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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 21, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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no matter what calamities are going on, we are entering a financial meltdown. >> demand fbn. >> that's right. >> give them the business. >> best of luck. [ applause ] >> kimberly: hello, archaism'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: today, attorney general eric holder blasted the house oversight committee that found him to be in contempt of congress for not handing over key documents in the botched gun running operation "fast and furious." >> the action the committee took yesterday was both unwarranted, unnecessary and unprecedented. >> kimberly: the committee voted to hold holder in contempt, even after president obama informed him he would be
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asserting executive privilege over the disputed documents st. administration defended the move today. >> my understanding is the inspector general of the justice department got tens of thousands of pages. i think the number is 70,000, 80,000 pages. how can you say every page is turned over if congress got 10%? >> you're engaging in selective listening. what i did say, what i did say every page related to the "fast and furious" operation, the documents over which privilege is being asserted are internal executive branch documents that have to do with response to congressional inquirys, response to media inquiries. those kind of deliberations. >> kimberly: all right. a lot going on in here. the white house seems to be under attack as well. is he managing the message at all? how do you interpret it? >> dana: one thing the white house hasn't had to do up until now is talk about it daily. justice department has been good at keeping the line drawn saying the white house wasn't
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involved. once they ask president obama to assert executive privilege which was not about the white house communications and presidential communications but just about something at the justice department, that is unusual and harder to prove. one thing that do now, you know this, they have to go through every single document and explain and justify for everybody else why the dock meants fall under the executive privilege. they are on shaky ground. they accused president bush of hiding behind executive privilege during the u.s. attorney issue a few years ago. but now they're hiding behind president bush. it's thin gruel. there is going to be a lot of talk about the politics of this. but because somebody died, agent brian terry that you mentioned, then this is different. my last point is one of the documents that they asked, a set of documents they asked to protect has to do with questions to the press office. and the justice department. it worked in the justice department. believe me, we were never
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going to be able to not -- your job is to respond to the media requests. i think those documents will probably come out eventually. >> kimberly: all right. eric, have they handled this well at all? a lot of criticism saying perhaps this a political move to help protect the president with the upcoming election. >> i'm not sure why the president got involved. by the way, they had plenty of opportunity to turn over the documents. in fact, they did turn over, depending on who you here, 140,000 dock meants. one will tell you. another will tell you 7600 relevant documents. a lot of them were redacted, completely blacked out. so no information gleaned on any of them. jay carney failed today. i watched the press conference from top to bottom. first time he was asked, he came out and he wanted to talk about a tax rebate. the first question was fast and furious. he went in to, he tried to spin it in to a jobs discussion. and then he read a prepared statement, kimberly. >> kimberly: right. >> eric: let me tell you something. it was awful. it was terrible. pointing the finger saying it's not, no one worried about
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it when bush did it. he was totally trying to deflect. which means to me, which means to me they didn't want to do this. they didn't want to have to assert executive privilege, they would have more liked to have stayed on jobs which they're failing at anyway. so this is bad. i think we should keep digging. i think there is a lot more we'll uncover as we go forward. >> kimberly: greg and then bob will bat clean-up. >> greg: we have to stop calling it a daily briefing. it's a deflection. they talk about the administration being rallying cry was transparency. they're as transparent as bomb shelter. if you want the documents released, just label them top secret and read about them in the paper next day. >> kimberly: that is an interesting point. is there something there they are trying to -- why would the president jeopardize his position when many criticize this is an abuse of exercising his executive privilege? why do it for holder and why do it with respect to the documents? >> bob: let me say that jay carney is friend of mine but
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he is no dana perino. >> kimberly: well played >> bob: the president of the united states has to sign off on executive privilege. i worked in the white house and there was a question from congress we sent messages back and forth how to deal with them. that's what they are talking about. they offered issa to go through the document that happened in the past and not only bush but other administrations. you take documents up and walk them through that. issa refused to do that. >> eric: that is not true. absolutely incorrect. >> bob: it is -- >> eric: darrell issa came on -- >> bob: you just interrupted my conversation here. >> eric: but you can't say that here. >> bob: you can't say what you say -- >> eric: the contempt of congress claim is they don't have access to the documents. you are saying that the administration wants to turn them over. they don't. >> bob: some of them they don't want to turn over and some they shoulden and issa has no right to them. what they said is we'll go up on the last deal, go up and walk through some of the documents with you. he said no, he wants to keep
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it going. i repeat what i said yesterday. they have no right to internal communication and executive branch. so to hell with them. they have no right to them. >> dana: that might not end up being true. if there is a case brought, an if the congress asks the court to do expedited review and they look at the documents and they decide this doesn't meet the bar, you haven't cleared the bar to get executive privilege for these particular documents then they will have to come out. now, could it take months? absolutely. i think what you will see eventually is the drip, drip, drip of this won't end until something is done. so i would imagine that if the justice department and that the white house are trying to discuss furiously how to figure out an accommodation to get the answers to the congress, which does have -- i would argue they have a right to get the answers when the justice department initially said this operation didn't happen.
