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tv   America Live  FOX News  June 18, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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about that. just 2% suspending judgment. stewart varney is the host of varney & company and the fox business network. when you look at these numbers it shows us whether we are or are not officially in a recession you have a huge number of americans that are considerably worried that we are about to go into one. >> this poll shows how ordinary people feel about the economy. this is not the view of professional economists, this is ordinary people and the way they see things economically. they are responding to what they see and feel around them. for example, consider this. just in the last two months consumer spending has actually come down. we are spending less. that is extremely unusual in america. the unemployment rate has actually gone up to 8.2%. the value of your home, the price of your home is down to a ten-year low. in other words, all the money you made in your house in the last decade has gone. and your net worth, if you add
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up all your assets and what is that dollar number it's down to the levels of 1992. in terms of spending, your job, housing, annette worth thi and net worth, this feels very much like a recession. there are economic consequences that flow from that. are you going to spend money freely when you feel you're going into a recession? do you invest when you feel you're going into a recession? it's a major political problem for president obama. megyn: the "wall street journal" did a comprehensive piece on this and they said most economists don't believe we will go into another recession but clearly american people do. they talked about the indicators of health of our economy and they put up polls that were staggering and depressing, showing that while obviously things really got terrible shortly after president obama took office, it was the hangover from the last few months of the bush administration, the housing market implosion and so on. then they got a lot better, then they've been going steady down
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in so many areas since january. these are just a few of the things that the journal pointed out citing different sites. corey tail sales are down. jobless benefits are going back up. factory and industrial production is going down versus a year ago. consumer confidence is going down. the gross domestic product is falling. all the indicia that people looked to over the past couple of months to four, five months seem to be going in the wrong direction. >> the problem is that professional economists dine a recession in a very narrow technical way. to become a real recession according to the economists the economy has to restrabgt over a six-month period. get smaller. at the moment the economy is still expanding, less than 2% a year, but it is expanding. so, technically it's not a recession. it looks very different, though if you're on the ground floor, you're feeling, experiencing this recession, or this economy
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i should say at the ground-floor level. it feels very different to you compared to a professional economist. what you're really saying here, megyn is that the direction of the economy is going the wrong way, and that is accurate. at the beginning of the year it looked like we were getting 3% growth. now it's less than 2% growth. at the beginning of the year the unemployment rate was right around 8.1, 8%. now it's going up. so the direction is all wrong going in entirely the wrong direction. megyn: one of the questions is whether that 2%, you know, projected growth is enough to offset these unemployment numbers, to make that 8.2% go down. if we grow at 2% will the 8.2% go down to 8.1, to 8 and so on. the president obviously watching this. because is it no american president has ever been reelected or elected with an unemployment rate over 8%, it's either no or virtually no.
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>> no american president has been reelected with an unemployment rate of 8% or more. it looks highly like we will go into the election with an unemployment rate of 8% or more. to get it below 8% requires a much stronger growth rate for the economy, which we do not have and probably will not have in the next five months. if you really want to get that unemployment rate down it depends on literally a million people dropping out of the workforce. well, that is a sign of misery in the workforce in the first place. so if you do drop below 8% it's not for the right reason. megyn: you know the journal article points out that the housing market appears to be stabilizing, although prices are still falling, and that there has been a steep drop in oil prices, but against all those other indicia it's not enough to change the big numbers on the board, not so far, stewart, thank you. >> what is the principle source of wealth of most americans? your house. your house is at a ten-year low in price and in some places
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going down even more. megyn: thank you sreur. to give you an idea how far off we are from the pre recession job market the u.s. unemployment rate was 4.7% back then, prior to the recession. what date are we putting on this. control room, do we know? i'll try to find out. pre recession, that doesn't necessarily mean anything to us. to get back to that number we would have to add some 187,000 jobs a month for the next five years. i mean it all depends and when we say officially the recession began. i'll try and get that with you. world leaders may be meeting today in mexico to discuss the global economic crisis but the first thing mexican president felipe calderon did was to thank president obama for his executive action on friday stopping the deportation of young illegal immigrants in america, calling it unprecedented and courageous. the mexican president may be happy with the order, but is the order itself legal? republican lawmakers say that by taking action without congress
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the president overstepped his powers. its not something that congress failed to act on. they didn't have the votes to get this passed and president obama did it any way the question today is whether he is allowed to do that. we will have that legal debate in today's "kelly's court." iran today demanding that the world remove economic sanctions before it will even consider cutting back its nuclear program. there are talks with iran underway in moscow today described as difficult and tense. teheran also making clear that the regime will not stop enriching uranium. it put a bit of a damper on hopes by some that we would see some progress being made. ambassador john bolton has than following this closely in the very start. he is here live. he will weigh in on what we've learned about the negotiations today and the latest position by teheran. here at home federal regulators now say it was a design flaw that forced a california nuclear power plant to shut down.
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the san onofre nuclear power plant was closed in january after a tube carrying radioactive water broke, releasing traces of radiation. it was then discovered that other tubes were so badly damaged they could explode at any time. federal officials now say the defective generators may have to be replaced. well for the very first time today we are now hearing some of the many telephone conversations between george zimmerman and his wife, while mr. zimmerman has been behind bars accused of second-degree murder in the killing of trayvon martin. these jailhouse phone calls reveal how mr. zimmerman and his wife shelly tried to hide money prior to his bond hearing back in april. mrs. zimmerman has been brought up on charges for perjury, given her testimony about their finances at the bond hearing based on these calls, but now we are getting a bit more of a window into how big a role
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george played in the moving of that money. in these you can hear the couple using code to talk about how much money they have in their bank accounts, and that is a move that ultimately landed mr. zimmerman back in jail. as i mentioned his wife facing criminal charges. trace gallagher has been pouring through the tapes. there were over 150 phone calls they had negotiated, the defense did to releasing just a handful. we've got the transcripts. you've listened to them. what do they tell us? >> reporter: 145 calls, megyn. the judge has released six of them because the defense argued the rest of them were either personal or irrelevant. and so the reason that these phone recordings are so important is because when we read through the transcripts you can't really tell the tone, or the tenor or the context. the first conversation i want to play for you is them establishing how much money is in this paypal account.
