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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 23, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, death toll climbing in syria as tensions rise. we'll have a live report from inside that war-torn country. >> gregg: the clock is ticking down. we could be less than 48 hours away from the supreme court's decision on the president's healthcare law. we'll take a closer look what the outcome could mean in the race for the white house. >> heather: and true piece of american history just folds. who is the proud new owner of
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george washington's personal copy of the constitution. here is hinted. it's good news for all of us. >> gregg: but first, top story today, house democrats fighting back against the republican push to hold eric holder in contempt of congress over the botched gun running sting known as fast and furious. republicans could get the vote before the full house next week. molly henneberg is live in washington with the details. >> reporter: democrats on the house oversight committee are coming to the defense of the attorney general, eric holder, today after that committee voted along party lines to hold him in contempt of congress. today committee democrats said in a statement, quote, the committee has obtained no evidence that the attorney general was aware that gun walking was being used. to the contrary, the attorney general said he halted it and ordered an inspector general investigation and implemented
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significant reform measures. republicans want to know why holder will not provide specific documents they requested and why the white house intervened exerting executive privilege to keep some of the documents secret. one g.o.p. member says the justice department is not, quote beyond accountability. >> the frustration is not just the stonewalling but the evidence as well that there has been intimidation by the justice department of some of those people who were whistle-blowers. >> reporter: john boehner says the full house will vote on the contempt charge next week unless the obama administration turned over the documents it is requesting. they say they have turned over thousands of documents and attorney general holder is working on an arrangement to turn over additional material. >> gregg: as she mentioned, house republicans expected to bring the contempt vote to a full floor vote sometime this coming week.
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will that get anything at all accomplished or is this just a partisan, political move? we're going to talk to republican congressman john mica. he serves on that compete and voted to hold him in contempt. he is our guest live coming up in a few minutes. >> heather: to a fox news alert. turkey vowing to retaliate against syria for shooting down one of its military jets. it's not clear if the response would be military or diplomatic. growing tensions comes as the violence in syria rages on. uprising there, the longest and deadliest of the so-called arab springs. seer yeah is forming a new government. assad is keeping his allies in major positions seeing the move nothing more than could not say met i can. gregg? >> reporter: there has been more reaction to that turkish jet
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being shot down by syrian air defense batteries. syrian official here in damascus saying that it was an accident, not an attack. tushlg kir is threatening some follow up and there is frosty relations now between turkey and syria. right now off the coast of navy of those two countries are still searching for the two pilots on that plane. meanwhile, the last 24 hours has seen the fighting ratcheting up. a protest, anti-government fired upon in the northern city and key oil facilities in the eastern part of the country were attacked by rebel fighters. in that same area today, a syrian red crescent medical worker was killed a sign why most of international workers are grounded. death toll, over 14,000, 4,000 of them syrian soldiers. we get a brief glimpse of that
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side of story today. >> in what is a daily ritual at this hospital, syrian soldiers killed in clashes with rebel fighters, memorialized, 40 on this day alone. question is how much more of this can the regime take? >> reporter: many of the dead are conscripts. they don't have any choice except to go in the fight. the sister of one dead soldier cried out, what is the point? what a waste. obviously president assad does not think this is waste. he tried to put the best political spin on this bloody conflict with that reshuffle of his cabinet. there were two veteran moderate oh opponents included in that cabinet. hard-liners remain in charge of the key positions, not really much change. >> heather: thank you so much. greg palkot streaming live.
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thank you. >> gregg: also in the middle east, writing anxiety in egypt on the eve of a major announcement the presidential election results will be released tomorrow. a growing showdown in tahrir square, crowds gathering to export the muslim brotherhood candidate. leland is streaming live with the very latest. >> reporter: this is very different crowd than what we saw during the revolution. this is hard-core muslim brotherhood crowd, many of whom want to turn this country into an islamic state. this is day three of protests. it's very tough conditions. they are packing in the square and will be here all night long. >> undeterred by the hot sun and intense heat or sleeping on the sidewalk, muslim brotherhood
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sympathizers gave day three of their protests against the ruling junta that dissolved the muslim brotherhood parliament. >> i wish for the future of my kids. >> friday brought out people like mohammad, he lost his job and now supports muslim brotherhood candidate mursi. >> the muslim brotherhood used this day saying they wouldn't run anybody for president. now mohammad mursi is their candidate for president. it goes to show you the power of this organization to combine religion and politics into an incredibly concentrated force. most of the people who are in here are muslim brotherhood members or sympathizers. they say they will sleep in the square despite the heat and how miserable it is out there until their demands are met. >> i believe mursi -- this is my
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belief. >> right now he leads the vote count by about 800,000 ballots. that is going into tomorrow around 3:00 p.m. when we expect those official election results. the brotherhood has said if the opposition candidate is the winner, the protests we see behind us will look small in comparison to what they launch, but still right now the army is very much a wildcard. experts say there is very little chance if any they will take orders from a brotherhood president which could create egyptian revolution version 2.0. >> gregg: leland vittert, thanks. >> heather: back at home. an extreme weather alert. new fears of a tropical storm forming in the gulf of mexico.
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the next storm will be neighborhood debby so tropical storm winds are already forming. offshore oil workers are being evacuated and people living along the coast are being warned to keep an eye on the system. we will bring you the latest details as they become available. >> you have to see this story. an amazing survival story for an eight-year-old minnesota boy. some powerful floodwaters forced him into a storm drain. he was apparently playing with his cousin moments before getting swept away. that is when a local resident found him, scared and covered in blood. listen. >> do you remember what happened? >> no. >> i heard this sleeking scream. >> i said, i survived. >> he was so excited to see mom. >> i did what you told me to do,
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i plugged my nose and i prayed. >> i slept with him last night. i have my son. >> heather: can you imagine? he traveled through the sewer system for nearly a mile before being spit out in a wooded area. >> gregg: lucky to be alive. >> police in oregon releasing 911 calls after a climber fell more than a hundred feet. he managed to survive the drop. he is now in hospital recovering from his injuries. several people witnessed his fall called for help. initially there was confusion about his condition and where he fell. >> some of this on mounted hood. >> is he breathing and conscious? >> unconscious but breathing. >> and it's cathedral spire?
