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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 16, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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father a happy father's day, remains a source of strength and inspiration for me. celebrate in a special day with your loved ones. thank you for watching, make it a great day everybody. >> welcome, everybody, this is a fox news alert. there are dramatic new developments in the fast and furious investigation. i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. congressman darrell issa now saying he's willing to postpone a congress vote against attorney general eric holder if the justice department turns over additional documents. as you may recall, the botched operation run by the atf allowed illegal gun purchases into mexico in hopes of tracking the guns to cartel leaders, instead hundreds of
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guns vanished and two linked to the death of a border patrol agents. peter doocy live with the the details. >> that's right, the news is that congressman darrell issa says he will postpone wednesday's contempt of conference vote against eric holder. if that's going to happen, he has to come up with documents, showing how and when the doj figured out their agents were gun walking or letting weapons fall into the hands of the men who murdered border patrol agent brian terry. he says while they may not be sufficient to allow the committee to complete the investigation, delivery of these documents before the scheduled at 10 a.m., june 20th, 2012 will be sufficient to justify postponement of the proceeding to allow for review of materials. that's great, what the justice department for now saying we are pleased that chairman issa agreed to our request to meet
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next week and we look forward to a productive session, it's in the best interest of all parties to bring this matter to a final resolution by avoiding confrontation that involves contempt. and issa wants to know why on february 4th, 2011 the doj provided documents saying there were no reckless tactics in operation fast and furious, they'll meet with holder on tuesday, if for some reason holder does not hand over the documents, kelly, then that's scheduled to go down on wednesday. back to you in new york. >> all eyes focusing on that, peter doocy, thank you. >> so we asked the question, what do americans think about the controversy concerning attorney general eric holder? take a look at this. interesting, according to a brand new poll by rasmussen reports, 40% of likely voters think eric holder should resign. 27% say he shouldn't and 33% say they just aren't sure, kelly? >> president obama is at his hometown in chicago today before heading to mexico for the g-20 summit.
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in the meantime, governor president obama is hitting the trail in the key battle ground state of pennsylvania. governor romney telling voters that he, not the president, is the candidate who will give america the fair shot. take a listen. >> he said he wants to make sure that every american has a fair shot. and i couldn't agree more. i think it's critically important that every american knows if they work hard to get an education and live their life right and apply for a job and that they have a fair shot at a bright and prosperous future. that's absolutely right. let me ask you this, do you think that passing trillion dollar debt of our generation on to our kids gives them a fair shot? i sure don't. >> well, governor romney is on a bus tour taking him through new hampshire, pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, iowa and michigan as well. and keeping a focus on jobs every time. >> jamie: and another fox news
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alert, now on major developments taking place in syria. >> love of-- -- the situation continues to be tense as the united nations now announcing plans to suspend its mission there, because of the escalating violence. the u.n. is pulling back its observers who will no longer be conducting patrols and doing that because of safety concerns, but they will stay in their locations until further notice. and the human rights group, amnesty international released a report this week, detailing the death and destruction in nearly two dozen syrian towns and villages. and one official saying that in every single place she visited, syrian soldiers went in and he is cuted young men and burned their homes and tortured those they arrested. many of the victims, innocent children, killed in the horrific violence, these developments coming just days before they will have a team
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meeting between president obama and the newly reelected russian president, vladimir putin. so is putin the key to ending the bloodshed in syria? we'll talk to a former state department senior advisor about that just ahead. >> another major story we are watching overseas, for two years now, greece's financial woes have plagued the global market and now, greeks are preparing to vote in crucial parliamentary elections and that could have a dramatic effect on greece and the european union as a whole. ashley webster is it streaming live from athens, greece with more details. ashley? >> yeah, kelly, you're absolutely right. this is a country of just about 11 million people, but then no doubt, it is at the epicenter of this euro zone debt crisis that's gone on for years, tomorrow, greece will go to the voting booth for the second time in six weeks to vote in the general election of which the outcome could indeed be decided whether greece stays in or drops out of the euro zone, and that in