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>> in my account do i have at least $100? [inaudible] >> yeah. how close am i? >> $8. >> really? >> inaudible. >> total, everything, how much are we looking at? >> like $155. >> reporter: of course the prosecutor is saying that $155 she was actually saying $155,000 inside that paypal account. at the bond hearing they testified that they were broke. listen to the conversation about how much of the bond they were trying to figure out to pay. play this. >> the bond is 50. >> oh. >> the bond is 50, pay the 50. if it's more than 50 just pay
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it, 10% to a bondsman. >> you don't want me to pay a hundred dollars. >> i don't know. >> all right, well think about it. >> i will. >> that's what it's for. >> reporter: you don't want to pay a hundred dollars, in other words the prosecutor is saying you want me to pay a hundred percent because that's what the money in that account was for. in other conversations they talked about using the money to pay for all the bills, which they did and also to take that money from the pay paul act into their other various accounts as quickly as they possibly could. listen again. >> i came back to the bank to do that thing with susie. >> okay. >> we need to go and get that thing taken care of first. >> oh, okay. [inaudibl]inaudible [n. >> i asked ken to double up on it. $10 in the morning and $10 in the evening and that way you can put into mine and you can take ten for you and ten for her, susie. >> reporter: right, $10 in the
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morning, $10 in the evening getting all this money ou out of one account into the other. this is damaging, because it shows a couple of things, that there is money in there they did not disclose and they were paying bills with this money, and three the money was being moved into a variety of different accounts as quickly as possible, sometimes three transactions a day. megyn: that is the thing. a lot of well wishers donated money to that website thinking they would help him with his legal costs and the transcripts appear to make clear that he and his wife westbound paying off his american express, sam's club, some other bills with the money from said well wishers, no? >> reporter: and her student loans, and her student fees, and a lot of other bills, they kind of go through there. remember these are six calls, there were 145 calls in the early days he was in jail. there is a lot more to pour over. it does not look good. it looks like they were taking money meant for the legal fund,
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and using it for everything but the legal fund. they said, no we are destitute. megyn: there is talk of putting money, cash in a safety deposit box and discussion of his passport, and there is a real question about how that discussion will affect his request to get out again on bond. why is he shuffling money away to a safety deposit box and cash and so on. we'll talk about it with our panel coming up. we'll take up all that, plus there is some evidence on these tapes that may reflect well on george zimmerman, in particular the love he has for his wife, the actions of any racial overtones when they talk about this case and we will bring all of it to you coming up here in just about 20 minutes. also coming up new warnings about the trillions of dollars we are now told taxpayers owe to public employee unions. lieu dobbs is next with one of the biggest economics concerns in this country. the administration took a lot of criticism and defended themselves. now they've apparently gone back
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and changed the biographies, we'll tell you how. growing controversy over texas justice in a kindergarten classroom. while a teacher ordered her students to attack a bully.
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megyn: we are getting concerns today about a massive bill coming due for cities and states and that means you around the country and questions about how it's going to be paid for. nationwide government officials are estimating that taxpayers are facing unfunded public pension costs upwards of $900 billion. but a report getting new attention today shows the real amount that we are in the red is a staggering 4 trillion, with a t, and this is all in a report that jpmorgan chase issued to its biggest clients back in 2011, just coming to light right now. lou dobbs is the anchor of lou dobbs tonight on fox business network and a syndicated host.
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charlie gasarino has an article in the "new york posts" today. we know there are pensions out there, firefighters, police and so on that are promised big pensions and the taxpayer has to pay for the pensions, basically right. >> not basically, we do. megyn: we do. his point is it's a much bigger liability that we are being told, it's 4 thrill kwroepb, and that jpmorgan has done the math on this and issued some reports that identified that huge understatement? >> well, jp morgan chase and others have done math on this and charlie has done a terrific job of reporting, but to me the most alarming aspect of this. as we have been fully aware that over $3 trillion have been in unfunded liabilities. that is the american taxpayer, whether at the local levels, county, state or federal owes
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folks that work for us over $3 trillion and there is no way to get there from here without either raising taxes or reducing services. megyn: that's when he's saying. we're talking about massive tax hikes potentially across the board that will have to pay for this. >> i'll tell you categorically that won't happen. we can't afford it. for the very same reasons that you and stewart were discussing at the outset of your broadcast, this economy is too fragile. the idea that we are going to raise taxes to pay for what i consider to be some of the most corrupt constructions of agreements with public employees or private ever in the history of this country simply will not happen. we are watching right now a nation awakening to a level of corruption and convenience for a class of citizen, ie the public emplo employee that will not stand, because we similarly cannot afford it. megyn: it's almost like self-dealing, when you say corruption i don't know that you
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can blame the union reps for the firefighters that goes into the city official and says this is the deal we want. we want these great pensions, they risk their lives. it is up to the city official on the other side of the negotiating table to say, we love our firefighters, but we also need to protect our taxpayers and we can't agree to huge astronomical numbers begin the red this state or city is already in. >> megyn i think you have it exactly right. this is not a matter of blame, this is a matter-of-fact. and a fact that is irresistible, and can no longer be ignored. this is not a matter of who we send to jail and who we don't. right now we have -- we have to save our municipalities. we have to save local government, and we've got to save them from themselves. megyn: does that mean reneging on the deals whether you like the deals or not, the cities and the states scrub the deals. >> think of the deals reneged upon in the private sector, the social contracts torn to shreds as we try to come to terms with decades of excess.
