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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 22, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. le >> sean: welcome to this special edition of hannity. for the hour i will be joined by one of the most talked about elected officials in the country florida senator marco rubio who earlier this week released his auto biography. first we welcome the senator from the great state of florida. good to see you. >> thank you. >> senator rubio. >> thank you. >> sean: i learned so much about you in this book and one of the things you really highlight is how difficult your grandparents and a the life
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that they had and the life of your parents and how fortunate you are an and you at one poinn the book said i'm not half the man my grandfathers were, my father was. you had doubt at one point. tell us about their lives. >> i think there is misconception the immigrant store arery is one of instant success. it is not. rarely. many instances people barely get ahead more than where they got here. they are able to leave their kids with every opportunity they didn't have. my parents when they first got here were discouraged for a number of years and thought about going back to cuba. ultimately they had to settle here and accept it and accept it is their new life and they are grateful to this country for that opportunity. because of their hard work and sacrifices they were able to give me the chance to do all the things they had to give up on themselves. >> sean: your mom wanted to be
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an actress and had to settle for being a made most of her working life. your father had other aspir aspirations but was a bar tender for most of his adult life or a big part of his adult life and you have a picture in your book about your dad, he wanted to be a business owner. tell us what their goals for you were? >> to be he whatever it it is i wanted to be. they wanted kne want moo he tos and pursue those dreams. that was true for me and my brother and two sisters. is what show wanted for us. when you set down and have to research your parents and who they were and where they came from and how their journey here began you meet these people that you never met before and youize your parents were once your age and they had hopes and dreams just like you did. for some parents it becomes impossible. my parents the circumstances new you country, didn't know anybody.
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didn't know the language. didn't have much of an education. the purpose of their life became i want my kids to be able to do all the things we weren't able to do. it was never to be a senator or actor or athlete. it was whatever we desired and that is a test ament to ameri a america. >> sean: you talk about the night that you were elected senator and you watched your mother walk up the stairs just before you gave your speech. tell everybody about that. >> that night was her birthday and i thought about what a different place that was from where she was just three, four decades before and my mom was born into a family that struggled. my grandfather actually did okay for awhile. overnight he lost his job running one of the railroad stops in cuba and was thrown into poverty because he was a disabled man. there was no unemployment or well fair or food stamps. you got up in the morning and got any work you could find in the hopes you could feed your kids and he was disabled.
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there wasn't a lot of work at that time for a disabled man. he struggled. i thought about how far that was to where we were that evening. i rose to a distinguished position and honorable one in the greatest nation in history. i thought what a test ament it was to my mother and father a d and. >> youyour father dieed two nis before you became senator. you said he dieded knowing you would win. >> he knew we turned the corner on the race. i like to tell people my dad did see what happened that night. he just didn't see it on television. >> sean: he had better seats. >> he had better seats. in so many ways again my dad was, i will tell you he was obsessed with your show. he would tivo it every night or dvr it every -- because he thought i was on every night. >> what are trying to take away viewers from me?
