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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 23, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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rushi rushing. >> rick: hello and thanks for being with us, i'm rick folbaum. >> patti ann: i'm patti ann browne, more houses go up in flames in western communities, engulfed. thousands of people are in shelters and the fate of their homes is now up to mother nature. >> rick: history on the auction block in new york city, a book containing george washington's personal copies of the constitution and the bill of rights, gets sold to a bidder with very deep pockets, we'll tell you about it. >> patti ann: and just in time
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for the sweltering days of summer, "consumer reports" has the best frozen treats on the market for you and your family to beat the heat. first, we begin with the family of murdered border patrol agent brian terry demanding answers ahead of an upcoming vote in the house over whether or not to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress and now terry's cousin and several lawmakers demand the white house hand over key documents on the fast and furious investigation. molly henneberg is live in washington. molly, hi. terry's family, frustrated with the proceedings on capitol hill, what can you tell us. >> reporter: they are upset because brian terry was killed 18 months ago and no one has taken responsibility for the fast and furious government operation that led to him being gunned down. >> we still don't know why these questionable and flawed tactics of operation fast and furious were allowed to take place and who authorized these tactics that resulted in putting
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military-grade assault weapons into the hands of the most dangerous criminals in north america. >> patti ann: he says othe only way to prevent it from happening again is to see who put it in place in the first place. >> patti ann: democrats are defending attorney general holder today. what do they say. >> reporter: that the white house turned thousands and thousands of documents over to the oversight committee and, attorney general holder is working on arrange ms to turn over additional materials and democrats said: the committee obtained no evidence the attorney general was aware that gun walking, fast and furious, was being used. to the contrary, as soon as he learned of its use the attorney general halted it. ordered an inspector general investigation and implemented significant internal reform measures. republicans want to know why holder will not provide specific documents they've requested and
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why the white house intervened this week exerting executive privilege to keep some of those documents secret. one g.o.p. member of the committee says the justice department is, quote, not beyond accountability. patti ann? >> patti ann: molly henneberg, live in washington, thank you. coming up later we'll speak with a former aide to attorney general eric holder who was working at the justice department when the scandal first broke and we'll ask him about holder's reaction when he first had to respond to the allegations. you want to see that. >> rick: other news, an attorney for a former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky saying his clients is on a suicide watch. after being found guilty of 45 counts of child sex abuse, accused of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period, often using a charity he founded in order to find his victims, and david lee miller is live in bellfont, pennsylvania with more. david? >> reporter: rick, although jerry sandusky is behind bars,
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tonight, in about 90 days time he's going to appear again at this courthouse and the reason, sentencing, he face hundreds of years behind bars, and it is likely he's going to die in prison. but his attorneys say they are going to mountain an appeal. one of the grounds of the appeal, insufficient time to prepare a defense and following his conviction, he was led away in handcuffs and as he exited the courthouse, someone shouted out, rot in hell. while many, if not most folks who live around here agree with that sentiment, they know the sec scandal is not over. >> i think it is always going to be thought about. it will not vanish but i think the whole thing, is pushed to the back now, not the main concern anymore. >> well i think those responsible didn't do what they were supposed to do should be held accountable. >> reporter: he could face additional charges after his
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son, matt claims he was abused by his father and there are civil sites, last night penn state issued a statement saying it taking steps now to resolve claims. perhaps the mother of victim number 6, who was in the courtroom, summed things up best yesterday by saying, nobody wins, we have all lost. rick? >> rick: david lee miller, live for us in bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> patti ann: a tropical storm forming to the gulf of mexico, the national hurricane center issuing storm warnings for parts of the louisiana coast, tropical storm debby is forcing evacuation from offshore oil rigs. minnesota is expecting more rain, and, they certainly don't want it. but forecasters say it will not be as devastating as the rains blamed for at least three deaths, millions of dollars in damage, and evacuations this week. and, hot, windy weather is making it difficult for firefighters to get' handle on
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those wildfires in the west. so far more than 2,000 people were forced to flee their homes in utah. we'll have a live update on the battle to contain those flames later in the hour. we may soon know who won egypt's historic presidential election. official results are likely coming tomorrow. protesters are packing cairo's tahrir square saying they are not leaving until a new president is name, thousands gathering in support of the candidate, representing the muslim brotherhood. legal lan vittert is streaming live from cairo with the latest. hi, leland. >> reporter: hi, good evening, patti ann, in tahrir square behind me the place is rocking and the muslim brotherhood is being very careful, not quite to celebrate but certainly to make their voice heard and their candidate, right now, is up in the unofficial vote count and they say they are not leaving a tahrir square until the army gives up power.
