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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 23, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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we appreciate it. that's going to do it for me. rick folbaum and jamie colby standing by to take it from here. have a great day and see you next time. take care. . >> a fox news alert rising fears that syria may be slipping further into civil war, a mass killing of government supporters by rebel fighters. every day the situation gets worse. this is a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. and those that were killed were reportedly part of a militia loyal to president assad. and shortly after the killings, rebel fighters released a video showing the bodies of more than a dozen piled on top of each other, some were still in their uniforms, meantime, president assad is said to be forming a new government there. and it's a move that will
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likely further inflame the tension and more bloodshed in syria. our greg palkot bravely streaming live from damascus. >> we're just back from the u.n. observer mission head quarters here in damascus, and those folks are still locked down. it's now been a week and it's too dangerous for them to go outside. they want to get out there, but the fighting is too intense and goes on across the country and a few flaps in the northern city, a protest of anti-government activists was fired upon by government authorities and then the other side was at it, the rebels were active in the eastern part of the country. and hitting an oil facility there. all told, activists put the death toll at over 14,000 now and 4,000 of that are syrian soldiers. we've got a firsthand look at at least some of that.
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we were at a mass funeral, at a hospital, devoted to a military injuries here in damascus. just at this one service alone, 40 soldiers, 40 soldiers in one day were carried off, and they were killed in recent clashes, just around this area, damascus, the capital of the country and we're told that this is a daily ritual, both at this hospital and all around the country. >> now, this has been more fallout, regarding something that happened yesterday. a sign of the growing internationalization of the conflict that turkish fighter plane was shot down by syrian air defense is on the coast of syria. that turkish president today saying that there would be some kind of retaliation in some form that that was necessary, syria said it was just doing what it had to do. and of course, turkey has been a big critic this have syrian
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government, president al-assad and just adds to the the tension about this incident, and finally, guys, yes, there was an effort to politically molify some of the opponents of the government here, al-assad, reshuffling his cabinet. adding two mainstream, but long time opponents of the regime into that cabinet. but the hard liners, the loyalists, remain in charge of all that. not much has changed. back to you. >> greg, great reporting, thank you so much, live from syria. >> back on the home front now, and house democrats now fighting back against republicans, push to hold the u.s. attorney general, eric holder, in contempt of congress over the botched been gunning known as fast and furious and they could hold that before the full house in the coming week. meanwhile, the family of brian terry ramping up pressure on the obama administration to
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release thousands of documents. molly henneberg is live in washington with the details. >> today, democrats on the house oversight committee, the committee that voted this week along party lines, to charge attorney general holder with contempt. the city obama administration is trying to comply with congress, but republicans are shutting down the offers. g.o.p. leaders on the committee want it know when holder knew what about the fast and furious gun walking operation and they want specific additional documents. the white house invoked its executive privilege to keep those secrets, but holder did offer other paper work for the committee. and committee democrats said, quote, the committee flatley rejected a fair and reasonable offer made by the the attorney general, to provide addition al deliberate documents sought by the committee in exchange for a good safety commitment resolving the content dispute. instead the committee has shifted the goal post to the administration, after failing to find support of the
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unsubstantiated allegations. republicans counter that and say that the justice department doesn't get to pick and choose which papers it hands over in an investigation. and as many as 80,000, and yet, only about 67, 7600 have been turned over. and so, who gets to choose what is relevant. and i think this is a large part of that offer is that it's in many ways a pretty narrow offer and some suggest, not even a real one. >> house republican speaker john boehner said this week unless the white house turns over the documents the committee requested, the full house will vote on the contempt charge next week and he says the family of the slain border patrol agent brian perry, quote, deserves answers why their son was killed as a result of an operation run by the united states government. >> rick? >> molly henneberg in washington, thanks very much. so, a big question today about whether the terry family might be able to get those
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documents, that the white house and the justice department are refusing to hand over. can the terry family do something to actually get them. brian terry's cousin joins us live in just a couple of minutes. minutes. >> strong new reaction today to what some are calling the first real debate over immigration, both president obama and governor mitt romney defending their mohels, just 24 hours apart in front of one of the most powerful latino groups in our country and now republican senator marco rubio is speaking out about both parties and slamming the national debate as being too political. take a listen. >> as long as this issue of immigration is a political ping-pong that each side use toss win elections and influence votes, i'm telling you, it won't get solved because there are too many people that concluded that this issue unresolved is more
