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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 18, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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if they rule this way, what happens they rule that way, what happens. trying to get up to speed for you. >>shepard: is it possible they could eliminate mondays? >>megyn: no, no, no, we could have it in a couple of days. >>shepard: i was thinking two sundays from now. >>megyn: you taking off monday? >>shepard: if there were no monday, i would not work it. if there were two sundays ... >>megyn: i hear if they wish on monday, sunday, or thursday, you will be giving me a three hour show like the day of the john edwards trial. >>shepard: you can have all the hours every day i will go to the beach. have a great she. the news begins anew on "studio b." today, the president set to meet, and is meeting now and may have just ending the meeting with the russian president putin days after the united states accused russia of helping syrian troops kill civilians. plus, parents of an accused
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kindergarten bully calling for criminal charges against the teacher accused of ordering other students to line up and smack the accused kindergartener bully as punishment. and google reports more country are asking the company to censor stuff from the internet. that includes the united states. google call call calls the tren. this is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." the president and 19 other world leaders in mexico, today, trying to come up with a solution to the deepening financial crisis across europe. the so-called g-20 summit comes on the heels of greece's national election, the debt ridden countries pro bailout party, the conservatives when lessening the likelihood greece will leave the euro zone but the path forward is under clear and the crisis in europe is one of several tricky issues on the
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table at the summit now. right now the president is russian counterpart putin are said to have completed discussing the violence in syria. the two superpowers are at odds over russia's role in protecting the syrian regime from the united states intervention. wendell is live for us at the summit in cabo. what is the reaction there from the greek election results? >>reporter: a sigh of relief. not that the election solves the crisis but it does not make it more complicated. the president was optimistic with mexican president calderon. >> i think the election in greece yesterday indicates a positive prospect for not only them forming a government but also, then, working constructively with their international partners in order that they continue on the path of reform.
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>>reporter: the german chancellor merkel rained on the party selling a german news agency "no departures can be made from the reform measures." analysts hoped greece could get more time to make budget cuts and the zone crisis will not be solved here. a big euro zone summit in brussels at the end of the month. >>shepard: wendell is in mexico where the president calderon praised our president if his shift in immigration policy. >>reporter: as popular here as unpopular as it is among republicans in the united states saying the president bypassed the congress. he called this humanitarian and just. all it unprecedented action in our opinion and in this sense, mr. president, we with like to thank you for the valor and courage you had in implementing
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this action. >>reporter: republicans believe this was politically motivated but it tracks the republican proposal by florida senator rubio. >>shepard: loss cabos in next coe. tensions between the country and russia can be worked out. the president with his meeting with putin comes as reports that russia is sending two warships to syria. the russian news agency reports russia is sending a couple of assault vehicles and unknown number of russian marines to the syrian port of tartus. we can tell you what they are reporting, last week the united states criticized russia for sending helicopters to syria and said syrian troops are using them to kill civilians. russia is syria's long team partner and russia is seen as the best broker for a deal that would remove the syrian president. but, so far, leaders in now say
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that is not happening. the fox report chief correspondent is with us today. what is the administration hope from this meeting with the russian president? >>jonathan: the aim of the administration was to put a lot of pressure on russia to withdraw their military and diplomatic support for president assad. we are just hearing the first reporting coming from the meeting and president putin has said she found many common points. among the common points according to both presidents, was an agreement on the need to seek an end to the violence in syria, and reach a political solution. fine words but the difficulty is in agreeing what the political solution will be. russia has always said that president assad should not be brought from power. they agreed on an agreement to work together along with other international actors such as kofi annan the former u.n. secretary general who has been trying to broker the cease-fire
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which has failed. >>shepard: influential and predictable voices call for military intervention. >>jonathan: senator john mccain made a speech today where he again said that the united states now has no choice but to become involved militarily in syria. listen. >> we should make u.s. air power available along with that of our allies, part of an international effort to defend safe areas in syria, and to prevent assad's forces from harassing them as they will inof thebly -- as they will inevitably try to do. >>jonathan: the united nations monitoring who have been in syria have effectively ending their work. they have withdrawn to their hotel because it is simply not safe enough for them to be on the streets of many of those syrian cities. so, while president obama and putin talked, the situation is not changing.
