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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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contempt. >> kennedy and roberts went soft on immigration, which either worries you on healthcare or tells you it was compensation as they will strike the law down and holder in contempt. >> bret: see you next time. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, gas prices down. home sales up. the good news for the american economy. but why did stocks plunge? plus, show me your papers. the supreme court with a major ruling on immigration. ♪ chanting] >> it sends a message to states like arizona. >> this land is not your land. >> the state of arizona and senate bill 1070 was vindicated. >> the court striking down key components of arizona's law. but it's what the justices kept in that could cause the most controversy.
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packing drones. >> we can do it with the small one, we can do it with a big one. >> shepard: and if the terrorists try it over u.s. soil, that could be a disaster. tonight, the new hijacking risk in the skies. plus, baby bear, that garage is not a jungle gym. tonight a cub gets caught in an unusual predicament and momma bear shows up to help. first, from fox this monday night, the supreme court's history making decision on immigration that is just everybody talking and claiming victory. the decision came this morning. people were gathered on the court steps most of them waiting for the news president obama's healthcare overhaul. we now know justices are planning to release that decision on thursday. shortly after 10:00 a.m. today, the court issued its verdict on arizona's immigration law. the one called sb 1070. the justices voted to uphold
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the part of the law that requires cops to check the immigration status for they detain for other reasons if police have reason to suspect they are in u.s. illegally. show me your papers. the judge struck down all carry registration papers. along with the part that makes it a crime for illegal immigrants apply for job. one that would allow police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant. again, all of that struck down. arizona's governor jan brewer signed the bill into law two years ago. she portrayed today's verdict somehow as a victory for her side. >> the heart of senate bill 1070 has been proven to be constitutional. arizona and every other state's inherit authority to protect and defend its people has been upheld. >> meantime, critics of the law, including the senate majority leader harry reid say they are concerned about the one section that the supreme court upheld.
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>> as long as this provision remains, innocent american citizens are in danger of being detained by police unless they carry immigration papers with them at all times. >> shepard: , arizona's immigration law will likely face more challenges in the weeks and months ahead. and five other states have also passed legislation similar to that in arizona. so today's ruling doesn't end the fight. far from it. it doesn't mark the end of one significant showdown. and now we have team fox coverage. ed henry on president obama's strategy and reaction. carl cammeron on the governor romney reaction. first, to shannon bream live at the supreme court with details on the ruling. shannon, explain more about why the justices ruled the way they did. >> well, the majority of the justices came together in an opinion authored by justice anthony kennedy. the bottom line on the three provisions they struck down were that those provisions were preempted by federal law. federal immigration law and enforcement is up to the federal government. well, justice anthony scalia in a scathing defense said well, that would be great if the feds actually enforced the
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government's laws that are now on the book also federal immigration. he pointed specifically in his opinion to the president's recent pronouncement that will waive deportation for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants taking a white house. >> there it are challenges ahead for this ruling, shannon. ely. governor brewer says today she believes the remains provision of sb 1070 can go into effect emme adly. she acknowledges there are already lawsuits waiting in the wings and they were drawn up before we ever got this decision today. whether the government decides to re-sue or not the aclu says it will. take a listen to both sides. >> federal government has failed the american people regarding immigration policy. has failed to protect its citizens, has failed to preserve the rule of law and has failed to secure our borders. >> state legislators decide they wish to enact similar laws as to sb 1070. our answer to them is simple. we will see new court. >> so while the two sides
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don't aagree on much, they do agree, shep, this battle is not over. >> shepard: shannon bream live tonight at the court. the president, is he pleased that the supreme court struck down the key provisions of arizona's law. but he says he he is still quite concerned about the impact of what remains. ed henry is traveling with the president. is he live tonight in boston. ed, the president says is he worried about how that remaining portion of the law could be enforced. >> yes, shep. and obama administration is sticking it to the state of arizona a bit by the department of homeland security announcing that they are not really diagnose to help enforce that remaining provision about show me your papers and all that business. the homeland security department are not going to send ice agents out to actually dig around on that stuff unless the state of arizona finds out it's a felon or someone of a real high priority that would send them out there because they say they have limited resources to enforce it the president himself was in new hampshire before fundraising here in boston. he had an event where he gay a campaign speech for almost 40 minutes and never mentioned
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this supreme court decision perhaps because new hampshire homogenous not the place where immigration reforms are at the top of the list. obviously a big campaign issue. he put out a written statement saying what this decision makes unmistakingly clear is that congress must act on comprehensive immigration reform. a patchwork the state laws is not a solution to our broken immigration system. it's part of the problem. that's the president's pitch in part to hispanic voters around the country. he has a big lead with them right now. and he is trying to make the case that republicans have gotten extreme on this issue. interesting though, as you noted, as big as this decision is, what could be even bigger is thursday on h. they decide on healthcare. that is the president's signature domestic achievement. that could end up being a much bigger campaign issue in november depending how the supreme court rules tonight. shep. >> republic presidential candidate mitt romney says today's decision is evidence of barack obama's failures on immigration. and he says the federal government has just not met its responsibilities when it comes to securing our borders.
