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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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doing well. they deserve a look. johnson and johnson and eli lily is on the top of the list. that is it for the cost of the freedom block. thank you for being here and happy father's day and have a great weekend. mitt romney hits the road. mitt romney campaign buzz takes him to states that obama won in 2008. the president is making big news and the governor is trying to reverse and put the spotlight back on the economy. like it or not. the new immigration policy is dominating the headlines and we'll get the first exclusive reaction from alberto gonzalez . the first hispanic general under president bush. and fast and furous . caring down calls to resign. attorney general eric holder agreed from the man leading the charge. i am uma pemmaraju.
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america's news headquarters starts right now. >> it is the economy, stupid. governor mitt romney's campaign is rolling through pennsylvania and trying to turn the focus back to the economy. he's on day two of the six-day tour . day one overshadowed by president obama's new immigration policy announce molly henning burg has the latest. >> it is the topic that all of the political analyst say. and so governor romney and bringing the political conversation back to the economy. after the president made the announcement on immigration . romney is on a six-day bus tour of the 16 states that president obama won. he went to an iron facry that was toured in weatherly, pennsylvania .
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been to new hampshire and going to ohio. the president may want to take the focus off of jobs but he doesn't. >> i know the president wants to talk about the economy a little. not as much as i want to talk about the economy. he last time around, his campaign was hope and change. now i think he would like to change and hoping to change the subject. >> president obama spoke in the rose garden yesterday and announcing he was changing immigration policy to allow young illegal immigrants to apply for a work permit that they meet certain criteria and avoid the threat of deportation. today, the president is back on economic themes in his weekly radio address and urged congress to pass his job plan. >> it would have reduced our deficit in a balanced way that
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pays for the investments we need but cutting spending . pay a little more in taxes. >> republicans say that the tax increases destroy job they want more cut in spending and in taxes. and molly, thank you very much. house chairman dara issa. and peter doocy and here with the latest. and and at least in part. and that will forge over new documents. and controversial weapon. and put guns . and congressman darrell issa
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said if it comes through. he will pull back and hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. i have substantial concerns that it may not be enough to allow. delivery of the dumentos before the considered consideration of contempt on 10:00 would be sufficient to justify the postponement of the proceedings and allow for the review of materials and they seem delighted they are getting the meeting and chairman issa has agreed to our request and we look forward to a production session it is in the interest of all of the parties to bring it to a resolution. and he will meet with holder on tuesday. right now the vote to hold him in contempt of congress is scheduled. that is subject to high. >> thank you, peter for the
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update . lawsuits in florida with the best way to look at voters fraud. and meanwhile florida is suing the feds for acess to immigration database to help them find nonu.s. citizens. great to have you here in the studio and thank you for joining us. >> let me ask you. why do you think that the federal government is denying acess. >> i think they are stone wall it is outrageous and i don't understand why. it is the chief legal office in the state of the florida. i find it frustrating why we don't have an answer as to why president obama is cooperating with us. this is a situation where we should be on the same side . all want legal voters .
