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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 18, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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make sure you go to greta and let us know what you thought too tonight's show. there is an open thread. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: president obama announced new immigration policy that has everyone talking. his senior campaign advisor david plouffe took to the airways to explain the sudden policy change. >> this is not a political move. this builds on steps we have taken. >> done it year before or the year before that. >> we have been trying to get the dream act done. we have been trying to pass immigration reform. this bill is on a series of stages that the homeland security department has taken. >> it was not done with some political consideration. >> it was not?
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>> five months before the election. >> who knows how the politics will turn out. this decision was the right decision. >> dana: i'm not sure if my good friend candy crowley was buying that. eric, one of the first things you thought on the political front, well played, mr. president. >> eric: he pulled off political version of triple play. he has the media rung around like jackrabbits chasing the immigration story instead of economy. then he takes the leg of any marco rubio call for -- if romney says rubio is my vice president, obama has techen the legs out, because this liquidates the rubio dream act, version. it ain'ts mitt romney in a corner. if romney says i agree with president obama on the dream act, he has flip-flopped because in the g.o.p. nominee debate -- bob, turn off your phone -- he said i'm against any amnesty, any dream act. so he either has to disagree
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with obama. then what happens there? if he disagrees he sounds tone deaf. >> dana: president obama under fire from some people because deportations were amongst the higher in years. he backed off on that last august. then you had on friday, all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, statement from the president with no explanation of the timing of it. we'll talk about that in a second. basically what would happen is 400,000 illegal immigrants a year, he was deporting. now if the new policy is, you will not be deported if you are between 15 and 30. if you came here as child, you have to report to authorities and see if your story washes out. then you can apply for a renewable two-year permit and go to college. greg, take listen to romney and come back to you. listen to romney real quick. >> greg: not me. plugging my ears. >> dana: he pulled a rabbit out of the hat on sunday. >> first, we have to secure the border. we need employment
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verification system to make sure those that are working in the country are here legally. then with regard to the kids, who were brought in by their parents through no fault of their own, there needs to be a long-term solution so they know what the status is. my anticipation is i come in office and say we need to get this done. on a long-term basis, not this stop gap measure. >> dana: romney, announced he'd do sunday show on thursday and then the white house announcement, another conspiracy theory to add. they tried to put him in a box. what did you think? >> greg: i didn't listen to a single word that romney said. he is too darn handsome. he's convinced me i have to quit drinking and quit smoking. that is what you look like at 65. eric brought up, he called at it triple play. he neutralized me as well. i look at the center of disease control and the average american height is 5'9". the average hispanic height is
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5'7". as we allow more mexicans in the country technically i get taller. in ten years i will be playing for n.b.a. here is the question. there is so much m unanswered questions here. do the quasi amnesty and young adults, do they pay taxes or pay in to social security? if they don't, they get a better deal than the average citizen. >> dana: the complaint is they do pay in but they aren't, they have to then, you know, status isn't permanent so you are not getting the benefit on the back end. >> kimberly: for example, ability to vote. some are deemers and the -- the dreamers and the parents can't cast a vote but they can give an tonal their friend because overall it's positive or perceived to be in the hispanic and latino community that he will capitalize from this. that's why it was suave political move. >> greg: the country is like a restaurant. everybody has to go through the front door. you can't crawl through a window. it seems like obama in a weird way opened a window. >> dana: baosed you up.