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team fox coverage continued with carl cammeron who is live with the romney camp in scottsdale, arizona tonight. governor romney was very clear about this. he was for this arizona law when he was in the primary season, but now he is in the general election season, is he not taking a position. >> well, that's not exactly right. but, he was definitely criticized today for trying to sort of walk a very fine line initial utterances about. this he too put out a paper statement in which he said states have a rirkts indeed an obligation and duty he said to protect their borders and protect their security when the federal government isn't doing it and he spent much of his time criticizing president obama as he has in recent weeks saying that obama's immigration policies have essentially failed the nation. later this afternoon at a fundraiser not open to cameras, romney spoke a little bit longer and he he said, and i quote. given the failure of immigration policy in this country, i would have preferred to see the supreme court give more latitude to the states, not less. there are states now under this decision that have less authority, less latitude to
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enforce immigration laws. and romney makes the argument that all of this is a consequence of president obama's failure to keep a campaign promise which was to pass comprehensive immigration reform in his first term. mr. romney did not say whether he accepts the decision of the supreme court or not. in essence, is he trying to argue that he is running for president of the united states. and that these are state issues and that when he is the commander and chief. the chief executive he will make sure immigration policy isn't enforced federally. >> the top court also released decisions on several other controversial cases. the justices today rejected a plea that it revisit its own ruling on campaign finance laws. two years ago the supreme court ruled in favor of the conservative group citizens united. that 5 to 4 ruling allowed corporations and unions to donate unlimited money to federal election campaigns. a decision which gave rise to the now famous super pacs. supporters of the law claim its free speech. poo then nents say the money
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is corrupting politics. as part of today's decision, the court struck down a monday dana law which limits corporate campaign spending. thanks to this supreme court decision, the experts say the 2012 presidential election is almost certain to be the most expensive in history. the court also ruled that state courts can no longer automatically sentence juveniles convicted of murder to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the cases involved surround these two convicts who were each convicted of murder for crimes they committed as teenagers. judges sentenced each to life without parole but today the top court ruled 5 to 4 that those sentences were cruel and unusual punishment as defined by the eighth amendment to the constitution. presidential politics survey vets, either -- one will do. at least when it comes to the economy. that's according to a new poll from the associated press that asks folks how much impact the outcome of the election will have on our economy.
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48 percent saided election outcome would have a great deal or a lot of impact. 26 percent said just some. and 24 percent said a little or no impact. that poll coming as we get some positive news about the economic recovery today. details ahead along with a look how europe's pain is our gain when it comes to prices at the person. plus, photo finish at an important track event. and you have to hear how they might decide which of these runners gets to go to the olympics and represent america. from the journalists of fox news this is the monday fox report. welcome aboard!
