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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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news channel. all for charity. congratulations, guys. good job. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, verdict-watch in pennsylvania. the attorney for the former penn state coach on trial for sex abuse now says his client will die of a heart attack if he walks. plus, falling oil prices and plummeting gas prices. >> i am glad to see it under $3. yea, we did t. >> still a long way from where it needs to be. >> shepard: lower prices come with the cost of their own. tonight, what this means for the the world's economy. republicans and democrats getting ready to take action after the supreme court rules on the healthcare overhaul. >> unless the court throws out the entire law, the house will
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vote to repeal whatever is left of obama care. >> we are awaiting their opinion. we ready to move as soon as the supreme court makes a decision. >> shepard: you will see what both sides are planning and why we still could be in for a lot of uncertainty. >> shepard: a peeves american history going to the highest bidder. george washington's own copy of the constitution and bill of rights up for auction. but first from fox this friday night. right now, we're waiting for a verdict in the child sex abuse trial of the former penn state assistant football coach. we now know that the sequestered jurors today listened again to a key prosecution witness. he told the jury he believed he saw him raping the boy in the university locker room. he saw him pinned against the wall with sandusky behind him. he is accused of sexually
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abusing 15 boys over 18 years. six gave tearful testimony of what they say they endured. forced oral sex and rape in penn state buildings. coach has man takenned his innocence. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. today, sandusky's own attorney said he would die of a heart attack if his client is acquitted of all the charges. further, he said he told coach sandusky that the chances he will be conducted of something is strong. as you recall, just yesterday we learned that one of coach sandusky's own adopted sons has gone to police with accusations of his own of abuse at the hands of his father. those accusations have no bearing on the outcome of the current trial. which could come to a dramatic conclusion at any moment. david lee miller is outside the courthouse in bell font, pennsylvania where he has covered the trial from the beginning. david lee, any indication as to what's going on in the clicks room?
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>> well, at this hour, shepard, the jury is having dinner, they are going to be having dinner for another 30 minutes. and then the deliberations are going to continue. but based on the questions that they have presented to the judge, it does appear that they could be close to a verdict. i say that because they asked for a read back of testimony as you mentioned concerning mike mcqueary, that former assistant coach. that dealt with victim number two. a few hours ago they had questions dealing about the charges pertaining to victim number 8. both of these two victims by the way are anonymous. the officials do not know -- authorities do not know who the actual victims were but charges were filed based on witness testimony. so it does appear they are taking the charges in order, they have progressed from 2 to 8. that would mean they have victims 9 and 10 to take up that means we could get a verdict possibly in the next few hours. shepard? >> shepard: these accusations from coach sandusky's son that he too was a victim of coach sandusky's abuse. hasan dusky reacted or
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responded or anything to those accusations? >> when sandusky arrived at the courthouse this morning. that's the first question that reporters shouted out to them and he ignored their questions. just a short time ago his attorney joe appear men doll la did tell reporters that jerry sandusky then amen doll la went on to say throughout the trial optimistic, described him as being a little kid. he still maintains his innocence and the pressure of the trial has caused him to lose weight. he still continues to pray. and, as you mentioned, amen doll la did tell sandusky is he likely to be convicted of some of the charges. attorney saying conviction on some of the charges is likely. this f. that happens he will go to the jail and most likely placed in solitary confinement. if convicted worse case all the charges, if you add up the
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max he could do 472 years behind bars. shepard? >> shepard: that's before we get to these other allegations. i mentioned the allegations from his own son. there is another set of allegations from a man who has come forward to nbc. might there be charges on either or both of those? >> the prosecution here has ruled nothing out. they have said repeatedly this is an ongoing investigation. there may be other people arrested, and they have not ruled out the possibility that there may be other charges filed against jerry sandusky. beyond that shepard, consider the fact that some of these alleged crimes took place outside of pennsylvania in texas, for instance, it's possible charges could be filed in other states and beyond that, there is also the possibility that there could be federal charges as well. no matter what the outcome here for jerry sandusky, either tonight or in the next few days, very possibly is he going to have additional legal problems. shepard? >> david lee miller outside the courthouse, as he mentioned our crews on the
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ground have reason to believe they may be close to a verdict of some kind. we are on stand by for that and will be throughout the evening as long as the jury is deliberating, we will bring you live coverage whenever it happens during this program or later programs throughout the evening. better news here. if you're planning on doing any driving this weekend, you can plan to pay less for your gas. drivers in every one of the lower 48 states are now paying less than $4 on average per gallon. the current national average $3.45 according to the reporting of triple a. that's down 49 cents from the peak in april. and take a look at how they have fallen over the past few months. all the more startling when you consider that not that long aall many analysts were forecasting $5 a gallon by now. instead we are hearing predictions of $3 or lower by autumn. of course gas prices are falling because oil prices have dropped and sharply it. it actually went up a bit today but closed less than $80 a barrel. which means it's down more than 5% for the week. but lower oil prices are not necessarily good news.