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>> i'm sure they get your show where he is now, too. he wasn't a political guy. in terms of someone that loved politics, he cared about it. he certainly never pushed me in that direction but showed his pride in the attention he paid especially at the end of his life. he had fox on 24/7 in case i came up for 30 seconds in some interview. he was proud of what we accomplished because a, we were his kids and all parents are proud of what their kids accomplish. i talked about when i ran for office in the city of west miami. the way you run there is knock on doors. you you go door to door. it was during that time going into the living rooms of neighbors. a lot of elderly cuban americ n americans i got to know who i really was and my generation was. in variably the conversations turn to when they were young and the hopes and dreams they had for themselves and how that was lost to them because of history. it became the purpose of their
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lives to give their children and grand children every chance they didn't have. what gave their life meaning, what was their statement that they mattered and they had been here was what we were now able to do in our own lives and the lives of their kids and the first time i really began to understand my generation of cuban americans were the errors of two se generations of dream. >> sean: my grandfather in 1940 earned $600 in this country. fascinating what you learn about them and how we really stand on their shoulders. on the shoulders of our grand parents and great grandparents and our parents. you told a story an interesting background about your gran grandfather from a broadcaste broadcaster's standpoint is part of his job was to read the news in the facto factory whery were rolling cigars so it could keep them working. >> the early part details my family's history bac back to te birth of my grandfather in
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1899. my grandfather was born to a large rural family with a lot of kids. one of the reasons they had a lot of kids was to work the farm. he had polio at an early age. he learned how to read because he couldn't work the farm. when lost the job at the railroad station he would go to the cigar factor factory wherey would roll cigars and they would hire h him to sit at the front of the factory and read the newspapers to the workers and after that novels to the workers. he learned a lot covering history as it was happening and later reading the classics but picked up a life long passion for reading and learning which years later he would share with me on the porch of our home as he smoked one of his three daily cigars he would talk to me about history and that tur turned to politics. >> sean: and it wasn't an easy time for your father who had to begin his work life and take
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care of younger siblings. >> his mom died when was only nine and literally within hours or days went to work and never stopped working. the first job was at a small cafe around the corner where he found money or a wallet and he turned it in and one of the guys playing dominoes there accused him of stealing the wallet and the owner said don't accuse this it kid he is an honest kid and said kid do you want a job here busing tables or helping out and that is where he started to work. a few month tion later he got fired for takeing a chocolate bar without asking permission. he worked virtually until the time he passed away. that is a lot of work. >> sean: amazing story. a lot more to come. also we'll have more with senator mar co-rubi marco rubiu will meet his wife who is here tonight in our studio as we continue to get to know this american son. straight ahead.
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>> sean: welcome back to this special studio audience edition of kni hannity. let's take a look at the rubio family's remarkable story. >> my parents came from cuba to the united states in the late '50s and they came basically because they had heard so many good things about the united states. it was the basic american dream where the two parents come to another country and both start working just to give their kids the basic opportunities. they just really wanteed us to feel comfortable, secure and they just sacrificed a lot for us. we grew up in a very middlele class house. we always had a full house. there were always a lot of people in our house. a lot of family always there together. my brother and i were only 18 months apart so we were close growing up when we were really young. he loved to set with the adults and have conversation about whatever they were talking
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about. he would sit right in the circle with them and if it was politics or whatever was going on in the news he loved to be part of that and get involved and which wasn't real common for kids at the time. he was really funny. i think he got that from my dad because my dad was always kind of a jokester. we went to south miami senior high. my brother was a year ahead of me in school and we had a a lot of the same friends. >> we kind of knew marco was different from the get-go. we had posters of cars or wha whatever treen agers had back then and marco had a picture of ronald reagan and a picture of the seal of the american president above his bed. not customary for a 16 or 17-year-old. >> marco is not only a scholar he is an athlete and for years he shown his friendship to us via the sports that we have played but through basketball leagues, football leagues.
6:15 pm
we always stayed in touch. i don't think any one that has known marco rubio has been surprised with his success. he has always been bright and articulate and honest and fair person. >> football has been a passion for marco. he played in high school and played in college. >> i think he always wanted to be a football player in the nfl or something but he was average i guess. >> one day marco was at my house and he was sitting out there with my parents and my parents stip cal parents start interrogating him what do you want to do with your life and he said i want to be the first hispanic president of the united states. and they were like seriously. >> he said i'm going to be the first hispanic president of the united states. he has always known what he wants to do in life. >> i don't think marco rubio has any limits. really he would set his own limits as far as how much he wants to do and i would love to see him as president some day. >> he is just getting started.