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oil prices fell again today to less than 80 bucks a barrel. the reason? concern that europe's sputtering economy will lower demand on the globe. that's been bringing down gas prices for weeks now. today triple a reports it's 3.41 a gallon across the nation. down almost a quarter from a month ago. now analysts say it could go as lee as 3:30 a gallon talking all 4th. >> we see confidence isn't high so people may save instead of spend. we have to wait and see. good news is that gas prices have been falling for 37 of the last 80 days. got to be good news for consumers. >> promising news for the housing market today as well.
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commerce department reports new home sales jumped 7.5% from april to may. americans are buying new homes at a pace we haven't seen in two years. to what do we credit this? >> well, i don't know. low interest rates? everybody has been struggling for an answer because the market has been so bad. i welcome any good news. unfortunately, the richmond fed president jeff lacker told our peter barnes is he not too optimistic. here is what he said. >> i think it's just going to take time. we have built more houses. and we have more houses on hand than we want at current prices and current income. the current configuration of credit availability. >> so as you can see not everybody is upbeat. >> just a couple hours ago dozens of banks in spain downgraded as i mentioned. what does it mean for all of us here. >> 28 banks. it's concerning because it's going to hit our banks. as banks having trouble they do business with our banks. as you just saw last week banks across the globe got downgrade. we don't know t could happen again. that hurts the availability of credit to consumers, makes it more expensive to borrow because the banks are going to
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have to pay more for their money. shep she you work all your life to try to get a spot in the olympics. in the end it comes down potentially to a flip of a coin. after two runners tied in a 100-meter race over the weekend. of the top three runners are supposed to get spots in the u.s. olympic team. these two tied for third. dead even in a race to the thousandth of a second. so now track officials say the women have a choice. they can either compete in a run-off or flip a coin. they have until sunday to decide. syria is warning other nations to stay out of its affairs or pay the consequences. whatever that means. the statement comes after turkey called for a special nato meeting because syria shut down one of its jets. we're live inside syria next. plus, days after a jury convicted coach jerry sandusky of dozens of child sex abuse charges, his attorney says the former coach has something that he wants all of us to know.
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>> shepard: syrian forces have reportedly fired on another turkish plane just days after they shot down a turkish reconnaissance jet. turkey warned that incident would not go unpunished and it may cut off the electricity it supplies to syria. officials in turkey have called for a meeting tonight. they admit that jeff briefly and accidently flew into syrian airspace on friday before syria shot it down over the mediterranean sea. the turkish coast guard is still searching for the pilots. today turkey claimed the syrian shot at a search and rescue plane. no word on whether they hit it syria's civil war has already
4:21 pm
bitterly divided the neighboring countries. this increases the chances of other countries getting involved in the violence that's reportedly claimed more than 10,000 lives. [explosion] >> shepard: amateur video here reportedly taken in and around the city of holmes. we can't verify its authenticity. it comes amid two syrian generals and soldiers have defected to turkey greg palkot with the news streaming live inside syria, the capital of damascus. like all western journalists in the country greg is there with permission of the syrian regime which is now monitoring his report. greg? >> shep, opposition activists are calling the 20-day long syrian army siege of that hot spot city of homs as a massacre in the making. we can report firsthand that the syrian army is using overwhelming fire power against the rebels there take a look.
