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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 19, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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what you have to do with it. see you tonight. at 8:00 p.m. fbn. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: fox news alert. i'm eric bolling. this is "the five." moments ago, eric holder arrived on capitol hill for his big meeting with congressman darrell issa, the chairman of the house oversight and got reform committee. the chairman by the way issued an ultimatum to the attorney general. hand over the classified documents or you may be held in contempt of congress. listen to the heated exchange. >> have you and your attorneys produced internally materials responsive to the subpoenas? >> we believe that we have responded to the subpoena. >> no, mr. attorney general, you are not a good witness.
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a good witness answers the questions asked. go back again. 140,000 documents. how many documents are responsive but you are withholding at this time? >> we produced 7600. >> i don't want to hear about the 7600 -- >> if i may -- >> the lady is out of order. >> eric: a lot of back-and-forth over how many documents and which are the rel haven't documents. i called the chairman's office and spoke to several people. here is what they are looking for. video of holder old arriving a minute ago. there is a time period between february 4, 2011, when the department of justice denied any knowledge of gun running, whatsoever, between then and december 2, 2011, where they evolved to the point they said they retract their denial of knowing anything about it. darrell issa office wants to know what went on in this period.
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they want documents relevant to the period. 1300 in total. they say they haven't reached any. if they didn't get the document, chairman issa said he would bring contempt of congress vote against eric holder and the department of justice. you are raising your finger. >> bob: watch how rude this guy is again, issa, amazing to me. no decorum. he said you are a bad witness. chairman issa you are a bad committee chairman. wait a second. wait a second. does t word was out they weren't going have the meeting, why? not because holder wouldn't show up but republicans had a conflict. the documents -- >> eric: this is important. chairman issa said he was going to -- holder would be held in contempt of congress if he didn't turn over the documents requested. of 3:45 before the show he hadn't yet. >> bob: eric, virtually no
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agency of the government turns over all their documents. there is always negotiation involved with this. there will be a negotiation, the way it should be. not a publish thrashing by issa. >> andrea: i understand why they didn't hand over the document, they fear that issa's committee might leak information so it's a bargaining chip. right? holder says i'm not giving you anything until you agree no contempt of court vote. that is not what issa is saying. he is saying i got to see the document first. you point out the reason they're important after february 4, you can see the flip-flop from them saying what gun running to oh, wait, there was gun running. they are admitting to wrongdoing. if the documents don't produce evidence they knew why the guns were let go, political
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reason, i don't see where it gets anything. >> eric: they said they were evolving. i spoke to issa's office and they said they would be willing to stay up and read through the 1300 pages of documents. remember, the vote is supposed to take place tomorrow. chairman issa has to decide whether to bring it to the house. abc news the bush years we had a u.s. attorney fake scandal, scandal. it took up time. i remember playing the document situation. it's quite serious. there is a struggle of power, the way our country is set up. the executive branch is saying we don't have to turn this over and congress says you do. in one scenario we united members of the committee, they came up and read the documents but they didn't take them with them. it gave them whatever comfort level they needed to make a decision, as andrea is saying to go forward. >> greg: this meeting today, must be the most uncomfortable meeting since the travolta
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wedding. attorney general of the united states may, in fact, be co copping a plea. which seems strange to me. it reminds me of the must want character. do you remember in the direct dekren dent of forgetful jones. do you remember forgetful jones? there he is. his secret superpower was incompetence. he succeeded through failure. he seemed to bumble up. bumble upward. he forgot things. >> bob: greg, if it wasn't for you, we'd all be without the information so critical to life itself. >> dana: never think of it in any other way. >> greg: trying to create new information from an ongoing scand is becoming dif cult. it's interesting how little the media pay is attention to it. there is a body count here. no body count in bain capital. >> greg: a lot of bain capital body count. >> dana: u.s. attorney was on the front page of every
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paper for months. someone had to go up in a generation, and went out a different door. they were so mad, fit to be tied. >> bob: the congressional committees overreach. they ask for everything under the money they can. >> eric: they started to got the -- >> bob: they didn't get them right away. >> eric: so the night before contempt of congress vote goes they sit down -- >> bob: it happens all the time. >> andrea: unless they show why the guns walk i don't know where it gets us. >> dana: or they knew about it and lied. >> andrea: either incompetence that it's flawed program or they let the guns walk for political reasons. >> eric: it has to show -- why else would the d.o.j. retract the letter of we have
