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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 24, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight, developing urgent news as the site of a union pacific train collision comes into focus, fire erupting as they flew into one another and we're learning about the search for three missing crew members in that fire that's still burning. and preparing for the u.s. supreme court to break its silence on the fate of the health care overhaul. is the law constitutional or not? >> it's being called the biggest secret in a city that's not known for keeping them. we're waiting for the u.s. supreme court to rule on the affordable care act. they've been debating it for months. president obama's largest legislative achievement, the hall mark of his presidency
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and the mark of the presidential system. no leaks indicating which way the high court could rule. how they're keeping the supreme secret. also. a historic day. egyptians get a new president, in their first ever truly free election. but the group now voted in is the same one that the the old government tried to keep out of power for years, the muslim brotherhood. fox reports with military generals now running egypt. who will lead the people. them or the new guy? >> and are those tears he's wiping away? there's no crying in soda stealing. we'll tell you about the kid who got his arm stuck in the soda machine. >> new developments in the fast and furious scandal. the failed gun running program that to catch drug runners. and darrell issa predicts that
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the democrats will join in the vote to hold the top cop. and there's no hard evidence that the white house was involved in any coverup of the botched operation, but still last week, republican lawmakers criticizing president obama for using what he called executive privilege. over justice department documents sought by issa's panel. basically blocking the release of the papers, it happened around the same time the congressional committee agreed to hold eric holder in contempt of congress for refusing to hand over those documents. here is fox news sunday host chris wallace interviewing chairman issa earlier. >> question, do you have any evidence that white house officials with involved in niece decisions that they knowingly misled congress and are involved in coverup? >> no, we don't and what we're seeking are documents we know to exist, february through september in fact about brian terry's murder, who knew and
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why people were lying about it and get to the truth. that's all we want. the entire investigation dates back to the murder of brian terry in december 2010. guns connected to that fast and furious found near his body and since then lawmakers were trying to get to what went wrong, who knew what when. attorney general holder at the center of the probe and the full house can vote this week whether to hold him in contempt if he does not agree to give up the papers in question. congressman cummings of maryland the top democrat on the committee also appearing on fox news sunday. >> first of all, i think it's extremely unfortunate, and i absolutely don't think that we needed to be at this place. you know, over a year ago, chairman issa accused holder of authorizing these tactics. and nothing could be further from the truth from the evidence that we have already gotten. there's no evidence that he
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knew about it. and no evidence that he authorized or condoned it. >> and of course, the call is for all of the evidence to be brought for the. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live with the news from washington and appears the prospects for a compromise here are narrowing. >> that's right, harris, republicans appear determined to move ahead this week with the contempt of congress vote on attorney general eric holder. chairman issa told fox news sunday he believes the vote will be bipartisan and the votes on the attorney general, and president obama's assertion of executive privilege marked the latest escalation in the fast and furious case which moved beyond the murder of agent terry to whether top department officials misled the congress. >> we need to see the documents produced perhaps, and mr. cummings says it very well, perhaps these people were lying to their bosses, but we're not going to bring them in unless we have the kind of questions we need to
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ask. i want every one of those people here. >> roughly 300 of the 2000 guns involved in the original fast and furious operation wound of missing, harris. >> james, what are the democrats preparing to resolve this swiftly? >> the truth is both branches in the the celebration of power showdown had an interest in settling it before it goes to the courts where each branch could find its powers limited. and chairman issa secretly agreed to halt the charge if assistant attorney general lan y brewer on the right of the screen, would resign. the spokesman for issa has denied that. today the top democrat called on house speaker john boehner to meet with attorney general holder. these are types of documents that, that the attorney generals over and over year after year after year, have held close to them. themselves. and the offices. but, he has done that and so,
