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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that is all the time we have left this evening. we will have more on this tomorrow including part two of our interview with ann and governor mitt romney. thanks for being with us. greta is next and we will see captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> greta: tonight is, president obama hiding something. if so, what and why? he signed an order barring attorney general eric hold fresh turning over subpoenaed documents. who is the president protecti g protecting? his attorney general? himself? or the sanctity of the executive branch of government? he just took the battle from boiling hat to nuclear. tonight you will hear from the house oversight committee chair daryl ice is a, karl rove, rush limbaugh, representative michele bachmann and brit hume. but first, a very heated hearing and a vote one that went straight down the party line. a house panel approving a contempt resolution for
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attorney general holder. our purpose has never been to hold the attorney general in contempt. our purpose has always been to get the information the committee needs to complete its work that it is not only entitled to but obligated to do. >> i am horrified that you are going forward with this contempt charge when the president of the united states has and the administration have invoked executive privilege for the documents sought by the chairman. >> this is a mistake. a major mistake and i really want you to know he that i think that this should be discontinued. >> why would the president claim executive privilege unless there was something ve y very, very important that he felt should not be made known to this committee and possibly to the public? >> i hope we have the guts and the perseverance to get to the would tomorrow this of. >> we have nearly 2,000 weapons purposely, purposely given to
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drug cartels. we have hundreds of dead people in mexico. we have a dead united states border patrol agent. and we have a government that is withholding information so that we cannot only get to the bottom but that we can fix it and make sure that it never ever happens again. >> i am frightened to think what would be going on today had agent brian terry not been murdered. would we even know about fast and furious or wide receiver? >> this is a sad day. but it is a necessary day. the notion that you can withhold information and documents from congress no matter whether you are the party in power or not in power is wrong. >> greta: house oversight chair daryl issa joins us. nice to see you chairman. >> thanks for having me on and for covering this important t p topic today. >> greta: the big news the president asserting the executive privilege.
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this is an 18 month long investigation. when did you first hear or get wind of the fact that he was going to assert this. >> 9:50 this morning. the 10:00 markup. we received an 8-page report. theoretically it was entirely done after we had a a meeting that went to 6:00 the previous meeting in which attorney general holder offered only to brief us on remaining information and then give us documents supporting that if we canceled our investigation or specifically considered all subpoenas as met. >> greta: you asked for a number of documents. he was offering 1300-pages? >> he described the 1300-pages and told us some of those pages we never asked for but he thought we should have them. >> greta: so you weren't even necessarily getting the pages that you wanted. that may be the attorney general -- >> if it is barack, i will tell him we are not available. >> greta: maybe the attorney general is going to answer your subpoena.
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those aren't even necessarily the pages that you specifically asked for. those are pages that he thought you should have and weren't really in answer to the subpoena, right? >> we were asked to take a pig in the poke. we were asked to take some assertion with the documents would be meaningful without s e seeing them and without looking them and without a anything they weren't giving us. i think they he knew we couldn't accept that. brian terry's family couldn't accept it. the american people couldn't accept it. >> greta: what is your theory as to why the president invoked executive privilege and why now? because this has been going on for a long time. >> you are exactly right. this is an 11th hour stunt potentially. but taking that it is serious, he seriously is trying to create an executive privilege that either doesn't exist or has been los loosely held meang that most of the documents that we asked for clearly are within the justice department, they are not between the president. his assertion is about for example the atf director sen
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sending an e-mail that we asked for in which he says hey we have to stop the gun walking, i read the wiretaps, this is terrible. we have a sworn statement, bipartisan statement by the former atf director that he sent it but doesn't have a copy of it. that wasn't directed towards the president yet he is asser asserting executive privilege regards to that. >> greta: it seems to me the questions are quite simple. who authorized fast and furio furious. have you ever asked that and gotten the answer on that? >> we have asked and we have not gotten answers. >> greta: that is a simple one i would think. somebody had to authorize it. the second one i would want to know is who is is the highest person in government that was aware of fast and furious. >> well, an that is an area whe when we read the wiretaps we think it goes to winestein and brewer at a minimum. our democratic colleagues say
