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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 18, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> brian: chill cassini will be on tomorrow. so is bill and julianna rancic. that will be fantastic. >> juliet: see you. bye. bill: on a monday starting a whole new week, there is new fallout over the president's controversial decision to stop deporting young illegal immigrants. arizona senator john mccain calling that move without precedent. >> the thank that may disturb people after the initial euphoria is over about this is that the president of the united states is now dictating that certain laws will not be enforced. that is a rather serious step. it is one thing to say you're not challenging a law in court or something like that but, i don't recall a time when any president has basically said we're not going to enforce a law that is on the booxz. bill: there is a lot more on
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this story. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: good morning. bill: whole new week. martha: i'm martha maccallum. president obama is in mexico for the g20 summit. he will meet with mexican president felipe calderon. he is working with critics that is this a purely political move. >> could have done it last year. the year before. year before that. you. >> we've been trying to get the d.r.e.a.m. act done. we've been trying to get the bill done. homeland security department was taken. >> was not done with some political consideration? >> it was not. >> five months before the election. >> well, listen, who knows how the politics will turn out but this decision -- about. >> probably pretty good. bill: all this comes as we await a major supreme court decision that could come down in one hour on arizona's controversial immigration
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graduation law. ed henry leads the coverage. how is the mexican president expected to think about the policy. >> reporter: he is expect to like it. up to 800,000 illegal immigrants in the u.s. would likely get deported. but they will get work permits if they're going to school or serving in the u.s. military. president obama sitting down with u.s. president calderon, you heard david plouffe insist this was not a political decision. on "fox news sunday" he went after mitt romney, said hispanic voters can't trust him. take a listen. >> this is someone you will not be able to trust. this is one of the important choices president talked about early this week in ohio. president romney if he was elected will not fix our immigration system. he has been very clear about that. >> reporter: this is why it is such a critical issue, it will play not just in
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florida but some of the big western prizes like colorado, nevada, new mexico, big hispanic populations. that is why the charges of politics have been coming out. bill: there is lot of pressure here. there will be a face-to-face meeting with the president and russian president vladmir putin. what is expect in that? >> reporter: it is interesting to note president putin sort of snubbed president obama by not coming to camp david for the first g8 summit. the russians have been supplying helicopters to the syrian region game. there is a lot of international pressure to get russia to stop helping this syrian government and president assad right now. if you listen to senator john mccain yesterday he was saying that the obama administration is not doing enough. take a listen. >> people are being killed and massacred and tortured and raped and unfair fight. they're being supplied by the russians with iranians on the ground. the fact that the united states of america is not helping these people and we can is shameful.
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>> reporter: there is no easy solution for the obama administration. when you talk to foreign policy experts across the board this is a very complex situation. this administration said they would reset relations with russia. that is now on the table and being tested very much so, bill. bill: a lot on the line starting today. ed henry thanks. a lot from the white house. beginning our coverage now. here is martha with more. martha: as we await for the meeting between president obama and russian president vladmir putin we're getting new reports that russia is uping the military ante in syria. a report says two russian ships and marines will set sail for syria to protect the naval base russia has in the area. that is one of the premier reasons why they're so interested in this altercation. after secretary of state hillary clinton accused the russian government of sending attack helicopters to aid the assad regime in their bloody crackdown. we have more details on that. we'll bring them to you as we get them. bill: there is new reaction after historic vote in egypt.
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hundreds of muslim brotherhood supporters celebrating in the streets of cairo this morning after the party declared its candidate the winner over ahmed shafik, a former member of hosni mubarak's regime. official results not due until thursday. watch that story. five minutes now after the hour. martha: another big story this morning. there are new worries today over the global financial crisis. world investors breathing a short sigh of relief after the election in greece with the pro-bailout party coming out on top in all of that. but there are already some signs that the celebration over all of this may be very short-lived. stuart varney joins me no, from the fox business network. stuart, good morning. there was a feeling sort of a reprieve, a moment of breathing sigh of relief in all this. how long does that last if at all? >> it lasted about 12 hours.
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yeah, there was a little optimism after so-called pro-bailout party won the greek election by just two points by the way. now it is back to reality. bottom line, martha, your foreowe one k and america's economy is very much at risk what is happening over there. greece simply can't repay its debts. under no circumstances can it repay the amount of money it needs to repay. moreover, after this morning, spain looks like it needs a bailout. spain is the fourth largest economy in europe. is there enough money available to bail out spain? the germans, they're the ones with the money. they're not really keen about paying the bills for all of europe. which leaves president obama and the g20 summit that starts today in mexico, basically pleading for the mother of all bailouts, whether or not the germans are going to pay is another story entirely. the chaos, the crisis continues, martha. martha: one last question for you, stuart, what does
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the united states do if germany starts to feel they can't handle the brunt of all this? >> we can flood out some more dollars. what good that will do i'm not really sure but that is the about only response that they have got. everybody is putting pressure on the germans, please, please, go along with at least a intermediate term bailout. the germans are saying, is it worth it? why should we keep throwing good money after bad? what is the end point here? people are really saying that the euro's days are numbered. martha: we'll see if greece as the temerity to stick with any austerity to an end that will cause them to have turn around in their underlying economy. stuart, we know you will be on this all day. thank you very much for joining us. see you on the business network. bill: wonder if the vote got us anywhere. some context. it started in october of 2009 when greece revealed its debt was four times what european rules allow. since then the country has
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been bailed out twice by both the european union and imf to a total of $303 billion. their debt right now, 153% of the country's gdp. compare that to our own debt ratio which is 100% to gdp. martha: fears we may be headed in the same direction. that is one of the biggest fierce. the situation overseas is not lost on republican presidential mitt romney ching. he said in an interview the same thing could happen here if he is not elected. >> if i not get reelected or elected rather, we would instead in my view become more and more like europe, with higher deficits. with debt that could put us in a greece or spain, or italy-like circumstance. chronic high unemployment, low wage growth and a military gets slowly but surely hollowed out so it can pay for the various program the government has
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in place. i see america in declining position under this president. martha: today governor romney will hold rallies in both wisconsin and iowa. bill: we have a jam-packed show for you. and it is only monday i say. is the president himself willing to talk to investigators about the intelligence leaks? what do lawmakers think about the administration's response to the scandal overall? the chairman of the house intelligence committee will answer those questions in moments. also -- >> pay attention. you sound like obama. i'm giving you honest presentation what he is proposing. then went on the and did not say a single honest word was proposing. >> he is all about deficit reduction. >> yes he has. make up your mind. martha: wait a minute. blow up, karl rove and juan williams in a heated exchange over who can best fix the economy. and, boy, that is something to get heated up about, right? who makes the better argument. bill: kept going from there. fox news exclusive. the man who blew the whistle
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on "fast and furious" speaks out for the first time in more than a year. why he came out and what he thinks about the investigation into agent brian terry's death. >> i'm here today because it has been a year since the hearing and the terry family still doesn't have any answers. [ male announcer ] don't miss d lobster's four course seafo feast, just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. bill: a bit of a fiery interview on sunday morning and recent intelligence leaks some republicans believe came directly from the obama white house. fox's chris wallace on "fox news sunday" challenging president's senior advisor david plouffe on that. have a listen. >> everyone will obviously participate in the investigation. you have two united states attorneys that have been appointed by attorney general of the united states who will look thoroughly into this. >> has the president ordered his staff to come forward? >> obviously everyone will participate in the investigation. bill: want to bring in my next guest now, part of a bipartisan group demanding to know who leaked this
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information. mike rogers, from michigan. chairman of house intelligence committee. good morning. i will talk about some items on sunday. who was involved with this to come forward. david plouffe would not say. what is your position on that? >> well, one of the things we've called for all the way through this is a fair and thorough investigation. fair being it shouldn't be a partisan witch-hunt and thorough meaning they should have access to everybody wherever the leads may take it including the higher echelons of the white house or national security council. so it only serves when the president senior advisor goes on tv and tries to obfuscate a little bit it raises those concerns. can the attorney general appoint two attorneys to do an investigation where the white house may or may not cooperate? that is concerning. this may be one of the most damaging leaks this country ever suffered because of the cascade or parade of the
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these leaks over the last couple of years and we need to get a handle on this and --. bill: do you get a sense that republicans and perhaps some democrats, now joe lieberman, listed as independent, almost as if they smell blood in the water? do you have that sense? >> well, i mean i don't think as an old fbi investigator you should go in having any conclusions where this investigation might take you but clearly there are some indicators that it is at the senior levels of access. somebody very senior had access to both material and the situation room. that is a very small number of people. so it tells you that they are more senior in the white house. and so, i hope it is not for political reasons that people smell blood in the water but if we don't get this thing stopped and we don't show the american people that, and our allies by the way we can keep secrets in this country on very sensitive issues we're in a lot of trouble.