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no knowledge of gun running here. they retracted it for a reason. something had to happen that they realized maybe we do have -- >> bob: the guy that wrote the first letter. do you know how big the bureaucracys are? >> eric: this isn't document or e-mail. on the evening of december 14, 2010, the u.s. border agent and others patrolling in arizona, 11-miles from the mexican border. the group came across five suspected immigrants when they fired nonlethal bean bag guns and suspects responded to their agents. they were arreste arrested witho rifles who were traced to "fast and furious" in hours. this is why it matters. >> andrea: exactly. it's not a blue dress. this is a slain border agent. a lot of people said is there a risk of holding contempt
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vote? right? it will look at a clown show. i think issa is playing this right. i think holder has real problems. he would rather give him the documents then held in contempt. >> dana: there was another development that the border patrol union. i don't know the exact title. they held a vote and voted no confidence in holder. some ways the administration is thinking we need to reach an accommodation with the committee because this is snowballing and starting to feed to other problems. you have a thing of how incompetent is the justice department? all the accusations and more than a distraction >> bob: does anybody think they would have showed up without guns? they were going to have guns. regrettably it was from "fast and furious" but they would
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have had guns. >> eric: the border agents approaching them over illegal immigration, looking to see if they were jumping the border as illegal immigrants. with guns obtained through -- >> bob: they were running guns. regrettedly they would have had guns. >> eric: does it bother you that the attorney general of the united states of america is playing legal game on the hill with the chairman of the house oversight committee? >> greg: he can. right now it's ideological battle. nobody is switching sides. until a democrat that says he stinks. he is not going anywhere. that is the problem. it's republicans. what i said before, he is incompetent. that is his superhero power. he lacks skill. >> bob: [ inaudible ] >> greg: he has been busy putting together the arpaio prosecution, which is more
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important. >> andrea: that's why i don't think he is incompetent at all. politically motivated and he knows what he is doing. >> dana: there is some accusation of using and go after florida where they will have a legal bat who cannot be counted on. >> bob: mention a modern attorney general -- >> dana: michael mukasey. >> bob: who took the place of a political hack. >> dana: he was not, actually. gonzalez was not a political hack. the u.s. attorney thing turned out nothing was wrong. >> eric: i'll ask a question. >> greg: he has three white boards. >> eric: between here when they deny knowledge and when they retract their denial, if we find out that eric holder had knowledge, e-mail with his name on it -- >> bob: if there is an e-mail like that do you think it will show up?
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>> eric: i would hope so. i hope so. >> bob: i would be shocked. >> eric: 1300 tages is what we're talking about, out of 140,000 documents. >> bob: that is normal for congress, they request everything. they end up with a fraction. most leave it anyway. >> eric: president obama holds news conference shortly. we look at what some call the dream act light and what it means to the u.s. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." now to fall-out from president obama's policy changes.
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he is wrapping up the final trip before the election and he is at the g-20 summit where he got a thank you from the country's leader for deciding to halt depor ration for certain -- deportation for certain illegal immigrants. >> i would personally like to thank personally and on behalf of the mexican nation, president barack obama for his valuable decision by executive order. we would like to thank you for the valor and courage you had in implementing the action. >> andrea: didn't know he had a high voice. the president will hold a news conference tonight to address the policy again. what do you think of the immigration announcement with the trip to mexico? it doesn't seem like a coincidence. >> eric: we brought that up when he came to the podium on friday and made the surprise announcement with the dream act. where is this? is this about rubio or romney
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or the meeting that is he is planning with group of hispanic leaders. probably all of them. the whole plan, how do you implement this plan, 800,000 people, how do you document it? this is the size of san francisco. when in government is a plan temporary >> bob: you want to send all 11 million back. how do you implement that >> andrea: he is saying at the los angeles times editorial board. this isn't a thoughtful plan. >> bob: the congress is not simply going to act on this stuff. the number of illegal immigrants from mexico plummeted in the last couple of years. obama administration can take great credit for that.
