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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 22, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>>neil: banks are in a funk. a day after the downgrade, the fallout. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto, banks shaken but you stirred because if my buddy is right, charles gasparino that means the are expect of you getting a loan is not looking good. >>guest: it was not go before, right? kind of a credit crunch going on because of what came out of the 2008 financial crisis and this makes it worse. when you have lower credittings, people demand more money when they trade and lend you credit. so all that capita comes from the bank and they have to hold a lost capital to begin with because of the new rules.
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>>neil: they have not been lending a lot anyway. less than zero? what? >>guest: another reason not to lend. and it comes the a very bad time for the economy. clearly we are on the borderline of whether -- i talk to a lot of people on wall street and they think we are going into a recession and we are not this yet but this could push over. >>neil: would the banks themselves be more reticent? we are downgraded for other reasons, too. >>guest: lots of things are going on, bank exposure to europe, a good reason to downgrade. and we have a problem in the united states where the committee is slow down, banks have exposure to united states businesses and basically not making a lost loans to consumers and you throw that on top of the fact that moody's downgrades you and the market is reading this the wrong way. they are reading it as it could have been worse. a lot of the bank stocks are up. >>neil: the bank stocks, a lot
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them did okay. why are they celebrating? >>guest: it could have been worse. that is the thing. morgan stanley, people thought would go down three notches rather than two, and i mention that on fox business, you want to, good bell, here is the thing the markets price in three notches, they go down two, buy the stock. >>neil: with the dow up over 77 points after getting hit yesterday, are they somehow whistling past the grave yard? >>guest: this is a technical correction and the market was eversold. if you think u.s. banks are good shape right new they not going to implode like 2008 but they face a lot of head wind and if the economy being bad, lower credit ratings mean you have to hold more capital, the cost of business will go up and that is less business, less money to consumers and businesses. >>neil: you had an interesting play the or day, or you said
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something, on or off air, i don't know, how the election plays into the bank stocks. if you expect more regulation and more difficulty if the banks or politicians piling on the banks, you would stay away the prospect of obama re-election you could be less inclined and want to buy the banks. >>guest: there is an interesting stock play with banks. if you believe republicans are going to take, keep the house, get the senate, which is a possibility, and now the presidency, which is also a possible, you buy all bangs like crazy. here is why. the republicans are going to get rid of dodd-frank, short-term. and if they get two of the three, they only have one of three now, bank stocks will rally because they will be more treasure to get rid of the dodd-frank regulations which even jamie dimon says unnecessary, and he is a democrat, not just unnecessary but squeezing their profit. an interesting election play
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here with stocks. i cover bank stocks so i know this. i can tell you if the republicans have the trifecta, you buy. do not hold forever but if you are for seeing into the future you buy them because you will make money. >>neil: charlie telegraphed this and reported this a little over a year ago. >>guest: i stayed here until 8:00 and they downgraded it at 9:00. >>neil: i came in having dinner with my daughter in the city and i came in to help cover that. >>guest: i had a martini in my hand. >>neil: well, now this, the economy is struggling before the downgrades and homeownership new is at 15 year low and here's the things that charlie has been spelling out. we have factories not humming, a key manufacturing gauge down if
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june, and olive garden and red lobster, frequent haunts of charles gasparino, saying, today, consumers are cutting back. and the "wall street journal" reports how bad this could get. >>guest: well, great to be with you. it is interesting we are talking about the industries and the discussion with charlie of the banks, manufacturing, housing, those were sectors that over the last 18 months had been doing pretty well. manufacturing had been picking up at a robust pace and the bank balance sheets picked up and a pickup in housing and now the last in, kind of a reversing of that. you use the word "funk," at the start and i was going to use the word "malaise," there is a cloak of fear. "fear factor," is driving the economy. i agree with charlie if you remove that cloak of fear and
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you get a regime change in november, i think the fundamentals the economy are strong for a big take off. >>neil: i have heard this from market wonks of all political persuasion, and if you do not feel that confident you are not going to commit a lot of cash, you will be more reticent. individuals are this way. businesses are this way. what would it take if you had to give a rat tat-tat, what would it be? >>guest: capital is on strike. no one is investing. that is the reason that people are buying a government bond at 1.5 percent interest they want to protect their capital and go to a cocoon, how do you get people to take the risk to feel confident, there are a couple of things that could happen. first of all, there should be a regular whattory time --
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regulatory time out, stop regulating the financial regulations stopping investment and what the president could do right away saying now is not the time for tax-geddon, not in january of 2013 but put it off. if you take away the capital gains tax increase, dividend tax increase and the small business tax hikes, that provides a lot of relief and you get the investment capital back in the market. >>neil: nothing has to change with the economy, just setting this up on the plate as things that are coming your way, extended tax rates and that sort of thing will get people moving along. >>guest: i think so, what has been bearish for the markets and investment the last six months has been the rhetoric from the white house and from washington. it has been antistock market and antiprofits. the president acts like the word "profit," is a dirty word saying bain capital, all they do is
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make profits. this is elementary. but, obviously, companies can not expand or hire workers if they do not have profits. this attack on capitalism and profits is something that has put the wet blanket over the economy. >>neil: well put, steve, have a great weekend. >> now to what some call a grudge match. greece is hoping to sock it to jam any this hour. so far germany is leading 2-1. we are talking the big soccer event in europe right now. that is what the real football is to them. greek fans take this very obvious i didn't, -- this very seriously, and this is a grudge match against the hated germany and the hated angela merkel. it is a grudge match. but it is bigger than greece. spain is pushing if $125 billion bailout as the leaders prepare to meet.
