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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  June 24, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> paul: bill, thank you. that's it for this week's edition of the journal editorial report. thanks to my panel and for of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. >> jon: on fox news watch, congress prepares to push forward with contempt charges against eric holder for holding on to key documents related to the bungled fast and furious gun running operation. mr. obama goes on the defense claiming executive privilege and the white house tries to spin this. >> the politically motivated tax funded fishing expedition. >> it looks more like our broken politics and vicious fights now out in the open. >> jon: nbc news at it again. >> i went to a place today called wa wa's. >> jon: andrea mitchell and others tried to pull a fast
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one and editing to mike mitt romney look out of touch. >> taking shots at ann romney and her therapy for ms. one more nbc blunder, the interview bob costas had left one thing out, the evidence. what's going on over at 30 rock. h.b.o. has a new series, the news business. is there a bias. >> you, too, you, too. >> and the crazy guy-- >> and on the panel this week, fox news contributor jerry miller. the columnist barelli. jim pinkerton, the editor conservative magazine and bureau chief, ellen ratner, i'm rick fulbaum. fox news watch is on right now. now. >> to advise you, i think perhaps you and others have
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the interest in this at your network knows the administration, principally the department of justin has cooperated extensive with investigators. extensive documents and administration provided even documents related to an interest in whether or not people in the white house knew of this operation at the time and provided that, provided that -- let me finish please, ed and provided that last fall. >> jon: the white house press secretary jay carney this week giving us take on the fast and furious investigation to our chief white house correspondent at fox news channel, ed henry and jim, i guess he's right about one thing, because fox news has been covering this story since the get-go, but so many other news organizations have not been. why not? >> well, it would almost make you think that they're thinking more like political partisans than investigators. it's astonishing to see from "the washington post," oh,
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yes, normally i'm from full disclosure and normally letting truth-- after all i'm a reporter and a journalist, of course in this case, no, no, we can't do anything to hurt president obama. that's pretty astonishing, where you forfeit your journalistic credentials in favor of supporting just a politician. >> and the coverage of this story from nbc, not a lot from the new york times. why do you think the story was ignored so long. >> i don't think the story is ignored. we heard about it in many, many places, and i mean, everything from the washington post to really get something on it and msnbc did something on it. they didn't do something, on a conservative way. but, also, want to say that none. press really scored what the deal was at that was offered. a lot of deals in this town, in washington d.c. and why do they say what happened with holder isolating. >> jon: let me ask you. the chairman of this network,
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roger ailes says bias is what you exclude, as often as what's included in a news report. the exclusion interest so many newspapers and broadcasts, why? >> i think 'cause the democrats were thinking it would go away, if the mainstream media ignored it. it would go away if they said loud enough and often enough that this is a political, all a political ploy, a way to embarrass the president and get at the white house, even, jay carney's response to ed. you know, well, you the at fox would know about this, because you know this story implies this is not really legitimate news. and whether or not you think the democrats are right or the republicans are right, this was a legitimate story, it remains a legitimate story and it should have been covered, and it wasn't by many in the mainstream media. >> jon: we heard from jay carney in that clip that we just played, calling this whole thing political, fishing expedition is the term that a lot of democrats, including the white house, are using to refer to this.
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is the media though too quick to follow suit, sort of keep that story line going? >> i don't think the media is doing this issue justice. and you mentioned the new york times. i see this really a loop role of media bias here. and the headlines in an editorial this week, it's a pointless, partisan fight. not only that the new york times is making holder out to be the victim here. he has misled congress and somehow, holder is now a victim of what is going on, when really he should have had these documents come forth to get to the bottom of what's going on here. >> rick: ellen? >> well, i think this got a huge amount of coverage and again, it may not be the kind of conservative coverage that people thought it ought to get, but this whole idea, no one has been prosecuted for 35 years when there's been contempt. and i mean, and that was pointed out, actually by riotest. >> what congress wants to do is get to the bottom of this.