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because the reason oil prices are down is that the global economy is, well, ticking a little bit more slowly. gerri willis is with us from the fox business network. when oil supply is week less demand, dew. >> it's down in the u.s. and down in china. that means there is less need for oil. then you look at europe, their economy, too being, is struggling. less need for oil there production here in the u.s. is booming. so you have got more supply, less demand. you do the math. >> shepard: but more money for consumers to spend. obviously they are spending less nor gas they can spend it elsewhere. >> really good news for consumers. for every penny decline in the price for gas there is another billion dollars in the consumer's pockets. that may go right back out into the economy at shopping malls, grocery stores, all over the country. you don't know though. they could just save it it's always a big question how consumers will deal with this additional dollars. shep? >> shepard: gerri willis have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> shepard: good end to the week on wall street. just a day after the second
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worst single day drop of the year and despite the fact that yesterday moody's downgraded the credit ratings of 15 of the world's largest banks, the dow was up today 67. nasdaq 33. s&p 500. close to 10. egypt's muslim brotherhood claims the massive protests against the military there will not stop unless and until the generals give back power it stripped away from the people. tens of thousands of mostly islamist supporters we are told gathering in cairo's tahrir square for a fifth straight day. the military killed democracy when it desolved egypt's first democratically elected parliament. changed -- in a very strong statement the military defended itself and accused the muslim brotherhood of stirring up division. the candidate says it's all about respecting the will of the people. >> the highest goals of the 25th of january's revolution are stability, security, democracy, freedom, to achieve the egyptian people's demands
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and transfer power to elected civilian authority by a free will. >> the former egyptian president hosni mubarak banned the muslim brotherhood from egyptian politics. his health situation remains, frankly, unclear after he reportedly suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. we can't confirm that the egyptian people apparently more concerned with the current political struggle than anything about that man. >> great drama at the supreme court. we're getting down to the end of the session. we're waiting on perhaps the most hotly anticipated decision of the year on president obama's healthcare law. coming up, how lawmakers on both sides are putting together back-up plans in case the decision doesn't got way they want. plus, if you get sick during your vacation, you should have your employer give you more vacation days? a controversial ruling ahead. as we await a verdict in the case of jerry sandusky, the penn state assistant football coach accused of abusing little boys. this is a friday fox report from the journalists of fox news.
