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tv   Fox Files The Enemy Within  FOX News  June 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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r complete four course seafood feast jus$14.99 come into red lobster and sea food diffently. >> you heard him yell. the first shot hit me right here in the chest. rolled right through my left shoulder here. >> two soldiers who survived the massacre speak exclusively with fox. >> he continued to fire in the ground. >> the worst terror attack on u.s. soil since 9-11. 13 people murdered 43 wounded on the world's largest army base. naming nadal found more of the same uniform. >> terrorists serving in the military. >> the only thing he didn't do is wear a t-shirt saying i want to attack forces. >> how did the department of defense and fbi miss the enemy within? >> do you believe the massacre
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could have been prevented? >> i do. that's the painful conclusion. >> there was a failure to ask. >> no purple hearts will be awarded was what happened in fort hood almost three years ago should be addressed in workplace violence. >> the big question is why didn't anybody blow the whistle? oo um wilhelmer. >> i am katherine harris. >> we are all here on this episode of "fox files." >> i wanted to help soldiers and i wanted to work in mental health. >> idaho native shawn manning comes from the family with a proud tradition of serving the nation. >> my grandfather was in iwo jima and was a marine. drove a tank.
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he was definitely the reason joined the military. >> it was in october of 99 when the 23-year-old followed in his grandfather's foot steps. >> at the moment what is your rank and position? >> staff sergeant. mental health specialist. active duty but i am reservist. >> he has been deployed multiple times since 99. >> first time i was on the border of iraq and kuwait. second deployment i went to iraq that was 2006, 2007. >> in 2009 manning was getting ready for another difficult assignment. a 15 month deployment to afghanistan. before deploying the staff sergeant had something very important to admit. >> you got married in september of 2009. >> we got married in hawaii on the beach the two of us. >> we decided to do the wedding then have a reception or something after i had gotten back. >> he was set to deploy and i
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knew that we were getting married. we were preparing for that. >> sean's bride autumn was new to the military life. >> you have to get yourself prepared for the mind set of that. no clue of what a deployment is about. this would have been my first time going with that. >> with their wedding reception de played staff sergeant manning prepared to join his unit in fort hood texas on his first stop on the way to afghanistan. >> do you remember the last time you said good-bye to shawn? >> it was in october. at the airport i dropped him off. >> she would see him sooner than she imaged. for another young soldier it was a different story. doing the military november 18th, 2008, in spokane, washington. left about two weeks after that. >> george scat ton joined the army when he was a 17-year-old kid. >> want -- thought the military was a way to get into school
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easier look good on any resume anywhere in the country. i told myself i would do great if i did it and made it through. >> he also comes from a family of serving the nation. george also recalls that tradition. my dad was killed in the vietnam conflict. i joined when i was 17. i was in fort jackson where my son ended up doing basics. he was a scared little kid when he went to basic but they turned him into a young man he was extremely put together well. the basic training did an unblaefable job on him. >> i grew attached to the military more. i had motivation to want to go. >> 6 months after joining and with the rank of private second class stratton was assigned to
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the brigade located at fort hood. >> i was looking forward to fort hood even though i knew nothing about it. >> stratton was 18 years old and his wish was coming true. his unit was scheduled to deploy to afghanistan. >> i was excited, couldn't wait to go. loed to go -- loved going to ge extra gear. i brought a perfect swing for my m 16 so it would be easier to carry. we were getting ready to deploy. quit worrying about it and hope for the best. >> by early november 2009 staff sergeant manning and private stratton had almost completed the necessary tests and evaluations for deployment. >> wake up thursday morning november 5th. what dowry call from that morning. >> going to the s&p processing center and driving around
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looking for coffee. trying to wake up and get situated and obviously going through the src process is never fun. that morning started off i was going to medical out processing. >> the srp where soldiers were headed consisted of 5 single story buildings close together where they had various tests done. >> when you walk out side of the building to the right-hand side there's 3 or 4 chairs across from that 3 or 4 chairs. it was a waiting area. in front of the door where you walk in on the left there's like 3 or 4 rows of chairs and the chairs were back and i was there with a specialist and another friend of mine. i had finished all of my medical checkups and processing immunizations all that stuff. psyche val, everything was clear. i was almost finished with the
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srp for the day. i had one more station to go through. i think i was probably third or fourth person in line to get my final screening done for the day. >> since i was finished i didn't have anything to think about or focus on to do next. i was just waiting. i was kind of falling asleep in the chair just relaxing. >> at approximately 1:30 p.m. their world would change forever. >> that's when somebody walked into the medical clinic and yelled allah akbar and everybody in the building probably heard and started shooting. >> pretty much lost the hearing in my ears and it was just bang, bang, bang, constant. >> as soon as i opened my eyes everybody was on the ground. i got hit in the chest. you know. i couldn't image this was going on.
