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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 21, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone. hope you are off to a great day. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for joining us it is tuesday june 21st. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> here is the top 5 at 5:00. minnesota declaring a state of emergency at this hour. take a look at this unbelievable video. you will understand why. water flooding the streets and homes in duluth, minnesota 10 inches of rain falling in 24-hours and more rain is on the way. check this out. a zoo nearly wiped out. a polar bear swept away. he managed to survive.
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two seals also washed away. here is one that turned up on the street outside of the zoo. >> looks like godzilla came through took chips out of the concrete. it is unreal. 20 animals did not make it out of the zoo alive. a 6-year-old boy did survive. he was swept 6 blocks away in an under ground pipe. apparently minor injuries luckily. sanford florida police chief who handled the trayvon martin investigation fired. he did not rays george zimmerman. he was protected on the stand your ground law, lee tried to rezine back in april. the city commission voted against it. a call placed by martin's father the morning after his son was killed. >> i am from miami and my son is up here with me.
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he don't know anybody up here. oo >> police did not notify his parents of his death until later that day. we will learn if the justice also announce their decision on the constitutionality on the healthcare law. if there is not a decision today the next possible day would be on monday. that decision is expected by next thursday. and the last day of course will be next week. they don't reconvene until the month of october. heather, the hits just keep on coming. one day after alec baldwin attacked a photographer he shoved his way a group of reporters as he walked back into his building. he ran over a woman's foot and didn't stop or apologize. despite this he insists he did nothing wrong last night on letterman. >> no one got punched.
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if he got punched i would be in jail. he didn't punch him. the guy was too close and he shoved him. >> i pushed him out of the way because he almost hit me in the face with the camera. we would both be in the jail cell together. then you don't want to know what would happen in the jail cell if we were together in the jail cell. earlier in the dafz all smiles. the two bumped into each other on the street. speaking of late night television mitt romney's five sons made their late night debut on conan last night. take a look here. >> you are all grown men, you are married, unityou have child. does it bother you the press always calls you the romney boys. it's like you are 98 degrees or something. >> you are brothers. some people call us boys but
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whatever. >> in a western you would be the posse. get those romney boys in here. >> very cute. they all wore name tags so conan could remember their names. that is your top 5 at 5:00. >> the fight over fast and furious the scandal heating up this as a house panel votes in favor of holding the attorney general in contempt. >> unless attorney general eric holder changes his mind and decides to come forward with the documents he kept under lock and key all of the time, the full house of representatives will vote to hold him in contempt next week. yesterday's 23 to 17 vote was just in the houseover sight committee. now it is in the chamber.
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darrel issa explains how it got to this point. >> we were asked to take some assertion that these documents would be meaningful without seeing them without looking at them and without a log of anything they weren't giving us. i think they knew we couldn't accept that. brian terry's family couldn't accept it and the american people couldn't accept it. >> holder himself came out and said the divisive action will not help fix the problem it does nothing to make any of the law enforcement agents safer. it's an election year tactic intended to attract attention and as a result deflected critical resources from fulfilling what i see as a top priority protecting the american people. the recent documents would have significant damaging consequences and that was enough for president obama to invoke
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executive privilege for the first time something george bush did 6 times and clinton did 14 times. at the hearing he was puzzled on tuesday the administration said they would fork over the documents when wednesday came around they asserted executive privilege. if border patrol agent brian terry had not been murdered. developing hour by hour in washington. the fast and furious are the big talkers. >> taking particular issue with when attorney general eric holder claims he found out about the botched program. >> shows every time this attorney general opened his mouth every key point he has made about fast and furious has proved to be false and furious
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and false and specious. the stone walling that has gone on and of course the implication of this executive privilege which under scores something that those of us who have followed this for more than a year and a half now has always known and realized in our reporting of this. >> michelle will be on fox and friends with more reaction. you want to stick around with that. nancy pelosi is a big talker blasting republicans for the resolution saying karl rove could have been arrested over the bush administration using executive privilege over the firing of u.s. attorney. here is rove's reaction. >> nice to know speaker pelosi who wanted to have me raised nice to know she had the power to we are a nation of laws and she had no authority to do so. had she tried to arrest me without a resolution passed by
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the entire house of representatives she would have been up the proverbial creek without a proverbial paddle. >> the comment was made in a lighter note. record temperatures across parts of the country today, janice, is that right? are we going to cool off any time soon? >> we are. in the northeast, however. the rest of the country still very warm and will continue to be warm for the next several months. yesterday in or around the new york city area newark 98 burlington, vermont doesn't have air-conditioning in some regions. 95. jfk tied a record. it will be even motor today if that is possible then a break as we head into the weekend. current temperatures already 81