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several months later they camp in a letter. they want to know what happened in that time period? i think they have a right to know that. >> bob: same period of time you are talking about this going on, darrell issa is going to be drip, drip, drip, leaking stuff as he normally does on his committee staff, leak stuff to do damage to the president of the united states. you're wrong -- >> dana: as opposed to people -- >> bob: yes, they did! the last conversation -- [over talk ] >> eric: briefing and summary of document. that's what they offer. >> bob: in the past -- by the way, why should they have the documents. >> eric: you think the documents would contain more or less information than what the d.o.j. decided? >> bob: do you think executive should get everything issa has written to his staff? wait a minute. answer my question. >> eric: this is protecting the president. between date the d.o.j. denied the original denial letter of february 4, and retracting it of september 2 of 2011, president obama talked on camera to univision saying we
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know something. that there is a document in there. >> bob: do you think he knew what was going on about that one thing? probably not at all. if you think issa is not leaking stuff shrekively then you don't know darrell issa. >> dana: one thing we'll talk about today is the national security leaks specifically not to make the president look bad but to make the president look good. so if you are trying to get the president good press and talk about how he is micro managing the kill list of the individuals who are going to get attacked by drones it's not inconceivable he would know about a program at large that was being done. >> bob: george bush not have a stack of cards in his desk? do we talk about that? ace of spades is gone? >> kimberly: i want greg back in and listen to this from brit hume and greg's reaction. >> every chance that the people would think that the republicans were pestering this, this nice man, eric holder, the first african-american attorney general. on the other hand, the public might smell a rat and wonder why the material hasn't been turned over thinking this is a terrible case, one they might
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not have paid much attention to, but as it heats up they will and come out and make the administration look very bad. >> kimberly: what do you think? being politically astute saying it could backfire on republicans? >> greg: here is the risk for g.o.p. it can be risky for one reason. once the media realizes it's bad for the republicans, then they will jump on this story. for example, if you look at abc yesterday, they treated it like it was the new story, like michael jackson had suddenly died. it had been going on for a long time. they led the newscast off with the weather, heat wave, because it's earth shattering. brian williams described it on nbc as a caustic partisan fight. they never describe stuff when it's targeting republican as caustic partisan fight. it's a pursuit of justice. but when it's obama it's caustic partisan fight. >> dana: they used "witch hunt" in the newscast. >> greg: insult on witches. >> kimberly: clarify
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something. issa's office specifically did request and wanted the privilege laws which would give specific line-by-line assertion of as to why certain documents in that log contained should be excluded. that was denied. that's why then the contempt proceeding proceeded forward because the only thing that attorney general holder's office said they would give is fair compilation of what they believe is a summary and they want the investigation stopped immediately. that comes from inside the room of the meeting between -- >> bob: of every president who is asked by the congress to turn over documents what percentage actually get turned over? what percentage is turned over? >> eric: how many people died under the other president? >> bob: a number of people in the vietnam war. number of people. a number of people. that was what they asked congress -- congress asked for documents on that. you are making a big deal out of something that is frankly not that big a deal. >> kimberly: it is a big deal, bob. >> eric: i disagree. >> kimberly: people died. this is serious. >> bob: i understand about the border agent. i feel for. that but they would have