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>> dana: because the economy stinks? >> bob: no. it's part of it. but i think the fact that they have deported as many people, maximum they can deport has nothing to do with it, yes. >> andrea: doesn't it point to a larger problem? if he is supporting all the illegals and he has to offer amnesty, isn't it that he hasn't sealed the border? >> greg: doesn't it strike you weird, weird that the mexican president is telling president obama he is doing a good job on immigration? this is nuts. shameless that he is thanking obama for people leaving his own country. what is spanish for shameless? >> bob: shamelass. >> greg: there you go. >> andrea: you know why he is doing it, a lot of money, the u.s. dollars are shipped back and makes a portion of the gdp.
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>> bob: this is not amnesty. is politics involved here in of course. does it make sense? of course. by 2-1, the first poll out done yesterday if the research was right shows that people support the policy. you can't say anything about it. romney has right wing policy and can't get out of it. >> eric: dumb question. if this goes through how many more mexicans, whoever else, will come flood america because if you get here, you probably -- >> bob: you have to be here five years. when is the last time it's been a two-year program? >> andrea: i want dana react. the other side of the debate.
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>> it doesn't take a sin tic to recognize the action for what it is. blatant political pandering by a president desperate to shore up his political base. >> andrea: could it backfire? >> dana: policy. if you look at the raw politics and being cynical, look at the swing state and battleground state that matter. this policy doesn't help president obama and it might hurt him. for me because it's not amnesty and what you are trying to do for the young people through no foul of their own are in the situation you hurt them. you lost a reason to swallow bitter pill on the immigration bill so it's a package. when you are going down the road and you get pulled over by a cop because you're going
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six miles over the speed limit the cop has discretion to give you a warning or let you go. if there is a law on the book that says everybody has to go to jail how do you discretion on 800,000 people? prosecutors don't decide it in my opinion. the process stinks. >> bob: but for jan brewer say it's politics who started biggest political action. if you go 6 miles per hour over in arizona if you're brown, you get stopped. if you're going 30 miles per hour and white you get passed. >> greg: whatever. there is a weird reversal. jan brewer become the president of embattled country. mexico is governor. >> andrea: we have more on that this week on "the five." don't miss it. coming up, a ton of buzz,
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rumors and chatter about marco rubio. as vice president. sean hannity asked mitt romney point blank. we will show you what he said next. dana perino is on it. ♪ ♪ but they can be really well thexpensive.ted a puppy,
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♪ ♪ >> dana: rumors are running rampant as everyone tries to figure out who will mitt romney choose as the vice presidential candidate. low an behold the day after the book comes out there are rumors confirmed by different places that abc news and "washington post" says somebody on background says
2:27 pm
rubio is not in the running. i don't buy it. based on what i heard today i don't think it's true. >> bob: not only do i not buy it, i find it incredibly, it would be a bad decision. rubio, unless there is something we don't know about rubio. i have run a vetting forum. but they said he wasn't vetting. it's not about carrying a home state. karl rove wrote an article he is right. 1% difference in a state. but as a statement, and when they have a problem with hispanics. he is articulate and he is good. vice president get you more in trouble than help you. i don't hi he gets you in trouble. >> dana: when you are the candidate and you make your first managerial decision really and the most important hire being the vice president who you choose, what do you think is going through romne romney's heald right now? then i'll show you. >> eric: a great point that you make it's the first big decision. people look at the ability to make the decision. i think what is going on, a
2:28 pm
concerted effort -- they are afraid of rubio. they are afraid of a romney-rubio. that is why you saw the dream act light on friday. rubio's book came out this week. who knows? upside, press, buzz. great time to say he will be the running mate. i have to tell you, the left is concerned about romney-rubio. >> dana: rubio said i'm not running, focused on being senator from florida. earlier today, sean hannity had exclusive interview with mitt romney and ann romney might be a first for sean's show. it will be on tonight. look at what romney said about his own process. >> what do you make of the abc news report that said rubio is not vetted? >> i get a kick of the speculation that goes on, and i'm not going to comment on the process, of course. i can tell you this, only beth
2:29 pm
meyers and i know who is being vetted. >> even ann romney doesn't know? >> even ann doesn't know. we talk about the possible people i might select but in terms who have is actually being vetted only two people know. beth meyers doesn't talk. >> is at it short list? >> a number of people are vetted. >> dana: greg, do you think you are on the short list? >> greg: a joke you already tweeted. cheating. >> dana: that's irresistible. >> greg: i suggest you as v.p. candidate. convicted felon. doesn't qualify. everyone has something. everyone has something. we have to reach a certain point in our lives we accept that. because in a lot of other really good people could become eligible. it becomes a weird witch hunt. everybody is looking for something weird about something else. look what palin went through, which was nuts.
