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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 25, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and governor huckabee -- i mean greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: the supreme court today ruled unanimously to uphold the most significant part of arizona's strict immigration law. to "check your papers" provision that requires the state and local police to check the immigration status of people they might suspect might be in the country illegally. the ruling delivered by justice anthony kennedy said the provision does not appear to violate the constitution. and goes back to the 9th circuit court of appeals for further review. the court definitively struck down three other parts of the
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law that would have made it a state crime for illegal immigrants not to carry documents or seek work. in a split vote 5-3, saying it intruded on the federal government authority. reaction to the ruling has been mixed on both sides. president obama in a statement said, "i am pleased that the supreme court has struck down key provisions of arizona's immigration law. at the same time, i remain concerned about the practical impact of the remaining provision of the arizona law that requires local law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone they even suspect to be here illegally." now earlier, arizona governor jan brewer who introduced this legislation, applauded the decision. >> president obama and his party have both houses in congress for two years, and could have secured our borders. and fulfilled the promise to fix our broken immigration system. they failed. the heart of senate bill 1070
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has been proven to be constitutional. arizona and every other state has inherent authority to protect and defend its people has been upheld. >> kimberly: is this a win or loss for people concerned about illegal immigration? >> eric: a couple of things. the part the court upheld was the most important. 2b, where if you are a cop, you can pull someone over and check their status and their papers. that was the most important. the other thing you pointed out, unanimous, the court decided unanimously that was constitutional. which means that the three liberal judges who voted voted in favor of that being constitutional. i think it will also force illegals in to being more law abiding because as it stands right now, if you are not breaking the law, your papers aren't going to get checked. most importantly, i think the winners, yes, who were the winners? arizona, the people of arizona will like the law. number two, the other five states that adopted arizona like laws -- alabama, indiana,
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georgia, south carolina, utah. they're all going to do well. >> kimberly: we'll call it the bolling scorecard. that's how eric sees it. greg gutfeld, funny eyeballed. >> greg: this is the fun thy thing. everybody is claiming victory. obama is claiming victory, jan brewer is claiming victory, felipe calderon has a bubble bath he is so excited. it's like one of the weird obty call illusions you use -- optical illusions you used to see in a psychology book. is it a talon or two people kissing. >> dana: let me guess what you thought it was. >> greg: you make me sick to my stomach. the point is -- what we learn here is the white house is on the fence about our fence. it's actually easier to get in our country than it is to get in the white house. which is kind of weird. >> kimberly: okay. >> dana: not only are they on the fence but they're on
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the ropes according to some people. >> greg: sometimes i have been on a rope on the fence. >> dana: disgusting. they're waiting to see which supreme court decision will be handed down. we waited for this one and then the healthcare decision that is out thursday. two major news organizations when they broke the news one said obama wins big in supreme court. the other one said obama loses big in the supreme court. then you have to wait for a while. layers of complexity will take a while to ferret out. some of the people are analyzing it and starting to come forward. i don't know if we'll exactly know. i believe in some cases, what the states were saying if the federal government, if this is the law, fine. enforce it and if you won't, we'll do it ourselves. unfortunately today what you didn't hear from anybody was okay, this is the call that we have been waiting for to get comprehensive immigration bill done. nobody talked about that. >> bob: let me say, greg, the improvement since i wasn't here friday and how he looked opening the show is
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remarkable. >> greg: what is wrong with how i looked? >> bob: you looked like huckabee. >> kimberly: you look better today. >> bob: the supreme court was ambiguous at best. they did say one thing that eric likes so much back to the 9th circuit. when they say you can stop them and decide if they're legal and at the same time, the court struck down the issue of carrying immigration papers. i don't know how you determine whether they're illegally here if you don't papers or you can't ask for papers. the other thing it did is authorize the police, arrested any immigrant they believe, they believe committed an offense. i found the most offensive of these things and that was struck down. if you take the three things struck down, it makes it clear that the police can stop you but they can't do anything about it. >> eric: when the cop stops you they stop you for a reason. if they have reasonable suspicion about the immigration status, he can export. the point you made out was that you don't have to carry
