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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 18, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: it appears there are absolutely no limits to what the president will win ask say to win this election. in a brazen stunt, the appointed -- anointed one announced the state will no longer deport young illegal immigrants. >> department of homeland security taking steps to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people. for next few months, eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security for public safety will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings and apply for work auj saigs.
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>> sean: in other words without consent of congress he has made amnesty the official policy of the united states of america. and that is not sitting well with many republicans including the former attorney general of the united states. >> by choosing now halt for executive order deportation for undocumented immigrants this decision looks like it's a political calculation to win hispanic votes and projection of criticism he's violating his oath of office by failing to enforce the law. >> and joaning me now is jay seculo along with special council to president clinton. to both of you i say this, to me is about the constitutionality of what the president did on friday. more than the substance, which i think the country is very open to having on the issue of the dream act, illegal
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immigration, those that are in the country. let's go back to september of 2011 and listen to the president's words of about whether or not what he did friday was even allowed. >> the notion that i can just suspend deportations through executive order that, is just not the case. because there are laws on the books that congress has passed and i know that everybody here is stud yeeg hard. you know there are three branches of government. congress passes a law, executive branch's job is to enforce and implement those laws. >> sean: i have numerous other tape of the president saying pretty much the same thing. so... how is it the president didn't believe it, he can undo it a year later? >> i think the president knew exactly what he was doing, he just did it because it was politically expedient. the reality is that president
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obama is a harvard law school graduate. he knows he cannot suspend the laws by congress, what the president has done here is exactly that. suspending an act of congress, refusing to endorse the law by executive fiat and at the same time, extends out a political e mail fund-raiser after that speech out touting his must tigs. i think there are merits to what senator marco rubio, the policy makes a lot of sense to a lot of people that. is not the issue. the issue is the legality of the action of the president and political consequences of that. this goes into a line of other actions by the president where the determination to which laws are going to be enforced and which are not that become purely political. >> sean: senator rubio will be with us in the next spot here, the idea is that there are
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co-equal branches of government and a system of check asks balz here. i think the thing that struck me in all of this is that president in his own words stated he could not do what he did friday. so then, the question is... where are the people on the left? where are the people like yourself on this issue? >> i think that the president did have the authority and i disagree with his interpretation that has a matter of discretion the executive branch does not have to prosecute everyone. there is no dispute about that. democrats criticize president bush when he issued executive orders including statements made on the signing of legislation and he wouldn't enforce certain pro visions of legislation. this is an historic battle between executive and congressional brampbls of government going back in history. it's not unusual if someone wants to challenge the legality. that is what the third branch is for. >> let's go ahead and ask, jay,
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do you want to jump in? >> vuk a judge that issued an order today on a deportation. the president has overturned the determination of an immigration judge. that is not the way the three branches of government are supposed to work. there is a big difference, you know this, you're a great lawyer. there is a difference between a statement and a signing ceremony than when a law is on the books. the president makes a determination not to enforce it. >> sean: almost word for word you're using words of then president barack obama. just a year ago. let me play this for the audience so they understand and grasp here the magnitude of what he did on friday. let's play this. >> i swore on oath to uphold the laws on the books. i know some people want me to bypass congress and change the laws on my own. believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is tempting.
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it -- i promise you. not just on immigration reforms. but that is not how our system works. that -- that is not how our democracy functions. that is not how our constitution is written. >> this notion somehow i can just change the laws is just not true. the fact of the matter is that there are laws on the books very to enforce. i think that there has been a great disservice done for the cause of getting the dream act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow by myself, i can go and do these things. it's just not true. >> sean: and atlanta your predictable talking point is that you felt president bush
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did the same thing, you heard the president numerous times now saying he does not believe he can do this. but then he did it anyway. do you believe he did it for a crass political purposes as i do? >> i think he was motivated by politics but i think he's right on the policy. a agree with george bush and jeb bush. a agree with senator rubio. i agree and... >> sean: what does that say about this president? >> one second, i don't think president obama went far enough. i think there you had shud be a path to citizenship. >> we can debate that. >> sean, here is the problem. the president had the majority of the house and senate. he could have put forward comprehensive reform did he not do that. he spent his political capitol on the health care legislation that. is the reality of what we're dealing with. president bush a comprehensive immigration reform. the president rightly acknowledged that he's in the the king.
