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tv   Housecall  FOX News  June 24, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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>> eric: history made in the northeast, this morning.
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egypt will have a president who is a member of the muslim brotherhood. the winner in the election, the run off has been declared, mohamed morsi. a former muslim brotherhood official, gives egypt its first islamist president and you are now looking live in tahrir square as many members of the muslim brotherhood and their followers are cheering. glee fully cheering the nize that morsi, imprisoned under hosni mubarak's tenure has won election as egypt's president and faced former prime minister ahmed shafik and there are questions about the military because many see them as grabbing power and dis solving the parliament. he's 60 and was educated at an engineer in the u.s. and leland vittert standing by in tahrir square with the latest. , the reaction there that he has won? >> reporter: clearly, eric, the reaction from crowd behind me,
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in tahrir square, the last time we heard this kind of roar was the night hosni mubarak resigned from power, 16 months ago, the crowd here is going wild. behind me, mostly this is made up of the muslim brotherhood group. and, the salafists, harder-line version of muslim brotherhood, that have been camping now in the square for about three or four days, here, awaiting these election results. and we're now about a week away from when the election and the ballot box closed, now mohamed morsi, declared the president-elect of egypt. he is in his 60s, u.s.-educated and you can still hear the roar coming up from the crowd and the muslim brotherhood promised they would not run in the presidential election, and morsi was not even the first pick of a candidate but still has won, roughly the numbers are 13 million for mohamed morsi, 12 million for ahmed shafik, part of the old hosni mubarak regime, we have fireworks going off and,
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songs breaking out and the wild cheers here of in crowd and, he was able to capitalize not only on the muslim brotherhood political machine but also on a group called the salafists which makes the muslim brotherhood look moderate in comparison. they came out also, very strongly for him and it shows the power of the muslim brotherhood, which had been outlawed in this country for decades and remember, mohamed morsi spent time in prison, as a political prisoner, for being part of the muslim brotherhood. back when hosni mubarak was president. this is a huge change. not only for egypt but also for the arab world, for so long, president hosni mubarak was a major ally of the united states, ally of israel and israel and egypt have a very significant peace treaty and this now changes the power dynamic here. what we're going to have next is a struggle with the army. the army here recently dissolved the parliament which is also controlled by the muslim brotherhood.
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and has said they will be in charge of writing the constitution. which will end up deciding what power the new president-elect has. that could very easily lead to a confrontation between the army and the mass crowds you see down right now, that are waving flags of every type and a lot of posters of their candidate and to take from this, 16 months ago, hosni mubarak thrown out, in three week and now a member of the muslim brotherhood elected the president of this country. you could have gone to vegas and gotten a million-to-one odds, 10 million to one odds on this kind of thing happening two years ago. it was simply unthinkable. for the muslim brotherhood to take over the presidency in egypt and that is what we are now seeing as the result of the arab spring here in the mother of the arab world. >> eric: an absolutely amazing change of events, the generals, though, dissolved parliament and taken control. and have a promise to return to the barracks and hand over
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civilian control. do you think that will happen or is it a symbolic victory for the muslim brotherhood? >> reporter: that is going to have to be figured out the next couple of weeks and months. the question will be whether the generals, a little more than a dozen who control the supreme council of the armed forces that now runs the country. will ever take orders from the muslim brotherhood. many of the generals inside there are terrified of the muslim brotherhood and the long time, it was the scoaf, and now the brotherhood is going to take executive power and it seems highly unlikely the army will give up full power. what you might have is a power split where all of a sudden you have the muslim brotherhood controlling the domestic situation here in egypt and on the foreign relations side, the army in defense, the army still
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continues to have control of the united states and israel, and spent a lot of time overmonths,g in the relationship with the jernlts at the top and still have to have a positive influence inside egypt. right now, you have to realize, the yunited states gives more than a billion dollars in military aid to egypt and you have a country that has gone from being a strong u.s. ally led by hosni mubarak, the u.s. can count on and as the crowd goes wild behind me, for one reason and one reason only and that is, there is now a muslim brotherhood president who is controlling this country. you have to keep in mind, also the election results here were close. 13 million, to 12 million, this is not a mandate here, and you break it down, by percentage, it is less than 5%, of the vote, about half the people voted, so, less than 2-1/2% of the population here decided the election, and that tells you, just how close it is. there is a number of people we