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this is what no one wants to talk about. i'm telling you straight up and straightforwardly, this is not a candy rock mountain. we will have to make tough decisions and take tough actions to get this country turned around. megyn: we talked about this last week when with the two cities out in california. >> san jose and san diego. megyn: decided that voters voted at the ballot box to be able to change the pensions that were going to be going to these public workers because of this type of situation. >> they can't afford it. megyn: they can't afford it. they can't raise taxes enough to pay for it. is that going to be the wave of the future? if we are really 4 trillion in the hole to our public workers. >> that is an understatement what we are in the whole. our unfunded liabilities across the country. medicare, medicaid, social security, whether it's public employee pensions, whether it's the state of california playing games with the bond market to make up for a deficit in its state budget, we have state employees in california, in particular, who are out of
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control. i'm going to use the word again, it is out right corruption and the taxpayer is the target of that corruption. megyn: because the government officials who are on the other side of the negotiation table tend to be supported financially by the very people who are on the opposite side of the table. >> calpers, one of the most quote unquote, seven lee the largest, richest and at one time most respect, i mean the self-dealing that appears in the relationship between public employees, these government units, and calpers nationwide. megyn: people have to ask themselves when they get these sweetheart deals. i go to my employer and said i want to be paid 10 million. he says great. i said how about 20e, he says great. i say how about 50 he says great. but it's not worth anything if it's not worth the paper it's printed on. >> if this continues some people need to go to jail. megyn: and owe stations to the
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megyn: follow-up to a story we first brought you right here on "america live." you may remember about a month ago when someone on the president's team decided to update several of the biographies of past presidents on the official white house website by adding a footnote underneath each man's bio, touting president obama's ' and trying to relate them to the prior presidends. now it seems the administration after defending the phoef has quietly removed those footnotes and placed them in a different section of the website. trace gallagher has an update for us now. >> reporter: like poof, now you
10:26 am
see it now you don't. a lot of critics were surprised when the white house went in and put the president's information into the biographies from a lot of other presidents from fdr, to jfk to ronald reagan, right? the main reason most people use this website is because it's for students to do a lot of research. what happens is they went into the website. ronald reagan's biosays reagan called for a fair tax code, one where a multi-millionaire did not have a lower rate than his secretary. hen it goes and to pay obama is calling for the same with the buffett rule. the white house argued that the bios were not being altered, they were simply adding links to other pages to keep people reading through the website. they said it's a very common practice. but now if you go in to ronald reagan's biography on the website there is some difference, in fact if you
10:27 am
scroll all the way down, and it takes a while to get there, all the way down, down, down, down, down at the bottom is where you'll find that little part about president obama and the buffett rule, not only is it down at the bottom its in it's own little box there, right, moved to the very bottom, clearly there was some embarrassment inside the white house. this is now a month after all the outrage has finally similar erred down, the biographies have been adjusted a bit. the same goes for fdr on the others. they all have it at the bottom, bottom, bottom of the page no longer in the bio. megyn: thanks, trace. we are seeing some unexpected consequences from the president's new order when it comes to young illegal immigrants. it won him a handful of new allies on the left, including today the president of mexico, who applauded the move. but one of the leading progressives in america calls this disturbing, and is now comparing president obama to
10:28 am
president richard nixon, calling him an imperial county. you'll see why in three minutes. and justice scalia and justice ginsberg, one on the right, one on the left both just dropped what could possibly be a hint on the supreme court's upcoming healthcare ruling. we'll try to read between the lines. brand-new evidence in the george zimmerman case shedding light on some conversations between mr. zimmerman and his wife. some of it is good for him, some of it is not good for him. we will take a look at the tapes and discuss why they reveal more than just their financial situation. >> i can't remember what the dream was, but it was really nice. i bought you something that you always wanted. i don't remember what it was. >> oh, honey. you don't need to worry about that, cutie. >> i wish i could remember, it was like a nice scarf or something. >> you're so cute, i love you so much. >> i love you so much. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways, or treat gas with these after you get it.
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>> beyond the pandering, beyond the politics, beyond the politics is simply constitutional decency. this is out-and-out lawlessness. megyn: that was charles krauthammer who is suggesting that president obama may have probing even the rules with last week's announcement suspending deportations for some illegal immigrants, some 800,000 they put the number around. but it is not just those on the right questioning this move. jonathan turley one of the nation's leading progressive legal voices is now slamming the move as well, saying it is part of what he calls a disturbing pattern by this administration, annex pans of what he calls the imperial presidency. he compares it to former president richard nixon. joining us now to discuss it brad blakeman a former deputy assistant to george w. bush. and josh block, a former spokesman for the clinton gore and gore lieberman presidential
10:34 am
campaigns. it's interesting it's not every day we begin a segment by showing the audience how charles krauthammer and jonathan turley are in agreement on what many critics are calling an imperial presidency. they pick through examples of what president obama has done by executive order or by an order to his administration not to enforce certain laws that he doesn't like and there seems to be a growing chorus that this president is guilty of an executive power grab. >> i happen to agree with jonathan turley, and that doesn't happen very often. i will tell you as a lawyer, megyn either very disturbing that a president who touts himself as a constitutional scholar and is our president and took an oath of office to uphold all the laws of our country finds that it's better for him to dictate rather than to legislate. he's ruled by fiat, by executive order, which is wrong an sits back an says, megyn if you don't like what i do, sue me. well we are suing him. we are suing him over healthcare and suing him over immigration,
10:35 am
a decision that is likely to come any day now whether or not a state has the right to protect its own population when the federal government ab today indicates it's power. you have a president who basically says, look, i'm going to do whatever i want, and the president knows, megyn as a constitutional scholar that he is, that by the time the supreme court gets this case he may not be president. so he's going to do what he needs to do to be reelected, and let the chips fall where they may, which is not a separation of powers, it's not a president who respects the coequal branches of government. megyn: josh, what of it? you have the president refusing to enforce through his justice department the defense of marriage act which defines marriage between a machine and a woman. you have recess appointments when the senate was very arguably still in recess. he rammed healthcare through without the 60 votes. when it came to a vote he decided he wasn't going to prosecute medical marijuana users even though that is a federal makers toking that illegal. he legalized internet gambling
10:36 am
without congress' okay and now this. it's not that congress didn't act on this. they did -- didn't have the votes to past the d.r.e.a.m. act. they didn't have the votes and now the president has essentially, just short of done it himself. >> well, megyn, it's really got to worry the white house in its election season to have the kind of attacks we're hearing come from both the left and the right that is a dangerous thing for the president to be under attack with the same words and the same criticisms coming from bow the left and the right. that's got to worry them. to the extent that this nixonalgj catches on, it will happen if they perceive the president as someone sacrificing his principles to achieve re-election or abusing power to move forward. you see other moves that reinforce and give his opponents additional opportunities to make that charge merging assumer pack with david barak whose groups have been throwing around anti-semitic rhetoric, that gives people a chance to make this accusation. i don't think in every case
