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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 17, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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father's day. >> eric: it may not be golf clubs, but it's really important. >> jamie: thanks so much. happy father's day to you. >> eric: we start a new hour with a fox news alert, watching the crucial elections in greece right now. the elections could have a drastic effect on the financial markets worldwide. and what happens on wall street in the morning. voters in the financially crippled nation are trying for a second time in as many months to install a working government that can deal with the financial situation there. the vote is seen as a reverendoum whether or not greece should leave the euro zone and cancel its international bailout commitments, which could send global markets into a sharp downturn. many greeks, angry over the cutbacks in spending and the government services that those agreements have imposed. but polls show most voters want to stay in the euro zone.
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later in this hour, we will talk to a financial adviser about exactly what this situation means for us and our 401(k) and what will happen in the morning on wall street. a lot more coming on in the next hour about the impact of greece, what will happen and what the vote could be. but first, we start with strong new reaction to the major change in the united states immigration policy. president obama on friday announcing an immediate end to at this time deportation of nearly a million illegal immigrant who is came to the u.s. as children that are younger than 31 years old. critics are slamming the move as purely political and supporters say it's good policy. good morning on this father's day. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. now to governor romney, weighing
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in this morning, calling into question, the timing of the president's decision. steve centanni is live in washington with reaction from that side of the aisle. hi, steve. >> reporter: the debate over immigration takes to the sunday airwaves with the president's action to help young immigrant who is are undocumented, coming under attack from g.o.p. candidate, mitt romney. he wasn't clear whether he would rescind the president's order, if elected, but he did criticize the president's motivation. >> i think the timing is pretty clear. if he really wanted to make a solution that dealt with these kids or illegal immigration in america, this is something he would have taken up in the first 3 1/2 years, not the last few months. >> reporter: he did it for politics? >> that's certainly a big part of the equation. >> reporter: the plan would hold the deportation of immigrant children who came to the country with their parents and are still in school. this would probably be overtaken
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by other events as mitt romney tries to create a long-term solution. the president said he would not support a presidential directive on immigration, made the announcement on friday. his top campaign adviser said today, it is not politically motivated and it is well within the authority of the president. >> the president couldn't have an executive order to establish the dream act. that's not what we d. our attorney, the homeland security attorneys are absolutely confident this is within our authority, to use discretion, this builds on a series of steps we have taken to make sure that we are focusing on tougher border security and deporting criminals, people who pose a threat to our community, not people who are trying to live the american dream. >> reporter: the president took an action similar to the dream act, which did fail to pass congress amid stiff republican opposition. >> jamie: steve centanni, live from washington. >> eric: the president's new
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immigration policy also raising serious questions of whether or not the president may have overstepped the powers of the oval office. the move is criticized by the first latino attorney general of the united states, alberto gonzalez who served under george w. bush. he called the president's new policy, purely political. >> it does appear that this decision is politically motivated. certainly, one could make the argument. but we near a political silly season. >> eric: so, how will this change the presidential race? we have the former deputy assistant to george w. bush and a former congressman from texas. brad and martin, welcome. >> thank you. >> eric: brad, let me start with you. political ploy or merciful policy? >> this is a ploy. let's look at the timeline t. will be clear to the american people what this president is doing. in 2008, he's a candidate, he
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claims that immigration will be a top policy. he gets elected. what does he do days after he's elected? he addresses congress and promises immigration reform in the first year. there was no immigration reform. as a matter of fact, he ruled out of ideology, instead of reality and went with health care. now, three and-a-half years later, he wakes up. he's having trouble with hispanics, he would rather dictate than legislate. let's remind the american people, in the first two years as president, he controlled the house and senate with high majorities and he was unable and unwilling to tackle immigration. this is another attempt by the president to use executive order and the president sits in the oval office and says, if you don't like it -- sue me. well, we are. the state of arizona is suing you on immigration, and a case will be coming down shortly on whether or not the president has the power to act unilaterally. i think it's clear what this is and it's pure politics?
