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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 18, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ >> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. hope all you dads out there had a wonderful father's day. it is monday june the 18th. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first". >> the top five stories making news at this hour. hours ago president obama arriving down in mexico for the g 20 summit. world leaders joining there for the global economy. they are also meeting privately with russian president vladimir putin. they are discussing the situation in syria. that could be tense following claims last week from secretary of state hillary clinton that russia was supplying syria's government with attack helicopters potentially to be
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used to attack civilians. >> relatives in the trayvon martin case, six jail house phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife shelly will be released. they were speaking in code about receiving money through donations at a web site he created a. judge eventually revoking his bond saying the two lied about their finances. his wife charged with perjury. >> a standoff between an armed off duty officer and police in pennsylvania. it was all after they called to his he is stained wives house. he was armed several rifleings and bulletproof vest quickly opening fire. >> we were banging on our door so scared and such a sense of urgency in him. i felt that i was scared. >> we were home and we started to hear jgun shots watching out
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the garage door we could see the corner where it was happening. >> the gunman finally surrendered and was taken into custody. one cop was injured but is expected to be okay. the u.s. air force mystery mission is now over. here's video of the top secret unmanned mini shuttle landing at the air force base in california. this was shot in infra-red light. you can see the belly and the nose glowing in an orange color because of the heat during the re-entry into the earth. the x 37 b some say could be used in intelligence gathering or in testing these technologies. it took four years dale ernhardt, jr. returning to victory lane at the sprint cup at michigan international speedway. this is an end to the 48 losing
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streak. >> they couldn't go by fast enough. i got a big leak. i am going to take it easy get it over with. so i was in there just going crazy. it was cool to watch. ernhardt already had 11 top ten finishes this evening and was 11th in the point standings during the race. those are your five at 5:00. >> of course our southern girl was watching over the weekend. president owe bam pbama byp congress changing the rules in immigration. it was the focus of all of the weekend talk shows. kelly wright is live with more. the president delivered a weekend surprise when he announced on friday the president's plan would halt the deportation for those who came to the u.s. people under 30 who arrived in
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the united states before age 16. also high school diploma and those receiving a college degree. oo goofrn another mitt romney wasted little time. romney accuses president obama of playings politics of announcing it during an election year. politics is a big part of the occasiequation and promises to quicker action. >> i would come into office say this needs to be done on a long-term basis not a stopgap measure. the president should have worked omb this years ago. he didn't he saves them 4 and a half mnts before the general election. >> this is not a political move. these are steps already taken.
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>> he could have done it the year before and the year before. >> we have been trying to get dream act done immigration reform. this is on a series of states. homeland security department has already taken it. >> here is something else already taken into effect. the president's announcement torpedoed a plan that was in the works by florida senator marco rubio. his bill would have been similar to what the president announced on friday. rubio was facing tough opposition from opposition in his own presidential party. he was over stepping his bounds and bypassing congress with the new immigration policy some say. with the obama campaign defends his actions saying it's perfectly proper. all right kelly wright. a lot of people are going to be talking about that this week. now it is time for look who is
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talking. the economy still the big talker. >> they were discussing romney's economic plan and juan williams says the president needs to capitalize on the fact that romney hasn't said exactly which program he will caught. >> i think the president pursued that gracively then he has a chance to create and not make this a referendum or barack obama's. >> you are shaking your head so vigorous it is going to shake right off. >> juan needs to make out his mind. he is laying out a plan or laying out a plan that does this. romney laid out a framework for not tax cut but wants to lower the rates and get rid of reductions and unnecessary
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preference in the law. >> he wants to make it permanent. >> no he doesn't. what he wants it to do is present tax freerm. >> i am giving you an honest presentation. not a single honest work for what romney is proposing. >> he is all about deficit reduction when he doesn't say -- >> mauk up your mind. he endorsed that terrible house budget. (talking over one another) >> it says it will flow the future grade of medical spending for $450 billion here. i read it my friend. i read it. be happy to send awe copy of it. i will get a autographed by paul ryan. >> they usually don't get that heated. >> not that heated. >> i think it is just beginning. we are five months away from that election.