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whipping the crowd to a near frenzy muslim brotherhood leaders were gaining support for the muslim brotherhood candidate who leads the vote count by 800,000. >> our candidate has the most votes. >> reporter: during the revolution the muslim brotherhood used this stage to say they wouldn't run anybody for president and now every chant involves mohammed morsy, their candidate for president and, it goes to show you the power of this organization to combine religion and politics into incredibly concentrated force, most of the people who are here are muslim brotherhood members or sympathizers and they say they'll sleep in the square despite the heat and despite how miserable it is here until their demands are met.
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>> i'm here. this man, elections say, he won. >> reporter: from above one can see a virtual tent city for supporters to camp in but around the square people sleep in whatever shade they can find to shield them from the blistering sun and food vendors sell ice cream to barbecued corn. >> i am here to support mohammed marsy, for justice. >> reporter: tomorrow, around 3:00 p.m., local time, 9:00 a.m., there on the east coast, is when it is expected that the election commission is going to announce the results, and there were charges and counter charges of fraud on both sides and if shafik wins, the other member in this race, there's a reasonable chance the protests could get out of hand and even if mohammed morsy you have a real question whether the army will give up power and, if they don't give up power whether the muslim brotherhood continues to occupy
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the square which has a lot of egyptians extremely angry. patti ann, back to you. >> patti ann: leland vittert live in cairo, thank you. >> rick: syria and rising fears there that the country may be sliding further towards a full-blown civil war. opposition activists say at least 28 people were killed by government troops near the country's border with iraq. most of the victims we're told, women and children, this as there is mounting tension with turkey. overseer yeah shooting done a turkish fighter jet. greg palkot has the report from damascus, syria. >> reporter: there is more reaction to the downing yesterday of a turkish jet by syrian air defense battery, and a syrian official in damascus today saying it was an accident, not an attack. and while turkey is threatening some sort of follow-up, the nations of the countries are searching the waters off the
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coast for the pilots of the plane and, the fighting continues across the country. protest anti-government fired upon in the northern city of alep poe. and in the the key oil facilities of the eastern part of the country, rebels were active, in the same you're a a syrian red crescent medical worker was killed, a sign of why most of the international workers in this country remain grounded and the death toll is over 14,000 according to activists and included in that 4,000 syrian soldiers and we got a brief glimpse of this side of the story today. in a daily ritual at the damascus hospital, syrian soldiers killed in clashes with rebel fighters, memorialized. 40 on this day alone. the question is, how much more of this can the regime take? many of those who were killed were conscriptees, and draftees and had no choice in this battle and we heard the young sisters of one dead soldier crying out, what is the point?