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>> we had a climber fall. >> gregg: he is the third climber just this year to fall on mount hood. witnesses say he was not as prepared as he could have been to make that climb. >> heather: the summit getting set to take center stage, decision on president obama's healthcare law could come down as early as monday. on the campaign trail, political stakes are high. anticipation is building to a fever pitch for both political parties are busy jockeying for position. how might it affect for the white house? aaron pike, thanks for joining us. >> if the court upholds the law, i want to take this scenario piece by piece. vindication for president obama and target for the romney
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campaign. how do the sides deal if the supreme court find all the healthcare law constitutional? >> it would be great for president obama. it's vindication of his signature reform as president in his entire first term. that would be good. it's bad it might not necessarily mobilize his base if the law is upheld, but for the rpts it gives them more fight to say we need a republican in the white house and republican leaders throughout congress and go forward and repeal the law as they've been saying for months now. it was a big piece of the campaign in the midterm election and why in part republicans won many seats in the midterms. it's something that mitt romney has been saying on the campaign trail all along, he would on his first day to sign a waiver so states could opt out of law and would lead the charge to repeal the law. >> heather: they have been saying reform and repeal, repeal and reform. that would also then force them
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to come up with some specifics or a plan, right, republicans? >> that is exactly right. if romney is elected and republicans maintain the house and maybe they can control the senate. they would have to come up with something. this is a problem if the law is struck down by the supreme court. mitt romney would have to say what he would do instead. so far all he has said on the campaign trail -- i covered him throughout the bus tour throughout the midwest -- he would repeal it. he has not said what he would do instead. that will force him to say something. >> heather: if the courts over turn some of the law, perhaps the most controversial part, mandate individuals that don't receive insurance from employers to buy it from private insurance companies, what happens if part of the law is overturned? >> that is the most likely scenario. overturning the mandate.
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that is also the thing that we are trying to figure out right now. some of the research shows that very few americans are actually affected by the mandate. so that is actually the biggest unknown. what would happen if just the mandated is struck down. it might not change very much at all. >> heather: and governor romney supported the individual mandate in massachusetts whereas governor he signed into law a state based measure that ultimately help serve as a model for the president. if the mandate is struck down, would the obama campaign, do you think, use that move against governor romney and how does he counter that? >> they absolutely would because that is something conservatives were talking early on, that mandate is important. now conservatives say that they don't think a mandate is constitutional but it is something that governor romney supported. when governor romney was campaigning for president first time in 2007, actually asked him at the time how he thought he could get every american insured
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in four years, which is something he was campaigning on, without a mandate and he didn't an answer. that again, this mandate, most likely scenario is going to mean the most muddled campaign going forward. >> heather: i want to take a look at poll from last month. if the supreme court rules that the healthcare reforms are unconstitutional, what do you think the president and coning should do about the health care system. 77% of people say they want them to start work on a new healthcare reform bill. we're like five months out from november. general election, do you really expect either side, democrats or republicans to take a firm stand? >> not at all. it wouldn't start until after the election. that is certain. however, house republicans have told me that certain provisions they would want to keep, like having kids up to the age of 26 stay on their parents' health insurance and other things like
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pre-existing conditions and guaranteeing insurance for those people. some of those provisions they would like right away. >> heather: thank you so much erin mcpike. we'll see what happens next week. >> gregg: an embarrassment for mexican authorities after claiming they caught one of the most important wanted drug kingpins. how the investigation suddenly fell flat on its face. >> heather: plus republicans pushing for a vote to hold u.s. attorney general in contempt over the fast and furious operation. will that move help learn the nation learn what happened to brian terry as the family searches for answers. >> i think they know that brian was a hero. he was a lawyer, he was number one american. he loved his country. i think if he could see all this
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>>. >> heather: 20 minutes after the top of hour, time a look at the
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top of house, a principal facing the death penalty or life in prison. they say the 45-year-old man went on a drug or alcohol induced rampage, stabbing multiple people killing of two them. fire crews in colorado now forced to pull back from fighting a massive wildfire for their own safety as the fire gains ground. fire officials say containment has slipped from 60% to 45%. >> and two cal men pleading not guilty in the beating of bryan stow. they are accused of attacking stow on opening day at dodger stadium last year. stow suffered brain damage in that attack. >> gregg: mexican navy thought it reeled a big fish in a drug gang. the man is not the son of one of mexico's most powerful drug lords.
1:22 pm
anna is following the story. >> reporter: after months of working with united states intelligence, they described the suspect as a rising operator with drug trafficking organization but it turns out he is apparently the father of a toddler and worked with his mother-in-law as at used car dealership. man arrested thursday presumed to be the son of mexico's top fugitive drug lord is really 23-year-old man and not alfredo guzman. his wife and son were sleeping in their home when marines kicked in the door and arrested her husband and his half-brother. authorities identified both men as members of the cartel. they were found with grenade launcher, two assault rifles and pistols and $135,000 in cash. his wife says there were no drugs or guns but the family did have the cash because of a
1:23 pm
recent home sale. treasury department has called guzman the world's most powerful drug lord. both countries are conducting an intense manhunt. he has been on the run after escaping from prison in 2001. this could be embarrassing for both countries. attorney general's office the original identity information came from the united states, but the united states drug enforcement administration says this information came from mexico. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: the bloodshed in syria no longer an internal conflict now threatening it's neighbors. a closer look at the spreading crisis still ahead. >> gregg: eric holder on the hot seat. he is facing a potential contempt of congress vote over fast and furious operation. we're going talking live in just
1:24 pm
a moment with john mica who voted to cite him in contempt. >> every piece of documentation that relates to the operation itself, how it came about or how it was approved, why such a flawed tactic was employed, that has been provided to congressional investigators. having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke.
