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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 19, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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hour, and alisyn camerota is here to help us get scrambled up today. >> that was an ugly dog. let me think, what is this? >> oh, boy! >> proposal. >> good job. all right, "fox & friends" starts now. have a great day, everyone. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, june 19th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen this morning. should the could the showdown over operation fast & furious be over today? attorney general eric holder and congressman darrell issa about to meet one on one but issa has one very strict condition. we're live in washington. >> and the president making a shrewd political move some say coming out with an immigration policy before his opponents could. but at what price? >> what the president did by ignoring the constitution, ignoring the congress, makes it harder to find that balance. >> who is right? we're going to report and you will decide. >> all right. their principal refused to let them sing this song at their
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graduation. >> ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> but this fight is not over yet. the students refusing to have their singing voices silenced. we have this little boy singing for us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> live from studio e, it's "fox & friends." live from rockefeller center, we've got that girl, alisyn camerota in today for gretch. >> referring to me. >> that girl. >> successful 70's series. >> that's right. >> i just have one quick observation. if we didn't have the studio crew to help us with the scramble, we'd be here until 9:15 in the morning. >> time limit on it?
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i was a little worried about that. especially when all the letters turn over, we get it. >> when we were featuring chris there because you asked for chris to help you. >> because he's great at it. it was joel who helped you today. >> thank you, joel. thank you. >> you'll be handsomely rewarded. >> i digress. >> because they do a lot of puzzles behind the camera while they're waiting for us to come out here. >> or they're puzzled by the show as many are. >> that could be. >> great to be with you guys. let's get right to your headlines and tell you what's happening. we have a developing story right now out of afghanistan. an apparent insider attack leaving an american service member dead. nine others are hurt. their injuries are minor, we're told. the three gunmen who opened fire were wearing afghan police uniforms at the time. they are on the run at this hour, we'll keep you posted as you get more information. one day before the senate foreign relations committee was to set on its nomination, the pick for ambassador to iraq bowing out. he was withdrawing nomination amid concerns he engaged in improper conduct while working at the u.s. embassy in baghdad.
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recently released e-mails showed him having racy conversations with a reporter while he was working on a security deal with the iraqi government. he was also married to another woman at the time. recently released jailhouse phone calls revealing new details about the man accused of killing trayvon martin. in one of them, we hear george zimmerman urging his wife to get a bulletproof vest because he feared for their safety. >> have you looked into -- >> >> the other calls detail how zimmerman instructed her to transfer money from bank accounts.
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that could play a crucial role in his second bond hearing next week. give us a sports story, would you? >> all right. i'll do that, alisyn. many baseball fans dream for the day they catch a foul ball. a rays fan of tampa, he had it happen at the rays-marlins game but his own son dashing that dream. look at this. tampa bay's drew sutton fouling the ball off. check this out. the little boy takes the foul ball and throws it back! >> look at -- >> dad reacted and can't believe that the little boy just a little bit of an oops reaction. >> there you go! >> oh! >> what are you doing? >> that's a day i'll never forget. >> look at him. i'm not even trying for the next one. >> the boy is actually -- >> sorry, dad! i'm just a kid. >> meanwhile, in other news, turn over those operation fast & furious documents or face a contempt of congress vote tomorrow. congressman darrell issa giving that warning to attorney general eric holder as the two get ready
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to meet face to face later today. >> kelly wright is live in washington with details. hey, kelly. >> ali, steve and brian, good morning to you as well. in a letter, attorney general eric holder writes he's offering a serious good faith proposal. holder addressed that letter to darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. he hopes it will bring an amicable resolution writing "we expect that this extraordinary accommodation will fully address the remaining concerns that you and house leadership have identified in your written and oral communication to the department over the last few weeks." but late monday, congressman issa wrote back to the attorney general explaining his expectations writing only the delivery of documents outlined and offered by the department of justice last thursday to staff will be sufficient to justify postponement of wednesday's scheduled vote. a directed reference to a vote to hold holder in contempt. issa had been demanding to see documents on the controversial
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bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms explosives anti-gunrunning operation known as fast & furious. he wants to know who prepared a now retracted letter from february 4, 2011, in which the justice department claimed the u.s. did not knowingly help smuggle guns to mexico including those later found at the murder scene of border patrol agent brian terry. >> here we are a year later, do the attorneys know anything more now about this program? who is responsible for it? who had been held accountable for it? has any of their questions about this been answered? >> meantime, some congressional republicans claim house speaker john boehner wants issa to drop the case because it can become an election year distraction that could hurt republicans at the polls. congressman elijah cummings, the top democrat on the oversight committee said he'd like to see a resolution that would include a contempt vote against eric
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holder. >> watch what happens down in d.c. >> i was surprised by this. the president on friday makes a sensationalistic announcement, that if you're one born here, you can stay here without chance of deportation. until then, that's the policy. can he do it by executive order? that's an interesting debate. marco rubio coming out and saying this cuts essentially his push for a republican version of the dream act and cuts it out at the knees. i was surprised by that. >> absolutely. marco was on with sean hannity last night and said, you know, he had been working with democrats in the senate to come up with the version after it was killed last year and actually for it getting killed in the senate, he blames both republicans and democrats as well because they don't have the right perspective, he feels on it. anyway, here he is talking about what mr. obama did on friday which clearly was a political move. >> got to be done right. i mean, if you do something that somehow encourages illegal
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immigration in the future, it's counterproductive. on the other hand, it feels weird to deport a valedictorian has been here since he was 4 years old but the president did by ignoring the constitution, ignoring the congress, makes it harder to find that balance not to mention it's offensive to the constitutional principles of our republic. >> so just ignore the laws is what the president is going to wind up doing. >> it's interesting what the president did because so many people -- so many pundits said, wow, masterful stroke. brilliant political move by the president in one swoop, he cemented latino support and he stole the thunder from marco rubio who was crafting basically an exact version of what the president did but other pundits are now saying was it such a great political move when marco rubio was trying to do something bipartisan? he could have actually gotten -- worked through congress, through legislation, gotten -- >> a real law. >> real bill. >> and i think -- i believe that personally he would have benefited more if he had an
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invitation to marco rubio, john mccain, people who have worked on comprehensive immigration in the past and said i'm trying to play on both and trying to get congress to act. instead, he said he never got a call and mccain said he never got a call. >> so many people are looking at washington and saying it's broken, they're not going to do anything. if marco rubio could have brought it together, that would have been fantastic. what the president did on friday a year ago when he was speaking to the national council of larazza at their annual conference, what he did on friday he said a year ago at that conference, he couldn't do constitutionally. listen. here's a flashback. >> i swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books. now, i know some people want me to bypass congress and change the laws on my own. believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.
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i promise you, not just on immigration reform. but that's not how -- that's not how our system works. that's not how our democracy functions. that's not how our constitution is written. >> ok. that was last year. friday, he changed his mind. >> it wasn't just there, he said the same thing to univision as you'll recall last year. as we all know, the president is a constitutional scholar and former professor of it. so -- lecturer. so what's changed? what allowed him to have that change of heart over the course of the past year? former attorney general gonzalez was wondering this very thing on greta last night about the timing of this. >> the timing is very peculiar. the president is on record speaking to a hispanic audience telling the hispanic audience that he had no authority to do what they wanted which was to suspend deportation without changing the constitution.
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and now -- now suddenly he finds that he does have the authority and so the time, of course, one can only conclude that it is in order to try to gather support within the hispanic community. when you suspend the enforcement of a law to an entire class of individuals, that is going to subject the president as we're witnessing here to criticism that, in fact, he is ignoring the law. ignoring the will of congress. >> and bill crystal called in on chris wallace's show an anti-rubio move. the whole thing was anti-rubio and by the way, abc is reporting that he's not being vetted to be the vice presidential candidate. >> marco rubio or bill crystal? >> bill crystal is being vetted. he's probably going to be the running mate. alisyn was reporting that earlier but i will say this, it seems as though marco rubio at this moment is not being vetted by mitt romney. >> busy, busy tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. still ahead, a shocking side effect from one of america's
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>> this is startling new numbers to tell you about that paints a bleak picture of the current job market. >> according to the bureau of labor statistics for every single new person entering the work force, 74 people are dropping out.
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stuart varney, that's staggering. >> they are. astonishing really but the mystery has been sold. one of the big questions over the last three or four years is how come the unemployment rate went down when job creation is anemic and the population is growing. how do you account for that? now we know. there are 7.4 million fewer -- more people not working, ok, let's get to grips with that. 7.4 million adults not working, ok? more than when we had in january of 2009 and we've only got 100,000 new jobs. ok? net new jobs. result? 74 people have dropped out for everyone new person hired. astonishing! >> is that why we recently saw the number tick back up again, the unemployment number? >> yes. because some of those people who have dropped out of the work force actually came back into the work force were counted, therefore the unemployment rate went back up again.
3:17 am
i mean, this all sounds rather complicated but it's not. the big story of the obama years in employment was what happened to all of these people who have left the work force. what happened? why did they leave? now, we know. 7.4 million people literally walked away from the work force in the last 3 1/2 years. and that's astonishing! that's a very large number. that's the employment story of the day. >> and you can imagine like the stress of a family when you lose that job and you can't get a job but i'm also wondering about the people who say ok, i lost my job. i got a year and a half to kick back. and look, because now it's been extended, extended, unemployment insurance. >> there are 87.9 million people now not in the work force. all time high. 87.9 million people. a lot of people are taking early retirement, three million are taking social security disability. millions of people are unemployed. they're not count.
3:18 am
they're not in the work force. >> some of those are actively looking for jobs and wish to be employed. >> some of them may come back into the work force and start looking for a job but at the moment almost 88 million adults in america are not counted, not in the work force. they're out there. they're in america. they're not working. not part of the work force. >> two things. one thing is i hear that manufacturing jobs in this country are up. i thought that would employ more people and i also think that this really pushes entrepreneurs. somehow in this country, we have to push entrepreneurship to start the businesses that are going to hire the people so we get more of the apples and googles was world. >> that's a fair point to make but it's not happening at this point. new business formation in america is way down from where it was three, four, five years ago. way down. so people out of the work force are not being entrepreneurs as you put it. trying to get back in again. they're just out. 88 million people. >> staggering numbers. stu varney, we'll watch you in three hours. >> i'm very glad to hear it.
