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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 25, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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italy and whether those economies are going to survive without a lot of help. i'll see you tonight seven o'clock eastern, 6 in oxford on the fox report. time for your world with neil cavuto. >> well, thank you, shepard. say it is so, joe, because when it comes to the center piece of arizona's crackdown on illegals, that the supreme court all, but thank sheriff joe arpaio, cracking down on them, at least when it comes to authorities like the sheriff to demand they show their papers. no doubt, joe likes that. today, what joe doesn't like, because joe is here to talk about the pros and the cons of the decision that has much of the nation pretty much confused. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and it is the most hotly debated part of that arizona immigration law, a provision at that requires police check the status of anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally.
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the high court ruling it's legal while leaving the door open to additional challenges. arizona governor jan brewer calling the decision a victory for the rule of law, but did this ruling also prohibit, police, for example, for arresting illegal immigrants without a warrant and the maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio and sheriff, good to have you. is it a mixed message, a mixed blessing? how would you describe it? >> yeah, probably. 1070, we've been doing this for four years anyway, probably why they took me to federal court, the obama administration last month, knowing this 1070 was coming out and of course, the president has the dream act situation, but i'm concerned about whether the federal government will pick up the illegal aliens and law enforcement in my office come in contact with. in fact, i predicted this morning they won't, and i just hear that the homeland
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security said they're not going to pick up illegal aliens that law enforcement comes in contact with on traffic stops, also, they took away all the 287-g, from all law enforcement. of course, they took away mine the day they announced i was under investigation. there seems to be a war on arizona over this illegal immigration problem. >> neil: well, there are a couple of issues you raise that and i want to raise them in the order in which you raised them, sheriff. one is that the president and he issued a statement today that no american should ever live under a cloud of suspicion just because of what they look like. do you think that was a slap at you? >> of course it is. i'm the poster boy, he mentioned me a few weeks ago at the white house and didn't like what i was doing with the 10 1070, if he has that much concern stop them from coming into the united states because it's illegal to come into this country so he ought to do something about that
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situation. on the other hand we should enforce the laws in the interior, which most people are saying, including politicians, let's, let's secure the borders and then they say first. well, what about all the illegals that are in the interior, we're locking them up on human smuggling and raiding businesses, crime suppressions and by the way, i'm not stopping anything. i'm going to continue to enforce those state laws, regardless of what the federal government is trying to put pressure on me to satisfy all these activists, which by the way are in front of my building right now, three and a half years they've been in front of my building. so, i'm not going to bend to the federal government, especially when we still have state laws to enforce. >> neil: i wonder, whether the feds now might have a reason to put you or box you into a corner, sheriff. by that i mean, the justices ruled unanimously in fact that you do have the right, you know, to folks for papers, for
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example, and those folks you might suspect of being illegal are not required to have the papers, it's sort of like a catch 22. i thought in your case, sheriff, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. >> no, the big point, neil, you can detect these people every hour on the hour, but if ice doesn't accept them what do you do with them. >> neil: what do you do? >> well, i've got a couple of strategies in mind i'm not going to reveal it now. but we're going to continue to lock up the human smugglers, that raid businesses, crime suppression. i'm not stopping, i've got state laws i can enforce. >> neil: excuse my legal ignorance then, sheriff. if you, let's say stop a car, and you suspect that the driver, or the occupant might be illegal, and you ask for papers. the supreme court says you can and they don't have any, any such papers. the supreme court says it kind of ends there, if i'm
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interpreting what they said correctly. what does joe arpaio do after that? >> i'm going to tell you one thing i'm going to do if it's some type of criminal crime, they're going to jail. if they're an illegal, okay, they're going to jail. number two, we're going to try to call ice to take them off our hands, which they've been doing, great cooperation locally. they've been taking these illegal aliens off our hands, when we have no, no state charge against them, but i predicted this will stop and this is the first shot by taking away that cooperative 287-g program from all law enforcement in arizona and they took away mine about two years ago, and then they took it away from our jail. so-- >> i do think they've got you in some bit of a limbo, i can feel for what you're now facing because i don't know what you're facing. but governor brewer, while she