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>> martin, is it pure politics? is the president, as brad says, dictating? >> well, brad ignores the facts. you know, first of all, it's the republicans having trouble with hispanics, not the democrats. the democrats have a wide margin already with the hispanics. the democratally controlled house passed the dream act and the republicans filibustered. this is a policy that makes a great deal of sense. you are talking about young people, came to the united states, they didn't make the choice to come here. they were brought by their parents, brought up here, paying taxes and productive members of our society. this is a humane thing that the congress, the republicans in the congress refused to do. my attitude is, if the republicans want to sue the democrats, go right ahead. sue the president. it's going to cost you even more votes in the hispanic community-- some would say. >> the foolish thing for the republicans to sue the president over this right now. >> eric: how come he's doing this five months before the
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election, mart ?in. >> well, look, the republicans blocked it. so eventually, you run out of patient. you say this is the right thing i. you guys controlled the congress -- [overlapping dialogue] >> choose to come here. >> eric: brad? >> you controlled the congress for the first two years of this administration, with high majorities. if the president wanted to make this a priority, you could have got it done, the proper and legal way through legislation that the president signs. you refused to do that. the republicans -- >> that's not true. >> the republicans filibustered the bill because it was pandering to a group instead of fixing the problem of our borders, the 12 million illegals who are here and a pathway to citizenship for those who want to follow the rules. >> you are my friend, but you know that's baloney -- the republicans filibustered it because they didn't want to do a thing to help young people in it country. >> but we wanted comprehensive reform like the president promised and thnt pandering to a
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group surely for political gain. >> do us a favor, sue the president right now. we will get 80% of the hispanic vote, rather than the seven 67% we are -- bring it on. >> the supreme court case now. >> eric: only a minute left, what about what has been raised, he's going after the social issues, not the economy. he has the gay marriage situation and this. he's doing it for political purpose, say the critics. and there will be more coming up because of the election? >> look, the president can walk and chew gum at the same time. you can deal with multiple issues. he's trying to do everything he can on the economy. he has offered specific proposals to create jobs. they have been rejected by the republican house. he will continue to offer specific proposals. but he can do a variety of things. the president can multi-task. >> eric: brad, last word? >> well, let me tell you something, eric. it's clear the president has had a couple of real bad weeks. he's trying to change the tone
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by pandering to a group that he desperately needs to win. this is as transparent as can be. the president's grab for power in politics. >> please, sue us, republicans. [laughter] >> eric: i don't know if i can walk and chew gum at the same time. thanks so much for joining us. happy father's day. >> jamie: eric, you can do it all. the u.s. and five other world powers hold talks tomorrow in moscow on iran's nuclear program, putting president obama's policy on iran in the spotlight. his administration has been focused on sanctions to rein in the nuclear work, but republican presidential assumed candidate mitt romney saying he would do the exact opposite of what the president has done, the opposite. what is the best approach with iran? no one probably knows better than israeli ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor, dan gillerman. >> good morning. >> jamie: more talks.
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will anything get done? >> i hope very much something gets done, but it certainly won't get done through talks. there has been far too little talk -- i mean, far too much talk and far too little action. you know, the middle-east, our region, is very much about perception. and the iranians are watching very carefully. they are watching the u.s. and the international community and the president very carefully. what do they see? they see the president and the u.s. abandoning the iranian people had they go out to the streets against the ayatollahs. they see this administration discarding hosni mubarak, a long-time, 30-year-old ally and throwing him under the bus. they see tens of thousands of people butchered, including women and children -- >> jamie: does that empower iran? >> of course, it does.