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in new york. we should be by a pool doing the show. the cool air is trapped over the northern would being keys. it is baking for the second day of summer. heat advisories for 12 states the heat index feels like with the humidity anywhere from 10 degrees. we still have flood warns in effect. we could have a tropical storm on our hands this weekend affecting the west coast of florida over a foot of rain possible. we are buzz sglae in the fox business weather center. >> so much going onning i don't know where to watch. hope it cools down. >> go to stories you can bank on this morning. listen to this a house committee send ago very big message. they voted to cut $100 million
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from the agencies budget next year. joining us is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. they had $800,000 of our money on that conference. >> remember that shindig? don't couldn't stop talking about it. they are denying bonuses to officials. this is respect for taxpayers. >> i never understood how government officials can get bonuses. let's talk about this more american families are 3406imovi together. >> they are doubling up to deal with the economy. between 2007 and 10 we have 11 percent increase in adults living together. if you look at younger kids moving back with parents the increase is just about 16 million of them. that is bad for the housing
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market. >> from 1.2 million to over 15 million. >> right out of college you can't get a job. >> normally these people might be buying their first home. >> that's what drove the housing market because it is not recovering because kids aren't buying homes and all of the furnishings going with those. >> airlines might be forced to pay hefty fees. >> have you flown somewhere and your luggage hasn't followed you? airlines should reimburse you not only if your baggage is lost but also if it is delays. hopefully you will get relief after getting feed to death. coming up we have a disturbing case of bullying to tell you about and it is all caught on camera. >> look how cruel that is. the victim a 68-year-old
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grandmother. now the nation is rallying around this bus monitor. then your cell phone or wedding ring? 77 percent of americans we are going to tell you about it will shock you. take a look at jimmy fallon from last night. here is political news. today president obama uses executive privilege to withhold documents about a weapons called fast and furious. i don't know what's scary that we can't see the documents or the government is naming it after a vin diesel movie. @y
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it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged. >> it is 15 after the top of the hour. a scandinavian airlines flight with 230 passengers on board diverted to maine bangor international airport after smoke filled the cockpit.
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no one was hurt. >> it wasn't me. it was my gps. that was a massachusetts woman's excuse after she crashed her car into this golf course sand trap. they found a large cup with vodka inside. she later admitted to drinking it earlier. oh my. a disturbing case of bullying. the victim of this bullying is going to surprise you. hi there, ainsley. it is hard to watch. they say kids can be cruel but this beyond. you are about to see a group of middle school students bring their 68-year-old bus monitor to tears. we warn you this video is absolutely heartbreaking. >> man you are fat. you are so fat. >> you take up like the entire seat.
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>> you can only watch not even a few minutes of it without feeling no badly of her. the woman being brutally harassed karen klein a grandmother of 8 who worked for the school district up state new york for the last 28 years. she was prepared to suffer in silence but then the student posted the video of the tormenting on youtube and since then it has been viewed nearly 1 million times and that's not all. people all over the country now rallying around karen even setting up a fund to send her on a dream vacation. that fund up to 113,000 dollars so far. if you would like to donate the web site is there on the bottom
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of the screen right now. we will hear from that bus monster karen klein live at 8:20 eastern time at fox and friends. >> i hope she gets a great vacation. >> i hope she takes that money and quits her job. she deserves better than that. >> i am going to donate. i will donate, karen. >> thank you very much, ainsley. it is time to brew on this. how attached to technology are you? many people have an emotional bond to their mobile devices. 77 percent, heather. >> they say losing cell phones would be worse than losing her wedding ring. when it comes town to technology or toiletries, technology wins. the only thing more stesfressfu than moving your cell phone -- would you choose your phone or
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your ring? your spouse or kids may be watching. be careful what you write to us. send your comments over to us tweet them at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail. stay tuned for that. always fun. >> the time is 19 after the top of the hour. cheryl casone knee is here to get awe job. three companies hiring right now. where are the safest hospitals to go to? you have a medical emergency we will give you a few tips.
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>> it is 22 minutes after the hour. does your state measure up when it comes to hospitals? there's a new study out by leap
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frog group. massachusetts comes in at number one then maine followed by vermont, illinois and tennessee. the study is based on patient injuries, medical errors as well as infections. prince william turns 30 years old today and he's about to get a special gift from his late mother princess diana. estimated $15.5 million. she left it to her son in her will not to be given to him in his 30th birth -- until his 30th birthday. >> for those of us who don't have that birthday gift the jobs numbers are out. we have 5 companies hiring right now. here with us is cheryl casone from the fox business network. >> we have an interesting mix. we different types of businesses. capital one is my first company. obviously the commercials you know very well.