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thought that maybe for a second i thought it might be some sort of a training thing. >> the staff sergeant was sitting across from me was crawling on the ground his left shoulder was limp. i reached down toward him to grab him, when i was kneeling and pulling him toward the door i look up and i turn around to look behind me and there is mr. hassan. when i looked at him first magazine dropped out of the weapon pulled out the second one put it in his weapon he looked at me and i looked at him for like a blink of an eye. hold up . prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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your very own four course seafood feast for jt $14.99. start your feast with a soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. next, enjoy a salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then get your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp shrimp and scallops alfredo or new honey bbq shrimp. then finish with something sweet. your complete four course seafood feast jus$14.99 come into red lobster and sea food diffently. >> at 1:30 p.m., at fort hood, texas, sergeant >> sergeant sean manning and private stratton were under enemy fire. >> i saw the muzzle standing in front of me 6 feet away.
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he squeezed it i slammed to the ground with a round that went right through my left shoulder here. i saw everybody screaming and saw the blood all over and the blood in my chest and i couldn't breathe. i tried to go to the ground to take cover and i started getting shot more. i felt some bullets. >> a fellow soldier 39-year-old in aed dam hass-- nadal hassan armed with a hand gun intending to kill as many americans as possible. >> i started crawling i didn't look back. i crawled toward the door. he just continued to fire in the crowd, there was a lot of people in the building. i was one of the first three to make it out. >> the bullet hit me in the abdomen felt like it went into my abdomen and so i tried to play dead for a while because there was nobody to get out of the way. i am also a medic and i ju that
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my lung it was getting harder and harder to breathe. i knew if i didn't get out of the building pretty soon i was probably going to drown. >> manning and stratton were in the fight for their lives against an enemy that wore the same sun form. who was major nadal hassan? katherine harris picks up that part of our story. >> borning and raised in virginia then he was known as mike who grew up in row enokay, virginia class of 1998. >> his parents held an up scale restaurant and ran a convenience store. >> amy is a senior fellow of the cougar institution at stanford university. she has extensive research in the fort hood massacre. >> he was considered something of a loaner in high school. not unusual for a lot of high
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school males. >> a lot of people don't realize he spent quite a bit of time in the army. >> hassan has been a soldier for over 20-years and a practicing muslim. enlisting in the army after high school he attended a college in california and went back to virginia to attend virginia tech. he was nadal hassan's defense attorney for two years until the army major fired him. >> enlisted service then went to med school. went to med school under an army program. he would regularly pray and attend local mosques. >> it appears hassan started to become radicalized around 2001 triggered by the death of both of his parents. he went to the uniform services of health sciences which is a component of military. then he went on to walter reed. he spent all of his medical training and professional development and psychiatric residency in the system.