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iran sees this president worrying more about israel attacking iran than about iran becoming nuclear. so the iranians laugh all the way to the bank. that's hathey do. >> jamie: well, at this point, the sanctions, the toughest so far, are in place. i saw this quote that i thought was interesting from someone who studies the region you are talking about. the reality is there -- meaning iran, on the verge of a choice between having a nuclear program or an economy -- does that mean that the sanctions are working, that tehran is feeling the pinch? >> the sanctions are far more effective than they ever were. but i think the iranians will need much more than just economic problems to make them realize that they're on the wrong road in their quest for nuclear weapons. the only way the iranians will stop is if they realize that the world -- let the united states and its president means business
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and will actually take military action if everything else fails. at the moment, the iranians do not believe that. the policy and all of those things are outlined do not indicate that and in our very tough neighborhood, what you see is what you get. what the iranians are seeing at the moment or perceiving as what they for seeing is america, which is showing weakness, hes tency -- hes tansy and does not have the resolve when they would believe to strike them. if they did believe that, they would act differently. they did abandon the program in 2003 when they realized that america meant business. >> jamie: governor romney, months away from the election says he would do the opposite of this administration. do you get a clear sense what have he means? what do you think he dolled on day 1 of an administration? >> you know, jamie... it's very
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difficult for me to see what governor romney would do. it may be wrong for me to meddle in american politics. but i think the main thing to realize is that he may do the right thing. but we don't have time to wait until that moment. >> jamie: you are saying by the time january comes along and there is an inauguration, re-election of president obottom or governor romney becoming president, it's too late for that action that you are talking about? >> it may be too late. time is running out. when we are talking about the talks which are going to start in moscow tomorrow, after talks in baghdad and before that in istanbul, the iranians are using the talks to lull the world, put it to sleep and play the clock. this is money time. we don't have time to wait until january, whether the president is re-leaked or there is a new president to see what happens. the iranians have to believe this is going to happen now, before it's too late. before they reach the point of no return.
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i assure you, israel will make sure they don't get the bomb. but we are expecting the international community, led by a strong america to do it, not just us. >> jamie: please come back after the talks and tell us what your thoughts are, as well. always great to have you here. >> thank you. il come back. >> eric: very good to see you. >> happy father's day. >> eric: flash new election news. you thought the race was over, the iowa g.o.p. convention was yesterday. and ron paul won. he was able to win 21 of 25 delegates, despite finishing third in the caucuses in iowa in january. he has said that governor romney will be the eventual g.o.p. nom nerks but his delegates are free to vote for mr. romney at the convention. but dr. paul says he hopes to have an impact in tampa in august.
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>> jamie: the weather conditions are really working against fire crews, battling a massive wildfire in colorado. near fort collins, the fire has destroyed more than 1 ache homes, the biggest loss in state history. the fire only 45% contained at this hour. we go to los angeles for more. >> reporter: hi, yamy. the big concern is the weather. 86 square miles have been scorched by this fire. it is officially the third largest wildfire in state history. yesterday, firefighters did get a little bit of a handle on the blaze. as you mentioned, it is up to 45% contained, which is a big improvement over the last couple of days. but forecasters issued a red flag warning today. winds upward of 50 miles per hour are expected, which could fan the flames. we know how big of a role the weather plays in the fires. yesterday, the colorado governor
8:16 am
showed us this picture, pinpointing the tree hit by the lightning which started it all more than a week ago. and the fire has destroyed more than 180 homes, making it the most destructive fire in state history. in addition to the wind, there is more worry because it's very hot and very dry. >> we are aware that it was unseasonaly dry. we haven't seen a drought like this since 2012. it was hot and windy. when a fire like this starts, it really takes off. >> reporter: in new mexico, where the little bear fire is burning, there is my concern over potential for flashflood, that fire has burned over 200 homes. yesterday, the area received 3-4 inch of rain. last night, residents were briefly evacuated and allowed