10:37 am
people are complaining about executive authority. when the president is out there killing terrorists i don't hear the right complaining. maybe there is an area we can agree on. megyn: brad, jonathan turley goes on and says the following. in many ways president obama has fulfilled the dream of an imperial presidency that richard nixon sraoeufd for. he is negating parts of the criminal code because he disagrees with them. that does go beyond the pail. my question for you, brad is what if a president romney started doing this on issues like healthcare and the new law that has been in place. >> the democrats would be talking impeachment for a president who has overstepped his constitutional authority and as sphapbd der in chief and as leader of our country determines what laws, federal laws he's going into force and what laws he's not. beyond that not only will he not enforce them he'll sign the executive order taking the power and authority away from congress
10:38 am
and dictating exactly what the agencies are going to do with regard to laws on the pwaobs. it's wrong, it's constitutionally abhorrent for a president to go there. the reason why other presidents have gone there is they've respected the constitution, the executive powers of the president and more importantly the separation of powers between the executive branch, the legislative and the judicial. megyn: brad's former boss president bush was accused of being an imperial president by many on the left. although jonathan turley has come out criticizing president obama that hasn't been exactly the same author rust of cons tere nation wcon sister nation we saw under president bush. >> we don't slide towards an imperial presidency. >> i think it's evidence to some extent of imperial arrogance on the part of the administration here. megyn: do you think howard dean its going to say he's very concerned about barack obama
10:39 am
becoming an imperial president, thinking he's king. >> i think the chances of that are low. we are in a political season, you will hear a lot of crazy things said. the white house would feel better if they were just coming from the right. what next, is he going to be richard fillmore? i think the president should be out there giving people a vision of what is going to carry the nation forward. i did not like the speech he gave in whao*euzs ohio, i think it was too much look back, that's why people hired him. if he breaks up with some of these folks like barack maybe he'll have a chance to change that opinion. megyn: josh, brad, thank you both so much. coming up in "kelly's court" in our next hour we'll talk about whether this is legal. is the president i within his rights to give this pass to 800,000 illegal immigrants in this country? we'll have the lawyers take a look at it. plus, we're getting a much better picture today of the new controversy in the trayvon
10:40 am
martin shooting case. in three minutes we will play for you some of the jailhouse phone calls between mr. zimmerman accused of second-degree murder and his wife shellie. you can judge for yourself whether these two plotted to lie to the court or not. and we'll talk about some of the evidence in these tapes that may be good for mr. zimmerman as well. plus, president obama today face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin just days after russia rejected an american request to stop sending dangerous weapons into the middle of the syrian slaughter. we'll show you what is at stake. the atf whistle-blower who revealed the failed fast and furious gun running sting speaking exclusively to fox news about how he feels about the current investigation, where things stand now and the pending contempt of congress vote against attorney general eric holder. >> here we are a year later. do the attorneys know anything more now about this program, who is responsible for it?
10:41 am
has anybody been held accountable for it? has any of their questions about this been answered? man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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>> in my 0 account do i have at least a hundred dollars? [inaudible] >> how close am i? >> $8. [inaudible. >> really? >> $8 and 60-cents for something. >> total everything, how much do i have? >> um, like $155. megyn: you were just listening to shooting suspect george zimmerman calling his wife from jail. prosecutors in the trayvon martin shooting case say that this is evidence of the two speaking in code about their finances. they say to hide cash raised online from supporters.
10:45 am
this is in advance of his bond hearing, they believe that this couple lied to the court in order to get mr. zimmerman a low bond, his bond was ultimately revoked in the wake of these tapes, and the prosecution's argument. this is one of the tapes revealed by the prosecutors today. six in total have been released. i've been through them all, so has the panel. the question no is what do they tell us about these two individuals and this case. joining me now arthur aidala and mike eiglarsh who is an add skwrupblgt laan adjunct law professor at the university of miami. we never say that about you, mark so we got that in today. megyn: it's not that compelling quite frankly but there is a lot in there that could potentially become relevant to this case. i want to ask you arthur what did you find in here if anything that you find damaging to mr. zimmerman. >> look, some of it is based on common-sense, megyn. when you say there is nothing compelling i agree in terms of
10:46 am
like there's no smoking gun kind of thing, oh, yeah, i made it up, he wasn't really attacking me, or i really know there is a hundred thousand dollars in my account. but, boy, all it takes is a modicum of common-sense and experience doing what we do and you can tell what is going on. he's obviously speaking to her in code about how much money is in the account. and then he goes into court a few days later, and he lies about it, and she lies about it. and if a jury is supposed to weigh his credibility about what happened that night, as sure as the law is the law they are allowed to hear that he came to court months before in front of that same judge and lied under oath. megyn: we are going to talk -- there is stuff in here i think could reflect well on mr. zimmerman. before we get to that mark i want to ask you, there was some question with if this was all shellie zimmerman or what hand tk george zimmerman have in this
10:47 am
rouse in the court. mr. zimmerman was the mastermind involved. he knew they were moving money around. they paid off their amex, sam's card and put in a safe deposit box cash that they testified to the court did not exist. >> i agree. however, what does this have to do with the war? this is a battle, but the war is whether he reasonably feared death or great bodily harm and used every reasonable mean to escape the harm if he was the aggressor. the battle is where he's going to be before he goes to trial. the bond issue. so he's in jail, correctly, because he misled the court, not what my beautiful bald brother arthur said, lied to the court. >> he misled -- judge kelly it was a misleading it wasn't a lie. >> right, it wasn't a live. he did not testify under oath. his wife committed perjury. he apparently did not. megyn: that's why she's facing
10:48 am
charges, he's not. >> right the question now is, can this automobile introduced in his trial? and the answer is, no, it should not be. megyn: really? >> it would be more prejudicial and probative. >> it's not probative? megyn: his lawyer has come out with a statement that acknowledges that this is going to come back and reflect on his credibility. i don't know if you get part of the tape in arthur as a lawyer then the other side has a right to play more of the tape. there was a lot on here, it's not proof of anything, but antidotal lee it may soften a jury. george zimmerman no racial epitaphs, no swear words. he says ahh shubgs. he tells her how much he loves her, she tells him how much she loves him. he talks about the cha chapels, and how helpful they've been to them. >> i'm jumping out of my
10:49 am
street. i bleach the trial judge has the discretion. he does not have to put in the whole tape. although as a defense attorney i argue all the time under the doctrine of completeness that it should go in. judges all the time, routinely say, no, no, no, no, no, that other stuff about i love you, honey is absolutely irrelevant. i find the only part of this tape that is probative that a jury should consider is the part where he and his wife are lying. >> how convenient. how convenient, arthur. >> you know it happens to us at defense attorneys every day of the week, you know it happens. >> do you want this complex trial to turn into another trial, all about the bond hearing, what his role was, what he knew -- megyn: let me ask you this. mark. you have a trial within a trial if you go that route. how bad, if bad at all is the testimony that we see in here, the exchange in here about his passport nice is in a bag. shellie says she has a path port in a safety deposit box. he says hold onto them.
