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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: a lot of news
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to carry documents proving legal status and authorizing cops to arrest suspected immigrants all, gone. critics argue the law would lead the racial and ethnic profiling, but the white house sued on the basis that it would undermine on that the court sided with the majority opinion here, justice kennedy wrote that arizona may have understandable frustrations with the problems caused by illegal immigration but the state may not pursue policies that undermine federal law. >> president obama said he is pleased with the rules but concerned about the remaining provision. we have team fox coverage, and now reaction from arizona, and now to shannon on a windy day. a justice took aim at the president. explain to us what that is all about. >> justice scalia who wrote an opinion that concurred this part and disscented if part did something i have not seen happen often plugged a current event to the opinion he wrote, references specifically the president's policy directive change on immigration. saying that dhs will not deport certain individuals and young people, referenced in the opinion and he goes on to write, are the sovereign states at mercy of the federal executives'
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refusal to enforce the immigration law, and later said if we do not think arizona has the right to enforce these laws we should stop referring toñi it as a sovereign state. >>shepard: there is some breaking news regarding the department of homeland security. it issued a response, i guess, to the ruling. >>reporter: we get word in response to the ruling, dhs directed officials who would be responding to certain traffic stops and other violations, in arizona, under the policy that was uphold telling them not to cooperate with that. and we hear that immigration and customs enforcement is rescinding agreements in place with state and local agencies, in arizona, so teamwork there for enforcing the law will not work. so the governor may think she had a win with a portion of the law uphold but if the feds do not want to enforce their side it could be meaningless win. >>shepard: thank you very much from the supreme court today.
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now the arizona governor called the ruling "a victory," and defended her state's ability to enforce the law. and now, our reporter is on the west coast newsroom and she was referring, here, to the mandatory train on this law for folks who work in her state. all thank you is;
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and since the governor starting talking about the law they are worried about racial profiling and unlawful arrest, and they are worried about feeling of fear in the latino community in arizona. the graining tape is supposed to instruct police officers of things that constitute reasonable suspicion that money could be in the country illegally. things like language, and demeanor, and location of the stop. but, civil rights activists are not convinced.
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>> the supreme court lookedded at the law and said on the face it looks constitutional and we will see what happens but it could be troublesome, as applied. that is the issue. how is it going to be applied without racial profiling? >> this remain on, the governor went out of her way to say that she would not tolerate racial profiling but she knew full well there would be many lawsuits about that down the road. >>shepard: thank you from los angeles. quite a news conference itok wa. our senior judicial ana anast joins us this afternoon. when it was over i was scrapping my head, this governor brewer news conference, i felt like the yankees played the red sox in a fur game set and the yeahs won 3 out of 4 and the red sox claimed a victory. i didn't ... i could&'% figure it out. >>judge napolitano: they is trying to find some cover and trying to spined -- find some good news which guts the
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statute. she hasxdñi a huge con state anr with huge concerns and a legislature that tried to address it. but what the supreme courtxd sa, said if a state feels the federal government is not enforcing federal immigration laws, it may not stand in the shoes of the federal government and enforywñ the laws for the federal government. stated differently, if you don't like the way the federal government enforces the laws, change the congress andñilp chae the presidentxd but do not tinkr with the constitution. >>shepard: but they they are trying to do the work the federal government is not doingd and the governor declared victory. >>judgei] napolitano: i amok not sure what the governor was declaring victory about other than the political benefit of a politician declaring victory. if police canxd only inquire abt your immigration statusl0v
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on the new egyptian leader as hinted today by the state department spokeswoman. listen. >> we want to see president elect morsi take steps to advance national unity, to uphold the universal values, to respect the rights of all egyptians, women, minority, christians, and et cetera. so, there are further steps he can take as we go forward and those the messages we are sending. all if the united states wants to send a very strong message, there is that small matter of $1.5 billion in aid, that currently goes to egypt. not hard to use that if they need to. >>shepard: thank you. women looking for love on the internet, thought they found it with soldiers fighting in afghanistan. and sent them money thinking it
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was going to the troops and now word from investigators the cash went through this interesting mother-daughter duo, and ended up somewhere in nigeria. and then one more thing i will bring along to you before the commercial break, we just got an alert from stockhold, sweden, through the associated press and i will read it as it has come to us, european officials to the associated çó press: norwegian trained by al qaeda awaiting orders for attack. wonder what that means in we do, too. hope to have clarity by the time we see you back. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. ♪
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>> they set up the website in america and i believe they collected the money and according to colorado authorities they only took in about 10% of the money. the people in nigeria got most of the money because they were the ones, doing most of them hours and hours and hours of labor to find these people and establish the relationship, con them out of their money and this is basically the mom and daughter was acting like a collection agency. >> it won't be the first scam on the internet, but one that just points out how vulnerable we are. you never know who you're talking about. >> correct. what's interesting, they're charged as the colorado organized crime control act as if they were a member of an organized crime syndicate. so many people involved in so many states. >> if the allegations are true, very organized crime.