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somebody's life may be at stake. bill: you clearly have a sense of this. where does your sense tell you this leads? >> i mean clearly someone has a very senior clearance levels. meaning they are in a position in the government to have very sensitive classified information that not a lot of other people in the government will have. that they had access to the situation room at least on one occasion if not two occasions. so both of those things are very, very concerning to me. and it tells you that the leaks are coming from fairly senior individuals. and that's, i think what is concerning us about a fair and thorough row investigation. the attorney general will have to make that point to us. bill: what david plouffe did say that the president did not authorize any of this. his comment was, no, of course he did not. now, do you think that the president should sit down with investigators and answer their questions? >> i only think that would be appropriate if that is where the leads take them.
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my concern is, is the attorney general structured in a way that he can have an investigation that might go as high as the president of the united states? that's our concern about a fair and thorough investigation. you can't have it, you can't have him say for political reasons nobody had anything to do with it just like you shouldn't say for political reasons we think the president did it. i think both of those are probably wrong but the investigator should have the opportunity if that is where the leads take them. bill: you mentioned the attorney general. he appointed two attorneys to look at this. one apparently gave donations to the obama team and democrats over the years. the senator lieberman mentioned a special counsel is needed here. i'm assuming you would back senator lieberman based on our conversation here, is that right? >> i feel that we're not where we need to be when it comes to a thorough and independent investigative body that has access they need that doesn't have any political influence. these folks are in the chain of command of the attorney
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general and the president of the united states. if you have to investigate it, the attorney general will have to come forward and tell us how he can do that without any undue influence on that investigation. that's a very high standard. bill: has your team made that call to eric holder? >> we have asked him to come in and talk to us about how he plans to do it. my committee is under, doing a preliminary review that is still underway at least on the yemeni bomber leak issue. and so we're trying to determine, listen, is this the right structure? and if it is, come tell us why it is. and if it's not then we'll have to step in and do something about it. bill: mike rogers, thank you, we'll be in touch with you and the rest of the bipartisan group on the hill about this. martha? martha: flames are giving firefighters fits as they're trying to get this raging fire under control. more evacuations have been ordered. we've been following this since the middle last week in colorado. the blazes are spreading.
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we have a latest on them in a live report. bill: a year after the murder of border patrol agent brian terry his family still doesn't have the answers they want. the agent who blew the whistle on the botched gun-running operation is talking exclusively with fox news. >> i don't care if you're on the right or the left, nobody ever asked me my political affiliation, never. all right? so to say this is all party games, okay, not for me. not for brian terry's family. summer road trip, huh? as the hotel experts, finding you the perfect place is all we do. this summer, save up to 30%, plus get up to $100 on us. welcome to
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bill: tragedy in the skies over new york after a fatal skydiving accident. real estate developer david winokur and his instructor fell to their deaths on friday after witnesses say their tandem parachute did not open. the faa now investigating
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that. the jump was part of a friend's 50th birthday party. he leaves behind a wife and three children. his funeral was yesterday. yesterday was father's day. martha: well the atf agent who blew the whistle on the botched gun-running sting known as the "fast and furious" operation now speaking exclusively to fox news. he is revealing his reasons for coming forward in the first place. william la jeunesse has details for us from los angeles. good morning william. >> reporter: martha, it was a year ago friday john dodson told about the 2000 weapons our government helped provide to mexican drug cartels. as the attorney general faces possible contempt charges failing to come clean over who knew and approved this operation, dodson says he believes the politics is the problem. >> brian terry is as horrible as it is and still is because the family doesn't have any answers that they deserve which is the sole reason i'm here.
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>> reporter: a year ago atf agent john dodson blew the whistle on "operation fast and furious". >> the guns we saw these individuals buy would begin turning up at crime scenes in the united states and mexico and yet we still did nothing. >> reporter: congress vowed to get answers. >> we will not rest until every single person responsible for all of this, no matter where they are, are brought to justice. >> here we are a year later, did the terrys know anything more now about this program, who was responsible for it? has anybody been held accountable for it? has any of their questions about this been answered? >> reporter: the justice department denied and discredited dodson's claims until congressional investigators proved him right. >> not a matter of me being vindicated. the truth will come out. that is what this is supposed to be about, isn't it, to get the truth? >> i did not know about "fast and furious". >> reporter: democrats called the investigation a
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political witch-hunt. >> i don't care whether you're on the right or left. nobody ever asked me my political affiliation, ever, all right? to say this is all party games, okay, not for me. not for brian terry's family. >> reporter: as for holding the attorney general in contempt of congress? >> we either do it or we don't. either you do think he is in con e tempt or don't. if you do you vote on it. call the vote. give it floor time. you play your cards. >> reporter: the attorney general now says he will turn over documents dealing with the alleged cover-up. chairman darrell issa says he will consider that and could meet withholder tomorrow, martha. it is not clear whether that contempt vote will go forward on wednesday or not. tomorrow we'll bring you the story of john dodson. what he has gone through in the last year. martha: that is quite a story. it sure brings it all home to the central issues involved here. william, thank you very much. william la jeunesse in l.a.. bill: fascinating to hear the passion too on the other side. coming out strong
6:26 am
against the president's immigration announcement. why governor mitt romney says the timing of that decision it is pure politics. is he right? fair and balanced debate on that with a great panel. plus did you catch this? >> he will dribble it out. that will do it. miami will take a 2-1 lead in --. martha: lebron james and miami heat beating the oklahoma city thunder taking a 2-1 lead in the nba finals. james had 29 points in the game last night. kevin durant had 25. a little bit of foul trouble put him on the bench in the third quarter. game 4, another chance for to come back for oklahoma city. >> james the rebound.