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1:29 pm
>> reporter: we do expect joey sandusky will return -- rer describe san does ri will return but next time will be for his sentencing. he could be sentenced up to 400 years behind bars. he remains behind bars at the county jail at center county. last night he walked out of the courthouse in handcuffs. he had his photo taken. jerry sandusky not saying anything as he left the courthouse. one person shouting out to him, rot in hell. his family were overwhelmed by what had happened, his wife visibly shaken as one of his sons. shortly after the verdict was rendered, the state attorney general linda kelly stood on the steps of courthouse, and lead prosecutor on the case, on the other side the head of the state police. linda kelly explained the significant answer and importance of successful
1:30 pm
prosecutions. >> one of recurrent themes of witnesses' testimony which came from the voices of the victims themselves in this case was who was it? the answer to that question, we here in were. >> it was same kids were essentially lying, fabricating stories, conspiring to file civil lawsuits to make a lot of money at the expense of jerry sandusky. at the end of the day the jury didn't believe it. defense attorney said the defense had a difficult task. listen. >> the jury obviously believed the commonwealth's evidence. believed their witnesses. that is clear from the verdict. i have been asked already inside, is that a surprise? no, it was the expected outcome because of the overwhelming amount of evidence against jerry
1:31 pm
sandusky. >> reporter: shortly after the verdict was read, penn state issued a statement essentially saying they want to do whatever they can to resolve the civil lawsuits that have already been filed and that will be filed. there is still a cloud over this community. the trial of j san sunday is -- jerry sandusky is over but there are other legal problems that still remain. >> heather: thank you david lee miller. >> gregg: how long republicans now pushing straight ahead with a potential contempt of congress voted of eric holder in the operation fast and furious. it's expected to reach a full voted on the house this week. this is the family of murdered border agent brian terry demands accountability. >> it's been 18 months since brian was murdered in the desert
1:32 pm
in arizona. it been 12 months before we testified in congress on the matter. with each day that goes by, there is a palatable fruflgs that his parents, his sisters and brother are feeling because we still don't know why these questionable and flawed tack diction of the operation were allowed to take place. >> gregg: joining us live to talk about it, florida republican congressman john mica who is on the house oversight reform committee. he voted to cite holder in contempt. he joins us live. congressman, thank you for taking the time. logic would dictate if you have nothing to hide, no need to hide it. do you suspect or believe that eric holder knew of fast furious from the inception of october of 2009 and is trying to hide it from your committee? >> well, i can't really say.
1:33 pm
that is why we want the documents. we know in february of 2011 they wrote us and denied any knowledge of what was going on, but however, we obtained an e-mail in march a month later that clearly stated that they knew and they should come clean. they didn't come clean for nearly ten months. that is why we issued subpoenas eight months ago and demanded documentation. >> gregg: when testifying before senator grassley's committee, holder insisted he would not attempt to invoke executive privilege. he seemed to concede to the senator he wasn't entitled to it. why do you think he reversed himself? >> i think, again, this is on the eve of our vote that they
1:34 pm
made a final offer and thought maybe we would take some of the documents and agree to close it down. i participated in discussions and said we weren't going to do that. so their last resort was executive privilege which they invoked just hours before the hearing. this is a game. notices at game. it's really serious business because we had a federal agent killed in weapons supplied by the department of justice at taxpayers' expense. terry family is crying out for justice and congress can at least investigate this matter and get full information that we need to find out what went wrong. >> gregg: the president is record, as you know, claiming he knew nothing about fast and furious, wasn't involved. the communication sought by your committee do not even appear to involve the president or in fact
1:35 pm
anybody at the white house. does that make his invocation of executive privilege even more baffling and suspicion or the alternative is the white house was involved? which is it? >> i think invoking executive is not appropriate. it's appropriate if you have national security measures or advice and consent from counsel from president's advisors. this is death of an agent and dozens of people supplying arms to mexican drug dealers. come on, this is absolutely ludicrous. it's one more attempt to delay. we're demanding the vote. we're going to have the vote and if they produce the documents is the only way we would reversion course. >> gregg: if they don't, are you prepared to go to a federal court to seek an injunction to
1:36 pm
it is them to turn over the documents? >> i'll support any measures to get full investigation, to get justice. you are heard the terry family, for that family. for a justice for the taxpayers. this is the department of justice. >> gregg: you have to go to a federal judge to force holder to turn them over? >> we'll do whatever it takes. our legal counsel will gather. we're not going to let them off the hook. this is very serious matter involving the highest prosecutorial laws of the land. >> gregg: nancy pelosi says it's a partisan witch hunt. they say you are doing this to suppress minority voters. here is what she said. >> they are going after eric holder because he is supporting measures to overturn the voter suppression initiatives in the states. this is no accident. it is no coincidence, it is a plan on the part of republicans.
1:37 pm
>> gregg: what is your reaction to that? >> that is a sad commentary. that does injustice and terry family and others that were killed with weapons supplied by the department justice. this isn't a partisan in any manner. this is justice and justice is so important that we get to the bottom. for the american people and for the integrity of our united states department of justice. >> gregg: all right. congressman john mica, thank you very much. good to see you. >> heather: coming up fixed mortgage rates hitting amazing new lows. is now the time to refinance your mortgage or buy a new home? >> gregg: an amazing piece of american history capturing a huge price at auction. wait until you hear how much a book of george washington's personal copies of the
1:38 pm
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. >> gregg: an interesting story and historic auction, wrapping up in new york city. it happens to be a book containing george washington's personal copies of the constitution, the bill of rights being sold at the auction house. winning bid commanding a record price when the gavel fell. >> sold for 8 million $700,000. [ applause ] that goes --
1:43 pm
>> it was expected to go for about $3 million. successful bidder was the group that actually runs the mounted vernon estate in virginia which used to be washington's home. they talked about their plans for the book. >> we're only happy to bring it home. we're building presidential library for george washington, something he hoped to build before we tied and now 200 years later we will be opening it. >> gregg: the book is described as being in near perfect condition. contains his signature marking it as his own. it has some an oh tiagsz in the columns and right-hand side in reference to his interpretation to certain clauses within the constitution. isn't that great. i'm glad he has a presidential library. modern presidents, father our country needs a presidential library. >> heather: i bet you would love
1:44 pm
to see that. >> gregg: everybody will be able to do so at mounted vernon. >> heather: coming up interest rates, fixed rate mortgages at incredible lows. fears may is now the time for you to take advantage of the super low rates to refinance your mortgage? joining us now is patricia powell, founder of powell financial group. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> heather: the average 30-year fixed mortgage at historic lows. should people take advantage now is the time for buy and what about refinancing? >> a lot of different questions. certainly these are historic lows, 3.66 on the fixed, 2.95, these are great rates. if they are all time lows they are hovering close to that level. it's certainly time to consider. if you haven't already
1:45 pm
refinanced it's time to consider. if you in the market to buy, this is really going to be a benefit to you. as interest rates rise at some point it limits what you can purchase. i think it's a really good time on to be serious about refinancing or buying as long as you are not doing it just because interest rates are low. >> heather: so how do you get the best deal either buying a home or refinancing? >> the best deal in refinancing you have to do it yourself. i'm going to get a lot of nasty e-mails on this one of, you have to go out and shop, shop, shop it yourself. preferably go to the small banks small saving and loans that are specific to your area, often the ones that don't have the big ads in the newspaper or big ads on the internet. one of the things you have to do get best rate, make sure your credit score is good. you should be ordering your credit score and looking at what your problems and fixing any
1:46 pm
problems before you apply, that can mean the difference between a really good rate and not so good rate. as to actually buying, you go out and start looking. you go out and showing up at open houses by realtors and showing up, call a couple local realtors that can get you to the right houses. you start learning what the market is and no rush. >> heather: what got us here? should we maybe wait for them to go even lower? >> you know you never say never when it comes to this. to a great extent bernanke got us to very low interest rates. particularly with the extension, they have pushed down these rates. if you are getting a fannie mae and freddie mac mortgage you are guaranteed by the u.s. government.
