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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 20, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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but he is right because you are a prize, diane. thanks diane, bill, herald, jesse. i'm greg. >> sean: tonight there are major developments from the campaign trail of michigan. a short time ago the presumptive republican nominee for president announced despite media reports to the contrary he is in fact considering florida senator marco rubio as his running mate. take a look. >> throw the football was a story that originated today apparently at abc based upon reports of supposedly outside unnamed advisors of mine. i can't imagine who such people are but i can tell you this, they know nothing about the vice presidential selection or evaluation process. there are only two people in this country who know who are being vetted and who are not.
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and that is beth myers and m myself. and i know beth well. she doesn't talk to it anybody. the story was entirely false. marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process. >> sean: prior to the bomb shell announcement i sat down with mit and ann romney to talk about the erroneous media reports and much more. we spoke with romney from the frankenmuth mill in michigan. appreciate you taking time to be with us today. governor, 140 days to go to election day. defining decision is comeing up pretty soon and that is who will be your running mate. what are you going to be looking for in the person that you choose to run with you? >> by far the most important factor is whether this is a person who could lead the country if that were necessary. fortunately there are a number of good men and women in my party that would meet that te t test. that is the most important element. would the american people and i
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see this person as someone who could lead in that kind of eventuality. >> sean: what did you make of the news report that said marco rubio was not being vetted but governor tim pawlenty was being vetted? >> i get a kick out of some of the speculation that goes on. i'm not goining to comment on e process. i can tell you this, only beth meyers and i know who is being vetted. >> sean: even ann romney doesn't know? >> we talk about the people i might select but in terms of who is being vetted that is something only two people know and beth meyers doesn't talk. >> sean: is there a short list? >> there is a number of people being vetted and that is the group we are considering most seriously. >> sean: one of the things people suggested is it might be unique, different to make that announcement early before th the -- just before the convention to sort of give a little breathing room for the candidate to get adjusted to life in the public eye as you have now been experiencing for
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over a year and a half. would that be something you would consider? >> you know, i will consider a wide range of options. that the stage i haven't made a decision as to who it will be or when it will be announced. more traditionally it will announced around the time of the convention and there are advantages are doing that i'm sure but i'll keep open in terms of my thinking on when we will make the announcement. >> sean: the president last week has been speaking a lot about the economy. a week and a half ago he said that the private sector is fi e fine. then he gave another speech on the economy and went through a whole laundry list of areas where republicans would cut head start. republicans would cut senior citizens funding. they would cut early education for children. that republicans their plans would ultimately result in dirtier air and water. david plouffe said this weekend that republicans want more war. what is your reaction when you hear that from the president and his campaign? >> well, i think the president is looking with some desperat
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desperation to find a message that somehow will allow him to get reelected. those messages won't work any better than the ones of the last few weeks. he really doesn't have a narrative that suggests why he should be the president for four more years. his policies in the first three and a half years have disappointed people all over the country. minority populations have been hit hardest but other americans as well are really struggling under his policies. in fact, he, of course, did not cause the downturn but his policies have made it harder for the economy to recover. they have lengthened the time under which the american people have been struggling. i believe in a very different course for america. i laid that out. we know where he has led us. it is not the kind of place america wants to go. >> now, since president obama has taken office we have $5 trillion in new debt. we borrow 40 cents of every dollar. how -- if you become president and we know that one of the things you are going to do is cut spending by 5% from day o e
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one. how could you get this country to a balanced budget when we borrow so much money that the point? , 40 sense of every dollar. >> the good news is you don't have to do it entirely in the first year. meaning you don't have to take out a trillion dollars in year one spending. in fact, doing that could cause us to have an economic slowdown that could put more people back to work -- out of work. take action in the first 1 hyundais of the first year that elame nates programs which if you didn't get rid of them would take a larger and largeer share of the deficit. what you have to do is number one get rid of obama care. we can't afford it. it is not a good piece of legislation. it saves $100 billion a year to get rid of it. number two, get rid of other programs that we like but we simply just can't go out and keep borrowing money from china to pay for them. eliminate programs. number two, take other programs that are helpful that we do like but that none theless could be run more efficiently
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at the state level. cap their growth at the rate of inflation or medicaid at inflation plus 1%. you do that you save another $100 billion a year plus by growing these programs at the rate of inflation. and then finally, you reduce the number of federal employees with attrition. over time. you do those things and by 8 to 10 years america has a balanced budget and now you start generating the kind of returns that allow us to start paying down the debt. >> sean: one of the things mr mr. romney you were telling me earlier. we have 47 million americans on fooded stamps. nearly double the number than when president obama took office. we have 26 million americans unand under employed. 39% of people's wealth meaning the money they saved over a lifetime lost in a three year period. you talk to a lot of people on the campaign trail. what are they telling you about their economic situation? >> it is actually quite interesting because the contrast has been so stark.