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>> in 2011 he gave this power point presentation on the koran view and related to the u.s. military. he saw a videotape of the presentation and called it very creepy. in his writing hassan seemed to justify the actions of osama bin laden fellow students reported that on at least two occasions he justified suicide bombings in class. >> it so alarmed his colleagues and superiors his classmates demanded his presentation be stopped. >> he was a terrible psychologist ranked consistently in the bottom 25 percent of his class. he often didn't even show up when he was due to show up at work. >> in early 2009 he attended a homeland security policy institute conference on combating terrorism at george washington university. you see listening to then israeli ambassador talk about israeli counter-terrorism
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efforts. he also exchanged e-mails in 2008 and 2009 with a well-known terrorist anbar al-awahi. >> despite deficiencies and becoming an islamic extremist he was promoted earning 100,000 in pay and bonuses. psychiatrist also learned he had ordered to deploy to his first deployment to a combat zone. three months before the shooting hassan held a secret level of security clearance when he reported to texas for security at fort hood for predeployment training. >> when he was transferred to fort hood one of the supervisors called and said you are getting our worst. >> he was supposed to deploy to afghanistan with my unit. we would have worked together on a team or in a clinic. i never met him that day.
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it was the day that we were supposed to meet him and he was going to join our unit. >> that day. >> that day. >> so his introduction to you -- >> was shooting me. >> when he ar50i6rived at fort he was assigned to the medical signment. people who had interaction with him thought he was odd. an imam at a local mosque agreed. >> there was something that just wasn't right. >> little did any one know hassan was hell bent on committing terror. on august 1st, 2009, he bought his s m-500 hand gun with a laser for 1,299 dollars. he purchased magazines and ammunition for the gun. it typically holds 20 rounds but he purchased extensions. on november 5th, 2009, he decided to act.
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that morning hassan stopped his local 7,-11. the employee remembered his visit. >> i talked to him and told him good morning and how are you doing? he just smiled at me. is inned his o-- i noticed his outfit. i stopped and commented on it. why are you dressed up today? he said he wore it in the morning sometimes. >> at around 1:30 p.m. he appeared at a soldier readiness center in his army uniform. there sergeant manning and private stratton and hundreds of other soldiers were being processed. after comi either coming home from a long deployment or preparing for one far from home. >> you heard him yell allah akb akbar? >> you sure? >> 100 percent. ♪ how are things on the west coast? ♪
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>> november 5th, 2009, after being shot by a fellow seoldier nadal hassan they had only one thought how to escape alive. >> as soon as i got out the first set of doors i got on my knees got up to the second i kneed my way out and started walking out. somebody cried out he's coming around the corner with a gun he's shooting killing people. i just sat there i thought it was hopeless waiting for this person to come and finish the job. >> i remember him shooting as fast as he could possibly shoot. i remember the tact kel laser on the bottom of his weapon. >> what would that do for him? >> make it easier for him to aim and hit targets. the first shot hit me right here in the left chest. >> close to the heart. >> that was the first round so i
6:23 pm
am guessing it had to have missed my heart by maybe a centimeter or two. >> that's a miracle. >> yeah. a >> he were shot 6 times. how did you get out of it? >> i was fortunate i was able to stand and run. stand and get out. as i was going out the door, i saw some of my soldiers on the ground and i knew i couldn't do anything about it, drag them out or anything like that without getting hit again. that's something that stuck in my mind, too. >> just minutes after hassan opened fire two civilian officers working on post sergeant kimberly money de and mark todd responded. they saw major hassan firing outside of the srp buildings. she w
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mundy was shot 3 times before hassan was down. he left 14 dead and 43 wounded. all of fort hood the size of 32 football fields serving 45 thousand soldiers was on lock down. staff sergeant manning and private stratton were taken away for emergency care. >> i called my father. he didn't pick up. when i listened to his voice mail i almost -- i don't know. my heart just dropped immediately hey, dad, i can't remember it all. hey, dad, there's some crazy blanc, blank, blaining shonk sh everybody. i have been shot. >> my mother saw something on the news. she was quite panicked, she is like there's been a shooting at fort hood. i got a flight the next morning and i was out. >> what kind of a condition was he in? >> i knew that he would have to
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have his abdomen opened up and, like i said, the doctor told me, you know, we don't know how he's going to make it or what condition he is going to be in. i was so happy to see him alive. (taps being played) >> what happened this thursday will impact the families of fort hood community and our army for a long time to come. >> five days after the massacre president obama and the first lady along with the army's general george casey traveled to fort hood for a memorial service. >> this is a time of war. stha these americans did not die on a foreign field of battle. they were killed here on american soil. >> you were there when president obama arrived at fort hood. what was that experience like for you? >> it definitely wasn't expected. he was talking to the families of the deceased.