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>> greg: reverse dine and gas. you go in and eat there. does it make sense? >> bob: no. >> dana: i got that. before bob, i want to ask kimberly on that front, on the legal front. all right. we'll have breaking news on legal front. >> rusty, thank you, michael, thank you. the entire team. i want to say thanks to the guys behind me who from day one listened to what i had to say. obviously, for the last four-and-a-half, five years, i wasn't able to say anything. so it was great to see some old friends and teammates. and just meet people. i want to thank the people who took time out of their schedule to come in on my behalf. this is uncomfortable to sit there and hear people talk about you, good or bad. but i want to say i appreciate everyone who came in. rusty, michael and the entire team has to come in to speak
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on my behalf. i am thankful that the ones that again, took time to get on a plane, whatever it might have been, to come in and do that for us. my family, just like i told them, it's been a hard five years. they have been great. supporting dad. my wife has been a rock behind us. all of our family at home in houston has been great. all the support. we had a bunch come up today and over the last, what was it? six weeks. >> nine weeks. >> nine weeks. time flies when you're having fun. so, my sisters are here. it has been trying on them. it thank them for their strength, showing their strength and support. really, all you media guys that know me and followed my
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career. [ applause ] >> i put a lot of hard work in to that career. i appreciate the teammates that came in and the e-mails and phone calls. from my teammates. thank you very much. >> dana: emotional roger clemens coming out of the courthouse after being acquited for federal perjury charges. this has been going on five years. remind us what is going on. >> eric: 2007, in the midst of a financial crisis and congress questions roger clemens and other baseball players whether they used
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steroids in the past. for us, colossal waste of time, asset and money. and the thought. congress, going forward, they wanted to play some games with the perjury. leigh the guy alone. waste from the beginning. not surprised they found him not guilty. jimenez is the retrial. there was a mistrial because the prosecutors tried to put in evidence that was inadmissible. so the trial was blown up and start over. another incredibly expense on taxpayers. this is charge of obstruction of justice, lying to congress. >> dana: bob, do you think it makes washington look bad? eric says it's a cos las sal waste of time -- colossal waste of time. what do you think? >> bob: i'm here folks, nice to see you. lying to congress and not one member of congress appeared in the trial. they were asked but they did not show up.
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roger clemens broke the law. using steroids. i don't feel sorry for him at all. he got away with some things here. member of congress, if you - -- >> kimberly: say "willingedl"allegedly," please. >> bob: allegedly. you should show up and testify. >> eric: they did. but the retrial they said -- >> bob: apeace comment on immigration thing. i want to say, i never say it, but that was a brilliant analysis i've heard of that, of the hispanic decision of obama. i side with my colleagues. >> greg: i'm not a big follower of football. but i understand his grea greatness. i am glad the national nightmare is over.
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this has been trying for all of us. moment of silence. >> dana: a few moments of silence because we're going to go to break and come back and talk about more things. >> bob: you are a moment of silence. i'm the perfect storm. ♪ ♪
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it is the right thing to do. excuse me, sir. it's not time for questions, sir. not while i'm speaking. >> eric: that was president obama losing his cool with reporter on friday in the rose garden. is it okay to question the president and does it matter how you do it? i wonder what bill o'really and lou dobbs would say. >> he was wrong to interfere with the president's statements. the talking points say you must respect the office of the presidency even if you don't like the person in it. >> he had it figured out. it was his only opportunity. what is rude is a president not speaking to the american people and taking a question of the white house.
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>> eric: but the left couldn't help themselves. they had to twist the question whether it's acceptable to interrupt the president to this. sam donaldson went there and wrote many on the political right believe this president ought not be there. they oppose him not for his policies and political view. but for who he is. an african-american. what is with the liberals? always playing the race card. >> bob: you can't say all liberals playing the race card. try not to brand everybody who is a liberal. donaldson interesting enough, i'm surprised he comes out. he was one of the more disruptive journalists in the white house press corps. i like him and i think he is a good reporter but this raises a question in my mind, why in the world, dana explained that the white house press association gives out passes. i would no more give a pass to daily caller as want to get a bad case of measures. they are a right wing group,
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they're not reporters. who is this jerk? >> eric: there are two issues. was the guy right in questioning the president? right in the meth of doing it? was domson right to bring in racecars? should they be allowed in the press conference? >> dana: sometimes a president takes question after a statement. sometimes they don't. you don't usually do it in the middle of somebody's statement. more like as ending. i understand the frustration you have a big announcement. why now? the timing was in question. they probably had a feeling that obama wasn't going to answer any questions. at least nobody threw a shoe at the president. got to remember that. >> greg: good point. i am so against this gazing.