2:30 pm
>> dana: good point. could you weigh in on the politics, picking up on what bob said, how important is the decision to, what does it signal to conservatives or moderate independents who are thinking about voting for mitt romney? >> andrea: by not picking? >> dana: whatever the choice is. like what is he trying to signal? >> andrea: he is trying to do no harm. i think that is the strategy of the romney campaign. a lot of people feel palin did harm mccain's ticket. they want somebody who will benefit and not create a sir. not the worst thing in the world to say we're not betting him on back ground. the same week as the week gets out. this keep geiss like bob rooting through the trash can. other names, portman and tim pawlenty. portman would force obama to compete in ohio. he also would do no harm. i don't see what minnesota gets with tim pawlenty because minnesota hasn't gone red since nixon.
2:31 pm
>> dana: told cheney only three electoral vote in ohio. >> bob: it doesn't make a difference in ohio. but the question he says he has a long list of people vetted, i would be shocked if that was the case. number of people involved in the vetting process and number of stuff you go through, if he is not vetted now he is not a candidate. >> eric: but rubio may bring the hispanic vote. romney pulling 27 to 28% if he is above 30. shot to win the election. >> dana: right. >> bob: he needs more than 30. >> andrea: the fact he won't comment on the obama decision, 800,000, mean he is will go after him. >> dana: good discussion. catch hannity's interview at 9:00 p.m. eastern. but up here, google's plan to use the spy planes to see through your windows. that is next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is breaking. report that former egyptian president hosni mubarak is clinically dead. tonight on "special report" we'll go live to cairo egypt. mubarak reportedly suffered a stroke earlier today. he was transferred from prison to a military hospital. we have the latest than and what may be next for egypt. darrell issa are meeting over "fast and furious." he has scheduled a vote on contempt of congress resolution against holler for wednesday. holder promised to release documents that the committee demanded. we have the latest on that.
2:37 pm
house speaker john boehner said that president obama flaunted the con constitution. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: major day in my life. i moved up to the "d" block. google global search where you can get on it and go down to look at your house, look at a lot of things. not clear but it is getting better and better. now google and apple both will have looked down cameras military grade style. to allow you to look at
2:38 pm
something four inchs long. i was going to make a joke but i'll let it go. you can look at people's backyards or eric, both of his houses. you probably couldn't see greg. that is the only problem. you can look in read time in windows of your house. i strongly recommend you don't do this. isn't this intrusion? >> eric: can i point out the "d" block. drones. you are the guy with drones. you are all about the spy thing. >> bob: please don't bring that up. >> eric: so they use a satellite. there is a security camera on every corner. >> bob: not in your backyard. >> eric: if you don't like it, put something over your backyard. >> dana: controlled by police. >> bob: we should get big tents. >> greg: this eliminates my bad habits. i lived in london and that's where they push the cameras. all the things that you might do when you think you are alone you just don't do
2:39 pm
anymore. >> bob: this only takes pictures four inchs high. you are all right. >> andrea: so are you, bob. >> bob: i can't believe you said that. even i wasn't going to say it. >> andrea: you said it. >> bob: i didn't. >> andrea: eric said it. >> bob: you took this to the -- >> bobthe -- >> greg: can i make a point before someone has to apologize. the left assumes the evil right wing is intrusive in your life. it's the google plex. because it's them it's like okay. everybody thought it was 1984. >> bob: right now, republicans have binoculars outside your house. >> andrea: used to be if you peered over someone's fence it was invasion of privacy. now chuck schumer is pushing this investigation. technology is going so fast.
2:40 pm
laws can't keep up. major issue. >> bob: chuck schumer is arguing against cameras something they didn't dislike. the most dangerous place to be in washington was between chuck and a camera. what do you think? don't you think it's intrusiv intrusive? >> dana: it is. but there is nothing we can do about it. the whole privacy in your life is done. >> bob: that is okay in your case. but for those of us who are dogs it's not okay. >> eric: you are not allowing them to put up satellite on their own expense are you? >> bob: shouldn't allow google to look in people's cameras military backyard. >> eric: military grade. not military cameras. if they pay for it, they can do it. i don't want them looking at my backyard either. >> andrea: what about google revealing where aircraft carriers are? that is another concern.
