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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> dana: they're usually not puns. that is the problem. if it was a real pun it would be okay. >> eric: we have to go, you guys. have a great weekend. see you monday. >> juan: that was a lot of fun. ♪ ♪ >> bret: i'm bret baier in washington. this is a fox news alert. syria has shut down a tushish military jet. now turkey says it will take "te seisiv"decisive measures." is the fighting spiraling out of control and spreading? what does it mean for that country and region? senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in damascus. hello, greg. >> the news from turkish prime minister office confirmed what we have been hearing for past couple of hours. that a jet flying from southern turkey was taken out bay syrian coastal air defense battery. turkey is critic of the regime of president bashar assad.
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this came after a day that saw fighting from both sides. >> it was held in the center of damascus today those attending stayed on message. >> everything is okay. there is one president. there is no opposition. >> more telling perhaps was a heavy security around syria's capitol city. policeman, military and plained clothes militia were out in force. there were protest and clashes and recent days here. the fighting which is now raging across the country appears to be hitting home. according to the long-time syrian opposition figure, the government is getting desperate. >> the government here, the regime here dreams of consorting with the country by military power. >> caught in the crossfire, syria zillians. the u.n. said today that 1.5 million people were in need of aid. the international red cross
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said it can't reach families trappetrapped in the opposition stronghold of homs. the u.n. monitor mission is grounded unable to observe cease-fire that never really held. the economy is also slow business and high prices result of the economic sanctions and widespread instability. leave manage here to pray and hope that 15 months of bloodshed can end stoppage somen the future. "i'm very worried about the situation here," this man says. "i hope it can all get better." most here see little chance of that. in comments today, the u.n. mediator says the search for peace cannot go on indefinitely. considering the bloody and the ominous news today. no time to waste. >> bret: greg palkot live early saturday morning in damascus. thank you. u.s. and south korean military
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forces are conducting drills. north korea condemned the war games. calling at it warning that a small clash could lead to a full-scale regional nuclear war. taliban stormed hotel overnight in kabul afghanistan. at least 18 people were killed there. a 12-hour long standoff ended this morning with at least five attackers killed. the u.s. commander in afghanistan says the attack was probably carried out by fighters loyal with the terror network and ties to pakistan. pakistan has a new prime, but he is facing the same dilemma as the old prime minister. he was elected today by parliament and he will be pressed to open a corruption investigation in pakistan's
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president. the winner in egypt is not officially determined. one side is claiming victory and several hundred people are showing support. leland vittert is live in cairo where it's just after midnight. >> in this late hour, tahrir square is packed. i can hear the roar coming up from it. as i look down there are people streaming in to it. this is a different group than the one we met in last year's revolution. here, the muslim brotherhood organized the powerful political machine to bring people out from all over cairo. all over egypt. >> hundreds of rows deep, they gathered for noon prayer. minutes later, the protest
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started. >> they are trying to compete controlling the country. >> for mohammed morsi. >> we are angry. we are very sure that the victory will be for egyptian people. >> when you are on the ground here at tahrir square it's dif can you want to get perspective of how many people there are here saying they will not leave until their man mohammed morsi is declared the president. so to give you a little perspective, you are now looking for more than a quarter mile away down here on the square. and as we zoom out, you get an idea of how big an area it is. just how many people there are. the large encampment they build to live here so demands are met. >> this demonstrator asked the crowd if they were with him. >> today morsi announced he is forming his cabinet.
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ahmed shafiq also claimed victory. morsi leads the unofficial vote count by 800,000 currently. but just a as the counting began, the ruling general dissolved the muslim brotherhood control parliament and tripped whoever rips the presidency of virtually all powers. >> you don't think they will? >> i wish. i wish for future for my kids. >> now the election commission has already delayed its results. once there is a report out they will declare a winner tomorrow. if shafiq wins the muslim brotherhood promised demonstrations that make the ones behind me look small. if morsi leads, it could mean the egyptian revolution version 2.0. bret? >> bret: we will follow it closely. leland vittert live in cairo. thank you. leaders of four of the euro zone's largest economies have agreed to push for a
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$163 billion growth package. france, germany, italy and spain will promote the idea that the european union summit next week. plan to tax financial transactions and use proceeds to fund the future bank bail-outs failed to get enough support. back at home. wall street ended a tough week on a positive note. dow gained 67. the s&p 500 was up 9.5. the nasdaq gained 33. getting the largest share of this country's more than 21 million eligible hispanic voters has been the focus of the presidential campaign the past two days. thursday, mitt romney made his case to latino leaders. today, it was president obama's turn. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent goleta reports the president had a big advantage going in. >> a week after suspending deportation for most young people, brought to the country illegally, president obama baskebasked in the cheers of the
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hispanic latino elected officials. >> we should have passed the dream act a long time ago. it was written by members of both parties. when it came up for a vote a year-and-a-half ago republicans in congress blocked it. >> the day before, presumptive republican rom knee mitt romney accused mr. obama not delivering on promises he made to the group, the last time he spoke to it in the 2008 campaign. >> i believe he is taking your vote for granted. i have come here today with a simple message. you do have an alternative. your vote should be respected. >> there was a web add to get romney say he rolled back deportation decision. >> would you leave this in place while you work out long-term solution or repeal it? >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that. >> republicans hammered mr. obama on the economy.