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your papers with you at all times. is the point. break the law, you don't know what will follow you with your papers. papers. >> bob: if they pull someone over for speeding ticket -- >> eric: don't speed. >> bob: that's a crime. but at that point they can determine whether they think that you are an illegal immigrant. >> kimberly: what is wrong with that. >> bob: how will they know? what is the reasonable suspicion for someone speeding; because they're brown? >> kimberly: not true. if someone is going in excess of the speed limit that will alert an officer to probable cause. they pull them over. if they are there or they see drugs in the car or a weapon in the car. if someone is unable to produce identification to say who they are, they might have cause at that point to say can you tell me -- >> bob: you can't have cause because somebody speeds to think they're illegal. >> dana: it's sequential. it's not at the same time. you pull somebody over and then -- just like for, say you
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are driving too slowly down the road, rather than speeding. the cop pulls you over. >> kimberly: that happened to dana. >> dana: that is a sign of people driving drunk usually. right? yeah! >> bob: drunk people -- >> dana: so they pull you over because you're driving too slowly or quickly or erratically. after that, they pull you over and they might have a -- hey, i think we need to give you a breathalyzer test. you weren't pull over to be given a breathalyzer test. you're pulled over because of erratic behavior in the first place. >> bob: how do the police determine they're illegal? >> dana: it says you can. now you can. >> eric: once the person is -- the suspect committed a crime, broken the law, done something, then you can ask -- >> bob: okay. but -- >> greg: the brilliance about this law is everybody, it's like a fruitcake. there are parts of it you like and parts of it you hate. that's what they do. that is when they know they have been successful, is that nobody is happy. but nobody is disappointed.
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meanwhile, they sneak other stuff by. you have no state been a. -- state bans. cats. nobody knows that. >> bob: the thing about this is -- lamar smith, chairman of the judiciary committee, republican chairman of the house said it was a big loss. jan brewer, of course she will say it's a win. i don't pay attention to what she says. but the fact that the republicans' leadership thinks it's a loss, one of the things makes clear to me is it's time for the congress to clarify this and get with the president and get a law done here. otherwise we'll continue to be in court fighting this out. >> eric: justice scalia points this out. this is very important. his words. are the sovereign -- he wanted to uphold all of the law. are the sovereign states at the mercy of the federal executive's refusal to enforce federal immigration laws? he is right. enforce it on the federal
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level, if you enforce the border -- >> bob: nothing like the federal immigration law like the arizona law was. >> kimberly: if you look at the dissenters, antonin scali scalia, clarence thomas and alito -- listen, bob. they were constitutionalists and they said follow the constitution. nothing about this was illegal search or seizure of someone's being or person. remember elena kagan recused herself on this. that's why she wasn't part of the vote, which is also interesting. what i think is they shouldn't send it back down to the ninth circuit. why do you want to send it back. >> bob: they have to determine if it's legal to do that one part. the fact that sovereign states had a right to do this, implement the immigration laws the immigration laws did not have what arizona passed. therefore, it's illegal, constitutional. that's why they threw out -- >> dana: but when jan brewer, the governor of arizona, says the heart of the law was upheld and you look at president obama's statement that says i'm disappointed in that part of this, they are talking about the same provision. you can argue both sides of
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that coin and whether it's a win or a loss. as it plays out, i think that there is still a lot to be determined because one of the things that the justices said is this law is still open to interpretation. you could say that about anything. >> bob: the other thing that is important you can't stop somebody because you any they are illegal. >> dana: that was never the part -- that was a misconception of what is in the arizona law. they did a poor job on communication and it got out from under them. that was the impression left. not in the original bill. >> greg: this is part of president obama's presidential campaign but for mexico. >> dana: oh, boy. there is nothing in the constitution that says you can't. >> greg: no. >> --holder -- >> bob: governor huckabee. why did you hold up huckabee's picture? >> greg: he is a gorgeous human being. >> kimberly: i don't think he would win in mexico. by the way. also, we want to tell you we have a preview coming up.