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martha: governor mitt romney slamming the timing of president obama's controversial new immigration order that will allow certain young illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. he says a romney administration would handle things completely differently. here's what he said. >> i would come into office and say we need to get this done on a long-term basis, not this kind of a stopgap measure. what the president did, he should have worked on this years ago, if he felt seriously about he should have taken action when he had a democrat house and senate. he saves these things until 4 1/2 months before the general election. martha: we have national political correspondent and talk talk radio news service and kirsten powers, daly beast columnist and fox news contributor. welcome to both of you.
6:31 am
>> good morning. martha: good morning. kirsten, he had the opportunity. had both of houses of congress. he could have passed this a long time ago. he said congress did not give him the authority to do what he just did? >> sure. i mean i think he should have done come sense sieve immigration reform a long time ago. he promised hispanic community he would do that. he didn't do it. i don't think there is any question this is political. i think it is substantively the right thing to do and should have done it a long time ago. i have to say romney's complaining isn't going to help him in any way politically. voters really don't care about process. they care much more about the end results of what happened. i think this is a good policy. and romney, isn't actually really saying what he would do. he says he would do something long range but that is not really addressing whether or not he would support this. martha: you know, it is very interesting to watch the timing on all of this, tony because marco rubio has been working on a plan, to present in the senate that
6:32 am
was so similar, at least in its outlines to what we heard from the president the other day. which raise as couple of interesting questions. did the president jump to get ahead of the rubio legislation? the other question is, actually, there are several, why didn't mitt romney sort of support rubio's legislation on this and they could have been together out in front on this. >> that is excellent point. that is the position i certainly take. like kirsten i agree this is political. i don't vain outrage when i see politicians acting politically. i've kind of gotten used to that. but the problem here the president missed a major opportunity where you can have bipartisan measures, fix what many consider to be a major immigration problem, in a way there is bipartisan support. senator rubio, senator kyl, senator hutchison, senator mccain, senator hatch, you have all these republicans in the senate who have indicated a willingness particularly for this type of proposal but why don't you do it through the
6:33 am
process through the pesky thing the president calls the u.s. constitution which the congress makes and changes laws, not the president. the president is to enforce them. this indicative of what you've seen from the president. major overreach of the executive and branch as peril of constitution he swore to defend. martha: president obviously was aware, the administration was aware rubio was working on this legislation. was it an opportunity to reach across the aisle to say you know what? we're having problems getting things done. the american people are so fed up with the inability to accomplish things in congress. they could have taken this opportunity and maybe worked on something together? >> i would say two things. one is, i'm a little skeptical about congress supporting something like this, considering the position of the republican party overall towards immigration. the fact that you have some senators behind it is not the same thing as having entire congress and having the house behind it as well. so, i'm a little skeptical about that. second of all, i do think this was political. i think the president
6:34 am
realizes he is in trouble with the hispanic community. while he has their support overwhelmingly in the sense they will not vote republican because of the republican party's position about immigration, you can't be sure they will turn out because they're not particularly happy with the fact that he hasn't lived up to his promises. i think he realized he had to do something quickly before the election. martha: listen to what david plouffe said to chris wallace over the weekend. >> it was not done with some political consideration. it was not. five months before the election. >> listen, who knows how the politics will turn out but this decision was the right decision. >> sorry, that is candy crowley and chris wallace also spoke with david plouffe over the weekend. i want to get back to the political side of this. in terms of mitt romney because as kirsten brought up, tony, mitt romney remained sort of unequivocal on how, his take is on this bill. did he miss an opportunity to sort of maybe pull in the
6:35 am
latino vote to some extent by getting out in front of this and signing on with marco rubio or at least in some fashion? >> bill is still yet to be totally formed. it is in process. they have been discussing it. i think the governor certainly considered what senator rubio and others are saying which is, when it comes to children, there should perhaps be a consideration. martha: what if they suddenly jump on the bandwagon, me too i think that is a great idea? is that too late? >> talk about jumping on the bandwagon gons, basically told a town hall meeting, hosted by univision, spanish language speaking channel he did not have authority to do exact same thing he did do. he has been campaigning he deported more people than george w. bush because he is enforcing the law. all of sudden five months before the election this law he has been enforcing for last 2 1/2 years seems to be nonexistent or not binding him to certain powers under the constitution. you can't have it both ways.
6:36 am
david plouffe saying something is not political is magical thing for the president's chief political advisor. martha: tony, kirsten, thanks so much. >> thanks so much. martha: coming up in the next hour, one of the top republicans in washington, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell right here in the studio. we'll get his reaction to this whole immigration back and forth and the political sides of it plus what he calls the white house's assault on the first amendment. that is coming up. bill: looking forward to that. lots to talk about with him, huh? so man's best friend comes to his rescue during a bear attack. 46-year-old tracy coburn thankful today, well the dog saved her life. the other day when she answered the door a black bear was waiting for her on her front porch in new hampshire. >> i opened the door like that, and i took a step and they were right there. he was right here. she, with her cubs, on the porch. i felt her get me and that is what i thought i'm going
6:37 am
to die. but the paper towels that i was holding, she punctured and literally shredded the paper towel, and you know the whole right through the cardboard. >> if kai wasn't with you what do you think would have happened? >> the bear would have killed me. bill: oh my. she suffered injuries to her arms. she received 25 inches. he is limping ever since but just fine. look at him taking on the black bear. good dog. well-done. martha: thank goodness. >> how about the story she has. you won't believe what happened when i answered the door the other day. going head-to-head on the economy. not president obama and governor mitt romney but karl rove and juan williams. watch. >> he is endorsed that terrible house budget which reduces the deficit according to the congressional budget office. >> no, it doesn't. >> yes it, does juan. >> doesn't, karl. where i would make cuts in order -- >> yes it does. bill: it did did not end
6:38 am
there. as chris wallace sits with a smirk. in moments we'll tell you what sparked the heated exchange. martha: oh karl, juan says. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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martha: here is what is developing in "america's newsroom." oil prices down to $83 a barrel. optimism in greece fading a little bit right now. gas prices are down three cents from a we go ago. the average in the country is $3.51 a gallon. that is a improving situation. a space first for china. a spacecraft carrying three chinese astronauts docking with an orbiting module. china working on the permanent space station. there is this. >> tada. afro circus, afro circus, polka dot, polka dot afro. >> really? martha: that is hilarious.