2:41 pm
now it's a global security concern. >> bob: do you know how many countries use global earth that don't have satellite capeability to look at the military? >> eric: oh do you know google is not looking at theirs? >> greg: can a private person buy one and can it be use in the a mid-town manhattan apartment? oh, nothing, dana. nothing at all. >> bob: i tell you if i were you, i wouldn't worry about it. difficult to focus on. okay. coming up, a strange study in san francisco. strange itself. involving birds and boats. greg will explain it next. i've worked hard to build my family.
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>> eric: all right, fox news alert. darrell issa moments ago. take a listen. >> we have had, about a 20-minute meeting with the attorney general. and the deputy attorney general. to summarize he came with an offer of a briefing.
2:46 pm
we went through the process of what was being offered and responded as i think we have to. which is that the document that they may choose to given the future, we need to have before tomorrow. the documents necessary to cause postponement appear to be in their position. we are hoping we have them tonight. if we evaluate them partially it will give us grounds to negotiate postponement and possible resolution. >> eric: summarizing, darrell issa came out of the meeting what eric holder said if d.o.j. gives us the documents they may postpone but as of now, still no documents. no word whether or not they'll get him. quick thought before we turn to greg? >> bob: go home early and go to bed. not getting them. >> eric: at all. >> bob: not all of them. >> eric: it will come for a vote.
2:47 pm
>> bob: he wants a vote. >> andrea: i don't think he wants a vote. >> bob: eisner? >> andrea: holder. >> bob: i said eisner wants a vote. he should get a vote. he has given an opportunity to present the documents. >> bob: overreach. >> eric: switch gears and turn it over to greg gutfeld. >> greg: are you all right? >> bob: i am. thinking about eisner. >> greg: san francisco is spanish for cuckoo crazy. to keep america cup there they will spend $150,000 to see if the boat scare birds on a bay. it's part of a settlement by a lawsuit who worry when the mighty sails float by it will frighten the birds and fear will cause them to expend energy that could be harmful to their health. the end result is depressed birds will probably turn to drugs. but they would have been better holding the race in wintertime during avalanche.
2:48 pm
how about a study to discuss how san francisco is scaring the rest of america? they are more effective to get life form to flee the state. you are worried about feathe feathered feelings? have you been to oakland lately? half the state is sinking in a ocean an debt, the state is for the birds. now literally this is what happens if you turn it in a competition. what bird brains are trying to do is outgreen each other. first prize is lunch with nancy pelosi. i hope they serve roasted seagull. should they cancel the race and save birds? >> dana: this should be considered, maybe put to a vote. sailor can decide if they're green or not. with the birds or against the birds. >> greg: that is disgusting. you know birds can't vote. you're birdist. >> eric: you were setting her up and hoping she would
2:49 pm
say no, let the race go. then you were going to accuse her of being a bird hater. >> greg: she hates birds. >> dana: i hate pigeons. >> greg: you have five or six yachts, right? >> eric: i have no yachts. none. >> greg: was the money well spent? >> eric: is this a setup? >> greg: no. >> eric: no, greg, the money was not well spent. i think $150,000 would be better used -- i don't know -- >> bob: if i can make a point. >> greg: you can't. >> bob: okay. i won't say anything. >> greg: kidding. go ahead. >> bob: i'm for the birds here. the people who race these things are billionaires who spend more than $150,000 on a spinner sail. if this disrusts the bird population sail the billion dollar yachts. >> dana: what about the birds that die because of the windmills? >> bob: that is not the topic. it's billionaires who -- >> dana: sorry. i learned from the best. >> andrea: why not have
2:50 pm
billionaires fund the city? what is offensive is this is happening in california that is bankrupt and not want to get rich, you start a company or do that. but now it's just start a non-profit and put forth these studies so the gutfeld institute and tantaros institute can get money. >> eric: more importantly than the birds and billionaire yacht owner is the hundred of millions of dollars that the race brings to the city of san francisco. they spent $100,000 to figure out how to lose $100 million. >> bob: this is a lawsuit. they have to do this. >> greg: this city been a happy meal toys and allowed nude men going to restaurants and they are driving businesses away. >> dana: that is a good point. environmental nuance lawsuit tied up court time and taxpayers dollars when it's unnecessary. >> bob: some of that may be true but this is a lawsuit and