4:22 pm
>> you are looking at a country waging war on itself. the center of the city of holmes with a population of 1 million being hit by round after round of artillery fire coming from the syrian army on the outside of the city. they believe there are pockets of rebel resistance right there. that is one reason why the red cross can't get in there to help the civilians. why the u.n. can't observe what was supposed to be a cease-fire. >> this technique of employing huge destructive power has been used in homs by the syrian security forces before. earlier this year, in the rebel strong hold of babaamar pummeled into submission by the syrian army, we found it today to be a wrecked deserted ghost town just a few residents and soldiers looking for rebel snipers. remarkably, just a few blocks away, another neighborhood was unscathed. that happened to be loyal to the government of president bashar al assad. speaking of loyalty or the
4:23 pm
lack of it, we have more defection to report. three more syrian air force pilots seeking asylum in jordan. this time, without their makes. shep? >> shepard: greg palkot reports tonight for us from syria. thanks. the attorney for the central florida man who shot and killed the travon martin says the shooter should be out of jail. today george zimmerman's lawyer filed a motion to get his client released on bond for not the first time but the second time. he says george zimmerman poses no threat to the community. a hearing set for friday. the judge rejoked the shooter's bond earlier this month accusing him of misleading the court about how much money he had the neighborhood watch man says he killed anymore un -- the former penn state university assistant football coach jerry sandusky says he wants the people to know this, that he is not guilty of sexually assaulting children. he stood defiant in jail today
4:24 pm
according to his lawyer and this comes three days after a jury convicted coach sandusky on 45 counts for sexually abusing children. the lawyer says he visited coach sandusky in jail and the former coach is in a defiant mood. we also learned today that the judge has ordered sandusky to undergo a psychological evaluation to determine whether is he a sexually violent predator. that's a standard move, aimed at ensuring that sandusky gets treatment if he needs it the immigration fight that began in arizona made its way all the way to the supreme court. in a few minutes, he we will head back to arizona to see what folks there say about the split verdict. plus, two freight trains headed right for each other and one conductor forced to jump for his life before the impact. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. fem] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese.
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that cloud is in the network, so it can deliver all the power of the network itself. bringing people together to develop the best ideas -- and providing the ap and computing power to make new ideas real. it's the cloud from at&t. with new ways to work together, business works better. ♪ >> shepard: three people are killed as two freight trains collide head on it tops our news across america. oklahoma, several cars derailed and a fire broke out after the wreck. officials say there were two workers on each train. a railroad spokeswoman says the conductor on one train jumped before the crashes escaping serious injury. crews from three states worked to clean up the mess. michigan, crews in detroit battling a string of 10 building fires on the east side. official says at one point
4:29 pm
workers fought flames two strirkts when another fire broke out nearby. some local media reports arson may be the cause california a partially blind woman taking aim at the sport of archery. she was born with a rare eye condition but became the first visually impaired archer in the u.s. nationals and she won a silver medal at the world championships. she now hosts a camp teaching archery to visually impaired children. new york. a man proposed to guess hillary grenade with the help of an relevant. the couple visited a zoo in syracuse and stopped to watch a show at the elephant exhibit as the animal marched toward the crowd, the girlfriend noticed a sign hanging around its trunk. >> i didn't really know what was going on until i turned around and saw him down on his knee. i'm still a little bit in shock. she said yes. the groom to be claims he has always wanted to propose at the zoo. and that's the fox watch across america.
4:30 pm
>> two years after he took his talents to south beach, lebron james and the miami heat brought home nba gold. [cheers] hundreds of thousands of fans packed the streets of south florida giving the basketball champ the hero's homecoming. the heat won thursday night beating game five of the finals. the heat lost the finals last year to the mavs. this is miami's second nba title and the first for lebron. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the republic governor of arizona is claiming victory after the supreme court today announced its decision on the constitutionality of her state's immigration law victory even as the justices threw out three of four parts on the law. the top court upheld the portion of the law which allows police to check the immigration status of people they suspect of being in this
4:31 pm
country illegally. very controversial. but the justices struck down most of the other provisions. and the experts say the ruling will likely open the door for legal challenges to similar laws in other states. but according to our recent fox news poll on this issue, two thirds of registered voters say states should have the right to make their own immigration laws while only 31% oppose the idea. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour and anita well now she is complaining. why is that? shepard, after the ruling came down from the supreme court. the department of homeland security informed arizona law enforcement that federal ice officers would no longer show up. illegal immigrant unless that illegal grant wanted for a priority. governor brewer sewed this was an example of the obama administration's disregard for public safety in arizona. something she touched on earlier in her press conference. >> arizona had no other choice but to act and other did so by
4:32 pm
following, not changing federal law. instead of devoting resources, to suing states like arizona, the federal government should have spent time, money, and energy on fixing the problem. so at the end of the day, shepard, this ruling really doesn't change very much except that t requires local police officers to ask about someone's immigration status but even if they are found to be illegally here, there isn't much police can do about t. >> shepard: and the justice department reports in some way that it's taking steps to make sure now that police are not racially profiling. >> that's right. the justice department has set up a phone library, a special phone line and an email for people to call in or to write in and complain about potential civil rights violations and, shepard, of course, we know that we can expect many individual lawsuits down the road. back to you. >> shepard: anita vogel in los angeles this afternoon. thanks.