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>> they could spend literally the rest of their lives in jail. >> arthur. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> the high court has ruled on the immigration laws, the first of two highly anticipated decisions that could play out the presidential elections, reaction from the president and his challenger, coming out as we report the bottom of the hour, the top of the news on studio b. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese
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paid off in spades a the highest court tossed three of four key aspects of the law. it's a partial win for the president because it leaves the controversial stop and check provision standing at least for now. wendell goler continues our team fox coverage live at the white house. how are they responding to this today, wendell? >> well, shep, the president and his aides are please today strike down what they believe are the egregious parts of the arizona law and feel it reaffirms that border control is a federal issue, but not completely comfortable with the part that got sent back to a lower court for reconsideration, in a written statement, president obama said, quote, i agree with the court that individuals cannot be detained solely to verify their immigration status. we must ensure that arizona law enforcement officials do not enforce this law in a manner that undermines the civil rights of americans. and they say the justice department will be watching to see what impact it has on civil rights in arizona with the implied threat of a
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lawsuit if they feel the law is abused. and homeland security security napolitano says she will not change her decision not to deport young people brought to this country illegally as children as long as they haven't done anything wrong. shepard. >> shepard: was their comment on the arizona governor jan brewer's claims of victory here? >> not from the the white house, not yet. but you're right, governor brewer, even though the immigration and customs enforcement division says it will only step in as the suspect is on a priority list for deportation, says the heart of the immigration law has been upheld. >> today is a day when the key components of our effort to protect the citizens of arizona, to take up the fight against illegal immigration in a balanced and constitutional way, has unanimously been vindicated by the highest court in the land. >> reporter: white house has had a fight with governor brewer in the past and i think
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the president does not want another one now, shepard. >> shepard: probably not. wendell goler outside the white house, thank you. the former massachusetts governor mitt romney used today's supreme court ruling to go after the president. the presumptive g.o.p. nominee released a statement that indicates the president has not worked hard enough on comprehensive immigration reform and adding, as i quote, as candidate obama he promised to present immigration plan the first year in office, four years lart we're still waiting. in a statement, governor romney did not specific support or opposition to the court's ruling, neither. and he's actually holding a fundraiser at this hour in arizona. his aides say the timing is a coincidence. campaign carl cameron is live in scottsdale. do we have any way to know? i think we have history with a bunch of different positions in the past, but what is his position today as of this hour there in the valley of the sun on immigration? >> well, his aides have said it over and over and over again, and it's 100 degrees, actually hit triple digits in
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arizona today, not a rare thing for them. what romney has said in his statement when his aides have said repeatedly today is as follows and i quote, i believe that each state has the duty and the right to secure our borders and preserve the rule of law, particularly when the federal government has failed to meet its responsibilities. over and over and over again, romney's aides have repeated the statement that he put out in writing today. and here he is in arizona with an opportunity to talk about the immigration statute and the constitutional case, now decided in the u.s. supreme court, and romney has chosen not to do that. he will have two fundraisers today. one private, one open to the press, but not to cameras and we're told no plans for the republican presidential nominee to address today's supreme court decision on immigration, and he supports the 10th amendment, states rights and said over and over and over again, if the president and administration aren't going to do what's necessary to secure the border and immigration laws then states should have the right to do so, but there's no comment on whether or not mitt
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romney accepts, disputes, challenges or disagrees or agrees with the actual contents of the decision itself. >> shepard: some of the facts here, polls indicate he had some real problems with hispanic voters, and the fact is, hispanic voters are going to play an important part in this election so i guess we shouldn't be so surprised that he won't take a position and won't talk about it? >> it's not that he's not taking a position, he's trying to point out his position has been that the administration is not doing what's necessary to enforce the borders and immigration laws, and in ab accepts of that pro action in washington states have to do what's necessary n terms of public opinion and et cetera, polls suggest that romney is at about 2-1 deficit with latino registered voters with president obama and yet, national polls of voters in general have shown that for the most part there has been broad support for the arizona law. one recent fox poll suggestion 2-1 across the board nationwide in support of arizona in the statute that's now been ruled unconstitutional at least three parts of it.