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>> shepard: lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle now said to be in a mad scramble to prepare for the supreme court's much anticipated decision on the healthcare law. that's expected next week because as t stands now, nobody is really sure what will happen. should the court strike down the entire law? or at least some parts of it? would premiums go up or down? ever and what about drug coverage, out-of-pocket costs, all of that? of course this political battle has been raging for nearly three years, republicans have been trying to get rid of the law since well before the president signed it back in march of 2010. just yesterday the house speaker john boehner sent a memo to fellow republicans instructing them not to spike the ball should the ruling fall in their favor. and while we do not know how the ruling will effect any of us or each of us, we do have a sense of how it could effect a major sticking point the national deficit. the nonpartisan congressional budget office keeps track of the nation's finances. look at this, chart. according to the cbo, if the
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court only strikes down the individual mandate, which requires every american to have insurance. the deficit would increase by $282 billion by 2021. however, if the court strikes down the whole law, the deficit would increase by 210 billion over the same period. doug mckelway is live in washington this evening. doug? >> shep, those deficit numbers which you pointed out seem to reaffirm what some critics of the healthcare law have been saying rather than save costs the affordable care act has been increasing health costs. >> no serious observer believes that obama care is going to reduce healthcare cost. increased the cost of health insurance for some people and thrown them out of their health plans. >> and not only that if the supreme court throws out the individual mandate, even house minority leader nancy pelosi admits that the entire law is threatened. >> you have to have the mandate in order for this to work from a financial standpoint. >> and if that happens, she
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suggests alternatives, a surcharge on othe wealthy late their states create their own individual mandate. she reportedly made reference to one such state. >> massachusetts under the governorship of mitt romney passed a mandate that he said was necessary for the health and well being of the people of massachusetts. >> and while republic speaker of the house john boehner has said the republicans will not be spiking the football, if the individual mandate is overturned as you said, he did promise this: >> and unless the court throws out the entire law, the house will vote to repeal whatever is left of obama care. >> and house republicans are being forewarned by their leadership to schedule time to read the entire decision to prepare statements for all three scenarios and to consider scheduling tele town halls. letter american people unsure how their healthcare will be
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provided and american business unable to set long-term plans while the three branches of government work through this problem all happening in an election year. >> shepard: doug mckelway in washington. thanks. voters have objected a new tobacco tax. the proposal to impose a $1 tax six tenths of 1% final tally today from the associated press. tax revenue would have gone to pay for cancer research. tobacco companies and other opponents of the measure outspent supporters 47 million to 12 million. well, if have you ever felt like you wasted a vacation because you were sick, you can now have a do-over. at least if you live in europe. that's where a high court has ruled that employers must give their workers more paid time off if they get sick during vacation days. come down with pneumonia on your week long cruise, get another week off. remember, four to six weeks of vacation time has largely been norm across europe which is stuck in a deep recession. analysts say the ruling could leave companies central bling
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to do business and account for the extra vacation time but they say it's really too early to tell. a video of bullies making fun of an elderly bus monitor went viral on the web, as you know, and we're hearing from the father of one of those bullies now. his reaction ahead. and wait until you hear how much folks have collected to send her on one heck of a vacation and her reaction to an apology. it's all coming up. plus, the woman who is suing a little leaguer for hitting her with a ball. why she says she deserves more than $100,000. as we are still on verdict-watch in the pennsylvania case against coach jerry sandusky of penn state. it's all ahead. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy,
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>> shepard: more than half a million dollars and counting. that's how much is now in the
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online fund for the $68 million middle school schoolers taunted bus monitor on a school bus. it has drawn millions of views. look. >> shepard: it goes and on. you get the idea. the bus monitor doesn't want to press criminal charges against the students. two of them have reportedly apologized the father of one of those students has told inside edition he was horrified watching the video and he added this is not the way i raised my kids, i never would have, in my wildest dreams, think that they were capable of anything like this. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. a lot of further from this woman coming from everywhere. >> extraordinary not just across the country but around the world, shep. the latest count, the fund set
4:22 pm
up to support karen klein now contains $572,828. that just a few minutes ago. that fund was set up on the web site indy go go by a canadian man who was just one of those who was horrified when he saw that video. here is another part of what drew out all of this support. hear this t. is >> now, karen cline has said she can hardly believe she going to get that kind of money. she earns, by the way, $15,506 a year as a bus monitor. if she does end up getting all of that hard begrudge a single penny when you see that video. >> shepard: kids have apologized. >> a couple of kids have
4:23 pm