3:19 am
9:20 to be precise. >> fantastic. thanks so much. talk about awkward, what was going on between president obama and president putin? let's look at the body language next. >> not now, though. the senate minority leader says the white house has a closer relationship with media matters. you know that organization whose mention is to take down fox news unsuccessfully, just so how cozy is that relationship? the answer may shock you. [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, "what's next?" introducing the all-new rx f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> quick headlines for you. the former rutgers student convicted on spying on his
3:23 am
roommate with a web cam is set to be released from a new jersey jail in a few hours. the 20-year-old only serving 20 of his 30-day sentence because of good behavior. he will not be deported to his native india. and a chilling meeting between president obama and russian president vladimir putin at the g-20 summit. take a look at their body language. both leaders looking away from each other and experts say this shows russia has no intention of resetting our relationship as president obama had wanted. let's go to steve. >> all right, ali, thank you very much. back in february, we told you about research by "the daily caller" blog where investigators show that the white house held weekly conference calls with media matters, the liberal web site whose self-proclaimed mission is to destroy fox news. well, now, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has a stern warning for the obama administration. >> news reports suggest that top white house officials have long participated in a weekly conference call with left wing -- with the left wing
3:24 am
organization in washington whose stated purpose is to track conservative media voices, seize on potentially offensive content and then use it to mount corporate intimidation campaigns aimed at driving these losses clear out of the public square. let's be very clear, no individual or group in this country should have to face harassment or intimidation or incur crippling defenses defending themselves against their own government simply because that government doesn't like the message that they're advocating. >> joining us from washington is the daily caller's vince colaniase researching the link between media matters and president obama's white house. good morning to you, vince. >> good morning, steve. >> so, you know, on this program and there at the daily caller, we have detailed the intimidation tactics that media matters has used against people on the right, the conservative voices, also people on fox news trying to run us out of business. trying to run rush limbaugh out of business and now, those brass
3:25 am
knuckle tactics have caught the attention of mitch mcconnell, haven't they? >> yeah, and it's a very high profile attention grabbing item. senator mitch mcconnell is the minority leader of the senate and the most powerful republican senator and in this speech that you just showed at the american enterprise institute last friday for the first time, he made it -- he made a public statement about the relationship between media matters and the white house. and as we reported, it's a long standing one for the entire obama administration, media matters has shared a weekly conference call with the center for american progress and the white house and now, senator mcconnell is saying, look, if media matters is going to go out there and they're going to intimidate conservative media figures or anybody they disagree with, then what -- then what they're going -- what should be done is that we need to pay attention to the white house's relationship here. if they're so close to media matters, how come the president is not getting out ahead of this and saying hey, guys, knock it off. you're my surrogate. you're about as close as anybody is to me.
3:26 am
>> i don't get why the white house -- this is an organization headed up by david brock. he was a republican before he turned democrat, you know, conservative before liberal. the white house is in bed with this guy's organization. he's an admitted liar, you know, that is documented and yet, liberals don't even like him and he's the point person on the counterspin for the white house? >> you know, and we reported as late as last week that the media matters web site that david brock runs actually had increased the amount of coverage it has defending the president during an election year which is a very dodgy thing to do for an organization that's tax exempt and not allowed to be supporting any individual candidate. so media matters is faced with all -- you know, all sorts of challenges to how it represents itself but now senator mcconnell is levelling the charge that the white house is faced with the challenge of actually killing people's free speech rights by being this close to media matters and organizations like media matters that go out and
3:27 am
try to harass critics of the president. what senator mcconnell is saying is the president doesn't denounce this. his silence is an endorsement of this these tactics and that's a problem. >> that's a good point. i'm sure david brock doesn't see anyivid brock doesn't see any problem with this. you havey -- you have detailed his paranoia and that's why according to them, his assistant used to carry a handgun in the district of columbia. >> that detail is troubling for insiders at media matters which told us in the very notion in an area like d.c. where gun laws are so restrictive that his assistant to be illegally carrying a handgun on him to protect david brock from unseen forces and attacks really was something that's very jarring and actually, media matters insiders found that to be a problem because they said imagine if our donors found out who are so for gun control
3:28 am
regulations that we were wielding a gun to defend ourselves, that would be a problem. >> and that's the outfit that the white house is working with, it sounds like. all right, vince, always a pleasure. thank you very much for stopping by today from the daily caller. >> thank you, steve. >> it is precisely 28 minutes after the top of the hour. their principal refused to let them sing "god bless the u.s.a." at graduation, but their fight is not over. >> hear from the kids straight ahead. then hand picked by the president, we now know who will play mitt romney in the mock debate. whose face goes under the question mark? we've got the answer. happy birthday to heart lead singer ann wilson. she's 6 it 2! -- 62. [ male announcer ] don't miss d lobster's four course seafo feast,
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3:33 am
hollywood music people supporting him. in fact, he just released an ad. take a look. >> ♪ it's safe to say that we think he's ♪ ♪ out of sight ♪ vote for mitt romney ♪ he's the man that we really came here ♪ >> that is funny. that's fantastic. >> classic. didn't you see in the news, i think it's, what, lynyrd skynyrd and kid rock will be performing for the republicans at the big convention. >> is that true? >> mitt romney's big show. >> we're going to be at the convention. >> we'll be there! are you saying we should be performing musically? >> i don't think so. i thought it was an opportunity to promote ourselves. >> lynyrd skynyrd, he's great. anyway, it's always fun to talk about who will play each candidate in the movie. also in the dress rehearsal
3:34 am
where they prepare and they plan for the debates. so each candidate, barack obama and mitt romney gets to choose who they want to play the other side. so now we know -- >> that the person who is going to be playing a massachusetts politician with really good hair is a massachusetts politician with really good hair. >> that's right. named john kerry. john kerry will be playing the part of mitt romney. >> that's an exaggeration. it's not an exaggeration senator. you can see the similarities. both call massachusetts home. both have been accused of being of wealth and privilege. >> how dare you? >> how dare you, sir! you rich man. >> ones likes heinz and one likes hunts. >> both have run for president and both have large heads. i don't mean figuratively speaking. i mean they have big noggins. >> sorry, mike dukakis, you're runner-up again. >> now john kerry is pretending
3:35 am
to be the other man's man. >> he's the tutor. >> right. >> let's talk about the mayor of new york city, mike bloomberg, mr. anti-pepsi. >> and coke. >> apparently, he was a couple of days ago at this function where it was a big securities -- yeah, and a place called eatery. >> eatily. >> you have been to an eatery. >> in rehearsal, they had it down pat. it's going awry. >> it is. anyway, they're around a big table and people are asking the mayor questions and they say well, what do you think of the two candidates? and as it turns out, mayor bloomberg said he felt that mitt romney would do a better job running the united states of america than the current president. >> right, but he will not vote for mitt romney because they're too different on social issues. and remember in 2008, i forgot this. i thought he endorsed president obama. he didn't. he said he didn't endorse anyone. the bigger story is the detail that steve had of this story.
3:36 am
next, we'll talk about the details that steve had. >> there are insiders who say that while both candidates, mitt romney and president obama are courting michael bloomberg with golf outings and with breakfast. >> his approval rating is 30% here. >> they both really want -- >> everybody wants to -- >> they think he's a big important independent. >> and he's a billionaire. but that he -- >> probably not support either one of them if the news flash to both camps this morning. >> yeah and this became a news flash on "the new york times" blog because "the new york times" talked to two people who were at the dinner plus the third person was a "new york times" reporter. so if you're going to break some news, you probably shonlt do it -- shouldn't do it. >> you probably have nothing on the rubio point. you're all bloomberg all the time. >> speaking of marco rubio, let's get right to your headlines right now, we have a fox news alert for you. there's a brand new report that says mitt romney is not vetting senator marco rubio for vice
3:37 am
president. according to the report, rubio has not been asked to complete any of the questionnaires or turn over financial documents. supporters say the florida senator who is cuban-american would appeal to hispanic voters. that was why his name was touted so often and, of course, florida is also a key battleground state. >> meanwhile, a popular pakistani singer who defied the taliban ban against singing and dancing is now dead. he was murdered by a gunman in a drive-by shooting in pakistan. they raced towards her on motorcycles as she left a beauty salon. she was with her father and sister at the time. her father also killed. her sister managed to escape. her ex-husband being eyed as a suspect. the ex-husband! >> all right, gastric bypass saves lives and now we're learning it has a shocking side effect. alcoholism? researchers just discovering the surgery increases some people's risk of alcoholism by 50%. those people never had a problem with drinking before. here's why.
3:38 am
after surgery, the size of your stomach is smaller and that forces alcohol straight into the intesti intestine causing the body to absorb it quicker and that quick rush can make alcohol more addictive. look out, rex ryan. >> their school recently became the center of a nationwide controversy when their principal refused to let the students sing "god bless the u.s.a." at graduation. these kids are not backing down holding a rally. >> beautiful rendition. their graduation ceremony is tomorrow. that song, though, still banned. the rally comes as principal greta hawkins reportedly ignored the requests from the republican congressman michael grim, a marine veteran for a meeting so that he could give the kids a book on the greenwood song. no word of why that meeting can't happen. >> i got a school from the new york restaurant, they canceled
3:39 am
my reservation. meanwhile -- a heat wave across caused worsening conditions for crews battling what is now 16 wildfires in 10 states out west. look at that. the total, a million acres burned so far. one of those wildfires, a super fire, this massive one in colorado that's destroyed close to 200 houses is the state's most damaging in history. officials say it is now at 50% containment. that's good. just two days ago, it was at like 10%. meanwhile, let's find out if there's any relief in store for mother nature for colorado and the answer is no. across the northern tier of states and the northern plains, there is some shower activity but none in the -- as you can see, the front range of the rockies or the rockies for the most part period. widely scattered showers around lake erie and ontario. otherwise, the balance of the country is bone dry. currently, a lot of 60's and 70's across the map but later today, things are going to warm up. look at these temperatures. it's going to be 105 in el paso.
3:40 am
108 in phoenix. 90's across the central plains through the mid missouri and mississippi valley. it's going to be 90 today in raleigh. and 76 here in new york city. and that's a quick look at the fox travelcast. >> let's go to sports and brian. >> all right. roger clemens, big win yesterday. the sights of victory taken 4 1/2 years but he got it. he was found not guilty on all six counts of perjury after his retrial after the government screwed up a mistrial last year, his four sons giving a group hug immediately after the verdict. there they are sketched. clemens still very emotional outside of the courtroom. >> you media guys that know me and follow my career -- put a lot of hard work into that career. and so again, i appreciate my teammates that came in and all the e-mails and phone calls.