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i think maybe all he's in for an a good faith promise that we would bring, at least contempt proceedings to some kind of conclusion and he's offering to sit down with house leadership and work it out and i hope we do that. >> democrats also point out the practice of gun walking dates back to the bush administration, harris. >> all right. james rosen, thank you very much, for the latest on this situation. and now, a look at the week ahead for the president, or in in case, perhaps we could be less than 24 hours away from learning the fate of president obama's health care reform law. and the u.s. supreme court expect today release a decision some time this week, possibly as early as tomorrow. the justices could either uphold the law or rule part of it as unconstitutional or throw the whole thing out. the key issue as you may know, the individual mandate and force nearly every american to pay health insurance or a fine and the mandate came under intense scrutiny during oral arguments back in march, but we have no clue how the court
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will rule. >> most legal experts assume the vote will be close, much more when former prosecutor doug burns comes up inside the fox report. well, turning now overseas and history being made tonight in egypt. the muslim brotherhood candidate, mohammed morci the first winner. brotherhood and islamic fundamentalist group banned by hosni mubarak, hundreds of thousands of people filling the streets in egypt. even right now, a live look at tahrir square and the party continuing and it's the scene looks similar to the protest that is started the democratic movement more than a year ago. the white house today saying president obama called egypt's new leader to congratulate him and saying, quote, we look forward to working together with president elect morsi and
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mutual respect between egypt and the united states, end quote and president obama calling the man who lost the race. but even with the election over, the tense transition to democracy is not over. specifically, how will the military generals running the country for months react. leyland vittert is on the ground inside egypt and will the generals simply hand over power to morsi and if they don't, what happens. >> reporter: harris, that's the question he asked at the white house and 10 downing street at the kremlin and certainly the question asked at the prime minister's residence in jerusalem. no one knows for sure if the generals are going to hand over power. experts tell you it's highly unlikely this group of generals is ever going to take orders from a brotherhood president. what happens if they don't? well, there's a couple hundred thousand people behind me who are still partying late into the night. and that certainly want the
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muslim brotherhood president to have full control of this country and say they will continue their mass protests, until president morsi is in full power. one thing we've learned the past 16 months in egypt being here is to expect the unexpected. fo years ago, anybody in vegas would have given you a million to 1 odds on hosni mubarak getting thrown out and tonight, a muslim brotherhood member being declared the president. a deafening roar came up from tahrir square where the muslim brotherhood supporters, gathered to await results. >> and the crowd grew, and something like a rock concert with the largest new year's eve party. >> it means our revolution getting success and we make something really good. and we're changing the whole system. >> and this crowd has been chanting allah akbar, and god
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is great and brought mohammed morsi to being the president elect for egypt and for so many people in the crowd, simply a chance for a better life for their kids and they say this is why they voted for morsi and the fact now to have their children be in a country with a democratly elected president and kids have a much brighter future than they do. what's meant to be decided, what powers morsi will have. right now egypt is controlled by a military junta which says they will write the new constitution. >> i think they will stick around and as hard as they can. >> now, morsi only won by 2 1/2% of the overall population here in egypt. and harris, there's he a big percentage of the egyptian population who is not happy about this victory, and many who fear that morsi is going to turn this country into an islamic state. one thing, may give awes hint of the muslim brotherhood
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thoughts going forward is what they did when they took over parliament. they used up all of their time in parliament as they controlled that legislative body, on social issues making things more hard line and closer to sharia law. >> harris: leland as you read farther into the white house, they're calling for the peace keeping that goes on between the nations to continue with whatever ruling takes over in that country. leland vittert, thank you very much. a fox news alert. tropical storm debby getting stronger and already causing problems and the storm moving north over the gulf of mexico. rain starting to fall over parts of florida now included in a tropical storm warning. along with alabama. coastal louisiana was part of that warning, where governor bob jindal today declared a state of emergency to make it easier for officials to send needed supplies and workers to disaster stricken areas potentially, but just a short time ago, the national weather service lifting louisiana out of the bulls eye of the storm because of its moving, saying