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he acted like one friday when he made this decision. the kings get to make and decree laws and enforce what they laws. presidents don't have that option. again, major difference between signing a statement and the actual laws on the books. big difference. >> and that is -- there is no prosecution here. >> jay, receipt me bay agreeing with you on the policy, and i think mitt romney is the outlyer here, we agree rubio is right. you didn't hear romney agreeing during the debate. newt gingrich and rick perry... >> stop deportation of 11 million people. i know you and i agree on that. mitt romney does not. lany, lany. it doesn't -- [ speaking over each other ].
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>> sean: the issue is here and outside of his authority he decided to do because he didn't want to go through the process which, by the way this is the way the system is designed to change the laws, it's difficult. and he didn't want to go that way. he went against his own principles but we've got to go. >> a agree there is a doubt on executive power existed throughout history. roosevelt exerted and abraham lincoln. this has been a historical tension. we agree with jay on it there you go. we agree. could the president's immigration policy bomb shell placed senator rubio at the top of mitt romney's vice president short list? we'll talk to the senator, he's here to talk about it. then, later the reporter dared to quote, interrupted anointed one will join me to talk about the chaos created in the rose garden. he's here tonight along with david limbaugh. >> it's the right thing to do.
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>> one thing about governor romney, he's used this time to test out possible running mates. paul ryan has been with him. rubio has been with him. how do we know what this is about in terms of the
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immigration initiative making the chances of rubio more likely? >> well, i think it puts rubio on the short list. i don't think there's any question about that. >> sean: speculation continues to run rampant over who mitt romney will select as his vice-president, and as you heard, my next guest is among the top contenders. you're laughin laughing. joining me in studio is the author of the great new book, an american son, a great new book, senator marco rubio. >> thank you. you can get it on line. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you deal with this in your book, not the vp but the issue of immigration a lot, and you say that if the hispanic community sees republicans as wanting to kick people out or members of your family out, they're going to have a tough time with the hispanic vote, but it seemed that you were suggesting that democrats were
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betraying republicans. >> absolutely. we have a significant illegal immigration problem in america, and by the way, we have the most generous immigration policies in the world. a million people a year come into the u.s. legally. no other country comes close to that figure. if you even suggest you have an illegal immigration problem and we need to do something about it, if you're a republican, often times the left labels you as anti-immigrant. this issue is not easy and not is a -- is not a slam dunk issue. it has to be solved. we cannot be the only country in the world that doesn't enforce immigration laws. on the other hand, we have compelling stories like the cases of these young people who grow up here, brought here at a young age through no fault of their own and it touches your heart to hear these stories. trying to find a reasonable balance that honors our legacy as a nation of immigrations and our legacy as a nation of laws is not easy. >easy. >> sean: is this more about the
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constitution aality or the substance of the issue? >> both. if you do something that somehow encourages illegal immigration in the future, it's counter productive. on the other hand, it feels weird to deport a value dick van who has been here since they were four years old. trying to find the balance is important. what the president did by ignoring the constitution and the congress makes it hard to find that balance, not to mention it's unconstitutional. >> he basically said he's not going to enforce laws on the book. >> think about what it means in terms of the short-term versus long term. he's basically taking a very significant issue that needs to be solved in the long term way that's measured, reasonable, and balanced and decided by edict, by fiat basically to shovel it in the short-term which happens to coincide with the november election. i think in the long term that will have very significant implications. >> sean: do you believe he did
9:17 pm
it for political reasons? >> i don't think there's any doubt about that. if you're one of the kids that's being helped, so what? that's how some of those folks feel. i don't think there's anyone watching this that doubts that it was for political reasons. >> sean: you think political reasons getting the hispanic vote in november? >> i think changing the narrative on this issue, recapturing it. he has an intensity problem. the thing that's not reported or talked about is the economy and the economic downturn under barack obama has especially hurt americans of hispanic descent. unemployment is higher among hispanics than the rest of the country. poll after poll shows there's not as much intensity for the president as there was in the past. this is par for the course. every week they come out with some other issue like this to try to divide americans against each other for the purpose of getting him reelected. >> sean: george will said this weekend that mitt romney cannot win with less than 32% of the hispanic american vote. is he right? >> well, i think ultimately he needs to do better among all americans. you want a president that would
9:18 pm