3:41 am
from my teammates so thank you all very much. >> we'll see what happens with the hall of fame now. does anybody else believe it besides that jury? this is the second high profile defeat of the government in recent weeks. the corruption against john edwards unsuccessful. a lot of money down the drain. italy scoring an incredible goal in euro 2012. watch! that's the first flourish from one of euro 2012's potential superstars. >> italy, yes the country, wins 2-0 and they indeed advance. this thing is going through the roof. during the daytime, bars are packed now. i don't know how i know that. but -- >> pro italy or pro italy?
3:42 am
>> i'm not really sure. >> they're pro houlihan's. >> not only is the president bypassing constitution for his new immigration policy, experts say it will be a disaster for the courts. judge napolitano knows something about that. he's next. >> doing away with the t.s.a. you've heard the nightmare patdown stories so is the answer going private? like a rubdown. pooches and puppies, we are fed up
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. americans' net worth plunging 35% from 2005 to 2010. the census bureau says the net worth among household heads, 35 to 44. the group typically with mortgages in college-bound kids
3:46 am
plummeted 59%. and cops thought dennis quaid might be drunk when he plowed through a stop sign in hollywood so they pulled him over. but his sobriety test cleared the 58-year-old actor. not drunk. that's good news. brian? >> didn't have gastric bypass surgery clearly. president obama bypassing congress with his new immigration policy but questions remain over his executive order overreach and what could it mean down the road for deportations and the courts? joining us right now, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. so judge, we got a new fly in the ointment. all this criteria now have to go in to the process which is already backlogged with other illegals that are having their case seen. >> the problem is this, the president has unilaterally changed the law. he has rewritten the law. his heart may be in the right place for a group of people that he feels will have to stay here but he can't do that. only congress can change the law.
3:47 am
the law requires predictability. it requires fairness and it has to be constitutional. if the president writes it, it's not constitutional and if he changes the law, there's no predictability and only the congress can decide whether coming before age 16 is fair, how about 17? the president made it out of his own head and we don't have a system that permits that. >> let's talk about the court system around the country. what will that do for that process that's already backlogged big time? >> well, it's going to make it difficult for the courts to know what the law will be. if mitt romney is elected president, will this new law that the president is written still exist? well, we don't know. i think you have an interview with governor romney later today, perhaps you'll ask him this. the point is this -- if the president thinks a law is unconstitutional, he cannot enforce -- he can refuse to enforce it. thomas jefferson did that. but the president cannot rewrite a law to make it more to his liking. only the congress can remedy
3:48 am
that. the president is bypassing the congress yet again for what seems to be the umpteenth time. >> i don't know who this jefferson guy is, you want me to google him. i picture the courts and i picture the backlog that's already there for illegals that could have their citizenship questioned, this is an administration that deports 1150 per day. yet, it's still backlogged. what is it going to do for those people who qualify five years, served in the military. >> some of the people that are on, you know, on line to be deported will be taken out of that line because they will fit the president's qualifications. but the point of the constitution is only the congress can write the qualifications. suppose the supreme court upholds arizona's law later this week or early next week. what law will arizona enforce? the law that congress has written? the law that the president has rewritten? will arizona arrest illegals only to find out that the federal government refuses to deport them and what will it do
3:49 am
with these people after being arrested here illegally but the government won't allow them to be deported? it's a mess that he's created and he's violated the constitution in doing so. >> for all practical matters, the approach and the objective of this is to win over the hispanic community and we'll see if that will be effective. >> you think it has anything to do with the election coming up? >> i think we're getting a little cynical. judge andrew napolitano, great to see you. thank you so much. >> is it really great to see me? >> in person? >> i see your picture everywhere. meanwhile, 11 minutes before the top of the hour. next, is there a way to stop nightmare patdowns at the airport? judge, don't look at this, it will drive you crazy. next guest says yes and there's one airport getting ready to start it. an olympic sized surprise. this guy took some time out from his olympic torch run to propose! let's hope he gets up and to london in time. i'm a marathon runner,
3:50 am
in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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3:53 am
>> we've all seen the horror stories, invasive t.s.a. patdowns of grandmothers and little kids so could they become a thing of the past as orlando's airport tries to cut through the red tape of a bloated bureaucracy and use private security screeners? florida congressman john mica is the chairman of the house transportation and infrastructure committee. he's been pushing for more private security screenings at airports. good morning. >> good morning. we're making a little progress but it's quite a struggle with this big t.s.a. bureaucracy. >> so how would using private screeners change the process? >> it's a first part because the t.s.a. has grown to a 65,000 person bureaucracy.
3:54 am
now, listen to this, the administrative staff have grown to 14,000. there's 10,000 out in the field. we only have 457 airports. that's about 18 administrative personnel for every airport. so we're trying to get first of all the personnel under control. then shift t.s.a. to a security. back to a security agency which was originally intended which operates on a risk basis, not shaken -- shaking down little old ladies or wrestling kids to the ground. >> congressman, how can you guarantee that safety would still be ensured if suddenly private screeners are being used all around the country and it's a hodgepodge of just private companies? >> well, did you know this? we've already had that model in place when i helped write the law, we put five airports with private screening under federal supervision. guess what? we tested it and after several years of testing, all federal and then the federal with private screening, we found that
3:55 am
the performance was better. let's not even talk about the cost savings. but the performance which is the main thing. the g.a.o. said that private screening under federal supervision performs statistically significantly better. so what's this about? doing a good job or just theater security? >> let me tell you what the t.s.a. says about orlando trying this. final approval for participation in the screening partnership program will be contingent upon the approval of a proposal that does not compromise security or detrimentally affect the cost efficiency or the effectiveness of the screening of passengers or property at the airport. if this works in orlando, do you think that we'll see this at other major airports? >> well, we've seen it. there's 17 airports and then t.s.a. actually closed down the program because places like the entire state of montana voted to opt out. they had that right to opt out and t.s.a. said no, we want to
3:56 am
keep this in federal control and we want to keep the bureaucracy in place. heaven forbid we should do it more economically, train personnel and manager them and even schedule them. they spent $433 million just recently on overtime. these people can't get it right and we need to get it right because our security and american aviation depends on it. >> it sure does. congressman john mica, we know you've been leading the charge to fix airport security, thanks so much for coming in to explain yourself. >> thank you, we're going to get er done. >> i hope so. are conservatives who disagree with obama's immigration ruling racist? we'll report, you decide. we'll tell you what people are saying. ever since he blew the whistle on fast & furious, the agent has been harassed so much, he had to leave his own home. was it worth it? you're about to hear from him in a "fox & friends" exclusive. hoc to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees.
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, june 19th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. a showdown on capitol hill? attorney general eric holder about to meet face to face with the man that's investigating him. will there be compromise or contempt? congressman issa says it all depends on one thing. >> before face to face, they're side by side. are conservatives who disagree with president obama's immigration ruling racist? this television anchor thinks so. >> finally, the elephant in the rose garden, thank you sam donaldson. enough said there. >> so what do you think? we report, you decide. we'll talk about sam donaldson. >> indeed. meanwhile, federal judges defending a lavish trip to maui, hawaii on your dime. they say it's more cost effective to go to hawaii to use taxpayers money. >> it dissolves? >> "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. aloha!
4:01 am
>> wait until you hear this one. it's cheaper for them to everybody fly out to hawaii than to stay at home. >> oy! >> main land. >> we'll do the math on that. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us this morning. pleasure to be with you guys. let's get right to your headlines and i'll tell you what's happening right now. attorney general eric holder and house oversight committee chairman darrell issa are set to meet today at 5:00 p.m. eastern over the fast & furious scandal. congressman issa demanding more documents be handed over. otherwise, he's going forward with a contempt vote tomorrow. issa wants information about how a now retracted letter in which the justice department claims the u.s. did not help smuggle guns into mexico including those found at the murder scene of border agent brian terry. coming up in 30 minutes, part two of a fox news exclusive, the a.t.f. agent who blew the lid off the fast and furious scandal tells us what happened to his life since he did that.
4:02 am
overnight, an apparent insider attack in afghanistan kills an american service member. nine others were hurt. their injuries are reportedly minor. the three gunmen who opened fire were wearing afghan police uniforms at the time and they are on the run at this hour. president obama's pick to be the u.s. ambassador to iraq is withdrawing just one day before a senate panel was scheduled to vote on his nomination. there were concerns that he engaged in improper conduct while working at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. recently released e-mails show him having racy conversations with a reporter while he was working on a security deal with the iraqi government. he was married at the time. one man bearing a torch for the olympics and for his girlfriend. >> she said yes. david spate stopping during his relay with the olympic torch in
4:03 am
northeast england to pop the question to his now fiancee. as you can see, she said yes and everyone is very excited. >> wow,>> the headline, the banner said "you light up my life." shouldn't it say you light up my wife? >> possibly. i never really thought about what's going to happen later. >> hello. >> hey, let's talk a little bit about immigration because after all, we immigrated here, many of us from britain over 200 years ago. that's all i got. >> britain? >> great britain. >> you came from ireland. i came from sweden and ireland. ali came from -- ali is actually a fifth scotch. >> let's talk about immigration. once the british ruled us here in this land, we thought they would immigrate back to where they came from. marco rubio was very upset with what the president did on friday, unilateral order, anyone here more than five years, if you came here as a i had and if you're in the military, you are free from deportation for at
4:04 am
least two years. come in and sign in. marco rubio essentially said i've been working on a republican version of the dream act with democratic input. i am now cut off at the knees. forget about it until the election. he's quite upset. his book is out today as well. >> it is and he says what the president did on friday is simply a short-term fix very political. here's mr. rubio. >> got to be done right. if you do something that somehow encourages illegal immigration in the future, it's counterproductive. on the other hand, it feels weird to deport a valedictorian who has been here since they were 4 years old but the president did by ignoring the constitution and ignoring congress, it makes harder to find that balance not to mention it's offensive to the constitutional principles of our public. >> what he did makes it harder in the future because he acted unilaterally instead of acting in a bipartisan way as marco rubio was trying to do. he was trying to actually pass legislation so this would be permanent, as he just said, not
4:05 am
a temporary fix and what the president did on friday would steal his thunder. it was a shrewd political move but it may not actually be constitutional so in the end, does it help them? >> look, that's one argument president obama has, it is constitutional but there's another president obama who thinks it's unconstitutional. >> wait a minute, there are two president obamas? >> exactly. let's go back to 2011. >> i swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books. now, i know some people want me to bypass congress and change the laws on my own. believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. i promise you. not just on immigration reform. but that's not how -- that's not how our system works. that's -- >> that's not how our democracy
4:06 am
functions. that's not how our constitution is written. >> so that's the president of the united states who was against doing what he did on friday before he was for doing what he did on friday. >> meanwhile, legendary newsman sam donaldson who was famous for shouting at president reagan, among other presidents, he covered many of them and he would famously try to yell over the helicopter and try to get his questions answered so it was act that he would weigh in on what happened last week in the rose garden where that reporter, neil monroe from the daily caller interrupted the president in the middle of his speech but sam donaldson went one further. he decided to get inside the head of neil monroe and claimed that what neil monroe did by interrupting was not just rudeness which most people have agreed it was but it was racism. >> right, and so over on cnn, one of their hard news anchors, don lemon weighed in on mr.