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we have a long way to go. they were out doing fun stuff yesterday for for's day. >> the death of rodney king the man who police brutally beat during the 1992 -- well really started the 1992 race riots in los angeles. let's go to mary ann rafferty with the story. >> good morning. here's what we know so far. anna copy will be performed on rodney king's body. there are no signs of foul play. tmz reporting king allegedly drank and smoke marijuana hours before his death. he struggled with alcohol daiks in life. his fiancee heard screams and a loud crash coming from the backyard. despite his troubles neighbors described him as a pleasant
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person. >> i know that he was a happy person he always put everybody there he was doing his own thing worried about the neighborhood and efshl else. he wasn't no selfish person. this is where what's being on. >> king was 47 years old. >> thank you so much. >> watched an interview recently. he had forgiven those who have done wrong to him because he has done wrong to a lot of people. time for the first degree update in the weather from maria molina. >> good to see you this morning. good morning everyone. we are looking at light showers even rumbles of thunder coming through parts of early this morning. you need to grab the umbrella from central pennsylvania east of the city in buffalo, new york. heavier downpours coming down. you can see some of the shading in yellow. that's where it is coming down a
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little heavier. little surprise but otherwise we are expecting the showers to die down as we head into the next several hours. it will stay generally dry we will see it in the afternoon hours. we had clouds early on and sunshine pulls through later on in the afternoon. as we head west into parts of minnesota and wisconsin we have heavy and strong storms moving through parts of minneapolis. those are in the east impacting the city of green bay. we are expect to go see more showers and thunderstorms as well through out the afternoon hours and into the evening across parts of the great lakes, northern michigan and wisconsin. could be seeing some of the storms produce severe weather in the form of large hail and strong winds. that is something we keep a close eye on there otherwise further off to the west we are talking about wildfires heather and ainsley unfortunately we are expecting strong wind gusts with
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dry withiconditions and hot temperatures. thank so much. stocks rale leave seas this after the party commit to do staying in the euro zone. inches out in the east. that made fears for turmoil. the crisis is far from over. ashley webster is live in athens greece with the latest for us. >> good morning to you. you are right. yes it was a breech for the euro and the euro zone. the financial outlook from grease and other countries have not changed one bit. today the leader of the new democracy party that was vic do tore why yous will t-- victoriol try to form a renegotiation government. they say that right now the awes tear r os tear r awes ter rit measures
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too hard. 23 percent. they need easing of those conditions. but bottom line this is a country still on the edge of a financial precipice. the problem here is leaders need to see at least take the step to get their books back in order. in the meantime what we are seeing in the market today from initial gains have rocked their steam. i think the realization is that the euro zone debt crisis is far from being sold. certainly the vote was important but now eyes will focus on the policies that will get this debt crisis at least in the right direction to be sold eyes will be on spain and italy as well. as someone told me this morning, yes, we voted pro europe but bottom line is this country still has at least 10 years worth of hard times ahead. can grease make the kind of
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changes that will ultimately allow them to pay back the money for billions that will link this country. certainly the market initially are being positive as well. thank you so much ashley webster from grease. we will talk to lorne simonetti on what that means in a bit. >> here's a question for you this morning. how much money do you need to make in order to consider yourself successful? >> the answer is going to be a little bit startling. >> this picture is worth a thousand words. we will take you behind the scenes of the meeting of obama and president bush. >> first let's take a look at this morning's prices at this bump. national average is 3.50 cents a gallon.
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>> 17 minutes after the hour. state of new jersey this one happening almost one week after the yacht explosion. once again suspicious mayday from the coast guard sent a helicopter on a search what turned up empty. the first cost tax payer the 33,000 dollars. there is a 3,000 dollar reward for the caller. crews continue to battle this massive fire. it has grown to over 55,000 acres, hundreds of residents have been forced to flee. it has destroyed 181 homes. it is 45 percent contained. they need the winds to calm down. this morning the white house leaked still a big talker senator john mc tan caking issue with why the white house did not appoint an independent prosecutor. >> for the life of me i don't understand why the president wouldn't want a special counseling just as he demanded a
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special counseling in the valerie plain case. both could be totally satisfied this is objective and actually independent investigation. so what was good enough for the president of the united states in the valley plain investigation is preach of national security. >> the white house lashing out at critics calling the story a distraction. part of what's going on here congress is clear they say one of the cores to teach priority was to engage in investigation, to damage this president politically. republican congress talked openly about it. you have a situation where ang investigation has been announced by two united states attorneys including an appoint tee of president bush. way to let that investigation proceed rather than turping this into a game of distraction because what we really need to focus on is we need to continue
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to fight against al qaeda continue the progress we have made and turn our attention as forcefully as we can to the economy. what we are seeing in washington there was an amazing article the other day i believe it was in the wall street journal where congress was saying we are not going to do anything until the economy because we want to help mitt romney. the economy needs help the middle class is struggling. you will see increasingly the distraction with republican congress. >> joe lieberman also addressing the investigation saying a special council is needed to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. now it is time for one of our favorite segments today. brew on this. here's the question we want you to brew on. if you think you need to make 6 figures in order to consider yourself successful. if you do you may want to think again. most u.s. workers would feel successful earning between 50 and 70,000 dollars a year. about 20 percent say success is
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earning less than 50,000 dollars. likely say they need to earn a 6 figure salary to be successful, men. >> that leads us to our question of the day. what do you think finds success. fox friend first at twitter or dependsen where you live. 20 minutes after the hour. should a 5th grader be allowed to deliver a speech about same-sex marriage to a school assembly. some parents are upset we will report you decide. >> startling new details about john edwards and rielle hunter.