1:47 pm
these are very low rates. is it possible they could go lower? yes, but it probably be accompanied by a nasty recession. >> so low mortgage rates combined with the housing slump, it would put the dream for many americans, why are many sitting on the sidelines? >> the job numbers haven't been good recently so people are feeling a little less secure in their own jobs. we have a permanent memory from 2008 and 2009. people are nervous about that. we are witnessing this economic debacle of what is going on in greece. and the hold euro zone is in question. and they are concerned how it's going to spread to the suns. is it going to be a lehman like moment? there are reasons for people to be nervous. even though the real estate is down, people are very nervous
1:48 pm
about losing money. everyone knows somebody that is seriously under water and they don't wab to sitting in their shoes in a few years. >> heather: thank you so much for your insight. thank you. >> gregg: violence in the syria spreading over borders, dangerous signs of a crisis is threatening other countries in the middle east. what can be done to stop the bloodshed? that story is coming up next. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>>. >> gregg: violence in syria going virtually unchecked. reports of mass killings coming in on daily basis. so far the united nations says 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict. other puts it at 14,000. it's spilling across the borders threatening to destabilize neighbors. what needs to be done. joining me is steven yates former deputy assistant to vice president dick cheney. mr. yates, it's a pleasure four speak to you. have diplomatic efforts by the united states and other nations been in your judgment an abject failure and does the obama administration have no real
1:53 pm
viable strategy? >> at this point i have to say that every tool kit in the establishment of the toolbox has been tried. they have gone through the u.n. assad mission has made things worse. president sat down with putin at g-8 summit and seemed to get stiffed and there was a similar time frame of a russian shipment. so a year and a half later there is no really strategy. >> gregg: is there a way to force assad into exile or is he convince he had can win militarily so he has no intention of giving in? >> i expect it's more on the latter lines even if he feels the tide turns against him, if he looks around the region, every similarly situated
1:54 pm
dictatorser that has stepped down is dead or near dead. it's a one-way ticket or fatalistic out come he would to accept an offer like that. >> gregg: what about arming the opposition in syria or is that already being done albeit surreptitiously? >> some of the agencies with the u.s. are working other agencies like our ally turkey to help the rebels in syria. this is direction that the middle of the road security stlat jists have been looking at it. governor romney and top foreign policy advisors have talked about this is viable path to explore, different than what has been coming from different from the obama approach. >> gregg: senator john mccain says the united states cannot afford watching a massacre day by day.
1:55 pm
he is urging military air strikes on syria. in your judgment is that wise or unwise? >> i think it's probably not helpful to have him talking about these options. if i were in a position of having to advised president, i think there are a lot of things in the middle of the spectrum we should be doing much more of. our allies like turkey no who they are dealing with and have a much stronger national security interest to get it right. it would exploit those options first before having another direct u.s. military engagement. >> gregg: russia remains in a central position. it, of course, has a veto in the security council, leverage in damascus because it's continuing to supply weapons, helicopter gunships, we know that but they deny it but it's obviously. is the relationship with president putin so strained as we environmentally saw here at the g-20 summit you could cut the air with the knife, is it so
1:56 pm
bad that relationship that trying to trying to get moscow intervening is just impossible? >> i think there is only one thing that vladimir putin and his leadership will respect and hits power and not talk. i think we are not doing enough action to shape the events and players like russia. if we had done something to affect that shipment h, the president gone to the meeting and engaged putin from that point we may have done more than to shape it. but just talk is not going to help with a kgb player like putin. >> gregg: good to see you. >> heather: we have a brand-new tropical storm brewing off the coast. we'll have those details coming up next. stay tuned. 
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
>> heather: hello, i'm heather childers beand welcome to a bra new hour. >> gregg: i'm going jarrett, topping the news. >> heather: john boehner warning unless all the fast and furious documents are handed over the full house will vote on the charges against eric holder. we'll have a live report, coming up.