unite our president, and i think he's going to, especially when we start talking about economics. as i said, immigration is an important issue for americans of hispanic descent, but it is not the only issue. i mean, just as important, if not more so, is the fact that people are struggling to make ends meet, they're worried about the businesses they run, their kids' future, they've been hurt badly by unemployment. their house is worth less than that when they bought it. nothing has gotten better in the last four years. most americans like hi panics are not off than they were four years ago. > >> sean: are you better off than you were four years ago and five trillion in debt. david axelrod used the term to describe you being vice-president. >> they try to divide everyone against. men against women, poor against rich, a group of hispanics against other groups of
9:19 pm
hispanics. this is their design. the only way they can win is to distract people from his horrible economic record and pit americans against each other. >> sean: let me ask you. you get sctd this question all the time and i know you're not going to answer it but i'm going to try anyway. if you get the call, if one gets the call, let me take it away from you. >> yeah. >> sean: you would agree with me that one has to consider a potential president asking him to serve the country. is that a fair statement? >> well, first of all, let me be clear. i don't want to discuss the process out of respect for governor romney and the work he's going through. >> >> sean: i tried my best. >> people should be very confident that mitt romney is a successful person. he's not just a successful political figure or businessman. he's a successful person in everything he's ever done. you don't get that successful without having a track record of making good decisions. he's going to make a great choice for vice-president, i'm confident of that. >> sean: there's a good bench in the conservative moment in the republican party. we'll get a chance to spend a full hour with you with the
9:20 pm
studio audience on friday night of this week. i finished the book last night. your life story is amazing. american son in book stores and on line now. >> thanks so much for being with us. we'll talk about the book on friday night. >> sean: coming up, author david limbaugh, his "new york times" best seller, he's in studio tonight and they dared to ask president obama the question that is now under attack from the liberal media for neal monroe. he's going to talk about the fallout from the rose garden interruption. by the way, did liberals used to do that to ronald reagan? do that to ronald reagan? we've got [ male announcer ] knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maxize cash flow. as the number o small business lender f nine years running... we're with you when you need us.
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>> sean: and the president's top political advisor claimed that the g.o.p. is in favor of quote, more war and more death. oh, really? watch this. >> they want to return us back to the same policy that's caused a recession, huge tax cuts for the health year, more war, more debt. an economy said the romney congressional agenda would cause us harm in the short term economically. and this point is that our opponent criticized our
9:25 pm
decision and i think governor romney calling a tragic mistake opposed a time line in afghanistan. that has fiscal and economic consequences. >> sean: another example of how the left will do anything in order to slander their opponents. and joining me now is the author of a best selling book, david limbaugh is here. the president's campaign is now devicive by design? >> no question bit. he appeals to blacks and latinos. vote for us. get pot polls because we're your friends, they're your enemies. he's the most-polarizing president that we've ever had. 13% republicans approve.
9:26 pm
>> sean: this goes into what i've been saying. dirty, air, dirty water. what happened to hope and change? >> i don't know. now he's got a record. that i that is what i think governor romney needs to emphasize. did you notice tax cuts for the wealthy that got us into this mess? there is no longer tax cuts, we want to keep rates n we just don't want the rich to get punished like obama wants to punish. in 2007 the cuts were in force. the wars were raging in iraq and afghanistan. our deficit is $161 billion. and there is increasing the economy to slow down. he wants to increase taxes, tax them again in january. there is a the latest romney
9:27 pm
ad. let's take a look . ♪ [ music ] of course the economy isn't working. >> how effective is that end? >> i couldn't hear it. but you can see what it said. 23 under employed. and there is middle class
9:28 pm
struggles have deepened. and there is -- i couldn't read it or hear it. sorry. and that is the main thing. that and the crisis that we're facing in the result of the refusal to get into the game about cutting spending. >> you want to see a book about the president and his belief system. and this idea, i don't know what the world would be like without the united states of america. we have paid the cost of freedom. and i want to get your reaction. where the greatest cities are? >> in china and took them to one of your cities. and a number of nights so you
9:29 pm
can see it. said which one is american? which one is in the city in america? which is in china? most americans would say that great one in america. >> i thought he had three and a half years to fix it. in third place it's not true. why does he always, why does this administration hold us, the united states in a place they're embarrassed by? there is the main point is what you just said. who are they talking about? they've been running this thing. are they going to blame the contrast between how great sit in china versus the united states on bush, still? is there anyway to look at polls and see the policies have failed? can he -- i don't believe the election is over until the votes are counted.