4:33 pm
today the arizona governor jan brewer will be live "on the record" with greta van susteren. you have got to know the news, you have got to go to greta. tonight, 10:00 eastern, 9 central. a state of emergency in mid florida today amid reports of deadly twisters and up to two square feet of rain in some spots. scott signed the emergency connect collar ration of tropical storm debbie pounded the gulf coast. nonstop downpours left neighborhoods out of power. knocked out power to tens of thousands. churned up multiple tornadoes, tearing down trees and ripping roofs off buildings, one sheriff reports a woman died outside tampa when a twister trashed her home and a man disappeared while swimming in choppy waters off south alabama. live in newport richie, florida actually on the west coast. phil, officials are urging folks to get out. >> yeah, voluntarily evacuate about 200 people behind me woke up this morning with
4:34 pm
3 feet of water as you see right here basically creating this massive moat around their homes. the water level has dropped throughout the day. that's leaving some to tough it out and stay put and get very creative with how they hall in food and water. but pasco county trucks are driving around willing to take out anyone who will voluntarily evacuate. meanwhile, sandbags are stacking up at many businesses and homes as this rain keeps coming. >> been trying to get everything up off the floor and second story. we're on our way out to find a safe, dry place tonight. >> and fresh video in from the u.s. coast guard. a dramatic air rescue yesterday in the big bend area of florida. a family of five adults, four kids and two dogs stranded out of their vacation home in a basic sandbar now air lifted and safe on higher ground tonight, shep. bill. >> shepard: the big problem
4:35 pm
with this storm is it is sitting and spinning and may be there, what, the reps of the workweek? >> yeah, it's a rainmaker. as far as debby's winds they have actually decreased in speed throughout the day. sustained winds about 45 miles per hour. you however, last night down beach microburst winds did good bit of damage dropping one home down a level, about 10 feet. second floor down to the first floor. but it is a steady rain that's the greatest concern. some places getting five inches an hour. and that, of course, leads to the flash flooding effect which is very inconvenient as this neighborhood so clearly knows. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in all that water along the gulf coast. more than a half dozen wildfires are burning across florida. and now officials at some popular vacation spots say they are scrambling to keep visitors from canceling. thousands of tourists reportedly leaving hotels, rental cabins and campgrounds. the head of colorado's tourism office says it's too soon to tell how the summer season will go. but it seems the entire state
4:36 pm
is feeling the impact. even areas far from any blaze. for instance, in aspen, which is more than 150 miles away, one official says phone lines are ringing with people asking about the fires. the feds say we could have soon tens of thousands of drones flying over american soil. tens of thousands. researchers claim computer savvy terrorists could turn them into a missile. details ahead. plus, prosecutors say a mother/daughter duo helped swindled more than a million dollars of people looking for love online. now that mother and daughter could spend the rest of their lives in bars. it was a military scam. we have it for you coming up. the capital one cash rewards card
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in february the president signed a bill into law that clears the way for commercial drone use by the year 2015. because of that, it's not government agencies that could be a big risk. for instance, the founders of fedex wants to add drones to his fleet as soon as possible. every one of those drones could become another potential weapon. jonathan robert with the news live in our southeast newsroom tonight. hey, john. >> shep, have you been talking a lot about the privacy concerns with unmanned aerial vehicles flying over this country. that may pale into comparison to what though researchers at the university of texas found a gaping hole in the security in a series of experiments that fox news was granted exclusive access to. they overrode the g.p.s. navigation with a so-called spoofer. a device that broadcast authentic looking but false g.p.s. signals. forced that drone radically
4:41 pm