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called it a victory for the rule of law, she went on to say i'm confident our officers are prepared to carry this out responsibly and lawfully back to this law, what you're carrying out if you're allowed to ask for, let's say identifying papers to prove you're a citizen or a legal resident of this country and they're the not required to have the paper work so it's sort of like, yeah, you can ask, but they don't have to show because they don't have to have it. >> that's not the point, once again if you proved -- you have to go to the immigration. >> neil: what if they have nothing to show snu the the court seems to be saying, sheriff, well, you know, that's, that's a pass. >> well, there's other criteria. >> neil: like what? >> on suspicion. i'm not going to get into all that, neil, there's a whole list of that. >> neil: you're not afraid that you're being backed into a legal corner, sheriff and that this might be taken advantage much by feds, ice and some others, and the obama administration itself, the justice department itself, to land you in jail? >> no, i'm in a political
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quandary. this is all politics and it's bad, bad decisions that the homeland security and the white house is making, i'll tell you why. they want amnesty and if they're not going to accept people here illegally, then we show we have probable cause or suspicion, then that means they're in the streets. that's what the problem is. they're getting a pass. and that's what it's all about. and it's going to continue and the criteria will be different as time goes on by the federal government. so, this is amnesty, period. >> neil: all right, joe arpaio, a pleasure, sheriff, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> neil: governor mitt romney in arizona today, he says it's high time for national immigration strategy to secure the border, but can the government get that job done. arizona congressman ben quayle has doubts. he joins us now. congressman i know it seems
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simple what the supreme court said today, but i don't think the ball moved forward today. >> i actually think this is going to create a lot of confusion and you're talking to sheriff joe, right now, the supreme court ruling state and local law enforcement officials have the the ability to ask for proper identification to see if someone is there illegally, but then what happens after that. >> neil: right. >> you go and turn over an illegal or suspected illegal to ice, and then ice says, well, actually we're going to-- up to our discretion and not process and take them into custody then you have a very big issue of what happens at the state level and local level when they're trying to enforce the federal law and the federal officials aren't going to do it. 'causes a lot of questions. >> neil: that's what worries me. and congressman, one of the potential double standards in in policy and now, essentially stand by the supreme court, that is, you have every right, sheriff joe arpaio and others like you to go ahead and ask for proof of identification
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and paper work and all that, but those who you're asking that from have no obligation to have it. leaving that aside, it would put authorities who are trying to honor the federal law and deal with illegals in legal arms harm's way themselves, right? they will bring who they suspect of being illegal immigrants to the feds' attention. the feds will say you're free to go and nothing ever gets resolved. >> right, and that's the disappointing part about the portions that did get struck down today. was that they're always make it go a state crime. so, if the federal government wasn't actually going to take the enforcement up, then you could still apprehend these individuals and take them into custody because they violated the state law. so, what we have right now is we have laws that are on the books and unfortunately, this administration and ice, decided that they're not going to enforce it on certain individuals and then you're having state and local law enforcement individuals going, okay, if we actually stop
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somebody, want to turn it over to ice which they've been doing on a regular basis, but then changed the policy. how do you keep up with that. what's the communication going forward? so i think it raises a lot of questions and it's a victory in one sense, upholding the major portion of 1070, but casts a lot of confusion going forward especially with things out of the administration lately. >> neil: you've been critical of your own party, likely nominee for president, that he hasn't been strong enough on this issue, think be a good president, and don't want to give people the wrong idea-- but you didn't say this, but maybe a bit too vanilla, that is supporting the fact we've got it correct, immigration policy, development standard, not accepting the president's plan to essentially allow 800,000 plus children of illegals stay here and a short-term solution. so what should the the party do now? what should he do now in light
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of this decision? >> well, i think that first and foremost is that we have to make sure that we're actually standing by what the confusional frame work is with separation of power and co-equals frames of government, something that the president just eviscerated friday. and i know there's been examples of how a president could use or not enforce certain laws and one example he could get up the next day and say he's not going to enforce the tax code against a certain sector of people and that in essence is creating new laws, and so, i think governor romney should be up and talking about this and really hammering it home saying look we're a nation of laws we need to enforce our laws and we can't let the president go around congress and disregard how our legislative process should work. i think that's a winning argument and i hope he'll take that up and make this case to the american people that the president is going against our constitutional frame work up and to election.