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what a waste. obviously, syrian president bashar al-assad does not think that this is a waste and tried to put the best political spin on this bloody conflict, reshuffling his cabinet today. there were two veteran but moderate opponents included in the cabinet, holding all the key levers of power, loyalists, strong men, loyal to president assad. rick? >> rick: greg palkot on the ground. >> patti ann: a case of mistaken identity in mexico. authorities thought they captured the son of the top fugitive drug lord but appears they got the young man. >> reporter: the possible misidentification could be embarrassing for the u.s. and mexico. in a cat-and-mouse game playing with mexico's top fugitive drug lord, joachim guzman and the attorney general's office said the original identity information came from the united states. but the united states drug
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enforcement administration says the information came from mexico. after months of working with the united states intelligence, the mexican attorney general's office says the man arrested thursday, presumed to be the son of guzman is felix beltrand leon. his wife said they were sleeping in their house and marines kicked in the the door and arrested her husband and his half brother. authorities identified both as members of a cartel and the navy says the men were found with a grenade launcher and four grenades, two assault rifles and two pistols and $135,000 in cash. his wife on the other hand said there were no drugs or guns but the family did have the cash on hand because of a recent home sale. both countries are continuing an intense manhunt for joachim guzman who escaped from prison in '01 in the a laundry court
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and we are told officials misidentified him as a rising operator in the cartel and turns out he's apparently the father of a toddler and work with his mother-in-law at a used car dealership. but, both are being investigated for the alleged guns and money found during the arrests. rick, back to you. >> patti ann: thank you. >> reporter: thanks, patti ann. >> rick: an historic auction wrapping up in new york city. a book containing george washington's personal copies of the constitution and the bill of rights, sold at christie's auction house. the winning bid, commanding a presidential price. >> sells for $8,700,000. and that goes... [applause]. >> rick: not bad, right? the book was expected to go for $3 million, almost three times that amount. and the successful bidder was the group that runs the mt.
3:14 pm
vernon estate in virginia which used to be george washington's home. >> we're happy to bring it home to mt. vernon where we are building the presidential library for george washington, something he hoped to build before he died and how, 200 years later we will be able to. >> rick: the book is described in near perfect condition and contains washington's signature, as he went through the document and wrote little notes on the side. cool. >> patti ann: priceless, if you can afford it. still to come a plea in the case of the brutal beating at dodger stadium. we'll have the latest on the search for justice for ryan stowe. >> rick: and police releasing 911 calls after an amazing hiker rescued at mt. hood, the latest on the condition of a man who survived a devastating fall. >> devil's kitchen on mt. hood... >> they did what? >> he's breathing. is he conscious? okay. all right.
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>> patti ann: headlines, a former florida middle school prince call is accused of a crime spree that killed two and injured nine, police say the map went on a nearly 3 hour rampage
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attacking people in a group home and ramming a group with his car among other things, investigators are not naming the motive but they say he has a history of drug abuse. fire crews in colorado have their hands full with a massive wildfire. they've now been forced to pull back for their own safety that's fire gains ground, officials say containment slipped from 60% to just 45%. and, two california men plead not guilty yesterday in the beating of l.a. dodger fan brian stowe, accused of attacking him in the parking lot of dodgers stadium on opening day last year. he suffered brain damage in the attack. >> rick: our next guest work at the department of justice when fast and furious gun walking operation was in full swing and now the former aide to attorney general eric holder wants to set the record straight and joining to us talk about it publicly for the first time on our air, matthew miller, a former spokesman for the justice department and former aide to attorney general eric holder. you sayy were there when eric
3:20 pm
holder first heard about fast and furious, when was that. >> in early 2011. rushing and prior to th-- >> rick: and prior had no knowledge of that. >> and he was shocked. he is someone who spent his entire public career in law enforcement. putting criminals behind bars and protecting people from harm and when he first heard about the gun walking tag ticks that happened in fast and furious, he did two things, one, ordered that it be stopped and it be prohibited from taking place anywhere in the department of justice and, two, ordered an investigation to find out what happened and would hold accountable anyone who was responsible. >> rick: the operation was in effect at the time the attorney general heard about it and it was the attorney general who ordered it stopped? >> what he did is ordered gun-walking stop anywhere it happened. at the time, the allegations became public, and, you know, he was very clear that if they
3:21 pm
happened at the time we didn't know yet whether they happened, they were allegation, if they happened they need to stop and happening anywhere else they need to stop. >> rick: obviously the department of justice is a big government bureaucracy, there are a lot of people who work there and a lot of operations ongoing at all times but who at the department of justice did know about fast and furious? >> that is one thing that came out in the investigation. that chairman man issa conducted. everything his investigation has shown is it was a field-level tactic driven by atv agents in arizona, with the cooperation of u.s. attorney's office in arizona and never sanctioned by officials in d.c. and that has come out and that is what the facts have shown. >> rick: the doj and top officials, should have been at the least, should have been in a position to know about what was going wrong and there were
3:22 pm