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the state is under less of a threat than originally thought. that's the good news. meanwhile, bp, the largest oil producer in the gulf shutting down all of oil and gas platforms today and we're learning other producers are evacuating workers from that area. the area as you may know accounts for about 20% of u.s. oil production. 6% of natural gas output, it's not completely clear yet whether debby will make landfall and exactly when, what that will look like. the current models show hurricane strength by the time it does hit us. meteorologist janice dean is with us, the janice the weather machine. good news for louisiana. >> and a very low confidence forecast, unfortunately. so we're going to be watching debby for the next several days and rain, inches upon inches upon inches, pounding the northeastern gulf coast, and this is a picture out of tampa that i received on twitter, janice dean fox if
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you want to send your pictures and of course be safe. this is bay shore boulevard in tampa, can you believe this? you're already seeing incredible amounts of rain, you could see ten inches plus as the storm continues to move. right now it's not moving much at all and that's going to continue to bring heavy rain over the same areas for days. tornado watch in effect for the west coast of florida, including tampa. the good news is, we don't have any tornado warnings, oh, i spoke too soon. just southeast of tampa, tornado warning that just popped up. tornado watch until 8 p.m. local time and here is the track, harris, it's a blob. we really don't have confidence in this as you can see, really, anywhere from east of new orleans to the florida panhandle and this thing could sit and spin and spin for days. and of course, tropical storm alison back in 2001. in texas, billions in damages, and a tropical storm, dozens of deaths and just incredible
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damage. so, i can't stress enough, even if this does remain a tropical storm, we're dealing with something pretty ferocious over the next couple of days. >> harris: and you make the point so finely, janice, even though they've taken louisiana off the warning list, that's a huge blob and things could change. we'll check back to you as news warrants. missing shoppers at a wall where a roof caved in. they brought in heavy urban rescue teams, using teams to move the tons of concretes working off a list of names, account for the people who may be buried alive. and a ring of fire in the west, the other story we're watching and eight wildfires burning in one state. stay close. [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. see your lexus dealer.
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weekend alone, ahead of one of the largest fires burning near colorado springs. and firefighters facing an uphill battle there because of the rocky terrain and dry conditions, another fire near fort collins we've been telling you about for weeks, destroyed nearly 200 homes and grown to become the largest fire in colorado state history. anita vogel live tonight in the west coast news hub, it's a heartbreaker what's happening in colorado right now. >> it really is, harris. imagine, several fires burning throughout the state and eight yesterday. you know, fire officials have shifted their attention now to the fire in colorado springs, in part because the flames spread so quickly, it caught them off guard. the fire broke out yesterday in a popular hiking area and it's come close to threatening a number of homes, fortunately, noun have been destroyed. but about 4,000 households have had to be evacuated. >> what do we take, you know, in case our house burns down? it's hard. >> and the important things,
4:19 pm
our pictures and family items, our computers that have all the information on them. that kind of stuff, that's with a we decided tobying that and as much as we can and go from there. >> it's scary to think that, you know, we could come back and it's not going to be here. >> now, the waldo fire, as it's called is 0% contained and colorado governor said that more than half of the nation's fleet firefighting resources are in colorado. harris, back to you. >> harris: well, i know at that there's also word tonight that some of the fires may have been started by the arsonist. >> yeah, it's awful to think about, but there were a spring of fires at that broke out last week in a small area teller county west of colorado springs, now, authorities believe that an arsonist may be responsible for setting as many as 20 of them. all of these fires apparently have had the same circumstances, they were close to the road, easily accessible and near dry timber. the colorado governor spoke out of the mere notion of an
4:20 pm
arsonist at work. >> the notion that someone is out there for some sense of thrill or i don't know what gets into some person's mind, but if there's an arsonist behind this, it makes me crazy and i almost can't-- >> on friday, the teller county police thought they had a suspect and now they're offering a reward, for information leading to arrest, harris, back to you. >> yeah, makes us all crazy, that would just be evil if somebody were setting the fires. a lot of people of course watching the u.s. supreme court waiting to hear the landmark ruling on the president's health care overhaul. surprisingly we have not heard one word from around washington on how the justices may rule. we'll get insight on that from our guests, a legal expert coming up, plus, one community getting ready to hang the welcome banners ahead of a visit from the president. now we're hearing local leaders want him to write a
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>> word tonight. at least one person trapped and another feared dead and at least nine missing after a roof collapsed at a shopping mall, it happened in ontario, canada last night. and a portion of the roof that served as a parking area, crumbling down two floors into the food court. witnesses saying several cars fell through that gaping hole. 22 people slightly hurt. no word yet on what caused the collapse. though, several shoppers say that mall roof has leaked water for some time, so much so, that there have been buckets of tarps used to keep things dry. well, three railroad workers missing at this hour after two