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this is our second time around and four years ago this is not what we were hearing but now every single message that we are hearing is about the economy. whether they are worried abouit their own jobs, their husband's jobs, their son's job. they are worried in addition which is interesting to me about deficit spending because americans like fairness and beyond anything else we love our children. and we love giving our children a brighter future than what we have and what we are hearing from everyone is that they recognize that their children will not have a brighter future and they will be burdened with our den debt, the bills that we racking up our kids will have to pay for and they are upset about that and they want someone to come in and save this, please do something. did as desperation that they feel. >> sean: seems you are out there connecting with a lot of people. if you had to pick one word the word would be they seem desperate to you?
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>> and the words they use most frequently are please save the country and please gave my children's future. >> sean: every time a politician says they will save social security or medicare. paul ryan look alike throwing granny over the cliff. is it really we get to a balanced budget and deal with entitlements. is it possible to do that in a political atmosphere where anybody who makes such a suggestion will be demonized in jif a way. >> there is only one president in history that cut medicare by $500 million and that is president obama. he somehow points at republic n republicans and says we are d doing something wrong by tal talking about how to save these programs and make sure they are solvent for comeing generations but he is the guy that cut me medicare by $500 billion. i see people holding up signs
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don't touch my medicare. i'm not touching your medicare. it is the guy you you have got in office. my plan lets people keep medicare or have an option for private based medical care and a premium support program to make a choice and lower income people get more help to get a more row best plan. we save medicare. we are talking about what we have to do to balance the budget. cutting spending is one part but the more important part is growing the economy. growth is the way that we get to a balanced budget. growth is also the way we get people back to work. growth is the way we get wages rising again. so my policies are not just finding ways to reduce the size of government and important as that is, they are also finding ways to get the private sector growing again, putting people back to work and getting inco e incomes up. >> sean: coming up more of my exclusive interview governor romney and his wife.
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plus, governor sarah palin is here tonight, danna pa reno and stuart vascular an varney all . watch the live studio h audiene addition. marco rubio will be here this friday night, 9:
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>> sean: welcome back to ha hannity. earlier today i traveled to michigan to catch up with the presumptive republican nominee for president mitt romney as well as his wife ann and now here is more of our conversation. >> the president hit a milestone this week. his 100th round of golf and mr. romney, you came up with the line and you said you would not be taking as extravagant and as many vacations you said in a recent interview. do you think the president has lost touch? i will ask both of you you. >> for us how we see the futu e future, it is imperative that mitt win. it has gotten so defined in so many people's minds this is an absolute critical election that there are those in the other party that don't understand what is dug o going on and to y comments like what we heard the past few weeks where they don't understand how middle america is really struggling.
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for me, we are out there. we are hearing it. we are feeling it. it is not even that we are he r hearing it. you can just feel it. it is in the air. and there is just something happening out there that is we are not going to go with four more years of this. we want change and we want a new direction. so, you know, i'm just sensing it and feeling it and -- >> sean: you feel a different, i guess -- you are just getting a different feel than what you felt in 2008 maybe when you are out with senator mccain. >> very different. >> sean: joe biden said the greatest cities are in china, not the u.s. i'm sure you take issue with that, governor. >> absolutely. this country is unique. it's exceptional. it has done more to free people from tyranny than any nation on earth. the policies of free enterprise and freedom and opportunity b being copied in various places around the world are fortunat
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fortunately lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty. this nation is extraordinary in the history of the earth. you talk about the president potentially being ou out of to. of course, he is out of touch. he is out of touch in part because he never had the experience of working in the private sector and seeing it what it takes to start a small business. how a business decides to grow. when they decide to shrink. when they decide to send jobs oversea. he he doesn't understand that. it is core because he hasn't lived it. and in the bubble of the white house it is hard to know what is going on around the nation. his comments show how out of touch he has been. when came into office with some people out of work and some falling out of work. he should have gone on a jobs tour instead of an apology to r tour. going around the country meeting with employers and as asking them what do wester to do to make it easier to hire people and get jobs to come back to america. everything in his lexie con