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well, they didn't read the documents so even though they were responsible for them we don't see how you can feel that they knew about them. >> greta: do you have any reason to believe that the white house was aware and by the white house i mean anybody that works in the white house was aware of fast and furious while it was still an active operation? and secondly are you aware of suspicious anybody at the white house was aware of the efforts to sort of make this a very long and dragged out investigation so far? >> westerlies the first part of your question. we never thought that was something directed from the white house. we thought it was and is a fa l failed strategy done at a local level for which the ocidef, the team that comprised of many agencies got its authorization and money through justice scalia it this with authorization all the way to -- there justice with operation all the way to washington. there is no indication before brian terry was killed this would have come to the attention of the president. clearly we are questioning whether afterwards chuck cove coverup, the false statement made in february of this year
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and the months before they admitd that they had been untruthful to congress we do question whether or not there was communication with people including the white house. >> greta: the attorney general issued a statement almost 5:00 tonight that says in participle maniy put any claims into the justice department has been unresponsive to requests for information are untrue. are in the beginning chairman issa and certain members of the committee made unsub stasubstad allegations first. that does little to uncover the truth or address the problems associated with thissed a spin straiks and dating back to the previous administration. >> he always wants to talk about the previous administration and a different failed program. we never tried to pretend it wasn't a different failed program and we are not happy with the bush administration activities either. in the case of fast and furious where brian terry's guns came from we first became aware of this when a whistle blower went
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to senator grassley. he asked question hes and was told he wouldn't get answers. we asked questions and got denials. an actual false letter and false testimony. so yes, there were times in which we had whistle blowers who said certain things and all we had was a whistle blower's word but as documents came in in almost every case the whistle blowers were telling the truth and justice it was shading the truth or perhaps not telling the truth. >> greta: the contempt resolution came out of your committee today. it now goes to the floor for a vote, right? >> yes. >> greta: have you spoken to speaker boehner to find out when the vote will be and is he willing to put it o on the floor for a vote? >> before i even left the hearing speaker boehner announced the vote would held next week. i got busy with a meeting with my staff to prepare for that. we have a lot of work to do. as you know the president asserted in the executive ord r order. we prepared an amended resolution so that will be --
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that has been changed. but we want to make sure that it is accurate when we go to the floor and if there is any further amendments we doll th o that. >> greta: executive privilege is one two of reasons. one is a good faith reason it is important to assert and the facts warrant it and important to preserve the sanctity of the executive branch. the other is more sinister, attempting to hide something or prevent something from going forward. which is it in this case do you think? >> iin the harriet miers case the president exerted executive privilege in communications between key counsel and himse f himself. that was appropriate. in the case of richard nixon he asserted executive privilege in that anything the president said was legal and so on and, of course, ultimately everything including correspo
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correspondences was h held not to be within the executive privilege. are i think we have one case in which the president did wrong and it was wrong. another case in which the president -- >> greta: what is the motive here? because it is legitimate exercise of presidential power and warrants we a difference of opinion but and it is executive privilege or a cover up and something to obstruct? >> i can tell you that eric holder told me just last night and said it before that many of these documents he was willing to have us obtain if we agreed to settle the case would be very embarrassing but he would do it anyway. we are not looking to embarrass him but just because something is embarrassing doesn't mean it is not responsive. >> greta: which is it? >> we think the documents are embarrassing and there were months of people saying you got to quit liying, you got to come forward with the truth. you had attorneys wh attorneyst false testimony was made to congress, there were officers of the court and they did not come forward to us. they lobbied within justice to come out with the truth.