4:25 pm
freight trains collided. the union pacific railroad saying the two trains hit each other head on earlier today. just about two miles east of the small town of good well. one of the trains caught fire after the crash and look at the pictures. the other was hauling a flammable resin. so far, we're told that has not caught fire, thankfully, a total of four people on the trains, one has been found unhurt so far. well, it's a decision that will affect millions of americans. and right now, it's the best kept secret in washington. i didn't know they could keep secrets in washington. we're awaiting the supreme court's ruling on the constitutionally of president obama's health care overhaul, expected to come any day now, possibly tomorrow. while we wait, there are some people in the loop and have been for a while for two months, nine supreme court justices and three dozen other people like clerks and secretaries and janitors have been keeping mum, not giving
4:26 pm
us any hints as to what the ruling will be. but, when it is announced, it could move markets. turn economies and greatly affect the elections in november, perhaps. here is what's at stake. the overhaul of the nation's health care system requires that by 2014, all businesses with more than 50 employees, must provide health care benefits deemed affordable under the law. and opponents of the act, are targeting a key provision, the individual mandate that requires all people buy health insurance or pay a fine. the court can uphold the law as it is, part of it unconstitutional. joining me now is doug burns, former prosecutor and defense attorney and we have talked about this and hopefully at decision point. you know the court well. no leaks, how is that possible with all of those people? >> well, you pretty much have to go into the building. i mean, the aura of the building, the marble pal plastic is tremendously impressive and i think, honestly, first with the law clerks, everybody knows in
4:27 pm
washington if you leak information about the the court as a law clerk, you're going to suffer some serious being ostracized in the the legal community. as far as the other personnel on the court, that's hard to say, but good for them. >> harris: but it's happened before. >> well, that's true. there was a situation, 30 years ago, when a top anchor on the news went on the air, i think dan o'brien and announce add decision before the court, and that's amazing that was 30 years ago. that's the last time. >> harris: talk about the law, what could happen. they strike part of it down, all of it or uphold it. if the law gets wiped away. >> right. >> harris: let's put the politics aside for a second and what about the the people who were newly covered under the system. >> that's a great question. that's what we always talk about retro activity. and in other words, you know, first of all, it's going to be a complicated decision, second of all, as far as the head count, it's interesting, all of the prognosticators are talking 5-4 and other experts are saying, let's not justin
4:28 pm
sotomayor. >> i think there's a likelihood that those who obtained insurance up to this date may be okay. >> harris: grandfathered in. >> will not be retroactive, but we'll have to see the language of the opinion. and the larger is the severability. to put it in english, this law did not have a severability clause. what that means, if a court strikes down a portion of it the rest can stand. and it's generally accepted that if there's no such clause, then it can't be the case. however, tricky footnote. the court invalidated of the famous financial law sarbanes oxley, even though there was no severability clause, they found-- >> if they find the mandate to be unconstitutional really they'd have to wipe away the rest of it. >> interesting, and the question, nancy pelosi said look, the the individual
4:29 pm
mandate in large measure drives the financial portion this have bill. in other words, it's interesting, all the extra reporting that the company is going to have to do the administrative work, the theory was, we're going to make that up by sending all kinds of new patients, as it were, by forcing them to buy insurance. or money for the fines they'd be paying. >> exactly. >> if they don't want to participate. >>, but the fact of the matter is, is that a lot of people are saying that there may be a situation like sarbanes oxley like i just mentioned strike down the individual mandate and a lot of the other provisions are popular, extension of medicaid, not denying on pre-existing conditions, expanding care for the elderly, allowing children to remain on your policy until they're 26. that's popular, but they've not know or media attention, how can the government-- >> it's a fair question. but they can tell to you buy car insurance. >> thank you very much. we shall see. if they could extend this, we're hearing, through the middle of the week, a lot of
4:30 pm
people watching. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> another landmark ruling expected from the supreme court this week over the fate of arizona's tough immigration crackdown, this could be a big week for the court. the law known as sb 1070 marking strong feelings on both sides of the issue and now well-known members of congress speaking out about it. [ thunk ] sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk othe door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ] [ male announcer ] another example of volkswagen quality. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month.