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back into their homes last evening. now, of course, it's early in the season. anything could happen at this point. one piece of good news is that we know that the federal government will spend mon oat air tankers. they are going to add to the aging fleet. you know, jamie, that can only be good news. >> jamie: it always makes a difference. thanks for the latest. >> eric: you know, greek citizens are at the polls, deciding the future of their country and how it can affect us. they are voting in the crucial election that could usher their exit from the euro zone. what does that mean for our investments, for wall street when it opens in the morning and especially, our 401(k)s and the other investments in our economy? coming up, what you need to know to stay protected. >> jamie: thank goodness. also, tim tebow off the football field in front of a microphone. coming up, his message about father's day and faith. ♪
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>> eric: tim tebow make interesting father's day plans, speaking at qualcomm stadium in a ceremony entitled father's day 2012, encouraging men to live, love and lead. the jets quarterback will take
8:22 am
the stage alongside shadow mountain community church pastor jeremiah. tebow spoke at an outdoor easter service in texas, back in april. >> jamie: summertime is fast approaching. around the country, air conditioners are being fired up, as folks try to beat the heat, we already have. but coling your home can take a toll on your electric bill. are you starting to see it rise? in the take-charge consumer protection segment, i wanted to give you anique peak on keeping your energy costs down, all year long. joining us now, home designer, phillip rye. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> jamie: boy, anything you could give us we could do to bring the costs down. i am seeing my i bill tripple and it's not even the summer yet. what should we we be doing now?
8:23 am
>> with the economy like it is, people are hurts -- hurting on energy usage. one of the main things you can do is have a home energy audit. you can do it yourself, but in reality, it's a lot better if you have a professional do that because they can test for a lot of things you cannot do by yourself. home energy audit allows to you figure out how much energy your home is using or losing, every day. >> jamie: where do we lose energy? >> you know, when you do the home energy audit yourself, there is ways to go around and test, where have you air leakage. things like that. when have you it done by a professional, they are able to use a blower test tothat takes all the air out of your house and you can test the duct work and the return air, things like that. we have tested homes in the past and one out of three homes, the duct work is disconnectedconnect least one place and that's a huge energy waster. >> jamie: so you are saying that we are using energy in places
8:24 am
that we are losing it and we can cut that out. before i ask you the question, the reason i wanted to do this segment, i was on the internet and i happened to see that there is an energy monitor that you could flog at home. you know, you get the bill and it says how many kilowatt hours you used, you never think if they are telling you the truth. you can track what you are using with one of those monitors? >> you can. vione here with me. this is a kilowatt. i will tell you, this saved me about $30 a month, the first time i plugged it in. the way this works, you plug this into your wall. and then you plug any 110 volt appliance or tv or anything you have into that. it measures how many kilowatts per hour the device is using. you can take it off the utility bill and multifly plie that and
8:25 am
don't ask/don't tell you how many dollars for per month. a of it rk a lamp. i have a small pool. so i plugged in my pool pump because my bill was higher than i thought it should be. i found out immediately, this was my pool was costing me $sick a month. so right off the bat, i put it on a timer, stow runs 12 hours on, 12 hours off, cut that to $30 a month. >> jamie: you can cut the usage, see where you need to cut or go to the power company and go, ah-ha. before we go, what would a professional coming in and doing an energy audit on a average-sized home cost? >> you know, it depends. a lot of times, in my area, to run the test, it's about $500 for them to come out and test your home, give you a detailed report of where your air leakage is and the problems you have. but if you want it fixed it could be from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on what you find. if you find that your duct work
8:26 am
is bad or the unit is bad, those things need to be fixed. but most of the time, they can be fixed with calk, electrical foam gaskets that you can do like this on outlets and light switches. >> jamie: thanks for bringing all of that stuff. it's great to meet you. the ducts, if you don't clean them out, that's a fire hazard as well. thanks for being here and helping us take charge of our skyrocketing, soon, electric bill. >> thank you for having me. >> jamie: for more on take charge on consumer issues, go to on the bottom of the main page, see the page to click on for america's news headquarters. go there and you will see a link to many of this program's take-charge consumer protection segments. you will only see it in the 11:00 a.m. hour of our hoe. >> eric: always great advice. every week. coming up, there are vows to clean up flor did's voters rolls. but the feds are suing the state -- is that right?