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>>shepard: thank you. and now, to judith miller, pulitzer prize winning journalist, and adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute. so they have wrap up their talks. fur president obama and you are trying to convince leader putin to change his ways regarding tactics on syria where do you begin? >>guest: he cannot ride around as putin did on his horse without a shirt on, this leader is unenormously powerful and popular and holds more tromp charge so i would be solicitous and i would emphasize the initial instinct that the united states had with russia which was to push the reset button. remember that, right after obama was re-elected. and, say to the russians, you must do the right thing. kofi annan is depending on you in the united nations. the united states is depending on you. the syrian people are depending on you.
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and, see if there isn't some way to draw a citizens between the man president assad and his regime because if the regime can perpetuate itself that is what the russians care about. they do not care so were about assad. >>shepard: the regime is in place, the killing would stop and to get to that the history book with putin indicates to us that you play to his ego which is all sides and try to convince him you can have influence, some power in this matter. if you want to be a superpower act like a superpower. >>guest: and they have assets on the ground they have industry interests in syria. they have a port. that is why the ships are on the way there. the united states is being cautious about saying anything about russian troop, air, or military movements after the unfortunate misinformation about the russian mill corporates going to syria. it turns out to be syrian helicopters that were sent back
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to russia for repair. the russians were really annoyed about that. therapy -- they were annoyed at mrs. clinton. so they are undoing the hard feelings. we are talking about interests here, not personality, obama and putin will see eye to eye if they have an interest in doing so. >>shepard: the russians are acting pretty tough. what do you make of the voices in the united states still calling for military intervention? we do not even know the players. the rebels if you call them. >>guest: we do not know the players. the rebels do not control any territory on the ground. syria's neighbors are not in favor of the kind of libyan solution. >>shepard: what are they talking? >>guest: john mccain has been very consistent in terms of an interventionist foreign policy, he has always favored that. others, i think, are being more
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cautious because everyone understands this situation is far more complex and the united states by attempting to make matters better could actually make matters worse and increase the slaughter and the killing. this is a very complex and difficult situation. >>shepard: just coming from the talks, the president and president putin completed talks. they talked about bilateral trade and support for nuclear nonproliferation and continuing research into con furthering reactors to low fuel. in other words, we don't want them to get a bomb. >>guest: that is important because iran is connected to syria for the russians. we have talks starting in now. they affect nuclear proliferation and the iranian decision of whether they will proceed to enrich uranium. and the russians have the high card there, too. they are very influential. more than we are.
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with the iranians. the iranians really do not want the oil sanctions to take effect on july 1st. everyone thinks they are going to unless there is some kind of big deal. the russians have to be part of that. >>shepard: but putin has spoken and he found many "common points," in the talks and crisis of syria and they will continue their discussions and i quote, "from my point of view we have found many common points on this issue a after -- issue," after the meeting of the g-20. what does that mean? we will have to find out. the jury in the jerry sandusky trial has listened to disturbing and graphic testimony, much of it from people the court calls "victims" of the former coach. the defense will try to make the witnesses seem unreliable. we could have this case to the jury this week the we will get legal analysis coming up.