4:07 am
donaldson's statement that neil monroe was interrupting the president of the united states because he was a racist with this comment. >> let's face it, many on the political right believe this president ought not to be there. they oppose him not just for his policies and political view but for who he is, an african-american. finally, the elephant in the rose garden. thank you, sam donaldson, enough said there. >> really? sam donaldson goes on to say, he says some people and news organizations encourage disrespect for the president and he called out rush limbaugh for doing that. >> here is bernie goldberg with bill o'reilly last night weighing in on this. >> do you really think that those people you call right wing bigots, racists, do you really think they'd be racist toward a black man, a conservative black man who was president of the united states? i think they'd love him. i think they'd love him. and i think if you think about
4:08 am
it for a second, sam, you might agree with that. >> in "the examiner" today, they write "calling someone a racist is far easier than formulating a defense for the policies put forth by president obama. as a bonus, it requires absolutely no thought process whatsoever. >> by the way, for the record, i thought it was totally out of control that he was yelling. he clearly mistimed the question but i never thought race was going to be a factor in the conversation or in columns or commentators. >> right. rudeness is color blind. you know? anybody can be rude and to be able to -- to claim to get inside someone's head and know what their motivations are for something is always dangerous. >> ok. what is the motivation? apparently, every year judges from the -- look, new animation. i like that. yeah. judges from the ninth circuit out west, what they do is they convene some place and they have a big conference where they try
4:09 am
to get a lot of business done. well, they're going now to apparently the maui hyatt regency resort and spa and because they do so much business, the spokesperson for the organization said it's more effective to fly everybody to maui than to have a bunch of business meetings stateside. >> some of the people upset by this is senator grassley saying can't you save some money by not going? so the ninth district court of appeals, they say no, not only can we not save money, we want to go. we confirm, i'll show you how cost effective it is and we're going. that's it. >> apologetic. >> here's the video -- look at this. here's video of that hotel, their promotional video. >> look at those judges. >> that's beautiful. look at all this you can get when you go to this hotel. this is reminiscent of other incredible government spending
4:10 am
that we have recently seen at fancy hotels and lavish workshops and conferences that they have had. here's the controversial nice perfect room. it has a near -- this is what you know about the ninth circuit court. you may recognize their names and has a near 80% reversal rate by the u.s. supreme court for starters. >> so this particular circuit is really good at coming up with decisions that are later ruled unconstitutional or illegal by the u.s. supreme court. so -- >> they have 27 business meetings they claim there. i am -- the hotel cost $230 a night. >> that's a good deal! >> good deal. >> it is a good deal. you know what? and apparently, the concern was of the senators, the cost given that they've also got to fly everybody out. >> is that a lifeguard? is there someone -- >> someone luxiarating, if that's a government employee on our dime. they were concerned not only with the cost but the lavish recreational schedule. >> meanwhile, they say -- the
4:11 am
government -- federal government says government funds are not used for any recreation or sporting activity. how is that possible? they flew out on the government dime. our dime. >> they're studying. they're studying and reading all the time there! >> my problem about hawaii and know where i'm going with because you remember, it could be a lot of fun until somebody goes surfing and lands on their ornament given to them and they get knocked out and nearly drown. remember the tarantula that could crawl on you. the brady bunch, you can watch the brady bunch and be entertained or you can learn. i learn. >> what do you think about that? >> thank you, brian, for that. coming up, he's a democrat but admits the president is in big trouble and he's here next breaking down the three threats to the president's re-election bid. >> then, mike tyson looking for his next big hit and this one, well, not in the ring. the big announcement straight
4:12 am
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i'm with scottrade. >> president obama still catching heat for comments he made about the u.s. economy a few weeks ago. listen. >> the truth of the matter is that as i said, we've created 4.3 million jobs over the last 27 months. over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. >> really? that comment not the only thing putting the president's
4:16 am
re-election bid in jeopardy. fox news contributor joe trippi joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the president has had a couple of bad weeks and that particular soundbite was part of it. you say what he's doing now is trying to regain the momentum by he rolled out that rehash economics speech a couple of days ago but it was followed by the immigration thing where he jumped the line and is now going to start ignoring the law and you say that's going to help him. >> yeah, look, he clearly had a bad month. i don't think anybody can deny that. i mean, with wisconsin, some of the bad jobs numbers and then the private economy is -- >> fundraising. >> and romney beats him by $17 million and it's $77 million to $60 million which first time anybody has beaten him on raising money since 2007. i mean, clinton did it for a brief time and then he never looked back so some very significant things happened but i think both the economics
4:17 am
speech and then obviously going on immigration and really pushing the window on the hispanic vote that romney has very big problems on have started to turn the tide for him. i think he's back at least moving the ball in the right direction for his re-election. >> well, why hasn't that comment, the private sector is doing fine, stuck to the president the way it did john mccain? it was such a game changer, no pun intended for john mccain. why is it the president able to deflect that better? >> the gallup poll showed that 68% of the american people still blame bush for the economic problems. only 52% blame obama for it. i think people understand where it came from. i also think they understand that he meant, you know, that he meant -- >> what did he mean? >> relative to the public sector. >> they're not going to run that part. >> they're not going to run that in the ad. what i'm saying is i think what happened in the economic speech, he got on the right foot by getting into whether you want to
4:18 am
go back to the past bush policies. this is what he wants to say to people. is that where you want to go or keep moving forward? and that's why i think the speech actually -- i mean, i know people think it was a rehash but i think in terms of putting the old frame, his frame on the economy is better than what he was doing with the -- with that statement. >> joe, you know, you've looked at polls for a very long time. at this stage in his presidency, you know, up against a challenger like mitt romney, barack obama should be way ahead. but right now, pretty much in the statistical dead heat although i've seen somewhere romney is a little ahead. we've got a map that shows some of the toss-up states and things have gotten much tighter to the president's detriment. >> oh, yeah. i mean, you look at these states and these are the states that this is going to be fought in, you know, nevada, colorado, wisconsin. karl rove thinks wisconsin is in play. he and i talk about it. i don't really think it is yet but we'll see. but iowa, ohio, florida, the
4:19 am
ones in virginia but the one state that's interesting is since everything started going badly about a month ago, pennsylvania has come into play. there's been polls that show the president not that far ahead in pennsylvania and i was wondering is that for real? are the polls right? and then all of a sudden, the obama campaign started running ads in pennsylvania. it's running ads in those other six or seven states, too. so yeah, it would make me think that, yeah, i think pennsylvania may actually be in play. if pennsylvania is in play, gosh, it's hard for me to believe that the president could lose pennsylvania. but if he -- i mean, if it's really in play, that just shows you how tight an election this is going to be and how open this is becoming for romney. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you. >> thank you, sir. it's the new battle of the sexes, who is more stressed out? men or women? >> men! >> stick around, the results are in! >> then hall of fame
4:20 am
quarterback fran tarkenton says he's never been political until now and he wants to blow the whistle before the election. what changed? he joined us live to explain coming up next. he's incredible! today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credirds. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] or too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn doubleiles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up day for a venture card at and start earning double. [ all ] double miles! [ brays ] what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no.
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4:23 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first, 24% for men. 18% for women. that's how much researchers say stress levels have spiked in the past 30 years. next, $699. that's how much industry experts think microsoft's new tablet will cost when it rolls out later this year. the device called surface is
4:24 am
looking to compete with apple's ipad and will run on windows 8. finally $85 million. that's how much floyd money mayweather, jr. made for two fights last year making him the world's highest paid athlete according to "forbes" and he's also in jail for domestic battery. let's go to brian. >> all right. fran tarkenton is one of the greatest quarterbacks to play football. his career in business, though, also hall of fame worthy and takes a lot of chances and had a lot of success. have been taking part in over 20 companies but now more than ever, he is becoming political because of a book he kind of read which is consistent to some other books on the president. a game changer for him. joining us now is the founder and c.e.o. of one more, nfl great fran tarkenton. you read "the amateur" which is the number one book in the country for the fourth straight week. what did ed klein's book do for your mind set? >> first of all, ed klein is a
4:25 am
respected journalist. 10 years he was the editor of the "new york times" magazine, international editor of new york magazine, journalism major and wrote an unbelievably well researched book about president obama that everybody should read. i read it in a day. it's got the great research. it shows who he is. whether you're for him or against him, it makes no difference. we need to vet our president candidates be it romney or president obama. i read the book and got unbelievable information. pretty scary information. >> right. >> i went out and did a video interview with him, a series of five video interviews 10 minutes each and i put up on my web site because the main street press refuses, selective censorship, they refused to interview ed klein about his book. even though it's the number one bestseller on "the new york times" for four weeks but it's not on abc, nbc, cbs and cnn or major newspapers. >> right. and the book is doing well on its own despite everybody ignoring it. what about this book and his
4:26 am
leadership style that was revealed to you that maybe made you feel the way you do about the president? >> he has no leadership background and he doesn't understand america and in this book, it comes out, he doesn't understand relationships. business, football, life is about relationships. relationships that are built on trust. the people that really helped him the most in chicago, the jesse jacksons, the oprah winfreys, the black clergy in chicago, gave him money and gave him a platform. they've been kind of left out of the equation. caroline kennedy said he reminded her of his father, left out of the equation. he didn't bring these people with him. he kind of closed the door to them. he does not have a history of relationships. he comes out that he's cold, he's arrogant. he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. he has no background to have that feeling and that comes out in this book which is so well researched and this is not a
4:27 am
book -- >> you talk about a relationship, i didn't know jesse jackson played such a role in his development every saturday going over there speaking and he worked with him one on one and we know that oprah sacrificed a lot of her audience when she took a bold move and she's been iced out of the white house according to this book. >> yeah. and you go on and on and on and so, you know, the preacher there, jeremiah wright who is his preacher for 20 years, he's got a book coming out after the election. i just think that, you know, he came on the scene. nobody knew who he was. he became a rock star. the movie industry loved him and the liberal press loved him and the international community loved him. now he's going to run on a record that he doesn't have. it's important that the american people read this book and that's why, you know, i've put it up on my you tube channel so people can go. if they don't want to read the book, they can see my clips with ed which we talk about the book. >> fran, i know you're not a republican or democrat.