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do you think the left sits around and goes i wonder if we were hard on president bush? nope. that never happens. >> dana: they say they weren't hard enough. >> greg: you are seeing the media defend the president. [ overtalk ] it's not -- let me say one thing. it's not racism. it's presidentism. if you become president you take your lumps. >> eric: is it okay to interrupt the president? >> kimberly: i don't think it was appropriate at the time and place for the questions. show respect for office of the presidency. whether you agree with politics or not. it wasn't question rein a statement. he was out of line. donaldson, that is a disappointment that he went there. >> eric: were you surprised? >> kimberly: i was. after studying him over many
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years, journalistic ability and how he comports himself. interjects race into it, cheapens the argument. >> dana: helen thomas used to under her breath, they were obviously frustrated and want more. chomping at the bit. >> bob: if you allow this to happen, and it goes unpunished, everybody will start to kick in and do this. if this guy an ill i'll immigrant by the way? i don't -- >> dana: it's not fair to say he's not a journalist. he worked at national journal for ten years. >> bob: his mother and father didn't raise him well for manners like that. is he irish -- scottish, or irish or something? >> kimberly: first you said -- >> greg: bob. >> kimberly: and now -- bob! bob! >> bob: he's an immigrant. >> greg: what are you talk
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about? >> eric: tell you what. let's do this. what we can and not say to the president is it okay to poke fun at the man? sarah palin speaking at the wright online conference. >> chicago to research a candidate record, because they spin all their money in wasilla. why did not at least read his autobiography? they'd have learned a whole lot. they'd have learned a whole lot. and not just about all that smoking and cocaine snorting and what he ate. fido. rufus. >> eric: you got to love the girl. >> dana: those are the best venues, the best speeches. they love that punc and spark they saw at the convention speech. >> greg: whether you think it's funny, she is right.
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the media crowd sourced her e-mails and didn't read obama's book. >> eric: looking over her wall. >> greg: i'd look over the wall. >> bob: she is lose something much steam so fast, she'd do anything to get back. to bring that up is disgraceful. >> eric: she is having fun. guys like to have fun. obviously, the comments, you were playing around with that, right? >> bob: is he irish? from the british isles? >> eric: i'm trying to help you out. the daily caller and guy that wasn't born here is combination -- combination -- >> kimberly: you don't know that. where are you getting it from? >> bob: where did he get his accent from? >> dana: what does it matter? >> bob: i said he wasn't raised with manners. i'd take imout of there a long time ago.
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>> eric: kimberly. >> kimberly: she has spunk. buffalo chili or -- >> dana: it's strange how conservatives try to poke fun at a liberal. it can come off sounding shrill. that is a problem we have to deal with. >> bob: she is shrill. >> dana: that was funny. >> greg: nothing more shrill than jeanine gorafulo. conservatives are playing catch-up 40. years -- >> eric: we will leave it there. rodney king, the man whose treatment by the lapd created riots and violence is dead. we discuss that next. ♪ ♪ ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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>> greg: welcome back to "the five." rodney king died op sunday. i used to watch him on "celebrity rehab." when he's sober, he seemed gentle but he was rarely sober. it speaks volumes of the harmfulness of giving victim status to someone who victimized himself and others. the name brings me to the race riots where thugs terrorized them under the been aer of victimhood. media political correctness, from the toxic teacher lounges. king was a career criminal but will also be seen as victim. he was. the attacker was himself and media martyring the undeserved that made it worse for a life that you think couldn't get much lower. it did. more drugs, booze, drugs, crime and death. the media will gloss over his life calling it troubled but
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remember being a victim is not lifetime get out of jail free card. it doesn't mean sainthood. if you play the victim for life, you will surely end up a victim of yourself. >> bob: one of the straightest monologues you've done. >> greg: poor fellow passed away. >> bob: let's not forget the reason he became a victim was disgraceful performance by the policemen who beat him senseless. don't just try to cover that over. was rodney king is bad guy? yes. were the policemen bad guys? yes. >> greg: i didn't see the whole video. i know he was high. i know the police felt threatened and he fought back. he got paint bad. that was horrible. >> bob: you think the police -- >> greg: yes. i remember the video.