issued statements apologizing. saying they are sorry. she doubts the sincerity of that apology. we are also hearing from the first time today from the kid who actually recorded the video who says, by the way, he was not part of the taunting, listen to the credit kid. >> do you feel bad about what's happened? >> yes. >> what do you feel bad about? >> i feel bad about how, like, they were making fun of her and everything. >> why didn't you just tell your friends, this isn't right? >> because, you know, she is a grown lady. i don't have to say nothing because she is in her, you know -- >> you felt like she should have stood up for herself? >> yes. >> the school has updated its web site saying it has identified four middle school kids who were involved in the actual bullying. the saying of those awful words to this 68-year-old lady. they say they have to follow a
4:24 pm
strict disciplinary process. they also say they have had thousands of emails and calls, shep, suggesting punishments but they say vigilante justice would amount to just another form of bullying. >> shepard: all right. jonathan, we will watch it, thank you. a woman suing a child for hitting her in the face with a ball during a little league game. the woman was sitting by a field in new jersey, and she says an 11-year-old catcher who was warming up a pitcher hit her with a bad throw. she claims it was intentional and reckless and she is suing for more than $150,000. the law for the child's family calls the suit frivolous. and disgusting. one day after the former massachusetts governor mitt romney spoke in a major convention of political leaders, president obama had his turn at the microphone. we will tell you what he had to say about those big changes white house immigration policy. plus, it's chaos now in syria. it's a civil war. make no mistake. word that's firefighters have
4:25 pm
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reading for this day since forecasters started keeping track back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. 100 in baltimore. 99 in d.c. it's always hot in jersey, that's where audrey is in from our station wwor. my nine for new jersey. there is a severe storm threat right now, huh? >> that is true, shep. we did have some strong to come across the tri-state area. now they have weakened quite considerably. today's high numbers were mainly in the 90's. we did brake some records now with the handwriting that was come through we have child to down to 70 degrees in central park just a couple hours we were at 90-degree as couple hours ago. storms pushing off to the east they have delayed the subway series. i just saw a picture where they are taking the tarp off. we do anticipate the game to be starting shortly over probably the next 20 minutes. >> this there is that system out in the gulf of mexico, audrey, what's it doing? >> we're watching this system developing down here towards the gulf of mexico as you
4:30 pm
mentioned. it's sort of kind of getting its act together right now. the national hurricane center thinks it will develop into a tropical system next 48 hours. and to develop into a storm we do expect it to be named debbie, fourth named storm so far this hurricane season. >> shepard: audit driveway from my 9. thanks. i'm shepard spit. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the president promising that he will not give up fighting for reform on immigration laws. the president spoke today to an influential group of latino officials in central florida just one day after his republic rival the former massachusetts governor mitt romney addressed the same gathering. the president's remarks also came one week after he said his administration would stop deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants whose parents brought them to this country as children if they meet certain requirements. of course, latino voters could very well make enormous difference in november's election. republicans brought out one of their own big names at that
4:31 pm
meeting today. wendell goler at the white house. wendell, senator marco rubio took the stage a couple of hours before the president did. >> shep, rubio is a tea party darling and mitt romney has made a point of saying that he is one of the people being considered for the number two slot. unionio's version of the dream act was a model for the president's decision last week to suspend deportations for most young people brought to this country illegally. rubio says it's not just a law and order issue. >> it's also a human issue. these are real people. these are human beings who have children and hopes and dreams. these are people that are doing virtually what any of us would do if our children were hungry, if their countries were dangerous. if they had no hope for their future. [ applause ] views much more moderate than romney. >> another poll out on hispanic voters, wendell,
4:32 pm
telling us what they have been hearing for years now, they are very important. >> it's a latino's decision poll that suggests mr. obama huge leads over mitt romney among hispanic voters in five battle ground states. arizona, colorado, and florida as well as nevada and virginia. with hispanics, especially hard hit by the economic slowdown, mr. obama hammered romney on jobs at a campaign speech later in tampa. >> today was reported in the "the washington post" that the companies his firm owned were pioneers in the outsourcing of american jobs to places like china and india. pioneers. lead me tell you something, we don't need a pioneering engineer in the oval office. >> shepard: wendell goler, thanks. views on gay marriage have changed little since president obama announced his support for it. that's the finding from a new
4:33 pm
associated press gfk poll. it shows people are still evenly divided 42% opposed to gay marriage, 40% in support. 15% neutral. no major change from a survey last august. the poll does find more passion on both sides. a lot more democrats and liberals say they strongly approve of the president's handling of gay marriage and at the same time more republicans than conservatives strongly disapprove. same sex marriage is now legal in six states and the district of colombia. today the daughter of the former vice president dick cheney and her long time partner took advantage of the d.c. law. mary cheney and heather poe got married. cheney posted about it on facebook and said heather and i are legally married, at least in d.c. 20 years to the day after our first date. they have two children together. vice president cheney and his wife released a statement saying they are delighted. the situation in syria is anything but delightful and appears to have taken a politically major turn for the
4:34 pm