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turn could provide contagion, and that's the fear that could affect other weaker european nations such as spain and the italy. the problem, as the eu sees it, is that one of the top contenders here is the party, that is a radical left wing party to essentially rip up the bailout agreements signed with the eu and they say the conditions are too harsh and that they need to renegotiate, if not, they will not abide by them. well, germany just said, you know what? we're not going to be black mailed to all of this and the situation is very tense indeed. in the meantime, the banks are announcing they're standing by and keep an eye on the the situation, and if the turmoil becomes, spreads to the financial markets, certainly the asian markets on sunday night and into europe, and the u.s. on monday, they will take steps, they say, to stabilize the markets. it all depends on what happens here in greece, and which political party may grab the
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power. and with it, the future of greece. of course, keeping an eye on it, we'll be covering it throughout, kelly, right here. >> and ashley, thank you for at that as well. meantime, u.s. banks now on high alert, ahead of parliamentary elections in greece. hundreds of employees at big firms, some part of special teams will be on stand by tomorrow, awaiting the results of greece's pivotal election and we're told, they are preparing for the worst case scenario, coming up, how all of this could impact wall street's and our nation's economy. >>. >> things to come again and again on friday. big news at the white house and new reaction to president obama's move to halt deportations of young illegals. >> put yourself in their shoes. imagine that everything right your entire life. you studied hard, worked hard, maybe even graduated the top
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of your class. only to suddenly face the threat of deportation to a country that you know nothing about. with the language that you may not even speak. >> well, here are some of the requirements under this temporary measure. you have to be under 30 years old and you have to have arrived in the u.s. before you were 16. you also need to get a high school degree or get a g.e.d. or could have served in the military with an honorable discharge, you cannot have a serious criminal record and the president says this is not a path to citizenship, but immigrants can apply for work permits and governor mitt romney weighing in on the policy from the campaign trail, take a listen. >> i believe the status of young people who come here through no-fault of their own is an important matter to be considered and tends to be solved on a long-term basis so they know what their future would be in this country and i think the action the president took today makes it more
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difficult to reach that long-term solution and an executive order is a short-term matter and can be reversed by subsequent presidents. >> is it a bandaid on the issue of illegal immigration? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, angela mcglowan and former aid to chuck schumer, and also a fox news contributor, welcome both of you today. >> thank you for having me. >> great to be here. >> and angela, was this measure by the president a jobs killer? >> it's not only a jobs killer, jamie, this is about a macavelian politician more concerned about winning reelection than passing policies to create a better and more prosperous america, and brace yourself for more partisan politics on capitol hill. you've already had members of congress from the right release press releases saying that the president is not really making a difference and causing more politics than policies. >> jamie: well, chris, a lot of eyes on the campaign trail
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on both sides are after the hispanic vote. a lot of people are saying this was a deliberate move to get that. is there anything wrong with the president giving the people that he wants to vote for him what they need? >> you know, sometimes good politics and good policy come together at the right time. that is wasn't quit the move that ronald reagan did when he granted amnesty to 3 million illegals back in 1986, it's a start and a step in the right direction, we need comprehensive immigration reform and i'd like to see governor romney kind of back peddle what he said during the debate and chastised his opponent, most notably rick perry and newt gingrich, for supporting similar measures. i'm happy with the policy, it's political, but good politics and good policies. >>, but. >> jamie: angela, let me play this for you, chris. respond to this then, if it is politics, and it is okay, why did the president say this,
10:11 am
listen. >> we're doing everything we can administratively, but the fact of the matter is, there are laws on the books that i have to enforce and i think that there's been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the dream act pass and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow by myself i can go and do these things. it's just not true. >> jamie: so, chris, did the president just figure out he could do this through the department of homeland security? >> listen, as a lawyer, i know the more you look at the law and figure out ways to get things done within the powers. the president has broaden format powers and what he's doing is actually an enforcement measure requiring people to register every two years and make sure they do not have criminal records, this way he can focus resources on getting the people out of this country who
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should not be here. people who have committed crimes and doing things against the interest of the united states. >> people here illegally should not be here, chris. the president is trying to change the conversation. when you look at our unemployment rate and look at the education system and the brown and black community, that's what he's trying to do, trying to get more support from the latino community, and he's dividing this country even more. he needs to be more concerned about the people who are here legally, that don't have jobs. that's why you have the report reporter asked while the president was speaking, asking what about the american jobs here today. the unemployment rate in the latino community 11%, in the black community, over 14%, and that's what the president should be concerned about. >> angela, i'm going to object to you calling that guy a reporter, i don't know whether he was a reporter or more of a partisan heckler. that said, listen, i have a pretty big heart. i want to see kids who have been here for a long time who came here through no-fault of their own, didn't make a
