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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 23, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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thing. >> well, i am with my friend johnathon. i own hog and i love it. >> and i will see you on the fox business network noon eastern time. can a giant storm could be tropical storm debby. maria has more on the storm's path . heated debate on capitol hill. eric holder is staring down a contempt charge. we will talk to a member of the oversight committee who comes with experience. vanilla or french vanilla. mitt romney's top options are boring. and we'll ask larry who he thinks romney will pick. >> and pizza chains are taking on the government over the calorie count crack down.
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i am uma pemmaraju. america's news headquarters starts now. >> again, with the first real threat of the year in the gulf of mexico. oil rigs are being evacuated as a cluster of storms forms in to what would be tropical storm debby. maria molina is standing by the fox weather center with the latest on the storms path. what can you tell us? >> good to see you and unfortunately, the system doesn't have a clear path or direction expected. the tropical computer models are pointing it to texas or toward florida. it is a very large cone of uncertainty now. it is not a tropical depression or storm. there have not been a close of circulation detected just yet. hurricane hunters are heading
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out and surveying what is going on inside of the storm system. we'll have more information then . right now. the national hurricane center gave it a 90 percent chance of becoming tropical storm debby later on today and tomorrow. of course, if that occurs, we are talking about tropical storm warnings and watches that are issued in the gulf coast. a lot of the conconviction on the eastern half of the storm system . closer to the state of florida. this is the look at the tropical models and pointing it can go westward and eastward and parts of new orleans and florida panhandle and a big area of interest here. we know that the longer the storm system over the gulf of mexico, the more likely it is that it will strengthen in the warm waters here. conditions are favorable for the storm system to develop and also produce a lot of heavy rain over the state of florida on the order of four-eight inches .
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locally. and rip currents for beach goers are a big concern for the state of florida. >> maria thank you for keeping track of the storm and we'll check back with you today. >> the united nations secretary general is hoping for retrained and tensions are high for former alies. turkey prime minister is promising to take action against syria for downing the fighter jet but not saying what he has in mind. they are standing by live in damascus and the only western journalist there at this hour. >> more reaction from the downing yesterday of that turkish jet fighter plane by syria air defense and speaking out today. the turkish president said reaction was necessary but not specific about what would be done. he said perhaps the plane was
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in syrian air space and the syrian side of the story, it went down according to law and complicated it all of course, turkey suspects everies by rebel to topple the president of syrian. >> more bloody fighting across the country. the folks were fired on in the norgern stave alepo. and out in the east where there is oil facilities. rebels hit them. and that is according to activist since the whole thing started 15 months ago. over 14,000 death toll. in that number. 4,000 syrian soldier deaths and today, we had a first hand look at that side of the story, take a look. >> they want it to be a daily ritual in the damascus hospital. syrian soldiers killed in clashes with rebel fighters
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immorialized. how much more of this can the regime take? it is emotional stuff. regardless of the views of assad as government. it is larger extent draftees are killed in the clashs and we heard from young sisters was one soldier who was kill they said why, why, why? it was a waste. and through all of this the government continues to try to put a positive political spin on things. reshuffling the cabinet again and adding two long-time opposition leaders in the ranks of the government and hard line yerse loyalist are still in the main key driving position of little change here according to the analyst that i have spoken to and that means more trouble in the
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future. >> the stakes are very high. thank you for that update. >> a militant group hamas is threatening to escalate fighting with israel after two gunmen were killed in the gaza strip today. israel has had a week of persistant rocket attacks. the increasing violence is undermining the shaky truce brokered by egypt on wednesday. >> i must say mr. chairman, i am offended personally by your calling the attorney general a liar. >> unfortunately over the course of the hearings and this investigation, that focus and that seriousness of purpose regarding the loss. >> we promised the families to find out how it happened which was done and promised them reform which we are not doing. >> democrats on the house
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oversight arguing that a possible house vote citing eric holder for contempt of congress is out of line. republicans defended the move and saying the goal is to uncover the truth about the controversial fast and furious gun running scheme. that has inflamed and now that president obama exerted executive privilege many are wondering what is next? joining us now one of the congressman that was in the hearing,! welcome congressman great to have you here. >> nice to be with you. >> you know eric holder said he's willing to hand over the documents sought by house republican if they will drop the contempt vote set by the house next week. is there wiggle room or has the president's executive privilege order eroded the move. >> i hope the executive privilege challenge doesn't
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create a road block to meaningful negotiation. but you have to have a meaningful negotiation focused on part of the justice department having been in these kinds of negotiation. the justice department would not accept that kind of a representation from somebody who said i will determine what the documents are and i will give you selectively some of those documents and you make a representation to me ahead of time that you will cease this investigation. and so what they are asking for in my mind is not practical. you generally create a privileged log. there is representation thatas many 80,000 documents and only 7600 have been turned over . so who gets to choose what is relevant? i think it is it a large part of that offer. it is in many ways, it is a narrow offer and some suggest not even a real one.
