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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 24, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> shannon: in egypt, the election results are in. the winner of the freest presidential election in the country's history is the muslim brotherhood candidate, mohammed morsi who narrowly defeated ahmed shafiq, hosni mubarak's prime minister. the outcome is a giant win for the islamist group and not the transition to democracy that many envisioned when mubarak was ousted in -- ousted 17 months ago. we go to cairo in tehere square with thousands of morsi supporters are now celebrating. we are having technical difficulties. leyland is in the middle of tens
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of thousands, he estimates maybe 100,000. they are celebrating the win of morsi. we will get back to him as soon as we get the technical problems fixed. >> a downed turkish fighter jet, and turkish state television say they know where the wreckage is, deep beneath the mediterranean sea. the pilots are unaccounted for. the jet was shot down in international air space, after briefly entering syria on a routine straining mission. a nato meeting to discuss the issue is scheduled for tuesday. >> and if the president and attorney general holder would simply start producing the documents they know they could produce to us, that are not by any means going to be covered by executive privilege, this could be delayed or even eliminated. >> shannon: republicans are fighting back against jabs from
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the white house, following the vote to send contemp charges to eric hold tort full house. that vote could come this week. joying me are a republican and a democratic congressman. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> thank you, good to be here. >> shannon: congressman chafits, jay carney, the white house spokesman, has said this is an election-year fishing expedition, politically driven by republicans. your response? >> nothing is further from the truth. brian terry was killed in december of 2010 this. should have been disposed of and taken care of early in 2011. unfortunately, the department of justice lied to congress and sent us a letter on february 4. that's why this continues to go on and the department of justice and the white house need to come clean and abide by a properly issued subpoena, put out in october and provide the
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documents necessary to solve this problem and make sure it never, ever happens again. >> shannon: and the use of executive privilege has been done by many president, dozens of times, republicans and democrats alike. but do you think the white house considered how tough this would play out politically in the p.r. sense, the fact that people assume when the white house does its 11th hour executive privilege claim that there is something to hide? >> i think they realized early on had where this vivegz was headed. what started as a bonnified investigation turned political and the justice department recognized, after giving 9,000 documents and the attorney general testified 9 times and gave an unprecedented level of discovery that the committee wasn't going to take yes for an answer, that it was going to push for a contempt vote and go thru this exercise in an election year, which is very disturbing because i think the congress's power of contempt ought to be reserved for stringent circumstances,
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otherwise it's merely a partisan tool. we have too many partisan tools at our use these days. something ought to be reserved for legitimate disputes between the branches of government. i think here, with the claim of executive privilege is properly laid against internal department communication, all of which, by the way, took place way after fast & furious was shut down. the white house has to stand its ground. unfortunately. >>, i think aten. day, we'll see this litigated in court and that at the end of the litigation, the justice department will turn over the same dowms it's offering to turn over today -- >> but if there are -- >> shannon: why aren't the documents you have gotten good enough to answer the subpoenas? >> with all due respect to my colleague, they haven't offered to give us the documents. the reason the contempt is going forward is because they haven't turned over the documents. so to turn over the documents with the conditions that we do nothing is unacceptable. if the documents there and they
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shed light on this, we deserve to see that to help solve this problem. if they clear the attorney general, as he said, please, send them to us. but the problem is, they haven't given us the documents. we deserve to see all the documents. it depends on the percentage of justice that you want. he says 9,000 documents. but the attorney general, two and-a-half weeks ago, testified before us in the judiciary committee, there are 140,000 documents pertaining to fast & furious. why shouldn't we be able to see all of them? >> shannon: congressman, your colleague, the top democrat in the house, elijah cum cummings promised the terry family, that no stone would be left unturned and everybody would be held accountable, regardless of where the investigation led. you can still assure the family they will get the answers they want? >> the attorney general, the first a-he did after shutting down fast & furious was ask for
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an inspector general investigation and will produce the answers that the terry family wants and has a right to have. i am less confident that the committee will produce anything valuable because the most important witnesses the committee has shown no interest in calling, such as the head of atf in arizona, the person in a position to know how this got started what the origins were in the bush administration, what was done under the obama administration. but the committee has shown very little interest in the facts that are most important to the terry family. unfortunately, the committee is most interested in having a fight with the attorney general. my colleague said, why don't they turn over the documents? the fact is, they have turned over thousands and thousands of documents. my colleague must take the position that there is never a legitimate claim of executive privilege. but plainly, presidents of both parties have claims the executive privilege. but where you are talking about internal, deliberative communications after the investigation has been shut down, the claim is very properly laid.
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the reason why, you know, the attorney general has gone beyond that -- and i hope this can be resolved before the vote next week, is the attorney general wants to avoid this constitutional conflict and will provide some of the documents that are covered by the privilege, if the other side will meet halfway. but unfortunately, i being the other side wants to fight more than anything else. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. we thank you both. we will be looking forward, as you are too, to see whether this comes to a vote this week. some critics of the president's decision to invoke executive privilege to block access to certain fast & furious dowms say it is just another example of abuse of power. it's your turn to weigh in. did president obama abuse his power in this case? tweet your answers... we will read some of your response this is hour. let's go back to leplanned
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tahrir square in egypt, where thousands of mohammed morsi supporters are celebrating his victory in the egyptian presidential election wee. >> reporter: we have a lot of chants of allah akbar, transport translating to "god is great." many thinks this is divine intervention, the muslim brotherhood saying they were not going town torun a candidate as they kicked hosni mubarak out of office. now there is a muslim brotherhood president-elect of egypt, mohammed morsi, took in 13 million votes to 12 million votes. to say there is a party in tahrir square would be an insult to any new year's eve party, hundreds of thousands of people, in not more, down here right now nthis square, celebrating. this redraws the strategic map of the middle-east, with hosni mubarak, the former president, a stalwart ally of the united
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states and noyou have mohammed morsi with very different ideas about his relationship, not only with the united states and with israel. one thing that has happened here over the past 16 months, since the revolution, egypt's economy has gone into a tailspin, tourism has gone from a huge part of the economy to zero. a lot of people are out of work. one of morsi's big claims is that he would return stability and the economy to something they could believe in and have a job and that means eat. a huge percentage of egypt lives on less than $2 a day, so that was a big part of this campaign. i want to bring in a man who has lived in the united states and has lived here in egypt. tell me, why did you vote for morsi? why are you celebrating his victory? >> hi, everyone. i voted for morsi because i read his program. i read his plan about reformingly-- >> reporter: what do you want him to do for you? >> i am someone who works in
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tourism field. i own a travel agency. i lived in the united states-- >> reporter: you think morsi will help you? >> he will help a lot. he will help a lot. i want to stress something that people might be worried about, thei lammist state. i have a master's degree in history. nothing in the history of islam 1400 years ago, held islamic state. >> reporter: you don't think anybody in america or israel should worry about the fact that the muslim brotherhood -- >> absolutely not. as a matter of fact, i invite all the americans to come and see our new egypt. come and see us, know us. don't just read about us. >> reporter: you think this will be a very different egypt from the one before? >> it will be totally different because we are reforming morsi made sure that he will reform the country from the beginning. morsi made sure that it is peace for everyone-- >> reporter: you believe him? >> i totally believe him because he never lies.