worse. the syrian military reportedly admits it shot down a turkish jet fighter and the turkish government now reports it will respond decisively. earlier today, turkey's prime minister said the syrian government had apologized to its neighbor for shooting down a jet. the syrian officials claim they had shot down the f 4 phantom over syrian tear torl waters in the mediterranean sea. the two nations are already at bitter odds over the ongoing blood shed in syria. meantime the regime claims this new video shows evidence that rebels slaughtered 25 people in a northern village. strewn about on othe side of the road. the victims reportedly members of a pro-government militia. we cannot authenticate the video. and activists say this amateur video shows syrian forces firing into a crowd of demonstrators. greg palkot with the news live inside syria. he is in the capital city of damascus. like all western journalists in that country, greg is there with permission from the syrian regime which monitors
4:35 pm
all of his reporting. greg? >> shep, a bit more about that plane story. the syrian military, we have been trying to contact throughout the evening, speaking to the state news agency, saying that, in fact, they did take down that plane. and they said, and i quote, they will -- dealt with according to the law governing the situation. cue the fallout. no love loss between syria and tirky right now. meanwhile, the conflict on the ground inside this country does worsen. no let up in fighting. the u.n. today saying that about 1.5 million people are in dire need of humanitarian aid. the red cross told me that they still can't get their teams into the hot spot of homs where they think about 1,000 families are in the crosshairs of the fighting going on right now. and today we're at the u.n. observer mission headquarters here in damascus. we saw a parking lot full of
4:36 pm
vehicles. that observer team has been grounded since last saturday because of the danger throughout the country. as for this scene here in damas damascus, we checked out a pro-bashar al assad rally in the center of this city, it was well orchestrated. all participants absolutely on message. but probably most telling is what we saw away from that rally through the da mat cuss. a heavy presence of military. police, and plane clothes militia. we are told just in the past couple days there have been protests. there have been conflicts right inside this city. the war throughout the country apparently coming home. very close to the power centers. shep? >> shepard: greg palkot live in damascus early this saturday morning. the pentagon reports it's committed to working with pakistan to track down militants along its border with afghanistan. that's in response to a report from the associated press that u.s. officials were so
4:37 pm
frustrated with pakistan's lack of action they were considering launching secret raids into the country. officials say the white house has rejected the idea because it would further complicate the relationship with pakistan which is our quote ally unquote. the u.s. and pakistan have been dead locked in negotiations to reopen supply routes to nato forces in afghanistan. tensions have grown dramatically following drone strikes. the raid that killed usama bin laden and the jailing of a pakistani doctor who helped target the world's most wanted terrorist. the family of the murdered border patrol agent brian terry leveling serious accusations against the white house over the fast and furious gun sting operation. you'll hear from brian terry's parents next. plus, fishing near a water fall has its dangers. how one couple went over the edge and what happened after that couple fell, the equivalent of two stories. that's still to come as we remain on verdict watch from penn state's trial. that's coming up. and he didn't p for three days and nights
4:38 pm
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>> shepard: we have just gotten words from the jury jerry sandusky sexual molestation trial has come back from dinner and deliberating into the night. we're on verdict-watch. we'll keep you update on new developments through the this hour and throughout the evening. first of all the parents of brian terry are accusing the white house with a coverup of the fast and furious gun sting. that operation was designed to track weapons to high level arms traffickers. the feds failed to track two of those weapons two of which ended up at the shootout killed border patrol agent. president has exerted executive privilege. the house committee that's handed those documents he wednesday to recommend holding eric holder in contempt of congress. now listen to what brian terry's parents told communities last night. >> i think that there is something -- there is something that they don't want us to know and there is something to hide. >> i think they are hiding
4:42 pm
something. i think they are lying and they are hiding it i said they are lying oh yeah, big time. big time they are passing the buck. >> shepard: ballistics tests never linked the fast and furious to the bullet that killed brian terry today we heard from house speaker nancy pelosi that the republicans were doing this that the republicans were doing this to suppress votes. >> what nancy pelosi said, shepard, she believes the republic's real agenda is part of a nationwide scheme to simply discredit the attorney general. >> i'm telling you this is connected it is no accident. it is a decision and it is as clear as can be. it's not only to monopolize his time, it's to undermine his name. >> some democrats are not
4:43 pm
going as far as saying this is another example of partisan political tactics and it's distracting congress from important work like dealing with the gun violence in mexico, shep. >> shepard: on the other side a republic representative, i believe, senator held a news conference on what the g.o.p. lawmakers want from the justice department. >> that's right, staffers for chuck grassley providing this run down of documents they say have not been provided by the justice department including internal emails and fbi investigative summaries also known as 302. senator grassley's staffers complain they can't get a handle on the total number of documents in the scandal because holder's justice department has refused to provide a full list or compilation of the paperwork that may be involved. but before turning over any more documents, hord wants assurances that the subpoena showdown is over. but republicans staff said today the justice department's position was in their view a nonstarter, quote, it was error and it was nothing. of course this vote on contempt, by the full house is expected next week.