briefings they were privy to and meeting they sat in on and jason weinstein, a deputy assistant attorney general, lanny brewer who of course is an assistant attorney general. that these are folks who really should have known it was taking place. >> well, it is hard to say if they should have known, they were never told it happened and, there was no reason to think it was happening. these are illegitimate management law enforcement tactics that never should have been put into play and, i think what is important is as soon as the senior officials found out they were happening, they stond them. >> rick: was the attorney general angry? here, we had a federal agent who was killed. what was his sort of gut reaction to that news? >> he was upset. i said shocked before and that was the best way to describe it and he moved quickly from being shocked and upset at what happened to figuring out what to do about it. >> rick: did he fire anybody. >> there were two officials in their positions, the head of the
3:23 pm
atv and the u.s. attorney in arizona, at the time, who are no longer in them and one was reassigned and one resigned. >> rick: why didn't someone actually get fired? where they would -- you know, officially be held accountable for this and lose whatever pension and benefits they would otherwise be able to get. >> it isn't over yet. there is an inspector general conducting an investigation at the attorney general's request and he has access to every relevant document, and he'll issue a full public report when it is over and the attorney general said, if that report finds that people acted inappropriately he'll told them accountable. >> rick: is the inspector general doing the investigation privy to the attorney general's own personal e-mails? it has been well noted that your former boss is a prolific e-mailer and certainly there are some correspondences that he took part in, that could back up or perhaps refute some of the stories, some of the statements that the attorney general has said publicly. >> the inspector general does have access to that information and the inspector general has
3:24 pm
access to really everything they want in terms of internal department justice e-mails, documents, including law enforcement sensitive materials that cannot be handed over outside the justice department. it will be a thorough investigation. >> rick: why hasn't the attorney general come out and said, publicly, look, we screwed up. it was a terrible operation put in place, but you know what? i'm the attorney general, the buck stops here. and, so, perhaps for the good of the country and the good of the department of justice, i'm going to resign. >> well, because it wouldn't be for the good of the country. what happened is the investigation has been such a distraction from the really important law enforcement work the department of justice does and the attorney general does. and that is what he wants to get back to doing but what he has said is the people that were responsible for this, they will be held accountable and you expect that from someone who leads the department like the department of justice. you can't know everything that is going on every day with 110,000 people and you can ask of people like the attorney general when they find
3:25 pm
wrongdoing, they act on it and he said that he will. >> rick: i know, you and i spoke earlier today, that you do believe the full house will vote and find him in contempt of congress. along party lines, you said. but you do believe that that vote will go down, later, next week, in the middle of next week. how can eric holder be effective as an attorney general, having been held in contempt of the house of representatives? >> well, i think when the congress has a 17% approval rating being held in contempt of them doesn't say much. i think he'll go back to doing what he has been doing, trying to protect the american people and keep them safe. you know, this has been an unfortunate side show. it has been a distraction, not just the administration and department of justice, but congress, too, with all the things they could be doing and to score political points and to embarrass and hurt the administration, i think, is not what the american people want them to do and, hopefully, they can get back to that once the
3:26 pm
vote is over. >> rick: last question, the terry family has been public, i'm sure that you have heard some of their statements, and, i'm sure you can appreciate the grief they are experiencing mourning the loss of their talk this went down for the attorney general to personally reach out to the terry family? >> well, he did do that, and i know that, you know, there was a little bit of ac kerfuffle at a senate hearing once and he didn't think it was appropriate to make a big show of it in public and, you know, apologize in front of a full senate hearing in front of the cameras but he reached out to them privately and expressed his regret in the a way that i think is appropriate and was the right thing to do. >> rick: matthew miller is now in the private sector, he is a former spokesman, though at the justice department and aide to the attorney general. matthew, thanks very much for coming on and talking to us today. >> thanks for having me. >> rick: fair and balanced, tomorrow morning on fox news sunday, darrell issa, who is the
3:27 pm
chair of the house oversight committee with the ranking democratic member, elijah cummings. >> patti ann: what investigators think someone did to spark one of the destructive wildfires out west. >> rick: and we may be days away from a historic supreme court decision and now the house speaker, john boehner, telling his fellow republicans do not celebrate. if any part of the health care law is struck down and we'll talk about why he's saying that and ask whether republicans will listen to him. think you can't get great auto insurance coverage
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3:32 pm
extradition to sweden where he is facing sex crimes. >> patti ann: and reaction to the conviction of jerry sandusky saying, quote the healing is just beginning and sandusky was found guilty on 45 points of sex abuse. >> rick: and the mayor of newark, new jersey, he helped a person who was hit by a car, cory booker rushed in tie burning home to save a neighbor. >> patti ann: he's a johnnie on the spot, isn't he. in other news, thousands of people are forced to flee from their homes and flames from the wildfires moving across colorado and utah. this as fair crews say fires may have been sparked by gunfire. anita vogel is live in our west coast bureau with this story. hi, anita. >> reporter: there are several new, smaller fires around colorado today, and a larger blaze in nearby utah. in saratoga springs, utah, 40 miles south of salt lake city, winds are helping to fan the flames of what is being called the dump fire.