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the and the president himself issued a statement. he did not talk about it in new hampshire where they're thoroughly educated on the key points, and a swing state where the issue matters and yet, both candidates preferring to talk about jobs and the economy and those types of numbers today. and there's a gallup poll out. among latino voters health care, second issue, unemployment. third issue, immigration and the fourth issue, jobs and economic growth. so, with all of that said, mitt romney has lots to talk about. president obama and mitt romney did it with written statements today, shep. >> shepard: all right. carl cameron live for us in scottsdale. enjoy. the economic trouble in europe has a silver lining appears in the united states. the gas prices go down. average cost for regular unleaded dropped just 4 cents over the weekend. now 3.41. that is down 6 1/2% from one month ago thanks in large part to decrease worldwide in demand for oil.
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let's go to gerri willis, the business report over on fox business. and falling gas prices again, translates to more money in consumers' pockets and therefore more money not going overseas. >> that's right. an incredible run for gas prices down 73 the last 80 days. and what consumers will do with that money, if they're in the mood to save or spend. when you're pumping money in the rates of a billion dollars for every penny that the prices go down, that's a fair chunk of change over time. >> shepard: i'll say it is, very good news on gas prices and some good news on housing as well. the housing market. >> new home sales up 7.6% in may shall that's the biggest increase in two years. that is truly impressive. and of course, we're all hoping that the housing market finally digs itself out, but remember that new home sales are only 20% of the market. the rest of the market are existing homes, homes sold before. one interesting fact though you might want to note, national association of realtors says that for each home built, there's something
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90,000 raised in taxes and three people get jobs for year, equivalencesy of. there's an impact in the new home sales. >> shepard: and yet the market is in the tank. >> the market is in the tank, you mentioned it earlier, europe, europe, europe and what's going happen with spain and italy of course. >> shepard: again, major developments out of syria, dozens of syrian soldiers and military leaders have now defected. we're told more than 30 of them are cross the border in turkey. what does this tell us about the state of the regime that's been slaughtering its own people for what, 16 months? that's coming up next on studio b. ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, this is the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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studies show the president's health care law is projected to add hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit -- and increase spending by more than a trillion dollars. and the truth is -- we still don't know how much this law will eventually cost. i don't want anything to come between my patients and me -- especially washington bureaucrats. we need real reform that improves care, and the president's health care law just isn't it. it just isn't worth it. this is where health care decisions should be made. not in washington.