2:01 pm
>> gregg: and shocking surveillance videotape of an execution-style murder in a small town parking lot, judge jeanine pirro joining us another manhunt to find a cold-blooded killer who shot a 17-year-old boy, five times. >> heather: and a powerful weather system along the coast, now tropical storm debby, we'll bring you the latest about the growing threat. but, first, we begin with raging wildfires, out west. in utah, thousands of people are forced from their homes, strong winds and hot temperatures giving life to the flames and, a devastating scene in colorado as firefighters are forced to retreat, waging and all-out war against an inferno that has already burned, nearly 200 homes to the ground. people here describing their ordeal. >> i grabbed as many of my pictures as i could, because, they are things i can't replace and other than that, it is insured. >> we are praying for all of those people, brave, brave people, who are giving a risk of
2:02 pm
their lives to presenting us and we appreciate that. >> heather: anita vogel is live in our west coast newsroom with more. hi, anita. >> reporter: hi, heather. right now there are a the a least three newer fires that have broken out in colorado. one near the entrance to the rocky mountain national park and another here an air force academy and the big fire in colorado is the high park fire, burning west of fort collins, we know that yesterday, it was -- last week it was 60% contained and now dropped to 45% containment and hot temperatures, gusty winds are feeding the flames and prompt the -- prompting the possibility of more homes lost, nearly a thousand more as of last night. >> i have a complete peace, if anything can be done to save our house they'll do it. i hope they know, i don't want it to be at the expense of anybody's safety. >> it seems like they've got a plan for anything that seems to pop up. they are not just firefighters,
2:03 pm
they are fire slayers, in my opinion. >> reporter: in saratoga springs, utah, 40 miles south of salt lake city, winds are fanning the flames of what is called the dump fire. and residents of a thousand homes were evacuated on friday and police say flames took out several transformers and they fear the power grid could be next. officials believe the blaze was started when a bullet hit a rock and sparked the fire, this 20th target related shooting fire this year in utah. >> now is not a good time to take your guns outside, and start shooting into sheet grass that is dry and tinder like and are asking the people of utah to regulate themselves with a little common sense. >> reporter: one firefighter suffered minor burns but fortunately no homes or structures have been lost, thanks to the hard work of the firefighters. heather, back to you. >> heather: thank you to them,
2:04 pm
anita vogel, thank you. >> gregg: from flames to a wall of water, massive floods hitting the northern part of minnesota, governor mark dayton was planning to visit the affected areas today, but, the local officials there asked him to hold off as they focus on cleaning up. folks say everybody is pitching in to help. >> it feels like a whale is swallowing up and we're swimming in an ocean. 27,000 sandbags have been filled over the whole process, every has come together as the community for this. >> i can't lift the sandbags, but little heavy stuff, i can. >> gregg: good for him. federal officials will arrive on tuesday to try to aset all the damage there. >> heather: sharp new reaction from house democrats towards republicans. over a vote to recommend u.s. attorney general eric holder, for a house vote on contempt of
2:05 pm
congress, the es collateraling show down tied to the investigation into the flawed gun running sting operation, fast and furious, molly henneberg is live for us in washington with the latest details. hi, molly. >> reporter: today, democrats on the house oversight committee say the obama administration is trying to comply with congress. and the -- in the fast and furious investigation but republicans are shutting down their offers and this week the oversight committee voted along party lines to charge attorney general holder with contempt of congress. g.o.p. leaders on the committee want to know when holder knew what about fast and furious and want specific additional documents. the white house invoked executive privilege this week to keep the documents secret but holder offered some other paperwork for the committee and democrats said today, quote, the committee flatly ejected a fair and reasonable offer made by the attorney general to provide additional internal deliberative documents sought by the committee in exchanges for a good faith commitments toward
2:06 pm
resolving the contempt dispute and instead the committee repeatedly shifted the goal posts in the investigation after failing to find evidence to support its unsubstantiated allegations. >> as many as 80,000 responsive documents, and yet, only about 67 -- 7600 have been turned over, so, who gets to choose what is relevant? and, i think, this is a large part of that offer, is that it is in many ways, a very narrow offer and, some suggest not even a real one. >> reporter: house republican speaker john boehner said this week, unless the white house turns over the documents, the committee requested, the full house will vote on the contempt charge next week. boehner says the family of slain border patrol agent brian terry, quote, deserves answers about what their son was killed. heather? >> heather: molly henneberg,
2:07 pm
live in washington for us, thank you. >> gregg: new reaction from one of the jurors in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. one juror saying the credibility of the accusers testifying against the former penn state football coach sealed his fate. the state attorney general agreed. >> one of the recurring themes of the witnesses' testimony which came from the wishes of the victims themselves in this case was, who would believe a kid? and the answer to that question is, we here in bellfont, pennsylvania would believe a kid. [cheers and applause]. >> and i think i speak not only for my own agency, but, for law enforcement across the country, when i say, we would believe a kid. >> gregg: sandusky may face more legal troubles, hours after the case went to the jury attorneys
2:08 pm
for his son, matt, issued a statement saying he told prosecutors that he was the victim of abuse from his father as well, here's jerry sandusky's attorney. >> the commonwealth attorney advised me it would not call matt sandusky in the case in chief. that it would reserve the right to call him as a rebuttal witness depending on what evidence we presented. that created a real dilemma for us, because if we call jerry sandusky now as a witness it would almost certainly, we looked at all the different ways we could avoid it, but, most certainly would have resulted in the commonwealth being permitted to call matt sandusky as rebuttal. >> gregg: sandusky said he never abused anyone and that would be the only admissibility and, it led to charging two university officials.
2:09 pm
>> heather: a fox news weather alert, tropical storm debby forming in the gulf of mexico, and, people are ordered to evacuate off of the rigs, and maximum sustained winds reaching 50 miles per hour. forecasters predicting very heavy rains, possible coastal flooding and dangerous rip currents over the next day or two. this is the first time, by the way, that four tropical storms have formed before the august hurricane season since 1851. >> gregg: a fox news, we're awaiting results of egypt's historic presidential election likely coming tomorrow. here's a look atta rear square in cairo. thousands gathering in support of a candidate representing the muslim brotherhood. protests have been underway there, night and day, since earlier this week when the military announced plans to limit the new president's powers. leland vittert is streaming live
2:10 pm
from cairo, egypt with the latest. leland? >> reporter: good evening, greg, late into the night here, the square is rocking. you might remember the muslim brotherhood about 16 months ago said we are not going to run anybody in the presidential election but, i have been in the square all day today and the crowd is either muslim brotherhood or a harder line version of islamists here in egypt and it's very clear what they want. well into the early morning, massive crowds chanted revolutionary slogans against the army, and and for muslim brotherhood's candidate. friday demonstrations began with new prayers as muslim brotherhood sympathizers lined up hundreds of rows deep, silent in prayer. and, then, angry in protest. >> we are here to support him, he is someone who...