3:33 pm
officials believe the blaze was started when a bullet hit a rock and started a fire during target practice. the 20th target shooting-related fire this year in utah. residents have about a thousand homes were evacuated on friday and many children. >> not just how many people, how many kids live out here, and, please remember, we are at eagle mountain, 23,000 people, and our median age at eagle mountain is 14. >> reporter: the big fire is the high park fire west of fort collins, colorado. last week it was 60% contained and now dropped back to 45% contained. hot temperatures and gusty winds are feeding the flames and prompting the possibility of more homes lost and, certainly, more evacuations, nearly a thousand, as of last night. >> after two weeks of the fire, getting established in there, it is still trying to come alive
3:34 pm
and resistance to control and persistence of the fire is pretty unusual. for conditions. that we normally see. >> reporter: now, despite that officials on the ground say they are pretty happy with the progress they are making right now and hope to start making plans, very soon, for the evacuees to return home. patti ann, back to you. >> patti ann: anita vogel, thank you. >> rick: police inning ing oor releasing 911 calls after a climber fell down mt. hood, he's in the hospital recovering from his injuries. a bunch of people who witnessed his fall called for help:
3:35 pm
>> rick: he's the third climber this year to fall on mt. hood and witnesses say he was not as prepared add he could have been. to make the climb. >> patti ann: scary. well, the head of the supreme court's decision on president obama's health care law, house speaker john boehner sent a bold memo to his fellow republicans and told them not to, quote, spike the ball if the law is overturned. what does it say about partisanship in washington? joining us now, susan estrich, professor of political science at the university of southern california. thanks for joining us, susan. >> thank you. >> patti ann: the memo is, we will not celebrate at a time when millions of our fellow americans remain out of work, the national debt exceeded the size of our nation's economy, health costs continue to rise and small businesses are struggling to hire. fair? >> well, he's right. you know? because there is a lot of partisan ship around the issue but the problem for republicans is if they win and beat obamacare, they are also beating
3:36 pm
down a lot of individual provisions that are very popular, you know, the fact that you can keep your 20-year-old kids on your plan and really, the preexisting conditions one is a big one and, they have to be very careful. they want to kill obamacare but don't want to be held responsible for taking away basic benefits to working people. >> patti ann: there are certain changes that seem popular, an ap poll to put up now that asks if the supreme court rules that the health care reforms are unconstitutional, what should the president and congress do? 77% say start work on a new health care reform bill. only 19% say, leave the health care system as it is. so, people do want changes but not necessarily everything found in obamacare. so, is it more likely to be choice c, which is, take some of the good and throw out some of the bad? >> well, it is going to be very tough, because you're in the middle of an election cycle. both sides -- and i think what john boehner is trying to do is
3:37 pm
take the temperature down, because both sides are going to react very politically. democrats are going to say, you know, this proves that -- look at the republicans celebrating, they don't care about working people and the republicans will say, look at the big government program and the idea is, the next day they will all get together and say, well, let's build something better for the american people. it doesn't seem likely in this climate. >> patti ann: speaker boehner in fact is saying if the bill is struck down republicans would actually move to repeal any parts of the law, that are still allowed to stand and in his words, in fact common sense, step-by-step reforms that protect americans' access to the care they need from a doctor they choose, at a lower cost. so, again, kind of signalling there, that they will -- want to repeal everything but then maybe put some of them back? >> you know, i'd like to take it all away and then maybe i'll give you some after. i mean, i think this is very...