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>> turkey now reports that syria attempted to shoot down another one of its jets. turkey's deputy prime minister said that syrian troops shot at a search and rescue plane, but he did not say whether the syrians hit that plane. turkish officials were using
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the plane to look for a reconnaissance that syrian troops shot down on friday. turkey now calling on n.a.t.o. to consider the downing of the jet as aattack on the military alliance and the turk ishg government says it will decide in the coming days whether to cut electricity, exports. and the number of people acrossing to turkey overnight, reportedly among them dozens of syrian military and their families. greg palkot has the news live from damascus, syria. fox news is the only western television channel in the syrian capital, as always the syrian government is monitoring each and every one of greg's reports. with that, greg, to you. >> shep, defections, shootdowns and now according to activists, maybe another genocide in the making. and in the city of homs, about two hours north of where we are now and where we spent some time in the past couple
12:42 pm
of days, getting a rare look at what is going on there, it is a hot bed of anti-government opposition forces, many neighborhoods now are being pummelled by syrian military artillery. it goes on day and night and a rare look there, lots of civilians there, too, and renewing their plea for all sides to stop the fighting so they can rescue hundreds. the syrian military, however, has done this before right in the city of homs. take a look at what we found in another area. >> this is what is left of the neighborhood of homs, one time strong hold of the free syrian army, the armed opposition in syria, then this past winter it was pounded into submission by the syrian military. now it's almost a wreck, almost no one here, a virtual ghost town. >> this as the controversy continues over that turkish jet shot down by the syrian anti-aircraft defenses on friday. turkey now claims it wthe plane
12:43 pm
was in international air space. there was another report about a shot at a search and rescue aircraft. all of this will be taken up at a special emergency meeting of n.a.t.o. in brussels tomorrow. and finally, shep, one more word about some more defections. three syrian air force pilots going to jordan, asking for asylum, this time they didn't bring that mate. >> and greg palkot. thank you. with us now, a pulitzer prize winning journalist, judith miller. and adjunct, professor usually go together. but fellow, this is a civil war now. and i don't know why everybody else tends it's political. during the civil war, people are dying and shooting planes out of the air. refugees are flooding into turkey, where are we? >> i think right now all eyes are on turkey, shep.
12:44 pm
and the interesting thing about turkey is their relatively low key response. because they invoked article 4 of the n.a.t.o. treaty which requires consultation of n.a.t.o. members not article 5, a response to an act of aggression of an n.a.t.o. member by all n.a.t.o. members. so we're going to basically have a talk fest among n.a.t.o. members. turkey doesn't want to expand this war on its border. turkey has its own kurdish problem. syria has kurds, it doesn't want syrian kurds not under the regime to get together with its own kurds. it also has a population, the same ethic minority, religious minority that rules in syria. they don't want those people upset and they don't want a war, a vietnam type war that goes on endlessly at their border. they've been deliberately low
12:45 pm
key and in close contact with the americans and we know that the obama administration does not want any expansion, any, anything worse than what's already happened to happen on that border. >> shepard: of course, with the white house and everyone else involved. really like to do to make this better. are there any solutions out there? >> well, still, everybody keeps forgetting about him, but kofi annan in again negen. vechlt a is trying to get his contacts together. they want the iranians in the room, and that's not happening, as long as hillary clinton is secretary of state, and president obama is president because you can't have the optics that have are terrible at a time when the iranians are saying no, no, no, to anything kind of-- anything of the americans or eu asking with respect to nuclear weapons. so, you know, this is such a difficult situation. i wish there were an easy
12:46 pm
answer. there isn't. we've heard answers, arm the rebels. cia steering the weapons going in, and to the right people. that's a tricky venture. this thing is going to go on and it's really getting uglier and uglier by the day and as greg said it's great we have firsthand reporting in there because you can verify orsy that a couple of these reports are not true, but we are very worried about homs because the syrian army is moving up towards homs. it looks like they're getting ready for another kind of slaughter there. >> shepard: judy miller, thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: police in india say they've arrested a man accused of planning the deadly mumbai attacks back in 2008. media reports say the man is suspected of being a local organizers, but a gunman carried out the rampage. ten gunman killed more than
12:47 pm
160 people, luxury hotels, a railway center and jewish cultural center, but one gunman survived. india convicted him of murder and sentenced him to death. olympic track officials say they have never seen a finish like this during trials for the olympics, never. an absolute photo finish tie. and now, these officials say they may have to break the tie with a, how do you break a tie for people who have been training all their lives? the olympics are on the way. what sort of grand and glorious plan to break the tie. race off? what would they do? that's coming up. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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>> ten minutes before the hour, a photo finish like no other at the u.s. olympic trial and left track officials
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in a bind. look at the picture. judges say they cannot determine which of the runners came out ahead to take the third position in the 100 meter sprint. the third runner for the united states team. officials made the call on whose torso crosses first and in this case they call it torso to torso tie. it's a big deal, only the top three finishers earn spots on the u.s. team for the race. officials say they did not have a system in place for the tie. and so they came up with two options, here they are, do a runoff, in other words, run one mores and each of the two women would have to agree to this. or if they can't agree to that, they would flip a coin and the runners can have a say. now with the the sports editor or the daily national. mike is near. i don't get it. isn't there technology in place to solve this. >> you would think so, think back to the olympics in 2008. michael fephelps, the butterfly.