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ten months later when they came out with the truth all that deliberative activity in this case is very appropriate for us to see. >> greta: is it obstruction or legitimate. >> that is a tough one, greta. i think the court of public opinion will decide on both of our fates on that. we think we did today what we were obligated to do. we will continue with our investigation and dozens of other investigations we are obligated to do. we would like to see this ended because the resources we are using should be going after waste fraud and abuse if we could bring this to a close. >> greta: see what happens next week. next week is a long time away. congressman, thank you. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: house minority leader nancy pelosi blasting republicans for approving the contempt resolution. saying i could have arrested karl rove on any given day. i'm not kidding. if we spotted him in the capitol we could have arrested him. what is leader pelosi talking
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about? that goes back to 2007. the bush administration invok invoking the executive privilege. the focus of the executive privilege assertion, karl rov rove's conversation with justice department official of. then senator obama was asked about it during an interview with larry king. >> there has been on the part of this administration to try to hide behind executive privilege every time there is something a little shaky that is taking place. and i think the administration would be best served by comeing clean on this. there doesn't seem to be any national security issues involved with the u.s. attorney general question. there doesn't seem to be any justification for are not offering up some clear plausible rationale for why these u.s. attorneys were targeted when by all assessme t assessments they were doing an outstanding job. i think the american people
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deserve to know what was going on there. >> greta: karl rove joins us. nice to see you karl. >> great to see you, greta. >> greta: it seems like every night you are part of the story somehow. your name popped up again today with leader pelosi saying she could have had you arrested. your thoughts on that? >> absolutely, she is absolutely you dead wrong. let's go back. june, july 30 the house judiciary committee votes to hold knee m me in contempt for the white house contention that i could not be subpoenaed to discuss white house internal regulations. the house of representatives under then speaker pelosi never took up the resolution or voted on it. the only way i could have been arrested is if the house adop adopted the resolution which it did not. nice to know that speaker pelosi wanted to have me arrested and nice to know that she thinks she hat power to.
10:14 pm
we are still a nation of laws and had she attempted to arrest me on any of the number of times i was in and out of the capitol without a resolution passed by the entire house of representatives she would have been up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle. sounds a little bit like inspector clousseau. nice to know that she dreams of slapping me in her own personal jail but didn't have the authority to do it. >> greta: you have been -- you understand this probably as well as anybody. what is your advice for the attorney general tonight and the president? >> i'm mistfied by it frankly. i hate to reflect back on my own situation. but the white house had a legitimate concern about establishing the precedent that white house staff could be routinely subpoenaed to appear before the congress to discuss items that involve internal white house deliberations.
10:15 pm
on the other hand what the white house had offered was they said look we underand it that you want to hear from ro e rove. we will provide rove. i have have a private hearingd swear him in so that if he doesn't tell the truth he can be prosecuted for doing so and he will tell you everything that you want to know about his involvement or noninvolvement in the u.s. attorney situation but that way we protect the form of the president's privilege while giving you the substance of what you want which is complete unfettered access to rove. that is probably why the house never took it up because the white house made this offer and i suspect some in the house democratic leadership said we are not going to look good if they offered us this. they finally took the bush white house up on the offer in march of 2009 and had we spend two days testifying in front of the hapless member of the judiciary committee. the transcript is available publicly. he wasn't particularly well prepared nor focused.
10:16 pm
i do think this, i think the president of the united states has made a mistake. first of all, he said explici explicitly that fast and furious had no involvement at the white house. no white house discussions involved. and yet he is exerting his privilege over a member of his cabinet which is pretty much of a stretch. was the white house involved? or not involved? they said they were not invol e involveed but now by exerting privilege i is sort of implying that they were. and look, you heard is several times already this evening on various programs and on your own. sometimes the attempt to cover up is worse than whatever the problem was in the beginning. and if as congressman issa said the attorney general said these would be embarrassing documents. better that they get the embarrassing documents out than they continue down this path. >> greta: do you recommend, what, tomorrow to have them call up congressman issa and say let's talk again and essentially deliver what may be embarrassing documents.