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>> reporter: shannon, you can see this is a changed egypt. the question is, will the muslim brotherhood keep the promises from the campaign? it was a political campaign, as we know the way people govern and campaign is often very different. history will tell us here in this place that has had its first free and fair presidential election in 7,000 years, bringing in the muslim brotherhood. back to you. >> shannon: live in tahrir square in egypt. thank you. we have breaking new from the gulf of mexico. a tropical storm warning is in effect. stretch from this florida panhandle to alabama and the bull's-eye could be on the texas coast. maria molina is at the fox extreme weather center, tracking tropical storm debby. >> good to see you. we have an update, we think the landfall could be across southern louisiana. so it seems that the national hurricane center is thinking that there is more of a northward track here or a
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northwestward track. but it's intensified with sustained winds of 60 miles per hour and higher gusts of 70 miles per hour, just shy of hurricane-force winds of 70 miles per hour. most of the convection is on the eastern half of the center of circulation. so the center's estimated to be around here and most of the shower and thunderstorm activity is falling over the state of florida. some of the outer rain bands, prousing very heavy rain and severe weather in the form of tornadoes. this is not urncommon to see this with tropical systems in the outer rainbabbeds as the storms rotai. we have a tornado watch right now, including tampa, to ft. myers until 8:00 p.m. so they will continue to track the storm system and bring you updates. >> reporter:o. >> shannon: all right, thank you very much. the supreme court is poised to render historic rulings in two major case this is week, possibly tomorrow -- health care and immigration. specifically arizona's sb-1070.
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since the measure was passed, it has become the symbol of a state and local frustration with federal inaction on immigration reform. peter has more. >> reporter: the health care case gets the headlines, but the supreme court is set to rule on the legality of arizona's immigration law this week, this is the law that's controversial because it allows police officers to inquire about the legal status of people they pull over, if they suspect they are here illegally. and marco rubio said this morning, based on all the problems arizona is having controlling people coming in from across the border, he said, the law is fine there. but it should stay there. >> believe arizona has a right to pass that bill. i understand why they did it. but i don't think it's a national model. i don't think other states should follow suit. for example, i don't want a law like that in flor did. but it's important to remind ourselves that the supreme court analyzes the constitutionity of the law. i believe that arizona has the constitutional right to do this. >> reporter: last week, the
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president announced new accommodations to benefit dreamers, or young educated, illegal immigrants, with good legal standing, brought to you united states by their parents as they were young. mitt romney will have a hard time topping that with latinos in his position on immigration, according to a report. >> the difficulty for mitt romney is, he was so vicious in going at the issue of immigration that he walked -- locked himself in. he is trying to play hide and seek on the issue of whether he supports what the president did for the dreamers, the young americans. >> reporter: as for that arizona law, s-b-1070, that could come down tomorrow. >> shannon: we will be watching. the supreme court case attracting the most attention, as peter mentioned, the battles over the president's health care law. here's a quick recap. on day 1 of the hearings, the justices considered whether the
9:15 am
case is ripe, based on an 1867 law that requires a party to pay a tax they object to and then file suit. since the mandate hasn't kicked in, no one has had to pay the penalty for not complying. day 2 was about the mandate and whether or not it is constitutional. day 3, the justices considered what would happen to the remainder of the law if the mandate is struck down. and finally, they heard from states that argued they cannot afford to take on the millions of new people who will likely end up on medicaid if the law is upheld. we may get the health care decision on monday or later on this week. mitt romney fires back with his vision for immigration reform, to counter president obama's. after the break, a top republican from florida with a huge latino population joinsitous talk immigration. firefighters in colorado cannot catch a break. a brand-new fire breaks out as thousands are forced to
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>> shannon: thousands of people in colorado have been evacuated as crews stop seven massive
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wildfire, one is brand-new, near colorado springs and has burned more than 2,000 acres. it is zero percent contained. it is one of the most severe wildfire seasons in colorado history. president obama and governor romney spoke at their -- at the convention this weekend that was an appeal to hitt hispanic voters, speaking to the national association of latino elected officials in florida this week. romney has not said if he would reverse the president's announcement, the plan to stop deportation of children who belong to illegal immigrants and says he want ace more long-term plan. we have a romney supporter, connie mack. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: in florida, mitt romney trails significantly in the hispanic voters and how they feel about the president. what does governor romney need
9:21 am
to do to close the gap? and can he? >> well, first of all, i think it's important to recognize that mitt romney has been talking about the economy and jobs and no matter where you are in the state of florida, where you come if in the state of florida, you are concerned about jobs and this economy. so, you know, the hispanic population in florida are concerned about jobs, putting food on the table, putting a roof over their head and mitt romney has been speaking to them on those issues that's important to them. when i travel through the state, and i am down in miami, and i meet with, you know, cuban americans, their questions are about the economy andions. not about imigration -- immigration. it is on the front burner because the president's announcement about a policy change, giving prosecutorial discretion for illegal immigrants here. what solutions are republicans and more specifically, mitt
9:22 am
romney going to offer when it comes to imigration reform, as folks on both sides of the aisle agree needs to happen? >> again, this is -- i think there is a lot of people in florida, a lot of... hispanics in florida who are really upset with the president. the president had 2 years with a super majority in the house and the senate and obviously the presidency, and they did nothing. at this last minute, to try to change the subject from jobs and the economy, he pulls this maneuver, ignoring the constitution, ignoring the rule of law. but mitt romney has said that there are a lot of things we need to do, first, we need to secure the border, make sure that we have a border, north and south, that is secure, so we don't have terrorists and drug, moving across our border. we have to look at things like e-verify it make sure that people who are applying for and getting jobs and employers have a tool to make it sure that they are here legally.