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so we find it frustrating in thitate and i am proud of our governor for suing them. uma, this is not something that florida takes lightly. we want registered voters to vote. >> you have found over 100,000 illegal voters on the roles so far. >> yes, i notnly have numbers. but what i do now. we as a state have to over nine months. trying to cooperate with homeland security, asking for the database that we are entitled to and that would fix this problem. that is what we want. we want to cooperate and work with them . resolution to this. and that is so disappointing that they are tone walling. >> the justice department and others who are supporting the move are saying that this is violating the voters right's
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act and unnecessarily harasses hispanics and a way to benefit the republican party in the presidential contest. it is a way to find people who may not be confined with the law in the ways that the replicans like. >> they are saying we missed the time frame. florida missed the time frame. that is because florida spent over nines trying to work with homeland security and what you discussed would not happen. mass letters would not be cent out to voterss and some of the those to vote. no one want to scare them. why the data base is so important. they would be the people who are sent the letters and targeted and that's why florida has tried so many months to work with them and
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becomely been obstructionist and we are sick of it. >> a lot of poles show that americans support an voters identification to prove that they are legal in this country and yet we don't have that. but at the same time those grancy it believe that you will violate civil rights. >> that's why we want to do it the right way and florida work homeland security. this could be solved so easily. this should be a bipartisan issue and we should be working together. every vote nullifies a legal vote and people have lost lives and wars over the right to vote. >> really adequately. quick reaction to president obama's decision yesterday. >> that is a short term issue for a long-term problem. we have concerns for the
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constitutionality of it. >> thank you for joining us. thank you. it is a strongest sign yet that peace plan for syria is falling apart. united nations announcement that observers are suspending the controls and activities because of escalating violence. 300 arveers will not leave syria and it will be refused daily. >> shiite pilgrims are the target of car bombing. there is widespread secitarian violence. bombs sploided in baghdad. and police are saying 25 people were kill dozens were wounded. on wednesday a wave killed 75 million people in the country. >> and grease - greece is on
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the of financial upheaval. lecs come as fears grow that this could sped up the possibility of greece kicked out of the euro zone. ashley webster is live in athens with more on the story, ashley? >> uma, you are absolutely right. there is a lot of the fear going into tomorrow's election. by this time tomorrow the polls will be closed . not only in this country. and it is between two. importantly. it is renegotiating the terms of the term of the international bail out. the question is would the willing to renegotiate.
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eu leaders and central park will watch tomorrow night . they are really to do what it take to stabilize financial markets if needed. for it is greek people jobs are scarce and those who do have jobs in some cases are not getting paid at all. and we are seeing greek people take money out of the bank account and storing up on canned goods. all of them concerned about what will happen to life with them if greece falls out of the euro zone. gdp of greece would constrict 40 percent if they went back to the original curiency. all eyes tomorrow night will be on greece. >> indeed. we'll all watch that one. >> pope benedict xvi will meet with the cardinals he charged to getting to the leak of the vatican documents there. is a intern power struggle.
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the pope's butter was already arrested. several documents was in the apartment . addingly insult to injury. the president of the vatican bank removed from his position on thursday. polls are open and egyptians voting for a new president, leland is live in cairo. >> hi, uma. from tahir square things are eerily quiet on the first day of voting. voters turn out is low. what that means of the muslim brotherhood take over. >> and back and governor midromney.
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>> welcome back everybody. egyptians are choosing a new president today. run off is a fierce
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competition between a remnant of the old regime and islamic candidate. they are joining us live in cairo with the latest. leland what is the mood like in egypt. >> hi, uma. it is one egyptian here, they have choices and both of them are sour here. nais why turn out is low today. >> there are polling place in egypt i was here for the first round of elections lines were huge . today there are few people. >> i don't know. i am surprised like you. >> inside voters only had two choices.
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this is a storm hold. it shows how it is. giving us hope for the future. this is a new system. this woman said we need justice. there is a interesting situation in terms of whether the army will actually give up power that fast . the fact that parliment was dissolved means that the army will be reluctant to give up the power they enjoyed so
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long. back to you. >> thank you for the update. we'll keep a close watch on the election. keep it right here in the hour. we'll talk to the u.s. congressman who is in egyptian there to oversee the elections. house rules committee david dryer is there to make sure democracy is working. hope for me young illegal immigrants or national amnesty? president obama's national immigration policy is stirring up controversy. will it help or hurt his campaign. joining us is david avila. president of opec and campaign spokesperson committee. david, let me ask you why they are calling it national amnesty? >> what it does, it gives false hope to young citizens