6:16 pm
i think marco has got all the potential in the world so bas c basically get as far as he would like to go. >> the thing that i'm most proud of is the way he mainta n maintained such a close tie to where he came from and i think his appreciation for that is what makes him so different. just kind of his story and a i think it is just very encoura e encouraging. >> back with us in the studio is florida senator marco rubio. you were getting a little tea teared up in the segment. >> my friends gave away our secret plan. >> sean: that you are going to be president. >> i don't remember are that conversation. >> sean: not at all. i was going to save this for later in the interview. your name is at the top of everybody's list as somebody that might be chosen as vice president. what does that mean to you in light of the story of your grandfather and father? >> it is an honor to have people even think about you in that way and on the specifics i'm trying to be respectful of governor romney because he has a difficult choice to make and
6:17 pm
a lot of great options throughout. i don't comment on the process but i know he will make a great choice. just being on the senate and e being here on the stage. if my grandfather were alive he would b be beside himself. if my dad were here with us now he would be beside himself to have a one hour show on hanni y hannity. that was unimaginable five years ago, not to mention 50 years guy. my parents worked hard and but parent dos that all over the world. why, however, was i able to do things that other parents around the world can't and it is because i'm an american son. >> sean: there are people that make the argument there are too many obstacles in life. it is too difficult. what is your answer to those that say this is preventining d columbus day is preventing chem from achieve -- x a preventing them from achieving y. >> there are obstacles. the difference is and here is a
6:18 pm
real test ament to america. it doesn't matter who your parents were and whether you were born into the poorest family report richest and went to the right schools or went to the pub live school that didn't do as well. if you have a good idea and you are willing to work hard you can be that. if i think of the gifts that our parents gave us. a strong and stable home. you saw my sister talk about that. the security of knowing that you are loved and that you can dream. the greatest gift that my parents gave us is they never taught us we had limits. they never said because where we come from there are are certain things you can't do, people like us don't do that. they never felt like that my whole life and it is because they understand early on that we would have chances that they didn't have because of how great this country really is. >> sean: were you really just average in football? >> i tell people all the time i would have been in the nfl had it not been for my lack of si e size, speed and talent. >> sean: we will take a break
6:19 pm
and come back. more with senator marco rubio as we look at his skyrocketing political career and his wife will joan us right here on the set on this special studio audience edition of hannity. >> my reelection had brought her are joy on her birthday and i choked up in gratitude. absent from the celebration was my father. he lost a short battle with lung cancer less than two mon h months earlier and hadn't lived long enough to see me elected to the senate although he died believing i would be. today, we stand against the tyranny
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>> sean: welcome back to ha hannity. tonight we are joined in studio by florida senator marco rubio and his family. the senator became a household name during the 2010 election and as we have already discus discussed he is often mentioned when discussing the gop vice presidential short list. what many americans don't know is how the senator got his start in politics. now, for that answer, we sat down with a few of his closest friends and colleagues includ including one by the name of jeb bush. let's take a look. >> when i first met marco was in 1996 early in '96 we were all volunteering for the bob dole for president campaign and marco took us in immediately and quickly we started to forge
6:24 pm
a good friendship and also just started to see all the great qualities that marco had back then which have led him to where he he is today. >> during that campaign in 1996, marco was already establishing himself as a leader in the campaign. he quickly ascended to the campaign manager for dade county. some people acquire a thirst for public service at some point in their lives. i think marco carried that wi willingness to be a servant from childhood. >> we are all children of a you powerful and great god. >> marco has real charisma. he has a joyful attitude. he is smarter than most politicians that i have ever met. he is eloquent and all of this was pretty apparent from day one. >> at the united states of america is the simply the single greatest nation in all of human history. >> in 1997 marco decided to run for west miami commission and
6:25 pm
was lucky to have the report of the then mayor and now county commissioner. >> he asked me are you the mayor of west miami and i said, yes, i am and he introduced h himself and told me they told me that if you don't support me to run for commissioner i won't win. can you help me? the next day we were walking door to door knocking on every house in west miami. he became a commissioner which was an incredible moment in his life. >> he ran for the state house in his early he 20s. run a difficult primary. won by less than 100 votes and behe began his career in the state house of representatives. >> it was a race that everyone wrote him off and told him he couldn't win. everyone said that the odds were too big. he was running against entren h entrenched politicians. he always knew that he would outwork everyone else and his passion and intensity would translate to others and that is what happened in the first
6:26 pm
house race and why he was able to win. >> we served four years together in it the legislature and i was fortunate enough to serve side by side with him when was speaker of the florida house. >> when became speaker he did his hundred ideas for florida's future he was able to go around the state listening to the voters and asking them what their concerns were. i think that is really what launched him or the trajectory that launched him into the senate race in 2010. >> when marcus called me see seeking my advice about running for the senate i told him first and foremost he should pursue his dreams and not worry about the political implications of whether he was going to win or lose and i'm really proud of him. he won going away. i think it is spectacular he is in the united states senate. >> i think as far as marco's political future i always thought and continue to think the sky is the limit. >> some day we will see young marco rubio be the first hispanic president in the history of america. >> he can go all the way.