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>> hispanic voters concerned about the economy. >> latino decisions poll shows president obama holds huge leads over romney among hispanics in five battleground states. republicans are unlikely to reduce the leads -- reverse the leads but hope to reduce them. that's one reason that marco rubio is considered for romney's running mate. but his immigration stance may not be strong enough for romney. >> i know we're not going to round up # 2 million people. or grant amnesty to 12 million people. somewhere between those ideas is a solution. >> rubio's dream act was a model for the deportation order. neither contains a path to citizenship. on this day, the president says the depor ration freeze is not a solution. >> because it's temporary is
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why congress needs long-term solution. rather than arguing we did it wrong way or for the wrong reasons. >> mr. obama's version of the dream act does contain path to citizenship and romney said he would veto it if congress passed it. and on that, president said hispanics should take romney at his word. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. president obama wants to be part of your family celebration. we will tell you how later in the grapevine. up next, the human cost of operation fast and furious.
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>> bret: public documents obtained by fox news show a record of arrests and indictments for members of an engineering union associated with president obama's newest pick for the national labor relations board. richard griffin given recess appointment this year. she a former general council for the international union of operating engineers. republicans have expressed disappointment with the way he was appointed.
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a 29-year-old man from morocco pleaded guilty to trying to detonate a suicide vest at the u.s. capital. al kalifi is facing 25 to 30 years in prison. he was arrested in february near the capitol wearing a vest he thought was armed but which in fact was harmless. amid the partisan back and forth, the fight over president obama's use of executive privilege to shield some documents in the operation fast and furious investigation. one pair of voices rises above all others. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tonight with reaction from the parents whose child paid the ultimate price for his service to the country. >> they want to put fast and furious on the back burner to the election is over. >> the parents of slain border agent brian terry told sean hannity the administration is not living up to stated goal of greater government transparency because it would expose the white house and others. >> i think there is something they don't want to us know.
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there is something to hide. >> i think they are hiding something. i think they are lying and they're hiding it. they are lying, oh, yeah. big-time. big time. passing the buck. >> it's no accident. >> the house minority leader claims republicans are the one hiding something. that the real agenda is part of a nationwide scheme to discredit attorney general eric holder an his evidents to curtail the voter suppression among mino minorities. >> i'm telling you, this is connected. it is no accident. is it a decision a it is -- is it a decision and it's as clear as can be. it's not only to monopolize his time, it's to undermine his name. >> some democrats are not going as far. senior congressman from california on house appropriation and intelligence committee credit greta van susteren thursday night. >> i wouldn't go there. the most important point this is just another partisan political tool that is
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distracting us from the important work of not only finishing the actual investigation in the agent's death but also dealing with this horrific level of gun violence and mutually disstrucktive trade with mexico. >> before turning over any more documents holder wants assurances that the subpoena showdown is over. vote on contempt is expected next week. starers for republican senator chuck grassley briefed reporters today. adding more detail between tuesday's meeting between holder, grassley and they said the justice department position was a nonstarter. it was nothing. >> we'll stay on it. thank you. >> bret: historical note today. a boog printed for george washington fetched almost $10 million at auction. the volume includes a copy of the constitution. draft of the bill of rights. it was printed in 1789. it includes many personal annotations. by the first president. still ahead, ad war on the campaign trail. first, catholics pray for
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>> bret: the opposition is growing to president obama's insistence that religious group fund contraception as part of employee health insurance, even if it's against religious beliefs. more than 40 catholic institutions filed a dozen federal lawsuits. tonight, jim angle shows us the latest tactic to call out the president. >> with masses and demonstrations around the country, catholics began what is called a fortnight for freedom, in an effort to protest obama administration
3:21 pm