12:52 pm
you can see whether the ball is going to go in or stay out. i think it's foolish, if we're going to flip a coin and see who has the less one, not to see who is going to fulfill a life long dream and go to the olympics. alison has been twice and the other woman has not been before. so i can't imagine that either of them would not want to go the route of putting it on the line and actually going head to head against each other. >> shepard: and then there's this matter, sadly one of our decathletes learned, every race can be your last when it comes going toward an olympic trial. something bad could happen. >> yeah, no olympic athlete ever wants to be put in the situation and i'm sure they laid it all on the line during this trial and go back to the well one more time when they've fully extended themselves and putting themselves at risk and their careers at risk as well. >> shepard: are enthusiasts in this sport and the rest, why in the world isn't there technology available and we didn't have it here?
12:53 pm
that seems sad. >> you would think. they went to such a degree to have it in the by laws what angle of the finger to toss the coin, but not to have the technology, with the billions of dollars at stake is ridiculous. >> shepard: and you mentioned michael phelps, looks likes swimming is the michael phelps competition is one of the most interesting in the olympics. >> absolutely. all eyes will be riveted on him as they were last olympics. i don't think he's going to be able to match that feat, but great to see everyone going up against him. reminds him of the dream team. '92, every other team trying to build up to face the u.s. teams in the years past and i think that's what's happening with phelps. >> shepard: we're not going to know whether he's going to swim until we see whether he can shave his mustache off. >> yeah, not a good look. >> shepard: he seems to like it, whatever. hey, man, great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> shepard: a woman in northern california says she was drinking morning coffee when he she heard a loud boom from inside the garage and when she went to check it out, here is what she found.
12:54 pm
yeah, one of her children was in the garage. actually, that's a bear, clinging to the rafter, not someone in a bear suit. look out the garage door opened and the home owner says it happened last wednesday and you sue what happens here and that startled the animal. eventually, the bear's mother appeared at the door and watch what happens next, baby bear, down the ladder by itself and mama bear and baby bear ran away and that home owner tells fox news, folks accused her of faking the video, but she says it's the real deal. mama and babe bear, babe bear scolded for climbing without permission and if you need to steal a soda, the vending machine is probably not the best place to start. lint could get stuck in there, you see a seven-year-old child-- oh, wait, not seven. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the rise of freedom now and the steel at one of the new towers of the world trade center has reached its peak. and raised the top beam at number four, and that's 72 foot. >> and that represents the last steel, basically to the top, so, it's-- >> and signed their names on that beam, some have been down there since recovery efforts began after the attacks of 9/11. the steel at the new signature skyscraper one world trade center is expected to top out in just a few days. this is it, where we wrap
12:59 pm
things up. it doesn't matter how thirsty you are, do not stick your arm inside a vending machine to steal a soda because this can happen. accidentally, demonstrated by this 17-year-old california boy over the weekend. police say he tried to grab a drink out of the machine near san diego on saturday. obviously, it didn't work out perfectly. and somebody saw the boy struggling and called the 911. police, firefighters, and paramedics showed up to help. after about an hour, crews used heavy duty tools to cut off his arm-- actually no, that's not what happened. they broke up the machine and freed the kid and might have teased him they'd cut off his arm, he'd been stealing after all. and police say they may be charged with petty theft and the worst part of it all, he never got a soda. and nyse, and euro next, we're off on the session about 1% and that has to do with the situation in europe


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