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>> he was one of mitt romney's most outspoken competitor. will rick santorum take a job with a potential romney administration? >> that is pretty much a flat no. it is not because i don't want to help governor romney. i don't want to be a part of him having a successful presidency it's not that. it's my he priorities of becoming a husband and a father. i have to take care of that. >> santorum says he wants to help romney get elected. he would be happy to offer any advice to him if he becomes president. if you feel like big brother is watching you you might be right. there are 64 drone bases right here on u.s. soil. there are plans to make 22 more. a dozen of the existing sites manned with drones are full of being armed. they are being used for military training. all right ainsley. thank you so much. 24 minutes after the hour now. stories you can bank on this morning. the outcome of the elections in
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grease we have been telling you about are he'sing fears of a global financial melt down. now markets are reacting. lauren explain the significance. >> good monday morning everybody. it was billed as a temporary relief rally and temporary it was. over the weekend we found out the new democracy conservative party the pro bailout keeps the euro zone party wins the election and now they have to form struggling government. asian market is up. routine markets are start to go think. here in the u.s. we are going to be open lower. the reason is spain their yields on their surging euro heights. >> this is fascinating. it could happen on us. the wholly con me is now global. spain and italy. greece is the size of alabama. two percent of the total output of the your yo zone.
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italy or much power in europe they come out of the euro zone and start using alera and the pace so. what are they even i don't even know. >> thank you so much fon ton th business network. 27 minutes after the hour. coming up should a 5th grader be allowed to deliver speech about same-sex marriage to a school assembly in that question is causing quite a controversy this morning. we will tell you about it. >> what you didn't see on television the behind the scenes pictures meeting president obama and president bush at the white house. we will tell you how this all went down. sally ride became the nirns woman to travel into space.
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>> good morning everyone. it is monday. hope you had a ter rifk weekend. welcome back to fox friend first. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. now it is time for the top 5 at
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7:5:30. it could come as early as today. top questioning from justices led a lot of people to believe the individual mandate or healthcare law could be ruled unconstitutional. looking to north the intat el ground of the state of wisconsin. he will be rallying with support of governor scott walker and congressman paul ryan. this is the firs visit he made to the state since governor walker's recall victory. that win will reach votes for november. he had head to iowa then off to michigan as well. >> a story causing quite a controversy. a 5th grader wanted to deliver a speech about same-sex marriage to a school assembly in queens, new york. the principal said no because he felt it was not appropriate. the principal reversing her decision. the student will get to deliver his speech today.
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the school's chancellor says the extra day give th gave them enoe to look at the speech. enhancing god bless the usa but would deliver this. brand new revelations about john edwards and rielle hunter a prison pact between the two. as edwards braced for time of the federal prison the mother of his love child vowed to follow him and bring their child along. the details being revealed in that book right there. it is by rielle hunter it is called what really happened. edward's trial for corruption ended in mistrial. >> mind the scenes photos. you see the president praying following a meeting with religious leaders at the oval office. here is the president and the first lady host ago lunch for members of the bush family in the red room. it is happening on the same day
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when george w. bush's photo was revealed. they are eating hoagies. those are your five stories at 32 minutes after the hour. world leaders including our president gathering in mexico with the g 40 summit. doug luzader has the story from washington. >> the g 20 economic summit we could have maybe good news in europe. the president arrived in new mexico security extremely tight as the leaders of the world's largest economy tryiies to figu out what's next for europe. >> what happens in europe can effect our economy. obviously this is a european situation. they only have the capacity we are giving advice we have been through a tough situation. obviously there are things like banking unions and deposit insurance things that would provide a little more stability and security. we are hoping they would continue to make progress on
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that. el rexes in grease may help deliver today. helps bring budget on control and the europe yo avoiding what some call a potential disaster as they back out. big problems remain in greece and the western europe and the rest of the countries are still shaky the problems in europe don't just stay in europe nther are deep trading costs. will help in getting the economy back on track. people glam europe again and again for national troubles. national security issues at the summit as well. president obama sits down one-on-one with vladmir putin. the new plan will allow for young illegal immigrants to stay here in the u.s.