6:27 pm
marco rubio could be president of the united states. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> sean: and senator rubio is back with us. this keeps coming up and we didn't plan this this issue that people have confidence you can go as far as you want. do you think about it at all? >> we shouldn't. what i learned in the time that i have been around politics people who get into a position planning to use it to catapult to something else always end up destroying themselves. the great example of someone who does is right is jeb bush. he took over asimo as governore state of florida and tooknnot f you want to remain popular. even those that didn't agree with him respected him. i learned a lot from watching that example close up. >> sean: when the senate seat which you ran for opened up you had a phone conversation with jeb bush the governor and you assumed he was going to run and in the conversation you write
6:28 pm
in the book that he suggested you run. >> when decided not to run. i thought he was going to run. i was convinced he was going to do it after i met with him and he kind of thought about it over the christmas holiday and when we came back he said he wasn't going to do it and encouraged me to think about it. it was the beginning of the process where we were concerned about the future of our count y country. i december fratly wanted the next u.s. senator to be someone that would go to washington and stand up to barack obama and offer a clear alternative. i wanted someone else to do it. i didn't want to have to go through the hard work that involved that. it was my wife jeannette that said to me. >> sean: don't give away the segment because i will let her confront you in the next segment. you were able to balance the budget? the senate. everyone viewed you as a leader and you were still a very young man. the outgoing speak earning gi e gives a speech and you wrote that you decided to say that
6:29 pm
god is real and he loves everyone who ever lived. we showed a clip of that. that was a moment that you made a conscious decision to do th t that. >> it was the end of my career in the house and i wanted to leave people with something and the real understanding what happens here matters a lot but what happens here matters more. it is important to use platfo m platforms like that to share with people these things. they don't have to agree with me and i don't try to impose my views on anybody. my faith calls for me to glor glorify god in everything we o do. whether people want to admit he is there, he is there. >> sean: we will take a break and come back and continue with senator marco rubio. more coming up this tonight including his wife who challenged him in a pretty big way. straight ahead. even with all of the challenges america face there's is still no nation on earth with a brighter future. the foundation remains our people and while its government
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ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. there is a verdict in the case against the assistant football coach or former at penn state university jerry sandusky. the assistant coach charged with 48 counts of sexual abuse of children young boys over ten young boys over a 15 year period. right now the jury has been deliberating since 9:00 this morning for 12.5 long hours today and just moments guy they came in to report to the judge that they do, indeed, have a verdict. nine counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, a maximum of 20 years in prison on each. nine counts of unlawful conduct with a minor. nine counts of indoesn't assault. ten counts of endangering the
6:35 pm
welfare of a child. ten counts of corruption of a minor and one count of criminal attempt to commit indecent assault. if found guilty on all charges he will spend under sentencing guidelines more than 300 years in prison. in other words, the rest of his born days. the jury has been in session for a couple of weeks now, the court has. during it we heard incredible stories from young men in all cases now adults who said that over a period of years they were raped and otherwise abused by jerry sandusky. he has maintained he is innocent throughout. today his own lawyer said that he would be stunned if he were not found guilty on some char e charges. even said if he were akisted on all charges he would "have a heart attack." the judge has number of rules that are a bit unusual for this but in just a matter of moments we believe that we will know the fate of jerry sandusky the
6:36 pm
