthday and the film on hbo aired last night. one of my favorite clips from it, he talked about how he was raised and how he conducted himself. >> set an example. had truisms that kept me in good stead even when i was the president of the united states. she said don't brag about yourself all the time. i said listen, don't talk all the time. give the other guy credit. she set a great example for all of us. if we got hurt, she would be
11:30 pm
there to lift us up, brush us off. >> dana: hopefully you saw it last night. i understand it will air again. >> bob: i watched it. i had a project last night. wonderful. captured the man. but his mother who he talked about, i was in florida playing golf. i had to buy something. at a little store there, you know, ritzsy fancy place. i almost ran over a lady in a wheelchair and that's who it was. >> eric: president bush's mother in a wheelchair in your golf cart. >> bob: yes. listen, i wish more republicans on capitol hill would pay attention to this man and be a serious politician with a heart. >> dana: who reminds me of him is senator cornyn. >> eric: who won the week? >> greg: clearly, my salmon sweater won the week.
11:31 pm
extremely sam mony. for me, the best of the network that won the week was fox news. tonight they'll air a special. get away from that. it's fox file. the enemy within. hosted by bill hemmer, catherine herridge and i'll offer commentary. it's basically looking at the event leading up to the fort hood massacre. it's really, really, really gripping stuff. it's on at 10:00 tonight. check it out. i believe we have clip of bill, interviewing one of the victims. >> the first hit me here. >> how close to heart was that? >> the first round. missed the heart bay sent meter or two. >> that is a miracle. >> i did a monologue at the end. it was gripping piece of work. on at 10:00 east coast time. check it out. >> eric: got to go.
11:32 pm
let us know who you think won the week. coming up, youtube sensation. becomes a -- you talked about his ego. youtube sensation after mom posts video of him. this is getting laughs but should parents put this stuff online? we discuss it next. ♪ ♪
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now back to new york and "the five." note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: all right you parents out there. if you had a kid with a broken arm, had surgery an coming out of the an teasia and -- anesthesia and feeling silly would you post this video on
11:38 pm
the web. >> yeah. you know, right? hey. dizzy. i'm so dizzy. dizzy. hey, where are you? >> right here. >> hey, gigi. why is there two of you? >> dana: okay, go ahead, bob. >> bob: first, that is a recreation of greg on saturday night, except that kid is taller. and it sounds exactly like him. i think that is hilarious. i don't know why people are upset. letting people see it and have a few laughs. god knows we need a few laughs in this country. >> dana: i don't care what parents decide to put up. i laughed when i saw it. what do you think? >> kimberly: it's all about the personal choice. let the parents do it if they want to do it and they think it's cool and not issues with it. in terms of putting your child out there on the web. fine.
11:39 pm
it's pretty funny. the kid is probably happy to see it on youtube. >> dana: would you do it? >> eric: yeah. i think i have. show pictures of his girlfriends once, got my phone's cell phone. he didn't love that. >> dana: i hate that feeling coming out of anesthesia. do you like it? freddie i am careful -- >> greg: i am careful on saturday. i don't know what your problem is. family memory is fine. putting it on the internet, i don't know. it could be embarrassing for the kid, the kid doesn't have the choice in the matter. parents make the choice. thank god my parents didn't have an iphone when i was a kid, i would be in supermax. >> kimberly: we'd have a lot to show. >> eric: make you pro-choice? >> greg: yes. about what, i don't know. >> bob: parents pay for the hospital care, i assume. >> greg: if that made million in ads off youtube or something, you know, they got 4 million hits and
11:40 pm
advertising against it then it's brilliant. >> dana: so matt labash our friend writing for "weekly standard" spent a weekend up at the conference in massachusetts. people were, their goal is to become a youtube sensation. try all the crazy things. >> bob: you got one here. i got over 2 million hits recently, i won't say for what. i didn't realize they paid money for that stuff. >> eric: not much. >> greg: if you know how to -- if you get the right person, to partner with you and you can generate -- $300 or $400 a month on this. >> dana: these parents have made t-shirt to sell an donate proceeds to cancer research. >> kimberly: they should. children's hospital. that's nice. what we have done is encouraged bob to become youtube sensation. >> bob: that reminds me of myself every day when i was 40. >> dana: what would it take to get bob youtube sensation? >> bob: i am. 2.7 million hits.