that they say is violating the church teaching. >> now it's up to us to defend the church's mission, the church's freedom. to fulfill her mission. >> in baltimore, bishop lawrie kicked off the latest campaign from a ruling from the administration that said churchs, not the catholic school, hospital and charities would be exempt from having to provide coverage for the entire range of contraceptives. >> to provide for free contraception, abortion inducing drugs and sterilization, even if it violates their belief, really this is a stunning attack on the first amendment. >> st. patrick's cathedral in new york, dolan gave thanks to libertys guaranteed by the constitution and described the prayer this way. >> we would never relax or take the liberty for grant and we have the courage to stand up. >> the health and human service department, h.h.s., ruled only institutions such as churches that hire and serve those of the same faith would be exempted from providing contraception
3:22 pm
coverage. catholics note churchs and r the number one provider of healthcare and they serve anyone in need. church has plenty of support from the perisher ins who sees the move as a fundamental threat to freedom. >> if the h.h.s. mandate is approved, if it goes it is the beginning of tearing down of all religious libertys. church is asking for catholics to say this an unjust law and we can't follow it. >> the administration said once again today, it's offered accommodations to make sure religious organizations do not have to pay for or provide contraception. ing maying their insurance companies do it instead. h.h.s. says it will consider comments and suggests for finalizing policies they say will respect religious liberty and ensure millions of women have access to preventative services. many catholic institutions
3:23 pm
self-insure and argue that is not an accommodation at all. bret? >> bret: thank you. we should know if a few days whether the healthcare law is still the law of the land. supreme court is expected to announce its decision next week. correspondent doug mckelway reports on the planning of the big event. >> house speaker john boehner was warning republicans there will be no spiking of the ball if the high court strikes down the healthcare law, house g.o.p. was huddling to plan all contingencies. >> house will vote to repeal whatever is left of obamacare. then we need to enact common sense, step-by-step reforms to protect jobs and protect american's access to the care they need from the doctor they choose at a lower cost. >> in the memo to colleagues, chairman of the house republican conference jeb hensarling warns to prepare for three potential ruling. full repeal. partial repeal. or law left intact. he advised members to schedule time to read the entire
3:24 pm
decision. to prepare statements for all three scenarios and consider scheduling teletown halls. that is in expectation of a decision which will have profound and lasting effects. >> no matter how the supreme court rules this will be a seismic decision. if they uphold the mandate or strike down the mandate, either way they will be defining the relationship between the government and the citizen for decades to come. >> publicly expressing confidence that the law will be upheld. both the white house and congressional democrats are said to be planning for at least the repeal of the individual mandate. potential outcome which the house minority leader admits threatens the entire law. >> you have to have the mandate for this to work. from a financial standpoint. >> if it is repealed, she suggests alternative to funding it. surcharge on the wealthy. letting the states create their own individual mandate. she pointedly made reference to one such state. >> massachusetts under the governorship of mitt romney passed a mandate.
3:25 pm
that he said was necessary. for the health and well-being of the people of massachusetts. >> left in the lurch are the american people unsure of how the healthcare will be provided and american business uncertain on how to set long-term plans as they work through the gargantuan problem in an election year. >> bret: thank you. arkansas supreme court has struck down the state execution law. justices sided with ten death row inmates who argued that a 2009 law giving authority to set policy to the correction department is unconstitutional. it's not clear what that means for 40 men currently on that state's death row. the openly gay daughter of former vice president dick cheney has married her long-time partner. mary chain and heather poe exchanged vows in washington today. they have two children. in a statement, the former vice president and his wife lynn said mary and health ver been in a committed relationship for many years and the cheneys were delighted the two could take advantage
3:26 pm
of the "opportunity" to have the relationship recognized. there is such a thing as being too prepared. political reporter makes an interesting comment about romney. grapevine is next. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. politico suspended one of its reporters for suggesting republican presidential candidate mitt romney is only
3:30 pm
comfortable around white people. this is what joe williams said during an appearance on msnbc thursday. >> romney is very, very comfortable it seems with people who are like him. that is one of the reasons why he seems so stiff and awkward in some town hall settings, why he can't relate to people other than that. when he comes on fox and friends, they are like him. they are white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company. >> bret: politico says williams' comment "fell short of our standards for fairness and judgment. and especially unfortunate way." late this afternoon, williams tweeted he was "done" at politico. republican indiana senate candidate richard murdoch may be a little too ready for the supreme court to hand down its healthcare decision. he taped four different responses to potential outcomes. and then someone mistakenly uploaded them. here is a sample.