former penn state assistant football coach and eventually we will hear much more about what happened behind the scenes at penn state. this is not the end, it is but the beginning of a crisis for that university and certainly not the end for those boys who say that they were abused over a period of so many years. our correspondent david lee miller has been covering the trial from the beginning. he is live outside the courthouse now. david lee, what do we know? >> jerry sandusky left his home five minutes ago and now making the drive to the courthouse where the verdict is going to be rendered. it is about a 15-20 minute drive here and once he gets inside the courthouse we expect that court is going to convene. the jury shepherd has been deliberating now for just about 20 hours in it total. they started yesterday precis precisely at 1:12 in the afternoon. during this trial we heard from 51 witnesses. there were hundreds of exhibi s
6:37 pm
exhibits. specifically we heard from eight of the alleged victims in this case, all of them took the stand. very dramatic testimony from all of them. many of the witnesses alleged witnesses were actually in the courtroom during the closing arguments. not clear if they are going to be here for the verdict. we expect that jerry sandusky's wife is going to be here. she was also a key witness during the trial. she testified on the behalf of the defense. also in the courtroom now is linda kelly the attorney general for the state of pennsylvania along with many authorities with her office. they are in the first few rows of this courthouse as they wait for the court to convene. and for a verdict to be pronounced by this jury. we are also getting word now that also in the courtroom is the attorney for matt sandusky. matt sandusky the adopted son of jerry sandusky who just one day ago came out with a shoc shocking allegation claiming that he had also been abused by
6:38 pm
his father. in the courtroom for the jury's verdict will also be matt sandusky's attorney. not clear if matt sandusky will be here as well. we will report back and give you a full account of what happens once we do know the verdict. as you mentioned just a moment ago there are highly unusual rules about the verdict itself and how that information is going to be disseminated to the media. the judge is essentially called for are a complete lockdown of the courthouse. once court convenes there can be no electronic transmissions from the courtroom itself. reporters will not be able to use any type of computer, telephone, ey ipad to send out any type of information. once the court convenes reporters in the courtroom itself will not be permitted to leave until the judge says it is per missable. once the jury renders its verdict then the judge will give an okay that reporters will be able to electronically disseminate what the decision
6:39 pm
is. the judge made it clear that he wants to avoid any type of media stampede so often we have seen that scene in hollywood movies where you see dozens of reporters racing out to the stairway and to the phones and live trucks. that is a scene he wants to avoid because as you would expect there is a tremendous amount of interest in this verdict. there are hundreds of reporters here from throughout the country and there is also a significant number of local residents here. many of them waiting since 2:30 in the morning some days to get the proper credentials to sit in the courtroom and hear the testimony. many waiting hours and hours waiting for the chance to hear for themselves this verdict what will happen to jerry sandusky. for 32 years a coach employed by penn state university. a man some of the witnesses described as haveing a heart of gold now many having serious doubts about his claims of innocence. up until yesterday there was
6:40 pm
still many people in the community who thought that there was a reasonable doubt, who thought there was a reaso reasonable expectation of acquittal and perhaps that was the correct decision the jury should make. after the news about matt sandusky broke, the public sentiment here quickly changed. i should quickly add as we have pointed out throughout the last couple of days here that the jury in rendering this verdict had no idea that matt sandusky made these allegations against his father. the jury has been see he they have no idea that matts a. sandusky made these allegations and that is, indeed, another component to what is unfolding here tonight by chance jerry sandusky should be acquitted there is still the possibility that there could be further legal action targeting him.