6:42 am
madagascar trampling the box-office this weekend. madagascar 3 holding onto the number one spot. $35.5 million haul in the second week. i don't know if that says a lot about madagascar or a lot what is in the movie theaters. there is not a whole lot. bill: first one in central park did really well. martha: really well. everybody loves madd gas ca card"madagascar". bill:. "rock" of ages got pacial review. "rock of ages." kicking butt on broadway. you're right about that. president asking for patience on the economy. president says he needs more time to let his policies work. the dueling economic plans of the president and governor romney sparking a heating debate between our friends karl rove and juan williams on "fox news sunday". >> this is dangerous stuff and i think if the president pursues that aggressively, then he has a chance to
6:43 am
create and define mitt romney early and not make this a referendum on barack obama's performance but make it a contest which people say, you know what? the alternative is unacceptable. >> karl, i'm worried you're shaking your head so vigorously it will spin right off? >> juan needs to make up his mind or romney hasn't laid out a plan or laid out a plan that similar to the house republican budget that has bunch bad things. romney laid out a frame work for tax reform, not tax cuts. he said i want to lower the rates and pay for it by getting rid of redeductions and the -- >> he wants to make it permanent. >> no he doesn't. he want to pass tax reform. pay attention. i'm giving you honest presentation what he is proposing. then went on and did not say a single honest word what romney was proposing. >> he is all about deficit reduction when he doesn't say exactly -- >> yes he has. wait a minute, wait a minute. make up your mind.
6:44 am
he endorsed that terrible house budget which reduces deficit according to the congressional budget office. >> no, it doesn't. >> it does, juan. >> it doesn't say karl, where i would make cuts in order -- >> yes it does. it says we'll slow future growth of medicare spending from 454 billion to 600 million. i read it. >> stop. >> get it autographed by paul ryan. bill: can't wait for round two. coming on this program, this week, steve moore, senior economics righter for "the wall street journal." how you are you doing this morning? >> great to be with you. bill: both men were making a simple point. the other side has not put forward a plan. break it down here. has mitt romney in your view put enough of a plan forward on the table what he would do in november? >> what he has to do i think is really distinguish himself from george w. bush. bill, it is pretty clear that the attack lines from barack obama and all the
6:45 am
surrogates like juan williams is going to be that the romney agenda is just like the george w. bush agenda. that that is exactly what president obama's each was about last week. so i think that is a real challenge to mitt romney. to say here is what i'm going to do. here is why this will work bet than the policies of bush. bill:. has he explained how his policies will be different from the bush years if that is the difference drawn on the democratic side? >> as you know he has what, 56-point economic plan but most americans aren't really aware of what is in it. the problem with juan williams argument he had in the debate against karl he says, we don't want this to be a referendum on obama's record. but of course it will be. this election is going to be a referendum on the obama economics record. he has had 3 1/2 years now, bill, to put forward his program, with stimulus plans and auto bailouts and "cash for clunkers". all these programs, if it hasn't worked in 3 1/2 years, the mitt romney attack right
6:46 am
now which i think is effective one why would anybody think more of this would lead to any different results. bill: on the other side, if you saw david plouffe over the weekend some argue he didn't make a case for the second term. the left is on paing what the president said last week in cleveland, ohio. >> uh-huh. bill: now what is their argument? >> their argument comes down to two arguments, bill. number one, it is not barack obama's fault. it is george w. bush's fault. blame the predecessor. i think that is argument americans are getting tired of after nearly four years of obama being in the white house. the second argument is one we've been talking about. that barack obama is now saying give me more time. give my policies another four years to work. the problem he has, bill, if you go back and listen to the tapes of what he was saying when he was running for president in 2008, he said just give me four years. i'm going to turn this economy around. now four years later saying okay, it didn't work but i need another four years. there is real contradiction what he was saying four years ago and what he is
6:47 am
saying. bill: what you're saying though, none of this really matters. what matters is the health of the economy and whose watch that is on? >> there is no question about it. you know what, bill, tell me what the unemployment rate will be in october of this year and i'm going to tell how will win this election. this is all coming down whether this economy is performing, whether we're creating jobs. i just did the statistics by the way. average american family has lost $4600 of income in the last 3 1/2 years. those are pretty dreadful numbers. every number that has come out in the last two weeks on the economy has been bad. if that trend continues, it is hard to see how obama slides through. bill: last week we call it a june swoon. that appears to be the case right now. steve moore, thank you very much. i will work on that autographed copy of paul ryan's plan for you. >> i want one of those too. bill: to our viewers, juan williams, karl rove, set up rematch. go to "america's newsroom." click on bya box. shoot me a e-mail at hemmer@fox
6:48 am or follow me on twitter. at bya. martha: they're still wrestling wigs horrible wildfires out west and they have high winds and new fires are starting to break out. more evacuations are being ordered in colorado as the flames are spreading. look at these pictures. live in denver for you moments away. >> the supreme court ruling on the new, president's new health care law. could come any day. could come any moment. martha: 10:00 perhaps. bill: 10:00 eastern time is normally when decisions are announced. either way this shakes out. what can you expect when you heading for a doctor's checkup? the doctor is in the house to tell us. stay tuned on that. good morning! wow.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
bill: so a texas mother outraged after she says kin garden students were ordered to line up and slap her of-year-old son. >> child abuse. totally child abuse. teacher never came to us about problems. principal said he was never in house. he was in line. he was misbehaving. so the teacher took him to that classroom. >> we're doing everything we can to make sure these kind of incidents don't happen again. >> feels like they are not taking it serious even though they said they are. bill: officials said the boy was bullying other students and this was the teacher's way of punishing him. the family is getting police involved filing a criminal complaint against the school. the teacher who ordered slapping is still on leave and won't be allowed back until next year. it is not he said/she said, or he said he said, it happened. martha: what is the teacher
6:53 am
thinking? my experience teachers are so hesitant to do anything in the classroom now when it comes to discipline because they're afraid they will the upbraided for it. i'm shocked. a teacher would take that upon herself and have --. bill: wonder how the boy is doing. martha: wait way to hold on to your job there, teach. this spreading of massive wildfire in colorado, more than 54,000 acres have burned so far. more evacuations of families from their homes have now been ordered. boy, a tough summer in the early going out west. in southern california, you have 150 homes evacuated because of a wildfire that started there yesterday. witnesses say that the flames just raced through the dry brush. >> i came out and literally in a matter of about 15, 20 minutes, flames had ungulfed hillside right across the freeway from us. >> it went fast. earlier there was some people here that said they lived in a house over there and they got some clothes
6:54 am
but couldn't get their animals and their house is gone so. martha: boy, just terrifying what is going on. alicia acuna joins us live. she is in denver this morning. a lear sha, -- alicia, start with the colorado fire that could be toughest the crews have seen there yet. >> reporter: that is right, martha. they're looking at single-digit humidity. 30 to 40 mile-an-hour wind gusts. add that it could reach 101 degrees. bad news for fire department and the homes. they are being fought by 750 personnel and 181 homes burned so far. hundreds more families are being evacuated and some are being reevacuated. more are told to get ready to head out. >> i am emotional about it. it is like we have kids to look out for. trying to make it so that everything works out all right. >> i can assure you we will
6:55 am
do everything we can to do this in the proper and professional way. it may take some time. and if it takes time we'll make sure resources are here to get the job done. we're probably going to need a little help from mother nature. >> reporter: part of the problem, martha, is that there was some rain over the weekend. however it vap waited -- evaporated before it hit the ground. martha: that is what tom vilsack is talking about with much-needed help from mother nature. we were talking about the new fires burning now in colorado. >> reporter: absolutely n southern colorado, this time near colorado springs hundreds of people are asked to be ready to evacuate this that area as well. firefighters are starting to work that fire. in new mexico, 242 homes and businesses have been destroyed by the 59 square-my little bear fire in ruidoso. that fire is 60% containment at this point, martha. however fire crews are on the lookout for lightning as we know what started massive
6:56 am
fire here in northern colorado. lots of problems, lots of problems with mother nature right now. back to you. martha: our hearts go out to the people losing their homes. frightening. thank you, alicia. bill: going on too long. days and weeks now. muslim brotherhood is claiming victory in egypt's election but the military is holding onto power. why the outcome of this election is not what so many had expected. martha: the top republican in the senate saying president obama is taking on free speech as we know it. senator mitch mcconnell straight ahead here in "america's newsroom" on what he calls an act of radicalism from the white house. the medicare debate continues in washington...