off course. basically at their beckon call and do anything they told it to. lead researcherred to humphrey says a terrorist group could take control of a drone ruin its intent. >> we have 30,000 of these drones co-habiting the national airspace with the piloted. each one of these could be a potential missile to be used against us if cam man come man deered by someone on the ground. >> invited by the department of homeland security and the f.a.a. out to the white sands missile range in new mexico last week to show what they could do. most troubling at the moment the government can do nothing to prevent it because unlike military g.p.s., which is encrypted the civilian g.p.s. system is wide open to hacking. with the f.a.a. as you said, shep, planning to open u.s. airspace drones everything from law enforcement to delivering cargo. humphrey says this could be a huge security problem. >> these drones when they are behaving right, they never fall asleep, they never get
4:42 pm
distracted but heather not behaving right if we don't solve these problems then we could have a disaster on our hands. if this problem isn't addressed, taps nonstarter. they should not go ahead with the plan. >> now the department of homeland security has a pilot program to try to identify and locate g.p.s. interference but it's almost gobble to debt dee text a g.p.s. spoofer because it mimics the actual g.p.s. system. even if you were looking for it, shep, you might not see it until it's too late. >> shepard: john roberts in atlanta tonight. thanks. the director of national intelligence says he is planning to crack down on those who leak u.s. government secrets. director james clapper says intelligence employees will now have to answer a lie detector question about whether they have ever shared classified information with any member of the media. he is also asking the intelligence community inspector general to investigate cases the justice department chooses not to pursue. this comes after a series of high profile leaks that included details of the foiled underwear bomb plot and a
4:43 pm
report that the president personally approves drone strikes against the suspected terrorists. some republicans claim those leaks were meant to benefit the president politically ahead of the election. the president called those accusations offensive and wrong. ♪ ♪ >> shepard: the rise of freedom now, and a milestone today in the building of the world trade center site. ♪ ♪ ♪ god bless america. >> shepard: construction crews hoisting the ceremonial top beam to the 72nd floor of a building they call 4 world trade center that building is next to the footprint of the original south tower. they will will serve as new headquarters of the port authority of new york and new jersey. the agency in charge of rebuilding the site and much more. crews are still hard at work inside the tower, getting it ready to open by the fall of
4:44 pm
next year. many of those workers have been there since the initial rescue effort after the attacks of 9/11. today, they proudly signed their names on that ceremonial beam. >> come a long way since the event of 9/11. as we made that journaly, we are finally at the end. these buildings will be open and ready are to the public very soon. >> it's the end but it's not the end. there is still more work to go to it you know, like graduating high school, you know. it's a big celebration but there is still college ahead of you. >> shepard: the rest of that world is at one world trade center. the nearing its peak. crews expect to it complete the building's framework within the next few days. a woman and her daughter outside denver now face charges of taking part in what prosecutors have called a nigerian internet romance scam. and the u.s. military is right at the heart of it. colorado's attorney general said that for three years scammers posed as members of the u.s. military posed as them and then asked for cash.
4:45 pm
prosecutors say these two women collected all of that money more than a million dollars in total. according to the indictment. the woman would keep roughly 10% for themselves and then wire the rest to their associates, if you will, in the scheme. most of the other scammers reportedly in nigeria. the suspects are due in court tomorrow. if convicted on all counts they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. at least one person is dead after a roof collapse at a shopping mall and now officials suspect that they have suspended rescue and recovery efforts because the building is too unsafe. that's our top story around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> canada. it happened saturday in northern ontario when part of a a roof top parking lot came crashing down. at least one vehicle and heavy debris fell two stories on to shops. crews reportedly heard tapping sounds from the rubble as they searched for victims. more than 20 people hurt. nepal.