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>>shepard: the defense has begun the questioning in the sex abuse trial against the former penn state university coach jerry sandusky and the judge expects the jury to start deliberating as early as this thursday. we are told the jury will be sequestered as they try to reach a verdict and the judge told them to pack appropriately. we are waiting to hear whether jerry sandusky will take the stand. he is accused of molesting ten boys over 15 years. earlier today, the mother of one accuser broke down on the stand when the prosecution asked her whether she ever talkd to her son about the encounters with coach jerry sandusky and she said she never directly asked
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her son about allegations. last week the accuser said coach jerry sandusky forced him into multiple times into a sexual assault in the basement of former coach's home and the accuse are said sometimes he screamed but he thought the basement was soundproof. former assistant coach at the university says he has showered and "horsed around," with children but he denies abusing children. david 35 miller is outside the courthouse whom testified for the defense today? >>reporter: in the last few hours we heard from six witnesses for the defense all of them essentially witnesses who talked about jerry sandusky's character. let me tell you about one who testified at length, his name is richard anderson, described him sex as a long time friend of jerry sandusky and said he was a former coach at penn state and he told the jury that jerry sandusky had a great reputation. he also said that the job of coach is a very demanding job
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and it left little time for jerry sandusky to socialize with young boys. lastly, a curious thing happens a few moments ago. i was talking to one of the attorneys for one of the alleged victims, we were in mid-conversation and he was serve add subpoena by the defense. he has been told that he is being subpoenaed to produce records about the fee arrangement with his client. the purpose, the defense wants to show that the alleged victims here are conspiring, together to file civil suits do make money and that all the claims are fabrications. >>shepard: interesting. what is the word on whether coach sandusky will testify? >>guest: it is unlikely but possible. at the starting his defense attorney told the jury, you are going to hear from jerry sandusky. he did not elaborate. people took that to mean jerry sandusky was going to testify. well, maybe we will just hear from him from videotape and letters because if all moments
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ago, the judge announced he expects the deliberations to begin no later than friday only here, so if you do the math that leaves, really, tuesday and wednesday for sandusky to be exam aned as a witness and cross exam aned and that is simply not going to be enough time. he would be on the witness stand probably for several days, so, it is highly unlikely. what the defense is planning we did not know. his wife, she could be called. as well as relatives of joe paterno. we will have to wait-and-see. >>shepard: thank you, david lee miller. and now, judge napolitano is with us, and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. judge, did you see the sandusky interview? if his defense attorney saw that my guess is they might hesitate to have him testify? >>judge napolitano: he is a great tv guy but not a
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prosecutor, he demolished jerry just in the questions he put to him, and that would be a good indication of just a very small percentage of what would happen to him on the witness stand. on the other hand, all of that horrific, absolutely unforgettable vividly violent evidence is unrebutted, unchallenged, and, therefore, will produce a very quick, i think, guilty verdict. so this is what is being weighed not lawyers' mind and in sandusky's mine as they decide whether to put him on the stand tomorrow. >>shepard: the prosecution rested on thursday of last week, they took friday off, and maybe they went a little on friday but the defense began today. the defense will finish by wednesday, according to the judge, with closings by the lawyers from both sides on thursday. what is the defense trying to accomplish in the interim? >>randy: take one step back because that schedule is fluid. and can always change. but here is the critical thing.
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you note all of the graphic and horrific -- but there is one problem. it is not corroborated. where is the janitor who saw this? he didn't testify. where is the underwear? no underwear? are is the child victim? the mother? at some level you have to give a jury credit. we saw it in the john edwards case, they said, wait, he didn't get the money. don't be surprised if you have one on the jury thinking the same thing. horrific allegations in -- well i need evidence. >>shepard: the subpoena was just issued. is that admitsible? the jury know they trying to make money. >>judge napolitano: some judges will people that because it undermines the credibility of those who are complaining. not the fact they are suing county because they have the right to sue. there has to be something more, some corroborating,
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collaboration, tayloring -- tailoring of testimony and the existence of the civil suit does not damage the testimony at all. >>shepard: we know that authorities at penn state and with the ncaa and with college boards are waiting in this is over before the sandusky trial is over above they decide what to do about penn state and their institutional control. >>judge napolitano: they will pay out a lot of money right away for humanitarian reasons. they do not want the kids to testify. it will do it for their own reasons, to turn the page and move to the next phase of its history. it doesn't want this thing happening around any longer than it has to be. >>shepard: i am sure. too long already. randy, judge, thanks. greece has had their big election. we are told if they go with the government that keeps the euro everything will be fine. no. why isn't the 401(k) doing any better? why is there so much concern?