6:26 pm
i don't think he was planned on stopping by the wounded warrior side. he talked to everybody. i was there with a certain ribbon on that showed my warrior was still in the hospital. >> stratton also met his commander-in-chief. >> he was nice. his wife was nicer. i don't remember too much of the conversation. i was really medicated. >> it came my turn when he introduced himself to me asked my name what i was there for. i couldn't get the words out. i started crying at that point. >> coming up, he gets getting promoted. when we looked at personnel evaluations, they are glowing. >> there's a problem in this government of ours where we refuse to pull the thread by its name. violent islamist extremists. t
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falkner. they have issued an interim egyptians are voting this weekend in the first three presidential elections to choose a successor for former dictator must mubarek. they will outline the powers of the next president bringing the general the final say. rodney king the victim of the 91 police beating that was found on tape died. he was found on the bottom of his swimming pool today. they are investigating it as a drowning. the 92 acquittal of some police officers involved in his beating smashed three-days of riots in may. it left 55 people dead. king pleading at the height of the violence, quote, can we all just get along. rodney king was 47. >> nearly 3 years have passed since the massacre at fort hood.
6:31 pm
questions have been raised how did this happen how did someone like inadal hassan and a bad doctor extremist move up in the ranks. >> the chairman and ranking member of the committee on homeland security and governmental affairs. in february 2011 they issued this report a ticking time bomb on the fort hood attack. >> could the massacre at fort hood have been prevented? >> it is painful for me to say but my conclusion after the investigation was the massacre at fort hood could have been prevented. >> this is not a case where dots had to be connected in order to figure out that we had a serious threat. the dots were already connected. there was a failure to ask. >> the report states that none of the dod or the fbi had specific information about the attack they had sufficient information about hassan's
6:32 pm
radical isolation to radical islamic extremism. they failed to act on it. the report as early as 2003 his radical ideology was no secret to fellow students in the army. >> his rhetoric was so alarming and so radicalized that two of his fellow officers described him as a ticking time bomb. >> he did things like repeatedly told classmates and superiors his surreal law -- that alone should have dismissed him from the military. >> was there an episode maybe the slide presentation that he had that fellow students were so alarmed by what they heard, they fled the classroom. >> everybody in the class had to make a presentation. he choose to make a presentation which was in my way of thinking effectively a justification of
6:33 pm
violent islamic extremism. >> image this is a residency training for psychiatrists. what does he choose as his topic? he chooses to justify radical islamic extreme youism. this is no secret among those who knew him that he was radicalizing before their ver eyes. >> there was more. >> he wasn't a good doctor. he would count many about the fact that he needed to escape. >> he needed to escape from the emergency room. this was not a high performance psychiatrist by any stretch of the imagination. it is known to the students and supervisors yet he keeps getting a pass. he keeps getting promoted. >> when we look at personnel evaluations in many cases they
6:34 pm
are glowing. one i think there was such a shortage of psychiatrists with the army as a whole. >> if you recommend that somebody gets disciplined when they were desperate for this place in the army. >> the second was the army's promotion system. >> they have motion files that track what they are doing within the command. those files get thrown away when someone moves on to the new command. a new commander has no idea what your history is what concerns about you are. that is part of the promotion system. >> the idea is it gives people fresh starts. fresh starts allow them to go undetected. >> lieberman believes there was a third factor that kept his soldiers were exposing his troubling behavior and rhetoric. >> some were worried about political correctness that if they blew the whistle on this guy people would think they were an p
6:35 pm
anti muslim. >> weren't there people who tried to speak up but were silenced in the end? >> there were some students who complained and their concerns were essentially ignored. >> this is a letter from the defense department that says they are dealing with fort hood in the context of workplace violence. >> when i saw that letter i laughed it was so ridiculous. then i got really angry. there's a problem with this government of ours that refused to call the threat by its name which is violence islamist extremism. >> fox contacted the army to comment on the case. they have yet to respond. >> the department of defense has classified this a shooting at fort hood as a workplace violence. do you agree with that? >> no. i think it's almost a disgrace. it's disgusting. >> to equatorrism with workplace
6:36 pm
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6:40 pm