6:41 pm
not just here in pennsylvania but the possibility that he may have committed criminal acts in other locations such as texas where some of the alleged victims were taken. there is the possibility of federal charges as well. so no matter what the outcome tonight, it does appear that the legal problems for jerry sandusky are no where near over but his own attorney conceded earlier he does expect there is going to be a conviction on at least some of the 48 counts you detailed just a moment ago and a great possibility that jerry sandusky is in it fact going to be taken to the center county jail after the verdict is rendered if he is found guilty of these charges bail would in all likelihood be revokeed and he will be placed in solitary confinement at least in the short-term. there will be formal sentencing to follow. there will be sentencing repo reports, considerable paper work. but the prosecution says he faces the possibility if you
6:42 pm
add up all of the charges of spending the rest of his life behind bars because if you add up all of the charges it comes to 472 years in prison. again, we are waiting now for jerry sandusky to arrive and once he arrives here since all of the players seem to be in place i expect that court is going to convene. >> shepard: for viewers just joining us we are are interru t interrupting hannity for the verdict in the jerry sandusky trial. for those interested i in the marco rubio interview or otherwise set your dvrs, han hannity will replay in its entirety midnight tonight. forevers not completely up to date on this. we did get information from the jury in the following manner. one of the -- some of the testimony was from a man named mike mcqueary. he has testified that at some point he walked by a shower at
6:43 pm
penn state university and witnessed jerry sandusky acco d according to his testimony ra e raping a young boy. today the jury asked for a re d readback of some of the testimony or at least to hear again some instructions. david lina was the first of two times that the jury came back. tell us more about that. >> that's right. the jury yesterday requested a readback of the testimony and heard the actual testimony read back this morning. took about an hour and a half. they heard the testimony offe offered by mike mcqueary and also heard testimony from a family friend. what happened back then is that he said that he witnessed jerry sandusky and he told his father who called a family friend and the family friend testified during the trial that mike mcqueary's account was a little different than what he said on the stand here. he said he actually saw the sex
6:44 pm
act taking place. the family friend said back i n 2001 he only described hearing sounds. there was inconsistency there that is why the family friend was put on the stand by the defense. interestingly and i never heard of this before instead of having the court reporter reading back that testimony it was actually reenacted by the attorneys. the attorneys for both the defense and the prosecution. and sitting through this very graphic testimony was dottie sandusky. for the first time jerry sandusky's wife was hearing in graphic detail what he allege allegedly did to one of these young boys. she was not permitted in the courtroom during most of the trial because she was a a defense witness. also the jury had a question about what the legal technical term is -- hysterical utteran e utterance. there was a janitor who witne s witnessed what he claimed was a sex act between jerry sandusky and a young boy.
6:45 pm
the janitor was unable to testify because he is suffering from d dementia and he has alzheimer's disease. at the time the incident took place he reportedly told what he saw to is a colleague, another janitor and that janitor was per meted to testify because of the unusual circumstances at the time. the defense said it was hears y hearsay. the judge overruled that. and the janitor who talked to the colleague who saw the sex act testified in detail about not only what the witness saw but also what he himself saw. and that night he did observe jheri sandusky in the company of a young boy walking down a hallway and at one point hol holding that young boy's hand. now, i'm getting word that in fact jerry sandusky just mome t moments ago has entered the courthouse behind me. he has actually entered the courthouse through a rear door. a door that has a canopy and it has an entrance way that was designed in great measure to shield some of the alleged
6:46 pm
victims who testified but it is also then entranceway that jery sandusky and his family have been using to go in and out. i'm now being told that after the trial now the canopy has been removed. so right now jerry sandusky should be in the building behind me. accompanied by his two attorn attorneys. one of whom is joe amendola speaking out today to say that jerry sandusky has lost weight and he is fraying. the home is preparing for what seems more like a funeral. there is a great expectation here that jerry sandusky has in fact breathed his last free breath. many believe that after we hear from the jury tonight he will in all likelihood be off to the jail. but that is impossible to predict. no one knows what the jury has decided. it is worth pointing out that of the 12 jurors, nine of them have significant ties in one way or another to penn state. and this is a jury that has
6:47 pm
many members who are former professors as well as students at penn state. a senior and also an incoming freshman. and many believe that the jury here was very analys analytican looking at the evidence. one was a soil engineer at penn state for 37 years. he is now retired. a professor who essentially studied if you will dirt. many believe he will take the same level of scrutiny he would apply to his particular area of expertise as a scientist and apply it to looking at the allegations against jerry sandusky and perhapses that is one reason this has taken some 20 hours. yes, there are 48 charges but it does appear that the jury went through them in order from the first victim to the 10th victim in you consider the fact that they had questions about first victim number two and then victim number 8. that would suggest they
6:48 pm
sequence wally went through the charge sheets and then decided on what counts jerry sandusky should either be acquitted or found guilty of. possibly tonight after we hear what the verdict is we will have the opportunity to hear from the jury the media has made it abundantly clear that we do want to hear from them. there is a podium set up over my shoulder. in all likelihood we will hear from the jury at least we hope so. there is no doubt we will be hearing from the attorney general in the case, win or lose and in all likelihood too hearing from the lead defense attorney. there has been a gag order for the length of the trial. the defense occasionally attempted to break that gag order. said a few things tonight that we reported about the likel likelihood that there was going to be a conviction and then it appeared that joe amendolla w s wassed a months of private sector initialeadam joseph mone sectoadmonished by the judge.