4:28 am
you're pro business. and pro free enterprise. >> i'm the radical center. and i am pro business and i think that's the greatness of america is the private sector. >> well, fran tarkenton, always great to talk to you. you're never shy on opinions when you played and now that you're in the real world. thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> all right. coming up straight ahead, ever since he blew the whistle on fast & furious, agent john dobson has been harassed so much he had to leave his own home. was it worth it? you'll hear from him shortly in a "fox & friends" exclusive and then after their public struggle to become parents, bill and giuliani are ready to reveal more big news here on "fox & friends." they're very at home in the control room. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains.
4:29 am
great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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>> newspaper circulation has fallen to an all time low in america. many newspapers are becoming obsolete. given how bad that is, i saw a guy sleeping on a park bench with an ipad on his face. >> yeah, who needs the newspaper when you got an ipad? >> no one has them anymore.
4:33 am
>> 28 minutes before the top of the hour. we have a lot to get to. >> we do. we have part two of a fox news exclusive. he broke his silence yesterday, and he talks about what happened to his life since he revealed the botched investigation. >> william lejanusse joins us from los angeles with more. william? >> the investigation began 16 months ago when he stepped forward could be coming to a close today as the attorney general attempts to make a deal to call off the contempt vote in exchange for some key documents. many oppose the deal including the man who risked his career to make fast and furious public. >> what made you decide to be a whistle blower? >> i knew what we had done and then i knew they were trying to hide it. i could tell they were trying to distance themselves, distance the fast & furious investigation away from brian terry's homicide. >> john dodson helped stop operation fast & furious by
4:34 am
going public but he paid a price. >> it's miserable. i mean, the only thing i've wanted to do is my job. >> dodson left phoenix at a financial loss, moved four children to new schools in south carolina and now sits at home while the scandal plays out internally. >> i can't do my job and every time that i go, even if i help another agent, i endanger their case by being there under this cloud of accusation. >> nobody who can make any decisions has even bothered asking him, what happened? what went on? within your group? nobody. >> do you regret what you did? >> no. >> second thoughts? >> no. to me, there was never a choice. >> but there was for dozens of others who stayed silent even after the death of agent terry. to protect their job, pension and way of life. >> a lot of people can't talk because they fear the retribution. they fear losing their jobs.
4:35 am
they can't do that. they need to provide for their families. to me, it was far more important to be the man that my son thinks i am than to have a job like this. >> so later this morning, the attorney general is scheduled to drop off as many as 1300 documents dealing with the cover-up and a list of documents they are not willing to hand over. then at 5:00 eastern today, the attorney general is scheduled to meet with congressional leaders to see if they will cancel the contempt vote. i'll tell you guys, some republicans oppose that since they don't feel the attorney general has ever complied with the subpoena and for all intensive purposes, the fast & furious investigation would be over. back to you. >> find out what happens. thank you voech for the l.a. basised report. >> big day. here are some other headlines for you. new york city mayor michael bloomberg showering some praise on mitt romney. reports say bloomberg revealed at a charity dinner that he felt romney would be better at running the country than president obama. but bloomberg says he disagrees with romney on social issues and
4:36 am
is not planning to make any endorsements. bloomberg did not make an endorsement in 2008. >> meanwhile, an extreme weather alert for beach goers in florida. rip currents there leading to dangerous and deadly situations. over the weekend, two people died in florida after getting caught in rip currents. officials also reporting there were more than 70 rescues during the high water. this comes after a pair of deadly incidents along the gulf of mexico last weekend. >> mike tyson looking for his next big hit on broadway much the former boxer -- >> who is it? >> spike lee to bring mike tyson's undisputed truth to broadway later this summer. one man show, he'll be the one man, had a week long run in april in vegas but the show will be on broadway to debut for mike tyson and spike lee so that's going to be fantastic for both of them. i think it's going to be a big success. i heard vegas was great. meanwhile, let's talk soccer. truly a work of art for italy at the euro 2010.
4:37 am
check out this goal against ireland. >> is that the first flourish for one of euro 2012's potential superstars? >> that has to hurt for you. you're half irish and half italian. >> it really hurts. this italian guy put together a goal that i've never seen replicated. he's the guy. it's 2-0 and italy ends up winning and it divided my family, my heritage and my person. i'll irish and italian. >> ali has divided for us and he's here with some special guests. >> bill and giuliana rancic has shared their personal struggles from infertility to giuliana's battle with breast cancer to choosing a gestational carrier of their baby. this weekend, they made a happy announcement with their baby. >> do you want to know if it's a boy or girl?
4:38 am
>> it's going to be a certain color inside. blue! >> and joining us now are giuliana and bill rancic. hey, guys! >> hi. >> great to see you guys. >> so good to see you with good news finally, right? >> must feel really good. >> it feels really nice, you know, we've been through such a crazy journey and to finally have the baby coming in a couple of months is amazing. >> you found out you're having a boy. >> yes. >> how do you feel about that? >> i'm pretty excited. whether it was a boy or girl, i was happy that we're having a healthy baby and whatever god gave us was going to be great. so it's a bonus that it's a boy for me. >> do you know what to do with a baby boy, giuliana? >> no idea! no idea! i'm counting on bill. he's going to be amazing. he's going to want to play football with the baby at 6 months. i'm trying to explain that doesn't happen. it takes a little while. >> you know more than he does. >> exactly. >> eye-hand coordination, little time. >> right. >> we all have sons here so later on, we'll give you some advice. >> ok, good.
4:39 am
>> about boys. any name choices you want to share with us? >> i would like to but i'll get in trouble. >> you know, everyone is asking because i'm italian, i was born in italy and it's not going to be like a hardcore italian name or anything like that. like a lot of my cousins have hardcore italian names so probably -- yeah, probably won't end in an o. >> or a vowel for that matter. >> it's tough. i remember that, trying to choose an italian baby name and it gets complicated. and you guys have been such great role models for the infertility community. all the millions of people who are struggling currently to have babies. i know they've looked to you guys because you've been public. and they've really gotten comfort from you guys. do you feel you're on the other side of that now? >> well, i think we've done our duty and always tried to use our show for good and not evil. that's what we've done, used our show as a platform to help others and let other people know you're not alone. for us, it's probably one of the most rewarding things we've been able to do. >> nice to be a success story so people can see -- if we can do
4:40 am
it, they can do it. you just got to -- >> you can't quit. >> you can't quit, exactly. >> it's nice that you have chosen, obviously, this alternative path. and that gives people hope as well. >> yeah. you know, listen, however you get to that baby whether it's surrogacy, adoption, natural, whatever it is. at the end, all you want is that baby. you know? so it doesn't matter how you get there. >> now we're going to celebrate. that's why we're in new york, we're celebrating national pda day, partner with our friends at nivea. >> that's for the chair. what does national pda day involve? >> it's funny, our friends at nivea found people touch their cell phones more than they touch their significant others. and it's a crazy statistic. tomorrow, we're saying put the cell phones down and touch the one that you love. we'll be hosting a morning festival. >> coffee and a cuddle in harold square, yeah. we're very excited. but it is true. you know, bill and i, that's the thing. everybody asks us about our relationship because we're so
4:41 am
close and always touching each other and it's taking those walks together. we always hold hands. i kiss him for no reason. that's important. we're kind of losing that, you know what i mean? we have to reconnect. >> you have to celebrate everything in life, you know, that's what we're doing. we celebrate every step of the way and obviously, us having a baby is cause for a big celebration. >> isn't he cute? >> yeah. >> yes, he is! >> this is a reputable show, honey, ok? >> very quickly -- >> real journalism. >> steve and brian, you have any advice for the future parents of sons? tell us. >> one thing, live through them. if they are doing well in school, it's your glory. if they do well in sports, it's all about you and you raising them. it's not about them. they'll live their life when they get older. >> great advice. >> if they have any questions about what they should do, ask the mother. >> excellent advice. >> you do have some exclusive -- >> that works. >> do you have some exclusive information to tell alisyn?
4:42 am
>> yes, our son will be an nfl quarterback. >> thank you! >> wow! >> someone going to the super bowls. >> great to know. thank you for breaking that here. bill and giuliana, great to see you guys. thanks so much for coming on. thank you. all right, guys? >> congratulations. >> some day we'll be able to talk to them. are you one of the millions of americans looking for a job? we are here to help just minutes away, the top five companies hiring right now, get out a pencil and paper. >> all right. then the president admits his new stance on immigration is an unconstitutional power grab and it's not the first time he's by passed the law. is he abusing the office? we'll show you the facts and let you decide using the president's own words. >> but first, the pfizer trivia question of the day -- [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches.