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powerful. they want it to stay unresolved, it's easier to influence elections. it's easier to use to raise money. >> jamie: angela mcglowan is a fox news analyst and santia, a talk show host. and whether it's politicized and how does it get resolved? >> what we have it look at is the fact that this is a political issue and it's being use bide politicians, politically in a politically season. you know, the fact is, hispanics have positioned themselves perfectly to be courted by both parties. and will this be resolved? i hope so, because i think that all americans want an even playing field. we don't see equality an admission for people who want to be american. we treat cubans one way, hatians another way, it's just not right and we've got to do something about that. >> it's not right, but the bottom line is this, president obama said to the hispanic
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federation, the hispanic caucus, the national organization of la rossa, his first responsible would be to solve this immigration problem and on univision he can't do anything unilaterally and congress a fighting against him and whacky policy to impact 800,000 undocumented workers or 800,000 people who are here, not through a fault of their own, he's not solving a problem, he's putting a little bandaid over it. >> i have a question regarding timing, and the fact that this is an issue that's extremely important to this group of immigrant, but any immigrant really. why are we talking about it, really, only now. to me, it's also a national security issue and you have very important key border states that will come out and vote and both candidates want them. president obama has been there more than three years, why wasn't this more of a priority as republicans say it should have been? >> well, i think the president walked into the biggest economic mess that we've seen
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since immigration, no, angela, that's true. and we've got to have the bipartisan-- >> and some democrats voted against it. >> five senate democrats. >> slum. >> and right here, we have to blame the economy all the time. >> i'm not blaming the economy, i'm putting responsibility on the economy, more and more americans are losing their homes and jobs and not able to teeth. >> to eat. there was a time when the president had the full attention of congress and on top of that health care was a big ticket item. why would that help the economy if you're saying that the first priority was the economy? >> well, you know, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month when he came into office. that needed to be stopped. but you know, jamie, what's interesting to me, while we talk about hispanics and immigration, we don't look at the fact that 40 to 45% of
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illegal immigrants in this country are people who overstay their visas. so we have got a real problem with illegal immigration, but we're not solving it. >> and-- >> i've got to let angela in. angela, how do we solve it and why do you believe that republicans can solve it better? >> one thing that mitt romney wants to do. all of those businesses out there, hiring undocumented workers and paying them under the the table are going to be penalized and i truly believe, jamie, we should have the businesses and help those folks if there's citizenship. romney is focusing on all things, visas, temporary visas, and businesses hiring those people illegally. >> jamie: lastly, some of the critics of governor romney say he talked at this audience not with this audience, on the other hand, president obama came and played the plame game and basically just blamed republicans. each of you quickly, who was more effective and why?
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>> president obama was more effective. he's a great or atore and he preys on passion and that's what he did, but mitt romney, one should look at the details, he's going to be more effective. after for speaking before a group, no question, president obama. >> and let's just have bipartisan cooperation and people's lives are hanging in the balance, that's not fairment anyone who is ambitious to be an american, ought to be able to have the chance. >> jamie: ladies, great debate today. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you, god bless. >> fox extreme weather alert now, violent storms are rocking central north carolina, knocking out power, taking down trees. and what woman was driving when a tree came crashing down on top of her car? take a listen to this. >> the first thing he said to me was, are you all right? i said, yes, are you? and he said yes and we shook our head because we just bought the car on wednesday and it was kind of strange,
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just crazy. >> lucky lady though. and talking to meteorologist maria molina in the fox extreme weather center. >> hi, rick, good to be with you on this saturday and severe weather in carolinas and yesterday's cold front relief from the heatwave. and into the trouble digits throughout the work week, a little good news there, even that it came in the form of damaging winds unfortunately, but across the gulf, watching another larger system that has the possibility of becoming a tropical storm, and later on today and we have already detected some tropical storm force winds within that storm system. a lot of showers and thunderstorms, some of the moisture creeping into the state of florida, computer models are all over the place, unfortunately, with this storm system. some of them take inover florida the next several days and some west waked or over the state of texas so we're going to have to watch this system very closely. national hurricane center though giving it a 90% chance
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of becoming a tropical storm later on today and its name would be debby. it's beginning to strengthen and it's so warm across the gulf of mexico and temperatures into the 80's, regardless, whether it becomes a thunderstorm or not. we know it's going to produce a lot of heavy rains, possibly some flooding across north florida. >> maria molina in the extreme weather center watching that for us, thank you so much. >> jamie: we want to give you a look at a massive rally in paris against the iranian regime. thousands of folks to voice their voice on change. and no agreement. amy kellogg is streaming live from paris, hi, amy. >> hi, jamie, these people are calling for the overthrow of the regime. this rally is put on by a group, jamie, called the