january 2000. two of the 9-11 hijackers settled here and began flight training. they attended the small mosque in the neighborhood receiving spiritual advice from sheikh anwaral lack can i. he has been the suspect of investigations that ranged from pos tu prostitution to terrorism. in 2006 he was at least once part of the top secret daily brief. al can i was stressed by the jttf. >> joint terrorism task force. >> he is an ex fbi agent who from 2007 to 2012 was in charge of the san diego office. >> it is important because it is not just fbi it is all aimingses coming together to fight terrorism. >> how many agencies detailed? >> typically you are going to have detail lees from at least
6:41 pm
20 upwards of 70 or 80 different agencies state, local, federal all working under one roof. >> the fbi has a memorandum of understanding the agencies that assign the detailys. two sources tell fox personnel details to the jttf are not permit to do discuss work to supervisor who's are not members of the task force. there are more than 100 jttf's across the united states. among detail lees are personnel from jtif. anwaral la al lack can i is on radar? >> we began to pick up signals on alaki. though he was a u.s. citizen born in new mexico was no longer residing in the country. >> he was back in yemen where he held citizenship using many different names. he was internationally famous because of the dvd web sites and
6:42 pm
on-line sermons as characterized in a senate report on fort hood he was a provocateur of home grown terrorism. >> in order to track him or monitor him what had to happen? >> had to be able to obtain a court order. we were able to get that order out of san diego. >> this surveillance included the national security agency or nsa interception of his e-mail. >> alaki was busy on the web. >> he was incredibly busy. during his peak had upwards of 60 e-mail accounts that he was using at any given time. >> how much of it was encrypted or using code? >> i will simply say some were. >> he has 60 accounts. that's a lot of accounts. >> thousands of e-mails over a 3 year period 10's of thousands. >> buried in that pot of e-mails are these communications between major hassan and anwar alhaki. >> that's right.
6:43 pm
in in early 200910 month before they had e-mails between anwar alaki and hassan. there was bureaucratic turf wards. >> between january and june 2009 there are 19 exchanges between anwar alaki and major nadal hassan. 17 from alaki and two brief core dal thank you for your support and kind words that come from to alaki to hassan during that period. >> i have read the e-mails and they should have given rise to alarm. a member of our armed forces was communicating at all with a radical cleric in membyemen sho have given rise to an investigation that was thorough
6:44 pm
and and complete. >> you could lose your security clearance in the army for having bad credit and being kicked out of the army. you can't lose your security clearance for talking to a member of al qaeda through e-mail. it doesn't make any sense. >> in a separate case through files by fox news and british reports he was sending highly encrypted e-mails in 2009 with specific operational instructions to try to blow up a british plane headed to the united states. the ee sip ye-- recipient is serving 30 years. the e-mail between awlaki and hassan are specific. >> if you look at the 13 or 14 e-mails there's nothing specific. in the final e-mails that hassan sent he begins to talk about his struggles internally with serving for the united states military in the army while his brothers are overseas fighting a
6:45 pm
war that they believe until. we did a little research on major hassan. we had no idea who he was. through our arm plea contacts -- army contacts on jttf we were able to realize he was an army major who was assign to do walter reed. >> because he lived in the dc area they can't take the lead on the investigation. they have to pass it off to a different joint terrorism task force in the washington, d.c. area. >> we forwarded back to discretionary lead to washington to follow up as they deemed to be appropriate. >> the joint member of the terrorism task force looked at formal officer sal rations reports of hassan didn't see anything amiss didn't interview people who had served the mayjo in the classroom did not talk to his supervisors and fellow students. >> they decided for a variety of
6:46 pm
reasons not to interview hasan. it wasn't because they didn't want to or because they couldn't get around to it. strategically they did not feel it was an appropriate thing to do at the time. you have to respect that coming from the office that is going to handle that. >> the senate report notes that the dcif in the washington dttf and fbi supervisor decided not to conduct interviews of hasan's colleagues due to the desire of not effecting hasan's career. >> there were four-hours spent looking into hasan. the fbi never informed the army's own investigators that perhaps there was an insider threat here. that is an incredible lack of communication. >> part of it was territorial part of it was plastic
6:47 pm
bureaucraticletgic. >> it was the failures of george hood by william webster former director of the fbi and cia. they confirmed the report is complete but has not made public. they ignored our requests for the report. >> i can tell you every member of the jttf takes the work they do seriously. >> how hard abodid your investigator take the shooting at fort hood? >> any time something like that happens we all take it seriously. we all -- it has an impact. only major hasan knows why he did when he did what he did. e o. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents.