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and new to fox business network, ashley webster, reminding me always that football is the real football. >> the real football. it is interesting, we will talk about spain and the banking needs. we will find out on monday how much money they are going to ask for because we have a big e.u. summit next week in brussels dubbed "the summit that will save the euro," we have heard that before but they claim there will be con credit moves to brick confidence to this part of the world. and now the big game. it is quiet here in madrid. a lot of people around the division set watching the battle of the bailout. there was the joke that germany could not grease out of the euro. germany up 2-1. and angela merkel flying to rome
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to cap the game and the broke prime minister is undergoing eye surgery tomorrow so he will not be able to be there, so, merkel, though, already being seen in the stands, there, smiling and waving, not very popular as you can imagine with greek fans and not in agent -- athens. germany should win but you have to play the game. if greece comes back and ties and wins in overtime it would be the win not ages. back to you. >>neil: and then there is this. you thought lebron was talking about miami heed becoming the new nba champs but you would be wrong. he was talking about me. yes. he looked at our new prime timelineup and my new show because lebron knows we are
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aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>neil: the powwow in park city, utah, governor romney's three day retreat bringing out top donors and possible contenders but who is not going is getting the attention. mark row rubio, new jersey governor chris christie, both skipping out of the retreat we are told, because they have other things to do. is this any reflections on the romney campaign?
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people not media, we always pounce on these things. >>governor huckabee: honestly? they are not going to make a decision -- it doesn't mean that the people who are there are necessarily the topics. this is going to be a methodical and thoughtful decision. they will not base their decision on one tryout. >>neil: but there are a lot of other potential v.p. picks. >>governor huckabee: sure. >>neil: so this is the week that rubio wasn't vetted and he most certainly is being vetted. does it feed the argument that maybe for rubio --. >>guest: marco rubio is still a superstar and very much in the hunt and very much in the top of the list.
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>>neil: were you vetted, were you looked at for john mccain? >>guest: no, no, no. >>neil: your name came up? >>guest: by the media. that is the point. >>neil: what is the process? >>governor huckabee: everyone does it differently. i talked to dan quayle and some, for example, john mccain it was visceral. a sudden, he wanted joe lieberman, no one would give him gentleman lieberman and all the party chairman around the country said we will leave the convention. it was going to be absolute disaster. and everyone who was part of it who has talked about it indicated it was visceral. he said we need a game changer. >>neil: you do it to keep people happy, they want to keep you in the fold, keep you happy, so they ask for your tax files and any information you can provide, and you feel like, wow, at least i was considered. >>guest: there is part of that.
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but i can tell you guys who have been vetted previously in processes who i know who gave all of that. they felt like they disclosed everything including the size of the socks they wear. and then they just welcome up one day and found out someone was being named and not so much a consoling phone call, and --. >>neil: the losers, the ones who are bypasses, do not get the call. >>guest: depends on the campaign. dan quayle said there were conversations going on several weeks. he was on no one's list in 1988. no one saw it coming. others, for example, no one saw george hw bush being picked by reagan and there is what a deal and bush supposedly was over nursing a bother at a bar across the street from the hotel and he got a call and, ronald reagan would like to talk to you about being v.p. so you never know.