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relating to job cryiateers relates to punishment of some kind. make america the best place in the world for small business and you will see jobs again. >> sean: you said he is the most antijobs president in american history. the president through executive order did something that he h m himself in 2011 didn't have the authority to do and that is not enforce the laws on the books as it relates to people that are in the country illegally. two sides this of. do you believe it is constitutional? and substantively where do you come down on the issue? >> with regards to the law does he have the capacity to do what has been proposed or what he has asked the department of homeland security to do. we will let the lawyers and i'm sure it will be challenged in the courts determine. my own view is we need to have a long-term solution for those that have come here illegally having been brought by their parent. through no fault of their own they are here. they have gone to school here. how do we deal with these folks and what is their long-term
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course in america. he described what he did as a stop gap measure. these kids don't want a stop gap measure. they want permanen permanence n understanding what their status is going to be. my own view you is with regards to illegal immigration we have to secure the border first and have an employment verification system and number three we have to give the kids an understanding of what the long-term future in america will be and those that serve in the military for instance i think should be give and green card with the occasion to stay in the country the rest of their life if they would like to. >> sean: governor, we see he egypt has been taken over by the muslim brotherhood and what is happening in iran. overall a broad general view, america's foreign policy now and what changes you would implement if you were elected and how concerned are you that iran gets a nuclear weapon? >> the biggest threat we face as a nation is, of course, a nuclear iran. the president's highest priority from a foreign policy
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standpoint has to be to push back against iran and keep them from having the material to use to create a weapon or use to provide to hezbollah or some other of their surrogates that ultimately could bring it to latin america or to north america. it is an unthinkable setting to be held hostage by iran. there is a glimmer of hope which is that syria which is iran's only ally in the arab world, their route to the sea and their route to arm hezbollah and lebanon syria is now in turmoil. and remarkably the president having given russia what they wanted removal of our missile defense sites from eastern europe did not get in turn the commitments, did not get anything from that. we now have russia protecting apparently syria. the president ought to be working very aggressively to encourage our friends there, the turks and the saudis to be providing the elements that the insurgents need in syria to provide freedom to the people there. there is an extraordinarily
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high priority and opportunity for us to push back against the plans of iran to become the hedgeamont of the region and we have to be preparing in this nation the kind of military option that will might be necessary if iran were to pursue their nuclear calling. >> sean: tomorrow night part two of my sit down interview with the governor and his wife. here is a sneak peek. >> sean: big crowds in michigan. 140 days to go. how are you guys feeling? >> feels great. fun being out on the trail. it's warm. big crowds. a lot of enthusiasm. there is a growing sense that we are going to win this thing so it feels pretty darn good. >> sean: still to come tonight, sarah palin and we wil and we n with jose rodriguez
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>> sean: tonight as we inch closer to the general election if you you think the governor's only opponent this november is president obama think again because we uncovered yet another glaring example of how the mainstream media is doing the anointed one's dirty work. no shocker, nbc news who deci e decided to deceptively edit the words of governor romney. you are not going to believe this. watch this. >> i went in to order a sandwich and you press the
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little touch tone keypad and touch that and the sandwich comes and you touch this and touch this and touch this and could pay the caucuse cashier,s your sandwich. it's amazing. >> it's amazing. when they get out of their comfort zone and get with the people in small town america you got to be able to speak the language. >> sean: what that radical left wing news outlet does not want you to know is that the governor was not expressing shock you can order a sandwich on a computer. he was making the point that private sector spurs innovation in america and barack obama's big government strategy is part of the problem. you to watch the whole clip to get the context but, of course, they didn't want to do that. watch this. >> i went in to order a sandwich. you press the little touch tone keypad. just touch that and the comes in and touch this and touch this and touch this and go pay the caucuses cheer here.
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people in the private sector learned how to compete. it is time to bring competition to the federal government and get it smaller and respond to the customers which are you. >> sean: joining me with reaction plus analysis of the media continued efforts to tear them down from fox business network stewar stuart varney. >> i was on the campaign trail in 2000 and there was energy and feeling that george bush with win. today you could see an energy on the campaign trail. >> i thought the interview was good, solid all the way throu h through. including on foreign policy which is something he doesn't get asked a lot about and doesn't focus on o on the campaign trail with the economy being the most important thing. i thought overall very good. a. a plus. >> sean: look, i just think there is a steadiness there and a thoughtfulness there.