10:50 am
he's saying there is cash in a safety deposit box. you could make the argument at the second bond hearing it looks like mr. zimmerman who says in here he'd prefer not to have a bail bondsman, nobody looking over him likely to flee? is the judge likely to not give him bond the second time around. >> i am conceding that this is not a good set of facts for the bond hearing. absolutely, i wouldn't want this if i'm defending him. that being said the judge should still give him a bond, it should be a much higher bond now that he has money but it shouldn't bear on the actual case as well. megyn: i don't know if it's going to help fundraising overt internet when they find out the money went to amex and sam's club. the viewers will let me know that. you can do that at twitter on megyn kelly. talks are underway in russia on iran's nuclear program. they could be derailed by a new demand from teheran. that is just ahead.
10:51 am
a teacher accuses a six-year-old boy for being a bully. the punishment he got has his mother furious. >> i still don't feel like they are taking it seriously, although they said they are, i still don't feel like they are taking it seriously. that fit almost anywhere so you can take them everywhere. dentyne split to fit. practice safe breath.
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10:54 am
megyn: a texas mother is furious after learning this a teacher allegedly ordered a classroom full of children to line up and slap her son. amy kneel lee sayamy said it all started after another child at the school accused her son of being a bully. a second teacher took the boy into her classroom sat him down in a chair and reportedly told her students to take turns slapping him. amy found out about it weeks later from another teacher who witnessed the whole thing. trace gallagher has more live
10:55 am
from our west coast newsroom, trace. >> reporter: there were 24 kids in this classroom. the kids had to line up as you just said. some said they didn't want to hit the 6-year-old boy because he was their friend. this teacher insisted. witnesses said if they didn't hit the boy hard enough they had to slap him again with the teacher in the background saying, and i'm quoting from the witness, hit him, hit him harder. as you might imagine the boy's mother when she found out about it weeks later was incensed. listen. >> my stomach just was in knots. it was horrible, child abuse. totally child abuse. 24 kids in that class and he told me some of them hit him twice. >> reporter: she has filed criminal charges against the school. she wants the school held responsible. both of the teachers involved were put on paid leave. one of the teachers who owed the slapping will not be rehired by the school district. but for the other teacher the school district says and i'm quoting here, this teacher is relatively young, and just needs to be reeducated and reminded
10:56 am
what needs to happen in the classroom in order for it to be a safe learning environment. so a little reeducation for the teacher who sat back and watched as her student was smacked about by 24 other kids in another teacher's classroom. megyn: unbelievable. so she needs to be reeducated on what needs to happen, in other words, not that. helpful. >> reporter: just -- just don't be the -- the slap happy teach he shall, don't be that teacher. >> you don't teach a kid not to hit by hitting him two dozen times. we'll remember that. thank you, trace. president obama in a showdown with russian president vladimir putin. that sound a lot like something from the cold war. will this be the end of our so-called relationship reset with russia? we'll look at what is at stake in three minutes. he risked his career to bring attention to the failed fast and furious gun running sting. the atf whistle-blower who started it all is speaking
10:57 am
exclusively to fox news. how he feels about the progress of the investigates. breaking developments on the pending contempt of congress vote against attorney general eric holder. we'll have that just after the break. try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. megyn: a fox news alert on a howdown over a possible contempt of congress vote over attorney general eric holder. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly and we have the letter right here. in this letter darrell issa, the attorney general writes in part, quote be thank you for your letter. the department has offered a serious good faith propose at to bring this matter to an amicable resolution in the form of a briefing based on documents that the committee could retain. we propose to meet on june 18.
11:01 am
this comes after we hear from the agent who blew the lid off the scandal. john dodson tells us how he thinks congress and the department of justice is handling the investigation. william lajeunesse with more. >> reporter: the attorney general will attempt to hammer out a deal to attempt a contempt of congress vote. john dodson said his own agency tried to cover up their links to the murder of a border patrol agent. >> brian terry, as horrible as it is and still is, because the family doesn't have the answers they deserve which is the sole
11:02 am
reason i'm here. the guns we saw these individuals buy were turning up at crime scenes in the united states and mexico, yet we still did nothing. >> reporter: congress vowed to get answers. >> we'll not rest until every single person responsible for all of this, no matter where they are, are brought to justice. >> here we are a year later. do they know anything more about this program and who is responsible for it? has anybody been held accountable? have any of their questions been answered? >> reporter: the justice department denied and discredited his claims before the congressional investigators proved him right. >> this is what this is suppose to be about, to get the truth. >> reporter: democrats have called the investigation a
11:03 am
political witch hunt. >> no has ever asked me my political affiliation ever. to say this is party games, oh cape'for me, not for brian terry's family. >> reporter: as for holding the attorney general in contempt of congress -- >> either you think he's in contempt our doesn't. you call the vote, you gift the floor time, you play your cards. >> reporter: so this is coming down to the wire. we have wednesday's vote scheduled. the meeting is wednesday morning. darrell issa says he has not received a dingell document from the attorney general yet. if they accept dowels will they postpone a vote, fan they do with chairman issa have the political muscle to schedule another one? and will they protect some on
11:04 am
the staff of the attorney general or at the white house? richmond afraid if they don't have that vote soon, they won't have it at all. of course, you have the summer recess coming and they will not come forward at all as some believe. megyn: mr. holder says in this letter that he expects this extraordinary accommodation will fully adress remaining concerns that issa and the house leadership have. we shall see. we have another fox news alert on a super power showdown that sounds like something out of the cold war. the g20 summit is putting president obama and vladimir putin in the same place for the first time in a while. president obama once offered up the idea of a reset with our russian allies. but that was before we discovered russia is sending attack helicopters to the syrians despite the u.s. request
11:05 am
to stop that. he will have his work cut out for him dealing with a man who goes out of the way to project his own toughness to the entire world. i thought your position on this, chris, as espoused earlier was interesting. you said the whole back and forth between these two men has actually put president obama in a tougher position. when president obama said to medvedev, wait until after my reelection, then i'll have the flexibility to do more, you said that put our president in a worse position today as he goes in to meet with putin. >> the president gets caught saying this hot mike thing, i'll have more flexibility after the election. mitt romney called them the -- the united states' the number one geopolitical foe pounces on this and starts hammering obama
11:06 am
on what he says is laxity towards russia. guess what happens. the obama people say not true. mitt romney is stuck in a cold war mindset. then russia seems to validate that point of view. you described attack helicopters going into syria and we also talk about iran. we talk about what's going on with the missile shield. all of these sound bellicose russia. this makes barack obama nervous because it gives romney a lane in which to travel. he needs to start talking tougher because he has his own domestic concerns. he sits down with putin, a guy he hoped to do business with in a second term. megyn: president obama needs to look tough. president putin loves to look tough and gorgeous. that's not my opinion, that's his opinion, obviously.