8:27 am
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>> jamie: this is a fox news alert, coming in from multiple reports that rodney king, the man at the center of the los angeles riots, was found dead this morning. he was 47. remember, this is from multiple reports. fox working to confirm this independently. king's fiancee reportedly found him dead at the bottom of a pool. king, of course, became that national symbol of police brutality in 19month 91 -- 1991, when he was beaten by police officers, videotaped by a bystander. the officers involved were acquitted the following year and the announcement of that verdict
8:32 am
led to the devastating los angeles riots. two of the police officers were later found guilty in a federal case. rodney king, reportedly found dead at 47. >> eric: to the voter fraud unit and the battle for the key state of florida. the obama administration has filed a lawsuit against the state, which says it's just trying to prevent noncitizens from voting. the justice department says the state's moves are illegal. but the florida electrics officials have listed 180,000 potential noncitizens and 2700 that local officials have been fighting about. could the justice department's lawsuit encourage illegal voting? or is the state unfairly trying to stop people from casting their ballots in november? from tallahassee, the state's top election official, secretary of state, ken deetsener, a republican. welcome to fox newschannel this morning.
8:33 am
>> thank you, good morning. happy father's day. >> eric: happy father's day to you and everyone out there. you were here a couple of weeks ago and we discussed the same issue. now we have the lawsuits. what is this about? >> this is about a difference of opinion. florida feels it is our responsibility under the law, state and federal law, to enforce the fact that anyone that is a noncitizen is not eligible to vote in florida. ourests are to remove those individuals from our voter roles before the november election. >> eric: why would the federal government have an apparent difference of opinion, if they are trying to sue you about this? >> they are citing a federal statute that says we are limited within 90 days of a general election from removing anyone except for individual who is are fellons, who have passed away or mentally incompetent. we have a very different opinion that someone who was not ever eligible to vote, who is a noncitizen, should likewise be removed? >> obviously, people want to
8:34 am
protect their right to vote, the vote is sack -- sacrosanct and also to not allow anybody to vote who is illegal. but why would the justice department nyour view, take this action? >> that's the question that the courts are going to have to decide. we'll argue our position very tightly. i think it's important to emphasize that the justice department should be here in florida, assisting us to uncover frauds that are occurring. keep in mine, a noncitizen that registers to vote here is committing a third-degree fell me and a fraud. the justice department should be here assisting us, not trying to block us from doing the job that we are sworn to do. >> eric: are you saying they are not enforcing the law? >> well, what i am saying is that they should be helping us and not keeping us from doing our job. >> eric: here's what attorney general eric holder said at a convention, talk about this laws. he says, if a state passes a new
8:35 am
voting law and meets the burden of showing that the law is not discriminatory, we will follow the law. when they don't prove that it would not have a racially discriminatory effect, we will object as we have in 15 cases since september. they would say, and opponents of what you are doing would say, you know, it's racist, it's voter suppression and the state's trying to keep people from voting. >> good. let me comment on that. citizenship knows no party. and citizenship knows no race. this process is without any evaluation of parties or race. we look at whether or not they are citizens or not citizens. i suggest that at this point in time in the process, not a single legitimate citizen has been removed from our voter roles here. we are going to continue the process. we are evaluating the individual who is have been on the list, already to date, 104 noncitizens have been removed from voter
8:36 am
roles down here. and 40 of those 107 actually voted in an election. it's important for all floridians who are legal voters that their vote not be neutralized by a noncitizen voting, particularly in a potential election this fall that might be very, very close. i want to remind you that in 2000, the presidential election was decided by 537 votes. it is my responsibility, as the chief elections officer, supported by governor scott, to make sure that every eligible voter can vote and those people who are ineligible are removed from our voter roles. >> eric: quickly, some would say, it's only 40 people, so what? >> well, the potential is much greater than that. if the department of homeland security would give us access to their database, which they have refused us access over a year. we think there will be more and we will uncover more individuals who are ineligible to vote who