9:23 am
but we have a system that is almost impossible tor-- for people trying to get here to this country, to follow. we need to update the law, modernize the laws, so people don't have to hire a team of lawyers, but they can do it in a legal way. right now, it's so cumbersome to do that. mitt romney has a plan to do that jierks. >> shannon: do you think there is an appetite on capitol hill to cross the aisle and find a compromise in getting those things done? >> i think so. but it will take strong leadership from president -- when mitt romney becomes president. i think he can do that. you know, the democrats, up to this point, they want to play tolpolitics with this issue. it is shameful. the president had the majorities in the house and the senate. he could have done something on this issue. instead, he dealt with cash for clunkers and other programs that -- just didn't make sense. now at the last minute, he tries to circumvent the constitution
9:24 am
and the rule of law and it's a shame. >> shannon: congressman, quickly, you go to this week in the house and oversight committee, contempt for the attorney general could go to a full vote of the house. do you prick that there will be a contempt resolution passed? >> i can't speak for the democrats. bithink the republicans in the houses are prepared and ready to make that vote. it is clear that the justice department does not want to give up the documents and is doing anything they can to try to avoid giving up the documents. remember, we have a dead border patrol agent. we have a program that guns were walking into mexico. those guns were used to kill a border patrol agent. we have a justice department that has already lied to congress. and now, they're trying to,as prosecutors do, throw enough stuff up on the wall to create distractions, instead of doing what they are required to do, to turn over the documents.
9:25 am
>> shannon: congressman connie mack of florida, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: the rules are in, after months of uncertainty. egypt has a new president. we will get thoughts on the election process and the results as well. >> wow, physically ready, but the mental part was trickier. it was a long way down, but it was for a good cause. the lent advantage for special olympics and your part in it as well, coming up. my bad. tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got...
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>> shannon: break news out of egypt, where voters have elect the a new president to replace hosni mubarak. >> reporter: egypt's election commission has announced the muslim brotherhood candidate, mohammed morsi, won the nation's presidential election. he will replace ousted leader hosni mubarak. these were egypt's first free elections and they lasted for months. nato's leaders will meet this week to discuss if they should respond to syria's shooting down a turkish plane. turkish officials claim it was in international air space when it was shot down intentionally. syrian officials stay violated syrian's air space. storm warnings for alabama and the florida panhandle. a tropical storm could become a hurricane before making landfall. penn state university is reaching out to those who were
9:31 am
sexually abused by jerry sandusky. they say they have had confidential counseling available to the victims. sandusky was convicted on 45 charges, involving sexual abuse of children on friday. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> shannon: thanks, peter. joining us with his take on the egyptian election result, david dreier. congressman, welcome. give us your thoughts on the process, as it played out. >> thanks. always nice to be with you. let me say, this is a great day for the cause of democracy and freedom, when you think about what took place on january 25 of last year, the rove losing really began on february 11, hosni mubarak was out. if someone said a year and-a-half ago, thatwe were going to sigh for first time in 7,000 years, the people of egypt choosing their own president, one would have thought you were
9:32 am
crazy. so having said that, this is one step on the road toward democracy. first and foremost, the people want to get the economy growing. 2 million jobs have been lost since mubarak left. they need to get into place, pro-growth economic policies and i have introduced a free trade agreement to hopefully diminish our, you know, the taxpayer dollars that continue to go there. but the other things that need to happen that are very important, we need to make sure that the constituent in the assembly puts a constitution in place and they they hold parliamentary elections because the parliament has been dissolved. this is an historic step, an exciting and a positive step. but it is part of the process. we also need to wishing to insure that the statements that were made to me by leaders of the freedom and justice party, the muslim brotherhood, are adhered to, that being, complying with the camp david peace accords, assuring that
9:33 am
women's rights, religious freedom for the 10% of the christian, very concerned. we need to make sure that they continue to abide by the promises. i have hope that they will because egypt, shannon, is a secular nation. you know, the muslim brotherhood is a very small minority. and putting a coalition together is the challenge that dr. morrisy and the other leader there is will have. >> shannon: thank you very much for your insightso bowhat is a very unique process and important day in egypt's history. >> thanks. >> shannon: i want to note haone of his colleague, congressman allen west is among those who have expressed concern that are not necessarily happy about the results of the elections. in a posting on his facebook, he says, i call on president obama to cut off foreign aid to egypt and repudiate the muslim brotherhood and all radical
9:34 am
entities. so clearly, there will be disagreement here in the u.s. about how this has played out. morthat as it comes in. >> he was gunned down in front of the recruiting office in little rock, arkansas. >> a person kills another person, without... >> shannon: two fathers united in one cause to spotlight home-grown terrorism here in the u.s. back in 2009, carlsose bledsoe, who had gotten involved with radical islamists, spent time in yemen and went to a military recruiting from in little rock, arkansas and opened fire and killed an army private. both of the fathers are at the center of a documentary, losing our sons, detailing their experiences from both sides. gentlemen, welcome.
9:35 am
we are glad to have you both here live. i have seen both of you testify on capitol hill, very passionate and emotional. what are you hoping the message is that you get out from participating in this documentary? >> well, this thing has been swept under the carpet, as a drive-by shooting in little rock. i just find it difficult to understand how you can get 50 instances of people convicted or indicted on terrorism charges for attempting to do what mohammed succeeded atigo. >> shannon: mr. bledsoe, you obviously, when i i saw you talk about your son on capitol hill, expressed great pain at how his life changes and he changed. what are you hoping to accomplish? what message do you want to get out? >> the message i want to get out here is that, you know, this is supposed to have been the untold story. the federal government never wanted to tell this story.
9:36 am
my faith, now myself and mr. long can tell what we know that happened to our sons -- i want to get that out. >> shannon: what did happen to your son, carlos? >> my son was radicalized by the gipping in nashville, tennessee, the mosque he attended and they sent my son to yemen to be further ramradicallized. my son was brainwashed, manipulated and lied to by these imans in nashville and certainly in ye yemen. something is wrong with some of the mosques in nashville, tennessee. >> shannon: mr. long, what do you think could have been done to prevent this tragedy? >> well, he was deported back to the united states after being arrested in yemen with bomb-making literature, make
9:37 am
somali passport and he was brought back to the united states at the request of the united states government. something happened to where -- what people have been convicted for and trying to do, they did not follow up when it came here. on the day that my son was killed, he had nadal hassan say in front of army officers, maybe we should do this. nothing came of that. i mean, this is in front of fellow army officers. there is such a blurred understanding -- i mean, it's just crazy -- that we don't see what is right in front of our faces. it is beyond me. >> shannon: mr. long, are you worried about political correctness or people not recognizing the truth? what do you think is happening? >> when a guy says that this is justified by islamic law and the federal government turns around and said, this was tried as a... a murder case in little rock and not under terrorism charges,
9:38 am
arkansas has no terrorism statutes. that's a purely federal province. they're talking about overturning the ndaa because little rock or agarkansas prosecutor didn't go after terrorism charges. that's something that the fed his to do and they did not do it. there has not been any grand jury convened on this stuff. i was told at one point that, was probably the best way to go. notice, it is not. if we are going to deal with terrorism, we need to deal with terrorism. >> shannon: we know that the two of you are trying to get the message out because of the great pain you have both suffered. i know it is forged an unusual bond and friendship between the two of you, it is a thought-provoking documentary. i hope folks get to see it and i hope you both the best. >> thank you. >> shannon: a behind-the-scenes look at mitt romney's campaign from those who know him best.