11:28 pm
i remember the rioting. how the media trump it up. will it happen again? i hate to say it, i think it will. >> eric: a number of cops were acquited. remember reginald denny. pulled in the intersection and yanked from the truck. beaten senseless with a brick. one of the guys, greg, never forget the whole day, the whole week. i was more fearful than any other point in my life. the lowest point, defining moment until that point. >> greg: i watch it. it remains the lowest point of american life. >> kimberly: two officers were sentenced. others acquited of various
11:29 pm
charges. he was aye ward -- awarded $3.8 million judgment. it doesn't make it go away the injustice that day. but he was a troubled individual. multiple arrests for drunk driving. one including a vehicle assault on his own wife and daughter. tried to run them down and kill them with his car. autopsy result. troubled life. >> dana: i'm not -- >> greg: i'm not a fan of the word "troubled." i'm fan of career criminal. >> kimberly: drug and alcohol problems. >> greg: they're not oppressed. >> bob: they had been taken advantage of by the police over and over -- >> greg: you are excusing rioting where innocent people died. >> bob: i don't excused rioting but they've been oppressed and put in area -- >> greg: "these people." oppressed but who? us? >> bob: los angeles authorities. >> greg: you think guys
11:30 pm
looting was reaction to being oppressed or taking advantage -- >> bob: some of both to be honest. blacks cheered when o.j. simpson got off. but we all know he was guilty. it was for get-back. for every time a cop stopped someone to put them through sobriety test. everybody who has been in a ghetto neighborhood, badly treated by authorities. >> dana: interestingly, simpson had the glory of seeing his success in football, watching all of that. a troubled life or career criminal. he could have take than moment and made it instead but instead he committed a series of crimes even in jail. >> eric: go back to reginald denny. up with of the guys football monroe williams, found guilty
11:31 pm
of mayhem. not murder, assault, mayhem. he spend years in prison gets out and kills again. >> eric: what able the cops -- >> greg: what about the cot -- >> bob: what about the cops that got off. >> greg: were all the cops white? >> bob: one was black. >> greg: did media learn from this? could it happen again? >> dana: to your point, being a hero, or a victim you can go back and forth through the life. that is how the media covers it. >> greg: zimmerman ends up being acquited then how will the media put something much focus on that case? >> eric: video. >> kimberly: rodney talked about he hoped the trayvon family would get justice. >> greg: coming up, the court is set to rule on constitutionality of obamacare. if it's overturneded, can
11:32 pm
president obama use it to his political advantage? if you leave now dana will drop another cabbage patch doll in the woodchiper. ♪ ♪ washington.
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starts at 6:00. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: the supreme court is set to deliver a ruling on the health act by the end of the month. republicans are speculating on how bad the fall-out will be for the president should the courts overturn it. karl rove says it's how the president responds that is most important. in an op-ed, rove roasts the
11:38 pm
president could pivot to center and regain the high ground he occupied in the 2008 campaign. republicans and democrats, liberal and conservative to add coverage. but it seems to be an interesting strategy, where this wouldn't be seen as a loss for the president. but an opportunity to coalesce support and put in the house of both parties. to say what can ke do to help people? >> dana: whatever happens on the supreme court that day, the healthcare battle has begun. especially though people feel like they have been fighting about it for years. it will be a good moment for people to move forward. i think it will lose. i'll tell you why. this past weekend, ruth bader ginsberg said to -- it was a little unusual, public comments said to expect sharp disagreement when the decision comes out. to me it is 6-3 or 5-4
11:39 pm
decision against obamacare. i don't know if it means that the whole thing will be overturned or try to split it. >> kimberly: take out the mandate. >> dana: karl is right. now people react on both sides is important. one, to help the problem and two politically. >> kimberly: eric? >> eric: justice ginsberg and scalia both insinuated. but again, isn't that what they always do? don't they play that game? >> dana: not really. usually it's no comment. when they you can ma comment that will be sharp disagreement, can't say what happens it means you're on the losing end. >> eric: best line ever. as far as the supreme court goes, those who know, don't talk. those who talk, don't know. i agree. the bottom line is mitt romney said what he can do. obamacare or the individual mandate, he can give all 50 states exemption, or in case
11:40 pm