8:37 am
have voted. we are writing a letter tomorrow to homeland security again, telling them, we have agreed on the issues they have asked us to agree upon to get access to the database. we are going to move forward in florida. it's our responsibility. it's the law. we'll challenge the justice department's interpretation of the law. >> eric: all right, secretary of state, we thank you for joining us. we will be following up as we approach the election. of course, voter fraud at if you suspect any problems, where you live or call the secretary of state. don't call him at home, though. thank you. >> jamie: eric, you are always looking for the hanky panky in the elections. you think the elections in greece don't affect you? it turns out that's not so because today's election results, if they get results, could take a big bite out of your 401(k). some financial experts are predicting. we will have tips next on how to protect your retirement money, given the financial turmoil in
8:38 am
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>> the election that's underway in greece has been called critical. voters in the financially crippled country have protested that the strict austerity measures required under the terms of an international bailout deal are too tough. today, they have to decide whether greece will honor the agreement ors back out of the deal and leave the euro zone to go it alone. the impact of that decision will hit markets around the world, including here in the u.s. what does it mean for your 401(k) or other retirement accounts? we have an economic adviser. dominic, great to see you here. i am fastening my seat belt. should everyone do that, if you have not converted your holdings to cash in your 401(k), how worried should you be today? >> we are clearly going to get
8:43 am
news, on monday morning, it is likely that the markets will react violently, that could be on the upside, aso posed to just a down side. but either reaction, have you to look at this and say, i don't care what happens to greece, it will take weeks, months or years before we actually know what that means, the greek people, the european community and the u.s.l -- don't react violently. >> jamie: what about the financial institutions? i learned yesterday, there is an awful lot of money that u.s. banks have in countries that are teetering on crippling financial status. are they going to be okay? itch the fear is real. everybody is not so much worried about greerks but italy, spain and portugal all follow and create a domino effect, putting the european and our own economies in jeopardy. as investors, you don't want to react emotionally. you don't want to go 100% in or out of your retirement plan, go
8:44 am
cash and stock market. you need to take a longer-term view and create a properly balanced portfolio. >> jamie: all along, we have been told, if you diversify, you will be okay, you will make it through anything, a recession, even the situation overseas. but this seems to be more serious? >> let's look at the advice, first. people go to diversify. they picked last year's winners. they come in with a portfolio, they own seven international funds. that's not diverseification. you need to have a broad-based portfolio. the second thing is that we have gone through many crisis, look at '08, october, march of '09, with severe, substantial corrections. in hindsight, those were buying opportunities. in 2009, before the tech wreck, the market was super high, people were buying like crazy, that was a selling opportunity. you need to look at a much
8:45 am
longer time frame. >> jamie: what should you ask your broker tomorrow? >> look at the portfolio. less than 10% of fidelity 401(k) participants made a single allocation change in 5 years. do you think they should have done anything? you need to look at your portfolio and say, this is properly balanced? do i have enough cash available? do i have a portion in bonds? what portion is in stocks? or stock mutual funds? and how is that allocated? and is it appropriate for me on the level of risk that i am willing to take? >> jamie: age has a lot to do with that. don't wait 5 or 10 years. call your broker regularly. >> look at your own 401(k) online or statement and make very conscious decisions as to what the allocation should look like. >> jamie: thanks for that. we are bracing for tomorrow. grad to hear that it could be on the up side. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: nearly 2 1/2 years ago,
8:46 am
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>> jamie: there is a brand-new effort to find a killer in a three-year-old cold case. virginia tech student morgan herrington spheared from a metallica concert in october of 2009. her body was found in a nearby hayfield, 3 months later. now metallica, the pbi and the police are renewing the case to bring it to justice. >> reporter: morgan herrington's family has launched an awareness campaign called help save the next girl. law enforcement released a sketch of a suspect and metallica launched a campaign to catch the murderer. this psa is airing in the virginia area with the goal of gaining national support. the cause reminds young girls to stay in groups, be aware of surroundings, plan ahead, don't drink too much and trust instincts. this new sketch was released by the fbi saying he has been