2:51 pm
it requires having a study. i don'tthe it's an issue -- i don't think it's an issue. have you yacht ready to go? >> dana: it's so tiny it goes in bathtub. >> greg: you can't stop, can you? >> andrea: so if you are admitting that the environmentalist -- >> bob: some of that. >> andrea: guess who pays for that? we do. >> bob: are you against birds? >> andrea: i'm not against birds. >> bob: you live in new york. you ought to be against birds. pigeons. dirty, disgusting, disrespectful -- >> andrea: they're flying rats. >> greg: you hate pages. different rules for you than other people. >> bob: seagull is a difference from a pigeon. seagull don't fly over your house and dump on it. >> greg: one more thing is up next. eat now and dana will eat an entire rare condor. it's true. ♪
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it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. verizon. >> eric: time for one more thing. by the way, attorney general eric holder may be hitting the podium any minute. at the microphone. if he does we'll break in to take a listen. in the meantime, one more thing. >> dana: i want to talk about a friend at fox. all of us on "the five." mon anyca crowley. she has a new book out and it's called "what the bleep
2:56 pm
just happened." happy warrior guide for great american comeback. you can buy it and it got amazing reviews from sarah palin, sean hannity, bill o'reilly, rudy giuliani, my favorite dennis miller on the front. by all accounts an excellent book. she had a book party last night. she was wearing her grandmother's vintage dress from 1963 from versace. gorgeous. >> greg: what is your favorite chapter? >> dana: i just got it. >> greg: you haven't read it. >> dana: not yet. i'm going to. >> greg: how do you know it's good? >> dana: i trust all the people. and that she didn't ask you for one. >> greg: when i work at a place for quite a while, something happens to me i dream about where i work. so now it's time for -- >> greg gutfeld's dream of my five. >> greg: we were here at the table, we were here at the table. i'm spitting. and the show ends and we all get up and leave and we realize the show is still going on. [ laughter ]
2:57 pm
and the door is locked and we can't get in. we have to break through a window. get to the window and group of mean teenagers that replaced us and they won't let us do the show. we leave and bob andry in a car, driving go off a cliff and my brakes aren't working and we land in hawaii. i am looking for a pharmacy. and i don't have any pants and then i wake up. >> eric: a lot going on. [ laughter ] >> bob: it wore off is what happened. >> eric: one more thing. >> andrea: very funny. it dream about the five all the time, too. i am wearing pants and so are all of you. tax dollars at work. we talk about a segment of wasted money. guggenheim funded this experiment -- i see dana going oh. funding an experiment everybody set off the car alarm at once for what is called a car alarm symphony. [ honking ] doesn't it sound beautiful? the most annoying sound on the planet.
2:58 pm
you can hear if you live in new york city -- [ honking ] >> dana: this is why i didn't know the answer on jeopardy. >> dana: >> guggenheim founded by the national endowment for the arts which is you and me. >> bob: some of the most annoying music they played. mine, i want to talk about a friend that everybody here of the table. dr. marc seigel who appears on fox often as a medical expert. a situation arose from a friend of mine who called about his daughter who is in trouble. i went to get her and she needed medical help. she had just had her baby. dr. seigel helped her and taking care of the baby. doing it pro bno. this is someone with a lot of problems and marc took care of her, humanitarian. the kind of doctor you want to
2:59 pm
have. good guy. >> eric: great guy. dr. marc seigel. my last one more thing. thingous can't make up. president obama had harvard law professor. turns out this guy, mr. -- do we have a picture? there he is right there. unfortunately, i forgot his name. roberto unger, i believe. >> dana: yes. >> eric: he says you know what? his time has come and gone. time to get him out. can't make it up. >> glenn: maybe hunger will release the transcript. >> bob: what is the big deal here? professor -- >> this is a compelling video but we couldn't get to it. [ laughter ] >> bob: he looks compelling. on the essential of our seat. don't you want to get the show going for that. >> glenn: a nice reenac reenactment. >> dana: did you make that up or that dream is real? >> greg: it's real. are you accusing me of making up a dream? i have a lively night life. >> bob: he told the true


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