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a process that, i never got far enough to --. >>neil: your name has come up. >>governor huckabee: 50 names have come up. >>neil: my name is not on list. >>governor huckabee: add 51. >>neil: in all seriousness, when does it get serious? there is talk the governor will do it well before the convention. is that a good idea? >>governor huckabee: it could be. what i have confidence in the romney team they are very disciplined and focused, and very businesslike systematic and methodical. they will look at this from both timing and a person standpoint, what helps them best position to win the election. they are focused on november. >>neil: you may mock me, governor, but always good to see you. what do you have this weekend? >>governor huckabee: we have a special talking to the very people who helped propel president obama four years ago,
1:19 pm
and now they have come out college with big debt, no job, we will talk to them if they are still excited about president obama. >>neil: interesting. the governor, former governor, host here, we shall see, governor. if you thought the rats were abandoning ship before think of is earn comic. and wait. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>neil: "past -- "fast and furious," the president's poll numbers falling. >> there is a tendency on the part of administration to try to
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hide behind executive privilege every time there is something shaky that is taking place. and i think the administration would be best served by coming clean on this. >> that handsome senior is right. if the current presidenting increases this young man's advice, the democrats are now in the position of having to bend an executive action they denunsed during the bush administration, not file years prior. >> president obama has gone longer without using the privilege than any president not last three decades. all excellent excuse. obama held out so long. executive privilege, like virginity you hold on as long as possible and then one day, i have to have it, man. just a little executive
1:24 pm
privilege. touch it. once. >>neil: my guest still says don't hold your breath waiting if jon stewart to hop over to romney but pollster does say that this could be a signal. to the nation's most political comic has serious issues with president obama. it is noteworthy and it has been something that has been popping up, and a lot of young people watch and fell attached to, a sign of growing detachment with the president. how do you describe it? >>guest: we call it intensity. we are picking that up in minority voters, younger voters not voting with the same intensity. we are picking that up in the 38ing and what he is saying, it reflects what a lot of people in washington, dc are thinking right new. looking at all the polling data. and that is this is getting serious. and he cannot afford to continue to drop while precious weeks tick away until november.
1:25 pm
>>neil: do you get a sense this is part of a walter cronkite turning on lbj? but, probably, one one of the me famous american satirists turning on the budget? >>guest: it is possible. but the numbers that were released today were not president obama's all time low in terms of job approve. he was 38 percent last september. and what happened in january and february and march the obama job approval got a false sugar high because of the republican primary and how nasty and device it it became but it wasn't a real number in terms of job approval and now the numbers are returning to the low 40's range depending on the poll. that is very dangerous. >>neil: dave, is there something to the notion that it is like republicans who have
1:26 pm
conservative voters, various religious born again voters, largely down south, who could get ticked off at things romney said but the argument is where else do they go in and the same with, i don't know if it is arrogance but in the democratic party there could be some less jazzed, young voters, or normally reliable voters but the argument is the same. where do they go? you reminded me, they can stay home. that is not go, right? >>guest: they can stay home. they can vote if gary johnson, libertarian, depending on the states he qualified if. there are a number of places that voters can go who did not approval. what we are sighing with all of the polls jumping around is the people who disapprove of president obama and that number is around 50 or higher they go back-and-forth between romney and undecided. so county you could have a poll with obama up 46-43 and another
1:27 pm
down slightly but the constant is that job approval number, 46, one poll is picking up undecided going with almostbly and another has them as undecided so you think the margins are different and the polls are different but, in fact, when the numbers, when that 46 number continues like in states like ohio and florida it is bad news. the hook is --. >>neil: right now the poll shows florida is obama. >>guest: but the ballot test numbers in that range of 46, but the majority who disapprove go back-and-forth from romney to undecided but the hook is, president obama could actually lose ohio and florida and win the election. and, maybe, one strategy this could be out there for his team is to lower expectations because
1:28 pm
if he, in our models, if he wins michigan and wins virginia, he can lose ohio and florida and still win. hours ago romney launched a campaign in virginia so that probably has something to do with the polling we are seeing realizing how important virginia is as a second tier battleground. >>neil: serious stuff. this is in joke. thank you very much. forget "fast and furious," nancy fancies the attacks on attorney attorney are their way of suppressing voters. how is this? ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking
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and let me send you your free video right now. [♪...] >>neil: republicans flipping after pelosi rips. the house minority leader theory on g.o.p. attacks against attorney general eric holder. >> it is no coincidence that the attorney general of the united states is the person responsible for making sure that voter suppression does not happen in our country, that issues that relate to the civil liberties of the american people are upheld. these very same people are holding in contempt are part of a nation-wide scheme to suppress the vote. >>neil: so and she on to something or just on something? lis wiehl is joining us. lis, you first.