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choice to come here and believe in their heart of hearts that they are americans and have a chance to have the american dream, go to college, be productive citizens here in america and what the president did yesterday is a beautiful thing. and if it's done for political reasons, so be it. >> but, chris. >> the latinos who are going to vote for him-- >> hang on a second, let me jump in here. don't you worry about those voters in border states who see this policy of the president where he at one point says, oh, i can't do that, i'm not going there, and then all of a sudden makes this change and a number-- i'll grant you, he has deported a lot of people that don't belong here, his administration, and i'm sure the border state voters are happy about that. >> more than anybody. >> jamie: is there a risk of losing them on the democratic side? chris, you first. well, listen, you know what? sometimes you've got to do what's right and let the consequences be damned if he loses voters so be it. this is the right thing to do. i think it's going to attract more people than refell.
10:14 am
>> jamie: angela, what does governor romney need to could do, last answer. >> what governor romney needs to do put emphasis on the economy and the education system is failing us. jamie, we have 6.2 million kids that drop out of school every year and at the end of the day, it's going to cost taxpayers, 600,000 dollars for these kids, to support them. and at the end of the day, we're more concerned about unemployment, education, than undocumented workers. >> all right, thanks to both of you, angela and chris, i'm always happy to talk about the education issue, we really do need to do what we can for our kids so they can take care of themselves. >> we sure do. >> jamie: thanks to both of you, have a great day. >> thank you. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: all right. want to remind you now, the banks on wall street and across america on high alert at this hour, awaiting the results of pivotal elections in greece and the future of the euro. and what it means for the global financial system, the markets and your financial future just ahead. >> plus, just put one foot in front of the other, an amazing display of guts, oh, how
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daring, yeah, over niagara falls. no barrel needed, no pads, nobody to catch you. one man's mission to walk, when no one has ever tried it before. it's pretty high, these highlights, we'll have them for you next. my goodness. having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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>> welcome back, time now for a quick check of the headlines. a massive wildfire destroying at least 112 homes in northern colorado and fire officials fear many more homes could be lost. police find the body of a doctor they were searching for near his home. dr. timothy jordan apparently shooting himself in the head and investigators say he was wanted for the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend at a buffalo hospital earlier in the the week. china sending its first female astronaut into space. she and two male colleagues will attempt to dock with a prototype space lab now orbitting the earth. >> he's a daredevil without a doubt. nik walenda, being the first
10:20 am
person to walk a tightrope across niagara falls. he teetered high above the rushing water from the u.s. to canada. rick leventhal taking it all in live. i won't ask why, but did he make it? >> he absolutely did, jamie, and images can barely do justice how impressive and powerful this walk was. the wire has already been taken down and show you the falls themselves, and the wire stretched across that gorge from here on the u.s. to canada, 1800 feet of it. nik climbed on the two inch steel cable at 10:17 p.m. eastern time last night about 4,000 people at terrapin point and 100,000 across the niagara river waiting for him to arrive and began the careful journey into the mist. when he reached the middle the famous mist was very, very
10:21 am
tough for us to see him and according to him, it was tough to see period. and he is a 7th generation daredevil and he made it in 25 minutes after neiling on the wire at one point and pumping and looking sky ward, apparently in a tribute to great grandfather carl and sprinted the last 5 feet and to a platform for customs officials and wife and three kids and talked about the challenges. >> if i looked down at the cable, there was water moving everywhere, if i looked up, there was heavy mist in front of my face, it was a unique, a weird sensation, but i think it almost made me feel more comfortable, if that makes any sense because i couldn't see that wire moving and i got today other side. that wire was moving everywhere under your feet. i said really, it didn't feel that bad. >> and nick says it was a childhood dream come true and asked what he would do next, he said, cross the grand canyon and he's got the
10:22 am
permits, but it could take years for that to happen, jamie. >> wow. okay. amazing story. thanks so much. rick, don't try that now. >> reporter: sure, i won't. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: well, on this far as day weekend. many families will take time out to honor their dads, but for young girls and boys, living without a father's love and guidance, life can be indeed very tough. and thomas is the author of a new book called fatherhood. in it, he speaks from the heart on how dads can help their children live their lives beyond a dream. >> and thomas is a nba free agent. he's enjoyed playing for such teams as the washington wizards, atlanta hawks and oklahoma city thunder. several years ago at age of 29, this talented and respected player, received news that could have ended his career. a leaky heart valve forced him to undergo open heart surgery.