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been -- there would have been guns there anyway. this is a setup by darrell issa. he has been doing it for a year. >> dana: bob, if the shoe were on the other foot and it was a republican president and the same situation had happened you would be singing a different tune. that is what makes people mad about washington. when you say that you didn't know anything about it, several months later you have to send a letter saying sorry, we did know about it. the congress has a right to know what happened in the intervening period. >> bob: if you look at the tape, i defended karl rove that he had every right in the world to replace attorneys general. >> dana: this is apples and oranges. >> eric: no one died under bush regarding this, bob. that's not what this is. someone died here. >> greg: the real story here is it's bigotry. if you are against giving guns to mexican drug lords you are racist. >> kimberly: i'm glad i waited for. that >> bob: you set that up well. >> greg: thank you. >> kimberly: speaking of someone who does care about this, be sure to check out hannity tonight for sean's exclusive interview with the parents of murdered border
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patrol agent brian terry. you don't want to miss it. coming up right here, 68-year-old bus monitor gets bullied and abused by middle schoolers. you won't believe what the kids said to this sweet woman. stay with us. ♪ ♪ every bite goes above and beyond the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4 kosher. with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better-than-a-hot dog- hot dog. fore!
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♪ ♪ >> dana: kimberly loves that song. bob is going to love this poll. gallup poll came out this morning and said that 18% of americans said they would not vote for a well qualified person for president if he or she were mormon. 24%, that goes up to 24% when you ask democrats. i think the poll is bogus. this is not a hypothetical person. we are talking about mitt romney. if you are a democrat you'll probably vote against him anyway.
2:17 pm
will some people stay home based on mormonism? what do you think? >> bob: the thing about the poll no, difference in proposition for mormonism than any of the other religious faith. that is constant. opposition to mormonism has gone fairly consistent from the first time it was polled when george romney was running for president. it's about the 20-20%. if you look at where it comes from, mostly from less educated, high school graduates and less, and i think in that sense whereas with black and jews the number plummeted who wouldn't vote for him, it's consistent with mormonism, and think that's fundamentally a problem. if it's just among democrats i'd say it's not a problem. but it spreads across the board. >> greg: i don't think it's a problem because the person talking the least about mormonism are the mormons. the only people talking about this is the media. they are the ones saying it could be a problem. but from those that i know which aren't many, i didn't know they were mormons because they never talk about it.
2:18 pm
that's why they're healthy. they don't bring it up. they don't drink or smoke, no coffee, don't talk about religion on the dinner table. >> bob: you couldn't get five miles of the temple. >> eric: i spend a lot of time with numbers and statistics and 18% of anything, if you have 82% of anything you are doing pretty darn well. >> dana: that's what i thought. >> this is not a non-study. the only time it gets a little interesting is when you mention when you break it apart by party. so if you are a democrat, you are, you have a 24% chance of not voting for mitt romney because he is a mormon. if you're republican substantially lower thannism thought the democrats -- i thought the democrats were party of openness. equality. inclusion. turns out they're substantia substantially more concerned with romney mormonism. >> bob: the numbers are consistent. they're substantially committed to keeping you away. fact of the matter is this is across the board among people
2:19 pm
not college graduates. 18% of a close eselection a lot. >> dana: this is something people don't know. recently two of the solicitor generals of the united states, the person that defends the united states in court, especially the supreme court level, rex lee and jay ruben clark argue on behalf of america. you can't find more patriotic people. they were mormon. business, j.w. marriott. if i lan thropy is a big deal in mormon church. harvard business school, academia, kim clark is the dean there. kimberly, your old stomping ground. steve young, quarterback of the san francisco 49ers. >> greg: president obama. >> dana: i will tell you -- a lot of people are mormon in position of leadership that people might like or support and think are good leader bus they don't realize they're
2:20 pm