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the crazy guy and alec baldwin. they need tellers people who can work in it. always ranked as one of the top companies. they have had three job fairs they are looking at customer care and finance. one of the ten largest banks in the united states. what we are seeing is because we have had so much pressure on the market and consumers are nervous about their 401 k's they want to make it their money they are going to capitol 1 and paying less to get the money managed by tap col 1. >> a lot of opportunities and growth. hilton worldwide also hiring. >> this is hotels -- hilton is not just hilton they own embassy suites the waldorf, hanson home, hilton brand vacations. they have a lot of property. 5.5 u.s. jobs available. right now 8.4,000 globally. hotel operations that is a wide
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variety of jobs. food, beverage, they all can handle finance back end office work. salaried jobs are going to be different. that's a managerial position that can be 40,000 and up. if you are going to work hourly the range is pretty big. 7.25 up to 25 dot lars per hour. >> kraft foods as well. >> you can do r & d at kraft foods. it would be fun. 900 jobs are available. they are going to be separating into two companies the snack division and grocery division. 900 jobs are opening right now marketing and finance. they were ranked one of the top 50 happiest companies. >> oo career bliss. if you are working for a company a happy company. obviously you know kraft foods really well.
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fs job >> it will be a little different next week. if you have questions e-mail me. there is a blog as well. the time 25 after the top of the hour. it is being described as the ride from hell. >> your emergency? >> rig >> that is not all. wait until you hear what happened when they landed. a stunning new study. if you are pregnant you can safely have 8 drinks a week. really? i am not sure about that. stay tuned. on this day in history hanging tough by the new kids on the block. remember that?
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>> record heat wave. close to 100 degrees in new york city. it was so hot mayor bloomberg said screw it, give me an extra
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large soda. give me the big one. >> welt come back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is half past the hour. time for a look at the top five stories. coming out of minnesota declaring a serious state of emergency right now. raging water flooding streets and homes in duluth. take a look at this thing. perspective from the sky. buildings, homes and cars completely submerged there. close to 10 inches of rain falling in 24-hours and even more is on the way. check out this zoo nearly wiped out. a polar bear swept away. he survived. two seals also washed away. here is one that turned up on the street outside of the zoo. 20 animals there did not make it. a car swallowed up by the ground with two brothers inside. both managed to escape without any injuries. a 6-year-old boy survived after being swept 6 blocks in an under ground pipe.
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how about that. new video we are hearing an emergency from a pilot of a jetblue flight. a flight passengers describe as a ride from hell. >> the nature of the emergency? >> the flight was on the way from las vegas to new york. they had to circle the airport for 3 hours in order to dump extra fuel. the plane bumped so violently passengers on board got really sick. >> it was miserable. every bump you thought can they control this? are we going to go down? is there something we don't know about. >> the plane landed safely it had to be towed to the gate because the front wheels stopped working. >> drinking 8 glasses of alcohol a week while pregnant may not be
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bad for you. those who drank 1-8 drinks a week did not score worse on an iq test. the kids who had 9 or more drinks had a lower tapings span. didn't show any harmful effects researchers recommend pregnant woman avoid alcohol all together. your purse could be making you sick. 1-10 retail stores sell wallets that contain led. the worst offender is tori birch. it has two times the amount of healthy lead. this wallet was second and followed by this wallet by nine west. this sold by charlotte ruse and handbag at t.j. maxx stores. >> check out the video he made for his dream school after they
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put him on the waiting list. ♪ flush >> that was lawrence deyoung with his version of the jackson 5's i want you back. guess what? his video worked. he is one of 42 students who was accepted off the wait list. that is your 5@5:30. >> head down to washington for serious news to bring you. eric holder is one step closer to being held in contempt of congress. doug luzader joining us from washington. >> what are we expecting today? >> it is like a soap opera. the white house dropped a bombshell on this before a house committee decided attorney
2:35 am
general eric holder is now in contempt with congress. the documents congress won about the fast and furious gun recommendation cannot be turned over because they fall under privilege. who knew what when about the federal program one of them was later used to kill u.s. border patrol agent brian perry. if the white house moves significantly ups the anti with republicans in congress. the house oversight committee committed yesterday to place holder in contempt of congress. >> what could be so dammining i those documents they can't be given to us. >> why is he evoking executive privilege on documents they said yesterday they would be glad to give us. >> they are looking at whether
2:36 am
the president could be involved at the very least. they will tie up the ends in court for years. it is mog more than a republican witch hunt. >> for the past year you have been holding the attorney general to an impossible standard. >> the full house contempt vote could come next week. there is this brief window for both sides radto reach some kinf agreement to diffuse this. >> what is the possible fallout for the fast and furious fallout for republicans and the administration. >> brit hume said this on "the record." >> there is risk on both sides. congress doesn't always come out of investigations looking good. there's every chance the republicans were pestering this nice manner rick holder first african american attorney
2:37 am
general on the other hand they may smell a rat thinking this is a terrible case one they might not have paid much attention to and make the administration look bad in the end. a compromise is desirable for both sides but haven't seen much signs of one. before you leave the house this morning time to get the first degree weather update with janice dean. we have been talking about it, who is going to put the perspective of the heat in focus. >> we have to remember our troops in afghanistan we have a significant military presence in iraq as well. these are the types of temperatures they deal with on a regular basis. it feels even hotter than that. yes what are we complaining about? 90, 100 degree temperatures in afghanistan and iraq today.