4:44 pm
shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. the man accused of plotting to blow up the united states capital in a suicide attack will spend at least 25 years in prison. that's the ruling now. you'll recall federal agents arrested the suspect at a parking garage back in february. just a few blocks from the capital building itself. according to the documents from court, the moroccan man has been living in virginia illegally more more than a deck cavmentd the fbi tracked him they tell us for nearly a year investigators say the guy he thought were his al qaeda buddies were really undercover agents who supplied him with a vest packed with fake explosives. but he didn't know that today he entered a guilty plea at a district court hearing sentencing scheduled for september 14th. the increasing number of military suicides troubling and tragic. defense secretary leon panetta calling on officers to emphasize mental health and work to remove some of the stigma with seeking help. recent pentagon numbers show
4:45 pm
184 active troops killed themselves 155 days of this year. nearly one every day. fewer forces died in action in afghanistan during the same period. big piece of american history just sold at auction for a whole lot more than any of the analysts were expecting. in fact it broke a record. the details behind this book which belonged to one of our founding fathers. his notes in the margin. but, first sad news from the entertainment world. tony award winner richard adler has died. he was born in new york city, served in the navy in world war ii and then went on to work on broadway. once there, he wrote the songs for the smash hits pajama game and damn yankees, he also produced marilyn monroe's famous appearance at john f. kennedy's birthday. ♪ happy birthday, mr. president. ♪ happy birthday to you.
4:46 pm
>> shepard: richard adler produced shows for several other u.s. presidents. he later wrote the song the lady remembers for the 100th anniversary for the statue of liberty. richard adler died in his home south hampton on long island. he was 90 years old. ♪ whatever lola wants. ♪ lola gets. [ male announcer ] don't miss d lobster's four course seafo feast, just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently.
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the winner, the mt. vernon's ladies association which maintains washington's estate in the state of virginia or
4:50 pm
commonwealth. the association won after a fierce bidding war with another potential buyer. the book is in pristine condition they tell us. even contains some of washington's personal notes. laura ingle with the news live in new york. the final price was a whole lot more than anybody expected. >> that's right, shep. christie's auction house had estimated that the book would be sold somewhere around 2 million to $3 million. well, final price tag with fees $9,826,500. one of the most unique things in the book is george washington's handwritten notes in the margins highlighting key portions in the constitution concerning the president's responsibility. the 1223-year-old book is one of the rarest presidential documents to ever be put up for auction. bidding starting at $1.3 million and it skyrocketed from there. shep? >> shepard: so now what happens to this piece of presidential history. >> the mt. vernon's ladies association which you mentioned owns and operates george washington's estate secure the presidential rarity for the shelves of the fred w.
4:51 pm
smith national library. that will open next year. association members say the library will be privately funded and the book will be available for all to see. displayed in the library of president george washington for scholars to come and do research and open to the american public. >> the mt. vernon bid set new world auction record for american book or historic document according to christie's, shep? >> shepard: laura ingle in the newsroom. thanks. dramatic video as crews rescue a couple swept over a water fall on a raging river. it tops our news across america. vermont. it happened near the new hampshire border. police say a woman slipped and fell while fishing with her husband near a pair of water falls. he he went in after her. the current dragged them over the first set of falls about a 20-foot drop. another couple saw it happen and called 911.