2:11 pm
>> reporter: when on the ground it is difficult to get a perspective of how many people there are here, saying they will not leave until their man, mohammed morsy is declared the president and to give you perspective you are looking from a quarter mile away, down here on the square, and as we zoom out you get an idea of how big an area it is, how many people there are ann and also the large encampments they've built so they can live here until their demands are met. >> they will not leave. >> reporter: you don't think they will. >> i wish for future for my kids. >> reporter: the local mosque is headquarters for the demonstrations, opening their bathrooms and providing shade to rest from the blistering heat. saturday afternoon, the crowd was smaller but their chants still filled the weekend air. as many kept shelter under their tents, waiting for another night of protest. and, it has gotten cooler here, this evening and the square is filled up. one thing the people in the square point to is now, mohammed
2:12 pm
morsy leads the unofficial vote count by 800,000 but there are a lot of allegations of fraud so when the election commission makes its decision tomorrow, if it does shoes ahmed shafiq, the other candidate in the race, the muslim brotherhood promises what you are seeing in tahrir square is an 8th of what is to come and on the other hand, the army is very much of a wildcard and they said the new president, whoever it is will not have a lot of powers and that is not something that will sit well with the brotherhood and you can see a stand off between the army and the new president that could result, easily, in a lot of clashes going forward. back to you. >> gregg: leland vittert streaming live from tahrir square, in cairo. thanks. >> heather: in paris, a massive rally against the iranian government, thousands of protesters there including a former high profile u.s. lawmaker. gathering to voice their support for democratic change in the
2:13 pm
islamic republic. amy kellogg streaming live now from paris, amy? >> reporter: hi, heather. the group, the mek, has recruited people like the former new york mayor, rudy giuliani, to help their cause because they are in something of an interesting place, they are reviled by the islamic republic but heather, they are also on the u.s. list of terrorist organizations and that status is up for review and they are trying very hard to get delisted, using this event to help that and also to call for regime change. now, the reason the group got into the terrorist listing was because they killed some americans in iran, before the shah was overthrown and since then they've been fighting the regime of the islamic production and remain a controversial group. their critics say they are marxist-islamist cult, which they deny and their supporters say they should be applauded for decades of struggle against the regime of the islamic republic and their members have been persecuted during the
2:14 pm
demonstrations in iran after the disputed 2009 elections. they documented much of the unrest on the streets of iran and we spoke to some of the people who just got out of iran. >> reporter: this man says he was filming the 2009 demonstrations with two friends and they were both arrested and executed and he managed to escape iran. this iranian student got out two years ago. she said iranian students just want a happy life, freedom of speech like the rest of the world. mahmoud's family has been active in resistance and his mother and sister have been in and out of jail and his brother, now, languishes in a tehran prison. heather, this is an annual event but this year is a more critical juncture, people are saying, because, the nuclear talks between iran and the world powers seem to have stalled and in iran things are getting very
2:15 pm
difficult economically speaking, the currency lost 50% of its value in the last ten months and oil exports are down 30% and inflation for food items as much as 40% by many estimates. so it is a critical time in that country and a critical time when it comes to the nuclear program and there has been of course increased talk about possible military action in iran, so this event today is quite lively. that's the latest from paris, back to you. >> heather: amy kellogg streaming life, thank you very much. >> gregg: a chilling surveillance tape of a teenage boy gunned down in cold blood in a shopping center parking lot, now police want to know, was this a random act of violence or was the young man targeted? >> heather: plus many pundits say the economy is the number one issue on voters' minds but could the battle over immigration top it? a fair and balanced debate on that is coming up. looked up to my brother.
2:16 pm
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♪ >> gregg: time for a quebec check of the headlines, tropical storm debby forming in the gulf of mexico, the entire u.s. gulf coast keeping a close eye on the forecast. and expecting rip currents, coastal flooding and heavy rain.
2:20 pm
duluth, minnesota, getting what it doesn't need, more rain, flash floods tore through the region after 7 inches of rain came down on already saturated ground. the city estimates that more than $100 million required to repair all the damage. and, rangers at washington's mount rainier waiting for the weather to improve before recovering the body of a colleague them. ranger died thursday during an operation rescue, four stranded climbers, and lost his footing and slid nearly 3,000 feet, down the mountain. ♪ >> heather: president obama and mitt romney coming out swinging over immigration, each trying to win over hispanic voters at a conference this week. listen to the exchange. >> president barack obama: just six years ago, an unlikely trio, john mccain, ted kennedy,
2:21 pm
president bush, came together, to champion comprehensive immigration reform. i, along with a lot of democrats were proud to join 23 senate republicans in voting for it. today, those same republicans have been driven away from the table by a small faction of their own party. >> for two years this president had huge majorities in the house and senate. he was free to pursue any policy he pleased. but he did nothing to advance a permafix for our broken immigration system. nothing. instead he failed to act until facing a tough re-election. and trying to secure your vote. >> heather: is immigration just the latest battle in the ever-changing news cycle or could it be a major issue in the race for the white house? time for a far and balanced debate, sabrina schaeffer, executive director of independent women's forum and
2:22 pm
the founder of left action and president of halinko consulting. thanks for joining us. you heard mitt romney say the president had huge majorities in the house and senate two years and failed to act on immigration until now, john what is your response to that? is the president pandering for votes from a much needed contingency and if not why didn't he act on this before. >> he actually did. the dream act passed the senate with 55 votes. the problem is we have the system of the filibuster where a minority of 41 votes overcomes a majority of 59 and the dream act passed and were it not for the filibuster would be the law of the land and it is an election year and of course is an important policy to a lot of people and is not surprising it is coming to the fore, but frankly the president took a big risk in implementing the steps he did to basically implement part of the dream act, through his executive action. that was a big deal.
2:23 pm
and i think he took a big risk and 64% of americans supported it. so, it was a risk but, politically i think it will be effective for him. >> heather: what do you think of the timing of all of this? >> it is suspicious. the president said immigration would be a top policy priority on the campaign trail in '08 and yet we're almost four years into his term and are first having a full conversation about it. and the problem is, he's trying to have a quick fix before november but there are real lives at stake and people looking for a clear path to citizenship and we haven't really dealt with comprehensive reform. there are businesses that would like to higher illegal immigrants who are reluctant to because an executive order will only last until the next presidency and that may be sooner than president obama likes to think. >> heather: the executive order by president obama last week, you know, still in question whether or not he overstepped his authority on that but leaving that aside it was to hut
2:24 pm
deportation for some illegal immigrants because to the u.s. as children and it was part of marco rubio's conservative dream act plan he proposed and i want to listen to him on the immigration issue. listen: >> as long as the issue of immigration is a little ping-pong each side uses to win elections and influence votes, i'm telling you, it won't get solved. there are too many people who concluded the issue when resolved is more powerful. they want it to stay unresolved. it is easier to influence elections and to raise money. >> heather: that said, aren't both sides politicizing this. >> the senator makes a good point, it is politicized and is a tough issue but the politicalization is coming far more from the republican side, the democrats are ready to cross the aisle... >> heather: how. >> they supported legislation george bush would have supported. george bush would not be welcome today at the republican party on
2:25 pm
the issue. >> heather:. >> there is identity politics going on but certainly the democrats are more well versed and i think what is really important to remember is, in the latino community there's over 30% unemployment now and the idea we're talking about immigration rather than as if it tufrms job creation and economic growth i think is going to be transparent to all voters especially hispanic voters and i think we have to remember that the latino community is not monolithic in its support for certain immigration policies. this is a diverse and varied opinion group and the idea we can pull out immigration rather than talk about the economy and deal with those issues head on is patronizing. >> heather: address that, john, president obama won the hispanic vote by 67% in 2008, at the moment he looks to be ahead this time with hispanic voters in five key battleground states but does he need to focus on
2:26 pm
immigration? what about the economy. >> he has been focused on the economy the last four years and republicans keep on using the filibuster and now the majority in the house to preef serious action to make things better. but, let's be clear, the economy was losing 741,000 jobs a month the last month of the bush administration and we'd be at 27% unemployment now, and does a lot need to be done? of course, but immigration is important to many in america and 64% of americans support what the president did once they know what it actually involves they support it. >> heather: i have to wrap it here -- sabrina, final word. quickly. >> look at the electoral map, really the states we care about are colorado, nevada and florida, and florida is its own animal because we have the cuban population which is often differentiated from the larger hispanic population and ultimately we are coming down to 15 electoral votes.