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4:46 am
>> is it another presidential power grab? that's what some critics are calling president obama's move late friday to halt the deportation of over 800,000 young illegal immigrants so did the president side step congress to enact in policy and was it an overreach? i got a feeling the answer is yes coming from that man, the author of brand new book that comes out today called "the brief against obama, the rise, fall and epic fail of the hope and change presidency" and he joins us live. good morning to you. >> good to be here. >> you're a law professor. this is pretty easy. the president is simply ignoring the law which he said last year would be unconstitutional to do what he did. >> it's very hard to take a soundbite from six months ago in which he asserts i can't do what
4:47 am
you want me to do and change his mind and come back and do it. he made my problem a little bit more significant because chapter 22 is about all the power grabs and abuses of the office and he added a chapter. i have to go back and write it again. it just came out. i hate to be dated on the second day. >> power grab or simply sheer naked politics? >> well, it's both. it's done for political reason. i understand the politics. it's good politics and it's very hard to hear the stories of these kids who are going to go -- be sent home or be deported but on the other hand, you have to go to congress and ask for their permission. article 2 and article 1 are different parts of the constitution. president obama has a pretty long record now of unilateralism and the left used to criticize george bush for being imperial president. if you run down the record, just what he said, he is much further out than bush has been. >> what you do, you have the unique perch because you are a law professor out in california, you essentially present the case
4:48 am
against president obama and why he should not wind up with another term. and you got essentially three big issues. you talk about failed health care policy, the unemployment numbers are terrible and stimulus that never was. >> those three lead off the book. there are 25 chapters, 25 different subjects but unemployment he promised would be under 8%. it's never been over 8% the entire 40 months of his presidency. now it's 8.2%. he promised the stimulus would work and $870 billion is gone and ask for your friends to point something left behind. there's nothing there. and then obamacare, if we're lucky the affordable health care act will be struck down in a couple of weeks by a 5-4, even greater decision. if it's not, the president made a promise and that's what the book is built around is promises, his predictions and a few of his polemics but he made a promise if you liked your health care plan, he wouldn't change it. 86% of americans have experienced the changes he promised would not happen
4:49 am
already. >> one of the things that's unique to this president is the fact and you have a radio show, very popular and nationally syndicated show based out west is this president has fantastic support from the mainstream media so even though you've laid out the case against him, they're not going to report and repeat a lot of that stuff. >> fred barnes said here's what you've been waiting for which is a comprehensive list of all those promises, pledges and polemics, one by one, quote a source in the footnote and brief against obama is here's what he said and what you did. >> the new book is called "the brief against obama" real pleasure. >> thank you. >> it's now 10 minutes before the top of the hour. five companies with nearly 100,000 new job openings right now. what you need to get hired coming up next with cheryl casone. first, on this date in 1956 "i can't help myself" number one song in america.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> all right, the answer to the pfizer question of the day -- paula abdul and the question is who just got fired from "the x factor"? melanie knew that from missouri. unemployment rates rose in 18 u.s. states in may. "fox & friends" wants to help and this is what we're doing. that's why we each week bring in cheryl casone against all her better judgment because you have a show to do to tell us what the top companies are that are hiring the most people. you're doing it for people. >> capital one, what do you think when you think capital one? what's in your wallet, right? yeah, alec baldwin. exactly. we think about that guy a lot. 3,000 jobs are available right
4:54 am
now. they need tellers and people that can work in the i.t. department and finance department. they had three different job fairs. they are really looking especially with veterans they put $4.5 million into that hiring for heroes program with the u.s. chamber. they're also actively searching for veterans and their spouses. >> that's great. >> they have a june 19th job fair. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. so we just missed that one but at the same time, actually no, we didn't miss that one. i'm sorry. but anyway, yeah, they're actually actively recruiting again. this is the front lines customer service at capital one. >> that's great. another great very promising company, accensure. >> this is technology consulting and they do outsourcing for companies. it's a global company. you may not know the name. they're in a lot of businesses around the world kind of back end services if you will. they're planning to hire 60,000 people for fiscal year 2012. they need particular jobs in charlotte, many people who have mortgage experience in charlotte and if you're in the d.c. area,
4:55 am
many people that have secured clearances. a lot of jobs that are government related, you need a certain level of clearance. they're tough to get. you have to go through a lot of steps to go through the clearances. >> talking about paper and pulp. georgia pacific is hiring. >> you may not know the name of the company. you know the brands. quilted northern and they make angel soft and they makes dixie plates and dixie cup. they need supervisors and engineers, people that can do sales right now. they have 700 salaried positions open and they have 1,000 hourly positions available. obviously the full-time jobs come with benefits. >> we know this name. not just because of paris. hilton hotels, what are they looking for? >> there really is a successful company behind that woman! yes, a global hospitality company is what we call hilton. they're actually a very successful company. 5500 job openings in the u.s. they plan to hire 10,000 by the end of the year. main jobs that they have available right now is going to be housekeeping. many people that will run the front desk. they need i.t. people and finance people, salary range for
4:56 am
hourly jobs, and they're opening at 520 new hotels and the waldorf, the hilton, doubletree, hampton all the brands underneath hilt even. >> finally kraft foods? >> 900 jobs. i think i want the research and development jobs opened up at kraft, right? how can i make new mac & cheese taste better? they're splitting up into two different businesses and in the process of that, they'll have a grocery business and snack food business separate and they have an on-site fitness center. because you'll be eating mac & cheese and all the other foods, you have to work out to burn that off. >> big decision with mac & cheese was for me, do you put in milk or not? >> absolutely! >> you do? i put in cream if i could. put i hold back on that plan. >> i put in hot fudge! >> yes. >> all right, cheryl casone, thanks so much. >> on and on and on. thanks, guys. >> see you at noon on the fox business network. meanwhile, some say taxpayers struck out by paying for roger clemens' trial and by the way, his mistrial. was it actually a win for democracy? a very interesting perspective
4:57 am
you haven't heard coming your way. >> talk about awkward. what's going on between president obama and putin? reading the body language at the top of the hour. >> i don't like you either. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... ...advanced headlights... ...and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima.
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, june 19, i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. the show down over operation fast and furious is about to dom a head on capitol hill. eric holder and congressman darryl issa will meet face-to-face. there is one thing issa says he will not budge on. >> steve: i wonder if it will be like a cage match. meanwhile, the president making a shrewd political move, coming out with an immigration policy before his opponents could. but at what price? >> what the president did by ignoring the constitution and congress makes it hard tore find that balance. >> steve: who is right here? we report. you decide. >> brian: steve, then congratulations. teacher of the year, you're getting a pink slip. it's true.
5:01 am
california's massive budget cuts costing this teacher her job and she's the best of the best. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: attention, people with internet access. earlier we said that the song "can't help myself" was the number song in america in 1956 this week. it was actually 1965. the 5 and 6 are right next to each other. it happens. anyway. >> alisyn: thank you for that clarification. >> brian: that's our first apology today. we're doing very good. >> alisyn: we'll see if i can get through the headlines without having to issue one. there is brand new report that says mitt romney is not vetting senator marco rubio for vice president. >> steve: then who is? >> alisyn: according to the report, rubio has not been asked to complete any questionnaires
5:02 am
or turn over financial statements. the cuban american where appeal to hispanic voters. florida is also a key battle ground state. eric holder and house oversight committee darryl issa are set to meet at 5:00 p.m. eastern over the fast furious scandal. he is demanding more documents be handed over, otherwise he will move forward with a contempt vote tomorrow. he wants information about a now retracted letter in which the justice department claimed the u.s. did not help smuggle guns to mexico, including those found at the murder scene of border agent brian terry. just one day before the senate foreign relations committee to bow, president obama's pick is bowing out. the fact that he engaged in improper conduct while at the embassy in baghdad. e-mails show him having racy conversations with a reporter while he was working on a security deal with the iraqi government. he was married at the time.
5:03 am
how about this? check this out. a stunning brand-new satellite image that we don't have. it shows the number of job losses right here in the u.s. over the past 20 years. each -- well, it would have represented 1,000 factory workers. the photo is part of a new pbs series titled "america revealed." we'll try to get that for you. >> steve: it was a satellite im. interesting. we'll try to have it for you. meanwhile, president obama and russian president putin meeting in mexico at the g-20 summit. but there was a definite chill in the air, wasn't there? >> brian: yeah. doug mckelway is live at the white house with more. they met for two hours. we don't know what happened burks the body language was awful afterwards. >> this is the first meeting between president obama and president putin since president
5:04 am
putin returned to the job that they once held earlier this year. if body language was any indication, this meeting did not go all that well. look at these pictures. they did not make very much eye contact. their bodies were kind of squared away from each other. there appeared to be little personal connection between the two. however, the u.s. ambassador to russia said it's important we not make too much of the body language. here he is. >> i thought the chemistry was very businesslike, cordial. the actual meeting, i know the body language stuff, i've been in a lot of meetings with putin. i watched a loft video with him. there was nothing extraordinary. that's the way he looks. that's the way he acts. i wouldn't read anything into that at all. >> but the sober demeanor may have been appropriate given them
5:05 am
sending some ships to syrian ports. after the mowing, president obama summed it up this way, here he is. >> we discussed seer syria, where we agreed we need to sew a kressation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war and the kind of horrific deaths we've seen over the last several weeks. >> and the president added that the two agreed to work with international actors, including kofi annan to work out a solution to the crisis. although he's had little success doing that. when they sat down for the start of the actual summit, what an extreme contrast to the sober pictures of their earlier meeting. they are smiting. president obama gave him a quick thumbs up. they moved closer to one another, exchanged words and came away with very big smiles.
5:06 am
last night's dinner went late. gentlemen. >> steve: doug mckelway, acting as tanya today, talking about body language. also one report that yesterday during the photo op that at one point the president's cheek was twitching. >> alisyn: as though that may have ban tell tale sign of stress or something. fresh out from nasa, they just released this satellite image to us that we can now bring to you. this again shows the number of job losses in the u.s. over the past 20 years. each dot represents 1,000 factory workers. that's from nasa? >> alisyn: no, i was kidding. >> brian: some really tall person. >> steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. the president of the united states on friday came out and said, you know what, congress has not enacted the dream act, so what i'm going to do is take
5:07 am
matters into my own hands and kids under 30 in this country through no fault of their own will be able to stay and apply for job permits. >> brian: for two years. so you don't have fear of deportation. so kids who went to school came here against their will. they had no choice they get to stay. the question is, why would he issue an executive order knowing there has already been a movement to try to come out with a way forward when it comes to the dream act? because he wants it, republicans don't. he went ahead and did it and much to marco rubio's chagrin, he says his plan is dead on arrival. >> alisyn: a lot of people think that's what motivated the president. this canny, political move to try to steal rubio's thunder. he was getting so much attention during this election cycle. he may have been tapped as people thought for vice president. so in one fail swoop, the president was able to shore up the latino base and cut off marco rubio's bipartisan effort that he was working on to do the
5:08 am
same thing. here is marco rubio responding to it on hannity. >> got to be done right. if you do something that somehow encourages illegal immigration in the future, it's counter productive. on the other hand, it feels weird to deport a valedictorian who has been here since they were four years old. when the president did by by ignoring the constitution and congress, makes it hard, not to mention it's offensive to the constitution. >> steve: we're going to ignore the law with this short-term fix. it's interesting, though, we've got videotape, sometimes it can be very inconvenient, particularly in this case for the president of the united states. what the president did on friday, where he changes the law -- well, you know, ignores the law through executive fiat, he said last year at the conference, was unconstitutional and he couldn't do it. here is that tape. >> i swore an oath to uphold the
5:09 am
laws on the books. i know some people want me to bypass congress and change the laws on my own. believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. [ laughter ] i promise you. not just on immigration reform. [ laughter ] but that's not how our system works. that's not how our tell me accuracy functions -- democracy functions. that's not how our constitution is written. >> brian: this policy being very well received in mexico. i'm sure the timing is gratuitous 'cause now he goes o mexico for this conference and at the same time people may have relatives. >> steve: coincidence. >> brian: they're happy this passed and i thought bill crystal to your point, he came out over the weekend and said this is an anti-rubio move. this is to stop rubio from getting on the ticket or to stop him from moving forward with his
5:10 am
policy that makes the republican party look as though they care. >> alisyn: and as we said, he was trying to do a bipartisan -- trying to work on his act same thing in a bipartisan way and has the president alienated him by stealing his thund. >> rick: that is a political risk that he took. >> steve: plus, your lead story, marco rubio not being vetted by apparently the romney team to be vice president. >> alisyn: that's interesting. we hadn't heard before. former attorney general albertorgones was on greta's show talk being timing of all this. >> the timing is very peculiar. the president is on record speaking to hispanic audience telling the hispanic audience that he had no authority to do what they wanted, which was to suspend deportations without changing the constitution and now suddenly he finds does he have the authority. so the timing, of course, one can only conclude that it is, in order to try to gather support within the hispanic community.