9:39 am
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>> i saw it spinning around. >> the trees were, like, breaking. >> i opened the door and the door ripped out of my hand. we were very lucky. >> shannon: residents in south west florida are cleaning up after a tornado tore through that area in napeles yesterday afternoon, being embogging down tree limbs and damages homes, but no reports of injuries. the storm formed because of tropical storm debby off the coast of florida there in the gulf coast. we are getting an in-depth look
9:44 am
at one of the men fighting to win the white house. carl cameron talked to mitt romney's closest advisers and gets their thoughts on the campaign and the man they are fighting to get elected. >> the person at the top of an organization sets the tone, establishes the vision and sets what the objectives are and holds people accountable for following through on those measures. we have not seen that with this president. >> reporter: mitt romney says he developed his leadership skills in business, turning around the olympics and as governor of massachusetts. tim pawlenty, a former g.o.p. rival, is has campaign chairman. >> organizations take on the personality, tempo and style of their leaders, if you look at mitt romney's campaign, you see a campaign that isify functioning, organized, disciplined, collegial and collaborative, it is impactful. it reflects a lot about mitt. >> reporter: he is portrayed as a risk-averse micro-manager,
9:45 am
or behind the scenes in his political campaign. but by all accounts, he's demanding, wants mountains of data, accountability and results. >> he brings an element of let's make sure we measure and hold people accountable for outcomes, not just rhetoric. >> reporter: he has been running for office for decades, but was governor for only four yierz. he was often chastised for not fitting in on beacon hill. he no, sir never fit in with the president is and interest groups in d.c. either. >> a lot of time, someone tries to do something and the response from the people who have been here a long time, well, that's not how we do it. and i think governor romney's response to that will be, well, we are going to try something new. >> reporter: romney have a temper, but people say it's an obsessive pursuit of information. >> he debates vigorously, sometimes people may misintent that as the governor being argumentive. but he is not arguing with you,
9:46 am
he is testing the strength of your argument or the position that -- that you have taken in a meeting. >> reporter: romney's leadership style and record have been through four years of scrutiny across two presidential campaigns. his biggest decision as a candidate will be his runningmate and whether it turns out to be a good within or a bad one won't be clear until election day. carl cameron, fox news. >> shannon: some parts of the country were buried under snow, but for a lot of us, it was a nice, mild winter. but we will pay the price in the form of mosquito bites. the buggy summer forecast next. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if someone took mid-sized sedans and broke the mold? if we took our best-selling altima back to its essence, kept its dna, then reimagined nearly everything in it? ♪ gave it greater horsepower...
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>> shannon: coming up in the next hour, protecting our borders, president obama issues new policy guideline about illegal immigration and the states now have to manage the fallout. we will talk to the attorney generals of two border states. is the family unit a thing of the past? an evangelical author gathers christians to talk about building families again. we did it -- this week, the fox news team rapelled down a building to raise money for special olympics. there are very few things i
9:51 am
would consider doing this for -- special olympics, you are one of the few. now for a look at top story, tropical storm debby is gaining strength as it churns toward the gulf coast. a tropical storm warning is in effect from alabamay gulf coast through the florida panhandle. it could be near hurricane strength in about 48 hours. we could soon know the fate of president obama's health care law as soon as tomorrow. expected to issue an opinion on the constitutionality of the measure this is week. several thousand turned out to protest in phoenix last night, calling for the close of marr maricopa county's tent city, saying the tent cells are inhumane in the triple-digit
9:52 am
heat. wounded warriors are gearing up for a new battle, taking on miles of asphalt, stifling heat and thousands of runners, able-bodied and disabled. we have more from new york. >> reporter: hey, there, shannon. a total of 5700 able-bodied and disabled runners and cyclists rd alongside one other in manhattan for the largest race of its kind. 40 members of the achilles freedom team of wounded veterans are inspiring us all after attending the 5-mile race. the freedom team provides injured servicemen and -women to train and compete in mainstream races throughout the country. organizers say this is a chance for the veterans to be active, heal and achieve. they traveled from walter reed medical center, where they are undergoing treatment. most of them are amputees, running on prosthetics or hand-cranked cycles.
9:53 am
>> i wanted to try to do the hand cycle event, instead of going to a marathorngs i thought 5 miles would be easier to tackle. >> good, healthy race. i feel good about myself. i know i am going to do other races. >> shannon: good luck to him. athletes and fans took all over central park. some raced in memory of fallen warriors as well. marshal kennedy is one of those volunteers. >> we have to meet the family, the mothers of the ones we are going to ride for. we will come a lot closer to them as well. >> the name is taken from the achilles founding board chair, i am the central park jogger, the story of hope and possibility. and shannon, look what it has come to. it's very cool. >> shannon: it's fantastic, getting back out and competing again, what a great cause. thank you for bringing us the
9:54 am
story. house oversight committee chairman darrell issa speaking out days before an expected contempt vote in the house against eric holder. what he had to say to chris wallace on fox news sunday. and crew battling colorado wildfires dealt a major setback, a new fire. we'll have the latest next. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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>> shannon: summer time is here and this usually means we will all be spending a lot more time outside. experts say the mild winter we had is likely to lead to a bu buggy summer in the northeast and there is apparently a new bug in town straight in asia. laura ingle has the story. >> mosquito, and the ansa, water bugs ticks and bees com coming out with a vengeance. the mild winter and warm spring has added up to the perfect storm which has created a flourishing bug population. >> we are bracing for a major bug war if you will. it it all depends on how the summer is. if the summer is really hot and there is a lot of moisture like there has been the last month or so the populations of inse t insects is is going to be out of control. >> reporter: and there are certain species they are looking out for. the asian tiger mosquito. an aggressive mosquito that
9:59 am
bites during the day. one of the biggest concerns of having mosquitoes around is the possible increase in west nile virus cases. last year, 11 people in the new york city area contracted the virus and two died. best advice, get out the bug spray and warm days when you might be near the water and during dawn and dusk hours when the little blood suckers are at the peak feeding time. you can help out by destroying feeding grounds. >> get rid of standing water after rain, buckets, bird bat s baths, anything that picked up water because the mosquitoes can breed in a paper cup and even a bottle cap. >> ticks in the northeast are a big concern with lyme disease. they have been appearing in larger numbers this year. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. >> shannon: 16 months after the overthrow of hosni mubarak there is a new egyptian president.
10:00 am
the country's election commission declared muhammad morsi the winner of egypt's first elections. he won by a narrow margin are. i'm shannon bream. let's get right to to. what does the election outcome mean for egypt. you are looking live at the square in cairo where tens of thousands, maybe even a hundred thousand of supporters are muhammad mors i guyed celebra e celebrating the win. the win was by 51.7%. that majority mean there's is a through president and for a first time a democratically elected president, the freest elections in egypt's history. mohamemed mors.