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>> and the white house spokesman jay carny is calling the republican investigation a politically motivated phishing expectation. >> that's what you do as you attack the investigation and rely on the fact that you try to make it political. i am a prosecutor by profession, and trying to look at this thing disately . by virtue of that experience, i know the kind of information that is shared within the justice department. we have whistleblowers and they brought documents that include affidavits of probical cause that is wire tapped. highest level they are making representation to the court regarding certain facts that are brought to the attention at the highest level of the justice department . we know information that is before them and in my mind, it
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is a direct connection and now the question is, who knew what and what did thea do once they were confronted with that information? to me the frustration is not just stone walling but the evidence as well that there is intimidation by the justice department of some of those people who were whistle-blowers. >> is there a cover up that is going on right now? >> i don't want to make a calculated assessment at this point in time. you go on the facts, but when we see the facts, we see them as they dripped out. we have gotten acess to certain documents and the hearing i pointed to the fact that the very prosecutor that they sent from washington down to arizona, sent back an e-mail which we have in which she identified the fact that guns have been walked. 300 to 500? who got that? it went to the head of the
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criminal unit and gang unit. who did they talk to? that was a specific and unambigousanism inform. we are getting denials that the justice department newknew about gun walking and limited facts contravene it. and these are questions that the prosecutor would have. you can't let the justice department be beyond the accountability. >> we reached out to democratic members of the committee who declined our invitation to appear on the program. even if it is true you get the full house to vote eric holder in contempt the decision to prosecute will be at the end. do you expect to see the documents and as far as prosecuting the situation, what is next? >> that would be a decision to prosecute it criminally and
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that decision would be made by justice department and united states attorney. but it would be very likely he would be instructed not to bring a criminal charge. but there is, more effective place we ought to be anability to ask for a court to come in and a civil resolution in which the demand would be that the court compel the justice department to bring the documents before them and make the case in camera as to why they believe they are privileged and why congress ought not to have acess to them. i expect you will see a civil resolution but slow walk. it will take a long period of time to get through it all . part of the objective here is for the justice department to call it political and have it as a political aspect. and to embroil it in the campaign season, i don't want to see campaigns be part of this. and i don't want to see
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politics to be part of this. >> i understand, congressman, we appreciate you joining us and sharing your insights with us and we will be monitoring the developments closely and wait to see if that vote takes place next week. >> thank you, uma. >> now your turn to way in. should eric holder be held in contempt of congress over the fast and furious. tweet us at an hqc or hurricane uma. we'll read your answers on the air later in the hour. >> a big win is a embarrassment for the mexican and u.s. law enforcement. after months of working with u.s. intelligence. they thought they nabbed the son of the country's most wanted drug lords. it turns out they didn't get their man. here's what happened. >> after months of working with u.s. intelligence.