of obama 57, exemption. isn't that what obama is planning to do with immigration? he will say you want to do it on immigration. i'll do it on obamacare. >> bob: one thing is clear here. if they take the mandate out, it will destroy the bill. washington state had a similar bill, with mandate. republicans took over and did away from the mandate. washington state has no insurance in the state because they couldn't attract people who were able-bodied. that is what will happen with the bill. karl rove says we have to come together. republicans weren't willing to come together before a presidential race. are you kidding me, when now and november? i assume, i hope karl was talking about next year. idea that there will be agreement on this in the middle of the election is insane. the republicans want to see it beaten and they want obama beaten. if i were obama take advantage and call the supreme court what they are. after two appeals court upheld the law it's a hack court. >> dana: the reason it
11:41 pm
drives me crazy, if i'm wrong and it's upheld are you going to call at it hack court then? >> bob: no. the verdict, justices. >> kimberly: he doesn't care. he says i don't know. >> dana: i don't know why i fight that. >> kimberly: greg, have you come back to life? >> greg: i have. i think the way the issue will be framed is president obama wasted the first term on obamacare when he should have been focused on economy. no matter what happens, thrown out or saved, the american people will be like what was he doing? he took his eye off the ball. >> eric: i completely agree. but again, gay marriage, the immigration issue, these things are talking our eye off the ball. when your eye should be on the economy. he is hurting the economy. >> kimberly: he says he needs another term to fix obamacare so they can read it. apparently none read it. >> bob: if john mccain won it, what would the economy be today? >> eric: i don't know but we wouldn't $5 trillion in the
11:42 pm
hole or the speed we're going to the hole. that wouldn't the case because john mccain probably, i'm guessing, wouldn't have asked for $1 trillion the first month in office. >> dana: to give to his friends. >> kimberly: we had exclusive today with fox and friends this morning, atf whistle blower of operation "fast and furious." listen to him on fox. >> here we are a year later. do they know more now about the program? has anybody been held accountable for it? has any of the questions about that been answered? maybe the truth will come out. isn't that what this is about? >> kimberly: he made a bold move and gestured to come out and tell the truth. vind kateed with the information that has come out. >> greg: this is a weird and crazy story. it find it hard to belief the
11:43 pm
media finds bain capital more interesting than fast and furious. the only people covering this is fox news. and talk radio. the blogs. this is like "fast and furious," an underground parking garage. you have can't see it. it's a huge subterranean universe. >> kimberly: like a vin diesel movie. >> greg: they were great, weren't they? >> eric: he can't be fired for whistle blowing, right? >> kimberly: he is protected but nonetheless everybody knows he is the one. >> dana: i think eric holder will come to accommodation and agreement with chairman issa and they will figure out something to get it done. won't be found in contempt. >> kimberly: bob, anything? >> bob: no. >> kimberly: thank you for participating, mr. beckel. you're coming up soon. >> bob: end of the show. >> kimberly: exactly. former bronco quarterback was
11:44 pm
cheered on by thousands in the charger stadium but not for his football prowess. for inspirationm words. we'll show you that next. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: we ought to rename this "the bob block." now near the end of the show. tim tebow, the former denver broncos quarterback gave a -- participated in a charm service in san diego this last weekend. he got 26,000 people to attend. listen to what tebow had to say. at least part of what he had to say. >> i'd always think about what my dad said to me. do i really love what i'm doing? are you passionate about it? you know, passion isn't something that comes and goes. passion is something that comes from deep down. are you really passionate about it? are you willing to sacrifice? because if you have those three things, and whatever it
11:49 pm
is that you are trying to accomplish, i think you will probably be pretty successful. >> bob: it will be interesting to see how he does when he comes to new york. that kind of sermon, if you will, may not be received as well in new york. i give him credit. another line he used during that speech which was people think i'm a football player who is a christian. i happen to be -- i am a christian who happens to be a football. great line. do you think he will received here as well? >> eric: i highlighted that same line. he will be received anywhere. when you listen to this guy speak, you are engaged. you want to see what he is going to say. he has a confidence. he's not making it up. comes from the heart. it's refreshing. i look toward to hearing him talk. >> kimberly: bolling is going to buy all his tickets. >> bob: i like the guy. >> dana: tebow and greg have something in common. but greg's line is people