6:57 am
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martha: it is a truly historic vote in one of the world's oldest sheuf civilazations.
7:00 am
martha: i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. they will yield power to the nation's military generals in egypt. martha: leland vittert streaming live from cairo to tell us store about the meaning of all this. >> reporter: good morning, martha. afternoon in kaj rewhere we are far from having official results. if 52% for mohammed morsi, 48% for the other candidate. the muslim brother is celebrating what what he call a victory. but shafiq has not conceded. it shows the power of the muslim
7:01 am
brotherhood. they've been waiting 80 years to take a foothold here in europe. it was back in november when they won the parliament. the muslim brotherhood took a majority there. in the last couple of days the army dissolved the parliament, and they say they will figure out what if any powers this new president actually has. martha: in all of this the world is learning how strong the egyptian military is and hoch of a role they continue to play in politics there. what does it mean for them? >> reporter: the military took over right when phaoub was ousted. they are extremely powerful in the country and are extremely powerful as a world power in the sense that they get $1.2 billion a year from the united state in military aid, and they have a lot of tentacles all through the egyptian economy. many people are calling this a
7:02 am
soft qu. the army has surrounded the egyptian parliament, padlocked the door and they say are not allowing the democratically elected members of the parliament inside. the question is, where do we go from here? the army keeps saying we want to keep power to democraticallyee lepted government, but whenever someone is democratically elected they take the power away. martha: do you think the possibilitthank you, leland we'll keep a eye on it with your help. bill: the muslim brotherhood founded in the 1920s the nation's oldest and largest islamist organization. one of their stated goals is to create a state ruled by islamic law, or sharia law. the group has even gauged in
7:03 am
assassinations and bombings in the past but is said to have formally renounced violence in the 1970s. martha: the egyptian election a huge concern in israel. now we are getting word of a group of militants who are on the lose in the jewish state after crossing egypt's border. two militants were killed after opening fire on civilians that were building a fence to fortify the border. three or four more escaped and are believed to have made it across. this has inspired more lawlessness along the roegs. there are road blocks and several major roads are closed to civilian traffic. bill: back in this country now governor mitt romney hitting america's heartland taking a six-state bus tour through battleground like wisconsin and iowa, and although the president won all six states back in 2008 governor romney says he is the one who can restore america's greatness using one of the
7:04 am
greatest lines, in fact, from the great communicator. >> this is the time that counts upon america and for us to have a strong military and have a strong economic and strong families we are going to have to have a president who understands the values and the principles that made america strong. i do. i will, we will restore america's greatness, america's greatest days are ahead. we are the shining city on a hill. bill: at that stop in ohio is how speaker boehner, and carl cameron is live in wisconsin. how are you doing, good morning. >> reporter: mitt romney spent a lot of time echoing ronald reagan and taking a six-day bus tour across the heartland. we are in day four of the swing states. he has to pick up rural voters in order to win the important states. yesterday he was campaigning with the speaker of the house,
7:05 am
further allegiance to the republican agenda in the house for romney. today he will be campaigning with scott walker, recently reelected in the challenge to his tenure a short time ago, he obviously now a republican champion when it comes to frugality and labor unions. and paul ryan who is often talked about a potential vice presidental running mate for mitt romney. we'll hear mitt romney talking in jamesville which is paul ryan's hometown. all this comes con them appraiser just with a new web account, slamming president obama, from three years when he proclaimed the economy his own. >> i welcome the job. i want the responsibility. give it to me. >> reporter: and romney comes back at the end of that web attack video where essentially
7:06 am
he says, now it's our time, referring to republicans who have promised to bring fiscal discipline to the budget, curb the debt and straighten out foreign policy problems that they are blaming on president obama throughout the world. bill: he was doing cbs on sunday morning but he would not say he would undue the president's order executive order from last friday. what more could you add about that. >> reporter: he claimed the president's decision to make this executive order on friday, the day after a fairly cooley received speech on the economy was pure politics in timing perhaps to over shadow what was considered to be by many a weak economic speech the day before, to play politics against pheup politics with regard to immigration. mr. romney did not say he would overturn or keep in place the president's executive order, instead what he's arguing is he'll come up with a comprehensive program, a piece of legislation with congress that will ultimately resolve the
7:07 am
problems and supersede the president's executive order. romney has been accused of hedging, he's not backing down saying he's come up with a full plan, but for years presidents haven't been able to do that congress, which is why they argue the president's mad order makes sense, bill. martha: there is new reaction this morning to the death of rodney king, the man whose videotaped beating at hands of the police led to the 1992 los angeles riots. his body was discovered sunday morning by his fiancee at the bottom of a swimming pool. now police are trying to determine exactly what happened. >> we have no other information or any evidence that would lead us to believe that this was not a drowning. martha: anita vogel live on this in los angeles. what do we know now? >> reporter: hi, there, martha. as you heard from that police officer at this point police don't believe there was any foul play involved, but the
7:08 am
investigation is still ongoing, and, you know, you never know what they could turn up. now there are some in the neighborhood who say they thought they heard a bit of commotion overnight saturday going into sunday. those neighbors apparently calling it out of character for their typically quiet neighborhood. now police got a 911 call from king's fiancee just after 5:00am local time sunday to report that he was at the bottom of the pool. when police arrived they found him unresponsive in the water. he is known to be an avid swimmer an was wearing a bathing suit. police got aim out of the pool and performed cpr until paramedics got there. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. neighbors say he was a good man and will be be missed. >> he's a very nice guy. he'd do anything for anybody, that's the way i got it, you know. and my understanding is he helped his brother start a business in construction. when he would have a barbecue over there and i would be here by myself he would bring food over to me to eat. he'd bring barbecue stuff, you
7:09 am
know. >> reporter: police add they didn't find any drugs or alcohol at the scene, and an autopsy is planned for the next couple of days. martha. martha: strange. anita. what are the people saying that rodney king's legacy will be, do they believe? >> reporter: well, you know it's hard to think of rodney king and think of them -- he is someone that is thought of as kind of a tragic figure who has had a lot of bad luck in his life. after the beating and riots he had a number of run ins with police, mostly alcohol-related crimes. those who study race relations say rodney king is a part of los angeles culture and history and a spotlight on his beating played a role in leading l.a.p.d. to change a number of tactics. >> they can't use the choke hold any more. there are all kinds of thins that the police now do differently that came into play since the rodney king beating and since the police looked at all of that and said, you know, we should try different kind of
7:10 am
things. >> reporter: still a lot of questions, martha, about exactly what happened in that pool. hopefully we'll be learning more details over the coming days and weeks. back to you. martha: thank you. bill: he says the preside is taking on the first amendment and trying to change free speech as we know it. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell will answer to that and a whole lot more. he is live in our studi studio and he is up after the break. >> you plan to sue this administration for implementing something that you think should have required legislative process and approval. >> that's correct. martha: iowa republican steve king firing a warning shot at the white house, the president's immigration ruling that may end up in a will you suit. bill: also recorded phone conversations between george zimmerman and his wife only hours after he shot and killed trayvon martin, do they prove that he lied to the court?