11:41 pm
>> dana: for what? profanity? >> bob: yes. >> eric: if you drop a "f" bomb on live tv. >> bob: my sister got really upset. >> dana: why? >> bob: she thought it was inappropriate. she figured i would say it. but she thought they had, she thought on live tv -- tell you later. there is no like button to push to stop bob. because i have no filter here. dims bob button. >> bob: straight out. finished with the kid yet? >> dana: i am done with the kid. hope he does well and feels better. >> greg: i don't feel any emotion in that. >> dana: i'm trying. i love kids. now if it was a dog, then we'd be talking. all right. coming up, you heard about nonsmoking hotel rooms newspaper a real estate company introducing nonsmoking apartments. we'll talk about whether the landlordss should butt out
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next on "the five." ♪ ♪ sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: you can tell we're almost to the end of the show. "e" block and i'm here. good thing, good show. but greg has been whining all show long. but that's okay. eric was supposed to go to baseball game with us tonight but he abandoned ship. so three of us will be there. >> eric: do you keep anything inside? >> bob: the group if santa barbara, california, became legal to been a smokers from your private apartment buildings. now the group has now done this in several of the buildings and had literally will throw people out. now the group, let me say this. if you are building a building and i rent it. you have no right to throw me out. the law says you do. but try it. just try it.
11:47 pm
don't you think it's going too far? >> dana: no. it's a private company and they decide cost outweigh benefit of having smokers there. >> bob: what if they said only -- >> greg: but they should be allowed. to >> dana: then they discriminate against people with largeer dogs all the time. >> kimberly: why can't you pronounce vegan? it's bizarre. >> bob: veggie people is ridiculous. it don't eat meat? >> kimberly: i'm a meat eater. you know that. >> greg: bob makes an interesting point. you can discriminate against some but not others. no one wants to stand up for smokers.
11:48 pm
if i had an apartment, cool one, with waterbed and strobe lights i don't want vegans. you can't discriminate against vegans. what if i don't want tall people. >> dana: maybe the aroma of the tofu comes in their apartment? >> eric: what do you mean you can't discriminate against vegans? of course you can. >> greg: if on the application i said no vegans, there would be complaints. >> eric: absolutely not. say whatever you want. >> bob: could you say no latinos? >> kimberly: bob! discriminate on race. >> bob: you can't do that, correct? against civil rights law. so those of white house smoke, we have rights, don't we? >> dana: you ask there is no consequences. the smoke comes under your door and down the hallway and up my door. it drive mess crazy. that is not happening. >> eric: what about the dog crap that -- >> greg: the apartment, the
11:49 pm
dog yapping. that is worse than the smoking. dogs barking. >> bob: i can't find the little mutt. when i do -- >> dana: i agree. i >> bob: i have a dog that barks and smokes. >> kimberly: smokes? >> bob: i just think, does anybody else find where does it end? you could do this for -- >> kimberly: people are born a certain ethnicity. you choose to smoke. >> eric: government support. the other issue is if they are getting breaks or any government assistance all bets are off. >> bob: santa barbara, california. >> greg: what about flatulence? >> dana: i was going to bring that up, greg. >> greg: really? >> bob: i can't believe you were going to bring it up. >> greg: can you say that? >> kimberly: i'm sitting next to bob. >> bob: it's friday. good thing.
11:50 pm
eric is abandoning ship and the rest of rus going to work. so is greg. where does it stop? when does it stop? whatever they want to do, they do. right? >> eric: you can't discriminate on race and probably not religion. >> greg: if your religion requires that you smoke incense as a religious whatever? >> bob: what if it advises you to take mushrooms? >> greg: right. i like it. >> dana: then you end up on the sidewalk -- >> kimberly: honestly. >> greg: it's actually, the problem with human beings is that they don't care about these stories until they affect him. if you screw with smokers, yeah, i don't care. when it's like -- somebody the other night, i don't mind the soda been a, i don't drink soda. that is the wrong mentality. don't ignore the problem -- >> bob: first they came to get your gun. then they came to get your
11:51 pm
lawn. then they come to get you. that is the n.r.a. they would have to pry the cigar from my dead, dying hand. >> greg: it may happen. >> bob: one more thing is next. ♪ note ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans?