11:50 pm
think he is a commentator but he is really a mon store. >> bob: what was that thing -- >> greg: we're not talking about that. that is on "red eye" tonight, bob. tebow. is that his name the amazing baseball player, i have to say. this is why young single women should be republicans and go to church. don't you think julia would trade the government as a dadly for tim tebow as a husband? >> dana: yes. 100%. 1,000 times yes. >> bob: perfect segue for me. the government website that gives dads tips on teaching kids hygiene, how to eat and brush teeth. there are complaints from conservatives this is big brother getting in your life. i think it's good thing. go to website and get information on how to teach your kids hygienics. >> dana: any father who needs this is not trolling around online looking for advice. they are going to stumble a
11:51 pm
lot -- >> bob: i can tell you where they're trolling. >> dana: exactly. what kind of a crazy idea is this. i look and it was passed in 2005. it's part of thing to try to encourage -- yeah. try to encourage -- things that communities a communities -- churchs and communities do. >> greg: if you need to get parenting tip from the government, your kids are better off being raised by wolves. >> kimberly: it doesn't hurt anything. if you have it out there, somebody may want pointers. organize the parenting a bit. not hurting. >> bob: people go online all the time for information. >> eric: a good website to tell your kids about the birds and bees. one of the hardest things in the world. >> bob: i said, have that conversation. >> eric: teach them, not show them. >> bob: i have had the
11:52 pm
conversation with my son. when i talk to him, he said dad, i have known that for years. >> kimberly: oh, boy. >> bob: one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.
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o havputs you at 5 timesartbeat calgreater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's >> dana: time for one more thing. eric wants me to play a cruel joke on bob and call on him
11:56 pm
first. but i'm feeling nice and it's monday. >> bob: thank you. see if the research get here in time. >> eric: i don't like to go first. >> dana: i want to thank the staff of fox news. they put on the mets-reds. bill o'reilly threw a strike. but bob, andrea, kimberly and i. but greg and eric copped out on us. we met good hands. no one can see my cowboy boots but they're really cute. really cute. bob, you met a lot of fans. >> bob: yeah. it was great. i enjoyed it. they caught that. they shouldn't have. we could have useded help. >> dana: a lot of great staff volunteered.
11:57 pm
>> greg: i had to do "red eye." >> bob: you were right. girl's pitching mound. and thank you for inviting us to the suite. >> dana: that is a sore point. we had fans that said hi. >> kimberly: in the bleachers and the stands. they were fabulous. >> greg: o'reilly was in the suite. awesome. dabs kill berly. >> eric: send hot dogs and beer down? >> dana: nothing. not a thing. >> kimberly: no stacks. bob got busted by security. >> dana: we get in trouble we should move on. let kimberly go. >> kimberly: in other news, we have a dare del story for you. nick, successfully crossed niagara falls. this is compelling. 25 minutes. 200 feet above the water. he walked 1800 feet on
11:58 pm
two-inch wire. all we have to do is get up and come to work in the morning. fantastic. first person to do that. >> dana: but why? why did he cross niagara falls? >> kimberly: to get to to the other side. >> dana: thank you! very nice. eric? >> eric: quickly, milestone was reached over the weekend. president obama played his 100th round of golf. [ applause ] thank you very much. the economy is falling apart. but it wasn't long ago that david axelrod thought it wasn't a good example. listen. as you -- >> as you site statistics that say economy is improving you do political damage. that you do it from the ninth hole. impression you got is he was out of touch. >> eric: let's move on. >> dana: bob, are you ready? >> bob: i am.
11:59 pm
i have to buy time. mitt romney going around saying by the year 2020, the government spending would be one-half. 50% of the gross domestic product. which is so ridiculous. that ronald reagan's advisor said this analysis is so stupid, it's hard to know where to begin. congratulations mr. bartlett on that. romney, please get people to put something together for you that is truthful. >> eric: no way anyone could have said that. >> bob: he said it over and over. freddie i am suffering from exhaust -- >> greg: i am suffering from exhaustion. from the word exhaustion. when a pop star or celebrity ends up going to a hospital, it's always for exhaustion. just say you were doing too many drugs and getting wasted and now you need i.v. drip. >> kimberly: that is uplifting. >> eric: banned word of the day?


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