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just imagine our potential... ...if the other states joined them. let's raise our scores. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. >> i'm harris falkner, this
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is the fox report. the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the chairman of the house oversight committee, darrell issa, saying there's no evidence that white house officials played any role in the fast and furious gun running program. his comments coming ahead of a possible floor vote in the house to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress in in case. in egypt, the muslim brotherhood candidate declared the official winner in the first truly free election in that country. and tropical storm debby, gathering strength. moving north with the sustained winds of 60 mile per hour, at this point. and the u.s. supreme court set to issue two big rulings some time this week, one on health care reform, the other on arizona's controversial immigration law, allowing the police officers to check the immigration status of any immigrant they suspect of a crime. no matter which way they ruled. illegal immigration will probably play a big role in november. and peter doocy with the latest from washington.
4:35 pm
>> the health care case gets most of the headlines butt supreme court is also expected to hand out its ruling on the lee gal youty of sb 1070, arizona immigration law, it's controversial because it allows police officers to inquire about the immigration status of people they pull over even for unrelated offenses, but there is an anti-profiling provision in the law and senator marco rubio says he believes it's good tore arizona. >> i believe arizona has had a right to pass that bill and understand why they did it, but i don't want to see a law like that in florida, but it's important to remind ourselves what the supreme court analy analyzes is the constitutionality of the law and i believe that arizona has a constitutional right to do this. >> reporter: nobody knows how the court will rule, but democrats say they know, that when the president halted deportation of dream act he will visible immigrants, it put romney way behind with
4:36 pm
latinos. >> the difficulty for romney he was so vicious going after the issue of immigration he locked himself in. he's now trying to play lied and seek whether he supports what the president did for those young americans, the dreamers. >> reporter: well, senator rubio, vetted for the vp slot says he thinks the dream act is too broad. we need to be compassionate, but do something that doesn't encourage more illegal immigration. harris. >> harris: peter doocy, thank you. if the president is coming to town, do you ask him to foot the bill? officials in a small college town in new hampshire say they're honored to host president obama for an uncoming campaign stop. they just don't want to pay for it. he's set to visit durham tomorrow. local leaders want his campaign to pick up the tab. an estimated $30,000 for extra security. in a news release, found that campaign costs should not be paid by local taxpayers, so far no comment from mr. obama's team. a woman tries to bribe her way
4:37 pm
out of a drunk driving arrest and a bus monitor bullied by a group of middle schoolers, two stops as we go across america. florida. >> and why do they pay you in cash, whatever (bleep). >> kind of-- it's just like, yf time to deal with this right now. >> you heard it right that woman apparently trying to bribe a police officer who pulled her over for speeding. >> you're absolutely drunk. and belligerent, you know you are. >> i'm not belligerent. >> the officer said he immediately knew she was drunk. do you think? her efforts landing her in the orange county jail. >> and arizona. >> we are human, we have rights, we're here to stand and fight. >> several religious and activist groups, protesting sheriff joe arpaio's tent
4:38 pm
city, and in the past the justice department accused his office of racial profiling, but the latest efforts to win over protesters is working some. >> if you break a law, do the crime, do the time in tent city. >> harris: california, ever think about snagging a free snack from a vending machine? well, this teenager is now facing criminal charges after police say he tried to steal a soda. the problem, his arm got stuck and you'll notice him wiping away what look to be tears, crocodile or otherwise. rescuers had to free him. >> nobody had the key, to respond, so we ended up using some forceable entry tools. >> and they tried everything, it took them a while, more than an hour, whew. free arm. now the arm of the law wants him for suspected petty theft. new york, a whirlwind week for karen klein, the bus monstitor
4:39 pm
mull bullied by kids. and a local mall bus monitor and driver appreciation day in week in honor of klein. >> it's like, oh good out of bad and talking about it. but the other children-- >> that incident leaving people online to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to her. and that's a fox watch across america. jeopardy host alex trebek hospitalized tonight. the latest coming up on his condition. and it is a race like no other. thousands of people participating, including one special group that's come a long way to show us anything is possible. as a doctor, i do everything i can to make sure my patients get the very best care. but look at our health care system. everyone agreed we needed reforms -- but this