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>>shepard: your 401(k) got a short-lived boost because of the greece election with the dow right back in the red, quickly. greek voters as we reported put a pro bailout conservative government in power and that eased invest others'' they would dip the euro. the dow is off 34 on the session. mostly red all day long, but, two small specifics of green there, the fox business network gerri willis is with us. i watched this morning the
12:26 pm
european markets turned around quickly. and, i guess, merkel is our focus now. >>gerri: that was the end of that. the fun is over. and now, merkel is telling greece it has to get serious about the debt taking care their problems, the worries have not maded. they have 23 percent unemployment, and they have $15 billion in debt to pay. they are working on this and they have three days to form a government of pro bailout coalition. if they do not make the dead ryan they have elections all over. >>shepard: they have to get 150 seats in parliament. it look like it will but greece is far from the only problem in europe. >>gerri: right. spain, now, in the crosshairs. the interest rate that investors are requiring on their debt now up to 7 percent. this is a very high rate. very expensive for the government to pay. and at that level other countries have had to seek bailouts. greece. portugal. you name it. we are watching this carefully to see if this is going to precipitate more trouble in the
12:27 pm
e.u., it is not just greece. >>shepard: austerity measures continue. you wonder what that portends. >>gerri: the beat goes on. >>shepard: only suspect in the disappearance of american woman in aruba was sued an insurance company for not paying him $3 million in accidental death benefits. we covered this story add nausea, gary giordano says he met this woman online at and claims they were snorkeling and the ocean current swept her away. a witness says he never saw the pair get in the water and the currents were reported as "calm," that day. it happened not far by happenstance, from where natalee holloway disappeared. the prosecution says the suspect in this case took out the insurance policy in the woman's name, who is now dead, swept away, and then began trying to cash in days after she disappeared long before being declared dead. the company says when someone is presumed dead the firm will not
12:28 pm
evaluate claims unless and until a year has passed. in this case it has ten months. a judge allowed is the suspect to return to the united states because police failed to produce enough evidence to keep him. gary giordano seeking $3 million. >> the central florida shooter, george zimmerman, said "we didn't lie, we didn't know." now the judge has released recordings of the jailhouse conversations george zimmerman had with his wife, and you will hear them yourself how they talk about the money and their future nest. we report. you decide. a teacher accused of organizing a slap attack against an accused six-year-old bully. six-year-old kindergarten bully with fellow kindergarteners lining up to smack him around.
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>>shepard: i am shephard smith and this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. just released jailhouse phone calls and in them, the accused killer, george zimmerman, can be heard appearing to instruct his wife to move money and pay off bills. comes after a judge revoked george zimmerman's bail saying the complied about their finances to get a lower bond in the case of the shooting death of trayvon martin. the prosecution says they were talking in code of the listen.
12:33 pm
>>shepard: the prosecution claims his wife knew she had access to not $155 but $155,000 in donations if his defend but she told the judge the couple was broke. george zimmerman is facing second degree murder charges for the killing of trayvon martin the unarmed teen in a gated community there. phil keating is in florida newsroom. there is a lost transcripts for this. what else do we hear from the shooter? phil: we hear he is concerned, not necessarily scared, but concerned for the safety of himself as well as that of his
12:34 pm
wife. in fact, both have been living in hiding ever since shortly after the trayvon martin shooting death of february 26. in this jailhouse phone call made collect bye jobs do his wife he urges her to use some of his defense money to buy bully proof protection. phil: and they talk about the future, actually, about some day everything working out for the better.
12:35 pm
phil: the new bond hearing for george zimmerman is scheduled next friday up in sanford and his first bond was, of course, sets at $150,000. this is expected to be much higher. >>shepard: a great life. anything from the trayvon martin family, the family of the young boy who was shot and killed? phil: not publicly specifically detailing the phone call conversations that were obviously taped by the sheriff's department but they did post a video online, the father of trayvon, said this very first father's day without his 17-year-old son was absolutely consumed with grief. >> this father's day will be the first without my son, trayvon. i will say a prayer for all the dads across america who share this grief with me.