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>> oo this is a move mitt romney is calling politically motivated because it is done in an election year. >> i think if he really wanted to make a solution that dealt with these kids or illegal immigration in america this is something he would have taken up in his first three and a half years not just the last few months. he did it with policy. that is certainly a big part of the equation. >> firing back at romney's claim if the president was serious about immigration reform he would have done it before now. listen to what he says? >> it is ironic coming from governor romney saying he would veto the dream act. instead of sending 11 million people home asking for their self support. rom nae saying if he were in office he would focus on not just the stopgap measure. in entertainment news this morning the son of rocker ozzie
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osbourne revealing he has ms multiple sclerosis. doctors broke the news to osborn after he lost 60 percent of his vision in his right eye. the 26-year-old who has recently become a father says he is speaking out to raise awareness. gene simmons daughter wans to follow in her dad's foot steps. simmons showed up for an audition in the x factor. the 19-year-old didn't tell them she was going to go until the last minute. no word on whether she made it to the next round. madagascar 3 not moving from the top spot. the second weekend it was the number one movie with 35 and a half million bucks. per mete yaw came in second with 22 million rock of ages number 3 at 16.1 million. >> all right. let's take a look at the scores now. starting lineup involving the sports stories making headlines at this hour. over look much of the week web simpson smooths the final round of 68 at the u.s. open leading
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to a surprise big win. also his first major that were onship win. of the last 18 players to tee off the final round he was the only one to break par. repeat woifrn oklahoma city. a close game right up to the end. miami with a 91-85 victory. now game four takes place tomorrow. eli manning uses his football throwing arm to toss out the ceremonial first pitch at the mets reds game. look what's in his other arm? his daughter ava. ter rifk way -- terrific way to celebrate father's day. a grudge involving new york governor and the city of new york. it could end upholding up funding for the 9-11 museum. >> last chance to answer the question of the day. what do you think defines success? we will read your e-mails coming
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>> before you leaf the house this morning let's give the weather update from maria molina. >> good to see you. yes, it will be a scorcher out there through out the midwest and even down to parts of southwest. widespread triple dig get temperatures and widespread 90. one will be the high temperature in phoenix. you will need to be safe out here talking about dangerous heat. 106 will be the high temperature. factor in humidity and it will feel hotter than that. 91 the high this afternoon.
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96 in the studio in chicago. it is not that warm but still on the warm side. 70 chicago, 80 out there early this morning in kansas city. all of the hot temperatures are heading east and we will be feeling them across parts of the northeast and mid atlantic as we head into wednesday and thursday. shy of triple tig get heats. where is it raining right now otherwise. you will need the umbrellas tlau the northeast central pennsylvania hv year rain coming down and also through the west of the city of dc new york city and boston. we have sunshine as we head into the afternoon. west aloss wisconsin we will continue to see the risk for severe weather across the great lakes today. it will be as we are heading in
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the afternoon large hail and wind gusts possible through out the storm. out west very dry very low humidity. strong wind gusts 50 miles an hour will keep that elevated fire danger in place. red flag warnings are in effect for nevada, utah, colorado many are dealing with wildfires. this is not good news. that dryness out there not helping with the fire. a real mixed bag across the country. andrew cuomo and bloomberg right now so angry about what he says his dad mario cuomo was treated at the anniversary ceremony last year he is pulling funding for the museum. apparently the new mayor will be elected. it is called cliff hangar it hits ality actualed of 7,1630 feet. that makes it the highest
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roller-coaster in the world. it was unveiled this weekend at an adventure park in glenwood springs, colorado. >> that will take your stomach. policy trying to form a coalition today to back the country's international bailout. this after a narrow election victory after a suz enexit from the euro zone. we are life in athens greece. hey, ashley. >> ainsley, absolutely right. the leader of the new democracy party will now begin that job of trying to form a coalition government. it will not be easy. he won the post for what he calls pro bailout pro euro. either stick with this that comes from staying in the euro zone or risk falling out of the your yo and coming back which is considered in some quarters a
2:45 am
catastrophic move. this is a country of being a recession for the 5th straight year. the banks are not lending and even more disturbingly the hospitals are not running out of money. it is cash only we are hearing numerous reports of people who are working on simply not getting paid. new democracy party leaders told the country in a televised press conference it will get better. for the average person we have spoken with today say they don't believe it. they know more are ahead. bottom line the first thing this country has to do is try to negotiate the key leaders who would get some easing of the awes t austerity measures. there is no doubt the people of greece are still strugging elling as they go about their business and hope to have a government in place to move them