11:07 am
what president poses like this, and he's said to be a big fan of botox. look at him in all his glory, chris. this is what he thinks of himself and what the russian people think of him. he has 72% approval but he wants to be the tough guy. the world super power leaders go in to meet and there is a lot we need to accomplish, none of which is likely to get done given this dynamic. >> what putin wants more than anything, when there are problem at home in russia he wants to be able to rattle the saber and say i have brought us back to the point where we are on a coequal level with the united states. we are back to our role as a nuclear super power, not handmadens to the west. our natural resources and nuclear cars mall make us a great nation again. being in a spat with president obama feeds that. he wants president obama to get
11:08 am
tough with him because he knows that will play back at home because it shows him dualing with the leader of the united states. megyn: we need their cooperation when it comes to iran, not so great. now we need their cooperation when it comes to syria. they are one of two nations who have influence in what's happening in syria. so we can lean on russia. what has russia said with respect to syria? basically, pound sand. we want them to interfere to resist on a regime change. do something to stop the massacre. they suggested an international contact group to discuss it and in that group would be iran. that's helpful. so really is this a pointless exercise? are they going to have a few margaritas and come home? >> it would be a good use of time. but there is something beyond all that. and beyond all that is the
11:09 am
economy. the president is desperate not tomorrow get the economy going, but to get going in time for him not to lose his election bid. russia inside this group of the 20 largest countries is working with china, india and brazil and others to run their own agenda that may not synch h up western europe and the united states. so putin is holding some cards an doesn't care what happens as long as he looks tough. on the other hand, obama needs something from putin. megyn: he needs to look tough and smooth on the forehead. sorry. thanks, chris. >> you bet. megyn: there goes my interview with president putin. the reset effort dates back to march 2009 when hillary clinton gave her russian counterpart a mock reset button to encourage medged our frayed diplomatic
11:10 am
ties. and in july president obama used the same word, calling for a reset in relations. today will mark the first time in three years president obama and putin have met face to face and this will be the first time since putin's return to the presidency. today marks the kickoff to a new round of talks on iran's nuclear program. if iran's new requests are any guideline those talks could in major trouble. john bolton is here live next with his take on the breaking news. the supreme court's ruling on the president's healthcare overhaul could be revealed any day now. but did two of the justices, one from the right and one from the left just drop major hints about how this case is likely to come down? we'll take a look and tell what you they said. mexico's president says he is very happy with president obama's executive order on illegal immigration.
11:11 am
deferring deportation for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants. but is that decision legal? we'll tell you why some say no, and what some are planning on doing about it. >> mr. president we would like to thank you for the valor and courage you had in implementing this action. i'm sure many, many families in united states of america are thankful to you as well. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places.
11:12 am
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megyn: a new round of meetings just wrapped up in moscow over iran's nuclear power program. some experts are not optimistic that anything concrete will emerge when the talks finish tomorrow. temperature steve harrigan is live in moscow with the latest.
11:15 am
steve? >> reporter: this is the third round of talks between iran and six world powers including the u.s. after these three months of talks, little progress to show for it, even the host rugs are having trouble putting a positive spin on things saying the talks have been extremely difficult and the two sides remain very far apart. the u.s. and five world powers are demanding iran stop enriching uranium to the 20% level. at that level it can be quickly converted to use in nuclear weapons. and iran is asking for relief from economic sanctions. what we are seeing now is no movement at all. some real danger that the talks could be canceled or end in failure. if these talks do end in failure, if they agree to keep on meeting and keep on talking that could do two things. it could have an immediate effect on the global oil market and it could ramp up
11:16 am
speculation, speculation about possible military action by israel against iran's nuclear program. megyn: joining me for more on this, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. what do you make of it so far? >> i'm not surprised at the end of the first day there is no progress to report. i think that's fairly typical. i think whatever is going to happen is going to happen in the last few hours of the meeting tomorrow. but i don't see any reason to believe there is any likelihood of a deal unless the europeans and the obama administration are willing to make concessions to the iranians. megyn: i have nowhere near your expertise on this. but as a lay person it seems you are right. if iran begins the negotiations by saying we are not going to
11:17 am
talk about your demands unless you first lift all the sanctions on us, it's not going to go anywhere. >> iran has seen the latest sanctions arrayed against them. they have succeed in evading all previous sanctions. i think they feel confident they can get past it. so on that basis, they don't see any reason to compromise. i'm surprised. if i were iran i would throw out a fake compromise and throw some chum in the water and the europeans and the obama administration would go for it and then would you have what they really want is negotiations in perpetuity. if they think they can get that without giving up anything, why not. megyn: i'm also surprised based on our prior discussions of saying they are going to give enough to keep it going on and on and on and postpone a strike
11:18 am
by israel. but they come in taking a hard line according to this report saying we are not giving up anything. we have the right to enrich uranium and you need to acknowledge that and lift -- not on should you not impose the sanctions you are thinking of putting on us. but you have to lift the existing sanctions. you expect a big turn around on that on day two? >> of course not. they see weakness. they see particular weakness in europe because of the crisis over sovereign debt and the banking crisis and the potential spillover to the united states. i think from iran's points of view they will press their advantage. the europeans and obama administration hate to admit failures of negotiations. the right thing to do from the u.s. perspective is to say we are tired of talking. these people are not serious, and we are going to prolong this any further. i think there is close to zero
11:19 am
chance president obama would say that. and the iranians know that. megyn: this is day one of these negotiations but it's not day one of the negotiations. here they go a third time. and so where are we? we haven't made any progress so far? >> that exactly right. i would go beyond that. we have been having negotiations through the europeans for 10 years. during which time the major outcome of all of these multiple rounds of negotiations is that iran has had 10 years of essentially unimpeded progress toward a nuclear weapons capability. at some point you have to say when are we going to wake up to the fact that iran is not going to negotiate away its nuclear weapons program. the fact that they are not rushing to build a nuclear weapon shows the deep confidence they have that the united states
11:20 am
and europe are not a part of this. their one concern is israel. they are not worried about the united states. that's bad news from the point of view of those who do not want iran to have the nuclear weapons. meg, then there is israel. what is it to make of these negotiations at this point? >> reporter: let's say they agreed to a fourth meeting. i think israel has to conclude there is no chance the iranians are going to make any real concessions. i think you could conclude that before the start. but there is a certain point at which no rational person can believe negotiations will solve this. i think at that point the israelis have got to make the hard calculation, are they prepared to strike, and if they are it will be before the u.s. he looks. will it be before possible israeli elections or do they think they have enough time to wait until next year. i think with our intelligence
11:21 am
about events in iran being imperfect. every day that goes by increases the possibility iran will cross that nuclear finish line in which case their retaliation could be nuclear. megyn: thank you so much for your expertise as always. the autopsy of rodney king began just over an hour ago in los angeles. we'll tell you what police are now saying about his bizarre drowning death. president obama giving a pass to 800,000 illegal immigrants it's a bold move. but does he have a legal right to do it? that's on the dock net today's "kelly's court." >> they were brought to this country by their parents. sometimes even as infants. and often have no idea they are undocumented until they apply for a job or a driver's license
11:22 am
or a college scholarship.