9:30 pm
i look at poll numbers and i can't believe the economy is so bad he's doing as well hooz he's doing. and i don't believe, i don't think he's acted in a likeable way. and he blames bush fr everything. and he's constantly demeaning people. demonizing people. actually saying as mentioned often that republicans want dirtier air and dirtier water. i don't think that makes people like i him. people ask him in poll questions they say they do. it won't translate into votes in november. no, way. they don't likes policy taking us over the cliff z there is a trillion dollar deficit per year, he's undermining our defenses and he's at war in
9:31 pm
energy. i mean it's amazing me. i sit through and read this material. i cannot believe how devastating his policies are to america. >> it's called great destroy yes, david limbaugh, thank you for being with us. what do you think of the president's 100th round of golf? now when we come back, the left is outraged a reporter had the nerve and unmitigated gall to ask the president a question. that reporter is here next to tell us his side of the controversy and more, straight ahead. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea. support team usa and show our olympic spirit right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000.
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9:36 pm
take a look. >> it is the right thing to do. excuse me, sir. it's not time for questions, sir. not while i'm speaking. and the answer to your question, sir, and the next time i let you prefer -- i prefer you let me finish my statements before i answer questions is this is the right thing for the people. i didn't asking for an argument, i'm answering your question. it is right thing to do for the american people and here's why. here's the reason. because these young people are going to make extraordinary contributions and are already making contributions to our society. > >> sean: the main stream obama media has jumped all over monroe for daring th to question the president. neal monroe is here. welcome to the program. >> thanks very much. >> you've been beaten up pretty badly i noticed by your
9:37 pm
colleagues. do you feel that that was the appropriate time to ask the president a question? >> i haven't noticed the beating up largely because i'm focusing on my work. i went to the white house knowing the extremely high unemployment rate among african-americans. i wrote an article showing that less than half of african-american men 18 to 29 have full-time jobs, and the president was making this extraordinary announcement of bringing in more, a million or so new workers in a time of extraordinary high unemployment. there -there theythey had no pr. they held no press conference. the only way to ask the questions was get him at the end as he's leaving just before he dashes back to the oval office, and i, yes, i mistimed it. i thought i was getting him at the end. frankly, i was wrong about that. he debit answedidn't answer my d when i asked you will you answer any questions, he didn't answer
9:38 pm
so i gave up at that point and waited until the end of the speech statement and then i called out the question again as he turned his back on us. >> sean: are you saying that when you did ask that initial question, because he seemed mid sentence when you jumped in, were you anticipating that was his last sentence, the end of his remarks, and you wanted to get him before he left the podium? is that what you're saying? >> yeah. the trick is to get him just before he leaves the podium because as soon as he finishes, he's a very good speaker, he walks beautifully and he's gone into the oval office. we've seen this happens lots of times. he'll finish his statements and he's gone. i was hoping to get him just at the end, right or wrong, and well, i didn't. >> sean: have you heard from the white house? do you expect any type of retribution? did you try to apologize? is there any update to the situation? >> i did ask if the white house people wanted to talk to me, but i haven't heard back. i shall proceed on per normal. i'm working on new stories,
9:39 pm
working on new angles, see what there is. that's my job. >> sean: there are a number of similar instances out there and i fine it interesting. i know sam donaldson is offended when he asked did you trade arms for hostages. let's look at this tape. this is president reagan when he was discussing the issue and handing off the issue of the eye rabiran contra issue to his attorney general at the time, ed meese. >> now i'm going to ask attorney general meese to brief you. hold it. no. i'm not taking any more questions, and in just a second i'm going to ask attorney general meese to brief you on what we presently know on what he has found out.