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that they may be able to pursue opportunities here in the country. the reality is, the executive order can be over turned by the president or the president after that. and what it really does is puts the debate on immigration reform. now the president has signaled once again he doesn't want to go through the legal ways of changing phraus go through congress. there are republans who want to work with the president to find a lawsuit way to deal with the issue. senator marco rubio put up a poposal and all the white house does is trash it there is no effort by the white house to work to find a solution to the immigration problem. and that is what isalt issue here. >> doug, there are many people who are upset saying that the president bypassed congress in a way to get this out front and center to help his
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presidential campaign. how do you respond to that charge. particularly because the president said last year, he didn't want to take this route. he wanted work with congress and felt he didn't have the authority to do so. >> congress should do their job. they are not doing their job. the president took the legal step. it is a temporary step. that is because congress is not doing anything right now. the immigration is deeply flawed and has to be fixed and i don't think republicans are showing a willingness about it except for dema goge it. we have some senator mccain and graham and george bush. but over all, you have people like king who are basically wanting to round folks up get rid of them and your presidential nominee mitt romney is all over the map. he believes in self deportation and on this issue. it is a common sense answer to a problem that is plaguing our
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system and these are law abiding young kids who are raised american and gon to school and want to be contributing members of society. >> david, there are those who are concerned that the republicans need to walk carefully on this path, because they do risk alienating hispanic voters if they embrace a hard-line rhetoric on the issue, because of sensitivities involved when you are talking about children. >> we have to give people true hope. and this policy doesn't do that. this policy is at best a temporary fix and at worst, only poisons the debate even more. to doug's point. that is not true what he said when republicans in the state level have tried to put real policy in arizona, they actually tried to only reenforce what federal law said, the president's justice
9:23 am
department sues them and so this is a president who is honestly on this particular issue has done a lot of talk hasn't presented real solution. >> i i don't remember. >> doug. just a second. ere's the other thing that is destructive about the policy. you're now telling people that they got in the front of the line. they didn't go throughh the normal process. so what makes them feel they have to pay to the lawws of america? why should they pay the student loans back? and page taxes? they were begin a special treatment that, people all over the country here come through the system the right way . what this president has done. those rules don't matter. whatever i say goes. >> let me get doug to respond. >> that is the demgravy we are seeing on this issue.
9:24 am
it is not amnesty and getting citizenship it is deferring two years deportation and focusing the immigration laws on the folks who are running the country. and the president and democrats brought up the dream act. republicans in the house level are not showing interest on immigration reform. i am not sure what the debate we are talking about here. what we are seeing democrats have taken the lead on immigration and republicans are stone walling. >> that will have to be the last word. the debate will continue throughout the presidential campaign and we appreciate you joining us today. >> thank you. >> moving to other news right now. utah proposed a new law that gives welfare benefits if they are on drugs and seek treatment. the law could put more people
9:25 am
back to work and bring the poverty level down. >> they are not willing to go in and get clean, then they will not be eligible to receive benefits. >> anything that we should pass legislation on . in requiring people to cois have become education filters. >> and positive drug test and both of the recipient benefits for 3months and provent household members from receiving benefits as well >> president obama and enforcement. and offering immigrants the chance to stay in the u.s. and work. we'll ask former attorney general alberto gonzalez what he thinks next. stay with us. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high.
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>> we are back with a fox alert. white house is talking about the next step in the syrian crisis. the state does not give specifics. it comes after the united nations announced if observers are suspending controls and activities because of the escalating violence in syria. the sooner a political position occurs, better odds are of preventing a civil war. >> now it looks like attorney general holder and house over sight committee darrell issa may have had come to a agreement. one to avoid holder to having a contempt congress. peter. >> issa sent a letter to holder asking for a meeting by tuesday to avoid a contempt vote. holder will meet with issa next week.
9:31 am
funeral services held for one of the last of last week's deadly shooting near auburn university. the other funerals were held on friday. the man accused of killing them is in jail on charges of capitol murder and assault. >> wildfires are causing damage in the west. in california 112 homes are damaged and destroyed along with 180 square miles. and new mexico there is a largest fire in the state history and 63 percent contained. >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney is making stop in pennsylvania on day tour of the bus tour. he will tout his plan to fix the economy and make stops in iowa and michigan. all state that is president obama won in 2008. back to you. >> thank you for the update.