11:23 am
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5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
11:25 am
megyn: an autopsy is underway in california. rodney king's fiance discovered his body at the bottom his swimming pool at his southern california home over the weekend. >> reporter: we just spoke to the coroner's office within the last hour. they told us the autopsy began at 10:00 a.m. local time. just over an hour ago. but they don't expect to release any results for a couple of weeks. to recap the events of the weekend.
11:26 am
early sunday morning police had a 911 call from king's fiance about 5:00 a.m. local time. king was at the bottom of the pool. he is known to be an avid swirl an was wearing a bathing suit. police gop him out of the pool and performed cpr unless paramedics got there. neighbors say he was a good man and he will be missed. >> he's a very nice guy. would do anything for anybody the way i got it. my understanding was he helped his brother start a business in construction. when he would have a barbeque over there and i would be here by myself he would bring food over to me to eat. >> reporter: lots of debate about what kind of legacy rodney king will leave behind. to many he's a tragic figure who had a lot of bad luck. after the riots he had a lot of run-ins with the law, mostly for
11:27 am
alcohol-related crimes. but many say he's part of the culture and history of l.a. and led to a change in the police tactics. >> there are things police do differently that came into play since the rodney king beating. the police looked at this and said we should try different kind of things. >> reporter: police say they didn't find drugs or chog at the scene. still at this moment very much of a mystery as to what happened to rodney king. on a sad note he does leave behind three children. megyn: a clarification on a report we brought you three weeks ago. we were reporting on the epa conducting surveillance over ranchers. he reported that they were unmanned drones.
11:28 am
in fact the pictures are being taken from manned aircraft. we apologize for the confusion. we are awaiting a decision from the u.s. supreme court regarding the president's healthcare law. did these two justices, one left in, one from the right, just drop major hints about their decision before it's made public? talking about justice ginsberg and justice scalia. >> some described the controversy as unpress don't and they may be right if they mean the number of press conference, prayer circles, protests, counter protests going on outside the court while oral argument was underway inside. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
11:29 am
11:30 am
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megyn: as we told you at the top of the hour. in 30 minutes president obama is set to meet won -- meet one-on-one with vladimir putin. they will likely discuss several hot button issues including iran's nuclear program and russia's increasing military involvement in syria. as we get news we'll bring it to you. virtually any day now we could
11:33 am
be getting, we'll be getting one of the most anticipated rulings by the supreme court. a landmark ruling on the president's healthcare overhaul. the decision is expected to company time. generally between now and the end of the month. it didn't come out today, but we are inching toward the end of june and we are monitoring every move by the high court including some potentially revealing comments by two of the nine justices who will decide this law's fate. justice ginsberg and justice scalia both making remarks that had some wondering if they just dropped hint on the split in the high court before the decision is officially hand down. julian epstein, former legal counsel to the house judiciary
11:34 am
committee. i want to start with you, wendy, here in new york and down in the beltway, there are all sorts of rumors right now about how the high court is going to rule. i have heard the rumors. i have been told by somebody who has an inside story supposedly how it's going to come down. clerks for the high court. are there ever leaks? >> i never saw leaks when i was there. that place is buckled down tight. and anybody actually leaked doing so in an unauthorized way, they are violating a pledge they took. i heard people vowing up and down they are certain they know of the vote, who is writing what opinion. i don't put much credence tonight. megyn: one thing that justice ginsberg said, here is how she phrase it.
11:35 am
listen here. >> at the supreme court those who know don't talk and those who talk don't know. megyn: so that's true. nonetheless, people talk anyway. but she went on to say -- i wonder if you think this is a forecast of what this opinion will look like. she said as one may expect knowledge of the most controversial cases remain pending. so it is likely that the sharp disagreement rate will go up next week and the week after. is she telling us we are looking at a 5-4 decision on the healthcare law? >> she is telling us if we are talking about it we probably don't know. it's so impossible, megyn, to read between the tea leaves here. i think you can do naval -- i think you can do navel gazing between what ginsberg and scalia said. but i agree with wendy.
11:36 am
for anyone, justices, any of the clerks, anyone else who would have any inside knowledge to be discussing it with anyone right now. i just think it's so difficult to begin to do this kind of thing. megyn: i think it many more illuminating than what justice ginsberg said. wendy, getting a supreme court clerkship is impossible. you have to be a huge brainiac. you have to be the best of the best at the best schools with the best resumes and pedigree. so that tells you something about wendy. when you get there, do you have to take a blood oath? how do they make sure there are no leaks. >> you sign a document saying i vow i will keep the secrets of the court it's a document. the more important thing is anybody who achieved a supreme court clerkship is head for a prominent position maybe for the federal bench themselves or to be a partner at a big law firm.
11:37 am
megyn: don't they talk to their spouse and their spouse tells one person and it goes? >> usually not. justice thomas talked about how he couldn't even discuss things with his own wife. so it's pretty tight. megyn: justice scalia is coming out with a book and he writes in this book about a well-known case in legal circles and it was a critical case a long time ago on the commerce clause, the clause that the government says under which it says it had the right to pass obama-care. justice scalia tells us how he feels about wicker v.fil burkes rn. he says in that case the court expand the commerce clause beyond all reason. and his treatment of this case has been far more respectful in his written opinions than it is in this book. does that suggest he's not
11:38 am
likely to use wicker v.filburn as justification. >> just for your viewers' knowledge, it was a case many decades ago where the government ruled an individual couldn't grow wheat in his own backyard. and that has been upheld through the ages. in fact the people that like the law say if that's constitutional. if that's part of the commerce clause surely this mandate is. because this is intended to prevent free riders from taking part of the guarantee provision. megyn: justice scalia says it expand the commerce clause beyond all reason. he's not likely to be citing that case to justify its law.