10:23 am
>> you know, it changes everything, your whole outlook at everything, and stuff like that. >> during his recovery from the intense surgery, thomas who enjoys a very close relationship with his wife nicole and loves being a family man, had time to think and grow rich in appreciating the joist of fatherhood. >> and i was able to spend, you know, a lot of time with malcolm, like we bonded, like really bonded. >> it opened your eyes to being thankful for everything that you have and everything you've been able to do. >> kelly: from those times of reflection, thomas has been extending his reach beyond the nba, to serving youth and families throughout america, he is a participant in president obama's father hood initiative which encourages men to become very fathers and thomas reaches out to teenage boys and juvenile detention and living without a father and encourages them sharing experiences, being a dad without a home.
10:24 am
>> i see myself in them, now what i mean? i could easily be sitting right where you're sitting, just by the grace of god that i'm not. >> what is the message you're trying to drive home to american dads? >> my real reason for wanting to write this book in the first place, to inspire young people who grew up in a situation where they didn't have a father in their home. we always heard telling us how, you come from a broken home, you're not going to make it. now what? life isn't over. you still have to be able to make it. >> so you recognize, even though it's not the most favorable situation, it's a situation you have and you make the most of it. >> to help deliver wakeup calls to men, thomas enlisted the help of highly revered professional athletes, coaches, actors, politicians and leaders of faith to share their insights on being a dad. men like kareem abdul jabbar, yao ming, actor thai digs. tony hawk and more, ice cube.
10:25 am
i had people talk to me when i was younger and look, i wanted to get people who young people recognize and everybody telling positive stories and stories of their experiences what they've learned. because it's mrerng from other people's experiences. >> a lot of the stuff that he is helping young men come to terms with now, he walks through the process as he wrote the book, as a husband, he's gracious, kind, encouraging and supporting and loving and as a father, he's all of these things as well. so, it's just, who he was that, you know, when he we met, the same exact man as he is now. >> kelly: that's the greatest compliment you could get from a wife. he's helping fathers encourage their children and living life beyond a dream. >> jamie: u.s. banks on high alert after parliamentary elections in greece, a lot of dads will be working tomorrow. the how it could impact wall street. what is being done in case the worst case scenario comes to pass. >> kelly: a diplomatic
10:26 am
showdown looming between president obama and that man there, russian president putin. concerning syria, how their meeting could impact efforts to stop the bloodshed. that's straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you!