5:11 am
when you suspend the enforcement of the law to entire class of individuals, that is going to subject the president, as we're witnessing here, to criticism that he is ignoring the law, ignoring the will of congress. >> steve: while what the president did may get the attention of a number of latino voters, right now, ultimately if they're in this country, they're concerned with the same thing all of us are. where are the jobs? >> brian: 67% approval of the hispanic community for the president just over 30 for mitt romney. we'll see where this goes. straight ahead on this show, or i should say coming up. what would do you if your atm let with you draw unlimited amounts of cash that you didn't have? can you blame the atm? >> steve: can i hit the $1 trillion button? >> alisyn: then did the federal government waste time and your tax dollars in the prosecution of roger clemens? peter johnson, jr. says no on all counts. he's going to explain why next.
5:12 am
>> the jury found roger clemens not guilty of lying to congress about steroids. yeah. they said he did not lie in front of congress. you know what that means? he was the only one in that room who wasn't a liar [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
5:13 am
to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards,
5:14 am
from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with r drivers to make a better experience for our customers. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
5:15 am
>> brian: baseball great roger clemens acquitted on all charges yesterday in what is the latest loss for the justice department, yet another high profile case. you see john edwards, the cost for the failed trial, millions, about ten. many in washington are now wondering why even bother. congressman ted poe had
5:16 am
the wrong evidence. >> evidence they weren't supposed to. now clemens walked. truth strikes out in the daily news ask a lot of other newspapers say things like that. >> brian: do you agree? >> i think it has a place in america that we have trials like this. let me tell you why. the knee jerk reaction is to say our tax have been wasted. were they wasted when they tried o. j. simpson? he was acquitted. the point is congress shouldn't be involved with baseball. they should be involved with baseball. are there other things more important than baseball? yes. but if congress believes that they've been lied to and they did believe they were lied to by roger clemens, they have the absolute right and they should go forward and say listen, this
5:17 am
guy lied to congress. he's lying to congress. if you're a superstar athlete that, okay? if go to conger i do or something watching the show, we're going to be indicted if congress believes. so should there be a pass, so to speak, for roger clemens, or a pass for barry bonds even those only convicted of one crime? >> brian: if it wasn't for the federal government investigation, there would still be hgh and everything else running rampant because the union high school more power. >> you're absolutely right. the rule of law in this country has a cost. it cost money to enforce the law. so if we want people going to congress and then there are no repercussions for what they say, then that's fine. then we just delegit legitimatize our congress. >> he's been acquitted of perjury, obstruction of justice,
5:18 am
lying. there will be a trial. the fellow who testified against him former police officer who allegedly provided these drugs to him, has brought a civil trial and that will be held in new york and roger clemens will have to testify in that case. >> brian: i know how you feel, but let's look at the numbers if you still feel the same way. it estimated it cost 2 to $3 million to try clemens twice. 6 million on the bonds trial, which he was found guilty on one count. approximately 55 million on the investigation from 03 to 11. when you see those numbers, do you still say it's good move? >> is it a good move that children in america believe that it's okay to take steroids and growth hormone as soon as is that good for our children? is this the american pastime? does it mean anything? are there any standards? do we have hero as soon as did shoeless joe jackson go back and play baseball? did he get in the hall of fame? no, he didn't.
5:19 am
roger clemens what, do you say? no, he won't. >> brian: it will come to the sports writers and they seem to be leaning his way. >> let's see. >> brian: but i agree with you, peter. i think it's done a lot of good to have this investigation, see these great athletes be humiliated. >> i think it helps baseball and helps america and congress, whether it was convicted or not. obvious leaves acquitted. >> brian: by the way, by the record, we are not on any performance enhancing drugs. this is the best we can do natural. >> i had a half cup of coffee. >> brian: that's okay. 19 minutes after the hour. thank you, peter. we can go to the single o shot. >> i wanted the cookies. >> brian: gastric bypass. researchers saying it comes with an unexpected side effect. alcoholism. can you believe that? congratulations. you've been named teacher of the year. did we mention that you're also fired? it'ses all about the trouble with unions. next [ jennifer ] what if i can't do it?
5:20 am
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>> alisyn: quick headlines for you. insider attack in afghanistan kills an american service member, nine others were injured. the gunman were wearing afghan uniforms. they have not been caught. incredible video out of houston capturing the moment that a daring vandal defaces pablo picassa's painting. you see the young man walking right up to the artwork and spray painting the word conquista on it. police using this footage to
5:24 am
find him. >> steve: actually looks like it's part of the painting. not even a teacher of the year award could save the latest victim of california's massive budget cuts. despite the honor, michelle was one of about 400 teachers at sacramento to receive layoff notices last month. and this week, that district's top teacher found herself the teacher of the year, out of work. why? well, it's all because of the state's last in, first out policy. joining us right now is kyle olson. he is the founder and publisher of eag good morning to you. >> good morning. >> dot org. >> steve: this is one of the things we do complain about when we complain about the state of education, is rather than looking at how good a teacher is, you look and say well, they were the last one hired, so they're going to be the first one fired. >> that's right.
5:25 am
and unfortunately, california is not the only place this is happening. it's happening all over the country every single year and it comes down to the fact that last in, first out is a policy where if you are the last person in, then you're the first person out the door. we don't care how effective you are, how much time you're putting in, what type of impact you're having on student learning. it's a real insult to teachers. >> steve: particularly in california where they've got such a massive budget shortfall. they're really taking the meat ax to the teaching staff out there. >> that's right. and what we need to be looking at is how do we get the most effective, best teach increase front of our kids across america. but unfortunately, union contracts across the country are not looking kindly on that. so what is happening is we literally have school districts in america that will add up the last four digits of someone's social security number to figure out if they should stay or if they should go.
5:26 am
so you can have a highly effective teacher standing this and you could have a miserable teacher standing there. and they would stay or go based on the last four digits of their social security number. these are policies that were implemented because of the manufacturing unions. those policies were brought into our schools and they have no place there. >> steve: you know, if people are adding up the social security numbers, i understand, i was reading on your web site in some districts to figure out who to fire, they flip a coin. i guess some protections with unions, but why they would be applicable to an education union, where you should be keeping the best person as a teacher, i don't get it. >> that's right. very few people get it. and the reason is that unions believe that every teacher is equal based on the number of years that they've been there. that's how we pay them. and that's how we decide whether they should stay or go. and it has no place in
5:27 am
education. >> steve: well e with did get a statement from the school district: given the current california, miss apperson is far from one of the ohm teachers facing the possibility of losing their job. our district has been forced to make $186 million in cuts over the past ten years, negatively affecting hundreds of dedicated employees and dramatically impacting the children we serve. that's true, but still, they're firing the teacher of the year. kyle, it seems crazy. >> that's right. and so the school district, this is a moment where the school district can stand up and say, this is not how we should be treating our teachers. we should figure out a better way to evaluate our teachers and retain the good ones and the ineffective one, move them out of the classroom. >> you're right. it would be, pardon the pun, because teachable moment. kyle olson, we thank you very much. >> any time. thank you. >> steve: next week then.
5:28 am
next up, he was hand picked by the president. wait until you hear who will play the role of mitt romney in the mock debates. and federal judges defending a lavish trip to maui on taxpayer dough at that exact resort. the feds say it's just more cost effective to use your money to go to maui. how? people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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>> alisyn: here is your shot of the morning. who will play mitt romney in debate rehearsals? >> steve: russell brand. >> alisyn: fitting. i agree with you. but we now know who president obama had hand picked to play him in the debate preparation and it is massachusetts senator john kerry. >> that's an exaggeration. >> alisyn: no, it is not. that is the truth. you can see the similarities. >> brian: what a come down for john kerry. he was once the nominee. now he's playing the role of the opponent of the 2012 candidate. >> steve: to do it well, he would have to get into the head of mitt romney. he would have to have all of his
5:33 am
positions down pat. >> brian: yeah. do you get paid for that? >> alisyn: i don't know. but they want to know who is going to play barak obama and last night it was ho senator rob portman. >> steve: i have think he's been doing it, helping republican since the '90s. >> alisyn: if i were having a dress rehearsal, you know who i would have play you? >> steve: me? >> alisyn: yeah. lincoln chaffey, from rhode island. >> steve: i don't think his hair is that tall. >> alisyn: and you, brian, i'm still working on. >> brian: you promise? >> alisyn: yeah. let's get the headlines. this important story, at that ruin ravi will be free today. he's the 20-year-old man being released after serving 20 days of his 30 day sentence for good behavior, convicted of spying on his roommate at rutgers who took his own life. he will not be deported. he is a legal resident of the united states, he is a resident.
5:34 am
>> steve: meanwhile, gastric bypass surgery saves lives. but now we're learning it has a shocking side effect. could it be alcoholism? well, let me explain. researchers just discovering that the sugary increases that some people risk of alcoholism by 50%. those people never had a problem are drinking before. here is why. after gastric bypass surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced and that forces alcohol straight quickly through the stomach into the intestine, causing the body to absorb it quickly. that quick rush can make alcohol then more addictive, hence the potential for alcoholism. >> alisyn: brand-new study out revealing that asians have taken over hispanics as the fastest growing minority group in the united states. according to the study, the search pushed the asian population to 18.2 million.