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but the crowd reaction was interesting. because we saw obama in 2008. the reaction, the energy. >> yep. >> sean: very diving for cover what obama had in >> i was watching what he said about the economy and what he had to say. you can't say there is extremism there. just a solid positive energy about what he was going to do. he polished the message. was clean cut. something that fiscal conservatives with really get behind. it will be hard to demagogue that performance, that kind of delivery and that kind of mes message. >> but they'll try. >> they will try. >> the mainstream media, they will try. >> sean: the whole focus is o n who is the vice presidential -- here we have leaks at a high level coming from within the white house.
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had to be. which we know. a debt of $5 trillion under obama and the minutia they want to focus on is frustrating to me. >> the ongoing mill for the next several weeks. i thought from the interview is that he will choose someone who he thinks will be his best vice president and i don't think he will be swayed in anyway to pick one particular person. >> sean: he said there are two people that know and i said not even ann romney wit who is an t on the campaign trail. >> she is articulate and an asset. this candidate is very much in touch with america and ann romney in particular. she used the word desperation and understands that people are desperate. remember with we had a poll that says 75% of the people in america think we are going into another recession and they are worried about the economy. >> sean: great point. >> that is desperation and this candidate is in touch with how
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those people think and president obama is not. >> he can relate to people very well. like when you meet somebody on a plane and you think wow, you like they will temperature your whole life story and she is that kind of person. >> i showed you the clip of how nbc selectively edited the comments of governor romney. now, let's show nbc, by the way, tom brokaw are you proud, brian williams are you proud. watch the news brand deteriorate with the attack on ann romney. >> mitt romney always told the store arery of the family entry into the breathtakingly expen e expensive sport of dressage as therapy for ann romney's multiple scan low issues. this is not to make light of the ms, it is a difficult thing to bear and there are a lot of things you can do to try to deal with ms but come on. dressage does not appear in any
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of the more traditional courses of treatment. >> sean: what? >> how low can you go? >> there is two words that you can use to describe msnbc's actions today and this is low rent. attacking a first lady or a first lady -- the wife of a candidate should be off limits. and also he looks so pathetic. he is trying to make this point and it is not working for him. >> sean: he is pathetic. puting that aside. that coupled with the edit, this is -- this is the biggest campaign donation to the obama reelection effort. i'im. >> i'm surprised at how in lock step the establishment media is with president obama. nobody has really broken ranks among the establishment media. as you said, $5 trillion worth of debt. chaos overseas. domestic policy down the tubes. >> sean: and this is what they focus on. >> that is what they focus on and they have not broken ranks with the president. none of them.
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they are all in lock step. that is a surprise to me when things are so bad nobody breaks step. >> sean: i don't believe brian williams or tom brokaw are proud of that. but that has become nbc. >> an attack like that on a lady like ann romney. >> and it is is not other journalists, not traditional mainstream journalists calling them out on it. i follow a guy sand that was the first time i saw last night as i was looking at twitter that he was the one that i first saw said look at this, this is not what he spent but spent an entire day making fun of romney for what was taken out of context. >> sean: and you have not made fun about stuart's accent. >> i never take offense. i think it is funny. >> it they love it. >> you are so bad it is funny. >> it's not bad. >> sean: we miss you. we love the five and varney and
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company. coming up, some say the president's executive order that bars deportation amounts to amnesty. former alaskan governor sarah palin will weigh in. there are new indications that congress may act to halt the controversial policy. go
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this notion that somehow i can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. the fact of the matter is there are laws on the books that i have to enforce and i think that there has been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the dream act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow by myself i can go and do these things. it is just not true. >> sean: believe it or not, that was president obama spea speaking only nine months guy about his inability to unilaterally suspend the depo t
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deportation of illegals here in america now in it an election year miracle there are seemin seemingly no end to the powers. he has ordered thjoining us isr alaskan governor sarah palin. i could play cut after cut of him saying that he can't do this but he did this last friday. what are your thoughts on this? >> i don't know if it is unprecedented power grab because we have seen him do this over and over again with other aspects of policy that he has mandated to the citizens of america with obama care and with usurping 10th amendment rights of the states and commerce clause and so many other things. this is par for the course for president obama is not respec respecting the balance of power in our federal government. not understanding at all the constitutionality of the three branches of government and he just deciding via fiat, via his
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own poor powerful volitio vow e will tell the american people what he deems best despite that is violates all the things aforementioned. >> i'm a little surprised, coequal branches of government, the congress pass the law and the president ass it into law. he says he wished he had the poured concreter to european unilaterally decide the laws are null and void, i'm surpri e surprised there is not more outrage about this. are you surprised about that? >> there should be more out rage. if he truly was a constitutio constitutional scholar and proprofessor. although we find out he wasn't a professor he was a guest lecturer at a school or two. we need to go speak to the students whom he lectured and taught and ask them if they understand that he didn't know what he was talking about when told them if he evidently -- as