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mexican navy individuals described the suspect as a rising suspect in the drug traffic being. but he is the father of a toddler and worked with his mother-in-law in a used car dealership. the man arrested presumed to be the son of mexican top refugees drug lord is really 23 year old felix calderon and. the couple and their 1-year-old were sleeping in their home when marines kicked in the door and arrested her husband and his half brother. authorities identified beltran rios as an alleged member of the cartel. they had a grenade launcher and pistols and $135,000 in cash. his wife said there were no guns. or drugs. but the family did have a cash because of a recent home sale. they have called the world's
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most powerful drug lord, and both countries are conducting a manhunt for guzman. he's been on the run since escaping in a laundry cart. they narrowly missed him. this possibly miscould be embarrassing for both countries in the cat and mouse game they are playing with guzzman. the original identity came from the united states. but thus drug enforcement said the information came from mexico. >> thank you very much. tension egypt remain heated we hear the election results will be held tomorrow. protestors have been gather nothing cairo. many of those are supporting
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the muslim brotherhood candidate. protestors believe that military leaders are results hostage to try to save power themselves and keep the country under military rule. back in this counselry. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is in jail and likely be spending the rest of his life there. he's been convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. david lee miller has the latest now. >> uma not only is jerry sandusky behind bars at this hour. but his attorneys say he's in icalationn and in the center county correctional facility and they have released his booking photo. it was last night he was led out of the building behind me in handcuffs. he had little emotion but
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family considered considerable emotion and visibly phang his wife and children actually crying as he was led out of the courtroom and put in handcuffs. prosecutors expressed a sigh of relief and a great feeling of accomplishment . on the steps of the courthouse. attorney general linda kellie on one side. lead prosecutor and the other head of the state police as she spoke to hundreds of people who cheered the verdict, listen. one of the recurring themes of the victim's testimony that came from the victims themselves who would believe a kid? the answer is we here in pennsylvania would believe a kid. now, the defense had maintained that those same kids, the accusers had
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conspire fabricated the story to file civil lawsuits. defense attorney also spoke and did concede that the prosecution had a strong case. listen again. >> the jury obviously believed the common wealth sevenwitnesses. that is clear from their verdict. i have been asked is that a surprise, no, it was expected outcome because of the over whelming amount of evidence against jerry sandusky. >> currently after the verdict was announced penn state issued a statement addressing the concerns of the victims and the possibility of civil lawsuits and the school and i quote. the university plans to invite victims to participate in a program to facilitate the resolution of claims against the university arising out of mr. sandusky's cuck. it would like to wrap up the civil lawsuits and one thing worth noting here.
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he was convicted of 45 of the 48 charges. one of the charges he aquited of. involuntarily dev vent sexual intercourse involving victim two. that is a victim that mike mcquery saw sexually abused. they had doubt about mike's testimony but in that instance they found that the defendant was guilty of unlawful contact with minors and that is a felony, uma. >> thank you so much for that update from pennsylvania. after days of rumors about who governor romney vetted. one political expert said all of mitt romney's vp picks are too dictable. and why it is creative fund raising or ridiculous. president obama . s your friends to give campaign money in your name as a gift. we'll explain coming up.
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>> welcome back everybody. governor romney is settling
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down and the meeting is creating a political buzz and some of the names on the potential vp list are in utah with him. who should he pick? the list is full of vanilla. he is larry sebetow. i know you have your crystal ball here today to give us a sense of what you predict will happen in the vice-president sweepstakes. you say that mitt romney doesn't have to pick a high profile interesting kind of candidate to help him win this election? >> no, he doesn't. he has to pick someone who passes the oval office test. they have to look at the individual yes, kisee him or merbeing president if called on even if the first day if god forbid something should happen.
9:25 am
i don't think they are especially high profile. idealy they would help with constitiency that governor romney needs to attract to the republican side or keyitate that could be won with the revision of two or three percent that the vice-presidential candidate would bring on the ticket. that combination would be perfect. >> this year, the presidential ticket could be a double dip cone of vanilla and not french vanilla but plane vanilla that are at the top of the list. >> absolutely. i tell people vanilla is the number one ice cream flavor. >> i love vanilla myself . when you are running in an environment like this and the economy is bad and getting worse. it is an ideal environment for
9:26 am
a challenger to an incumbent. you don't want to do too much attention to yourself . don't make yourself a issue or the vice-presidential candidate the issue. let the incumbent and his economy be the issue and that is probably the best ticket to victory. >> i need to ask you who do you think will be the vice-presidential nominee at this point? >> well, we have two people in the top of the crystal ball list. we have had senator rob portman of ohio on the list forly and half months. and so we think he is ideal especially he's well qualified and he's well respected in both aisles and he's from ohio. right in 2027 of the last elections. 18 critical and we have former tim pawlenty of minnesota. i don't think he can win minnesota. but he fills the niches that
9:27 am
portman does without the hect e electorial. >> and a lot folks are betting on marko rubio. you don't see it that way. >> we originally had rubio right in the top two. the reason we have moved him downward. he's only been in the senate a year and half . i am starting to question whether he can attract the hispanic vote. and third, i honestly think that romney can carry the state of the florida on its choice. >> it would be popular in the republican party but not only tea party and across the board and if he's not picked it is obvious that rubio will be on a republican ticket either as president or vice-president. >> we'll see what lies ahead. all interesting to get your take from the crystal ball as we go forward in this
9:28 am
presidential campaign. thanks for joining us today. >> i enjoyed it as always. >> thank you, and take care. ron barber is picking up where his former boss gabby giffords took off. he will hold a congress meeting at a safeway meet nothing tucson. it was just an event at another store that a gunman opened fire and killing six people and injurying several others including giffords and barber. >> former vice-president cheney daughter daughter tide the they were delighted that they could take advantage of the opportunity to have the relationship recognized. and tensions with china continue to rise. u.s. ponders a return to familiar ground. that story next.