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
martha: new calls today for a special, independent investigator to trace the source of a series of high-level intelligence leaks. senior white house adviser david plauffe says it's a plan to embarrass the president. >> they said their core strategic plan was to engage in things to embarrass this presidentment. martha: joined by kentucky republican mitch mcconnell who is senate minority leader. good to have you. >> glad to be here. martha: what is your response to that in terms of david plouffe's statement. >> its a part of a litany of excuses. the president is running his campaign on the basis that it's not his fault. either played the tsunami, japan.
7:15 am
the debt crisis, wall street, the supreme court. the president is having a difficult time accepting responsible for his performance over the last three and a half years, and his campaign people tell him that the american people don't like anybody we did, so you better change the subject, and find all these culprits to run against, because you can't defend your record, because the american people simply don't like it. and so we are kind of used to these diversionary tactics, trying to take the attention away from the president's record over the last four years. we all agree he inherited a difficult situation but we think he made it worse, with the stimulus, with obama care, with the deficit, the debt, the credit downgrade, all of these things happened on his watch. martha: i want to get into that in a larger sense in a moment. with regard to the specific question that dave plouffe was asked by chris wall as whether or not he would be willing to sit down with investigators regarding this national security
7:16 am
leak issue. david plouffe would not answer that question directly, do you believe it's important that the president be open to sitting down, to discussing how this happened, how these stories got out from his administration? >> if you have a credible, independent, investigation of the issue, and the independent investigator believes it's important to talk to the president, the president should do it. who knows in the beginning of the investigation whether that would be required or not, but all americans, including the president of the united states are expected to cooperate in an investigation for potential criminal offense, and i would expect the president would need to cooperate if he were called upon to testify. martha: all right. so let's move on to the immigration issue. this was a big surprise that came at the end of last week, a change in the immigration laws in this country, the policy from the house white house about how people would be treated who were brought here by their parents and are here through no error of
7:17 am
their own. >> right. martha: what does congress tphraopb do in does the senate plan to do anything about the fact that they are up in arms, that he went around congress in order to get this done? >> the first observation i would make is the president had huge majorities of his party for the first two years of his administration that didn't do anything on the subject. and last year, martha, he said he didn't have the authority under the law to do what he said he's going to do last week. my first question is, what's changed between last year when you said you didn't have the authority to do this. and this year, when you say you're going to do it, other than the proximity to the election. it raises quite a suspicion this is all just about trying to in ingraciate himself to hispanic american voters. martha: my question to you is what will congress do about it now? >> one thing, we think it ought to require legislative action, and several of the members of my
7:18 am
republican congress and the senate has been very active on this. senator rubio, senator hutchison, senator mccain all have an interest in this. they haven't heard from the president. the way you get these things done is to have a by part son dust kissing. martha: if the white house has gone around congress in a way that is not above board is the congress going to hold his feet to the fire and force him to go through congress. >> that would involve a court action, i assume. yeah, i think they are pretty unhappy that he's doing something he claimed he couldn't legally do a year ago. martha: let's talk about another issue that you say is an act of radicalism on the part of the white house. they are very upset about the superpac money. they want to change the rules of the supreme court decision to overturn it. why do you call that an act of radicalism, how will they go about this and do you think they
7:19 am
can succeed. >> the act of radicalism, david axelrod is calling for a amendment to an amountment of the constitution. americans have felt the right to free speech encapsulated in the first amendment to the united states constitution. the bill of rights its one of of the most important things in our country, and these people are willing to do this to address what problem? what is the problem here? there has been plenty of money in politics for a longtime. in 2008 most of it was on the democratic side and i don't recall these complaints about all of this. now that it's more competitive, more people are contributing to republicans and republican affiliated groups and those people who are trying to defeat the president and take the country in a different direction, all of a sudden it becomes something that is outrage us and unacceptable and they want to amend the first
7:20 am
amendment to the constitution, that is the radicalism. we should never amend the first amendment to the united states constitution. martha: always a pleasure to talk to you. thank you. we'll see you soon stphaofplt . bill: we are getting word that there will not be a ruling from the u.s. supreme court on the healthcare law. it's coming. no matter what the outcome they say healthcare will never be the same. new fears of all out civil war in syria. will the rest of the world step in to stop the massacre? >> wwe are concerned about the latest information that we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically. ♪
7:21 am
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martha: it's 24 minutes past the hour right no. and a bomb tears through a university bus in pakistan. it killed five students and injured more than 50 others. police say that this region is a common target of course for terrorist attacks and that is the news from pakistan this morning. at least five children and two adults were injured after their school bus overturned after colliding with a taxi in new york city. the condition of the cab driver is unknown. and the little boy who channeled darth schrader is no vader is recovering pwa after undergoing open heart surgery. his mom says max is smiling, talking and he's walking around, and he's got his darth vader mask right nearby.