1:33 pm
>>lis: i looked around for an people and orange so i found a muffin and a french pastry. they are both food items that you love, and they have nothing in common. >>neil: you have a point. >>lis: but other than being food they have nothing in common. talking about fast and furious ongoing investigation by congress for a year and a half, and, now, nancy pelosi says, well, we just rolled out of bed and said, now we trying to diminish the democrats are trying to diminish him. one has nothing to do with the other. >>guest: look at the timing which is suspicious. okay, we are in an election year, this investigation has been going on since 2010 and the problem is, okay, are they really looking into what happened with "fast and furious." it is a tragedy. i am not minimizing what happened. but the focus they are trying to focus --. >>lis: but the focus right now is on the contempt and on what
1:34 pm
happened after the february 4, 201 letter and that was about, did the department try to cover up mistakes made in "fast and furious." if it was just "fast and furious," i get it. but the oversite committee is there to oversee it. >>neil: you still have me lost on the bakery product. you right, to has been going on for a couple of years. and throughout that process if a couple of years they have asked for documents. there are thousands of pages but i also know and we used this jon stewart clip the president as a senator argued against this very same sort of stonewalling. so if you had provided the documents and maybe you are right the republican would have requested 50,000 pages, or 100,000 pages. and i know this is a political hot potato, but, it doesn't help their cause to every step of the way, that is, the administration, block releasing the very documents that could
1:35 pm
exonerate them. >>guest: there were 70,000 documents hand over. >>neil: but not the ones that were requested. >>lis: that is the issue the coverup. >>guest: the president is invoking executive privilege. >>lis: he said he would not do that. >>neil: lis, you thing they are lying scum? that republicans are lying scum? >>guest: it is all about licks. and keep in blind --. >>neil: what did you think of senator obama blasting president bush if this same sort of thing? >>lis: that is different issue. >> keep this in mind: since president reagan's presidency, there were 24 executive privileges --. >>neil: i am not picking one or the others, but he protests too much because he protested
1:36 pm
the same thing a few years ago. >>lis: if this is not a coverup, turn over the documents but they would not do that, this week. >>guest: why now? why now? that is the question. >>neil: you are raising good points but you lose because you did not bring back the pastries. i am very big on haiti -- meat and processed cheese. >>guest: i will bring the red velvet cake. >>neil: in the middle of this european debt crisis, this, an alert, if a worker is sick on vacation, you can take another vacation. a
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1:38 pm
>>guest: i give myself no vacation. >>neil: this gets not way of proudist. you right, it is a big fear. >>guest: worse than that. right now we are talking about austerity and what they will do
1:39 pm
and this does not do were for global sentiment, in my view. >>neil: of course john was the inspiration for "christmas carol." why you are cheap if you sing this? ♪ "beautiful oh space spacious , over the plains ♪ welcome aboard!
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>>neil: wonder if you are a cheap patriot? look at this. i believe in "america the beautiful." i don't just sing the damn song.
1:43 pm
(inaudible) cheap patriotism to go down to new york city and stand there and take a picture of the statue of liberty and head and shoulders on this side and your grandchild on this side, take 27 pictures of yourself and the statue of liberty and post it on facebook page and write "i just wanted my kids to see the beauty of america." >>neil: so, van jones doesn't like to sing. fine. just shut up about people who do like to sing "american the beautiful." reaction from radio talk show host. what did you make of that? >>guest: it is ridiculous. come on.
1:44 pm
he obviously doesn't believe in america. he doesn't believe in american exceptionalism or like people would like their families is the problem. he goes on in the rant to talk about the family and you how they want to take a wreck ball to america, yes, they do, to the czars, and to executive orders. but he just is silly. >>neil: i listened to the remarks and i do like the part of what he is saying do not be a hypocrite, a lot of people sing the song and do not mean it or they turn around and back stab or destroy the environment. i understand that. but the point on the bake issue whether singing the song is a problem and whether it means if you have issues with the country or not, whether singing it is a gauge hypocrisy that gets into something slippery and constitution bid. >>guest: what does not make sense is the business of not taking pictures in front of
1:45 pm
machine -- monuments. people come from all over the world and the country and these things mean something. my dad was a p.o.w. in world war ii and the city they liberated has a monument to them i hope i can go had and get my picture taken next to that monument. >>neil: but, part of the debate, bill maher says this is no american exceptional, it is like there it is cool to dis on the country that make you what you are. >>guest: and people like bill maher who have $1 million to give to the president and i do not begrudge him having money he made it through this system, van conference ahead it through the system, but, they hate it? >>neil: it is weird. it is weird. thank you, martha. ann romney could be a lot of things to a lot of people but she is not weak and her battle with ms is real and a doctor who knows firsthand how painful. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea.