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: oh, boy. well, time now for one more thing. don't you love a little def leopard. >> greg: i love watching you sing "pour some sugar on me. " if people at home saw that, they'd send emergency p.r. people -- >> kimberly: to do something. >> greg: i don't know what i'm saying. >> eric: the reason we bumped in with that because def leopard played on fox and friends on the plaza. check it out. we're hanging out. enjoying the music. and bunch of fans came up to me saying we love "the five." we love "the five." it saw producers. i love def leopard. there they are. the producers. chris the, amanda, karen and nina. >> dana: they were up early. >> eric: you have a --
11:56 pm
>> dana: well, i have a story about that song. "pour some sugar on me." a friend of mine in high school named deanna said she could not go to the concert. so she wasn't able to go to the concert but she snuck out and wentbe to the concert. she's like when kimberly was doing that thing in the commercial break, she was doing it at the concert. six months later the video comes out, they're watching mtv at home and there is this shot and goes to my friend licking her lips suggestively and her mom saw it and knew she had gone to the concert. in the video! she's beautiful. >> kimberly: caught on tape. >> greg: you know what the song "pour some sugar on me" is about? from perspective of bowl of rice crispys. >> dana: thank you. it didn't know that. >> bob: caught a daughter on the film and was upset.
11:57 pm
>> kimberly: what are you talking about? what are you doing for one more thing segment. it's greg, if you can recover. >> greg: time for a new banned phrase. blank is the new black. you hear this in fashion. you will see pink is new black. >> kimberly: orange. >> greg: sometimes black is the new black. sometimes you see this in politics. they'll say civility is the new normal. i'm tired of it. just say it's a new trend and shut up. [ laughter ] >> bob: how much time do we have left in the show? two-and-a-half. i have a couple things to say. this comes in the form of advice. you probably wouldn't want to take advice from me. i can understand that. but i want to congratulate fathers on father's day this sunday. i have had the great treasures of two kids in my life. when you hear this story, guys particularly, when they say they grow up real fast.
11:58 pm
they really, really do. and take some time. i mean, your job is not that important. you can take a day off and go to a ballgame with your kid. i'm telling you. it moves so fast. i blinked and i was fortunate i was able to spend time with my kids. do yourself a favor and take quality time rate. they be gone and they'll have other friends. it breaks your heart. it does. my kids are 16 and 19. it seems like yesterday they were teeny babies. >> happy father's day. >> bob: happy father's day to bob and eric as well. >> dana: he is the father of captain sprinkles. >> greg: true. >> kimberly: many others. >> eric: not going to the baseball game. spending the night with my 13-year-old. >> dana: good excuse. >> kimberly: he is, right? you have a game. we'll be there at the game tonight. andrea tantaros will be over at mets stadium. going be exciting. fox fan and bill o'reilly is
11:59 pm
throwing out the first pitch at 7:00 p.m. >> dana: a lot of pressure on him. >> eric: for the record, it better be a strike. it bet ber better be a strike. i think i should have thrown the first pitch out. if he doesn't bring the heat -- it will be my one more thing on monday. >> kimberly: maybe we can do a reenactment. >> dana: does he get to throw from the girl's pitcher mound? >> kimberly: now you started a fight with o'reilly. >> dana: they have that. >> bob: ill don't want you to beup set when we get there. >> kimberly: now we're at war with the o'reilly factor. no you've done it. >> perino thinks o'really should have throw it from the girl's -- >> dana: asked if he was allowed. no is a picture of jasper. this is my dog jasper there. he is. >> kimberly: happy father's day to the fabulous fathers out there that are wonderful doing a great job with their families.


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