mormons so maybe the poll is skewed. >> bob: the president are not president -- the people are not president of the united states. jack kennedy won and people said they were against catholic as president. it fell to 8% on election day. see what happens with romney. maybe the numbers will fall. you have to hope. if it stays at 18% he is toast. >> greg: we have all the sensitivity training in the media -- >> kimberly: you can't tell. >> greg: one exception to all sensitivity training and it's people who practice religion. they're the easier target, funnest target. in general, thaw don't fight back. there is a small subset in exception that are muslims. people are scared to make joke about the muslims and scared to put out cartoons because they'll get death threats. everybody sales fair game. >> dana: no musical on broadway called "quran." >> eric: your 18% number isn't accurate bob, because it includes 24% of democrats. if you take the democrats out who weren't going to vote for
2:21 pm
romney anyway you are down to 12%. that my good friend probably wouldn't swing the vote. >> bob: in a 2 or 3% election it's a lot. >> dana: let's talk about something else, a broader point about the matchup between likely nominee romney and president obama. today obama still in the ap national poll at 47. romney, 44. a golop poll, obama is low 43% approval but still, romney doesn't seem to be making cig can gains. whereas you think he might have been able to. >> kimberly: can i go first? >> bob: sorry. >> dana: she doesn't get to say much. >> kimberly: i agree about the last comment when kennedy was running for office. what i say about this, if you look at the numbers you see fluctuation. majority of the polls are within a 3-4% margin of error. the snapshot in time of where we are right now. if the economy continues to do it poorly as it has been and there is no indication we'll have a miraculous recovery in
2:22 pm
time to save the president at the ballot box. it will be in romney's benefi benefit. then close to president obama who is popular when he got elected. >> bob: can i make one point? bloomberg national poll came out. 45% say they are better off than they were at the beginning of 2009. 36% said they are worse off. the recovery is here. you're toast. >> greg: the poll you brought up was taken by a.p., right? better off having a poll done by valerie jarret on hollywood model on may day in a diversity rally. democrat's complicated. >> dana: all right. that was fun. coming up, the supreme court set to rule on obamacare. how will their decision affect you? we'll explain that next. ♪ ♪
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made. not in washington.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. white house is tight lipped when it comes to "fast and furious"? executive privilege tight lipped? but when it comes to counter terror or iranian bombs or cyber wars, obama administration has a bad case of loose lipitis. hypocrisy alert, kim her by? kimberly? >> kimberly: why do you look to me on the lip thing? this is obvious. when it's favorable for them, they are like yeah, let me tell you about it and then deny it. for something that is harmful, definitely harmful they will hold it, spit on it.
2:28 pm
no pun intended until after the election. the whole thing was obama and the seals and bin laden. that stuff is right away. >> greg: before i came to fox news i was a psychiatrist. it call this max keady confession. when you try to confess something that sounds bad but makes you look good. you tell a girl at the bar, i just got out of jail for protesting against the war. that's what the leaks are. these dangerous leaks. we have to tell president obama we really, really like him. you are okay. then he will stop the leaking. because it's all about being popular. >> kimberly: leaks are damaging. >> eric: bin laden's kill, the pakistani's doctor identity, underpants bomber double agent, the stusnex virus, a lot of leaks.
2:29 pm
>> dana: on the front page of the "new york times" i saw a story about the cia think a few people are secretly providing the syrian opposition with weapons. >> eric: who is leak it? you know, you know. you were on the inside. >> dana: it has to be more than one person. some of the reporting is several former and current administration officials provided it. maybe not the four walls of the white house, though i kind of doubt it, but someone in the administration. the former attorney general michael mukasey wrote op-ed, plugging the national leaks. he has a good point. president has a role and he could order any of the infinite number of public officials to come forward and talk to congress because they have a role to play. it's bipartisan now. if they got the intelligence and armed forces committee together they could get to the bottom of it. >> eric: even you have to admit it's dangerous. >> some of them are quite dangerous. the question is where do they come from?