4:40 pm
new health care law -- it just isn't fixing things. president obama promised my patients that they could keep me -- but what if because of this new health care law -- i can't keep them? i've looked at this law. i know the consequences: delayed care and worse yet -- denied care. studies show the president's health care law is projected to add hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit -- and increase spending by more than a trillion dollars. and the truth is -- we still don't know how much this law will eventually cost. i don't want anything to come between my patients and me -- especially washington bureaucrats. we need real reform that improves care, and the president's health care law just isn't it. it just isn't worth it. this is where health care decisions should be made. not in washington. [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪
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just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. >> jeopardy game show host,
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alex trebek hospitalized. suffered a mild heart attack yesterday. he's expect today fully recover and return to jeopardy when it picks up for new production. he's been hosting that show for 28 years and this weekend while he was hospitalized. jeopardy won a daytime emmy for best game show. well, a race that perhaps proves that anything is possible. 10th annual achilles hope and possibility five miles race. and moving through the park, among them 40 wounded military veterans, many of them amputees pounding the pavement and anna kooiman. >> as they raced alongside one another in manhattan central park for the large s race of its kind. 40 members of the achilles freedom team of wounded
4:44 pm
veterans are inspiring us all after competing in the 10th annual achilles hope five mile race. it provides injured servicemen and women, the opportunity to compete in mainstream races throughout the country. >> people that say they can't run. they do run. people who say they can do, do, and it's inspiring in this day to do that. >> he says it's a blessing to be at this race. >> it's challenging, but the guys on the team, achilles has helped me so much. and there's visually impaired guys that trust somebody and run without knowing where they're going and guys bilateral above the knee and singles, missing arms, they don't care, they want to keep going and we were blessed to be here unlike the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> some volunteers raced in memory of fallen warriors as well. >> and when we meet the families, the mothers of the ones we're going to ride for,
4:45 pm
so hopefully come a lot closer to them as well. the freedom team travels to new york from walter reed military medical center undergoing treatment for their injuries. organizers say this race is a chance for the vets to be active, heal and achieve. harris, back to you. >> harris: anna, thank you. dozens of people arrested after a violent protest in israel. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. israel, protesters vandalizing banks, and fighting with police in tel aviv. police hauling some 85 of them away. they're angry because police arrested a group of social activists the day before. this latest violence leaving five banks damaged. the south korea, the u.s.s. george washington joining forces with south korean naval drills. war ships and hundreds of combat planes, expected to participate in the drill.
4:46 pm
north korea, technically still at war with south korea, has called the exercises a provocati provocation. >> china... nothing like two hours of live action by movie star stuntmen who began dazzling the crowds on motorcycles, you may not recognize any of them, but in hundreds of films from the james bond series to spider-man franchise. france, a group of cliff divers leaping off the rocks in corsica. a head to head battle for the opening games of this 2012 cliff diving series. the winner a nine time world champ from colombia who just recovered from a broken ankle. >> it's tricky and i was able to handle all that, but it's really, really-- >> next up for the divers, norway. >> that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: well, we're keeping an eye on the situation in the gulf of mexico at this hour, an erattic tropical storm debby. a live update for you from the
4:47 pm
fox extreme weather center. stay with us. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
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>> a busy news night on this sunday as we continue watching the situation brewing along our nation's gulf coast. feema now telling people in the path of tropical storm debby to get ready. we want to bring you the latest on debby as she storms northward over the gulf of mexico. states already on alert with tropical storm warnings this hour, florida and alabama, meteorologist janice dean tracking for us from the fox weather center, we sometimes call extreme because it is tonight. >> you've got that right, lady and we're dealing with tornado watches, a new one just issued until 5 a.m. tomorrow. more much of the sunshine state. with the land falling tropical
4:51 pm