9:40 pm
>> sean: interestingly, president reagan wasn't finished with his statement and there was like five of them trying to ask questions, so i found it a little hypocritical. it was fairly widespread combination. i think you should have waited until he was finished, but you recognize that. you said so. but i think the media's done it a lot themselves, so for them to be critical seems hypocritical to me. >> i don't think -- i'm not going to worry about it. what i noticed from that clip is president reagan actually turned up, talked to the press, handed over his a.g., and he answered the question. on this occasion the president announced amnesty for a million people, turns his back on the american people, and walks back into the oval office. clearly president reagan was willing to talk even in difficult circumstances. >> sean: i think this president has gotten a free ride from the media, those that are now critical of you. let me give you the softball questions they've thrown president obama over the last few years.
9:41 pm
>> thomas jefferson once said the presidency is a splendid misery. at the end of his term, he also said, and quote, that the presidency had brought him nothing but increasing grudgery and a daily loss of friends. i just wonder. have you lost any friends yet? >> you're so confident, mr. president, and so focused. is your confidence ever shaken? >> we're sit 30 feet from harry truman's official white house portrait. members of your base are asking when are you going to get your harry truman on. >> thank you, mr. president. last night at the republican debate some of the hopefuls that hope to get your job, they defended the practice of waterboarding. i'm wondering if you think they're uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible. >> sean: do you think the media has been too easy on him, your colleagues? >> yes. clearly and for a variety of reasons that are hard to correct, but we at the daily
9:42 pm
caller will not try to be easy on him and try not to be easy on the next president. it's our job to work for the american people through our publication to provide them the information that the politicians are reluctant to hand out. we've got to do our job. >> sean: all right, thanks. neil munro. interesting to see the tape of reagan. makes me laugh. here's a peek at what's coming up. big show tonight on the record. >> i had to write down notes, the show is so big. we expect the decision on health care at any moment. two united states senator take on the ninth circuit court of appeals over a very, very, very expensive judicial conference. former attorney general alberto gonzalez is here. we have so much more, so do not go away. a new book written by senator rubio, not by senator rubio but about him by a "washington post" reporter. >> in 18 short minutes, let not your heart be troubled. we're about to have fight on our
9:43 pm
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>> sean: you're on the air. you're on our great, great, great american panel. >> we're on the air? >> we're on the air. >> we have fox news contributor tucker carlson, and we have an opinion writer for the washington times, carrie pickett. >> neil munro works for you. >> yes, he does. >> i just showed the liberal media that's excoriating him to go the same thing to ronald reagan. >> a reporte reporter's job is d out what's happening. almost no politicians want to answer that question. >> sean: i thought the timing was off. >> the point is neil wants his questions answered. we can argue about how he asked it and why he asked it, but the
9:48 pm
point is he was asking the question. >> sean: he thought he was at the end of the statement, fine. >> it's an e etiquette question but it's not the core question. the white house press corps is not holding the president accountable? neilmunro is. >> i think you've gotta wait for the appropriate time. >> okay. let me say this. how many times has obama been interrupted in the middle of one of his speeches by someone calling out a compliment. >> i've got a tape of that. >> 13 times in the past six months. he says thank you. the second someone asks a question he doesn't like, it's heckling. >> did you spend the whole afternoon at starbuck's? i'm curious. is this guy an american citizen? >> is neil munro american? >> i'm not going to stand here and let you throw your anti-irish big ootry. >> will you answer my question?
9:49 pm
is he an american citizen. >> of course he is, and a proud one. >> i'm glad to hear that. here's the white house mistake. the idea that they gave the daily caller a white house pass is the crazyest idea i've ever heard. >> we're bigger than the chicago tribune. we're bigger than the boston "bn globe". >> they have to give us a pass. >> sure they can. >> likability versus his approval rating has been a pretty big gap. the president was angry. the president came off looking horrible. he could have brushed it off with a joke. he seems like this race, i think, is now downing on the white house they may lose and he is not reacting well. >> he's horribly thin-skinned. the one article the media is really ignoring which you essential showed about reagan being interrupted is ap1987 article, why are grown men and women shouting at ronald reagan,
9:50 pm
and essentially they ended up blaming him because they say that reagan wasn't answering questions at ceremonies or press conferences. thank goodness for news busters for pointing that out. >> sean: that was the point, bob. this was not an original moment. the only difference is the media wasn't critical of what neil -- of what the other reporters did to reagan. that's hi hip puck hi hypocracy. >hypocracy.>> was he raised tha. if someone said barack obama, you're wonderful, the president would have loved it, nobody would have complained, and the president would have said thank you. because he asked a questions on behalf of our readers, it's heckling. >> sean: mears the point. if the president has a statement to make, he should make it.