3:38 pm
i don't know, they might be able to take more of it away but whether they can give it back. i don't know, look, the insurance companies will be out there and they are going to say that if you get rid of the individual mandate which most people think is the thing most likely to go they can't eliminate the ban on preexisting conditions. the economics doesn't add up. and i think the obama administration has been terrible in selling its plan or explaining its plan. so, more people may find out about what they've lost than what they were going to gain. >> patti ann: and some of the president's critics say, you know, it would be a victory for his critics in terms of saying that he is a constitutional law expert in theory. and yet if he loses the case did he get the law wrong, political gloating there, would you expect? >> no, well, you know, it is going into the last week and, you know, everybody is getting nervous about it that tells you it will be a sharply divided court. the fact that the president
3:39 pm
didn't accurately predict how the 9th member of the court would vote, i don't think shows anything about his knowledge of constitutional law. so we're just playing predictors at this point. >> patti ann: susan estrich, thank you very much and don't forget, you can read her syndicated column in newspapers across the country, every wednesday and friday. >> thank you. >> rick: all right, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke rolling out a new plan this week to kick start the struggling economy. will it work? we'll look at that, coming up. dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month.
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3:44 pm
other channels, in particular, by acquiring securities in the market and bringing them onto the fed's balance sheet, we essentially introduce investors to move into securities. >> rick: with interest rates already near zero will operation twist actually encourage businesses and consumers who aren't borrowing now to get off the fence? the managing partner of chapelwood investments, it's a little confusing when i listen to the fed chair or any economist use the fancy terms. but, to be honest it is hard for the average person to understand. operation twist. what does it mean for my pocketbook? >> it really doesn't mean a lot. what is happening with operation twist, it is real simple. they want to bring a long term interest rate, anything that is not really one year out down, and if they believe they keep the rates down you will start to see literally more borrowing that will take place and the idea is if you reduce the interest rates and, basically,
3:45 pm
how much someone has to pay to borrow money for a long period of time it might introduce people to start borrowing. it has not worked. at all. >> rick: if it hasn't work why do they think it might suddenly start working. >> because the fed has only so many things they can do, they can print money, quantitative easing, printing money and putting it into the economy and, people believe quantitative easing-3 is on the horizon, all right? but until now you have the fed out there trying to do everything they can do but there is one thing the elephant in the room is this: if we cut corporate taxes and cut taxes on individuals, we need to stimulate the economic engine. the united states is the third largest -- excuse me, the largest engine in the world, largest economy, if you take the next -- second which is china and japan, and germany, combined they don't even add up to as big as the united states and what we have to do is get the economic engine going and the only way to do that in my mind is cut corporate taxes on individuals,
3:46 pm
we have to cut as well and the other thing we have to do is get rid of regulations, i have been saying 2-3 years now. >> rick: you sound like the republicans in congress. what they talk about. >> well, let me tell you. what else do we have left? what we are doing now is not working, we see that. it is getting better at one point and now things aren't working and now we have a world economy, not just the united states starting to suffer and we have an opportunity to take advantage of what we have in our resources now and that is cut the things that are keeping the economy from growing and i know i sound like the republican party here, but guess what, what happened so far isn't doing and when doing something that is not working, pivot and change direction. >> rick: you mentioned four-by-countries and everybody is very familiar with the melt down that is going on overseas and, europe and i have been reading of problems in asia as well, growth problems in japan and china is there a way for the u.s. to capitalize on other
3:47 pm
people's misfortunes? not that we want to seem to be, you know, cavalier about the whole thing but isn't that what business men do? they see somebody else's misfortune and figure out a way to make a profit? >> that is a great position and great way to look at it. but before we can do that we have to fix our own economy. once our economy is fixed, then we can go out and actually take market share, if you want to look at it from a business standpoint, we can take market share away and the world is connected. there are four engines in the world. north america, you have europe, you have the emerging markets and you have asia. and, none of these engines are working very well, asian -- asian engine is doing fairly well and the emerging markets market is not doing well because it is mostly commodities and, europe you know what is happening there, the u.s., north america can get its act together and we can sell our products around the world better than we are now rushing --
3:48 pm
>> rick: usually when we talk you are far away. nice to have you here with us. patti ann is outside, hey! >> patti ann: speaking of melt downs, summertime is getting started and if the last few days are any indication it is a hot one. we're here to tell you about the best frozen treats you can get to cool off, "consumer reports" lending a hand. we'll have that, coming up. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ female announcer ] live the regular life. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers.