9:32 am
>> let me be clear. it is not amnest yenot immunity and this is not a pass for citizenship. it is not a permanent fix. marco rubio said it is an opportunity matter and we need a long-term solution and the president's action makes it more difficult . reaction on both sides of thile agree and begin a reprove to have the immigrants that were brought to this counselry. and he has conservative republicans calling it back door amnesty and now in the immigration debate. it is one of the most contentous issues of the campaign. joining us now is alberto gonzalez who is here to share his thoughts about the
9:33 am
president's decision. and this is his first public commentots issue. >> thank you. >> the president said that this is the right thing to do when it comes to concerns. some illegal immigrants have children and this is a way to try to find compromise. do you agree? >> i am on record saying that we need to do something to help. >> i have a problem with the way it was presented. we are trying to accomplish that gold . they are here lil'llly and it is short of what we need as a country. procedurally. the rally.
9:34 am
it is political. he could have done it for now. selectively failing to enforce the law. this is a temporary fix. and immigration is a difficult issue. it is a final solution and comprehensive and i believe that still today, best way to deal with the issue is a conference fashion and fit in with the rule of law. the president said he has the authority to take this direction and bypass congress. now we are seeing the flip
9:35 am
flop. what do you make of this it is to as whether or not the president has legal authority that is something that lawyers will talk to the candidate about. i am assuming we'll see that in affect. he does have the authority to do this. prosecutors have a great eal ofy discretion in deciding who will prosecute. none theless. i think it does in fact he is not upholding the law. that is never a good place to put the president. i don't know if it is. but from your view point is
9:36 am
there an argument that it could be illegal . >> certainly they could make the argument it is illegal. it is silly season and people make all kinds of accusation and i think like mitt romney said this action may make it difficult to comprehensive reform by dealing with the children in a temporary fix. i believe it is important for the country to know who is in this counselry and why they are here and i believe comprehensive reform through legislation is the right approach. >> going forward do you think it will open doors to others that are coming to the country illegally with the children and knowing that for now if they come. their children are attempt and they could just stay here indefinitely. >> that is a concern. by providing this kind of releafto children that you are going to encourage other
9:37 am
partners to bring it in this country. you need to have comprehensive immigration reform and secure our borders to make sure it doesn't happen. we have to reassure not only a compassionate nation. but also a law and that we enforce our laws. >> let me judge you in the moments we have left about the investigation regarding the white house leakings. there are those who are upset that the president did not, or the justice department did not go with an independent counsel on this investigation and instead chose two u.s. attorneys within the justice department to go forward and look at this investigation. how do you see it? do you agree that there is a problem here? >> these are prosecutors that are appointed because of discretion and progressionalism and confirmed by the u.s. senate and i know
9:38 am
one from maryland from my days in justice. i think they can do the job quite frankly. we have had issues and problems with independent prosecutor -- counsels in the past. >> no conflict of interest there? >> you have to have confidence in the individuals chosen to prosecute these kinds of cases and i will not second guess the decision of the attorney general in this particular matter. >> thank you your insight and thank you for sharing your thoughts. >> thank you . >> moving along, why mitt romney is rolling through battle ground station of pennsylvania. one-time rival and rick santorum is rally social conseshative to stand up for their beliefs. a short time ago he told the faith and freedom coalition. big government must pick up the pieces was broken lives
9:39 am
because the american people and culture don't support family. >> it is achieving to economicly to have a team than running solo. we know that. but we have a government that doesn't preach that. >> and santorum endorsed romney but yet to release his convention delegates. >> sarah palin is calling on new media not to repeat what she said was the mistakes of the last presidential election. in a conference for conservative blogerings. she labeled president obama as a socialist. she went on to accuse main stream reporters of focusing of too much on her instead of vetting the president. >> the media had done their job, we would have known despite barack obama mocking the clinttons and condemning hillary clinton's health care plan. we would have known that his own plan would be based on an
9:40 am
unconstitutional manidate that resulted in years of uncertainty and agony. >> meanwhile, palin made no of mitt romney whom she has yet to endorse in her speech. >> world champion sumo wrestler kicked off of the delta flight because of his size. was delta in the wrong. we'll get to the issue after the break. stay with us. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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world champion sumo wrestler banned from a delta flight not because of a disturbance but because of his size. should a passenger be banned from flying because of theirr size. laura ingle has more on all of live from new york. >> hi, uma, a recent business trip turned in a cancelled ticket for the amateur sumo