12:36 pm
phil: he said there are an estimated 30,000 dads in similar positions every year losing sons and daughters to violence. >>shepard: phil keating in florida newsroom. rodney king, now, the man who videotaped being beaten at hand of los angeles police triggering one of the worst riots in our nation's hint. he died yesterday, with the body ending up in a swim pool at his home. trace, anything, yet, on it? >>trace: the autopsy began a couple of hours ago and the sheriff made it clear they will not release partial results so we have to wait if toxicology and that could take another two or three weeks. now, we have been told that rodney king was an avid swimmer but there are no signs of foul play. and apparently there is in outer injuries at all, it appear he
12:37 pm
drowned. efforts to reprovide him failed. he has been arrested several time mosting involving incidents with alcohol but there is no sign of any drugs or alcohol being involved in this drowning. >>shepard: those on the east coast listening as this was breaking we learned of his death are repined how much los angeles and the policing changes as a result of this incident. >>trace: before the 1991 beating the police department had been accused of racism for years and years. and after the riots a number of key things changed. one, that police chief could no longer serve indefinitely. at that time gates was the chief for 13 years. they were limited to two, five year terms of at the riots they got their first, two black police chiefs in history, and they also raised the number of minority hires dramatically, and, inspector general now investigates any complaints
12:38 pm
again the police officers. the police now do things differently. we should try different kinds of things. >>trace: you mention the riots, 50 died in the 3,000 injured thousands of businesses were damaged or destroyed. to this very day many of the areas are struggling to recover. >>shepard: now if los angeles this afternoon, thank you. a texas teacher is out of a job this afternoon, after she ordered her kindergarten students to line up and hit a fellow classmate. another kindergartener. she claims she was trying to teach the six-year-old a lesson for being a bully. according to the police report, the teacher told the other kids "hit him, hit him harder," and another teacher involved is on
12:39 pm
paid leave but the parents of the kid want criminal charges. back to the legal panel the criminal defense attorney, randy zelin is with us and senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. line up boys and girls hit this six-year-old so he learns better. the facts are as we believe them to be, i don't think -- the punishment is prohibited. the harm visited on the bully and the harm visited upon the students who did the administration of punishment, that is very, very serious. >>randy: in crime. if a six-year old cannot form the criminal intent to commit assault, meaning, i have the intention to hit you, to hurt you, if the child cannot form the intent, the adult can either be aider or abettor which is fancy way of saying i am helping you. >>shepard: now, under this
12:40 pm
theory, i could give a gun to my six-year-old son, tell him to pull the trigger and kill someone, and neither he is guilty or am i. rain very -- >>randy: very interesting question. clearly, your intent was to endanger the child. the teacher was trying to teach the bully a lesson. she bettered the bully, did not hurt the bully. the bully learned something. >>shepard: why think randy believes that. >>judge napolitano: he makes great arguments and you do not know what he honestly believes the remark of a great trial lawyer. clearly with legal authority over the children as a schoolteacher does, you cannot use them for the purple of inflicting violence no matter the beneficial goal that might come from that violence. >>shepard: here, john any, hand janey a cup of cyanide. >>judge napolitano: the teacher is gone and will be prosecuted and should be.
12:41 pm
>>jonathan: i can't believe a teacher would think this is a good idea. >>shepard: that is or the of an absolute, isn't it? it is nuts. rain it is kind of nuts. >>shepard: you say it might better the child. >>randy: it is a creative way to better the child. but i don't think it is a crime. creative. creative. >>shepard: they would be all over you. so, what do you think happens here? >>judge napolitano: sometimes these things are resolved and the teacher resigns and loses pension rights and lose tenure and it is over. or, depending how aggressive the prosecution wants to get they will prosecute her and a jury will have to hear the case and randy will get admitted to practice law in texas so he can defend her. >>randy: if for no reason, why put the kids through more because if a criminal prosecution they have to testify. look what is happening in the sandusky case. >>shepard: all right, randy,
12:42 pm
judge, done. what is going on behind closed doors at the supreme court? they heard arguments about the health care law back in march. and the entire country, well, some of the people in the country have been waiting for a decision. we will bring back the judge for a taste of what is happening there. you heard megyn talking about the monday and thursday situation and governor romney on his first big campaign tour says he sealed up the republican nomination and carl is on the road. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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12:46 pm
discuss add variety of topics. he is literally on the road in the back of a vehicle hopefully not driving, carl what did the candidate say? >>carl: well, in the passenger seat not vehicle and we are on the banks of the mighty miss miss out of davenport. today, governor romney got on a mississippi boat and actually went out for a while and took a look. i spoke to mr. romney in wisconsin. he said this is day four of the six state battleground tour and we talked at length on a host of issues. romney made news not first time he sided with those who are now calling for a special counsel to investigate national security intelligence leaks, rejecting the argument from the obama administration that it can investigate the problem and be fair and take care of itself, he think it has to be someone