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>> rick: last week was nauseating hot... >> rick: but, "consumer reports" is testing frozen fruit bars and joining us is the editor of "consumer reports" magazine, susan perry and we'll start with the healthiest alternative, the strawberry frozen fruit bar and this is the whole foods brand. >> a 355 every day value and is a store brand and beat out all the other fruit bars and we tested strawberry to keep a level playing field and everything was blind tasted and we didn't know which ones we were tasting and, it is very much like wine tasting and, they
3:53 pm
are trained to -- >> rick: i want that job! >> everybody wants that job. it is a great job and... >> patti ann: zero calories. >> zero calories, no -- >> patti ann: zero fat. >> 110 calories. but you get 40% of your vitamin c, and, you need your vitamin c and is a healthy treat and zero fat. >> rick: did you taste it. >> patti ann: i did. it is delicious. >> rick: i love ice cream sandwiches from walgreens? >> yes, and we have tested more walgreens brands and found more we like of walgreens brands and these beat out all the other ice cream sandwiches including klondike and the more popular brands. >> rick: i bet these are cheaper. >> they are. $4 for the box and they are 170 calories. and it is nice ice cream and the cookie tasted nice and cocoa-like and it was very good.
3:54 pm
>> patti ann: moving to haagen-dazs. delicious, with 20 grams of fat. >> these are more of the calorie splurge, these are ice cream bars, two winners, hagen daaz beat dove by a tiny bit and they are excellent and, vanilla with dark chocolate, 280 calories, and 20 grams of fat. >> rick: 20 grams of fat? >> yes. and this will save you a few calories, 250 calories, 17 grams of fat, if you go by that, very good taste and save a few calories. >> patti ann: good humor and klondike did not make the cut? >> they did not and good humor, both had artificial flavors and the texture was a little bit gummy. >> patti ann: rick can't wait any more. >> rick: i'm looking at the dove bar. >> and, you tasted the wooden stick, that is why you don't see those here. >> patti ann: what are secrets to keeping calories down, it is
3:55 pm
kind of tiny. >> it is tiny and it is about portion control and rather than helping yourself to the carton, it is portion control on a stick. you want a friesen treat, it is about the healthiest you can do and... >> rick: this is not the healthy e est. >> rick: anybody like ice cream? we have some, i think we have some. >> patti ann: a cooler here. okay. >> rick: here we go. this is really good. hand some out! so nice of you, sue, to bring this for everybody. come over here. >> rick: really good. ice cream sandwich? who wants and ice cream sandwich. we have haagen-dazs over here! thank you! >> patti ann: a couple more. >> rick: all right. . this is very good and you can read all about this, in the
3:56 pm
magazine, "consumer reports,". >> yes, "consumer reports." >> rick: thank you so much for coming by. >> thanks for having me. >> rick: enjoy, everybody. and thank you so much for joining us tonight. this is fun. >> patti ann: yeah, it is just the calories in this one i find fascinating. you can get that much flavor in that and tastes like it has more. >> i love, they actually have really berries in it and tastes most like strawberries and 40% of the vitamin c really a pretty good thing. >> rick: don't tell my kids. i haven't had dinner yet. we don't like to give dessert... >> every once in a while. >> rick: stick around, everybody the fox report with harris faulkener is coming up next. >> patti ann: take care.
3:57 pm
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