3:31 pm
they found an answer to the healthcare issue that led them to no decision at all. >> they ruled obamacare constitutional. we know that obamacare came down to a split decision. we have had a brief moment of celebration because the supreme court ruled that obama care is in fact, unconstitutional. >> bret: murdoch's camp says it was just following the boy scout's mow toe. be prepared. the massachusetts republican party is celebrating the democratic senate candidate elizabeth warren 63rd birthday with a tongue and cheek gift. account. that is, of course, a joke playing on her disputed native american heritage claims. a safe bet warren will not be writing a thank you note or signing up for that account. finally, president obama wants you to write fewer thank you notes by forgoing weddings, anniversary and birthday
3:32 pm
gifts. and instead asking friends an family to donate to his re-election campaign. seriously. the obama event registry went up today on the campaign website saying a donation will go a lot further than a gravy bowl. obama fundraising ideas was trending on twitter today with suggestions like, "tell your kids that if they are good all year, santa will donate their gifts to obama." note ♪ ♪ romney is saying thank you to big donors this weekend. he is getting close to them, his campaign is trying to draw a big distinction between the romney agenda and president obama's. here is chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> mitt romney released four new ads in key swing states contrasting his agenda directly with the president's. north carolina has the democratic convention in september. >> day one. president obama moves to repeal obamacare.
3:33 pm
then romney moves to cut taxes and kill jobs. >> virginia, energy. >> by day 100, president romney reverses obama offshore drilling been a creating thousands of new jobs for vizzens. >> iowa gets a dose of optimism. >> president romney's first 100 days for the people of iowa, they mean fewer worries about their future and their children's future. >> of course, there is ohio. >> day one, president romney stands up to china. demands a level playing field for the businesses and workers. >> reference to china prompted obama campaign senior strategist axelrod to accuse romney of "breathtaking hypocrisy." romney's former firm bain capital in the '90s invested in several companies that specialized to help outsource jobs domestically and overseas. >> romney sent jobs overseas he and his partners made millions. >> bain capital issued a statem saying we helped the 350 companies we invested which includes over 100 start-up businesses, produce $80 billion of revenue growth
3:34 pm
in the united states and growing their revenues over twice as fast as the s&p and the u.s. economy over the last 28 years. romney camp dismisse dismissed e story as fundamental flawed distortion of romney's record because much of the overseas growth came from the foreign expansion of the companies. bain capital employees donated $124,000 to mr. obama's campaign this cycle. three bain officials maxed out donating the legal federal limit of $38,400 to the president election efforts. romney has a retreat in utah this weekend to reward the top fundraisers. if they kicked in $50,000 or more can rub elbows with romney and top brass and who's who of the g.o.p. big shots. >> bret: carl. thank you. speaking of the campaign, we will look at the big plays for the hispanic vote from president obama and romney. fox all-stars join me after the break.
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year-and-a-half ago, republicans in congress blocked it. the bill hadn't changed. the need hadn't changed. the only thing that changed was politics. >> i believe he is taking your vote for granted. >> i have come here today with a simple message. you do have an alternative. your vote could be respected. and your voice is more important now than ever before. >> bret: president obama speaking at milleo today, national association of latino elected officials. he was well received. a week after suspending deportation for most young people brought in the country illegally. of course, mitt romney and president obama both making specific efforts to go after the latino community, hispanic
3:39 pm
americans. an important vote this year. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, writer for the "weekly standard." kirsten powers, columnist for the daily beast. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, steve, the reception at this particular event and how it plays broadly in this campaign. >> president obama got a favorable, warm reception. not surprising now that naleo is predominantly democratic organization so it makes sense he would get that response. making an argument built on what he had done last week. i agree with him in one respect. this is all about politics. i think what the president did last week was essentially steal the bulk of marco rubio's plan because he wanted to be able to run on it. he wanted to go to this conference. be able to say hispanic voters for the rest of the campaign, i'm fighting for you. doing this on your behalf. i think it sort of cheap that he did it this way. i mean marco rubio making progress, building a coalition. talking to the democrats.