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he evidently did that the executive branch would be able to usurp and ignore the other branches of government and the powers vested in them. the students got ripped off in their courses if president obama taught them what he is o doing do the rest of america today. >> sean: governor, we have this issue and really fundamental issue about the balance of power and coequal branches of government. a big issue where our government is proenviedin provo car are tells and american law enforcement are being killed with those guns. literally high level national security leaks coming right out of white house and i reid the media and it focuses on you and you gave a very important speech and i watched a good portion of it and people say well, governor palin didn't mention mitt romney not one time in that speech. what do you think of that reaction? because i figured with all that is going on don't we have more
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important things for the media to cover than whether or not you mention governor romney in a speech? you you told me there is a reason for that. >> there is a reason i did not mention governor romney in my speech at the americans for prosperity event over the weekend and this is because i would have violated the ground rules for americans for prosperity foundation that you couldn't violate their i don't know if it is 501 c 3, what the classification. that wasn't what the conference was about. my role in the conference was to point out the hypocrisy and double standards and weakness of the old media and how the new citizen journalist media can rise up and take the place of what the old media used to represent and that is tell i iting the truth and the facts to voters. >> sean: just for the record you are fully and completely onboard and supporting governor
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romney in his effort to unseat president barack obama? >> i have said from day one and sean, i think you said the exact same thing. it has been anybody but obama. we have a presumptive nominee. in the gop process after a good come nettive and spirited competition to find the presumptive nominee and, yes, if that vote were to be taken today obviously i would vote for president -- for governor romney over president barack obama in a heartbeat. i wouldn't blink because i go back to what i said at the beginning -- anybody but obama. >> sean: seems like this is going be a choice election. we are at a tipping point as a country. i will ask you about that when we get back. more with governor palin when we return. new developments on the white house leak scandal as senator john mccain is calling for the president to meet face to face with investigator. we will have the latest on the developing spatial. and we will be joined by former top cia official jose rodriguez
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you might remember he supervi e supervised the enhanced interrogations going on against
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we continue with former alaska governor sarah palin. governor, senator cornyn has suggested that eric holder the attorney general resign. a couple of issues he is now facing. one is the failure appoint a special prosecutor in the leak scandal. national security leaks. and the other has to do with fast and furious where provide guns to the cartelles. here is what darryl issa said after a year and a half of stone walling it is a relates to the attorney general. let me play it for you. >> he came with an offer of a briefing. we went through the process of what was being offered and responded as i think we have to which is that the documents that they may choose to give in
1:47 am
the future we need to have before tomorrow. ultimately, the documents necessary to cause a postpon postponement appear to be in their possession. we are hoping that we have them tonight. if we can evaluate them even partially then that will give us grounds to negotiate a postponement and perhaps a final resolution. >> how big are these two scandals in your estimation? >> that is disgraceful what our attorney general's he efforts have been to again usurp the power of the authority of another branch of government. absolutely disgraceful. can you imagine if it were president bush and his attorney general who chose to stonewall and not provide for the peopl people's representatives on this committee, a congressional committee, the information that they are due. and here it has been a year and a half of this stonewalling and ignoring and kind of a an in your face jab that proverbial
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jab against the people that our attorney general has continued to engage in. disgraceful. >> sean: governor, as you spo e spoken and reflected back on the 2008 campaign and you have spoken out about it, you felt that really the mccain palin ticket was too easy on barack obama. we are 140 days out of this election. what would be your advis advicf governor romney is watching or listening tonight or his campaign what would be your advice this time around? >> don't do what we did in ho d holding back information that the people deserve to hear and it wasn't senator mccain who chose to hold back information regarding a sitting state senator who was running for president, the highest office in the land, and his voting record and his statements and his past associations and present associations and his pals. you cannot hold back vetted
1:49 am
information that is so necessary in order for the electorate to make a good decision. we are finding so much now about now president barack obama and his past and present associations with antiamerican, shoot, marxist professors who he sought out proudly and aggressively sought out to learn from. we learned so much now about who and what shaped president obama and socialist ideas of his and they failed in other countries and they will fail here in this country. we find out about those, sean, today and now it is too late four years later. for governor romney and a for his staff that needs have be very, very aggressive and not hold back on information that they will uncover we need to make sure in fairness to the electorate that they are given all of the information. >> sean: isn't the big difference, though, this time barack obama was sort of an
1:50 am
unknown and he had a speech and maybe the moment was right and he stuck to his message for the most part, the media went along without vetting him. is the biggest political weapon they have his record, his fai failed record and how much do you focus on that? >> absolutely it is the record. but it is also those elements of his life that went into shaping him. obviously much of that has to do with his education and that seeking out of marxist professors whom he wanted to surround himself with and the teachings that they provided him but his failed record as our president now that certai certainly needs to be the ammunition if you will i'm not inciting silence but the ammunition if you will against our sitting president when we go to consider who the next president should be. and, yes, it is the lap dogs in the media who were so persona personally and emotionally invested in at the time candidate obama that they
1:51 am
couldn't then allow truth to be revealed about who he was, what he represented, what his -- what his past record was. but it is so many even in the media today have seen the light and understand that for this republic to be defended we need to make sure that all candida e candidates are vetted. >> sean: always great to have you. thank you so much for being with us. and coming up, will president obama meet with the white house leak investigators? that is a simple question that senator john mccain is now demanding an answer to. we'll have more on the growing controversy, straight ahead, tonight on "hannity."