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what would he do in the next four years if he was given that opportunity? >> all right, congressman, good seeing you again. >> thanks a lot, neil. >> neil: and meanwhile, stocks plunging as the europe bailout and worries that the u.s. could be headed to its own fiscal cliff. and and taxpayers should be worrying because right now we're the ones go to foot the bill, senator thune. hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> all right. to the corner of wall and broad where things seem to go from bad to worse, 138 points, the dow. and fears europe will get messier and we might not be that far behind. senator john thune has been warning about that in washington. and the republican joining me now. we tend to snicker senator when we look at europe and say what a mess they are. we're not a heck of a lot better, are we? >> we really aren't, neil. good afternoon by the way. you look at what's happened last four days, the stock market has been going down
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eight of the last nine days, a reduction in the market, but it's based upon what's happening in europe and i think what the lesson in this for us should be we've got to get our fiscal house in order. there are just warning signs, red lights flashing everywhere to this country. and warning us about what's going to happen if we don't take steps to get on a sustainable fiscal path and europeans, countries like spain which are dealing not only with a housing bubble will you also a contracting economy and huge amounts of debt, credit drying up. those are the things that we're going to face in the future if we don't take steps to turn the country's fiscal direction around. that means we've got to take on entitlement reform, we've got to do something to reform the fax code and get the economic growth going again and face this fiscal cliff at the end of the year. >> neil: senator, what alarms me every time i hear new financial report out of europe, is now the spanish banks want moore money, they just got money, the country of spain is trying to back them
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up and see if they can get more money and cypress is a disaster and wants more money. i worry, are we be not so directly going to have to chip in, and imf. do you think that the republican position should be, and i don't know whether this is your position, not another dime? or is it in our interest to keep them stable? >> no, i think the latter-- the former is the correct position, neil. not another dime. we cannot afford to be bailing out europe. we need to take care of our own problems right now. the united states is still in a position to fix what we're facing. if we do the right things, we'll take the right steps, put the right policies in place now, we can avoid the result that they're facing in europe right now. but, it would be a big mistake in my view, for the united states, the american taxpayers through the imf or any other institution to try and bail out countries that really are right now just sort of kicking the can down the road a little
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bit further. i think that would be a huge mistake for our country, for the american taxpayer. we need to be focusing on right now is addressing the concerns that we have right here at home, which if not addressed are going to take us in the direction of europe, and obviously, that's something that we can avoid and should avoid and takes leadership in washington d.c. which up until now we haven't seen from the president or his allies here in congress. and democrats to take on the issues. >> neil: and the rap for the republican colleagues, you guys are waiting and running out the clock here convinced maybe you have a shot at taking the presidency, maybe the senate, and so there's no reason to make a deal with this president. you can make a deal tailored to your liking with the republican president and a clean sweep of all branches of the government. what do you say to that? >> i think it would be great if we could get that. i think in order to fix these problems we need new
1:19 pm
leadership here, real leadership. if we can get governor romney elected president and have a president that's focused on solving problems we could do that. but to your point, you know, republicans are trying to do things already. the house of representatives passed earlier this year as part of their budget, serious entitlement reforms, serious tax reforms, we're trying it get those taken up in the the senate. as you know we haven't passed a budget in the senate for the past three years, there are things we can do now to help avert this crisis today. if you look at next month, the house of representatives is going to act on legislation that will extend the tax rates that are set to expire the end of the year and will result in a massive tax increase on middle income americans, as well as small businesses in this country, something that can be avoided. so the republicans here in washington that can do something about this are doing something about it. what we're not getting right now is cooperation, obviously, from the white house, or the democrats in the united states senate. i hope that changes. we have time to address these things, but that time is running out.