3:40 pm
working with the republicans, trying to get conservative support. to do something close to what president obama wanted to do, he had to do it for the long-term. instead, president obama stepped in, short-term fix that may or may not last more than his presidency if he is one-term president. but he gets to campaign on it. >> bret: rubio also spoke and was also we received at the conference. take a listen. >> i have seen people use it to raise money and take legitimate concerns about illegal immigration and turn it in to panic and turn the panic to fear and anger and turn that anger in to votes and money. i have also seen people go the other direction. anyone who disagrees with their ideas on illegal immigration is anti-immigrant. and anti-hispanic. that is ridiculous. >> how is this playing? there well, i think it's, you know, if rubio could get more people to sign on to his idea, i don't think this would have happened. i agree that obama did this
3:41 pm
for political reasons. no question. he is in a bad place with latinos in the sense he made a lot of promises and didn't follow through on. he has been the beneficiary in the fact that the g.o.p. primary there were a lot of things were said and viewed as intolerant. he is benefiting in that way. but just to your point about marco rubio, marco rubio's solution was basically not anything that the house was ever going to support. it would be dead on arrival. so the idea that obama was supposed to go work with congress on this is i think kind of silly. because the only way for him to do is it the way he did it. >> bret: well, we don't really know, because the bill had never been written per se. >> pretty easy to predict how the house would respond. >> i don't agree with that. if you had marco rubio and obama working together championing something that, you know, had broad agreement among the center of both parties i think it's not entirely clear it would have been dead on arrival. might have been tough. but there could have been a fight about it. >> bret: on the issue of the
3:42 pm
hispanic vote overall, there is a new poll out, by latino decisions, america's voice and it's in key battleground states, and it shows as you see here, charles, president obama with a huge lead. among the specific community in the states that will play a very important roll come novembe -- important role comen. >> i think he outmaneuvered the republicans. i think there is no chance you would have had real legislation. in this election year, on something as difficult as immigration. the point is republicans had the opportunity to at least propose something that would have given romney and the republicans an idea to run on. i think the mistake they made was waiting, trying to get some huge consensus on rubio idea. perhaps because they were so naive as they could not imagine that the president having declared that doing what he now has done is illegal, unconstitutional and
3:43 pm
unconscionable to do it. but he did. no one is speaking of the constitutional aspect. he, himself, in march and july of last year said this is something i cannot do unilaterally. he went ahead and did it. >> they say it's prosecutorial action and not exactly -- >> pros cuetory discretion -- prosecutorial discretion which you do talking about individual case-by-case extenuating circumstances. if you look at the actual exceptions on immigration law, you can declare anyone from country "x" now in civil war or whatever who is therefore would be jeopardized by return can get temporary suspension of deportation at the discretion of the secretary.
3:44 pm
>> bret: other presidents have done that. >> but this is not what has been done here. this is nothing like the case for civil war or persecution in a home country, which is temporary specific and elapses immediately. this is rewriting the law. republicans should have done something quickly and seized the issue with the rubio idea. this would haven't happened. right now, obama has a huge advantage. which i think is going to be unassailable as a result of the maneuver. >> for a couple of days, it seemed that mitt romney might have had a tough time answering that question. whether he was going to overturn the action that the president took. he addressed that in the speech yesterday. take a listen. >> some people have asked if i will let stand the president's executive order. the answer is that i will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president's
3:45 pm
temporary measure. as president, i will settle for stop gap measures. >> bret: to the point you made earlier, steve, is that selling on the broad scale? >> well, you know, i think he is basically saying there, no, i'm not going to rescind it until we have something to put in its place. that is appropriate for him to clarify that. look, i mean, it would have been helpful i think had he done it earlier. i agree with what charles said and to an extent what kirsten said in terms of the timing and the push. the fact that this was all happening in an election year made it highly unlikely. having said all of that, in theory, even if you take this congress as currently constituted, i think there would have been, or in theory could have been enough consensus to moved something like this, had it been done earlier. had you taken it out of the political context that it is now. >> immigration, they are going to reach consensus -- >> on something like this. with both of those leaders pushing? >> bret: last thing.
3:46 pm
do you have a percentage that mitt romney has to get above in the hispanic community to win this election? >> well, i think, look, george bush got around 40%. he is not going to get that. so i think people are expecting that he could potentially get maybe a quarter of the vote. that is what he is going for. >> bret: can he win with that number? >> yeah. i think he can win with the number. he written off statous put up earlier. >> bret: he has not written off florida, colds, virginia -- >> he is much more targeting the midwest. don't think he is counting on necessarily carrying all the states. you need the his span ig vote in the state. i don't think he will with the burden he is carrying from the primary going to pull off a big win. >> bret: what percentage does he need? >> well, i think he can win with non-hispanics depending how strong the margin is. for example, he is going to
3:47 pm
suffer. obama will suffer among jews. he is going to lot smaller percentage than in 2008. so it could be offset. romney gets perhaps a third of the vote. he needs. but he can survive with 20, 25%. >> number? >> yeah, 30% is a good number. >> next up, friday lightning round. itar: slow ] [ barks ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. but they can be really well thexpensive.ted a puppy, so to save money i just found them a possum.