2:30 pm
first, usama bin laden was brought out immediately. kill list for the drones if you remember george bush had a stack of cards in his desk. every time he killed somebody he told us about it. >> dana: created by -- >> bob: excuse me. bush administration, covert agent was outed. you can play the game and put it on obama's plate. the fact of the matter is with the exception of the computer leak in iran, which had every indication came from international seize of leaks. you are making politics out of nothing. didn't say anything about valerie plame. >> dana: we talked about it for ten years. gobs got a movie out of it. media loved that. >> eric: let's move on. topic number two. watching scotus, the supreme court in the united states. what is the part money with
2:31 pm
odramacare? >> bob: that's new. i'm going to be outlier. i think they are not going to do it. if they do, it results in this. you take the man do it out and the bill falls apart. some people take advantage of myself including myself. it's more complicated than people think. in washington state they took the mandate out and the healthcare system fell apart. it may be politic that the supreme court may not play politics and do the right thing. >> kimberly: if they vote in your favor you say they weren't playing politics. somebody take the poll out of the tent. it has to go down. strike down. >> bob: what da do you do with 40 million people that don't have insurance? >> kimberly: we deal with it with a what they's responsible not so that obama can get re-elect and pelosi can read it. >> eric: politics if it fails or part fails?
2:32 pm
>> dana: republicans won this fight because the public perception is so bad. but i hope once it's done everybody can work together on a solution. >> greg: you have to hope it goes away. the scariest story of the week, british service euthanized patients every year prematurely because they don't have room for them. that is a death panel and universal healthcare. >> bob: people day every day. because they can't get healthcare. >> eric: the floor director does that this and that means we have to go. take a deep breath and look at this. [bleep] >> if i stabbed you in the stomach. >> eric: the school bus bullies going to get a dose of karma. greg is on deck. he has things to say to the kids.
2:33 pm
>> bob: i'd have something to say to them. >> kimberly: exactly. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is bad news for the economy an reaction to it. tonight on "special report" wall street investors took major hits in trading today. the dow lost 251. the s&p 500 fell 30. the nasdaq dropped 71. they were spooked by anticipation of a credit downgrade from major american banks. we're live with the latest. contentious white house briefing had the press secretary charging republicans going after president obama politically over operation fast and furious. jay carney defended the invoking of executive privilege. mitt romney is going after one of the president big support groups and addressed a gathering of latino officials
2:38 pm
today. the federal government is requiring oil refineries to use a certain type of biofuel, fine in the millions if they don't. the problem is the substance does not exist. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: i love the eagles. by now you've seen the video shot on a bus. karen klein was ridiculed, threatened even as she cried. >> you're bad. >> oh, my god.
2:39 pm
>> greg: watching that, what is your first inclination? i want to track down each punk. the police worry for the safety of the kids. even feels that way. karen klein is doing fine. website to send her on vacation amassed over $300,000 for one day. that's awesome. once i get past my violent fantasies, we're not all that innocent. as a teenager, i was a jerk. my teacher once slipped on snails i placed around the podium. thank god cell phonesern around then, i'd be institutionalized. i'm not sure there is escalation of bullying. we may see more of it because we're recording it. that's good. capacity of human evil is present every day, almost
2:40 pm
always in mob form. kids or adults in full support. massive observers. when you wonder how they should be punished this video will follow them for years like a stain on a leash. which is a reminder to all jerks that thanks to the digital age, big brother is watching. a good thing for a little old lady like karen klein. bob, when you see kids doing this. i want to play a slot from a father. it wonder if they're salvageable. play this. and then i'll go to you. >> any heart broke. i couldn't believe my son could treat another human being like that. my family received death threats. it was a stupid mistake. he's paying for it. but blown way out of control. >> greg: is that a fairly good description of what happened? >> bob: no, it's not blown fairly out of -- unfairly out of control. the fact of the matter is it was one of the more outrageous -- i'm not so sure this went on as well as you
2:41 pm
do. you say you pull your restraint back. i would not pull my restraint back. these kids are a product of that guy just talking right there. his f his kid was decent and he taught him right and raised him right, the kid would don't that sort of thing. they all belong in juvenile hall. not just a video following them around but record is a good idea. >> greg: she doesn't want to prosecute. i don't know if there is a crime committed. >> kimberly: no. >> greg: this is a wonderful lady who wants to get on with her life. she has enough money to buy a new home. >> eric: if it was another kid they were bullying that way, people would be outraged and probably want to do what bob suggests. it's almost the reverse. kids bullying an adult. you don't see it a lot. why not just put cameras in buses. that would stop all of this stuff. >> greg: this is the beauty of the modern digital age. >> eric: only reason we have it is because one of those kids had an iphone and taped it. it probably goes on more. put a camera on the bus.