6:49 pm
i'm also getting word that dottie sandusky has just arri e arrived here. high has not said anything publicly since her testimony. what is notable today, shepherd is after she heard the graphic testimony she at one point put her head in her hands and see seemed troubled by what she heard. once the readback of the testimony was over. disturbing graphic testimony she had not heard as i said moment ago. she walked over to the defense table where her husband was s t sitting and had a very troubled look on her face. they talked among themselves for a few moments and then to the surprise of those in the courtroom mr. and mrs. sandusky both began to chuckle over some type of a private joke and then they exited the courtroom. also attending tonight i'm told will be a number of the sandusky children. they adopted six children. they do not have any biological
6:50 pm
children but a number of their adopted children are in the courtroom tonight. we would be he surprised to see matt sandusky. he was here at the start of the trial and stood by his father but ever since making the allegations that he, too, was abused it appears that he will probably not be in the courtroom tonight as we said his attorney will be in the courtroom to represent him. >> david lee miller on scene. we will be back to you in just a moment. i want to bring in our senior judicial counsel judge andrew napolitano on the line with us. judge, we witnessed today and yesterday the jury asking questions first about mike mcqueary's testimony regar regarding what he says he witnessed in penn state locker rooms. now, after some 20 hours of deliberations we have a verdi t verdict. we should know it shortly. your thoughts? >> well, shep, you and i have discussed this many times on air in the past couple of weeks the evidence of guilt is overwhelming and the most
6:51 pm
graphic and damning evidence against him was never even rebutted. jerry sandusky as we know did not take the witness stand and did not deny these events. the defense was very tepid and luke warm and weak. basically consisted of an argument that because the young boys wait sod long to make the complaints they did so because they are seeking some financial gain. this will go in one ear and out the other of the jurors. a verdict this quickly after a trial of this magnitude with this many witnesses and this many charges does not bode well for jerry sandusky and david lee miller's suggestion as to what would happen in my view is right on the mark. he will be shackled right in the courtroom and taken to a central facility where he will be held until he is sentenced to a long-term facility for the rest of his life.
6:52 pm
>> judge, it is easy to sit here and make those remarks and certainly with great respect as you one formerly of the new jersey superior court one to certainly know that jurors don't always act in the same way that those watching from the outside did. >> right. >> we know about the allegati n allegations of the adopted son. jury in theory we would certa n certainly hope because it would be grounds for a mistrial does not know about that. we have a lot of information that in theory the jury does not have. randy zelland who works with us on the afternoon program studio b has suggested that the evidence presented in court is not as strong as many legal analysts have suggested that it is. >> well, you know, again with respect to randy who i'm privileged to sit next to on many occasions on studio b on weekday afternoons, your wonderful show in which we he discuss these things, randy, of course, is being a bit of a p o
6:53 pm
provacateur in that environment and his job is to challenge orthodoxy and challenging the prevailing view. none of us have been in the courtroom and none of us have been able to evaluate the impact of the testimony on the jury. but having seen testimony like this myself when i sat on the bench in the superior court of new jersey, i can tell you that when it is unrebutted, when the defendant doesn't get on the stand and say all i did was kiss this kid or i never met him, this is made up, there is no reasonable doubt in the mi d minds of the jurors. when graphic evidence is unrebutted it usually results in guilt. >> certainly does. and we will get to the ramifications with you judge in just a moment if you could regarding our -- regarding the ramifications potentially for penn state university and the greater penn state family. some video i understand we have just gotten in of the arrival of coach sandusky himself from
6:54 pm
our crews on scene as he he did arrive. i know that there is natural sound on the camera and when steps out of the car we will listen to the sound on this video clip to see if we hear anything so there he is. jerry sandusky with all these charges about to learn his fate certainly knowing exactly what has happened. listen. >> there you have it and we all know that inside the courtroom are jerry sandusky and his wife dottie and they are about to learn whether she will have see him as a free man. she testified she had no knowledge of any abuse and testified in fact at one point the allegations were made about some sort of contact in the