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talked to, especially the more educated and the wealthier segments of the population. which fear mohamed morsi leading this country, and the muslim brotherhood control parliament, if they are able to come back into office, are going to turn egypt into an islamist state or, certainly greatly curtail things here in terms of social democracy and also, in terms of civil rights, for women to be able to be out in the street without hijabs, all of these things are now in play and there is a lot of egyptians who, themselves are scared about what president morsi could do and the world will have to redraw power maps and figure out how now to deal with the middle east now that the mother of the arab world is controlled by the muslim brotherhood. >> jamie: it is jimmiy. i'm curious for the 12 million people that did not vote for the muslim brotherhood candidate, what will change immediately for them? >> reporter: immediately, right now, nothing will change because
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you have, of course, the army still in control. but, ahmed shafik, a big part of his support, those 12 million votes, came from the coptic christian community here and, they are very scared about what is going to happen to them, now that the brotherhood is in control. there had been a lot of sectarian clashes between the christians and the islamists here in cairo, especially, and also, in alexandria and upper egypt. about 2 or 300 miles south of here. down in luxor, and, this country is very, very divided right now. and those 12 million people who voted for shafiq, many are coptic christians who now fear retribution and a crack down on their religious liberties, that will come from this muslim brotherhood. and a good idea to see how things are going to go is look at what happened when the muslim brotherhood won the parliamentary elections. now egypt is a country in the middle of an economic crisis and the muslim brotherhood wins the parliamentary election and the
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thing they immediately go for is to start tightening down the social laws here. they didn't really worry much about the economic crisis that was involved here in egypt. they spent their time worrying about the social issues in terms of what women can wear, where they can wear it, where alcohol can be sold and that is something that made a lot of people scared about what president morsi is going to mean going forward. on the other hand, you can see, from behind me, this crowd that is going wild in a way we only saw 16 months ago, when president mubarak resigned, that this country is very divided. the muslim brotherhood enjoys huge support, the salafists which are a harder line version of the muslim brotherhood also have huge support and it is a very, very powerful political machine with a lot of money behind it. they've brought out to bear and that is what high school driven him into the president-elect seat here in egypt and this is going to be a very quick transition. supposedly, the army is supposed to swear in president-elect
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morsi stooimenometime in the ne days before the end of the month. >> eric: a few minutes ago, we had a staff representative to benjamin netanyahu, and he called the muslim brotherhood win, the arab winter. when will they bring him to the white house to meet president obama. >> reporter: it certainly changes the dynamic in terms of, you had hosni mubarak a strong u.s. ally and all of a sudden you have mohamed morsi and if the army gives up control of foreign policy in terms of allowing him to be the form representative for this country, which, because he is president now, conceivably is something that is on the table, this will change the complete structural dynamic and the strategic dynamic in the middle east. hosni mubarak, who was a u.s. emissary and could talk to anybody is no longer in power
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and all of a sudden the united states is not negotiating with an ally, it is negotiating with somebody who can bring a lot of weight to bear, remember, egypt controlled the suez canal where the united states now can jump the line so u.s. naval warships open the mediterranean sea down towards the straits of hormuz and into the persian gulf, a see, not only economic but military and strategic ability for the united states, and that is part of the partnership the united states and egypt had, along with that 1.2 billion dollars in military aid. so all of that is now in question. i talked to a lot of people and they say what leverage does the u.s. really have over the egyptian government? now that mohamed morsi is here and now that he will have a lot of allies senate arab world, what leverage does the united states have over this new egyptian government? and it really just comes down to the monday and investment the united states can bring and if mohamed morsi now with the muslim brotherhood can go to
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other arab states and get the money and influence, the ability now of egypt to turn its back on the united states, certainly not have to be as responsive to the u.s. as it has been over all the time since the camp david accords. you have to take a moment here, in all fairness to look behind and look at the crowd that is going wild and just think for a minute, how much changed now in the middle east in two years. the thought that the muslim brotherhood would take over egypt less than two years after hosni mubarak was kicked out of office, would unthinkable two years ago and it goes to show you now the power of what is going on here in this sea change here in the middle east. the arab spring, remember, you had tunisia fall, the first ones to go, and they voted in an islamist president and now you have egypt who voted in an islamist president, and if you are sitting back and looking at a strategic map of the middle east, things are changing very quickly and it is not a coup, this is not the islamists taking
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over in some kind of military coup. this was by all accounts a democratic election and in fact i talked to a u.s. congressman who was here back monitoring the elections and he said, no election is perfect but this one looked pretty good to me. the question is going to be now, does the muslim brotherhood keep its promises of religious freedom and working with everyone, or do they go the route we have in iran, and become a hard line regime that believes in the one man, one vote, one time theory, something scary for the united states. >> eric: it is an historic day in egypt, as we can see, leland vittert will stay with us. we'll take a break and when we come back, we'll have more on the sea change in egypt. mohamed morsi, an islamist, a muslim brotherhood official, elected as president of egypt. democracy in the making, history, today. what it means for us, next.