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mujaheddin organization in iran and the terrorist organization, but the status is up for review and they have the support here today and some former u.s. politicians, and part of the rally is about their push to try to get it lifted, but it's also an opportunity to talk about the resistance movement inside iran. and this comes, awes mentioned, at a critical time when nuclear talks between iran and world powers really seem to have stalled. so, there is an increasing questioning of the power of diplomatic negotiations and the efficacy of that and more talk about the possibility of some sort of military action on iran's nuclear facilities. now, it's awfully noisy, i hope you can hear me. resistance in iran, many types in iran, but all brutally put
10:15 am
down beginning of 2009 when they started to rise up again after those flawed presidential elections, and here at this rally, we have met some people who have spoke been the difficulty, iranian students face, trying to struggle, for democracy, some talks about friends being imprisoned and executed for having filmed some of that grainy youtube footage that you saw after those demonstrations a few years ago. one of the people here at the rally, supporting this group today is former ambassador john boulton. >> and the regime change to come about by the opposition from within. i do not think it requires american military effort at all, but i think that the regime is vulnerable, i wish we'd been doing more over the years to push it over the edge. >> and, jamie, july 1st, a whole new round of sanctions against iran goes into force, so these will be critical
10:16 am
weeks and months ahead. that's the latest from here, back to you in new york. >> yes, the toughest sanctions yet. thank you very much. rick? >> well, when we come back after a quick break, firefighters are now losing ground on some raging wildfires out west. hundreds more people forced to evacuate from their homes. you'll hear from some of those folks in just a couple of minutes. >> jamie: also, some new evidence revealed in the trayvon martin investigation george zimmerman reenacting what he says happened that night. how will that impact the case? our legal panel will be here. >> could the family of murdered border agent brian terry help get answers in the fast and furious operation. his cousin. >> brian did ultimately come home from christmas, we buried him not far from the house that he was raised in just prior to christmas day. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst.
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>> new questions about whether the family of a murdered border patrol agent
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can accomplish what congress has not been able to so far and that's getting the obama administration and the justice department to release thousands of more documents in the investigation into the fast and furious operation. brian terry's family takes the center stage during a white house briefing with reporters this week. take a listen. >> the family of brian terry, the border patrol agent and at least two of these guns were found. they disagree with your characterization about the investigation. they say that the attorney general's refusal to fully disclose that, with fast and furious and president obama's assertion of executive privilege, compounds this tragedy, and it denies the terry family and the american people a truth, that's a statement from the terry family. >> look it, we absolutely agree with the need to find out the truth about why fast and furious happened. why the tactic, again, was employed in the previous operation, different operations and what is stopped by this attorney general, why it came about.
10:22 am
and that's why the attorney general rereferred it to the inspector general, why we have provided congress every document that pertains to the operation itself, that that issue here when you talk about the family that you refer to, the terry family. >> robert heyer is his cousin and the foundation. my first chance to offer my condolences for the loss of your cousin. >> thank you, rick. >> rick: when you heard that, did you sound like jay carney had forgotten brian terry's family name to you? >> well, everybody has problems remembering details. but that's part of our frustration, it's been 18 months since brian was murdered in the december certificate outside of rico,
10:23 am
arizona, it's been months since we've testified before congress on the matter of fast and furious, with each day that goes by, there's a palatable frustration at that his family, his parents, his sisters and his brother are feeling because we still don't know why these questionable and flawed tactics of operation fast and furious were allowed to take place. who authorized these tactics, that resulted in putting military grade assault weapons into the hands of the most dangerous criminals in north america. and we still don't have any accountability and no one has taken responsibility for it. so, i would imagine that, that their parents, the parents of brian are very, very frustrated at this point. >> when the white house says that this gun walking program was something that was put in
10:24 am
place by field agents on the ground in arizona, not by sort of some kind of directive from washington d.c., do you believe that? does the family believe that? >> well, there are a lot of very smart people in washington taking a look at this operation and trying to get to the bottom of it. and we'll put that in their hands, you know, as the family-- our mission and why we establish the brian terry foundation is to honor the memory of brian and to create a living legacy in his honor. and that's why we rolled it out this week. we've created the web page, honor brian and we're looking to do good things in brian's name. >> well, i would urge people to go and look at the website, as i had a chance to earlier today. but, i have to ask some specific questions because
10:25 am
brian's parents told our colleague, sean hannity here they're convinced that the government is hiding something, hiding something big so i'm just trying to get some specifics why they feel that way and what does the family think that the administration and the justice department might be hiding? >> rick, this is a good american family. we were born and raised in the suburbs of detroit, our parents worked in the auto mills to put us through college. brian was a cop, he was a u.s. marine, and he died as a u.s. border patrol agent, protecting this country and its citizens. he deserves better. he deserves answers. the his family deserves answers and that's what we're looking for. >> rick: when the attorney general says as soon as he learned about fast and furious that he personally put a stop to it, that's what eric holder is on the record having said. does the family believe that?