9:51 pm
they never gave reagan that respect. for them to be all high and mighty ... >> i think they should be able to ask any question. >> he wasn't going to answer the question. he never does. >> he calls on his favorite reporters, his lap dogs, that's it. >> that's true. >> he knew what he was saying was basically contradicting what he said a year before and he would be challenged on it, and that's why he got very thin skinned about it. >> this guy wasn't going to get an answer out of this. he was just trying to disrupt him. >> when we come back, i'm shocked, but david axelrod rips into obama. we've got the tape. you didn't know that existed, did you? more of our great,
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. even though david axelrod said this in 1994, it's so appropo to the fact that the president has now played his 100th round of golf as the country suffers. listen to axelrod in 1994. >> although it started to run out on bush. he couldn't say we're out of the recession and technically, he was right. >> the other thing is i think bush tastelessly did it often from the 9th hole and the cigar boat and other places, and
9:56 pm
the impression you got is that he was out of touch. >> you like to beat up on bush. >> it's the only thing we have left. > >> sean: 100 rounds of golf, parties at the white house. extravagant vacations, george clooney, concerts. how out of touch is this white house and will that be a factor in the election? >> it will be a huge factor. did you notice what he said at the end of it? he's the only thing we have left. well, apparently this bush, the one who just left office four years ago is still the only thing they have left, and you know, honestly we have one of our editorial writers emily miller who has done a great job of covering the whole golf issue. look. you have barack obama doing this, you know, golf thing when he first came to the oval office. he's never played golf before. he's hitting the golf ball eight times more than bush did. think about it. he had michael moore. >> i haven't played 100 rounds of golf in my life, for crying out loud. >> that's good for everybody around the golf course.
9:57 pm
you know, i'll tell you. you're right. everybody's waiting for election day. all those people who are anti-obama and golf, and they're going to run to the polls. this is a waste of time. >> he's not an elitist. he's out of touch. >> ease out of touch. >> what is mitt romney. >> what about a guy with a four car garage with elevators. >> ann romney said they're not going to take vacations like this. mitt romney worked his adult life. he actually had a job and he's created jobs. >> he rode bicycles for a long time. that was good. got himself in good shape. >> for all the golf he's played, he's played with a i too knee group of people. one thing that's fascinating with obama living in washington. >> all men, by the way. >> one women. >> find ten people in washington who can look you in the say and say i know obama well and like him. >> you find ten people in washington who want to go with mitt romney and have a beer. >> you can say that about any other president, bill clinton, george w. bush, they had
9:58 pm
friends. this guy, no friends. >> how is it possible that the muslim brotherhood again gets elected in egypt and they celebrated by firing a missile awhich they said they would do. how could the president get it so wrong? >> what does anybody or any president have to do with a revolt? >> he said democracy is a great thing that's unfolding before our eyes. >> you know something? the democracy they wanted, and they voted for the muslim brotherhood so get used to it. why don't we go in and invade? that would be another good country for us to inseparate. >> this administration helped to facilitfacilitate the muslim brotherhood. >> are you kidding me? the muslim brotherhood was started in 1943. >> in this particular time period they helped the muslim brotherhood get in there. >> i have to say there's a bi-partisan agreement that elections anywhere any time are always good, and that's wrong,
9:59 pm
and that's one of the many lessons we're learning from egypt. we learned that in a bunch of different countries. >> you're going to get criticized for this, but you're right. in this case we had a guy that kept the peace with israel as imperfect as mubarak was, and now they're saying prepare for war with israel, and now the muslim brotherhood, syria, north africa, the iranians, now they're going to work right on the border of israel to destroy israel. >> you want elections in saudi arabia? all the people who said let's just have an election, that will make it better, they should apologize. >> the most dangerous country in that region is iran, right? if we decide to wage war with saddam hussein who was the guy keeping iran from being dominant. now they've turned iraq into basically iran ii. congratulations. what a brilliant war strategy that was. >> so this is george bush's fault? >> they should have never had an iraq war. it should have never happened. when


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