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judgear it is fort hood shoo, in a message released hiding in awlaki. >> after the fort hood shooing anwar awlaki praised hasan. >> the reason behind the man all can i. >> awlaki was killed from missiles from a drone. for the victims of the fort hood shooting life will never be the same. >> we both changed that day. >> how so? >> emotionally. when you are in a situation like that you have forms of ptsd from this. >> you have bullets inside of you? >> i can physically feel the bullets in my leg. >> he returned to his father's home after leaving the army in 2011. >> the son that i sent to the army when he was 17 is nothing
6:52 pm
like the son they left. >> got a medical chapter. personally i think i deserve the retirement. damaged goods in a way. i don't know. >> this is georgia's -- george's medical file starting 2010 to present day. it's maybe a year and a half worth of medical files, is that right? >> this is a record of every appointment i have ever kept. there are 25 appointments on each sheet. there is a photo of 225 appointments i have taken. >> he probably has that many he prescriptions and drugs. >> those actually hit with the bullets that came from hasan they are suffering terrible both physical pain and ptsd, which extends not just to them but to their families. >> neil surer is a new york attorney representing 164 victims of the fort hood
6:53 pm
shooting klugmaning and stratton in -- including manning and stratton in a civil case. >> those who were shot are suffering from ptsd and they will be suffering from that probably for the rest of their lives. >> 2 and a half years after the fort hood massacre the court hearing is set for august 20th, 2012. he supportported a full beard ws against army regulations. >> would you be okay with the death penalty? >> yes. it might be too easy for what he did. >> still holding the rank of army major he is paralyzed from the chest down by the shots that stopped his rampage. the civilian police officers that fired them sergeant mundly and todd received award of
6:54 pm
valor. he received pay for the service. >> my son left the army in december, hasn't gotten nothing. >> in the end i think we were able to issue a hard hitting cord. he made several recommendations, have they been implemented? >> some have been implemented but they still refuse to talk about violent islamist extremism. >> i also think the military has yet to send a strong message. the frank and file truth to report behavior that indicates a soldier is becoming radicalized. you think we could see another fort hood in the future? >> i do think it could happen again and that would be such a tragedy. >> did you receive a purple heart? >> no. >> shot 6 times? >> no purple heart. >> do you want one? >> it would be nice if they
6:55 pm
recognized the sacrifice not just to myself but all of the soldiers that were killed and wounded that day. >> we together determined he came from the house and legislation to make clear that those people deserve a purple heart. >> when they were married three years ago on that beach in hawaii, sean and ought timmermaning thought their lives would be much different. >> have you ever had that reception? >> no. >> thought about it? >> so much other things to worry about. e do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag,
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6:59 pm
infectious myth that renders them incapable of identifying evil. that's what gave us fort hood. consider the killer never his fateful extremism. for some pointing out that fact would only hurt feelings. it is one of those dots that are erased instead of connected. classifying the fort hood massacre as workplace violence? are you kidding me? islamist shouts allah akbar at an army base killing people. he is not a disgruntled man upset about the vending machine. it's radical islamist phobia or rather the fear as being seen as such. so we have bureaucrats fearful of making people feel bad. what is replace the belief that america is the greatest country in the world it's the belief that america is now the most tolerant country in the world. es


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