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>> all right. the stocks and maybe i should call it shocks in california where we're potentially hours away from that city, and it's a big one, declaring bankruptcy. if stockton goes through with it the city of roughly 300,000 would be the biggest city in the united states to file for bankruptcy and if charles payne is right, this won't be the last. charles is charged and angry. >> well, you know, first of all, you know, and i know-- some sort of perverse way it might be the best thing in many ways for it to happen. first of all, we always talk
1:24 pm
about spain, italy, portugal. and you know, that's our road where america is head. we don't have to look at that far, neil. stockton, california built on entitlements, built on spending, built on ridiculous arrangements with unions they couldn't keep up, that they make promises that just were ridiculous, now, for instance, public service workers, when you could have worked there one month, quit, and they would pay your health, for you and your spouse for life. that kind of idiotic-- >> do you welcome a bankruptcy filing that allow them to do redo contracts and-- >> to be quite honest, i don't see how they can get around this unless debt holders say, now what, don't pay us. unless people actually lent this town money to go out of the way for some really weird reason and say don't pay us, you've got over 94 pension retirees making $100,000 a year, way more than the average in california. in the meantime, by the way, the city is crippled, crippled. they've got one police officer for every three that a normal
1:25 pm
california town has. they only vby the way you call the police if it's not a crime that's in progress or extraordinary violence they're not going to come. this is what happens when you go down this road. >> neil: but, here is what worries me. let's say this does happen. i agree with you that you -- sometimes tough love is this sort of thing, but you've got detroit in trouble, chicago in trouble. in ohio in trouble. on and on, do they do the same thing. >> detroit, 48, 49% of people in detroit are illiterate. they're illiterate. i'm being serious here. are you talking about pouring more money down there, continuing to raise taxes and a handful of truly productive people and most of them have fled detroit. you want to kick the rest out as well. and it's ridiculous, this might be the only way to break these contracts and maybe break the notion na somehow if we built it they will come. obviously it's something we're told on a national level,
1:26 pm
let's just spend a whole lot of taxpayer money. >> neil: be careful with what you wish for, i agree with what you're saying on principle, but let's say they get their act together, who is ever going to invest in stockton say, in the future, if you have a record for having gone belly up and not honored your commitments? argentina dealt with this, brazil dealt with this took many years to get over. it did get over it. >> yeah, sometimes-- a week ago imf got money from a whole bunch of countries that they used to lend money to. russias and brazils, we'll chip in to bail out europe. >> neil: while i've he got you here, brain yak, the dow is down, what is happening here. >> indecisiveness on both sides of the atlantic, they're looking for leadership and lack of faith that anything will happen in the eu summit and my girlfriend, angela
1:27 pm
merkel, she's holding tough. it doesn't make sense to her they should pay everyone's debt. she can't figure it out and everyone else-- >> wait a minute, you-- and this is how smart you are, your idea of like really drawn to hot is angela merkel. >> oh, absolutely. >> neil: okay, fine. and that's charl payne. i don't know i'm maybe, but that's charles,'s a genius. >> there's different types of hot. >> neil: there is, exactly. i'm still trying to find my own definition. well, shares of these companies doing something today that may be predicting how the justices will rule on the health care law this thursday. why that may have congressmen and doctors, very, very worried. ♪ ♪
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>> all right. now we know three days away, that's when the supreme court is going to rule one way or the other on the whole health care law. a lot of health care stocks are signaling a decision, it would seem. shares getting rocked from insurance firms to hospital companies, a number of ways to read that. and here is how is lot of readers are investing it. meanings that health care costs will keep rising and rising and rising. and congressman, what they seem to say self-that with or without the laws, up, up and away we go. >> well, with or without as long as true reports are put in place.