6:55 pm
basement of their home that she was upstairs that the basements not sound proof and she didn't hear anything. she thought if anything had happened she would have heard it. though we haven't been in the courtroom we do have a producer in the courtroom at all times including right now and it is my understanding that david lee miller has information about the setting inside the courtroom as we wait for the verdict to be read. david lee, what is happening in there? >> well, we are being told that dottie sandusky is now in the courtroom with her husband. the scene is emotional. appears at times she had her eyes shut and praying and her hands were visibly shakeing. as for her husband he is wea wearing a suede brown blazer and khaki slacks and sitting with his two attorneys to find out essentially if he is going to be spending the rest of his life behind bars. one thing we talked a great deal about during the past few days is the interview he gave to bob costas on nbc. we talked about the fact that
6:56 pm
there were outtakes of that interview that didn't air until a few days ago. didn't originally air in november in which jerry sandusky told costas i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i helped. this is probably the sin single most incriminating thing that jerry sandusky ever said. for some reason it was not broadcast in the original nbc interview. the jury was given a transcript of the interview with bob costas. i'm told that that very damning sentence was not in the transcript. the only thing the jury was given was what was originally broadcast on that original episode of the nbc news magazine show featuring bob costas. the jury never actually heard again what many would consider a very incriminating statement from jerry sandusky. to what extent the rest of the interview came into play we should find out soon. certainly very key here was the fact that jerry sandusky never
6:57 pm
testified during the trial. i think what is also significant is that when the defense attorney made his ope opening statements he told the jury, he told the jury you are going to hear from jerry sandusky. there was a great expectation not just in the courtroom but throughout the entire community that jerry sandusky was going to say loud and clear from the witness stand i did not do th t that. at the end of the day that did not happen. many have suggested possibly one reason it didn't happen is because he discovered his ado t adopted son matt was planning to testify against him as a rebuttal witness and therefore he decided or his attorneys did to keep him off the stand. but the judge as they always do will tell the jury you cannot hold it against the defendant if he doesn't want to testify. that is his constitutional right but i have to believe there was a great expectation for this man to speak out and say i didn't do these terrible things and this simply didn't
6:58 pm
happen here. >> judge napolitano back with us. that will be one of the things the judge will tell that trou e troupe. i have gotten word from inside the courtroom quickly our ehe electronic communications from our reporter inside the courtroom are about to end as the court is about to convene and a process will begin. judge napolitano, take us through what will happen here? >> the jurors will return to the courtroom and the clerk will as certain that it is the same 12 people that left the courtroom at the end of testimony on wednesday. the judge will ask the foreperson if they have reached a verdict. and the foreperson will presu e presumably say, yes. the judge will ask if the verdict is unanimous. presumabley the foreperson will say yes and the judge will ask that the verdict which is reduced to writeing be handed o the clerk and then the clerk will begin reading it. how do you find on count one that jerry sandusky on -- and then count one they will repeat the date and the allegation.
6:59 pm
guilty or not guilty and then the clerk will read it aloud. this process could take, you know, 20 or 25 minutes because we have 46 charges or 48 char e charges i think remaining in there. so the judge needs to hear read aloud all of them. then the judge has to be certain that in fact the verdict is unanimous. so he needs to ask each of the jurors is this your unanimous verdict, did all of you hear what the clerk just read and is it the same verdict that you agreed to in the jury room. this is, of course, crucial and critical that this information be recorded and stated accura e accurately and completely and that is be unanimous. assuming all of the is are dot dotted and ts are crossed the judge will thank the jury and dismiss them. he will either let mr. sandusky go or send them to jail. >> and word to the jurors that they are free


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