10:01 am
we have dr. walid phares to give us insight. sol folsome folks are saying ta win for the egyptian people. others expressing concerns he will be the press now, mohamm d mohammed morsi is aligned with the muslim brother hood party. >> the liberals, the democrats, the people who are not islamist in ediplomat get, a large segment of those are concerned bus the muslim brotherhood have an agenda to change the political system and establish a muslim state. the brotherhood says we will follow through the constituti n constitutional process and be democratic and so and and so forth. we are observing and monitoring how president med orsi is going to behave in egypt. >> shannon: we know the military has been the major player the last 16 months or so and for a long history there in
10:02 am
egypt. the muslim brotherhood is mak making promises, mr. morsi the president-elect making certain promises. who will hold him accountable. >> there are several mechanisms but they are not in place. you have a parliament. it has been dysbanded by the constitutional court and there will be another legislative election. if the muslim brotherhood gains a majority they will have most of the control of the institution. but the military still are operational in egypt and they will be for awhile. not in terms of domestic pol politics but in terms of national security. >> shannon: what does it mean to the region and mother broa the u.s. as well.y to you my have been serving in a role as advisor to mitt romney as he is running for the presidency. how will this impact u.s. egypt relations. >> the most important thing is that the president of egypt make sure that everybody is included in the process and there won't be exclusion of
10:03 am
political forces of segments of women and christian communiti communities. second that the camp david agreement between egypt and israel is maintained and that is the measurement of how the new president and muslim brotherhood controlled egypt will behave. >> shannon: for other players there in the region what does this mean? >> a projection also that libya will have an islamist government that tunisia has an islamist government so egypt will have a huge influence over north africa and that is goinig to have an impact on the region as a whole on events in syria. these elections are not just important for egypt but for the region and american interests in the region as well. >> shannon: this election just a start now as we see how it plays out in the coming years and really maybe even decades. >> absolutely. >> shannon: thank you for your insight always. >> thank you. >> shannon: nato getting involved in turkey's dispute with syria.
10:04 am
turkish state television repo t reports they know where the plane's wreckage is. the foreign minister says the jet was shot down in international airspace after briefly entering syria while on a routine training mission. a that nato is meeting is schd for tuesday. >> highways closed and a popular town evacuated as another wildfire erupts in colorado. there are seven fires burning in that state making it one of the worst fire seasons any one can remember. anita vogel with more on the wildfires burning out west. >> not a great fire season so far for colorado. if you live in that state you might feel like you are under assault from the flames. talk first about the waldo canyon fire. it broke out yesterday around noon. it is in a popular hiking area in colorado springs and continues to spread today to about three square miles. there is an evacuation order for the area for about 11,000
10:05 am
people as the flames have come within a quarter mile of structures. 450 firefighters on the scene. the hyde park fire west of fort col lens continues to be a problem. last week it was 60% contained and now dropped back to 45% containment. hot temperatures and gusty wi d winds feeding the flames and prompting the possibility of more homes lost. and certainly more evacuations, nearly a thousand as of the last couple of days. >> after two weeks of that fire getting established in there, still trying to come alive. the resistance to control and the persistence of the fire is pretty unusual for conditions that we normally see. >> and there is some good news in utah where the evacuation orders have been lifted now in a fire that was said to have started after a target shooting incident. the dump fire as it was called is now 40% are contained. at the height of it, roughly 1100 people had to be evacuated after 6,000 acres had burned.
10:06 am
it is the 20th time this year target shooting has sparked a fire in that state. >> it is no the a good time to take your guns outside and start shooting into cheat grass that is dry and tender like and we are calling upon the people are utah to self-regulate the themselves with a little common sense. >> and the forecast is calling for more hot and dry temperatures, shannon. the national weather service is calling for temperatures hove hovering around 100 degrees for most of the day in colorado. so, they sure do need some rein and cooler temps over there. back to you. >> shannon: tough work for the crews out there. thank you for the update. >> there is extreme weather turning in the gulf of mexico right now the coast is getting battered by winds and rain from tropical storm debby which is churning up there and getting stronger. ouch rain is it going to generate and where could the storm make landfall? check in with maria molina at
10:07 am
the fox extreme weather center. >> tracking tropical storm de b debby with maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour. that is the sustaineed winds. could be looking at stronger wind gusts and they have been reported at 70 miles per hour. wind gusts just shy of hurricane force winds which is 74 miles per hour. the center is some what expos d exposed. we don't have a lot of thunderstorms near the center of it right in that area. most of the showers around thunderstorms further to the east and that is because we have strong winds out of the west blowing all of that moisture over the state of florida and that is why we have been picking up so much rain over the state. another big concern with debby is some of the outer rain bands are actually rotating and we have a tornado threat. we had there are a threat of a tornado across the city of naples florida yesterday across the western part of the state and today continuing to see the tornado warnings in effect as far south as the west palm beach area and we do currently also have a tornado watch in effect until 8:00 p.m. eastern
10:08 am
time from southwestern parts of florida up and through the tampa area and that runs until 8:00 p.m. eastern time so we have an extended period of time we could be seeing the tornad tornadoes making landfall across western parts of florida. several tornado warnings in effect right now you. seek shelter immediately when the warnings get issued for your area. a look at the current track, shannon. but a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not debby will be making the westward track or turn over the next day or so. still keeping an eye on the storm system. cannot rule out that the storm will not make the turn and head northward towards the florida panhandle. >> shannon: maria, thank you very much for the update. >> thanks. >> shannon: this morning some potential vice presidential candidates hit the sunday talk shows fielding questions about potentially having their names on the ticket next to mitt romney. lots of names being thrown around but larry sab dough sa
10:09 am
believes the top contenders include tim pawlenty and senator marco rubio of florida. >> i made the decision two months ago not to discuss it any further. >> anybody who would be asked to serve in a position like that would be honored to be askeed but i would really encourage folks to look at other prospects and suggest i think i can help him best in other ways. >> shannon: papawlenty said he could be more helpful to romney working as a surrogate and volunteer going to places that romney may not be able to. >> shannon: the top two house committee members hit the sunday talk shows as well. james rosen with more on the story. >> good afternoon, oversight committee chairman darrell issa disclosed today he has writ ton president obama to tell him it was "simply wrong of the president to invoke executive privilege this past week."