1:32 pm
what they're saying this bill, this law didn't do anything to affect health care lost other than increase. and the affordable is worse and accessibility is worse. we need to do, repeal the entire bill and-- >> what if the court only rejects the mandate. >> the whole thing has to go away. >> neil: i know, you said. but if only the mandate, a big chunk of it, you argue-- >> the whole premise is washington knows best, when washington knows best, business doesn't know what's going to happen don't know the rules of the game. that is why we need to repeal the entire law and patient centered care increase the quality and accessibility to care. >> neil: what is your read as a doctor if the court does only the mandate. let's say junks it and you still have it in place. >> and the 500 billion dollars
1:33 pm
out of medicaid and the independent advisory board and employer mandate in place. a lot of bad things that decrease the ability for physicians to care for patients to be in place and that's why you've got to put in place reforms. >> and what about if the court validates it. >> i think we'll see across the land, again, 60% plus oppose today it will rise up and with righteous indignation appropriately, in november, we'll put in place-- >> legislatively it would be tough to do. >> not after the election, no, the election is going to result in a congress responsive to people. the american people don't want this health care, don't want washington telling them what kind of doctor they have to see or must see and what kind of health coverage they must have and consequently we'll move in a positive direction, i'm very optimistic for the future. >> what does it mean for us that goes to your waiting rooms, how will it make life different for us, let's say
1:34 pm
the court upholds this and i've always argued we'll get more chairs in the waiting room, you'll be waiting longer. what are we likely to see. >> every principle that you hold dear, in health care, whether it's accessibility, whether it's quality, choices all of them will be violated are violated by this law. so the costs will go up. the ability to see the doctor you want to see will decrease. the quality of health care will diminish and your choices will finish. that's why the majority of american people are opposed to this law and why we ultimately-- >> depending on the polls. just your sense of now we're learning after the fact that joe biden, among others, warned the president don't go too crazy on this health care thing. and other advisors said, it would almost certainly be constitutionally challenged. what have we learned from that? >> well, i think what we're' learning, the president may not listen to his advisors to the degree that he should, may not listen to his political
1:35 pm
colleagues. >> neil: he'll rue the day? >> and he'll rue the day. because the american people know that they want to be the ones selecting their physician, that the small businesses in this country, they want to know that they have certainty in the area of covering their employees with health coverage and right now they don't. so it's even harming the economy in that way, harming jobs. >> neil: congressman very good seeing you. see how it works out. no matter who wins it, when it comes to the economy, do americans think either of these candidates can fix it? you might be surprised. ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things?
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>> well, you probably heard that the other two guys are battling for the top job. do americans think either can do the job. there's a new poll out. half don't think that the winner of presidential election matters, that he will have an impact on the economy regardless. and republicans from virginia, and george allen, whether that's gotten him worried. now, we did request for his opponent tim kaine, running in
1:39 pm
the senate contest and no response from senator king. what do you make of that when half the people in the country say it doesn't matter. >> it does matter. every vote matters. that's the reason i got off the side lines and into the senate race. they passed obamacare for one vote and failed to rein in the epa regulation-- >> most americans don't agree. and-- >> well, as they said, either folks aren't yet focused on it, but of course, every single day. >> neil: or they're bummed out. >> and people are obviously very disconsulate, worried, discouraged what's going on in washington and i don't think what's going on in washington is at all worthwhile for families, for small businesses and entrepreneurs. i think it is the responsibility of the candidate and the campaigns to layout for the american people, here is my vision, here is my ideas. here are positive-- >> well, they've done that. i guess my argument would be, if people don't distinguish between the two of them.
1:40 pm
this isn't like humphrey-nixon. there are big differences whether you accept them or not. there's not just a little bit of difference, there are big differences, i'm not saying reagan-carter differences, but darn close and i wonder how people can be of the mixed mind that they're both the same. >> well, i think the campaign speech, lay it out. it's up to the campaigns to motivate and inspire people. >> neil: you think that mitt romney is not doing it? in your state he's having a devil of a time. you're polling better than he is. what's the problem. >> the thing that i think mitt romney is doing right for virginia. i've been advocating, you know this, we in virginia ought to be able to produce oil and gas off our coast and use the royalties for roads and transportation, who is saying no? the white house, president obama. mitt romney is running an ad in virginia right now the first hundred days he's going to allow virginia to produce oil and gas off our coast. there's a prime example for the voters in virginia of a significant difference. >> neil: there are a lot of critics of the governor would say that he's, even now,
1:41 pm