2:42 pm
i'm all for that. >> bob: you would line veto it out of the budget. >> dana: a good thing could be for the parents to have to be bus monitors for a week. >> greg: great idea. >> dana: to have to see what goes on so they can talk to their kids about it. i was bused -- in denver, they bused in the fourth grade. it had to sit up front. my dad complained about the behavior against me on the bus. i had to look up front. i was so scared all the time. with the ladies. but i think if my dad would have been a bus monitor, then maybe they would have been nicer. >> greg: what do you think? what should happen to kids? >> kimberly: a lot. begin with this, number one they should be suspended from school. and they should have privileges taken away if they're participants on certain teams. i heard a girl in there as well. cheerleader team. whatever. any kind of like after-school activities, if there are special field trips, something, they need to be punished. they need to be encated. the fact you threat on the
2:43 pm
stab someone. that is serious. there are ways to deal with this. >> greg: true. >> kimberly: juvenile discuss tis system. it dealt with a lot of kids like this i had to handle in court. what they do is try to rehabilitate them. get them counseling, education, do community service. you have can't just let it go. obviously the dad is upset, humiliated. but something is wrong in the home that the kid is behaving like that. >> bob: if you don't take my solution to this, and you take yours, "a," not let them ride the school buses. let the parents drive them. >> dana: let them walk. >> bob: drop them out of any school activity be. suspended there. ought to be a fine levied against the parents. the good news i assume this gets enough widespread publicity most parents will sit around the table to say see what happened on the school bus? don't let it happen. >> eric: can't you send them to juve i havey for that? >> kimberly: she doesn't want to prosecute but district attorney can look into it. there are numbers, like h.o.p., home on probation and term and condition so they are on probation for a certain period of time and complete
2:44 pm
certain things like we talked about at this table. that should happen. i think it's appropriate. intervene now so they're not like recidivists and engage in other conduct going forward. >> greg: we have to move on. i don't think the kids will get jobs in a long, long time. this stuff lives forever. >> eric: msnbc is hiring. never know. >> kimberly: you had to go there. >> greg: all right. what does alec baldwin call going on national television and taking off his pants? wednesday. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: well, i'm back in the "e" slot and i feel very much at home. now, alec baldwin one of our favorite stars appeared on david letterman to talk about the fact he didn't punch out the photographer but really ran over his foot. look at what he said.
2:49 pm
>> i saw him come out. tried to take his picture. he said [bleep] i said don't touch him. the next thing i saw his -- he look at me and come straight at me. i have to react. >> just backing up. >> you're absolutely positive he threw a punch? >> yeah. i have a mark. >> nobody got punched. nobody got punched. i said that from the first time. >> if i touched him, i would be in jail right now. >> bob: i thought that first guy didn't look like baldwin. that was baldwin who defended it, saying he didn't throw a punch. baldwin did something else you might find interesting. do we have a tape of the incident? >> thereon me. if you put your hands in your pocket, your pants come off. [ applause ] >> bob: i must say in
2:50 pm
defense of baldwin on this, i got to be careful, because i have done that myself. many times. this guy has an amazing ability to get himself in the press negatively. dana what is it with this guy? >> dana: the only thing i was mesmerized by, he has really hairy legs. disturbing. freddie men have hairy legs. >> dana: not like that. that's like a forest. >> kimberly: needs to hit a brazilian waxer. a team of them. >> eric: are you done? >> greg: talking about the hair on his legs. >> eric: i have history with the bald world cup family. the youngest brother, billy baldwin is friend of mine, we started drinking when we were single, and i can't tell you how many fights we got in other groups. maybe it's the family. >> greg: i don't think you can take the photographer word on this. all they do is spark outrage from a celebrity.