12:47 pm
outside of the obama administration. listen. >> i do believe a special prosecution should look into it and we should make every effort to understand how those matters that relate to the safety our men and women in uniform, around the world, and to our foreign policy plans, those items shut not be leaked in a way to put our interests at jeopardy. >>shepard: today, president obama is meeting with russian president putin at the g-8 summit in mexico, governor romney criticized the approach to russia saying it has to be tougher. on something that romney has been criticized by late night comics, his wife's horses i asked romney about his wife's having this horse which is now qualified to be in the olympics as a member of the u.s. olympic
12:48 pm
dressage team and he says this is his wife's after vocation and explains why. all it is her passion, not so much mine, to tell you the truth. when i get a chance to ride a horse it is western, and it is on the trail. but my wife is very much devoted to the sport, and she loves it, and it is a committee 6 an extraordinarily healing element in her life, so what works for her is something i'm not going to get in the middle of. >>carl: when he refers to the extraordinary healing aspect he is referring to his wife's multiple scholar roses. comics have been joking the hobby is something of the wealthy elite, and he did not address that. you her the explanation. this could mute some of the criticism. >>shepard: carl, thank you from the road. more governments around the world are moving to censor some of what you can and cannot see on the internet including search
12:49 pm
results and youtube videos receiving more than 1,000 requests to remove content in the second half of 2011 and the trend is rising. google is calling it "alarming." some requests come from the united states. in one instance a law enforcement agency asked google to take down a blog because it included personal attacks against an official and google reports that many of the bodiers from different country target political speech. google has so far compiled all the results and has complied with half of the requests. >> colorado's deadly wildfire is the most destructive in the history of the state of colorado. flames tearing through an area nearly 70's times the size of new york central park and now, a sheriff says there is a new problem. the looters inside the fire zone. wait until you hear how many homes homes have been burned to the ground.
12:50 pm
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>>shepard: wildfire in northern colorado has burned more than 180 homes the most, ever, in colorado. and although the area got a little bit of rain over the weekend it was not nearly fluff and it did not help the firefighters. a sheriff's office says the flames are so intense the rain evaporates before it hits the ground they need 24 hour nonstop process. the fire has ripped through 90 square miles of forest area. sheriffs blame one death on the fire of a out patrols to fight the growing problem of looting. deputies say they found this guy inside the fire zone with phony firefighting credentials and faces charges of theft and
12:54 pm
impersonating a firefighter. the supreme court set to reveal the decision on president obama's health care overhaul one of the high court's most anticipated rulings, the outcome would affect many of us. some we expect a ruling today but it did not happen. next round of discussions is thursday. the court could extend the session to give them more time. thursday, then monday, and that is the end of june, and he said they would do this in june. they costeaned it. >>judge napolitano: i believe the justices have personal and professional commitments which start at end of next week so we are talking about thursday, next monday, and next thursday is the absolute last day. but let me suggest to you what could be going on now and ginsburg gave a hint when she said you will see not remaining decisions how divided the court can be. she said that with a lament. that tells us there will an lot of dissents. on afford am health care this
12:55 pm
could be the most brother found decisions in mod were times or a dud depending on what it says, what guidelines it gives and how it affects the future. but most of the justices will want to weigh in so the majority write their opinion, and then the minority writes the dissent and the majority gets do reply to the dissent and then it is dicey about who will go back-and-forth when. that is the process they are in now. the majority speaks first and last. and each of the we dissenters want to weigh in. they lawyers and do everything at the last minute. >>shepard: not always easy to relax on vacation when you have to save lives while you are trying to chill. details coming up. with these newepend real fit briefs,untry and today we are surprising pro football all stars. there's wes, clay and demarcus.what's up guys. now i know you don't need one, but would you try these on for charity and prove just how great the fit is? seriously?
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12:59 pm
he and his family were enjoying time off in st. pete last week, in florida, and on wednesday, police say a diver, rather, a driver, a driver, a driver suffered a diabetic episode, crashes his car into the water and became a diver, in the condo where hurts was saying so they pulled him out of the water. the rescue earned the guy a little downtime so next day he got in a bet and went fishing. that is when hurt saw a small plane crash into the water. he drove his fishing rod, dropped it, raced over to the wreck, and pulled the pilot and the passenger into his boat. after both rescues emergency workers say the guy left without asking for any attention and local g station caught up with him he chalked this up to luck and coincidence. busy vacation. that is it today, back with the fox report at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 in oxford. the dow is


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