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i have a better chance of living a healthy life. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart at i am proheart on facebook. >> jamie: a big "fox news alert" and you can see in cairo, tahrir square they are celebrating. a new president-elect, a member of the muslim brotherhood. mohamed morsi, will take over as president. what will it mean for those in egypt and here at home? walid phares is a fox news middle east analyst and joins us on the phone. could you have predicted this? >> caller: well, i put it in my book the coming revolution, eventually the muslim brotherhood having the most advanced political machine, having organized their efforts tor years under hosni mubarak
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were trained to be the opposition and when hosni mubarak collapsed as we saw in 2011, there was no competitor for the muslim brotherhood. the youth, young men and women who started the revolt and facebook and google people, women, minorities, the christian group did not have any organization and were not funded and it was natural the muslim brotherhood would be the front liners and they won. the legislative elections in the fall, they are confronted with the military. but, when they won this presidency it was off the military said, will they allow them to enjoy the presidency or not, the question last week and the week before and as we see now it seems the military have agreed to announce that the winner would become the president. >> jamie: how soon do you think we'll hear from mohamed morsi. >> caller: probably the next few hours, the leadership already issued many statements and what they are trying to do is tell the international community nothing dramatic is going to
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happen, it is just a -- smooth things out and this is the result of a democratic election which it was, and, then, there will be no threat against the international interests including of course the american concerns, both in egypt and camp david and you will hear a lot of that on the one hand and the other hand will hear commitments by president morsi by his followers that he'll implement the agenda and the next few days and weeks what we'll see is a race between the implementation of the islamic agenda if you want from one perspective, and, also reaching out to the international community including the united states to tell them that presently there is no challenge to the american interests. >> jamie: interesting, an expectation, walid phares, an analyst in this area, saying that nothing will change, we'll have to wait and see. please stand by, much more to talk to you about as people hear the cheers of the crowd, we'll
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>> this is a fox news alert. history is made in europe, after
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a democratic election, the first candidate from the muslim brotherhood has taken the presidency. his name is mohammed morsi, 60 years old. and u.s. educated. we have walid phares. nevertheless, even though he was educated in the u.s. and has familiarity with the u.s., he had said he openly endorses a strict islamic vision. what does that mean for egypt? what does that mean for us? >> reporter: there is no doubt about it, the fact that islamist leader, meaning leader who is believe in islamic fundamentalism, and the muslim brotherhood, the fact that they are educated in the west, that equips them how to understand the west, how it understand the society here, the politics here. but their ideology is islamist, they will become the expert on dealing with the west. most likely, you will see president morsi coming to the west, to the international community, but at the same time,
7:56 am
talk about this islamist agenda that the muslim brotherhood has developed over the past almost 100 years, i would say 80 years now. they have a very developed agenda. what they will focus on, as your correspondent mentioned is the domestic issue. they won't try to confront the military themselves. they would like to control education. that's very important. the ministry of education is covering 15,000 schools. that's where they will focus mostly. >> jamie: thank you. we will take a quick break. much manufacture -- much more on the other side. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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