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>> a fox news alert. on the mounting humanry crisis. the united nations announcing plans to suspend its mission there, because of the escalating violence. all of this coming just days before a key meeting between president obama and newly rehe elected russian president vladimir putin. so, what can the two men do to put a stop to the bloodshed? joining me now to discuss this, christian whiten, with d.c. international advisory. chris christian a pleasure to have you on, on monday, president obama face as critical diplomatic showdown
10:31 am
with russia during the g-20 summit. the president will have a chance to sit down face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin. what must he do in the meeting to find the common ground with russia to bring an end to the escalating violence in syria? >> well, kelly, it's worth asking, i think, if there's any combination of words or charm the president can use on vladimir putin to get what he wants. and even if that were to work, what he would get from it. it's not the first time it's been tried and previously the last meeting of the g's, the g8 was stage managed so that russia would show up and need pressure to do something more on syria and do more aagreeable on the u.n. and vladimir putin didn't bother showing up for that. ultimately russia defined what the interests are and russia seems to want the assad regime to survive, preferred to any alternative. it's unlikely that any combination of words to change their approach on this. >> kelly: can you give a
10:32 am
reason why russia would want the assad regime to survive when you look at what's going on there in terms of the violence? >> well, when russia looks at the middle east, it doesn't have a lot of strong allies and considered assad one of them. and it sells him arms, provides him arms and really, you know, the concern that the united states has, in the accountable government. the rule of law and parts of the middle east. and russia doesn't share those and he's an okay guy to assad. they're not concerned with the human rights violations or the trouble that assad caused for the united states in places like iraq. in fact, russia prefers that. so, given the choice between assad and possibly a muslim brotherhood successor or a success regime. it chooses assad. >> let's look to the heart of syria. amnesty international releasing the fact as we look at the video, what's going on there.
10:33 am
here is what they're talking about. syrian soldiers going in, executing young men, and burning their homes, and torturing those they arrest and many of the victims are innocent children killed in this horrific violence and then on the heels of that, u.n. observers, suspended activities causing a fear that violence could now get worse, what do you expect on syria, now that u.n. observers are no longer monitoring the situation? >> i don't think that things changed that much with the u.n. gone, better to asking what amnesty international has to say. one of the chief human rights spokesmen, ramen, says the u.n. didn't do much while they were in syria, so they might as well leave. we've been having this debate over whether this will become a civil war, frankly it's looked like a civil war for a long time and may continue to be one, until some sort of external factors change what's on the ground. >> and so-called kofi annan
10:34 am
seas fire, taking place, and we haven't seen that, and the powers at this point, appear to have no desire to conduct any military intervention that actually helped get rid of libya's gaddafi, and sanctions are not working as well. so, what steps can you suggest that can be taken to stop the bloodshed that's reporting claimed 14,000 lives. >> i think there's a missing middle here. you have the one hand on the approach the obama administration has taken, which is prioritized action in the u.n. and hasn't led to anything and unlikely to lead to much. on the other hand, you have the approach, championed by john mccain, a half clip away of backing into yet another war. one that the american people don't want and theirs is missing where the u.s. and allies can help wage political warfare against the assad regime. most importantly, it's to harm the rebels, especially the
10:35 am
factions of the rebels that are least inclined. and we ought to work with the chief ally which is turkey gives them the means. >> kelly: and good of you to share these comments and have your perspective. and thank you, sir. >> thanks, kelly. >> jamie: all right, the big story today, the new concerns that we could be on the road to another global financial meltdown, there are hundreds of employees at big firms, some part of special teams that have been formed, all on stand guy for tomorrow, awaiting the result of greece's pivotal elections and we're told they're prepared for the worst case scenario. and from morn stanley, joining us now. i wish it were a more optimistic topic, but this is pretty scary stuff and the big companies are preparing for the worst, what does that mean? >> well, think of it this way,
10:36 am
that, when you have tomorrow or sunday's election, if the a austerity, the market will do well, but however, to your earlier point, jamie, if the anti-austerity department wins and then we're gaining momentum before the election, if that happens you're going to see the drop. and i don't want to say the sky is falling, chicken little, heads up, the banks are going to have losses or concerns that never existed even six months ago. >> how much u.s. money is tied up in this? >> literally billions. for example, citi 84 billion dollars, and the other major wire houses or banks are similar size and the real issue, jamie, the dollars that they have, they're expecting if they invested a dollar that they would get a euro in return. now, it's possible, in this example of greece on sunday. may get a drachma, a drachma in return.