4:52 pm
firefighters lowered a ladder into the river. the pay reached safety with only minor cuts. michigan, a massive sink hole swallowed an suv. water gave way collapsing a road. a woman drove her vehicle right into the pit. she got out safely. officials closed one lane while crews worked to fix the mess. missouri. members of the nfl st. louis rams helping habitat for humanity rebuild homes in joplin. deadly tornado destroyed more than 7,000 homes there last year. >> it's all about giving back and making people happy. >> bound to each other as neighbors. >> shepard: the players also exercised and tossed the football with kids at a boys and girls club. >> shepard: new york. 22 people battled on a big apple stage for a chance to represent the state in the national air guitar championships. judges scored them on skill, ache accuracy and a special
4:53 pm
quality they call airness. one contestant a woman who is 8 months pregnant. the winner moves on to the regionals in denver next month. all part of a fox watch across america. >> turns out it's not that hard to steal a painting by a world famous artist even in the middle of the day. how this guy ripped off an art gallery without anyone even noticing. we are on verdict watch in pennsylvania in the trial of the penn state assistant football coach former jerry sandusky. child sex abuse charges. the jury is deliberating now and will throughout the evening. we're on verdict watch. i do what it takes to stay in the game. like my covergirl outlast lipcolor. i'm going for the gold... and the pink. i'm strong. i'm beautiful.
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serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased risk of prostate cancer, lower sperm count, swelling of ankles, feet, or body, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing during sleep, and blood clots in the legs. tell your doctor about your medical conditions and medications, especially insulin, corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. talk to your doctor today about androgel 1.62% so you can use less gel. log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. >> shepard: police are now looking for a man who stole $150,000 painting in manhattan in broad daylight. a picture of the suspect taken from surveillance video. he reportedly walked into a madison avenue gallery on tuesday posing as a customer. cops say he took a 1949 sal is
4:57 pm
salvador dolly painting and put it in his bag and walked out the door. happened during the gallery's very first exhibition. nice work. there are some photos you can't just take with your iphone. for instance, this one. it's a close-up shot of a caffeine crystals that researcher took with electron scanning microscope. a medical research charity held a conference to find cool photos like this. here is another. these are cancer cells moving through small channels of fluid. you can actually see the blue power centers inside them that give them energy. and this next one shows a time laps image of a cell as it divides. the red structures inside are actually the d.n.a. and finally, here is one to give you some nightmares. this is an image of a drain fly. they tend to hang out in sinks and bathtubs but not yours. maybe. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, the memphis crypt where elvis presley body has
4:58 pm
been interred before officials moved him to grace land set to hit the auction block tomorrow. number four, president obama today called the miami heat to congratulate the team on winning the nba title. number three the president also spoke at a conference of latino political leaders in florida. he said he will not give up the fight to fix the nation's immigration system. number the two syrian government reportedly admits it shot down one of its neighbor turkey's fighter jets over the mediterranean sea. number one at this moment, we're waiting for a verdict in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. jurors are still deliberating and will into the night. though we can't be sure how long. coach sandusky's own lawyer says he will be shocked if his client beats all 48 charges. our journalists are on stand by on sight -- site there in pennsylvania and here in new york should there be anything that breaks during the course of prime time programming tonight, we'll break in with a verdict and coverage thereof. and that's "the fox report's" top five.
4:59 pm
and on this day in 1963, a 13-year-old musician named stevie wonder first hit the charts with his soul classic finger tips parts 1 and 2. he had actually recorded the song when he was 12 at a live concert at the reigle theater in chicago. as a blind child prodigy he had been touring with the motor town review. when he took the stage that night, the crowd went wild. little stevey as they called him set off that energy and kept on playing his harmonica even when the stage manager tried to wrap up the song. before long finger tips hit number one and spent three weeks at the top of the charts. it was also the first live pop song ever to reach number one in the united states and a boy wonder hit the big time 49 years ago today.


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