10:10 am
mr. obama did that to withhold from lawmakers the additional documents they demanded to see in the investigation of the fast and furious case. the attorney general voted to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. congressman issa told chris wallace he expects some democrats to join with the republicans when the full house votes on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt. >> i believe it will be bipartisan. you never know how many but there are a number of democra s democrats, 31, who wrote to the administration asking them to be forthcoming. many of them will stay with us now that the administration has not been. >> operation fast and furious was a covert project in which u.s. law enforcement officers allowed guns to flow south of the border to the mexican drug cartels with the aim of tracing the weapons to the cartels and taking down the lethal narco terrorists. guns used in the operation were later found at the crime scene
10:11 am
after a murder of a u.s. border patrol agent brian terry killed in december 201. top justice department offici l officials forced to acknowledge that some of the information they turned over to congress in the probe of terry's death was "fatally flawed." the top democrat said that house speaker john boehner the ohio republican should demonstrate leadership to prevent the contempt vote against the attorney general. >> he has already turned over 7600 documents and gone through millions of e-mails and has even given up what is called internal deliberative documents. these are the types of documents that attorney gener l generals over and over year after year after year have held close to themselves and their offices. >> issa, however, also said today he presently has no evidence showing the obama white house was involved in the original gun walking operation or has sought to cover it up since. shannon?
10:12 am
>> shannon: thank you very mu h much. we are awaiting a supreme court provision that will determine whether key prosixes of sb 1070 are constitutional and may be enforced or not. it could have an impact on immigration laws across the country. joining us to talk about it, attorneys general from two border states. welcome to you both. >> good to be with you. thank you for having us. >> general horn i will start with you. >> thank you, nice to be on. >> shannon: this is directly impacting your state. seemed that the arguments went better for arizona than many had expected. what is your prediction? >> four that are at stake. the one that says if a law enforcement o officer legally stops and has suspicion that they may be here illegally he must call i.c.e. to get clarification.
10:13 am
two justices said they couldn't see anything wrong with that. there is a statute that requi e requires that i.c.e. respond to those kinds of inquiries from federal, state and local law enforcement. there are strong indications that it should be successful. on the other three it is not as clear because there was less discussion during the oral argument. i would predict we should be successful because on all four of the issues arizona law is consistent with federal law. the administration has decided to underenforce federal law. we are inconsistent with the administration's desire to underenforce where we want to strictly enforce federal law but the doctrine of preemption which is what the federal government is using doesn't apply to disagreements between the state and administration's decision to underenforce, it applies to a situation where there is con conflict between state law and fed he ral law. all four of the provisions are entirely consistent with federal law. >> shannon: i want to bring in general king here. sir, do you think that laws like sb 1070 are necessary or
10:14 am
constitutional or not? >> well, two different questi n questions and i think those of us in the west feel very stro g strongly about our states rights and so i think that the constitutionality question is important to us and also in looking at what the supreme court has done and the questi n questions that they asked. i think that they are going to say that cooperation between the federal government and the state governments is important and to the extent that this law moves that along that that will be a good thing. with regard to the necessity, i think that new mexico has take and little bit different approach than arizona has but we are really focusing on border security and working with our federal counter parts to make sure that we know who is crossing the border and that we are making our borders more secure. we are not spending as much time having our local law enforcement trying to enforce the federal immigration law. >> shannon: i want to put to both of you the same question and give you time both to answer so keep your answers
10:15 am
tight for us. i will start with you general horne. the president's latest policy direct jif giving a broad prosecutorial discretion when it many coulds to those found to be here in the country illegally. make your job easier or harder there in arizona? >> well, i don't know how it will affect our job, you know, we also feel it is important that we strengthen our border. we have two parts of the border on the west and east. the yuma sector, president bush about put in a lot of extra resources and we reduced illegal immigration there by 94% from hundreds of thousands down to about 7,500 last year. but in the tucson sector, hundreds of thousands are crossing and we have been tr trying to put pressure on the federal government to do in the tucson sector what president bush did in the yuma sector and get more control in the tucson sector. if we could get control over our boarder that would be a major step to solve our probl m problems. >> shannon: your reaction to the policy directive, general
10:16 am
king? >> a number of years ago when i was campaigning down on the border i had an old rancher tell me that he thought one of the problems with all of the immigration policy is we were not recognizing there are lots of different reasons that people cross the border. some looking for jobs. some intending to commit criminal activity or maybe even terrorist activity and we have to focus on those things. seems like it makes sense to focus the limited resources that we have on looking for those people that are intent on committing criminal activity. i think all of us attorneys general on the border have been working with our counter parts in mexico to h help recognize activities by criminal elemen elements, by organized crime in mexico that might come across the border into new mexico. we are really trying to focus our efforts on recognizing those criminal elements and d doing something about that and i think that the arizona law has some segments that are tr trying to deal with that and i
10:17 am
think that the federal attorney general's decision to limit resources and decide that we are are going to focus our resources on looking at those people that are here with the intent of committing crimes makes a low temperatur lot of . >> shannon: general horn and general king we thank you both for your time. we will find out what the justices think of that arizona law later this week. >> thank you for having us. >> we are looking forward to t it. >> shannon: looks like governor mitch daniels is out but no shortage of v.p. candidates for mitt romney. we take a look at the republican veep stakes, next. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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10:21 am
we do not need an outsour e outsourcing pioneer into the oval office. we need a president who will fight for american jobs and fight for american manufacturing. that is what my plan was. >> shannon: it has been a frequent point of contention on the campaign trail jobs and mitt romney's business back ground. president obama was at a campaign event in tampa and accused mitt romney of outsourcing. now, the gop candidate is answering back. here for a fair and balanced debate on that and much more. former executive director of the republican governor's
10:22 am
association and former dnc deputy finance director david mercer. great to see you both. how does romney answer the charge that he is not creating american jobs he was too busy outsourcing them. >> based on a shod did ily reported art cal from the washington post that talks about things that happened 15 years ago and fundamental crux of the allegations are false. this is about another attack by the president on th on the free enterprise system. governor romney was about creating jobs and opportunity. everything he has touched in his life has been successful. another plank in the abm strategy in the only cam bain . the anything but me. the president's record on job creation is miserable and that is why you see the jumps to pin on tier two reporting out of the washington post. >> shannon: and, of course, the president will say there are many factors for why the economy isn't doing better but
10:23 am
he has to deal with the statement that is cropping up where he said years ago if i don't get the economy turned around i'm a one term proposition. >> talk about the record that phil says we don't want to talk about. 4.2 million jobs in the last 26 months. more than whatever bush came up with during the 8 months he was in office. manufacturing jobs brought back in contrary to the policies that romney had in massachusetts where he vetoed a bill even to not do business with those that are outsourcing jobs. is the record and that is the record we will run on. and they are not only outsour e outsourcing jobs in the public sector, he was doing it in the private sector and getting tax subsidies for companyies based locally. and then ended up having the people fired or moveing the jos overseas. he even used the government to outsource. they are outsourcing the truth and not coming up with the facts that they were the 47th
10:24 am