7:25 am
we wish him well. such a cute little kid. bill: the force is with him. martha: the force is with him, exactly. bill: as we await the supreme court ruling on the president's healthcare law -- by the way it is not happening today. there is one thing everyon *efrpb ieveryone is wonder. and marc siegl is here with us. happy birthday to you. happy father's day, it's all going on this weekend. >> thank you. bill: you believe most likely that the supremes will rule that the mandate is unconstitutional, but the rest of the mandate stands. if you are right what happens. >> the first thing that will happen to everyone out there is i believe it will lead to increasing in premiums, your premium experts say will probably end up going up by 10 to 30%, because if you get rid of the individual mandate, which is kind of a trick for insurance companies to be able to afford this. in other words, it forces people who are young and healthy to buy
7:26 am
into health insurance and pay premiums when they are not sick, so you get the money coming in and you can use it for people who are sick, if that goes away, premiums are going to go up as the insurance companies struggle to cover people with pre he ca preexisting conditions, cover the kids up to the page of 26, no lifetime limits. all the bells and whistles stay in, that's going to cost and you better believe the insurance companies will transfer the costs on to the patients, and also cut doctors' fees, because doctors are low-hanging fruit. bill: that is part one. i want to point out you like the idea about covering those with preexisting conditions, and new york state already does that, i'm clear on that, right. >> you are clear on that, bill. bill: what if the whole law was struck down, what happens? >> if the whole law is struck down, i think that is unlikely because that is a big piece to bite off here, we will go back to where this all started, looking for solutions. looking at the questions that i always brought up, is insurance
7:27 am
covering too much? is it too easy to see the doctor if you're well? if you over use insurance is somebody else paying for it? is medicaid an over-bloated product. the big question if the whole law is struck is the medicaid expansion going to stay in and some people feel it is. that's 16 million people. how is the taxpayers going to pay for that and the states afford that? bill: you suggest that you have to give more incentives to doctors. where does that come from? >> i think there should be incentives period. i love that word. more incentives to doctors to go into medicine, to see more patients, to continue practicing. more incentive to patients to lose weight, to get on the thread mill, to have a better diet. i think preventative medicine occurs before you see the doctor not when you're already there. bill: i got you, yeahment what about keep the whole law, say that is the option, that's what the court rules? >> i think the problem with that is outside of the constitutionality question, is
7:28 am
just how expensive this law is, bill. this is of huge entitlement at a time when we are facing potentially another recession, when extending this kind of insurance to more and more and more people is ultimately going to be on the back of the taxpayer because of all the subsidies that are occurring at the state exchanges. and people are going to end up leaving employer-based insurance and going to the state exchanges and have to pay out of pocket for healthcare, be subsidized, a huge cost. we are talking about one fifth of the gross domestic product in 20 years. bill: many people thought we'd get a decision today, that is not going to happen. maybe tomorrow. we'll be in touch with you and have you on speed dial. >> look for the mandate to be struck, bill. bill: marc siegl, thank you you're on record. martha: you heard it there first from dr. marc siegl even though no official word right now. the president getting plenty of feedback on his executive order
7:29 am
on immigration. we smoke with mitch mcconnell moments ago. one group of lawmakers is saying on this. we'll see you in court, which senator mcconnell discussed a bit as well. do they have a case? bill: did you see this late last night, webb simpson an american with his unbelievable win at the u.s. open. he sank four birdies in five holes and now this tough par putt from the collar of the 18th green, 268 on a very difficult course in san francisco. simpson bested not one but two major winners. he's now ranked number five in the world, they are going nuts in charlotte, north carolina. we are out of tape.
7:30 am
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7:33 am
martha: serious descent into chaos has sparked a new response this morning with reports of renewed shelling in the city of homs. weekend violence forced the u.n. to suspend their missions for about 300 u.n. armed peace keepers there. conor powell joins us in our jerusalem bureau, what's the latest here? >> reporter: u.n. peace keepers and observers are now confined to their hotels after the weekend of heavy violence and the head of the u.n. observation mission in syria, essentially, said that the violence had gotten so bad and so chaotic that the observers and monitors would no longer be able to go out and look into the violence and report the violence to see what is happening in syria. this comes after several weeks
7:34 am
where u.n. monitors had been attacked and prevented from going to alleged attack sites. they were stopped by syrian troops and also by pro-assad militiamen. now, this comes as the u.n. is still trying to put together a peace plan, but this is a real sign of just how much the peace plan and also an agreement to stop the fighting, how much it's really failed here in the last few weeks. now, the head of the u.n. observation mission in syria did sound as if this was only a temporary stoppage of the observation mission, but in reality though there isn't a lot of optimism, martha, that this is going to be resumed anytime soon. martha: boy, awful situation. connor, thank you very much. we'll keep on top of it with you. bill: breaking news now, threats of a lawsuit against the white house, directly the president against the new order on immigration. iowa republican steve king responding to an executive order that blocks the deportation of
7:35 am
most young illegal immigrants. >> i'm prepared to bring a suit and seek a court order to stop implementation of this policy. i have done it once in the past successfully when then-governor tom vilsack thought he could legislate by executive order, and the case of king v. vilsack is in the books. that individual, by the way s now the secretary of agriculture. i wonder if he's not counseling the president. bill: chief counsel for the center of american law and justice. can he win if he sues? >> you know, it's a new question of law. you have people like senator graham, senator mccain, senator mcconnell also questioning. the president has executive power to prioritize and, certainly, he's already done that, actually, with immigrations and customs enforcement that said focus on the criminals, focus on the worst people, don't spend all of our time on young people that have no criminal record. but there's a difference between prioritizing and making something mandatory. even going so far, bill, as to
7:36 am
overturn judges' decisions in the immigration courts who have already ordered a deportation. so this is not giving deference to immigrations and customs enforcement or those judges, this is making it mandatory. it says if they'd been here at that certain time under 16 for less than five years, five years, they're under 30, they don't have many misdemeanors, no felonies, and the high school or military, that they get to stay for two years. and that's the decision that was made. bill: okay, so hang on a second here. you're saying steve king could win if he challenges the president on this? >> absolutely. bill: okay, i just want to figure this out here. others contend that he, the president s not actively defying an act of congress. is that a defense for him in. >> not necessarily, bill, because congress has a comprehensive immigration scheme that was enacted into law, signed by presidents, it's been reformed over the years. this is not part of it. these mandatory deferrals for, you know, with two-year permits.
7:37 am
this is a whole policy change. it's legislative action done by the executive branch usurping, i think, the power of congress, and this is not a discussion when we talk about the legality of whether or not it's good policy or not. it's just whether or not the president is allowed to do that without consulting congress, and is it too bad that congress can't come to a decision? so i think -- bill: okay, jordan, he mentioned governor tom vilsack, the former governor of iowa. he challenged him in 1999 on a separation of powers issue. is that precedent for here? >> that wouldn't be precedent necessarily at the presidential level, but it is a similar comparison. the executive has a lot of power outside of the role of congress to enact, you know, executive orders. but they only contradict the law of the land. you can set up priorities, you can do these deferred actions, but to mandate them, bill, that's the difference. we talk about mandates a lot, it seems like, with this administration.
7:38 am
that's the main difference. bill: we're reaching out to steve king and his office, hopefully, we'll hear from his directly tomorrow. jordan, thank you for your time. there in washington. martha? martha: tensions running very high between the united states and russia. >> we have confronted the russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to syria. um, they have from time to time said that we shouldn't worry, everything they're shipping is unrelated to their actions internally. that's patently untrue. martha: boy, this is a very tense situation. and today president obama and russian president vladimir putin prepare for a face-to-face meeting at the g20 summit. some observers say the atmosphere reminds them of the cold war. are we headed back there? bill: also, it is one thing to run from police, but when you ram a few cruisers with a stolen semi, you better have a good
7:39 am
lawyer. martha: not a good idea. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wideange of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. with more choices and fewer calories, focus lolo, focust sanya let's do this i am from baltimore south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa.