playing too close-- >> i think he's getting his message out to the people and folks who pay taxes if you want higher taxes, president obama will give you higher taxes. we like more competitive. more fair and simple tax laws on energy policies, we want to unleash our american energy resources. the other side puts them off limits. >> neil: when you hear obama come back, governor, whatever title-- >> george, whatever, you can call me neil, you don't have to call me financial-- but the president's attacks on you guys, you go to the same play back, low taxes, free the oil guys, and he's going to remind people, no, no, been there tried that, done that, failed that, what are you going to say. >> we're going to say we're blessed in this country with the most resources of anywhere
1:42 pm
in the world and saying they're trying to ban coal, people realize that's going to turn those communities into ghost tou ghosttown. in virginia, a prisoner in texas got 40% of the vote. even they realize-- >> he's a hell of a candidate you have to-- >> the reality is most people in virginia, that my wife susan and i listen to, envision a better future for our children and our country than what we're doing these days, whether it's the health care monstrosity, counterproductive policy. if people listen to fox news this'll be informed and see there's a difference. >> neil: fair and balanced, all sides. >> we'll get our country ascending rather than diminished opportunities. >> neil: senator, always a pleasure. thank you very much, good seeing you. >> thank you, keel. >> neil: george allen. now, another side that democrats are not in this election in their own right. north carolina democrat mike mcintyre dodging a question whether he's even going to
1:43 pm
endorse the president and democrats who don't want to be seen campaigning with the president and others who have regrets to the convention, and you have to wonder whether any of this is a concern to the president. presidential historian doris kaerns good win say a lot of the democrats will be concerned if the president wins in the poll. i guess the message is be careful if he wins because he won't forget you spotting out of him, right? >> absolutely. i think it's not unusual in history for local politicians who have a different point of view from the president to want to run on their own and distance themselves from the president, but when that president wins then they will be not rewarded to put it the most mildly. >> what happens-- >> the president understands this. >> and harry truman in 1948, doris, i know you weren't born of course, that people would look at that and say that was an election that democrats,
1:44 pm
you know, he was practically radioactive, they kept their distance. how did he treat them when he got elected? >> well, you know, the interesting thing is i think once you get into the presidency, and you want to accomplish something and you want to leave a legacy, he was so happy that he won that election that no one thought he would ever win in a million years that then he did relent, but there's still residual of resentment not going to get the same patronage or rewards, but reach over across to those people of course you are. you can't lose them forever. >> neil: how does it work at that level. and patrick in massachusetts and booker, the mayor in newark and of course, president clinton himself. and all of whom criticized this president, i think largely on the bain capital, private capital thing of romney and i think they were all i don't think sent to the wood shed, but a call from the white house which makes me think that this president's skin might be thinner than we
1:45 pm
thought or that he sent the word out. i'm hearing, i don't like what i'm harg. >> now i think what's different today. in the older days before congressional cable television, when surrogates would float around the country talking about the race, they had six talking points and they memorized them. now they go on conversational tv. they he get asked a question and sometimes their honest opinion pops out. >> neil: there's a thought. >> and frozen. and then you have to keep falling back in line, but i'm sure that's again, it's happened before. it's just exacerbated by the-- >> now, now, i think it's different. just because you've written a ton on the subject you forget, young lady that i read a prompter so i know what i'm talking about. (laughter) >> oh. >> neil: huh-oh. one of the things i remember maybe it's the other way around. maybe it's these guys, whether it's some of the others who are warning the president, go slow on this particular strategy, go slow on attacking private capital. you know, desperately trying
1:46 pm
to send a message to the white house, your strategy screwed up. stop it. >> look, it's healthy to have criticism about strategy. but, i don't see why they can't do that in private. if you were running for office. >> neil: maybe he's not listening to them, doris, maybe he's not listening, maybe he's not listening. >> now what, listen to the last few speeches he's made where he hasn't focused on what's been better about us now than three and a half years ago. instead's talking about the future, what the carville people are saying, you have to layout a different approach to the future than the republicans have and that's been the theme that he's had. he may have already been developing that before their criticism, but certainly he's pivoted in the direction they wanted. that's a good thing for them and him. >> neil: is it a bad thing when even jimmy carter has come out against your, you know, going after terrorists and that sort of thing, in an op-ed, that you're sending -- you're continuing to push doctrine. i mean, carter was his last
1:47 pm
real unequivocal supporter. i mean, maybe that was the white house plan, to say we were going to get some distance from jimmy carter so they can't compare us to jimmy carter, but i'm wondering whether the wheels are coming off. >> i don't think so. i mean, i don't think they think so. i think if you looked at the number of things that jimmy carter said against sitting presidents and the current policies. >> neil: yeah, but never this one. >> got to be a first. he certainly talked about clinton. >> neil: why now, doris, why now? >> because he, too, pops out with what he wants to say. he feels a freedom as an ex-president now who wants to have a say in the world who has clear feelings about the national and international scene and i think you've got to be big enough as a president to say i can listen to these people and i don't have to feel threatened by them and i doubt that you're feeling threatened by jimmy carter right now. >> neil: i look at a lot of the candidates are doing and they're both playing it safe.