5:35 am
the study found 36% of all new immigrants. 370,000 hispanics came to america in that same time frame. >> brian: all right. he stole the show in the unforgettable super bowl commercial. remember this? ♪ >> brian: now 7-year-old max page is speaking out for the first time since undergoing open heart surgery. he was released from the hospital and is on the road to recovery. >> i want to play with my friends and family. if you dream big, you can seize anything. >> brian: wow. he has a congenital heart condition. this was his eighth surgery in seven years. >> steve: i think he had valve replacement. glad to see he's doing well. meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather for this tuesday. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. we got some rain all the way
5:36 am
from the great lakes through big sky country. also a little bit of rain overnight in the piedmont area. showers in portions much northeast. it's already 77 in kansas city and in san antonio, about the same for new orleans and humidity in that neck of the woods. 70 now in raleigh and currently, 73 for our friends in tampa. later today, though in tampa, it will be 92. same as memphis. about the same for cleveland. it will be 76 here in new york city. but we'll have upper 90s by the end of the week. should be 105 later today in el paso. >> alisyn: now brian will bring out something called sports. >> brian: 90 in new york city. i guess our whole prime time line - up, no shirts. hannity, o'reilley. >> steve: greta? >> brian: that's washington. it's colder there. i got to tell you what's happening in sports. if you want to know where you can find the world's highest
5:37 am
paid athletes, you'll have to look at jail. mayweather listed as the highest paid athletes. he's behind bars. he made $85 million for two fights last year and pacio is waiting for him. the rest of the top five, manny pacio, tiger woods fall to go third. miami heat, lebron james is fourth. roger federer is fifth. let's talk soccer. let's talk euro cup. italy scored an incredible goal against half of my people, ireland. watch. >> is that the first one. >> brian: you can not blame the defense on that. that is just fantastic.
5:38 am
not even looking as he hits the kick into the back of the net. italy advances and win 2-0. the italians needs good news. spain won, they beat croatia in the group of death division. many baseball fans dream for the day that they can catch a foul ball at a baseball game. well, a rays fan had that happen. rays, marlins in florida, because son of a father two days removed from father's day, dashes the dream. watch this. he tossed the ball back in after fouling it off. dad's reaction, he can't believe it and the little boy was a little bit of an oops reaction. that's a quick look at the world of sports. do you believe that kid should be punished? twitter me. let me know if you would punish the child. >> steve: he's a kid. >> brian: your job as a parent is not to be their friend. >> alisyn: taking tough love stance on this.
5:39 am
>> brian: i am. >> steve: we have talked about that big win ding they had the gsa did, in las vegas a while back where they spent, what, three quarters of a million dollar. well, now the federal government is going to spend a million dollars to send a whole bunch of people from the 9th circuit court of appeals out west to maui because they got a really good deal at 230 bucks a night at the hyatt regency. >> brian: senator session social security upset about this. senator grass israeli upset about this. they thought once they shined a spotlight on it, they will take their annual convention and do it closer to home. >> alisyn: oh, no. that's not their plan. they say quite unabashedly they must go to maui because it is so much less expensive than had they chosen alaska or idaho. >> steve: how is that cheaper? >> alisyn: i don't know the answer, but they say that it's $230 a night for their accommodations as opposed to some other things they looked
5:40 am
at. has anyone ever heard of a staycation? they can also have their conference in their own home city. >> brian: in their own robes. just go to the chamber. hyatt regency resort is $230 a night. >> steve: that's a good deal. chuck grassley, though, to brian's point, suggested hey, how about you use technology to share the information without requiring a trip to an island paradise? >> brian: do video chats? >> steve: ubu? >> brian: you know that. it's when you speak to somebody else, video conference. >> steve: you mean skype? >> brian: like skype. >> steve: you ubu? >> alisyn: how do you do the ubu >> steve: if you call it, what do you get? a boo boo. >> brian: whatever you did, your question to me has stopped the ha an music and destroyed the whole production team has come to a grinding halt.
5:41 am
i'm going to call you at 6:00 o'clock and say let's ubu. >> brian: you know when i go home, i don't wear clothes, so i'm not going to do this. >> alisyn: let's get this back on track, which is that this whole conference could cost a million dollars. that's what they estimate it to cost. >> brian: is that why we're doing this? >> alisyn: yes. because they don't have to spend that much money. these are for conferences that they could have in any old conference room. but you know -- >> brian: like from cory, as a federal government financial manager, it's abhorrent they have a conference in hawaii. most taxpayers who rather use these tax dollars to travel there themselves, making any decision to hold the conference in a vacation location a nonstarter. good point. >> alisyn: glenda in indiana says wonder why the judges don't use one of the empty federal buildings we learned about during another fiasco. >> steve: interesting. meanwhile, you pronounced it
5:42 am
ubu. you must be talking about ubu -- oovoo. >> brian: i stand corrected. >> steve: not only do you video chat, but you can do instant messaging, brian. >> brian: this and the bloomberg story have been your two focuses today. i've never seen such focus. >> steve: i never heard of oovoo. >> brian: listen, we have two more guests to get to and why wait to get to them. coming up, a teacher accused of giving a bully a taste of his own medicine by letting the other kids in the class beat him up. what should happen to that teacher? >> steve: oovoo us with your comments. >> alisyn: what would you do if your atm let you withdraw unlimited amounts of cash that you didn't have? could you blame the atm? >> steve: why not? (
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> alisyn: time for quick
5:46 am
headlines. a detroit man went on a gambling spree after a bank of america atm let him take out unlimited cash. i've had this dream. it was weeks before ronald page was notified he was overdrawn by more than half a million dollars. so who is at fault? he or the bank? well, he is. he plead guilty to bank theft. the dog pound will woof again after two decades arsenio hall is returning to tv. he will host a nightly talk show starting next year. can i get another woof. >> brian: thank donald trump for that. >> steve: moving on, after decades of support from the labor unions, the democratic party is reportedly reassessing
5:47 am
its political relationship and our next guest says it's because when contributors became a liability, politicians reboot and go where the votes are. >> brian: al is a former gubernatorial candidate in california. why reevaluate now? >> i think wisconsin sends a message across the country. i think people have become much more aware of the disparity between their compensation and that of public officials. the pensions obligations are bankrupting the cityies. and it's very difficult now for politicians to support that. >> steve: are you suggesting that the democratic party and the labor unions are going to split up? >> well, i think that politicians go where the votes
5:48 am
are and public opinion is shifting, you can expect the politician also do so. >> brian: it's going to be interesting because the afl-cio came out and said we're going to be cutting back our contributions to the president. we're just going to focus more on our membership now. that came out after the president did not show up in wisconsin for the recall elections. coincidence? >> no, not at all. you get what you pay for. >> brian: good point. >> steve: great. but going forward, you got to figure the obama white house, they're going to do everything they can to get the union support. >> of course they will. but you saw the reaction to the afl-cio. you see what's happening down in north carolina. the attitude is hey, you're putting your convention in a nonunion state. >> brian: you also brought up the fact, stop the blame bush stuff. it's not work, but you're still doing it. >> that, too. to say bush is responsible for the recession and for all of our
5:49 am
ills is ridiculous. >> steve: it is. but we've heard a lot of it. all right. al joining us from los angeles. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> brian: author of "love them and leave them." straight ahead on this show, a teacher accused of giving a bully a taste of his own medicine, but letting the other kids in class hit him. is that a good idea? what should happen to that teacher? should she actually face criminal charges. >> steve: let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of what happens on this channel in ten minute. >> how are you? >> steve: dandy. >> good morning. why are leading democrats skipping the convention this summer? good question. steve king says he'll sue the president to stop his decision on immigration. does he have a case? he's going to make it live today on our program for the first time. meet the judges who say hawaii is the best deal possible for their face-to-face meeting. why not? it's only a million dollars plus. martha and i will see you at the top of the hour, ten minutes away here on "america's
5:50 am
newsroom" ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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5:53 am
a texas teacher is out of a job accused of ordering her students to line up and hit a fellow classmate. she claimed she was trying to teach the six-year-old a lesson for supposedly being a bully. another teacher involved is on paid administrative leave. but the parents of the child want criminal charges. >> i want her teacher certificate gone. i don't think she should be around any children teaching. >> alisyn: do the parents have a case or can the teacher fight for her job back? jeffrey gold is a former prosecutor and regina is a criminal defense attorney. thanks to both of you for being here. what an interesting story and what an unusual punishment the teacher used. this is a kindergarten teacher in a san antonio elementary school and this six-year-old was
5:54 am
reportedly a bully, so she had every one of the students line up and take a whack at the alleged six-year-old bully. jeff, is this illegal? >> it is illegal. i think that, first of all, she could be charged criminally with at least simple assault for maybe times 24 for all the kids. she could be charged with endangering the welfare of this child who was the alleged bully. but then became the victim. and finally, she could probably be charged with endangering the welfare of all the 24 kids that she enlisted to try to beat up this other kid. it's ridiculous. >> alisyn: regina, do you see it the same way? >> i think this is a case of good intentions gone really bad. i don't believe the teacher intended to maliciously inflict pain, but was perhaps trying to teach a lesson to this child about what it feels like to be hurt and humiliated by bullying other children.
5:55 am
perhaps it wasn't the right tactic, but i do believe the intentions were good. >> alisyn: so given that, regina, what i hear you saying is that she was trying a taste his own medicine. should this teacher get her job back? >> i don't believe that the teacher should be fired. perhaps she should be reprimanded for the unorthodox way she went about this. but the intentions were good. she has to also make sure that not only that child is safe, but all the other children being bullied by this children also have a safe environment and i believe that she intended -- >> you can't do this. you can't say that this teacher should stay being a teacher. she's got something going on in her head. we have to find out what it is. >> alisyn: jeff, what do you think the appropriate punishment is in that case? >> first of all, you have to investigate the teacher. i don't think she probably ought to be a teacher. anybody who thinks that you should line up 4 kids and they -- 24 kids and paddle or hit the alleged bully in this case doesn't understand how to teach. so that's number one.
5:56 am
then whether there should be criminal charges, we'll leave up to the district attorney. but it needs to be investigated for sure. >> alisyn: so meaning jail time is possible? >> i don't think so. i don't think that's -- it doesn't rise to that level. i think probably the punishment of discipline at the school, maybe losing her job is probably enough. but the criminal charges are certainly something that should be considered. >> alisyn: she's no longhorn going to be teaching at this school, but she can teach at other schools. we'll see what becomes of her. jeffrey gold and regina, thanks so much for joining us for the debate. >> thank you. >> alisyn: we have more "fox & friends" in two minutes. stick around announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max. did i ever think i would have heart disease. she just didn't fit the profile of a heart event victim. she's healthy, she eats properly.
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>> brian: coming up tomorrow, dr. keith ablow will be with us. at least i think he'll be with us. and governor john kasich. dr. keith ablow on radio yesterday with me, he did a psychoanalysis of president obama. it's fascinating 'cause he read all three books about president obama. >> steve: fantastic. plus tomorrow senator marco


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