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former penn state jerry sandusky will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. mole is standing by on that and the rest of your top stories making news. >> the jury convicted jerry sandusky of sexually assaulting 10 boys in teen years. the maximum sentence will keep him in prison for the rest of his life. >> the tropical storm system is gaining strength and expected to be tropical storm debby in the next 48 hours.
9:34 am
president obama is calling on congress to work out a deal to keep student loan rates from rising. congressional lawmakers are close to a agreement that pays for the plan . hope to have it in place before the july first deadline. >> i heated debate over pizza and calories. the proposed plan to keep the calories on the piz a. there are too many topping to list all of the calorie count on the menu. who wants to think about calories when you eat pizza. >> i want to make a note. we had a technical problem and showing mitch daniels in the video when we were talking about jerry sandusky and we apologize for that. the defense defense is looking at using bases in asia. jennifer has more. >> one of the largest joint military exercises is taking place between korea and the
9:35 am
united states as the pentagon seeks more opportunities in asyampt bases that have not been used since the vietnam war. leon panetta made a historic visit . now they are seeking base arrangements in thailand and capable of handling bmoo flights and u.s. is talking to the philippines about the acess to the bay and air base. carry around the backpack and run around the world planting them and quite to the contrary. what we want to do is consistent with a new strategy. we want to be partnered with nations and have a rotational presence that would allow us to build up common
9:36 am
capabilities for common interests in the region. chairman of the joint chiefs nighed. it but the u.s. navy would like to base their surveillance craft starting in 2014. the u.s. wants eyes in the sky to assure no country disrups the valuable shipping lanes. the thai government invited secretary panetta to visit later this year. >> thank you very much. attorney general eric holder is one step closer to being held contempt of congress. house republicans are outraged that president obama is using executive privilege to hold thes for fast and furious. joining us now is juan
9:37 am
williams and mark davis. great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> nice to see you. juan let me begin wu. you think that the president has something to hide and tie in the fast and furuous and why he is exerting executive privilege and it is a cover up? >> i am not going to speculate. i will say jay carny said that all the documents directly relating to the fast and furous operation have been divulged what they are talking about deliberate communication between the white house and justice about how to handle the political fall out from the whole action. and so this has nothing to do with finding the truth in my opinion. similarly when we look at the possible contempt vote, it is not going to get us added information that will allow us to learn about what took place
9:38 am
with guns that got in the wrong hands. >> mark, republicans are saying that the only reason that the president is using executive privilege on this one is that he may have something to hide, what do you think to that? >> let us stipulate and the president's defenders. i don't count juan on that. defenders want to push it and say it is nothing. harshest critics want to hang him on his neg. are there documents that could bear answers and give the terry family and americaless. i don't know that and juan doesn't know that. and only eric holder. it involves trusting the white house which i find hard to do. >> and the investigation of course a year ago . what do you think of holding eric holder and if they go
9:39 am
back to the justice department and pursue concerns about prosecution. you think it will lead to getting more documents. >> no. i think it is a totally politicalal act. to me, this is all about the dysfunction and low ball highly partisan politics we see in washington. we see so much partisan politics in the justice department. you can go all the way back to janet reno in waco. and alberto gonzalez and the bush administration and question of firing u.s. attorneys and now we see it with eric holder and now going to a new level like we have never seen a attorney general held in contempt of congress. i find it unfortunate. >> but it is unfortunate, and maybe it is unfortunate that he's not forth coming enough. i can't sit here and know that there is manage to this and nor can juan know that there is nothing to it.
9:40 am
it is presumed it is political and witch hunt. you find a witch in a witch hunt and we fund the witch and i don't know. and juan doesn't know if it is purely litical. that is a democrat index card and i recommend it not be played. if it takes a contempt or a threat of one that eric holder cough up thingings. >> i think it is important to understand that there is a constitutional distunction of oversight ability congress and legal justice department to prosecute people who may have broken the law. congress is not allowed to get involved that could end up in the court of law. it would damage the prosecution. but mark's specific question what do we know or don't know. a lot of what we are hearing from the republican side is all about speculation and rumor and inwendo.