1:48 pm
that is mitt romney and the president. both are playing it safe. maybe your say that they are the republicans are running out the clock, i was talking to a congressman, or maybe spending green technology and other stuff, could be falling on deaf ears, but my point is either is coming out with dramatic proposals getting you the results we were mentioning with senator governor allen, that either of these guys isn't going to make a difference in the fall. what do you think of that? >> well, i actually do think that this election should be die metrically opposed vision for where the future is going like an election 1936 with fdr. 1986 with reagan. >> neil: and behalf of the americans who think neither of these guys will make a difference. >> that shows they've lived too long and experienced too long absolute stalemate in washington with very little
1:49 pm
getting done. they've lost their faith in government and leadership, but the country has depended on leadership at so much crisis points in our history that i think that was a bad, terribly hard poll if it continues. again, it's 50% so you switch a little bit and get 60% if somebody believes in a leader once they first come in. but this election is as more than most in time about two competing visions and it's up to both these lead towers present their stories in compelling, simple language so that people on both sides say this is where i want to go and let one side win try their vision and see where we get. >> neil: and the poll, it wasn't a fox news poll, i don't know what poll it was, but doris kerns goodwin, always. >> and me to you. >> neil: and we have the man he's asking for help. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, "what's next?"
1:50 pm
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>> you thought the president had it tough. try being the pope. between another sexual abuse scandal ending in arrest in the u.s. and a money laundering scandal involving the banker in rome. and desperate to improve his message, enter greg burke to the rescue. our man in rome is now the vatican's point man in rome. how is that? greg called in to help shape things up. he's going to have the pope's ear, but does everyone someone of greg burke's have a prayer? let's ask him, because, greg, that's a mighty tall path. congratulations, i've got to say. this might be too much for even you, young man. congratulations, but what are you going to do?
1:54 pm
>> reporter: i'm going to to ask you to pray, neil, that's the first thing and you know, see where it goes from there. i think i'm going to go in, neil, with modest expectations. you know, this is basically like a white house director of communications job, i'm there to sort of farm late and shape the message and then the harder part. try to keep everybody on message in the vatican. i don't expect to have a whole lot of power, but i certainly do hope to be at the table with those who are making the decisions, if not the pope himself. at least number two and number three, right down the line. i think that can be some help. i also really set modest expectations and looking to try to take a few steps in the right direction, and try to help them avoid the major disaster. >> neil: all right, built a career on that, that could help you. i am atrying to see through the smoke here, what's going on. obviously they know and i remember you reporting on some businesses, scandals and accounting scandals, so you're not immune to covering the catholic church and all its
1:55 pm
worth yet they still called on you and reached out to you. you ignored many of their overtures, why did you agree now? >> i think i agreed, he neil, as much fun as i have going on shows like yours and travelling around the world for fox, i had a dream job, which is why i said no at first, but i agreed because i think it's a huge challenge, and probably one that's not going to come up again, and if i didn't do it, i'd be sitting around wondering, well, what if i had, could i have made a difference. >> neil: because the problem that you face, certainly not new to you and you know eyes wide open what you're doing, the catholic church has at the very least a bad pr problem, whether it's up against the wall on the contraception issues that have become the obama administration's clarion call or what's going on with the accounting scandal that could go well i don't think the financial side of the vatican and then you're stepping into this with a healthy suspicion of americans
1:56 pm
in general in the vatican. >> that's right. no, definitely i think the fact they're bringing an american in, probably among some sectors here is a little bit suspicious. among others though, it's very welcome. i think anything that can happen which shows greater accountability, a greater openness, we're already going to see this here, as i say, it takes a long time this week, they're bringing some journalists in, financial journalists to see, at least have a technical hearing how the vatican bank works. they have been doing that wlt ambassadors accredited to the vatican. i have abeen in rome 20 years and the first time i'll see that up close. that kind of thing is good news, it's going to be a slow process, as i mentioned, neil, you put many of the problems there, i know the sex abuse cropped up a big way on the front pages in the u.s., but the fact. matter is, i think the catholic church has learned a the lot about dealing with that and until recently, the philadelphia case, things quieted down on that front. the financial problems are
1:57 pm
another matter, but they've certainly shown major signs there, too, bringing new people in and not just myself to make things a lot clearer. >> neil: we wish you well, greg. no better man for that job. do well. . concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see.
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