10:26 am
>> well, i believe the tactics that were so flawed and used in operation fast and furious that allowed those weapons, almost 2000 weapons to flow to the hands of criminals, that tactic has stopped, but remember, to make sure that something like this never happens again, we have to have somebody take responsibility. we have to know who authorized it and who put this plan into place. and that's what it's going to take to ensure that this never happens again. >> rick: did brian ever tell anyone in your family about his work? did he talk about it, talk about how dangerous it was? >> well, obviously, when he talks to his mom, he never told her about how dangerous it was. i myself never fully understood exactly how dangerous the border was becoming and on the night, or
10:27 am
on the morning of december 15th when i learned brian had been killed, i thought that it was probably in a fire fight right there on the border. we were all so surprised that it actually took place 18 miles inside of the u.s.-mexico border, far inside the united states and that's where they encountered a group of bandits, border bandits, heavily armed. >> rick: well, your cousin was a hero, like so many others who protect our borders and protect our interests at home and abroad and if there is more to be learned about what happened to your cousin, that fateful night in december of 2010, i hope that your family gets to learn that truth. and once again, the website is honor brian robert heyer, the chairman of the brian terry foundation. thank you so much for joining us, sir. and pass on to the terry family and we'll have more on
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>> well, to egypt now where officials are saying that they will reveal the results of the nation's historic presidential elections tomorrow. and the move comes as crowds continue to gather in tahrir square. and leyland vittert is streaming live from cairo. >> as you might remember from last year's revolution, the muslim brotherhood said they would not run anyone in the race and boy have things changed in six months. and virtually everyone in the crowd is from the muslim brotherhood, supporting their candidate for president. >> in the early morning, massive cruds chanted revolutionary slogans against
10:33 am
the army and for muslim brotherhood candidate. and friday, demonstrations began with new bra prayers as the muslim brotherhood sympathizer lined up hundreds of seats, and then, angry in protest. >> we are here to support him because he is the one who takes the elections. >> when you're on the ground here in tahrir square, it's difficult to get a perspective how many people there are here and saying they will not leave until their man, is key clared the president, so to give you perspective, you're now looking from more than a quarter mile away down here on the square and as we zoom out. you get an idea just how big an area it is, just how many people there are, and also, the large encampments they built until their demands are met. >> not going to leave. you don't think they will? >> i wish, i wish for future for my kids. >> the headquarters for
10:34 am
demonstrations and opening up bathrooms and providing shade from the blistering heat. saturday afternoon the crowds were smaller, but the chants filled the weekend air and many kept shelter under their tents waiting for another tight protest. >> and tonight, the square has filled all the way up once again, we're about 24 hours from the announcement of who the next president of egypt is going to be. currently the muslim brotherhood candidate is in the lead unofficially 800,000 votes and other 42% of the people who voted for him on the other side. many fear the brotherhood would turn egypt into an islamic state and rick, the brotherhood has promised protests that would make what is currently in tahrir square look small if they don't win. >> stay tuned. >> we will. >> jamie: and we're following the george zimmerman and trayvon martin case, this our
10:35 am
there's a video to be released could have an explosive impact on the upcoming trial. in the video, george zimmerman gives his most detailed account in the the shooting death of trayvon martin. and revealing to authorities why he reached for his gun, and pulled the trigger. >> and opened the door and i said, call 911, and i said no, help me, call 911, i don't know what they did, that's when my jacket moved up and i had my firearm, and my jacket, and he saw, i feel like he saw, and he looked at it and he said, you're gonna die (bleep) and i felt his arm going down my side and i grabbed it and i grabbed my firearm and i shot him. >> we know what happened from
10:36 am
there, the defense attorney and prosecutor is a defense attorney, welcome to both of you. >> hi, jamie, how are you doing. >> jamie: great. david, the prosecution in florida filed a protective order to try to keep this video from being released. it would seem, because it just said they didn't want certain statements of the defendant given to law enforcement to be released, but it's out. let me ask you, at this point, whether in your opinion, let me start with you, david, you're there, is it admissible. >> yeah, it's admissible, because, here is the problem, jamie. george zimmerman has a fifth amendment right to not testify in his own behalf. that makes him unavailable for testimony and on top of that, it's not the problem for the prosecution, it's a truthful account of what happened in in case and what they'll do is put law enforcement on the stand and ask law enforcement did you take the film and establish a foundation and let