10:17 pm
>> they can't at this point. the president has down a line in the stand. 24 times in 30 some odd, 40 some odd years executive privilege asserted. this is not done routinely and it is because a president doesn't want to necessarily draw the line. this president has drawn the line. >> greta: how does he get out of it? assuming that he would like to sort of do a do over how does he get out of this? >> you know what, greta, i don't think he wants a do over. you earlier said is this a legitimate expression of executive privilege or obstru t obstruction? it may be a little bit of both. i tell you i think there is a heck of a lot of politics in this. i think the president of the united states would love to have this dominate the dialogue for, you know, a week or two or three. we have got, you know, 20 some odd weeks left until the november election. i think the president would like to chew up 5% of 5, 10% of that, 15% of that talking about something that is not connected
10:18 pm
with jobs, the economy, deficit and debt spending and the affordable care act. i think he thinks this is the best of a bunch of bad options and gives him a chance to avoid the kind of dialogue he doesn't want to have. >> greta: a quick break. straight ahead, more with karl rove. ankarl rove will be right backo talk about it. also, rush limbaugh not keeping quiet. what does he have to say about president obama's executive privilege claim? you have to hear this and you will. rush limbaugh coming up. plus, caught on camera. an extreme case of road rage. what led to the violence in the mi
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the obama campaign wants names. it is demanding that the cross roads gps cofounded by karl rove disclose the names of all of its derns. right now cross roads is spending millions and millions to defeat president obama. the obama campaign wants to know what rich people want the president out. the obama campaign pain is so intent on getting the names that its lawyer filed a complaint with the fdc. last month a federal court required nonprofits to reveal donors but only if the purpose is politics. karl, once again, you are in the news again.
10:23 pm
the question is cross roads gps a political committee or social welfare organization and how do you know? >> well, it is a social welfare organization because it spends the vast preponderance of its money in social welfare and goals. for example talking right now about the need to change our policies on spending and debt. how we have to rein in the debt because the debt is growing at $4 billion a day and we need to demonstrate some fiscal responsibility. it meets these tests. it has met so for the last two years. and we have some of the best lawyers in the country both on atax side and political side, election law to make certain that we never get close to the line that would push us into make gps a political group as opposed to a social welfare organization. >> greta: what do you think is sort of the message you are g t getting by the fbc complaint? >> bob bauer is the counsel for the obama campaign is filing a
10:24 pm
complaint with the federal election commission with the commissioner who is his former law partner. and you will notice he did not include the democratic 501 c 4 groups that run ads on issues like the naacp voter fund which ran an ad in the 2000 campaign senator george w. bush was a i bigot. the league of conservation voters. the sierra club. not even america's priorities which has a 501 c. none are mentioned and all of them are social organizations just like gps. this is an attempt to intimidate people who might otherwise contribute to gps and frankly thuggish behavior. earlier we were talking about the time that i went up to the congress to to fest fay. one of the accusers was bob bauer is is the attorney for a woman who alleged that i encouraged her to investigate a woman i never met in my entire
10:25 pm
life that i asked her to investigate the sexual shenanigans of democratic governor siegelman of alabama. and you know, bob bauer was her attorney on got her on 60 minutes. a big hooha about it. when i went on the hearing before the congress after all this it turned out they considered the democratic sta f staffers told me she was an unreliable witness and they weren't going to call her and she refused to cooperate with the justice department investigation of the charges she made. this is the kind of attorney bob bauer is. it is not going to change us from doing exactly what we are entitled to do under the law and that is to advocate on behalf of a conservative agenda which is exactly what gps will continue to do. >> greta: i must admit i'm surprised -- i didn't expect to hear all that. i didn't know about that background. so this is personal on his
10:26 pm
part? >> on his part it is. yeah, and it is amaze. literally when we met with the justice department because she stepped forward and made the accusations and governor sieg siegelman stepped forward and made the accusations the justice department is obligated to begin an investigation in an office called the office of professional responsibility. and we met with their investigators and they asked me about the charges that bauer's client tossed out. they were frankly snickering at his client and they asked me do you know where we could find her. she has now disappeared. she refused to participate with the investigators because if she participated she would have to say what she said under oa h oath. one thing to say it on 60 minutes and another thing to say it under oath because if she made the statements under oath and if governor siegelman made the statements under oath and been found to be untruthful they would have been prosecut prosecuted. she disappeared. i said go talk to her lawyer bob bauer who was then i
10:27 pm
believe at the white house by the time this all happened as the general counsel to president obama before leaving again to become his counsel of this campaign. look this is a way these guy guys -- it is a chicago way. you know, go out there and throw a lot of stuff against the wall. throw a lot of mud and hope it sticks but it is not going to work in this instance. and it didn't work as well in the instance of dana jill simpson and governor siegelman. the supreme court refused to hear the request for a new trial and he is about ready to go back to the federal pen. bob bauer's client god knows where she is. maybe bob can find her and have her talk to the office of professional responsibility about the accusations she made on 60 minutes and then disappeared. >> greta: karl, thank you. allky say, never dull. thank you, karl. >> never dull. you bet, greta. >> greta: up next, representative michele bachmann is here and has a stern message for president obama and the