10:37 am
a drachma ten years ago was about 250 drachmas was a dollar. you're not going to get 250 back, it's a devalued number. >> jamie: is there anything they can do now the banks, the elections are tomorrow. >> this is the hard part, it's out of their control, all they can do is react to the problem and limit the noise. you don't know how do you book your losses if there are any? this is going to create extreme volatility in the markets over the next few months, not that it wasn't going to happen anyway, and i think it's now going to be exas rated due to this issue. >> if you're the average investor, what do you do? >> i would tell you if you're in the market, stay in the market. if you're not in the market, don't go in. it's not a market timing game. that's not what the typical investor is. don't necessarily be emotional and fall in love with your investments. read a headline. if you have a prudent financial plan that you put
10:38 am
together years ago, be consistent and stay with it. jamie, if you start trying the market timing, it's a fool's game. >> jamie: how do you compare this to other economic times that we've been challenged by? because if you are diversified, which is the rule that we're all taught and dollar cost average and continue to put money in whatever the rate the times that you're buying, that used to be a strategy that would see you through anything. is this included or is this something much more serious? >> it's something much more serious, because what you're talking about, jamie, and you're right, prudent planning, there was something there where you put your dollars in over time and what happened, things are what's called noncorrelated. a certain stock kind of went up, another went down and at the end the day, higher than the dollar you put in. that doesn't happen anymore, what you do is asset allocation, another point of conversation, when your dollars are in, you need a manager who will look at your
10:39 am
dollars and help you, not market time, but help you through the process and it's a different time than it was ten years ago to the point of your question. >> i imagine that those tactical advisors, their phones are ringing off the hook, we'll keep an eye on our money as we have to through this election. >> you've got it. and we'll have the coverage on that here on fox, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> kelly: the reinvented 2012 toyota camry hybrid is proving to be a solid family car, in terms of fuel economy and the new price tag as well. gary gastelu takes the camry hybrid for a test drive. >> the camry is and has been the best selling car in america for more than a decade. the american made juggernaut is about to face the toughest challenge this year in the form of onslaught of all new competitors, volkswagen, ford, chevy lay and honda. they're looking to defend its turf with an updated look on
10:40 am
quality and value that made it the one to beat. change of course, a relative in the terms of the camry. and while the design grounds, interior is a major upgrade over the landscape. and now, features this nice, leather looking stitched material on the dash and prominent electronics center and toyota info tanment system and features a number of connected apps and reads your e-mail. >> hey, gary. >> and three versions, 4 cylinder most will buy. 6 cylinder some people buy and the hybrid that's 40, 41 miles per hour, and best in class. it's got a nicer ride and quieter than last year's model and the efficiency thing, it's a nice kick in acceleration, and the car is more comfortable and quieter than last year's motor and a little
10:41 am
motor to reminds you-- the most exciting thing about the car may be the trunk, huge by hybrid standards thanks in part to all smear, lighter, yet, more powerful version of toyota's tried and true nickel metal high drive battery pack to help bring the price of the car down a few hundred bucks, 26,750. which may be the kind of change to keep this on top of the sales chart. the 2012 toyota camry hybrid. gary gastelu, fox news. >> kelly: thank you, gary. in the meantime, if you want to learn more about the 2012 camry hybrid go to fox car >> jamie: it was not long ago the people of egypt celebrated the fall of dictator mubarak, now, as they head to the polls, the dream of democracy not in reality.
10:42 am
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>> being here, their parents have fought for, somebody said to me earlier, an older man, so involved here in this revolution, he said, finally, the egyptian youth have been able to do what we can, and now this little girl has a chance for something that her parents never did. i feel like it's something i would tell about, and something i'll never forget, it's about freedom. >> egift, egypt!. >> jamie: well, that was then,
10:47 am
our own leyland vittert just 16 months ago in the tahrir square where tens of thousands were celebrating the fall of the dictator looking for a future of democracy. today is a very different mood as voters head to the poll. and leland with the latest. >> jamie, it's certainly a much more subdued cairo than 16 months ago, there's an eerie calm here in the city as many people have told me, they don't really like either of the two candidates who are running, either a member of the former regime or the leader of the muslim brotherhood as the arabic saying goes here, it's a choice between two bitter choices and it's proving that once the revolution happens, they don't always understand where it's going to end up. keeping with islamic tradition, egyptian men voted in one room and women in another, marking their ballots and dipping their fingers in ink to prevent voting twice.