10:37 am
zimmerman give his free flow account what happened to him and it's credible and supported by the third witness and the third witness are the injuries to his head. the front of his head and the back of his head, which is depicted in this video and supports his side of the story completely. so, i think this is going to be devastating for the prosecution, and it will certainly be used in trial. >> keisha, some legal experts wonder why the prosecution would have brought charges after seeing this, and hearing some of the statements that george zimmerman made when he met with police. let me play another clip and let me get your reaction from the legal case standpoint. >> okay. >> all right. perhaps we don't have it, this was something from part of-- an additional part of the interview. >> okay. >> your thoughts at this point, keisha, the fact that the judge ruled it had to be released, is it prejudicial, when it comes to selecting a jury if they've had a chance to view this. >> one of the things i want to
10:38 am
point out. we as attorneys, we love prior inconsistent statements, and i think that the defense actually is hurting the defense for zimmerman by releasing these videos. it shows there are so many inconsistencies from what happened with that 911 call and from other facts that we know. so i don't necessarily think it's going to shoot down the prosecution's case, i think it's going to help the prosecution. >> jamie: is it believable, david? is it believable? >> yeah, it's very free form, free flow, it's believable, it does support his side of the story, jamie, completely and the injuries depicted there, really help him because as i said, his head was being pounded into the cement by trayvon martin to the point where he felt it was going to explode and that's type of force is the type of force that can be used in, and you can deadly force to respond to it. >> jamie: let me bring this up, and you can each respond. and if it's possible to play just the picture part that have video we don't necessarily need his description, you've got to see
10:39 am
the double bandages on the back of zimmerman's head there. as he turns around he's got two butterfly sutures, covering the hole in his head. yes, he said he did not have a skull fracture even though he said his head was repeatedly seaton to the cement. >> my question is, if he had those done to him, he would have been to the hospital. there's no indication he went to the hospital during the day that this happened and then he also indicated his nose was broken. does he look like he suffered those serious injuries on that video. we don't know what's underneath the bandages. >> well, he was treated. >> jamie: what would happen here? >> jamie, martin-- it's going to be credibility. to me he's not shown to be a credible person and reenactment looks like he put together this story and thought about it when he went home that night and tried to make it sem like, oh, i was a victim and acted in self-defense, i don't think a jury is going to buy it. >> jamie: one other piece of video we have it of his girlfriend and basically, this
10:40 am
is all there is. his word, we can't hear from tr trayvon. >> exactly. >> jamie: we have one other clip, i'd like your reaction. >> trayvon tells you the guy is closer to him and you hear trayvon saying something. >> what are you following me for. >> what are you following me for. >> yeah, then what happened. >> man, oh like, oh, man, what are you doing around here. >> that's all they've got pretty much. >> does that sound like-- >> jamie, excuse me. >> i'm sorry. >> jamie, what he's saying he's following pursuant to his neighborhood watch training and breaks off the pure suit and calls 911 and at that point trayvon martin attacks him. and the stand your ground law is-- it's him respond it's deadly
10:41 am
force and him responding deadly force and i think under no way under the circumstances he'll be convicted. >> jamie: we're out of time, keisha, i apologize. i tell you that stand your ground, the judge has the first ruling on this case before we even get to the jury in self-defense. it is fascinating. we'll follow it for everyone and we'll have you both back. >> thank you. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: thanks so much. >> rick: luxury car maker infinity is taking on the s.u.v. market. jx 35. the company's first across over offering style and plenty of room for the family. gary gastelu takes the car for a drive. >> this is what mainstream looks to infinity. the quirkiest, aiming for the heart of the family car market, for the first crossover. unlike the rest of its lineup, it's a front wheel drive based vehicle that values comfort over the kind of european driving dynamics and the company's cars have been known for in the recent years.