10:28 pm
message is read the constitution. what invoked that message? and to a former constitutional law professor. law professor. ♪
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>> greta: while tackling the issue of executive privilege and while he is at it rush gets rough with president obama and the mainstream media, too. >> when they get ahold of the themselves, the media, let me predict what will happen. they will argue they are upho d
10:32 pm
upholding long honored tradition of protecting the internal process of the executive branch. it is part of the separation of pow ires document. they are argue that ongoing investigation, congressional interferences would upset the executive process. they will be defended on this by the press. don't miss understand. right now the press thought this was nothing more than -- the birthers. they think the fast and furious crowd is a bunch of kooks and now with obama asserting executive privilege what is he trying to hide. we know the media is not going to force holder out and obama is not going to force holder out and holder i -- folks, i think both these guys think they are above the law by virtue of the fact that they believe they are the law. >> greta: representative michele bachmann also crying foul with the president's use of executive privilege. she says the president is thr w throwing the constitution out the window. representative bachmann joins us.
10:33 pm
nice to see you. >> hi greta. it isn't just congress. it is people. we have phone calls that are running 30 to 1 against the president of the united states. and what they are doing is they are calling members office and saying what are you going to do about this. are you going to let the president go rogue and not do anything at all. they deer commanding that we respond. and so what darrell issa is d doing it right. if we take a vote next week in the house that is right. this isn't just one issue with executive privilege. this is a pattern. this is what we saw the president doing with immigration. saying well, i won't enforce the law last week. this is dealing with the leaks on national security. very, very important. a president can't just leak information like that. but you can go all the way ba k back, greta. >> greta: that is assuming he is the leaker. he may not be the leaker. >> we don't know. what i'm saying is there is a pattern of defiance and the american people are outraged and saying enough. when is congress going act? so that is why i'm introducing
10:34 pm
a resolution of disapproval and this is a litany. >> greta: what does that mean? >> it means it is the sense of the people and the sense of the house of representatives that what the president is doing is wrong. >> greta: and what part, just generally railroa railroad do itemize? >> itemizing. dispositive for salmonellaive the czars and we go on and onno and on. and this is a president in de y deniance of our constitution. >> greta: what do you achieve by that? a lot of people say that is political. it doesn't have any teeth. it is not going to do anything at all. >> what it does it is says no man is above the constitution. that is the bottom line. is the foundation for english law and for the united states law. it doesn't matter if you are a common man or if you are the president of the united states, every american is under the constitution and this president
10:35 pm
is thumbing his nose at the constitution and acting in contra vention and defiance of the constitution and we are s y saying enough is enough. we are putting a marker in the ground and saying this is a resolution of disapproval of this president's thumbing his nose at the constitution. we have got to react. we can't just let the president get away with this week after week after week. >> greta: healthcare decision is going to come down maybe tomorrow, maybe monday, maybe some other day next week. big decision. >> big decision. >> greta: we are all waiting for are it. >> it is. of course, i firmly believe it is unconstitutional. >> you introduced. >> i was the first member of congress who introduced the full kale repeal of obama care and called for literally continues of thousands of americans to come here to this capital which is right behind me to make their voice herd because people said this is an unconstitutional act o on the part of the president. >> greta: what if the supreme court says no, the mandate is constitutional and so is the
10:36 pm
statute? >> if they say that it is constitutional i think you will have the american people saying no it is not constitutional. you can't have my government tell me i am forced to buy a product or service just because i breathe? just because i breathe? that is a tax that the government is putting upon me and i think you are going to see absolute outrage on the part of the american people. that is why the american people are saying to us as members of congress when are you going to stand up for yourselves and show some backbone in congress? that is why we have to stand up for them and speak out. >> greta: and you mentioned congressman issa today. your prediction what happens next week with the vote on contempt? >> on contempt, no question it will pass through the house of representatives. it will pass. >> greta: and what is the impact? >> the impact is the president is outside of the sense of congress on this and i think the president -- >> i don't think he likes congress to begin with. >> isn't it interesting? this president has made himself
10:37 pm
congress. has made himself president. has made himself the supreme court. >> greta: he doesn't like you guys. >> tough. you are not above the law. you to remember we are a nation of laws not men and we have to act under the constitution. people ever sick of it. that is really what the tea party was all about. people said the constitution isn't optional. it is mandatory. and a pretty heavy price was paid for that document, live under it. that is what? president needs to do, too. >> greta: we will see what happens with the resolution. we are waiting for the supreme court to see which which that goes. >> we are. >> greta: thanks for joining s us. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, the white house calls it a fishing expedition. the romney camp says the president is breaking a promise of transparently. the fast and furious battle reaching a boiling point in the middle of an election year. brit hume is here next. in two minutes, a traffic stop and case of road rage and all caught on cram. whacamera.