10:48 am
>> we are not free, we are not free. >> this is the entrance to one of cairo's polling stations and during the the first round, there was excitement in the air, the line stretched all the way to where i'm standing, meaning voters had to wait two hours in order to cast their ballots. but today, turnout is so low in some parts of cairo, that there isn't any wait at all. it was a different picture in cairo's poor neighborhood, the muslim brotherhood powerful political machine turned out hundreds of veiled women waiting to vote under the sun. in more upper class neighborhood, voters worried what happened to the brotherhothe-- if the brotherhood candidates wins. >> i will not give my vote to a muslim brotherhood candidate. >> reporter: conventional wisdom would say that the low turnout favors a possible
10:49 am
muslim brotherhood candidate. what it means for the united states, under hosni mubarak, with the arab world and that iron clad peace treaty with egypt. there are many who fears if the muslim brotherhood does win-- (inaudible) >> all right, we got through leland's report and thank him for that, kelly. >> kelly: this father's day weekend, i guess that could save dad's livment one of the most common at the doctor's office and spot serious and possibly deadly diseases. find out what this simple test is next. good morning! wow.
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>> this is' a new study that has science, neglected health for men, doctors, a simple hearing example. if you're having a hard time hearing, it could be a sign of something else wrong in your body. a practicing internist at university school of medicine and contributor to the the daily and joining us now to talk about it. it's a simple test and most neglected that men have is testing their hearing, why is it so important? >> it's interesting that men neglect their health to begin
10:54 am
with and this is another testing we haven't done and i'm guilty of this. rarely ask people to do it and i think that it's important to appreciate how often we don't do it, 70% of people don't test people and the hearing loss in men is more come man than women because they're exposed to louder noises and the fact that you have hearing loss may contribute ultimately to other problems, such as depression and decreased hearing may actually be linked to other medical issues. >> kelly: i was surprised when i was reading this, it could lead to cardiovascular disease. >> it doesn't lead to t it's associated with t in other words, the blood vessels in your ears are the same as the blood vessels in your heart and your brain. sometimes you get a tip, an indication that the blood vessels may not be healthy. and it's the lining of these cells that get injured from smoking or hypertension and if it's in your ears, it's going to be in your heart. >> kelly: there's also alzheimer's and cancer. >> well, you know, they find with increasing hearing loss a
10:55 am
higher instance of alzheimer's, listen, hearing is critical toward social interactions and cognition and listening to the television, if you can't eat, you're kind of ostracized and it's a big issue. >> kelly: if dad is at home watching and turning up the television to hear more volume, is that a sign that perhaps-- >> of course, now, i think that, you know, if you're speaking loudly, you know, that's a sign that you probably aren't hearing as well, and it's interesting, i just downloaded an app, for doing the segment that indicates what the loudness is in your environment. and if it's too loud, you put some ear plugs in and then men need protection now for their ears. >> kelly: the take away here, tock, make sure that every man should have hearing-- >> every man should go to the doctor and get test heed for a variety of things and appreciate that their environmental reasons for hearing loss and you need to protect your ears. >> kelly: i wonder about that, joking, my wife is saying, you never hear me, that's selective hearing.
10:56 am
>> and that's interesting. >> jamie: kelly. >> women structurally have better ears than we do and in their brain differently. and have improved hearing. >> kelly: and especially if we can take a simple hearing test it could lead to-- >> actually, a change of life style, a little bit. the loud noises are injurious. >> jamie: so if we love dad we'll ask him to go be tested. thanks so much, doctor, nice to see you and i don't know, were you kidding, listening at home, kelly? that's going to do it for us, i'm jamie colby, so great to have you here today. >> kelly: a pleasure that you could join us on this day and since i won't be here tomorrow, say happy father's day and join my son and me on the huckabee report, and we'll sing "my wish". >> jamie: and the journal editorial report is next, have a great day everybody. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united,
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