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bill: a dangerous police chase turns deadly in arizona. a high-speed pursuit unfolding on father's day after a man apparently stole the cab of a semi truck. he rammed several vehicles including police cars, drove the wrong way down a one-way street. an officer eventually fired into the cab of that truck, killing the man. there were no other injuries. martha: flashback to the cold war as russia ups the ante with the crisis in syria. president obama is set to meet face to face with vladimir putin, the first time since he has returned to his lead role in russia, and that will happen at the g20 summit just hours after moscow sent two warships to syria claiming that they are there to protect russian citizens, and the only russian naval base that is outside the former soviet union. but critics say that putin is
7:43 am
helping the brutal regime in syria hang on to power. >> it's an unfair fight now. russian shipments are coming in. our secretary of state just argued that russian helicopters are coming in to help bashar assad while we do nothing. we sit on the sidelines. it cries out for american leadership. martha: senator mccain over the weekend. i'm joined now by lieutenant general doc mcier inny, a fox news military analyst. good to have you, general, welcome. >> thanks for having me, martha. martha: how concerning is all of this to you? >> it's very concerning. frankly, putin is playing the obama administration and the president like a fiddle. he doesn't want to go back to the cold war, but he wants, he would like to have the soviet union reinstituted if he could. but what he he is doing, is he is shaping the policy in the middle east. how is he doing that? the talks about iran are meeting today in moscow. they will not bear any fruit.
7:44 am
the iranians are not going to give up enriching uranium. then you flip over to syria, and they'll talk about it in the group of 20 at loss cabos today, and what's going to happen? we're not going to be able to budge them. you heard what secretary of state hillary clinton said just before, that she, frankly, is not confident that the russians are telling us everything. they aren't, because they are the number one backer of the syrians and president assad. and why are they? because syria controls the whole region there, and they are allied with iran. iran's only arab ally is syria. so that's why a free syria is so important to us. martha: yeah. you've laid it out very well. and it raises the humanitarian question, though, of u.s. responsibility because now you've got this amassing force. and as senator mccain said,
7:45 am
you know, it's an unfair fight. bashar assad has putin and the helicopters and now these ships coming into the region. that's going to be hugely intimidating, of course, to these rebels, not to mention the casualties that they've already suffered. so, you know, what can we do? what should we do, if anything? >> well, first of all, we ought to back the syrian liberation army, the sla. unfortunately, the cia and the obama administration are supporting the free syrian army and muslim brotherhood. that is a radical islamist group. so we are backing the wrong team there. i'm surprised that senator mccain didn't say let's back the syrian liberation army, the sla. they're the ones that are moderates, and with that large number of sunnis in syria they could be very beneficial to our whole strategy. and, unfortunately, the obama administration is backing the wrong team, and then they're not
7:46 am
even giving them the full backing. martha: so, you know, i mean, leadership was the question that senator mccain brought up at the end of that, you know? what role can we play as you look at what's going on in syria, and you look at russia's role, what do you think we should do? you say we should back them. how? >> covertly. give them weapons, give them intelligence, give them support, give them money. and if need be, we should put a flyover zone in which we do not let the syrian hell continue ors -- helicopters and artillery fire. we could do that. they do have surface-to-air missiles, sa2s and 6s, and they could be very challenging, but we could take that down. syria is can -- is very, very important in the middle east, martha. libya was not. yet beput all that effort in libya, -- martha: and if we instituted a no-fly zone and that ruffled
7:47 am
russia's feathers, then you'd have to look back at them and say, well, i thought you claimed that none of the arms you were sending to syria were involved in any of this, so why would you care? >> exactly. let's, let's challenge them. and, of course, they have that, the only base as you mentioned earlier in the introduction, naval base outside russia is in syria. it's important to them for the mediterranean. but the real fact is they are playing us like a fiddle, and we've got to change our strategy. martha: all right. we'll see what happens at the g20. thank you for the background, general. many thanks. >> thanks martha. bill: twelve minutes before the hour, and there is new evidence in the george zimmerman investigation. you will hear the conversation between zimmerman and his wife from behind bars, what they might tell us about money in a bank account. martha: and how one driver's pedal problems turned an everyday lunch break into a very close call. wait until you see this. ♪
7:48 am
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martha: well, a virginia restaurant gets a lunch break surprise, you might say, that brought business to a grinding halt. watch this close hi at the sub shop. it gets a brand new garage thanks to one driver's pedal problems. the driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brakes. they work the other way around. just before the afternoon rush. four people were inside the store at the time and, thankfully, nobody was hurt. how does that happen? little guardian angels in these situations because it's amazing. bill: more mayonnaise. new this morning, we're now hearing the conversation between george zimmerman and his wife. when he was behind bars in the
7:52 am
early days of this investigation, the calls were recorded shortly after zimmerman was arrested for the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. prosecutors say the recordings prove that zimmerman and his wife lied to the court about how much money they actually had. phil keating's on this live in miami. this release was intended to be more significant. what happened? >> reporter: hey, bill. it was supposed to be 150 or so phone calls, but late friday zimmerman's attorney blocked that at least for now, but we did just receive six of the phone calls from jail between george and his wife, shelley zimmerman. prosecutors say this exchange discusses bank transfers from the justice for george defense fund into her personal account and clearly shows them being dishonest and deceptive. >> i think susie and i figured
7:53 am
out why we're doing what we're doing. >> good. are you doing it? >> huh? >> are you doing it? >> uh-huh, uh-huh. i've already done it twice today into each, so i've done four. >> okay, good. good, good. >> do you want me to do more than that? >> if you can, yeah. >> reporter: prosecutors contend that shelley zimmerman transferred in total about $135,000 into their personal account from that fund, paid off all their bills and then lied about being broke. bill: and you wonder how that effects the case in the end. we've also learned that the fbi popped into a first sanford, florida, gun shops north of orlando. what happened, phil? >> reporter: yeah, this really exploded the nationwide, the fbi sent about a dozen agents into the orlando metro area canvassing local gun dealerships as well as shooting ranges. one of the people contacted includes the person who claims he did, in fact, sell george zimmerman his .9 mm pistol. he said the fbi asked him
7:54 am
generic questions about did he ever make any racist comments. yesterday, of course, was father's day, and is trayvon martin's father last night posted this. >> this father's day will be the first without any son, trayvon. i'll say a prayer for all the dads across america who share this grief with me. >> reporter: george zimmerman will be back in court. he remains locked up right now. he'll be back for his new bond hearing next friday. bill: phil, thank you. phil keating in miami. march that? martha: president obama pleading with the public, i should say, saying he needs four more years for america to really see the results of his work. but will more time necessarily translate into more progress? we're going to have a fair and balanced debate talking about that straight ahead.
7:55 am
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droid does. bill: we do have a ruling from the u.s. supreme court. it is not on healthcare but it deals directly with america's small businesses. a case that involved glaxco smith kline that is considered a win for small business. the court confirming that the secretary of labor does not have the authority to arbitrarily change regulations, specifically as they relate to wages. if the petitioners had been successful it would have griffin broahave given broad power to the department of labor to change wages. it affects small businesses in america. ♪ [singing] martha: a classic tune for you this morning. hot dogs and beers this weekend didn't make you feel fat, this
7:59 am
will, 632 billion pounds, that is how much the world's population would weigh if we all got together on the same scale. about the same weight as 315nimitz aircraft carriers. america holds about 6% of the world's population but also for 34% of all the human b irk o mass in thbio mass in the world. bill: hope you enjoyed your weekend and your father's day. happy father's day, can't say it enough. martha: it was a good weekend for everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. and "happening now" starts right now. jenna: police in two states asking for the public's help in locating this missing 5-year-old new jersey boy. the latest on the desperate search and the boy's chronic illness. crews in colorado are battling a massive wildfire at this hour, the m


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