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thursday we'll discuss the u.s. supreme court healthcare ruling on obamacare. so you don't want to miss that. that will be the last day of the high court to lay down the law. see if that is a split decision as well. don't forget to tune in "on the record" at 10:00 p.m. for greta's interview with arizona governor jan brewer. coming up, president obama is pushing so-called bottom-up economics. what exactly are bottom-up economics? does it involve greg gutfeld? if it does, it probably doesn't work. we'll examine that next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. president obama calls it "bottom-up economics." confused? me too. listen. >> we don't need more top-down economics. what we need is some middle class economics, bottom-up economics. >> eric: what is "bottom-up
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economics"? doubling the spending on food stamps and welfare programs only to see increase in poverty in america? is it ignoring struggling middle class while bailing out uaw pals by handing $100 billion to g.m. and chrysler? is it $100 billion of our money given to obama friends and donors calling it green energy investment? it begs the question, is president obama mind-numbingly stupid on the economy or does he know exactly what he's doing? remember this. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> eric: bob? what theshell bottom-up economics? >> bob: what the hell is it -- you shouldn't say that word, by the way. left out the important part of what he said, middle class out. one thing we know is when you cut taxes and the trickle-down
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theory of economics that disprove now, it doesn't work. the greatest economic growth in this country took place when bill clinton raised taxes on the upper income people. eight years of greatest growth in the united states. i think that is what he is talking about. middle class-out -- >> eric: don't go there. still trying to figure out the bottom-up part. >> bob: trying to get the people -- you have to remember we went through a terrible recession. you going to increase welfare and food stamps. i understand what you said about the bottom up. the idea is to try to -- >> eric: we spent $700 billion a year on welfare programs, poverty remains about the same as it was 30 years ago. >> dana: one of the biggest problems about that right now is you see more and more people getting on -- i don't think they want to necessarily be on it. most people there are we have seen egregious examples of bad apples spoiling the bunch. once you are on government assistance of any kind it's harder to get off. i'm just -- i'm not saying we
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are europe. but if you look across the pond and look at what they are dealing with, you can project down the road if we don't make serious changes. we have tools at our disposal to change that. it's not rocket science what we know we need to do. for example, give you one example. highest corporate tax rate in the world is corporate america. why would you want to grow your business and start your businesses here, especially in a more global economy when you could be other places? >> kimberly: she is absolutely right. that's why it's exporting america. why would you? you should be thrown out of your job if you make decisions about where the country and where it does business, what country? you'd say get out of here. why do i want to pay extra money or penalized for entrepreneurship? it makes no sense. >> bob: the corporate tax structure was there before obama took office. >> dana: nobody -- i never uttered the words "obama." >> bob: i was responding -- >> kimberly: i didn't say it either. >> bob: maybe it was the influx. >> dana: maybe you're defensive. >> eric: what do you think
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he meant by bottom-up economics? >> greg: he meant it wasn't bottom-up, it's bottoms-up. the economy is depressing to drive you to drink. alcohol sales go up. it's not trickle up, it's trickle down and trickle all over the place. >> bob: the republican theory -- sorry, i thought you were finished. >> greg: no. it goes to a bigger question. oldest question in time. give a man a fish, he eats for a day. teach him to fish and he eats if arrest lifetime. the administration is giving away fish. change i the name of the white house to long john's silver. >> bob: are you finished? >> eric: what do you got? >> bob: the republican theory of strickal- -- trickle-down is a rising tide raises all yachts. my theory is if you look at the money spent on welfare it was not meant to get people out of welfare initially. most of the programs meant to
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help people subsist on welfare. but the best way to get off of welfare for those at the top of the welfare line is get a growing economy to move in the middle class. the president of the united states is not -- >> eric: no liberal comment, though. it's bad now, but imagine how bad it would be if we hadn't spent a $1 trillion or $15 trillion or $20 trillion. >> bob: it would have been much worse! >> kimberly: when you look at the cato study we mentioned earlier, federal welfare spending is up 41%. $193 billion extra per year. who is going to want to give that money back? you know what? forget it. when you get used to it, you become accustom. our nation's crack now is free money. other people's money. >> bob: most is triggered by the recession, automatic triggering if you lose your job. >> dana: i think we would all agree is t way out of this is economic growth. then the question is how do you get there? president obama laid out his view and romney is laying out
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his view. voters have to decide. the poll shows 25% of voters are up for grabs. both of them have little, like four months to make a decision. >> bob: most people don't believe president can increase jobs anyway. >> dana: 55% says it has no impact on the next election. >> eric: we have to go. we want to get to "fast and furious." maybe we'll do it in one more thing. >> bob: no. you're going by "fast and furious"? >> eric: i have to do it. stay on it. i promised i would. we told you about a student exposed a teacher for yelling and swearing and disagreeing with president obama. now that kid is being harassed. we have more details on that when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ you want to save money on car insurance?