9:45 am
wrestler who held the record for the heaviest living athlete on the planet. he stands 6-7 and weighs 700. he has traveled just fine and making arrangements with the airlines and bye buying extra seats. paying gig was cancel would without explanation according to yarborough. >> i could sigh they could have a argument over one seat. but i have three seats paid for and that's what mystifies me more. i don't understand why at 700 pounds over three seats it is more than accommodates you them. i don't know what the problem s. >> most airlines have a standard customer of size upon. but an arm wrest rule. it must be lowered to hold a
9:46 am
passenger and if not additional seats must be handled we conducted a thorough review of the customers request to fly. we could not accommodate his request. an attorney said it will be up to the department of transportation to decide if there was discrimination. >> you are telling a person, everybody else can fly but we pick you out and you will noot anymore. that is wrong . i hope the dot gives them a penalty that the airlines will think twice before they an emanuel yarborough or anything libe him you are too big for the planes. >> dot is reviewing the case but have not made a decision on this. we'll let you know what happens. >> thank you for the update. >> this is not the first time we heard stories of issues
9:47 am
regarding overweight people running into problems, forced to buy extra seats or fly first class. we want to hear from you. should special concessions be made for overweight individuals on airlines flightts. we received a lot of feed back and we would like to hear more. twit - tweet your answers at uma. >> and months after the protestors helped tod overthrow mubarack they are voting for a new president. we will talk to a u.s. congressman why it is so important for america. stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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>> welcome back everybody. egyptians are heading to the polls and one congressman is there to make sure the elections are there. congressman david dryer is joining us from cairo. thank you for joining us. >> always good to be with you, uma, thanks. >> talking for a moment. you were there a month ago to monitor the first round of the elections and the parlimitary
9:52 am
elections that took place was seen as a positive move and yet the parliment has been absorbed by the court. are you concerned about that? >> well, of course, i mean, i think everyone is concerned about it. but i have to say that uma, if you were to go 18 months ago. and contemplate the idea of free parlimentary election and two presidential elections taking place a year and half laterr, one would have said you were crazy. it is though a less than perfect process. we don't have perfect elections including in our country with the president of the united states. but there are problemings. the road to democracy is a difficult one. it took our nation 13 years to go from the declaration of independence to the establishment of government. but people are enthused. for the first time in 7000
9:53 am
years this weekend people of ejiptt are going to elect their president in what is seen as the reasonably free and fair election. i am not here to provide certification of the election. i went to 25 voting stations today . by and large it lookks good and we have to wait for a final determination. buoy know people are excite people are enthused and people are emotional about exercising the right. an older man said to me a little while ago, he was trugling down the stairs and i asked him his feeling. for the first time he has a feeling of comfort and he broke in tears. >> that is emotional. quickly cram crammcongressman that the voters tourn all is low and many egyptians are disspirited about the process because they are concerned it is not fair .
9:54 am
you know, it is interesting to hear that. i had heard that myself . yet as i went to nemous voting stations today. i found a higher level of enthusiasm and interest than i expected. just three weeks ago, there were 13 candidatots ballet and today two candidates in a run off election. 60 percent of the egyptian people did not vote for either of the candidates in the first round and now they are told to mack a choice between the two. the united states recognizes and i am supporter of that democracy is not just about election but the building of democratic institutions and minority rights including women's rights . we can work together to make that happen. congressman, keep an eye on what is going on and i hope you report backitous once it is all over and give us an update. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> well, quarterback tim tebow
9:55 am
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>> quarterback tim tebow will be spending father's day in san diego for a special faith-based event. at the shadow mountain
9:59 am
community church encouraging men to be strong presences in their children's lives. the event is free and open to the public. now, earlier in the show we told you about an sumo wrestler wasn't allowed on a plane because of his size. and should special concessions be made for overweight people on airline flights in some of you weighed in and here are a few of the comments, it shouldn't be just overweight, but rather a measurement. 270 pounds, fit fine in a seat. and todd says some consideration has to be made for weight foraircraft, just nee handled factfully which airlines have yet to understand. and airlines accommodate most people not all people which i think is very reasonable. that's going to do it for me in washington. kelly wright and jamie washington will take over from


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