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caught on camera, a case of road wage gets violent. the beating victim says it all started when another driver followed him. he says he tried to drive away but the other car blocked his path and then the two drives and two other men got out of their cars and started a giant fist fight in the middle of the road. jerry paterson was knocked to the ground and dragged and ki k kicked. the attackers left him on the ground and they drove away. paterson suffered a concussion and he is now recovering and the california highway patrol is on the case. the scene was cleared by the time the police got there. they rant to talk to any one who witnessed the beating. one of the witnesses is the person who recorded the video that has now gone viral. so far, no one arrested. what do you think of this extreme road rage case. go to gretawire .com and tell us. us. we are back in two. stay in the moment sanya
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. political tensions simmering in egypt as voters await their nation's first free presidential election. they have sparked mass demonstrations at the square because military rulers have stripped the presidency of most of its power. they are delaying voting results amid allegations of fraud. at the same time, hosni mubarak is in a coma after suffering a stroke. much of the country marking the first day of summer with a heat wave, temperatures in the mid to upper 90s in texas to the great lakes and the east coast. the mercury hit record highs in four states with humidity levels making it feel even hotter. the heat doesn't look to be letting up, either. another day of sweltering temperatures are expected on thursday. i'm ainsley earhardt. thanks for watching fox.
10:44 pm
now back to "on the record" with greta. . now, the president of the united states has claimed executive privilege. that brings into question whether or not eric holder knew about it and ouch did th how me president know about this? >> greta: just minutes before the contempt vote president obama steps in and invokes executive privilege. one collateral but very important question for the president will this help or hurt him in november. fox news senior political analyst brett hume joi brit hu. does this hurt or help the president come november? >> too early to tell how it will play out. it seems possible based on the chain of events we have seen there is something here that would be tremendously embarra s embarrassing to the administration and presumably the president or he would not have taken the step. one must assume he was
10:45 pm
reluctant to do which is why is has come so late in the game. >> greta: or what if there is nothing there and he is putting congress through all these ho p hoops and making congress cast all these suspicions so in the end when congress gets it there is nothing there when says i told you there is nothing there and i was just merely invoking executive privilege because it is the right thing to do? >> i think that is conceivable but a little implausible. i doubt that is the reason. if eric holder is held in contempt of congress as it se m seems likely now, i thought it would never come to this. i thought there would be ooh compromise and seems like there still could be. the executive privilege claim seems not like the actions of someone ready to cut a deal and release a significant portion of the documents or whatever. i don't think it would have come to this if he -- if there was nothing be found. there would have been no point in it. why not just turn the documents over. this is all a trap for congress to come in and come out looking
10:46 pm
bad? >> greta: i'm just trying to look at it from every angle. even though there is invokation of executive privilege he can still be held in contempt? >> sure. >> who got what? what has been achieved? >> we don't know yet. we don't know yet. first of all, if this is litigated it will probably take past the election if the executive privilege claim is litigated as a civil matter before the courts in the district of columbia which is where presumabley this would play out, the court would have to make a finding as to whether the claim of executive privilege is legitimate and if so to what extent and what documents should therefore be produced and which should not and so on and that would likely to be appeal perhaps to the supreme court or the appellate courtneyway depending on what the trial court judge ruled. >> greta: but knowing the docket in the court down there, i mean unless it changed dramatically. >> it would take awhile. >> greta: we are talking years.