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>> bret: if you look live at the capitol there. every week, viewers vote for your choice online. this, the friday lightning round. this week, contempt of congress update won with 58% of the vote. the attorney general facing a contempt of congress resolution, vote in the house. down the row here with the panel. steve, does that contempt go through?
3:51 pm
>> it likely goes through an you will see a big argument from republicans that this is what eric holder deserves. he hasn't produced document. >> i can't imagine they would take it this far. this will be a party line vote. >> i can't imagine holder offering the documents he needs to turn over to stop. it will happen and stop inquiries cold because it's going to end up in the court until after election day, which is all that obama cares about. >> bret: next up. breaking news today. turkish military jet shot down as fighting continues to explode. some are saying it's spiraling out of control. if you look at the map, you can see the proximity to everything. charles? >> this is a big moment. it depends on what the turks want to do. the president has nostalgia for the o'toe mon empire and
3:52 pm
could be champion of the sunni arab. he was an ally until the civil war began. he sees this opportunity to restore turkish and starts with the destruction of the saudi arabia regime. he is leading a sect 10% of syria. it runs syria with an iron hand. it can be easily overthrown. so if he supporting the sunni people against him, he becomes the champion of the region. he has an opportunity. is he ambitious and reckless enough to go ahead and respond militarily? i don't know. it would be his opening. >> bret: there was talk there might be a deal for assad trying to get out of the country. what about the administration and how it's acting in this? >> i don't think there is a lot the united states can be doing. you various countries who are
3:53 pm
arming the rebels that are rag tag but they are not, you know, this isn't libya. we're not dealing with the -- the syrian government is serious business. this is not a well organized opposition. tab idea of more arming of them, of the united states arming them. there has been reports that there is cia people over there. i just think it's one of the situations that very much david and goliath situation. i don't know what more the united states can do. >> we can do a lot more. we could have a no fly zone. we could be openly arming the opposition. there are plenty of things we could do. we can debate the wisdom whether we are doing it. i don't agree there is not more we could do. the question, i think, i'm not sure this is a big moment. it has potential to be the hinge moment that the world has been waiting for, for more than a year now. the real question is as charles suggests whether they want to make that it moment. unclear he will. i would say at a minimum, he is likely to dramatically
3:54 pm
increase support for rebels and be more open about it now that this has happened. >> bret: we look at tahrir square in cairo egypt. they are gathers there to see if the candidate who they say has won, muslim brotherhood candidate will be the president. there is potential instability there. charles, this is another big moment in the middle east. >> absolutely. egypt is the most important of all the arab countries. this is a moment which will likely become large because the forces opposing each other are on a collision course. which syria, he can stay in the back in he wants. brotherhood decided this is their moment. the coming out in the street. million people out there. last week, before the election, this issue came up. i suggested that the military had closed the parliament because the parliament had elected a constitutional committee. it did not want a constitution that brotherhood was controlled. so, in the interim, military has appointed its own committee. it wants a constitution that
3:55 pm
that will make the president office empty and weak. so that whoever wins the election, will not challenge them. that is what is at stake. brotherhood is opposing the military control of the constitution. and this is the moment in which i think it could become a bloody civil war. >> bret: quickly. >> this is what it was always coming down to, the muslim brotherhood versus the military. you know, whichever direction it goes is going to set the course for the future of egypt. >> yeah, this has been building for literally decades. military has controlled things, the brotherhood worked underground now they are out in the open. the fact they're out in the open and threatening to be as strong and vocal as they are, i think suggests things are likely to go down hill. >> bret: international lightning round. pretty lightning. that's it for the panel. stay tuneed to see one of my fox news colleagues take a leap of faith. ♪
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>> bret: finally tonight, falling off a very tall building is usually a very bad thing. unless it's for a good cause. my colleague shannon bream was part of a fox news team that repelled off the hilton in crystal city, virginia, to raise money for the special olympics. i should point out it was a very tall building. i cannot give the camera a thumb's up. this is for special olympics there are very few things i would ever consider doing this for. special olympics, you are one of the few. >> we are trying to in some small way honor you by not crying and and saying on tape, are we there? don't look down. >> bret: don't look down. 15 floors. you can see all of shannon's


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