8:51 am
linked to a sexual assault in a neighboring county. morgan's mother said that the metallica lead guitarist has been very helpful since she went missing from their concert. >> what can we do? we were reeling at that point. we didn't know. he said, well, i'll tell what you we can do, we are going to get a missing poster of your daughter. we are going to put it on all of our fan-based web sites. we are going to make a contribution to a reward fund. so from the beginning, they were outraged as parents. >> reporter: metallica, the fbity and virginia state police have a separate come pain, using this psa, billboards and social media to try to catch the killer. the multi-pronged effort is designed to develop new leads. similar techniques have led to arrests of other violent criminals. a group of crimestoppers is offering $100,000 for
8:52 am
information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer. and metallica is adding their own $150 grand, totaling $150,000. >> jamie: may save the life of someone else. thank you. >> eric: the man at the center of the 1992 los angeles riot, rodney king, has reportedly died. we will have a live report with more detiles this developing story at the top of the hour. ca, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ female announcer ] live the regular life. havputs you at 5 timesartbeat calgreater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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>> eric: national security leaks causing controversy in washington. the white house denies any wrongdoing. the new york times, when broke the stories, is weighing in. liz trotta joins us as she does every sunday at this time with her commentary. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: the times calls the stories, quote, insider accounts that are essential journalism, what's the debate? >> big surprise. this is -- comes in a piece written by arthur briz bane, the times public editor and ombudsman, if you have forgotten out there, it's basically someone who is a judge of -- an objective judge, supposedly of whether coverage is fair and how the paper's doing objectively. now, that's a small description by the way. mr. brisbane takes up national
8:57 am
security and these are the two articles that were written, within by david sanger, in which he talks about cyber warfare, a cyber attack on the iranians in which subtrefiewj motoko -- subs have been destroyed. the second story, which appeared on may 29, which was really a shocker because it had president obama picking the targets for the drones, studying the biographies of would-be terrorists and saying, thumbs up, thumbs down, you shall live, you shall die. gnarly, this really royaled the senate and house intelligence committees. and they have promised an investigation and hearings and all the rest of it and the justice department has weighed in, appointing two attorney
8:58 am
generals to investigate. in an election year, wherewhether anything will come of that remains to be seen. but what is interesting, i would like to read you the conclusion first, if i may. mr. brisbane says, did the coverage -- the two articles tell the government -- tell the public what its government is up to. does the government bill the president as the decider? probably. the cyber weapons article therefore more information than was necessary about the virus? possibly. so he has given up room to say, hey, you know, maybe you did do something wrong. but he says that the freedom of the press is essential. the interesting thing is that they talk about a process in which they submit these articles to officials, unnamed officials, to find out if they are, you know, within the proper limits of national security. they said they did in this case
8:59 am
with both articles, a few details were listed. but by and large they got a sanction from whoever these officials are. so the bottom line, eric is that the new york times is standing firm, even though admitting to possible wrongdoing -- just a minute left. they are defending it. doesn't that go to the pentagon papers and that controversy from years back? >> one of the most offensive parts of all of this is that they drag out former managing editor, executive editor, abe rosenthal to defend their case because he was chief on the pentagon papers investigation. and i find that really hard to swallow because he is one of the great editors of the new york and one of the great editors of the new york times of i think they have a lot to answer for in today's world. >> eric: mr. rosenthal has passed away. this controversy will keep on go


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