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." i want to do a quick thing on "fast and furious." we said the healthcare decision from the supreme court is going to come out on thursday. so on the house floor, representative issa has brought the "fast and furious" case to a head. there will be a contempt vote on thursday in the house. do you think there will be a deal? >> eric: i do. [ inaudible ] >> dana: last week, president obama for the first time in his presidency, exerted executive privilege for the documents and the discussions that eric holder asked him to do. justice department. there was a poll in the "hill" newspaper ran that 56% of americans in that poll disapprove of exerting executive privilege there.
2:27 pm
29% approve. >> kimberly: this is what we were saying. why did he do that? there must be something horrific in there that points to the fact that they knew exactly what they were doing. it was underhanded. the whole thing. they lied about it. would have can it get worse than that? now they're conducting themselveses in a way that was inappropriate. eric holder, give him another czar job. >> bob: every president exerted exective privilege. >> kimberly: and obama criticized them. >> bob: it doesn't mean there is something horrific here. he says he will get democratic votes, if he gets ten i'd be surprised. it will pass because the yahoos in the house of the teaers in the house, normally you would cut a deal. threatening like, this you cut a deal and get something done. i don't think the tea-ers will let it be done.
2:28 pm
>> dana: if he gets ten votes, that would be ten more than president obama got on the healthcare bill. >> greg: the poll says that america is finally getting up to speed on this. holder is fast and they are furious about it. >> kimberly: nice! >> greg: thank you. once you get dems coming over to that side, he is in trouble. i do think he is in trouble. they made a mistake here. they are hiding something. >> dana: part is constitutional. that congress says we have a right to this and the executive branch says you don't. it happens in every administration. >> bob: ten democrats is 210 went against it. it will be petty much straight party line vote. it is politics. >> eric: get the house communist caucus. >> dana: that is going south. >> bob: you and mussolini formed a caucus, didn't you? >> dana: "fast and furious," the other topics to talk
2:29 pm
about, we'll get to it. do you remember the north carolina teacher having an argument with one of her students about president obama and whether or not it was okay to criticize president in class? take a listen. >> do you realize people were arrested for saying things bad about bush? do you realize you are not -- you can't -- you're not supposed to slander. >> i'm not slandering. i asked a question. >> i'm saying, i'm saying to you, you are not supposed to slander. people were arrested. >> dana: all right. so the teacher there is tanya dickson-kneelly. the student hunter rogers. come to find out after that there is an investigation in the school. she is keeping her job and coming back next year. hunter is a going to be a senior in high school. his family is asked, because he has been harassed at the school if he could finish out the last three weeks at school. they said no. >> bob: who is the picture of? >> dana: that is the guy, the young student. >> greg: i would come to his cause if he got a haircut.