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pretty bland drive. probably intentionally. if you're willing to spend on options, you hardly have to worry about driving at all. if you do, press this button to activate a host system with a safety bubble and detect others vehicles around the car and steer or brake before a collision and the same backing into a parking space, too, with a collection of cameras around the car offering a bird's eye view you have to try hard to get yourself in trouble in the first place. >> in the 2013 infinity jx 35. gary gastelu, fox news. >> rick: if you want to learn more about the new infinity s.u.v. go to fox car >> jamie: well, burning in colorado at an alarming rate. and hundreds of families displaced because of the large wildfires. coming up the epic effort going on to try to contain the
10:44 am
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fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. >> all right. let's get you the latest on the colorado wildfires. anita vogel is standing by in the los angeles bureau, how is it looking today, anita? >> it's not looking that great, jamie, it's giving firefighters major problems down in colorado. earlier this week, it was at 65% containment or 60% containment and now only 45% contained. there are more evacuations today even by people who just
10:49 am
two days ago got back into their homes. >> i have the complete peace if anything can be done to save our house, they'll do it. i just hope they know, i don't want it to be at the expense of anybody's safety. >> it seems like they've got a plan for anything that seems to pop up. they're not just firefighters, they're fire slayers in my opinion. >> reporter: in saratoga springs, utah, 40 miles southwest of salt lake city, wind are helping to fan the flames, the dump fire, residents of 1100 homes are evacuated. they believe the blaze was started by target practice. one firefighter suffered minor burns, but fortunately, no structures have been burned in that fire yet, jamie, so, some good news there. and of course, that's thanks to the hard work by the firefighters. we'll keep you updated throughout the day. >> we do, aneat that, thanks so much, rick. >> rick: when we come back, a serious health warning for meat lovers. don't go away.
10:50 am
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>> a mysterious new allergy, and people are developing a new reaction to meat. it appears to be caused by a tiny tick, medical a-teamer dr. samadi, this is the lonestar tick, right? >> yes. >> rick: and what happens?
10:54 am
>> so, this is very interesting, what happens is when you have the meat, not within a couple of minutes, but three to six hours after you can get really sick, get the choking and hives and shock. the lonestar, the picture to show again, the signature of the tick is the white spot on the back, that's how you recognize it, it's a particular tick, very aggressive and creates some allergic reaction that can stay with you forever. this is a tricky tick and what you're finding. you find it in the southern and eastern part of the united states. and obviously, if you go to the the woods you want to make sure to cover your sleeves and wear long pants and shirt so you're not exposed to it. it usually goes after the neck and the head. >> so something starts to scratch up there, be is he careful. >> a lot of times it's food allergies, people who have food allergies, if they're not so, so severe, they take a
10:55 am
benadryl and antihistamine. will that be the case here? >> the diagnosis is tricky and hard. a lot of times when people have the meat and they get sick a few hours later, they call it food poisoning, but it could be an allergic reaction, but if you feel safe, go to the emergency room, let them check. the diagnosis, as i said, it's very hard and they have to get the blood test and what they're finding is that this particular, the saliva, once it gets into the blood. it reacts to some carbohydrate in the meat, and checking the antibodies against that is what gives the diagnosis. you want to make sure that you are safe. so, if you have meat and this is meat, pork and lamb. not chicken or turkey. imagine having a hamburger and getting sick hours later not minutes, that's the reaction. >> rick: there's no cure for the allergy. if you get bitten by the tick and you get the meat allergy, you've got it. >> you've got it.
10:56 am
there's no cure and it's going to affect you, the only way to stay away from the meat products, like i said, pork, lamb and beef and it's unfortunate. you know, a risk you take going into the woods and, but only 1500 americans get affected by it. it's rare, but aggressive tick. >> jamie: are we safe at the beach. >> we are. >> rick: why, do you have a date. >> jamie: never mind, rick. i have a date with dr. samadi and dr. segal, i had to add that one. great to see you, doctor. >> nice to be with you, jamie. >> jamie: thanks so much for joining us, everybody. stay right where you are, because the journal editorial report is next only on the fox news channel. >> rick: see you at six o'clock. it isn't just your annual exam. it's your daughter's wedding. did you know with your health insurance you may now have some preventive benefits with no co-pays or out-of-pocket costs?
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