10:47 pm
two years? >> well, it is -- i wouldn't rule it out but i think it could be done sooner than that. certainly it could be done sooner than and the cases in the past haven't quite taken that long or do take awhile. it is conceivable, greta this is all designed to get this whole issue past the election because if the revealations that are within the documents were to come out before the election it would be too dama e damaging. that makes a certain kind of sense. i'm not saying that is true because we don't know but that does at least make sense. >> greta: what do you think speaker boehner is thinking tonight? >> i'm sure he is worried about this. there are risks on both sides. congress does not cause come out of investigations in tang e tangles with the administrati n administrations looking good. there is every chance that people would think that the republicans were pestering this nice man eric holder the first african american attorney general and could pay price. on the other hand the public could sale a rat and wonde smer why the material has not been
10:48 pm
turned over and could come out making the administration look very bad. that compromise would seem to be desirable for both sides but we haven't seen signs of one. >> greta: i think resolved if district court in a year or t o two. go up to the court of appeals and take another two years. >> i don't think it will take that long. >> greta: the speed of the docket. >> maybe. but i wouldn't think it would necessarily take that long. >> and i think of the poor family. the thing often lost in this is that the agents is family just want answers. they their loved one dieed and we have this drama unfolding in washington and it is beyond me that the justice department doesn't want to tell the family this is what happened. >> remember, there is a justice department inspector general report. >> greta: it's 18 months. >> i underand it that. >> greta: it's 18 months. it doesn't take that long to do that. >> it shouldn't. one wonders what the inspector general went through to get the
10:49 pm
information he needed. that report is said to be forthcoming soon. at least we will have one answer to the question. >> greta: i hope it is forthcoming fast. straight ahead, a criminal with something strange on the loose. he has a sweet tooth but not just any sweet letts will satiy the candy bandit. a creative student finds an entertaining way to apply to college. the application is caught on camera. [ male announcer ] don't miss d lobster's four course seafo feast,
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>> greta: you have seen the top stories but here is the best of the rest. a high school student finds a very clever way to get into his dream college. the california teen revamped a jackson 5 song to impress the university of michigan. ♪ well, when i was just star starting out i didn't know where to apply ♪ ♪ so many schools to choose from but none of them caught my eye ♪ ♪ then i saw you michigan and after an in depth look no wonder college could compare the blue got me on the shook ♪ oh, michigan give me one more chance ♪ ♪ won't you please let me into your school ♪ ♪ oh, how i dream to be a
10:54 pm
wolverine ♪ ♪ ♪ michigan, you are like anything -- unlike anything that i see ♪ yes. >> made the video after michigan wait listed him. he asked thed a the admissionse to give him another look. young was accepted. lock your doors this bandit is still on the loose. the reese's peanut buttercup been a kit. he keeps returning to an ohio gas station and every time steals reese's peanut butterc p buttercups. $400 to $600 worth of candy for months sittin hitting the sames station late at night. everyone in the studio needs to stop laughing so i don't laugh. two french rowers rowing their boats across the atlantic from massachusetts all the way to france. a 3600-mile journey and it expected to take 70 to 80 days. the boats are stocked with plenty of food and gear and both rowers are experienced and
10:55 pm
have successfully crossed the ocean before. there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up the last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. did air force one just get a makeover? stay tuned for the big reveal. that's next. and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this paradeeet, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering honoring america's troops. sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering which is actually in tquite fitting becauseadeeet, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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hewith two times the points.. on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash studio lights, time for last call. did president obama find a new way for the immigration solution? >> mexico with the big g to economic summit. the president is working the immigration thing. he knows a good issue. do you see how he got down there? did you see the plane? look at that. air force one. i bet he's working the issue. yeah. >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. go to greta and join all of us in the discussion about "fast and furious


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