2:30 pm
>> dana: maybe you should offer to do -- >> greg: i'll cut his hair. >> dana: freedom of expression. >> eric: here is the thing -- >> greg: that is not good hair, dana. >> eric: he taped a teacher going bananas on him because he disagreed with president obama. that is going on in the class room. there is a pro-liberal obama agenda going non-the classroom. this kid has to go back his senior year -- >> greg: religious figures, but you don't make fun of that religious figure. >> bob: sweeping statement. "it happens in all american classrooms." >> dana: i don't think we should dare students to show us other ones because there are a bunch of them. >> kimberly: he will get in trouble because he has an american flag on the shirt. >> greg: his brother is in the military. he wore the shirt. he should be able to homeschool. after you see what is going on in the classroom, safest place for him. >> kimberly: what kind of education is he getting? >> bob: he has been threatened. too bad. if they home school him, they
2:31 pm
can get him to a barber shop. >> dana: one class could be to watch "red eye" in the morning and discuss it over breakfast. educational. then watch "the five" and learn everybody else. >> eric: i put my tv on colbert and he took it and showed it. i got phone calls for six months after that. kids, do you realize that classrooms are running -- stephen colbert tv show and they are talking about the show in the political science class? >> dana: as if it were real. >> bob: can i give your phone number out now? please? >> dana: do you have it memorized? memorized? >> bob: i do. >> kimberly: let's not do that. rang nonstop. >> bob: 917 -- >> dana: we're not giving out the phone numbers. hunter, thank you for all you did on that. now we have to go. directly ahead, should registered sex offenders be able to log on to facebook and other social networking sites used by children? aclu thinks so. the legal details are
2:32 pm
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the supreme court's ruling on arizona's immigration law. much of the law was struck down. the show me your papers requirement that caused such a stir has been upheld. tonight on "special report" we look at the winners and the losers from the decision, as well as the political impact. plus, wait until you hear what the department of homeland security announced today. just three days until the most anticipated supreme court decision of president obama's first team. healthcare law. all sides are awaiting the outcome. shakeup in the electoral college map may mean president obama and governor romney are battling out on a new frontier. karl rove and joe trippi break
2:37 pm
down the chings in the map. egypt elects muslim brotherhood member as president. there are fears it could turn an ally to another iran possibly. latest on the vote to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. "special report" at 6:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: "jumping jack flash." this story is about sex offenders. okay. federal judge ruled in favor of an indiana law that forbid sex offenders from being able to use social networking sites. two other states, has and nebraska, also had laws like that, struck down by the federal courts. the question is should sex offenders be allowed to use social networking besides facebook and others? facebook says if you are not allowed if you're on probation
2:38 pm
to stay on facebook. is this a reasonable decision? >> eric: um, i think that there should be some way of labeling sex offenders anytime they are on the internet. whether it's every time they pop up. they have a verify with twitter. do it with facebook. it will follow you around the facebook, and all the other social networking. >> kimberly: sex offenders right now are allowed to you ok cupid, don't look for love there. facebook four square, pinterist and all the good sites. what are they prohibited from doing? there is a general wis between children abused and pedophiles and my experience as a prosecutor and those who seek to prey upon them and the sites. it's like their personal playground to do it. people against this are the aclu. they are going to appeal this. they are against it. bob, one in seven youths
2:39 pm
received online sexual solicitation. >> bob: convicted murders who served their time and allowed to use the social networking sites, assume that the sex offenders served their time, served their probation. now under the law they repaid their debt to society. why should they not be able to go to the internet? >> dana: i'm mixed on this. my gut instinct is this, what your are saying, that pay the debt to society. everything i read is rehabilitation is difficult. on the internet you're anonymous. and we have seen in a lot of investigative reports young people respond to these things. >> bob: is it true -- >> kimberly: out of curiosity. >> bob: you know a lot about this. can you rehabilitate a sex offender? >> greg: i have done a lot of research for -- >> dana: a friend. >> greg: i had a long time ago called pedophile island.
2:40 pm
if you take everybody that gets out of jail, they don't know where to put them. they live under a bridge. they can't be next to a school or whatnot. put them on an island. make sure there is food there and let them go. that's what they should do with the social network. social network for sex offenders to track them like an ant farm. >> bob: they should put them all on your block. >> greg: bob, they are. >> dana: it occurs to me because of social media is on the other side of the coin -- i used that earlier today -- is it easier to track them and their behavior if you have a reason to follow them? maybe social media helps. >> bob: switch topics quickly here. young lady in washington was not allowed to bring sun screen in the school. they went on a field trip and burned badly. she has a disease to make it easier to burn. what do you think, is this something that they should allow the kids to carry? most states don't allow.