2:38 am
if you are outdoors want to make sure you are cooling off but remember the troops of course have to deal with these ongoing temperatures day after day after day. the current temperatures across the northeast 81 already in new york city. we could break a record today. 80 in chicago. there is cooler air making its way across the east coast friday into saturday. but the heat index today what it feels like with the humidity if you are not cooling off, if you are outside and you are not protected, you could -- it could feel like anywhere from 101 to 103 degree ifs you live in dc up towards new york. in terms of averages we are looking at temperatures in the upper 70s for boston. we are going to see a high today of 96. a hilittle cooler for friday. as we head into the weekend it will get even cooler than that. look at baltimore washington, d.c. as well and we are certainly going to break
2:39 am
records. >> so hot in two-thirds of the country. thank you very much. 38 minutes after the hour now. ann curry's days at the "today show" reportedly over? sources say the 55-year-old anchor is being moved off the morning show and most likely to another job at the nbc network. an official decision could come as early as next week. savannah gut reanother anchor could be her successor. the new dumb and dumber sequel. >> that's a lovely accent you have. new jersey? >> austria? >> austria. well, then. good day, mate. >> the 50-year-old dropping out of the movie. he's frustrated with the slow pace of the project. that's according to the report there is. filming was scheduled to start this fall. >> a baby announcement their
2:40 am
first baby whoopie a boy is in september. the time now is 39 after the hour. coming up another run in for alec baldwin. what prompted this? >> the low down on tattoos only jessie water could do for us. >> tell me about your tattoos? how many do you have? >> i have 8. >> jessie also takes a look at what a tattoo says about you.
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>> it is 43 after the top of the hour. what stories are making headlines overseas. we begin in egypt. the country will have to wait a little bit longer for official confirmation of who will be the next president. they are postponing the results because of the alleged voting fraud. they are looking at hundreds of complaints. results now expected this weekend. after nearly 10 weeks of
2:44 am
testimony they will hear closing arguments in if the murder trial. they will reveal if they want him to be sent to adviprison or ruled insane. the hits keep on coming one day after alec baldwin attacked a photographer he has yet another run in. antoine lewis joins us in if new york with more on alec's antics. >> let me set the scene. we are in front of his apartment building i am on the side of the street. there's the building. it is a comfortable distance we shouldn't incur any sort of mix-up for conflict or contact with alex baldwin. out here yesterday a reporter is claiming mr. baldwin when he was leaving on his bike in the process of beigoing and coming k he ran over her foot. this is on the heels of another incident which we started to
2:45 am
report a daily news photographer says alec lunged at him and got in some sort of a scuffle. he says he was not the aggressor he was more so a victim. the camera guy actually got into his space with the camera. last night an on the scene of woody allen's film he tells his part of how he's a victim in this case he didn't lung at anybody contrary to what the photographer had to say. again we are out here this morning keeping a safe and comfortable distance. we hope to see him. if he talks to us we will share that with you. for now everything is okay here in the east village. we are going to send it back to you inside. thank you very much. be safe out there. mitt romney has been telling americans his business background makes him more prepared than president obama to
2:46 am
lead the country over the next four years. karl cameron joins us now with a look at his leadership style. >> it sets the tone, establishes division and sets what the objectives are and holds people accountable for following through on these measures. we have not seen that with this president. >> he turned around the olympics and as governor of massachusetts. a former gop rival is now national campaign chairman. >> organizations take on the personality tempo and style of their leaders. if you look at mitt romney's campaign you see a campaign that is high finking, that is organized, that is disciplined that is collegial and collaborative. it is impactful. it reflectings a lot about mitt. >> he is micro manager and de patched when talked about bane capital or behind the scenes in
2:47 am
political campaign. but by all accounts he is demanding wants mountains of data accountability and results. >> he brings the element of let's make sure we measure let's make sure we hold accountable people for outcomes not just receipt tick. >> he was often chastised for not fitting in on beacon hill. he has never cozied up. >> any time people who have been here a long time as well that's not how we do it. i think governor romney's response to that will be, well, we are going to try something new. >> he has a temper but it's almost an obsessive pursuit of information. >> he debates vigorously. sometimes they may think of that as the governor being argumentative. he is not arguing, he's testing