11:39 am
>> i think the court, especially those who favor judicial restraint, and it expanded the powers beyond what congress intended. megyn: there has been a lot of discussion about if the court is going to strike count individual mandate, the heart of the law as so many people believe it might given the way the oral argument went. what does this law look like? does it have any chance of survival if they just strike that down but not the entire law? >> two important points. wendy made the point if they strike this down they are changing the existing law with respect to the commerce clause. if this is struck down then the question is whether other provisions of the law are receivable. -- law are severable.
11:40 am
saying if you have a preexisting condition you can't be denied coverage. those two provisions go. but there are many other provisions unrelated to the mandate. things like 2.5 million young adult getting health insurance on their family's plans. seniors getting prescription drug coverage. all those seem unrelated to the mandate so my guess is those provisions would stand. megyn: wendy, what do you think? if the individual mandate goes but they don't throw out the whole law. >> when nancy pelosi said pass the now now and we'll find out what's in it later with, there is no severability clause. the severability question that a court undertakes, they say are
11:41 am
these other provisions so integral to the whole law that you can't pull them apart and think that's the case with obama-care. the individual mandate is a funding mechanism. megyn: right now do we all agree the opinion is written, they are just tweaking it. >> a lot of tweaking. megyn: the decision is done, right? >> going back and forth and everyone is keying their opinions and it could go on for another week or so. >> i believe wendy is correct by also believe there is give and take on the severability issue. i think there are provisions that have nothing to do with the mandate. for example the coverage of poor people. i agree largely with wendy but i think the severability is still up for grabs. megyn: he won't do it. thank you.
11:42 am
we'll find out. what's today. june 18 today? what the heck is it. the 18th. we only have 12 more days. we shall see. there are some serious questions about whether the president's new illegal immigration order is lawful. can he do this? and some of the questions being raised come from the president himself. we'll debate whether he crossed one of his own legal lines. we'll look at what one critic is calling the quote lawlessness behind the decision. >> this out and outlawlessness. you have a clip of the president himself saying months so go i cannot do there is on my own because there are laws on the books. i have news for the president. the laws remain on the books. they haven't changed. good morning! wow.
11:43 am
11:44 am
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megyn: the president's big move on immigration. president obama announced his administration will decline to
11:46 am
deport some 800,000 illegal immigrants known some time as dreamers, named for the dream act which congress rejected. the president's move raising some eyebrows since president obama was asked about granting this administrative relief for dreamers a year ago, and here is what he said then. >> are you on the side of granting administrative relief for dreamers? we are doing our part, it's time to do yours. >> i have to continue to say this notion that somehow i can change the laws unilaterally is not true. we are doing everything we can administratively. but the fact of the matter is, there are laws on the books that i have to enforce. and i think that there has been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the dream act
11:47 am
passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow by myself i can go and do these things. it's just not true. megyn: was the president right in 2011 or is he right now. dan, let me start with you on this. are the two position inconsistent and which one, if so, is right? >> basically the fact of the matter is the president has the same legal team he has now. nothing changed since march of 2011 when he said he didn't have the authority. this is an outrageous power grab. i'll defend to my dying day the right congress to make the decisions on who gets to come to this country and who does not. the president's responsibility is to faithfully execute the laws of the united states. he does not have the right to
11:48 am
rewrite the immigration law and give out these kinds of benefits. every time congress looked at it since the mid-1990s they tried to tighten up any discretion and made it clear there is very little discretion and it's tightly confined in granting extraordinary relief. what he has done is shown he can be cowed by a radical wing of his party for political reasons. hijack the congress. >> there is a lot of pent-up anger, mr. stein. but we all know the president has every right to exercise his executive discretion it's done all the time with prosecutorial discretion. president bush did it. what president obama was talking about about the dream act is there are a lot of provisions including the citizenship
11:49 am
provision that he does not clearly have the authority to do under an administrative executive order. but what he has passed now does haven't any path to citizenship. what you were arguing against the dream act, it was too big were gave much. all's doing is on kids, we are talking about kids -- they didn't break any laws. megyn: keep it on legalities. that's the question. whether he has the legal right. the president and his team argue they have prosecutorial discretion. >> the term prosecutorial discretion did not appear anywhere in the immigration law. he does not have that authority. it's not something you can apply to the immigration law. what the president names as a legal standard. there are not limits to alet in or unlimited millions of people
11:50 am
here illegally. he sets an arbitrary line at 30 years old. nothing in the immigration statutes about that. he says you have to get a g.e.d. why does he draw the line there? he has no statutory authority. it's a total abrogation. he recognizes its limit. if it were up to him he would grant them residency, the green card. and later grant them a visa and that's purely legal. we do it all the time. we do it all the time. every president, president bush did it. it's perfectly allowed. defendants in the drug traffic, we give even green cards. >> congress repeatedly rejected the dream act. the president's power is at its low ebb.
11:51 am
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megyn: extreme weather alert. a red flag warning in effect in colorado. firefighters battling powerful winds as they struggle to gain control over the massive brushfire. 80 square miles have burned. it's the most disdirective fire in state's history. and they are trying to stay positive. >> i'm emotional about it. but we have kids to look out for. trying to make it so everything works out all right. >> reporter: the incident
11:55 am
commander on the ground says they are trying to corral mother nature which isn't easy. because the humidity level is just 3% and wind gusts at 15-20 miles an hour. >> we have a high level of atmospheric instability and that tend to draw fire up into the crowns of the trees and with that wind patterns and recirculation that takes place. tomorrow we expect less wind switching to the southeast with high relative humidities. >> reporter: the first priority is to stop the movement which is what some of the crews have been able to do. other areas have been pushed out and it has grown by 1,500 acres overnight. more homes were lost adding to the 180 already destroyed, one belonging to a firefighter. many who were allowed back in
11:56 am
their homes, it was thought they were in the clear. the sheriff described this not as a battle but a campaign and a long one. with the low humidity and the triple digit temperatures they are asking residents to be vigilant. the cost of fighting this fire so far, $12.4 million. megyn: barack obama's one-on-one with recently install president vladimir putin. she just didn't fit the profile of a heart event victim. she's healthy, she eats properly. i was pushing my two kids in a stroller when i had my heart event. i've been on a bayer aspirin regimen ever since. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i know if i take my bayer aspirin i have a better chance of living a healthy life. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart
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at i am proheart on facebook.
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>>megyn: those is june 18, so, thursday, june 21st or june 28th the most likely for the health care ruling and still await the ruling on the airs immigration law, whether that is constitutional, but the health care law is a huge, huge deal. this is my personal briefing book. my assistant put this together. this is the


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