2:51 pm
they are there annoying people. i disagree with every single thing that alec baldwin stands for but he's amazing character actor. he craves attention. ego glutton. messed up guy. still amazingly talent and he is right on this one. they are out there to hor ras him. >> kimberly: i'm still thinking about the legs. look, i don't think it was a good idea -- >> bob: i was thinking about the brazilian wax. >> kimberly: hang in there for nine minutes. it enjoy him on "saturday night live." he has a lot of personality. putting out the tweets and stuff. not a good idea to drop his pants on letterman. photographers only get money when they take snapshots. >> bob: that is right. i want to defend that part of it. i get chased by photographers all the time. i punched one out the other day. she was 72. >> kimberly: bob! >> bob: we're getting out of it. because you got it. one more thing is up next!
2:52 pm
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so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. >> kimberly: it's a special time right now. for one more thing. we have a prop here as well. we will get to that in a
2:56 pm
moment. yes. there might be a special moment. bolling up first. >> eric: i go first. it had the greatest morning in the last 15 and 20 years. take a look at the picture, my son eric chase bolling. 13 years old. i know you hate these. >> dana: i do. >> eric: this is a -- >> dana: moving up ceremony. >> eric: moving up ceremony. >> dana: graduation. >> eric: he is going to be high school stunt next year. good job, buddy. >> dana: moving up ceremonies should just -- that should be expected. eighth grade, you are supposed to graduate. kindergarten, third grade, fifth grade graduation. >> bob: i did three move-up ceremonies. i got held back. >> kimberly: we love that. back in the day? brings me to the next point. >> greg: hey, you want to bring something in here? >> dana: yeah. can i have my document, please. >> dana: poor thing tries to come in and give dana her stuff. do your one more thing.
2:57 pm
>> dana: i'll do it. yesterday, i asked on twitter and follow me at dana perino. do not follow@greg gutfeld. >> greg: unnecessary. >> dana: i asked what would be a good one more thing. there was a great recommendation. not everything happens in new york. great country out there. people participate in few you are farmer of -- future farmer of america. great programs. 350 kids throughout the nation come to d.c. every week and learn leadership, responsibility. they pass thousands of meals for families in nicaragua and other places and they encourage college students to volunteer. all sort of great things and you might learn about agriculture america and other things. they don't do it in the city. but if you have kids in the area go to 4h websites to get them involved. >> kimberly: it's a good thing to see if a boy was part of that, because they're a good boy.
2:58 pm
>> dana: that could be on your facebook page. >> greg: "h" stands for something else. >> kimberly: so greg. >> greg: time for my banned phrase. of the day. and today, on my bucket list is my dream. this word is never used again. no one should use "bucket list." it's a terrible movie. if you have a bucket list, here is my bucket list. chemical buckets, garbage buckets, paint buckets, wine buckets. >> dana: sand bucket. >> greg: it's a pail. sometimes i think you don't even care. >> kimberly: he ruined it. >> bob: i tell you who didn't ruin it. supreme court, i understand that. they had a brilliant decision to reverse lower court decision about swearing for fox and abc. use of the word, the "f" word. now, as a person who is familiar with that word, as
2:59 pm
many of you know, not that i suggest we use it. i'd be out of here if i do it again. i was glad to see the supreme court finally got some sense and decided this is a free country and you are allowed to say what you want to say. those upset by my swearing understand i was a drink and i don't have anything less to stop it. >> kimberly: that is the frontal lobe thing again? >> bob: it's true. you should try it. >> kimberly: no. >> bob: you never smoke dope and didn't drank. >> kimberly: i had alcohol before but i never had drugs or cigarettes. >> bob: that is admirable. >> kimberly: thank you. somebody else i finded admirable, you know him well. we cover the royals here. think they're fabulous. duke of cambridge turn 30 years old today. happy birthday shout out. his full name is william arthur phillip windsor. >> dana: almost as good a name as


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