2:27 pm
>> heather: hispanic votes expected to grow from 10 to 12 million, this time around in 2012. thanks for joining us. gregg: police in south carolina launching and all-out manhunt searching for the gunman responsible for this execution-style murder. judge jeanine pirro, weighing in, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max. if someone took mid-sized sedans and broke the mold? if we took our best-selling altima back to its essence,
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>> gregg: welcome back, bottom of the hour time for top of the news, a e relentless wildfire burning in colorado pushing firefighters back for safety them. flames west of fort collins scorching more than 118 square miles, nearly 200 homes. >> heather: and jerry sandusky is on suicide watch after being found guilty on 45 counts of child sex abuse, the former penn
2:32 pm
state assistant football coach was convicted yesterday of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. >> gregg: ron barber barber was sworn into take the seat vacated by gabrielle giffords who was shot at a similar event in tucson, last year. >> heather: ask anyone looking for a job it is tough out there and if you are a veteran, chances are it is even harder to find a job in this economy. that is unfortunate. but one wounded warrior is becoming an entrepreneur with help from his war buddies and is beating the odds. liz both prann has more on the story. >> reporter: the story about an injured iraqi war veteran who turned his therapy for p. t. s. d. into a business venture.
2:33 pm
he was injured while serving in the line of duty in 2005 and like his fellow soldiers who enlisted after 9/11 he faces a whopping 12% unemployment rate according to the bureau of labor statistics and, that is around 4% higher than the average american, certainly higher than any other veteran group and he said he found peace working on motorcycles and instead of collecting assistance, he said he went to a local technical college and decided to turn his passion for motorcycles into his own business and, not face some of the struggles of answering to an employer. >> there were a couple of times i wanted to just give up, and not do anything, and basically sit around, collecting a check and not do nothing with my life but i knew i wanted to do more with that and i wanted to do something with my life. i did go to war and i fought and bled for my country. a did a lot of things most people can't do or wouldn't want to do. in the name of freedom and my
2:34 pm
family and my home and, you know, to be able to do that, and now come home and enjoy what i did fight for, it is really -- really feels good. >> reporter: i got off the phone with him and the grand opening is next weekend and like he said he's getting a little help, both co-owners are also veterans. heather. >> heather: a great story, thanks for bringing it to us and thank him very much for serving this country. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> gregg: there's plenty of controversy about the obama administration's moves overseas, and the coverage they get, in the media. let's bring in liz trotta, author, journalist and fox news contributor. >> how are you? there are two parts of this, when it comes to foreign policy and one is what he's doing and not doing with respect to our
2:35 pm
foreign friends and the other is how big a part does hillary clinton play? hillary clinton has been -- people have tried to evaluate her, as a secretary of state and it is almost impossible, because, it is very difficult to gauge how in the deep bureaucracy of the state departments, someone really is in charge or whether it is many people but before getting to hillary clinton any more i want to say this is the theme of how people look in the media at obama, when it comes to foreign policy, was actually sounded by none other than frank bruni, who was an acolyte of the president and it came as a surprise and said on cnn, after a news conference, to obama gave, he doesn't seem in command. and that really, even though he wasn't writing it, he was saying it i must say he hit it right on
2:36 pm
the head. that is the general impression, if you go over all the writings, left and write in the media, broadcast and print, that nobody really thinks he's in command. yes, he can kill people by drones and that is the easy way out, for many, many think, even though of course there are those on the right who can't kill enough people with drones but as far as a delicate and informed foreign policy well let's go back to 2008, when he said what he was going to do was engage syria and iran. well there has not been any engagement at all. maybe the cia is running weapons into syria, to the opposition, but you know, there's a lot of people who wish he'd get in there and actually be able to talk. he said he'd establish smart diplomacy and it turns out he cannot only not talk to syria and iran, but, what about the
2:37 pm
taliban? those negotiations went nowhere. russia. those negotiations have gone nowhere. >> gregg: there are a number of russian and american nuclear missiles have been added to the star treaty. >> not everybody is in favor of that treaty. he may be showing you something positive but there's a lot of opposition to that. namely, we have angered eastern europe in doing that. >> gregg: well he helped mobilize military action in libya and withdrew troops from iraq, and that is most popular according to most polls in america and killed usama bin laden so there were some foreign policy successes in the obama administration. i'm playing devil's advocate. >> i know you are. except we know about the obama thing, much of the foreign policy has been done by leaks and all of them, of course, in an election year, these leaks, i mean, national security be damned, these leaks are designed to help him get reelected. if i may add a note about
2:38 pm
hillary, here, there are two interesting pieces written about her, both of them of course are positive and in the economist and foreign policy and, she's gearing up for something when she gets that kind of exposure. but as far as her cohorts in the state department, at least the people who were quoted, it isn't that great. she's an errand girl and is also a committed feminist who will put women before any kind of foreign policy exigency. >> gregg: and we'll leave it on that feminist note, liz trotta, thanks. >> heather: a shocking execution-style murder in south carolina. a young high school grad trying to do the right thing, brutally gunned down in the back seat of the suv, was it a random act of violence or did someone target the young man? judge jeanine pirro gives us her take, up next. >> the community, person who
2:39 pm
knows something about this crime, think about it this way. the next victim could be your family member of yours, and this might be the person who commits that violent act. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer togher. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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and so none gets left behind, check out our affordable xuv 550s at ♪ >> heather: welcome back, a terrifying ordeal for a little boy as teenagers break into his home and florida police say the boy, who is not being identified, had been at home, watching tv, when the suspects broke in. they allegedly used a hammer to break through a window and that is when the brave little boy says he grabbed his dog and dove into a hiding spot and called 911. >> are you alone inside the house? >> heather: thankfully the little boy is not hurt.