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i would like to believe that the justice department will get to the bottom of all this. but after watching senior white house advisor david plouffe's appearance on fox news on sunday, i highly doubt that it will. i was particularly troubled by mr. plouffe's inability or refusal to answer whether the white house will cooperate fully with the investigation and whether president obama would agree to be questioned by investigators as president bush was during the valerie plame case. >> sean: and that was veteran u.s. senator john mccain earlier today voicing his concern over the president's stone walling of the white house leak investigation. make no mistake he is not the
1:56 am
only one outraged. joining me a former cia official who was subjected to a criminal investigation by a special prosecutor for creating the enhanced interrogateion program that saved american lives after 9/11. the author of the new book "hard measures" our friend jose rodriguez is back. you were overseeing the enhan e enhanced interrogation of khalid sheik muhammad and destroyed the tapes with authority. what did this -- special prosecutor in your case, how does this make you feel now? >> well, you know, i am a retired intelligence officer as you know and i am shocked at the sensitiveity of the information that has been lea leaked and the poe he tension damage to our -- and the potential damage to our national security. for a couple of reasons. first defense everybod defensie after us and they will defend themselves and they will have the information to defend the themselves and offensively now we are the targets. it is outrageous. i think there ought to be a
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special prosecutor that is focused and there is a time because it cannot go on forev r forever. >> sean: had to be somebody in the room with the president when said every tuesday he is picking himself is on the kill list and then the whole cyber war fare. seems this is a far greater issue for are national securi y security. am i wrong? >> this are highly programs. to be on the department it has to be high classification. so there is a finite number of people who are knowledgeable about these programs and even lesser number of people who go to the situation room. so it should not be that complicated to get to the bottom of this. >> sean: your task was to put together these enhanced interrogation prohe grams. you had very specific directi n directions. you carried out your orders and then how many years of our life were you caught up in this
1:58 am
investigation into you, in your life and your actions? >> i was subjected to a criminal investigation for three years. a special prosecutor was appointed and it went on for three years. that is why i say there should be a timeline, a dateline set because it will go forever if not. >> and if it wasn't for the generosity of bob bennett my friend bill bennett's brother who took on your case probono you would probably after serv serving your country for all your adult life you would be bankrupt now. >> that's correct. i am indebted to bob bennett for taking my case and helping me out. >> sean: do you think this is political to make the president look good and look tough in the minds of the american president prior to a reelection effort? >> i definitely do.
1:59 am
i think is a politically motivated leak. there are leaks in some case there's are policy motivations but this i think was designed to make the president look tough and decisive. and i think it as shame because i don't think we should do this with national security. >> sean: and you would like to see he a special prosecutor appointed but a shorter time frame, get to the bottom of it quicker so people's lives aren't about put on hold? >> that is, correct. >> sean: you are true american hero, sir. and we thank you for your service to your country and all that you are doing. the book, by the way, is phenomenal. thank you for being with us. >> and thank you sean for hav having me. >> sean: part two of the interview with the romneys co e coming up on tomorrow night's program. a special live audience edition friday night with marco rubio and his wife who obviously was mentioned in the news today as a person who is in fact being vetted by governor romney and his tend


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