2:46 am
forward. >> about 54 -- 15 minutes before the hour. there is a new survey out showing most u.s. workers would feel successful if they earned between 50 and 70,000 do lllars year. 20 percent say successful is earning less than 50,000 dollars. here are some of your responses. ken tweeted us saying dau 50, 70 grand makes the employee happy and bert chance of making the company happy. all involved happy. auk success is defined what you accomplish with your ability. >> success is raising your children to love the lord, be compassionate and be hard workers. thank you to everybody who kept them coming. starting off the workweek well. >> that is right. 46 minutes after the hour. check out this tennis temper tantrum. a player taking out his
2:47 am
frustration on the line judge. what caused this outburst? tell but it coming up. >> look who is back? dickey fitness is here with five must have products working out through the summer. >> we will check out with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> coming up on the program kicks off in 12 minutes from now. how mitt romney feels about what the president did with immigration on friday. plus landowner in louisiana who wants to stop the federal government from turning his property into a habitat for frog who haven't been there for 35 years. done in a donald trump. dana perino and harvey weinstein. it's a big show kicking off 11 minutes from now. ♪
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>> good monday morning to you. see what stories are making headlines overseas. muslim brotherhood is claiming victory in presidential election. candidates have 52 percent of the vote. that doesn't come without problems there. official results are expected on thursday. a first look at bikers hitting the slope there. 142 cyclists flying down the
2:52 am
mountains going 90 miles per hour. it is called a glacier bike race. a slippery ride. >> that looks so dangerous. my word you could probably do that nikki she is so fit. 52 minutes after the hour. summer is almost officially here. it doesn't mean you could ease up on getting your body in shape. nikki fitness. look good, girl. >> these are one of my favorite products. oakley sunglasses came out with a combination of fashion meets fortune eye wear. they are polarized they have special rubber here and here so when you are running it doesn't slip off. i think they look fantastic. >> the oakley used to be the longer ones. >> look good while you are out running. they came out with a sports product so you can make your shakes in here. i would drink them more often if
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i didn't have to clean the blender. >> yogurt, milk, fruit juice, powder whatever you feel like. >> whatever you are doing what's what i want to do. >> this is a great product. sugar free, calorie free. gives you a little bit of caffeine. 10 percent of every shot goes to mill tear research fund. no fat. >> here's the ingredients on the back. no fat no calories. >> i like the b vitamin folic acid. >> you love this product. >> i had a baby and i know once you tone up afterwards or if you have lost weight and you have toned up your skin hasn't gotten the message. >> you can find all of these products on my web site at the blog there's a link to them. caffeine tones up the skin. >> that's awesome. can i have this? >> you can have this. >> this is my favorite downey unstoppables. you shake these put them in the
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washing machine. it boosts the scent of all of your clothes. you can workout you can be running feels like you have perfume on you you smell fresh all day. you don't have to be like oh my gosh i am sorry i smell. >> a lot of people in the gym class need this. put them in your towels 12 weeks later you can bring them to the gym they still smell good. when you do the travel workout on the road you don't have your laundry with you the tied bag keeps your workout dloets smelling freesh even after you use them inside the bag it doesn't smell up the rest of your stuff. >> after watching the video put your exercise clothes in here and wash them with this. good to see you. it is 54 six minutes to the top of the hour. this tennis player takes it all out ovenlt line judge. we will explain why he was so
2:55 am
irate. can you figure out this word? stick around. we have the answer.
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>> good morning, it's now 2 minutes before the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. this brave dog saves his owner from a bear. a mama bear and his cubs coming up on tracy coburn's porch and she didn't realize it until it was too late much the bear actually attacked her and that's when her dog came to the rescue biting the bear while coburn ran to safety. the 8-year-old dog is ok, limping but otherwise all right. his mast are, though, going to need stitches.
2:59 am
the bad. real firefighters risking their lives battling that massive fire in colorado. this man arrested for posing as one of the he had a firefighting i.d. and went into bar shaking hands with people as they thanked him for hard work. they say he drove through a fire zone with stolen government license plates. finally the ugly. the tennis star apologizing for this move. kicking an ad board at a line judge after he lost his temper. he was immediately disqualified. >> and it's time now to get all scrambled up. mr. brian kilmeade is here to help us out. good morning. >> how's it going? what's on your mind? >> you are! >> we're trying to think of what that word is. can you help us out here? >> i know if i keep small talk with you, enough letters will be revealed to get me almost all the way home. >> they never reveal the first letter. >> tantrum. >> we gave that to you t


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