state coming out of his teenure as governor among 50 states on job creation and more people leaving massachusetts than any other state. that is the record and we are ready to stand on it and he will have to answer about outsourcing. >> herhere is an ironic twist. 8% unemployment for 40ments plus. the economy is hurting. frankly the charges about thi g things that happened 15 years ago don't mean a hill of beans to the average voter. one of the interesting nuggets from this morning's news shows as eric pointed out that fran frankly the obama campaign is outsourcing a key component of their voter contact operations. >> in the united states. to nebraska. not to china or india i might add. >> shannon: and nebraska by the way, not a foreign country. >> correct. >> shannon: let's leave that because i want to keep to the v.p. sweepstakes that everybody is talking and speculating about. david, who do you think i is te strongest pick for the republicans? >> given what happened in 2008
10:25 am
with mccain and palin and looking for excitement or so charge up the ticket we saw what the result of that is. romney being by nature very cautious is going to go with a cautious pick. rubio i think is diminished now with the past week, the dream act immigration. i see it it as portman. you have shim coming out of ohio. the only down side it will be a reminder of the policies that romney wants to take us back into which were are you sherred into the bush area. >> shannon: he can't let it go. >> was the p.r. rep as well as the manager of the office of budget. >> try to take them down before they are even pick. >> giving the facts so we can all make decisions about it. >> you don't get a vote in this decision. >> that is true. >> shannon: who do you think is the top one or two contender? >> the great thing about the republican party is they are really motivated and energizeed about mitt romney and five or six, probably ten or a dozen terrific republican candidates out there. i think we have seen a lot of
10:26 am
the different names in the ne s news. they each bring different strengths to it the ticket. this is a process that will be speculated about. they are running a tight ship and knowing governor romney i suspect he will go with a candidate that he both trusts, likes and believes could do the job on day one and there are four other five candidates that could do that. >> shannon: a safer pick. great to see you. we will let you continue in the green room. we are a nation of individuals or are we? what is happening to the american family? becoming a thing of the past? we will talk to dr. james dobson about that. it is loanl lonely at the top s you have a few good friends supporting you. team fox tackled their fear of heights. find out later how we did. going to get a loan is stressful enough
10:27 am
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10:31 am
>> shannon: hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist marie you molina with an update on tropical storm debby. the storm system is bringing in heavy rain along the florida panhandle down in through area of south florida and also bri g bringing in a concern for tornadoic activity with a tornado watch currently in effect across western parts of the state until 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we do have also a number of tornado warnings meaning that a tornado could currently be on the ground. one is around the west palm beach area. seek shelter you do have a tornado warning issued for your are area. current idea is that the storm system will take a turn towards the west. however, a northward track cannot be ruled out. we will continue to bring you updates throughout the afternoon. >> shannon: word now from israel on the egyptian election results. israel's prime minister says he expects continued cooperation with egypt on the basis of
10:32 am
bilateral peace accords. islamist muhammad morrisey i ms now the president-elect of egypt. the former chief of staff to benjamin netanyahu. he joins us live from jerusal m jerusalem. start by getting your reaction to the results today in egypt? >> israel wants to continue the peace agreement that has been intact for decades now. we hope it will continue. however, we do have grave concerns. it seems that islamic -- radical islamic curtain is descending upon the entire middle east from tehran to gaza and beirut to cairo and this is a rare period and we hope that we will all need to stand strong in respect to this change. >> shannon: do you have any worries about the camp david accords whether they will stay in place and be honored?
10:33 am
>> we do. i mean this was an international binding agreement we handed over the entire peninsula of sinai in order to get the peace agreement and we do expect and hope that the peace agreement will remain intact. having said that over the past year or so there have been ma y many, many infringe mints of this agreement foremost regar regarding the natural gas that has been halted from egypt to israel and a series of terror attacks emma nat emma emnatingi that israel. we hope that the peace agreement with remain. it is a national interest of israel and a national interest of the entire western world. >> shannon: do you have confidence that israel's leaders will be able to have a positive relationship with the new president-elect mohammed o mohammed morsi? >> we do all hope so. that weeing said we have looked
10:34 am
and seen now the history of morsi of president-elect morsi as extreme statements vis-a-vis israel the past decade. he has been one of the main people against the peace agreement with israel. we hope that now that he is in power that will also add some responsibility and we hope that the peace agreements will remain intact. it is part of our national security interests. >> natalli benefit live with reaction from jerusalem. thank you, sir. >> shannon: a number of prominent conservatives say americans have lost sight of good old fashioned family val e values. dr. james dobson is heading up a building a family legacy event this weekend hoping to spark important conversations on this topic. also the author of "the strong willed child" and other family related books. he joins us live from san die o san diego. thank you for joining us. i want to start off by asking
10:35 am
because i understand your home may be in dinge danger in somee raging wildfires in colorado. can you give us an update? >> thank you, shannon. i just got a phone call in the last hour saying that the fires are about a mile from my house and are coming our way. the wind is blowing strongly so i don't know any more detail than that. but i am very concerned about it obviously. >> shannon: we wish you the best and all other coloradans who are now very worried in what looks like one of the worst fire they have had in quite some time. now, to the topic you are working on this weekend and have been for decades. the american family. what is your teak on the heal h health, stat -- what is your take on the health status, how would you grade the american family in 2012? >> i have been at this for a long time. i was a professor of pediatrics at usc school of medicine in 1977 and i left to start an outreach, a ministry to the family. and i have been working on it
10:36 am
ever since. whey saw then that caused -- what i saw then that caused me to leave academia has been pl y played out and we are seeing the family under terrific stress and danger and i'm extremely worried about it. we are doing this series called building a family legacy for those that really want to build a foundation for their family and for their kids. >> shannon: it seems like parents are more stressed than ever. just the job of child rearing and doing a good job at that and trying to survive in a tough economy. how much pressure is on parents and how does that translate into their ability to do a good job? >> well, i think it is tougher to raise kids now than it ever was. mine are now grown and in some ways i'm glad they are because the culture is at war with families. it does not make it easy. when i was a kid, the surroun surrounding cultures seemed to try to support families.
10:37 am
the schools were more supportive of families. and now if you look at the hole internet and all of the other, the social media and everything else, it is just working against the effort to build strong children with a strong faith and established commitment to the parents. it is just harder and that is why i'm doing this project at this time. >> shannon: very quickly i want to ask you, do you have hope? do you think there is a way to turn this around and strengthen families again? >> i certainly do. and the culture moves back and forth. the pendulum swings and i think that i would be silly to not have hope. but the hope is primarily for those that are willing to make an investment in their famili families. those who are distracted, those who are disengaged, those who are thinking about something else, some are absolutely worn
10:38 am
out and they hardly know what their kids are doing. about 50% of kids come home to an empty house. and those people are i think o going to have some struggles with their children. those that are willing to make the commitment can still make a difference. >> shannon: well, it is a lot of hard work. we know you dedicated your life to it. dr. james dobson, thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: the twitter feed is abuzz over today's topic. we asked you if you thought president obama a abused his power when invoked executive privilege. here are some of your respons s responses. ryan says yes, if he is cove covering his own noncriminal involvement. no if it's covering for holder because that would o be brea breaking the law. tony says no this was a political operation designed to generate pop ganda for more gun control. it blew u up up and now must be
10:39 am
covered up. we will have more of your reactions in a fair and balanced freedom fight, up ahead. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this paradeeet, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering honoring america's troops. sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering which is actually in tquite fitting becauseadeeet, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that.