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try telling what you just said to the parents of brian terry. they want to know what happened and no one is being held accountable. >> jon: and let's focus on the coverage though. and jim, we hear a lot of talks about politics, but of course this has to do with politics because it's election year and this is washington d.c. >> right, so, the issue is, for example, and mentions the editorial, 2012, denouncing the republicans. in 2007, democrats investigating the bush administration over the u.s. attorney's case, the headline was defying an imperial presidency. in other words, the media were completely situational, if it's bad for republicans, they trumpet it. bad for democrats they downplay it, i think that's the metric here, but i agree that the family of agent terry. >> jon: yes. >> they have a say in this now, and it's astonishing i see them on fox. if this had been some other kind of case, something hurt under-- under the domain of the bush
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administration they would have been on 60 minutes years ago. >> jon: how about the coverage, real quickly, judy, the asoarings of executive privilege. was enough to comment on president, then senator obama, when he criticized president bush for his position. >> i think that point has been made and that's easier for the media to discover once they understand that fast and furious is not going away and it's a legitimate story. you have arguments in favor and again, by constitutional-- that's a standard story, people are more with that. >> jon: and a question of editing over at nbc. >> go get your sandwich, pay, it's amazing. >> it's hazying (laughter) . they do creative editing to make mitt romney appear out of touch. >> and it's possible to take care of young boy a, and--
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>> a statement from an accused child rapist
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with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot.
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chase sapphire preferred. >> maybe this was mitt romney's supermarket scanner moment. i get the feeling, take a look at this, that mitt romney has not been in too many, too many wa wa's on the roadside in pennsylvania. >> by the way, where do you-- where do you get your hogueys here, do you get them at wa wa's, is that where you get them. wint to a place today called wa wa's, anybody been there. i'm sorry, noi it's a very big state, but we went to wa wa's, i went to wa wa's to order a stand witch. you press a touch tone key pad, touch that and the sandwich comes in, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, there's your sandwich. it's amazing. >> it's amazing.
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(laughter) >> you know, when these candidates get out of their comfort zone. >> yeah. >> and that's what-- and in smalltown america, you've got to be able to, you know, speak the language. >> msnbc anchor andrea mitchell with unof the contributors, chris, are laughing as you saw at a clip of mitt romney that they had edited to make the g.o.p. presidential candidate seem, well, overly excited about his sandwich ordering experience at wa wa, here is what really happened. >> i went to order a sandwich. you press a little touch tone key pad, all right. you touch that and the sandwich comes in, touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier there's your sandwich. it's mazing people in the private sector learned how to compete and it's time to bring competition to the federal government to get it smaller and never respond to the customers, which are you. >> judy, a selective videotape editing not the first time at nbc. they got caught doing this with the trayvon martin 911
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tapes. >> absolutely, those were edited made to look like zimmerman look like a racist. there was an apology, what i find striking about this example, andrea mitchell did not apologize. they did run the full interview the next day. but there was never, we are sorry for having misled our viewers. it was in case you'd like to see the rest of the interview, here it is. i'm mystified by nbc's response to this. >> and she really dug in her heels, andrea mitchell, a long career in this business. but they claim that the edits that they made didn't change the context of what governor romney was saying. >> this is shameless, more proof to me that msnbc is really reporting news as part of obama's campaign, helping his campaign, because when you look at it, we had social media that uncovered the story and thank goodness for that. but also, thank goodness for competition in the media because if it went for analysts that honestly report what was going on where they
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were trying to make romney look bad, he was mentioning competition in the private sector versus the public sector, thanks goodness for the media outlets that are doing due diligence and should be ashamed. >> that's the part cut out instead hear his aamazement. is this the supermarket scanner, referring of course to the problems that george h.w. bush had at the supermarket when he was running. >> right. >> these are memories once created stay with voters for a long time. andrea mitchell was clearly wrong and i don't think you'll get any disagreement from any of us at table. i want to say one thing, it was on one media outlet, it's not like this cluster group of people that did this. it was one media outlet, one-- >> but it's a major network. >> and she was wrong. i'm just saying it was one person. >> but it wasn't just one instance. we were talking of at least three instances. >> and we want to show something else, msnbc their