systems, sometimes we see the rotation on land and tornado warnings throughout the often. so, tornado watch meaning that conditions are favorable for tornados into the morning hour. you need the noaa radio on. if could be awful. tornado warnings east of tampa to the winter haven areas and these have just been posted. weak tornados, but we're seeing damage nonetheless. and that's one of the main problems with the land falling tropical systems. at least this one off shore because we think this could potentially meander for days, bringing incredible amounts of rain to the panhandle and the northeastern gulf coast and this is the latest advisory, actually, harris, we're going to get new coordinates in, a little before eight o'clock so wool he' bring you the latest and the track is going to stay the same and the bottom line, we really don't have a handle where this system is going to go. look at the tropical models and this system is just off shore. so, confidence very low, if you look anywhere east of new
4:52 pm
orleans, along the gulf coast, you need to be monitoring the system. just a quick look at one of the models, this is one of our reliable models and hopefully off shore by wednesday or thursday, again, harris, this could go anywhere, people need to really pay attention and we'll bring you the very latest, back to you. >> all right, janice, thank you for watching for us. well, maybe you have noticed the price of gasoline is falling, a new survey showing a gallon of regular unleaded 15 cents cheaper than two weeks ago, the lundberg survey, which tracks fuel trends reports the average cost is now $3.4 per gallon, several cents less than what drivers were paying a year ago, as we mentioned and you just heard janice saying it, we're waiting to see if the storm in the gulf could possibly have an effect on things, although keep in mind, the production now halted for the storms, only amounts to about 2% of u.s. production in total. they haven't shut down everything. so it's not highly likely that this will affect the presses unless tropical storm debby
4:53 pm
does force all the platforms to close and of course we're watching for you. a wild finish to a euro championship match between england and italy. i don't watch that much soccer, i watch this. and it's about to get hot in miami. could it get any hotter in miami? the party over the nba championships, the fox, coming up. pete schragar. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole.
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♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> welcome, it was exciting and down to the wire. italy and england, in the quarter finals. peter, take it away. >> italy was playing england here in a big match and the winner goes on to play germany. this was 0-0 through 120 minutes of action and goes to penalty kicks, italy takes care of business, deengland and they'll play germany, and the other semifinal between portugal and spain, four european powerhouses and the
4:57 pm
euro cup has been fantastic and if you haven't been watching, tune in, great games. >> harris: i did. and so it's the ultimate time for ultimate fighting? >> yeah, ultimate fighting, two events, very rare and friday night in atlantic city, which i attended, harris. >> harris: hey. >> and won saturday in brazil. two fights, last night's minor upset. rich franca in brazil, silva is from brazil the home crowd, but rich franklin, 37 years old defeats the younger silva. >> heat on the usc. it's hot in miami, i don't think that's a news flash. >> yeah, a parade coming tomorrow and not too happy that the miami heat won the championship, they weren't the favorite team, but got it done and lebron james second year in miami brings the championship back to miami first title since 2006. they'll be partying up and down the street. 11 a.m. is the parade. check that out if you want and then the off season and we start all over again come
4:58 pm
fall. >> harris: nice glasses. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> harris: and looking ahead to big stories coming up this week. the supreme court decision on the future of president obama's health care overhaul could come as early as monday. the high court set to rule on the constitutionality. germany's chancellor set to meet with her counterpart in france on the european debt crisis. later this week, congress facing a deadline on two funding key programs. federal highway construction and student loan packages, if they don't reach a deal. millions of road and transit projects could be affected millions of students could see their loan rates double. and on this day in 1999, the legendary musician eric clapton auctioned off 100 of his prized guitars in an effort to raise money for his drug rehab clinic. clapton is widely considered one of rock's greatest guitarist and for years battled drugs, addiction and got clean in 1987 and a
4:59 pm
decades later the crossroads center to help make it easier for patients to afford care and he sold off his guitars to help that. all told he raised 5 million dollars, but a garage sale for charity 13 years ago today. well, you know, it takes a great team of people working together with all of their hearts and passions put together in these for you every week, we love what we do and as we close things out on the fine sunday night a special thank you to one of our team members leaving fox report weekend after kicking it off five years ago, john, in our control room now, ruling things as he always is, thank you, john for all of your years of great producing and writing and friendship. best of everything to you on your new adventure. that will do it for us, i'm harris falkner, have a bad week, and huckabee, starts, give me ten, ten seconds. have a fab week.


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