2:48 am
the strength of your argument or the position that you have taken in a meeting. his style has been through 4 years of scrutiny. the biggest decision as a candidate will be his running mate. it won't be clear until election day. karl cameron, fox news. it is 48 minutes after the hour. coming up a thief with a sweet tooth. he steals only one thing rees pieces worth hundreds of dollars. 77 percent of people find it more stressful to lose their cell phones than their wedding rings. weigh wented -- we wanted to k which one you would most tress over. brian kilmeade on fox and friends. which one would you rather lose? >> i refuse to answer the question. >> what do you have coming up today? >> i am glad you asked, we just
2:49 am
sort of figured this out. judge napolitano is going to be on. peter king will be on the show. lanny davis will be on the show and we are going to end with cirque du soleil. we are going to have a democrat and republican talking about being on the same page on a very controversial issue? it will be an exciting show. it's not just entertainment we might even get news in. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged. get a free set of sheets when you buy a select beautyrest mattress. hurry, offer ends soon.
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>> welcome back. time for some quick headlines now a jim in canada actually penalizing people for being in shape. body exchange in vancouver enforce ago strict policy. only plus size woman can work out there. the gym says it wants to provide a safe haven for over weight
2:53 am
people afraid to join a gym. we now know who scored the $241 million power ball jackpot in iowa. (cheers) >> it was a group, a group of 20 shipping workers at a quaker oats plant coming forward to claim the winnings. the group which called itself the shipping 20 not releasing their names. >> that is a great idea. estimated 15 percent of americans have tattoos. that number is expected to more than double for young adults in the near future. the 'oo'reilly factor headed ou to see what this hype is all about. >> tell me about your tattoos? how many do you have? >> i have 8. >> how many do you have? >> six. >> one is on my lower area.
2:54 am
it actually says i love you papa in german. >> i made some really bad choices after high school. >> what does it say about a woman who has tattoos all up and down her harms? >> does that scream motherhood? >> what are you you freak? >> i like men no tattoos got a little tie. >> you should have boworn my ti today. >> i am a hot little potato right now. >> where would you put that? >> right on my shoulder. >> do you have any tattoos? >> that's quite the answer there. >> do you have any tattoos? >> we asked you to brew on this. a new poll shows 77 percent of people would find it more stressful to lose their cell phones than their wedding rippings. -- wedding rings. we wanted to know which ones would you rather keep? >> jeff tweeted us smart phones have personal information and apps that access an account. so it's a security thing.
2:55 am
>> noah tweeted i may not be married now but i would rather have proof of love towards my wife than a measly piece of technology. >> i could do without the phone it's more of a leash than my wedding ring ever was. thank you everyone who responded keep the comments coming. someone please steal my cell phone. i can't image losing my questioning ried -- wedding rin. >> i am kind of attached to my cell phone. i am not sure. we apologize for the whistling construction workers, but man you look good. >> not a lot of people are laughing about this this morning. >> word of the day all scrambled up. can you figure out what it is? stick around for the answer.
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>> 2 minutes before the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good.
2:59 am
one of our nation's bravest getting a hero's welcome upon returning home from afghanistan. army captain michael ryeback knows it was really tough on his family. >> always nice to be home and see everybody. you know, it's going to take some time for us to get to know each other again because she had to basically be a single mom. >> they are expecting their fourth child. congratulations. well, next, the bad. outrage over this mall sign in new jersey. it reads "we apologize for the whistling construction workers but man, you look good." some women's advocates are not amused by the sign and circulating a petition to have it removed. and finally, the ugly. police in ohio on the lockout for a bandit with a serious sweet tooth. the guy in the surveillance video has stolen nearly $600 worth of reeses peanut butter cups from the same gas station over the last two


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