2:41 pm
>> kimberly: to me this is nonsensical. who are they helping? what end are you seeking a good here? a child at risk for cancer, skin cancer? do what they do and allow to bring the sun screen. each can bring their own. write your kid's name on it and use it. reapply. >> bob: they're allergic, right? >> eric: this is a strange, look, you can buy it anywhere, right? it's not like a medication that you have to have a docto doctor's prescription for and parents need to know about this. really? can you imagine telling a kid they can't put sun screen on? >> kimberly: worried about being sued. gregg how ironic that at -- >> greg: how iron take at any school you can get protection but not that kind of protection. >> kimberly: thank you, julia. >> bob: i'm of a mixed mind, too. if you have that problem, you taught say to the school i have to have sun screen. i can't believe the parents couldn't say this kid go on a
2:42 pm
field trip has to have sun screen. i never used sun screen in my life. >> dana: it was a rainy day, but you can get a sun burn on a rainy day. >> kimberly: she is albino. that's what happened. >> bob: coming up, university is trying to promote racial equality with an ad campaign. where saying being white is unfair privilege. greg explains that, i think. note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. a new campaign ad called, or a new ad campaign called "unfair" aims to achieve racial justice by raising awareness of white privilege. the project is sponsored by university of minnesota duluth and several leftie groups as well, claiming the lectures that "society would set up for us, whites, which is unfair." you know i hope there is an online video that explains it all while embarrassing everyone involved.
2:47 pm
>> what do you mean we're lucky to be white? >> it's not luck. it's privilege. we oar privileged that people see us, not a color. >> privileged we don't get stared at when we walk in the room. >> privileged we don't get followed by security when we go shopping. or pulled over in the wrong neighborhood. >> we're privileged because society was set up for us and our silence keeps it in place. >> we're privileged and that's unfair. >> greg: "and that's unfair." does this university have a law school? i hear obama's team may be looking for a new attorney general. and this sounds like a perfect hunting ground for them. i'm not so much annoyed by the message but the cliche buffoonery of writing on your face. does this make your appeal thoughtful? idiot writes no hate on his cheek it makes the idiot easier to spot. i guess we should be pleased they spelled the words right given this is the nonsense university involves themselves these days. it suppose raising awareness about stuff we hear about
2:48 pm
every day absolves them from getting bogged down in the education thing. i wish they were brave now have use permanent markers then it would be everybody's privilege, white, blacks, you name it, to laugh at the bozos wherever they go. >> dana: wow! you actually had it write it backward and really give it thought. >> kimberly: on camera. >> eric: it's not in a mirror. >> dana: that's what i was thinking. >> greg: the face is like a piece of paper. >> kimberly: whatever. obviously, we can't do it. >> greg: got a statement from the university of minnesota saying that we fully support the foundations and principles of the campaign and we feel the psa is divisive and we do not agree with the creative strategy. they expressed pleasure with the partnership. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. they wimped out. >> kimberly: is that racist as white people? what are you going to do ask
2:49 pm
them to divide themselves up in mat mathieu -- mathematical equation? how much of you is white? how much is this? this doesn't move the debate forward at all with understanding. >> greg: even if the heart is in the right place, this is silly. >> bob: i have been to duluth many times. they suffered terrible floods up there. it's unbelievably white majority city. very few minorities. i'm not sure i would use those exact ads. but the message is the right one. i also think it's true. if you are white in america you have advantages. >> greg: if you are black in americas you also have advantages. >> kimberly: if you're an american you have advantages. >> dana: if you are at a university and not white you have advantages. all the advantages, right? >> kimberly: all the people have light eyes. >> greg: the advantage is you can become president of the united states. pretty cool. >> eric: you are hitting exactly the point, greg. it's all about fair shot,
2:50 pm
fair -- equal student to succeed. everyone doesn't have to have the same amount of success. they have to have the same opportunities to succeed. we have that. we have a black president. >> bob: do you think the black kid from bronx has same as white kid from we chester? >> eric: absolutely. absolutely the same opportunity. >> bob: that's ridiculous. >> eric: america is 72% white. for them not put in that ad we have the, that whites have a privilege of walking in a room and not looked at different, i don't get that. if i go to the corner of market and broad and newark, i get looked at differently. i guarantee you i get looked at -- >> bob: i look at you differently every day. >> greg: dana and kimberly walk in anywhere and they are looked at differently. >> kimberly: these are all people with light eyes and recessionive -- look at this. blue or light green. >> bob: norwegian.