9:41 am
and one letter was incorrect and that is evidence. and then it urturns out a aps manager transmitted the wrong information and holder corrected it. and that is used as a basis for endless, phishing exhibitions and i think it is a political talking point. but until i see evidence of something that said here is a smoking gun. i don't see it. >> we got it. >> maybe it is in the documents. >> let me jump in here. we are out of time on this subject. we'll come back with more . we'll come back and talk about immigration after the break. don't go away. >> it is every driver's nightmare and unbelievable crash and trapping a family and two small children in a burning car. dramatic out come coming up next. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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>> this tough economy finding a job is all but impossible and can be more difficult if you are a wounded war veteran. here's more. hi, uma, servicemen and women who enlisted after 9/11 have the highest unemploy. rate of all veterans. one young man turned his passion in a business. >> army specialist blew out his knee in the line of duty in iraq, resulting trauma left him with ptsd. >> i came home and i felt lost . i really didn't know where i fit back in at. >> his passion for motorcycles kept him going through multiple surgeris and job projections. >> there are employers who are reluctant to hire a veteran
9:47 am
who requires a need to go to the doctor. >> he was determined not to lose his battle. he took command of his future and turning his passion in a profession and opening a motorcycle shop with two other veterans. >> they understand me and relate where i am coming from. >> he is among the troubling statistic of the veterans. running the business is a personal freedom he fought for in the first place. >> i fought and bled for my country and come home and enjoy what i fought for. it feels good. >> in atlanta fox news . >> thank you very much for that. and when we come back, we'll go back to our panel. juan williams and mark davis
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>> we have different video up there. this is a fire going on and dramatic rescue in chicago
9:52 am
after a car was engulfed in flames. a two year old and four month old infant. that caused the gas tank to erupt in flames. luckily the entire family made it to safety. good news there. okay. now president obama's new immigration policy announcement has opened the door for a battle over the hispanic vote. both candidates are offering rhetoric to display the voting block. juan williams and mark davis. immigration on the campaign trail. great to see you again. legality me ask you, mark, do you think that president obama's stance on the immigration issue now that he made a policy change could pay off in key swing stay state election? >> i aren't you it will. his decision to do what he said he could not do by a wave
9:53 am
of his magical presidential wand exempted a entire block . population. of course that is playing well . free advice for governor romney. don't go out there on that issue just yet. say to the american people there is a serious debate over the immigration policy and what to do about the park rendering stories of the 15 year old who may not know spanish. there is a debate to be had. and it should be had legislatively and not on the throes of anyone by a presidential whim. >> you mentioned a moment ago that the president said he couldn't authorize that kind. i want to play that now. here's what he had to say. >> there's been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the dream act passed and comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself i can go
9:54 am
and do these things. it is just not true. >> okay, juan, a year ago he said that he couldn't do that. what changed a year later? people say it smacks of presidential politicing in an election year! >> politicings. imagine that. i don't think that video properly described the revision. he could not go before congress because congress is blocking immigration reform going back to president obama. he can do administrative steps. he directed homeland security to no longer make a priority of deporting young people who came to this country with their parents, you know, when they were under age. they were not coming here illegally of their own volition i understand why people say he couldn't do it and he . he couldn't change the law.
9:55 am
>> i have to jump. >> uma, it is a difference and we are not. >> i am up against a hard break. sorry, great to see you and thank you for joining us. >> when we come back, george washington's coppest constitution and hand writting hits the auction block. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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>> going, once, twice, a piece of history sold for a
9:59 am
staggering, 8,922,500, but not just any old book, it's george washington's copy of the constitution, and including his notes in the margins. the mt. vernon's lady association was the leading bidder. president obama's campaign has come up with a new way to raise campaign cash and wants people to create a registry and have friends and family donations in lieu of gifts at the next big event. and quote, it's a great way to support the president on your big way. of course we love hearing from you at home. should eric holder be held in contempt of congress over the fast and furious situation. one viewer writes, yes, because it will send an administration to the people they answer to and bob says, if you don't condemn, then you condone. in any way, for fast and furious, including the president should be held


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