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host lawrence o'donnell who a lot of people say went too far taking shots at ann romney, the wife of governor romney, how she goes on horseback rides for ms. >> and the breathe takingly sport of dressage as a therapeutic option for ann romney's multiple sclerosis, her getting back on the horse after she was diagnosed with ms, was able, she's convinced to help her regenerate her strength and renew that vigor. >> now, this is not an any way to make light of ann romney's difficulty with ms. it's obviously a very difficult thing to bear and there are a lot of things to try to do to deal with ms, but come on, dressage does not appear in any of the more traditional courses of treatment. >> fox's neil cavuto who also
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happens to suffer from ms, had this to say. >> it just seems odd to me that a network with the very letters ms in its name wouldn't resist making fun of making fun of someone who has to live with ms every day. ann romney doesn't need their pity, just their accuracy, she has a lot of money, but clearly has not bout her a pass from a lot of hell. take it from me i'm not horsing around, these guys taking pot shots at ann romney are horse's asses, ache it from the multiple sclerosis society. ms research center, the child newerology society and so many others, who devote so much to ailness that is so bad and chronicle the real benefit of horseback riding that they all report has a proven history of doing some good. hippo therapy, dressage, working with horses whatever the hell you want to call it you don't have to lean forward to appreciate it, just check your facts before you joke
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about it. because right about now, you condescending sanctimonious twits who are allegedly healthy, you have proven that you do not know the benefits of horseback riding one bit. but you sure are good at piling on the lies and shuttling what announced to unadulterated horse-- well, stuff. >> very good to hold his tongue there at the end, neil. >> lawrence o'donnell, you would think at the least his staff would have done some research into this before they allowed him to go on the air. >> i don't think they care. and look, this is a guy who brags in gq about wearing $88 socks, $88 a pair of socks, and also striking, lawrence o'donnell. and if sean hannity had gone on a riff with someone with multiple sclerosis, they would
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have found all of those that neil cited and instead a weird silence. >> it's one thing to provide political commentary what lawrence o'dom does and does it from a political viewpoint. did he cross the line? >> i don't think he did, if you listen to the all of the interview, entire interview, he went on to say that he wasn't taking issue with the treatment of dressage, with dressage to make her feel better or cope with ms, because, neil is passionate is about this because he suffers from this as well. but because romney took a business deduction, a $77,000 business deduction rather than a medical deduction for the expenses associated with that. so, i don't think he was making fun of her, i think it was unfair to suggest he was. >> we have more news watch ahead. if you see something that you feel shows media bias, e-mails
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us at news and coming up, another blunder at 30 rock. >> i didn't go around seeking out every young people for sexual needs that i've helped. >> a key statement from jerry sandusky gets cut from his interview with nbc. what were they thinking. and the tv debuts, is it true to life or more hollywood razzle
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>> well, you might think that, i don't know. and in terms of-- my relationship with so many, many young people, i would --
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i would guess that there were many young people who would come forward, many more young people who would come forward and say that my methods and what i had done for them made a very positive impact on their life. and i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many that i didn't have -- i hardly had any contact with who i have helped in many, many ways. >> oh, well, that was a sound bite from the jerry sandusky interview, the former assistant football coach at penn state accused of raping young boys, an interview he gave to bob costas that aired last november. but that chunk of the interview was left out and it seems it's the place in the interview who says i didn't go after every young person for sexual favors, sort of like, well i did with some of them,
12:54 pm
but not all of them, but that never made it to air. >> which is very telling. this whole case is very disturbing and even more so disturbing what nbc did, that's gross irresponsibility on their part. it's the media's due diligence to report what they know and let the public know, so that the public can decide. >> oh, no, ellen, not a good week for nbc news, any way you slice it. is that bias or boneheaded. >> even if they edit which they did and put the interview on air with the way they did, the problem with why didn't they put it on the website. i mean, everybody takes the exits and put it on the website and they were truly not trying to be forth coming. >> or trying to preserve a relationship with sandusky or joe paterno or-- they knew must have. >> and journalistic malpractice. [ male announcer ] don't miss d lobster's four course seafo feast,
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>>. >> rick: images from the hbo series, it's about delivering the news in hollywood sort of way brought by andrew sorkin and jeff daniels will play a fictional news anchor at a fictional channel that is afraid
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to alienated anybody. that all changes after a public meltdown. mcaboy decides to tell it like it is. is it modeled after anybody we know? george stephanopolous cleared it up. >> keith olbermann it's the second time he wrote about his life. aaron says, no, it's not based on anyone. who did you base it on? >> no one. we decided toy somebody completely fictional al. aaron never said by the way, this is based on so and so. >> rick: we will have so see it use the newsroom for soapbox and politics. thanks to our panel. i'm rick folbaum.


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