2:44 pm
police eventually caught up with those teenagers, shortly after they fled the scene. gregg? >> gregg: police in charleston, south carolina, launching and all-out manhunt searching for the killer of a high school grad who was partying after a night of, well, maybe a few drinks and he decided the best thing to do, he was tired was to pull over in a mall parking lot, sleep it off in the back seat of the suv, and that turned out to be a fatal mistake. check this out, surveillance video showing a man walking up to his vehicle and pointing a gun into the window and shooting the teenager five times, so the question is, was it a random act of violence? did somebody target this young man? here now to talk about the incident, judge jeanine pirro, host of justice with judge jeannine. i suspect it is felony murder incidental to a theft or attempted theft because before the shooting, this killer is
2:45 pm
trying to pry his way into the vehicle, one would assume to steal the computer and the guitar that were visible? >> well, you can wonder whether or not it is felony murder which presupposes that a felony is committed and, they never stole anything from the car. attempted theft but you don't need that, gregg. you have intentional murder here. i mean, you've got pointing a gun, at a kid in a car, shooting him five times, the kid never, marley says, i was shot five times, i had too much to drink, that is why i pulled over, you have the decent kid on his way to college, going to study international trade and mandarin chinese and pulls over, doesn't want to cause an accident, he had been at a party and ends up being identified, i think, the months fortune here is that he pulled into the wrong neighborhood. on the way home. >> gregg: really? >> yes. but make no mistake, gregg, they'll catch the murderer and thug and person -- >> gregg: how do you know.
2:46 pm
>> i will tell you why, he put his hand on the car door, so there are fingerprints and, the kid is shot five times, we have shell casings and the bullets and there iwill be ballistic fingerprints. >> gregg: a lot of guns, unless they have his fingerprints in the computer file. >> put it together, gregg, you have fingerprints, ballistic prints, you've got surveillance footage, not just from here but from other stores in the area, you've got his height, we know how tall he is based upon how high the car is. >> gregg: on the screen, here's the description, if you know anything about it. pay attention and call crime stoppers tip line at the bottom there. a black male, the suspect, 5'8", to 6 feet tall, medium to stocky build and, again, there's the crime stoppers tip line. >> and crime stoppers of course is something that will motivate people to give information. and, people should make a call to crime stoppers whether they
2:47 pm
actually saw the shooting or not. if they recognize what is in the video, if they hear something in the neighborhood, and the people who did the shooting, one or two, a guy walks up ahead of time before the shooting, the question is if they were on foot does it mean they are from the neighborhood? probably and people in the neighborhood heard something? >> gregg: could have park nearby. >> he was in the parking lot a few second, gregg. we know it was a happenstance, the kid pulls in, within a few minutes, somebody shoots him. all right... >> gregg: there is the alternate theory they targeted, maybe somebody was following him from party? >> well, if someone was following him from party i would expect to possibly see another car in the area where he pulled over unless they are from the neighborhood and know where the surveillance cameras are. again, i think it is random, i think he pulled into the wrong area and, what it speaks to, gregg, underage drinking, he was 17 and the fact kids need to be
2:48 pm
comfortable calling their parents for a ride home. >> gregg: this appears to be a brazen, cold blooded murder, one would think the killer would have a criminal record and wouldn't have been the first time. that was a brazen killing. >> maybe and i agree with you, but, we like to believe that people get arrested every time they commit a crime and the truth is they don't. it may be a gang initiation. it may be a robbery gone wrong, attempted robbery. >> gregg: unbelievable. >> it is cruel, vicious, lawless and speaks to the violence on our streets. >> gregg: catch it tonight on. >> justice with judge jeannine. always good to have you with us. >> heather: controversy is bubbling up over a glass of sewed do. should there be a legal ban on super-sized soft drinks. how big is too big? next, new polls revealing what your fellow americans are saying about it. ♪
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>> gregg: we can, the road to the white house, let's look at some brand new numbers out, real clear politics polling average, again, a polling average, from the 1st of june, to the 22nd, showing president obama with 46% to governor romney's 44%. >> heather: meanwhile, today's daily presidential tracking poll from rasmussen reports shows governor romney pulling ahead of president obama by five points, independent pollster scott rasmussen is president of r rasmuss thanks for joining us. >> first when you talk about the difference between a polling average and daily tracking poll, bill thing to remember, many polls in the average are of registered voters, not likely voters and all indications this year, the intensity, much higher among republicans and last two weeks have been good for governor romney and the reason for that, the beginning of may,
2:54 pm
41% of americans said president obama was doing a good job handling the economy and that is down to 33% today. >> gregg: i want to ask about marco rubio. obviously everybody was speaking to the latino conference in florida, the president was there and mitt romney was there but marco rubio was there and look at these favorability ratings for us. talk to us about this guy: >> obviously, rubio's number is improving by 7 points over a month or so, among unaffiliated voters, very important group, his numbers are up 13 points, to 43. but, it is really when we talk about the vice presidential nominees, whether potential nominees, rubio or someone else to rec most of these numbers are pretty soft. the week the nominee is announced most people will learn almost everything they know about him and all the numbers will begin to shift. the introduction terry we
2:55 pm
introductory week, very, very important for whoever the nominee is. >> heather: the next poll, it may be the key as to who wins the election and boils down to how americans perceive how america is doing right now. >> yes. and it is depressing, most, nearly half of all americans thinks our nation's best days have come and gone and men, a bit more optimistic than women on this score. but, what we are also seeing is it is a lack of faith, a lack of the leap, a solution out there. most americans would like to see spending and deficits cut, 66%, and that would help the economy and yet don't think either party, republican or democrat is likely to cut spending if they win in november. >> gregg: i want to squeeze this in about kids. you did a polling, as to whether children today would be better off than their parents. what did you find? >> only 16% say yes, and we have been trashing that on a regular basis, the high 20s, three years ago. >> heather: and should i have a
2:56 pm
big gulp if i want to have a big gulp. >> heather, you should do whatever you want and 24% of americans think the answer no. and say they like mayor bloomberg's idea we should ban the big, sugary drinks and 2 out of 3 say no, we shouldn't and most americans think there's a better way of dealing with health problems, individual responsibility and, insurance companies give you a discount if you eat well. >> gregg: and, nanny bloomberg wants to tell us what to do. he looks good with an and apron. good to see you, scott, thanks very much. >> heather: that does it for us. >> gregg: rick folbaum and patti ann browne will be taking over at the top of the hour. >> heather: see you tomorrow. >> gregg: have a great weekend. , sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoquite fitting because.ich i geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look,
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