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>> shannon: some were calling it an abuse of power by president obama but eck eart earthing executive privilege to deny congressional investigators access to some of the fast and furious documents may not keep prying eyes away. here for a fair and balanced freedom fight are attorneys anthony holme and julien epstein. former staff director of the house reform committee. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> shannon: i want to read you a couple of tweets. matt says how can the president claim executive privilege on documents that he said he knew nothing about? >> executive privilege is a privilege that is president can claim to when it relates to the deliberative process for agen agencies. when i was staff director at
10:44 am
the house government reform committee during the bush 41 administration president bush declared executive privilege with respect to documents relating to the a-12 program and the department of defense and was actually able to prevail. we were not because in the fights congress has got a very strong burden ton overcome to show that it is either necessary to the legislative process one or that there is a crime involved involveing a federal agency and if they can't meet that test they are unlikely to win. i don't think there is a chance in this case involving fast and furious that the house of representatives would win in a court of law. i think it is pretty clear they would lose. >> shannon: based on the title of your book i would guess you might a disagree. >> one is the president says he didn't know anything about it and authorize it and same with holder and yet they want to exempt themselves out. he promised us the most transparent white house in history. sunshine. light. transparency. yet when we have an american killed by a bullet controlled by the u.s. government in the hands of a drug dealer they are going to do executive privilege
10:45 am
and not let the light shine. that is very, very disturbing to m me and certainly the famiy families of the people lost. >> let's put this into perspective if we can for just a second. gun walking was a policy that was started under the bush administration. distinctions with what happened between the bush and obama programs. the attorney general under the bushed a a menstruation had a memo about guns walking.on hada holder was the first to call for in dea independent investin and recalled all the officials. >> time out. >> let me finish. there hasn't been a scrap of evidence anything that the committee has been able to point that that holder had direct knowledge nor would you expect him to. the department of justice has thousands of investigations ongoing at any time. the idea that an attorney general would have information about specific investigational activities in the phoenix
10:46 am
office about be absurd. they provided 8,000 documents and testified and made ove. of the 80,000 documents it was asking for this pared the request down to 1,000 because the other 79,000 involved what we called law enforcement sen e sensitive material. >> shannon: i want to make sure we get anthony in here. >> he was caught in a lie. he said i didn't know anything about it. the first thing i heard about it was a few weeks ago. it took a news organization to prove it false. he was briefed multiple times. >> when was he briefed? >> it is major news. it is all over. >> when was he briefed? >> they have e-mails talking about the briefing going on. he shut is down, yes. he investigated it, yes. but it required a whistle blo blower and the death of an american border patrol agent. i totally disagree with that analysis. >> there is nothing out there, nothing that suggests before brian terry was murdered in
10:47 am
december 14 of 2010 that holder had any knowledge whatsoever there was any briefing, any material, anything that went to his desk. nobody. >> that is not an accurate statement just. >> what is the piece of information. >> he had a whistle blower that came out and broke it and now we are pulling out e-mails and one reason they are shutting down. >> that holder had operational knowledge of fast and furious. >> he was briefed o on the program. >> there was a report that a paper crossed his desk about t it. >> you are getting a report on your desk about guns going off to. >> paper crosses the desk of thousands of investigations and that doesn't imply in any way the attorney general would know about it. >> shannon: do you think this ends up in court? >> yes. >> there are two options. the u.s. attorney could do it or go to court and take years before it gets resolved and they won't win this case. >> thank you for having us. >> shannon: we appreciate you coming in. we appreciate your expertise. >> how much are we thinking
10:48 am
about the decision right now? >> what decision? >> it ising if to be a huge week at the preem court but i was not thinking about that. i had my mind on the terror of this repelling off of a 14 story build 1:15 story building on friday. stick around. our event and it was all for a good cause for the special olympics, is up next. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch?
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>> shannon: authorities in egypt are taking extra precautions today to ensure that the streets remain orderly as election results are announced. the election of a new president in the country is one of the many stories being followed closely online. peter doocy has a look at the most clicked stories on fox news .com. hi, peter. >> the results of egypt's presidential election have many in that country on edge. security forces under orders to use force against any one violating the law in the squa square. another popular story on fox news .com the heart breaking story of a 10-year-old girl found severely malnourished and locked in a closet. >> we know it now to be normal and find it to be completely atrocious and the suspect in the case who also admitted to knowing that she treated her
10:53 am
differently and probably should not have kept her in the clos t closet. >> she probably should not ha e have. when police found her she wei h weighed a shocking 32-pounds. the mother and mother's boy friend were both take noon custody. a scare at new york's jfk airport in new york that brought all travel to a scree h screeching halt. tsa officials evacuated an entire terminal when they found out one of their agents failed to notice his metal detector had been unplugged. you will find more on these and other stories on fox news .com. back to you, shannon. >> shannon: not sure how that happens. thank you very much, peter. jumping off a perfectly good building is not a great idea unless it is for a wonderful charity. the fox news team and i went over the edge at a hotel in virginia to raise money and awareness for special olympics. i'm not going to lie it was scary but waiting at the end of the trip were our families, fox news colleagues and special olympics staff members.
10:54 am
here is a look. ♪ >> oh, my gosh! don't do it. >> we going to do it. this is all for is special olympics and a great caus causd we are ready to go. we are. over the edge of the build. ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> look at the camera. >> you got it. okay. >> i caucuses not give the camera a thumbs up. i cannot. no. >> this is for special olympics and there are very few things that i would ever consider d doing this for. special olympics you are one of the few. >> go, shannon! >> we are trying to in some small way honor you by not cr crying and staying -- what they don't tell you is not only don't look down. don't look to the side.
10:55 am
don't look to the side either. >> i can't look. i can't look. oh, my gosh! >> in my world once we get to biscuits and gravy -- >> special olympics, this is for you. you are awesome. you athletes are amazing and you have a lot more courage than we do. this is for your efforts. we are going over the edge. >> shannon: special olympics athletes have to overcome fears obstacles and challenges like that every day. repelling down a building was more than just a stunt. it gave us a taste of what it is like to face the challenges head on. we raised a lot o of money thanks to you our viewers for special olympics. to add your support log on to the show web page fox news .c m .com/america's news hq for a link. thanks again to special olymp c
10:56 am
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