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all very often that is the hardest time of the disease is when you are newly diagnosissed and very afraid. i spend a last time telling people that this is what you can expect. this is what you need to do. this is what you need to understand and this is also something you can understand that you are going to be live with it. and you will have a full, rich life, and not to worry. because for me that was the most frightening, the must frightening part was, really, just thinking that life was just not worth living anymore, and that i was of no use to anyone and thankfully i got pulled through that. with the love and help of my
1:50 pm
husband and children. >>neil: ann romney and our doctor on talking about the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and full disclosure i have multiple sclerosis. >>guest: this is known as the great imitator because you can have a lot of different symptoms from fatigue, inability to think, weakness, loss of sensation. now, i feel you have handled this disease with great dignity and strength and compassion for others. and i feel she has, as well. i felt talking to her she shows courage. she has learned from the disease. and she has reached out to others as a result, and she has shown strength. she has fought the fear. looked in the eye of the fear and there is a lot of stress associated with this, if her position, with candidate running for president, she has had a lot of stress to deal with, with media attacks, unfair media attacks and she has responded to it with calm, and she uses mores
1:51 pm
in a way i believe is correct for therapy, a love that goes back-and-forth between the animal, it is therapy. >>neil: proven therapy. we are in a wave, doctor, where if she were to become first lady, that's a pretty exacting job and it is debilitating disease. and it is one that grinneds away. would she be up to that? how do you advise patients like ann romney, and other whose get this diagnosis, how to go through if her case what could be a huge job? >>guest: well, first of all she has told me she has a form of the disease that is a mild stage. constant. a mild version but it comes and goes and can you not predict when the next, problem will be. but she has dealt with that, she was wife as a governor and had many stresses in her life and she is ready for them and had a supportive family. she does not expect if governor
1:52 pm
romney becomes president he is going to drop what he is doing to help her. >>neil: i should say, i have a progressive form of the disease and a lot you do not watch my show at 8:00, trying to be irreverent but to you think in the heat of the campaign, the heat of the big issues, many americans would say, we love you, but, maybe you are not up to this job and we do not want to risk it like if we knew more of fdr and his pole -- his polio, that was hush hush, we may not have elected him. it would be silly but we may not. would it or could it be an issue? >>guest: that is a great question. she openly acknowledges that stress is factor and the stress can lead to exacerbation but we in america should embrace people that are chronically ill rather than saying you are not perfect
1:53 pm
so you cannot occupy the position. we need to do this to heal the country. she says we all carry a bag of rocks. i agree. everyone has imperfection. >>neil: she could end the term in a wheelchair? >>guest: he is not a candidate but we ned to be loving and accept asking not rejecting. >>neil: very well-spoken. did i tell you that the camera adds 50 pounds? does i tell you that if you meet me in person, it is a thyroid thing that adds 50 pounds more? fat chance you will believe it. fat chance i would try it, fat chance politicians, though, would not consider it after this. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants,
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1:57 pm
my teachers with awful. that's why i didn't get great grades. my coaches were clueless, that's why they never let me play. my friends thought i was a dork, so i never got dates. it argued with my college professors and that's why i didn't do that well on the exam. i argued with their assistants. it missed a few visa card payment whence i was young because they sent the bill to the wrong address so i got a bad credit rating. bill o'reilly got cable operated to not run my primetime show on fox business network so that's why i'm beating him yet. my teleprompter operator is awful. god awful. that's why i can't seem to read. my tech crew is clueless. the speed limit is set too low by my house, that's why i'm getting speeding tickets michigan kids had a bad quarter in school, my wife must not have studied enough with them. my daughter likes doughnuts
1:58 pm
and hanging on me. my son likes sweets and they say it's because of me. i keep getting fatter so i hang it on all of them. i don't do all my chores because give me a break, i have an illness. i wish people wouldn't pity me because give me a break, i have an illness. it can't win. then again, i can't lose, can i? not when i think of an excuse for every task that failed me. i have a built in excuse. call it mess i inherited. the gift that keeps giving. the father too tough, mom too soft, teachers too clueless, the unprecedented mess i went through to create the unprecedented mess i am now. we live in a weird world, my friends. where it's much easier to point a finger than simply look in the mirror. the trouble the image in the mirror stays. for me, the slightly rotund figure stays back, too. reminding me, as if i needed it that i am the sum of my mixed up parts.
1:59 pm
my and i alone, the ultimate product of what my life produced. my mom is gone. miff damy dad is gone. all the teachers i told you about are gone. professors departed, coaches retired. just me now. i guess i should get to work now because i'm running out of time and running out of excuses. i'm running out people willing to listen to my excuses. that is what happens when you run out of excuses. when you run out of people to blame. you run out of friends who have heard it all before. and don't believe you. look at you. laugh at you. we make our own lives. we can play victim or we can move on. move on that. will do it. thank you very much for joining us. tonight we'll explore the comic phenomena having a


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