2:51 pm
>> kimberly: aryanesque. >> dana: one of the reasons they are privileged to right that stuff on their face, they are, their ancestors were smart enough to come to america and find themselves a way forward. they decided to live in duluth, minnesota. >> bob: i'm not sure that is a -- >> kimberly: uh-oh. everybody on the show right now with blue eyes. >> bob: does anybody believe there is an equal chance if you are black or white in this dismans >> greg: in some ways there are advantages and disadvantages. i want to know how does this help kids get job? university, walking around with stuff on your face. >> bob: it's not the university. it's the whole town. university is one small part of the coalition. >> greg: but they are devoting time to this. when they should be devoted to education, right? >> kimberly: we got to go. >> dana: they should be devoted to things like education. i said to say, that could be a bad phrase later on. >> greg: wow!
2:52 pm
>> bob: you used a banned phrase already. >> greg: i've had it with her. one more thing is up next. if you leave now you won't get any of any pineapple upside down cake, which i brought today. i did! ♪ ♪ every powerful collaboration is backed by an equally powerful and secure cloud. that cloud is in the network, so it can deliver all the power of the network itself. bringing people together to develop the best ideas -- and providing the ap and computing power to make new ideas real. it's the cloud from at&t. with new ways to work together, business works better. ♪ and how much the people in your life count on you.
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>> kimberly: all right, people, time now for one more thing. a little bit of this supreme
2:56 pm
court news that came out today, you might have read about it. if not, controversial subject matter, which is automatic no life for juveniles. the court today said it's unconstitutional, the state should say -- you know, like 14 years old. commit a crime for say murder, they go away and they have no possibility whatsoever of parole. the court says you may no long dore that. >> bob: good. exactly right. two women were run -- there was a race for the third spot in the u.s. economic team for 100-meters. take a look at the picture. they were in a dead heat. and now the question is how do they make a decision about who wins the race? two choices. one, flip a coin. according to the economic authorities they saw how they would flip the coin or have a runoff between the two of them and they have five days to make a decision before the last slot is filled. who do you believe? >> eric: i think they should
2:57 pm
run off. love to see the runoff. >> dana: i would do a rahnoff, make it a big -- do a runoff, make at it big deal. this could be the biggest race of their life. whoever goes to the olympics, this race would be the biggest thing. >> greg: jell-o wrestling. >> kimberly: one of them should like karl rove to win. >> bob: runoff makes sense. >> eric: okay. so you want to know how corrupt president obama's campaign could be? i get these things every couple of days or so. you could win a dinner with president obama if you send $3 in. this is the last one. barack obama saying send in $3 and you might win dinner with the president. the last one to win the dinner was toby fallsgrath, who worked for the campaign! >> kimberly: c'mon! >> eric: the campaign kid won the dinner with president obama. >> greg: it's rigged. you know it's rigged. >> dana: it's a bummer. you can't get a meeting with the boss so you have to send in $3. >> eric: make sure i tell you that he was disqualified. >> dana: they didn't allow
2:58 pm
it. >> bob: it wasn't corrupt. >> dana: i want to say i hope you feel better soon to alex trebek, the host of "jeopardy." he suffered a mild heart attack over the weekend. he is doing fine. recuperating nicely. bob and i got a chance to meet him in april, in washington, d.c. >> bob: this is where you lost, right? >> dana: where i lost. big-time. so embarrassing. alex would never terrorize me. he is a nice guy. you are a monster. but he has a chance to watch "the five." we hope you feel better. >> kimberly: yeah. >> greg: whenever you have a momentous occasion like the supreme court ruling today you hear this phrase. "the devil is in the details." that is what people are trying to say is more complicated than you might think.
2:59 pm
they say the devil is in the details. it should be banned. we don't want to promote satanism. >> dana: what if the angel is in the details, too. >> bob: i think "the five" will go on for a long time and if you are on the show for a long time, will we have words left to say? >> eric: i have an idea. ban word of the day. bob. we can't call him bob anymore. >> kimberly: what can we call him? >> bob: there is an idea. seriously, what happens? how many do you have now? >> greg: i probably have 30 or 40. >> bob: does anybody remember any of them? >> eric: low hanging fruit. >> bob: that is a yoga position. >> greg: at the end of the day. fact of the matter. >> dana: is it what it is. >> greg: perfect storm. i remember that. >> kimberly: all righty. end on that note. >> greg: efforting. >> kimberly: that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. watch greta van susteren tonight for h special guest jan brewer.


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