4:46 pm
[shouting] >> shepard: antigovernment protesters battled police near the capital city of katmandu. the demonstrators demanding that the prime minister resign. they threw stones and tried to block his motorcade. cops fought back with bamboo sticks. arrested dozens of rioters. china. several people are dead after an earthquake struck a southwestern province. the quake toppled more than 4,000 homes and injured more than 100 people. officials say they sent roughly 1300 rescuers to the region. crews say they are setting up tense to relocate all villagers by tomorrow. united kingdom. a massive archive of gandhi art facts. the letters and photos from his family and friends make up a key by graphic call resource on the 20th century indian leaders. auction nears will sell the items as a single unit which could fetch more than a
4:47 pm
million bucks and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." there is word tonight that egypt's newly elected president might be reaching out to iran. we will break down that that could mean for the united states and egypt's neighbors in israel. plus, mexico's drug war no longer confined to back streets and border towns. today, a bloody attack outside a major airport where a lot of americans catch connections. the escalating war in mexico ahead on fox report. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, this is the next chapter for the rx and lexus.
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>> shepard: there are new questions tonight over which direction egypt might go over new elected president. video tahrir square in the capital city of cairo. thousands of people gathering there after officials
4:51 pm
declaring the muslim brotherhood the candidate of egypt's first presidential election in modern history. officials in the united states and israel are keeping close watch on the new administration they tell us after an iranian news agency reported the president elect in egypt wants to restore diplomatic relations with tehran. the country's cut ties more than three decades ago after egypt signed a peace treat with israel. of course, israel share as border with egypt. today, an aide to the president elect denied the iranian report and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he sees future cooperation with egypt. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. how is the united states welcoming the new president. >> something of a -- want to welcome democracy wherever it flowers. of course they have to do so even when that democratic process doesn't necessarily bring about the most favorable result from our point of view. today, on the one hand you have president obama calling president morse is i to
4:52 pm
congratulation him. on the other hand, you have state department officials in very carefully -- listen. >> we want to see president elect morsey take steps to i-women, minorities, christian, etsz. there are further steps can he take as go forward and those are the messages we are sending. >> the bottom line is that u.s. officials will clearly judge president morsi not on his words, not on his religious affiliation but on his actions, shep. >> shepard: it's really not clear yet how much power this new president is even going to wield. >> no, it's not. one thing is clear is that the egyptian military, which has been in control of the country since hosni mubarak the previous president was deposed last year is not going to give
4:53 pm
up all of its power. they have already dissolved the muslim brotherhood controlled parliament. and they don't appear in any mood to take orders from this new muslim brotherhood president. so at worst he may end up finding himself simply a puppet president. at best he may find himself in some sort of awkward power sharing situation with the egyptian military. while they might not ever publy admit it that might be exactly what u.s. officials would prefer, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt with us tonight. thanks. mexico's bloody drug war spilling into a crowded food court killing three federal officers at that airport. witnesses say gunmen dressed as cops opened fire at mexico city narpted. a huge hub for folks flying to popular vacation spots. travelers looking for a quick bite between fights dodging bullets and shielding themselves with chairs. the suspects opened fire as officers surrounded them. it is still not clear to us whether the gunmen were impostures or dirty cops.
4:54 pm
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>> shepard: another reason to lock your garage door. bears can get in there. a woman in northern california says she was drinking her morning coffee when she heard a loud boom. and this is what she found in the garage. no, the bear is not barking. the dog is barking at the bear hanging up there black bear hung on to that garage door track and watch this. the momma bear then came to the rescue and actually lifted the door. the cub then went over to a ladder and as you will now witness. climbs down when momma is mad, you better run. homeowner claims she didn't
4:58 pm
tape. this okay. a pair of bears in central florida not so friendly. males here having territorial dispute going after it in someone's front yard. a bedroom community. the bears apparently stopped fighting and got out thereof at some point. the locals say they have spotted bears roaming all over long wood before but this was the first time they actually witnessed bears wrestling. before we go, our team's top five things of the day with. number five a study by england's oxford university reports that the summer olympics in london could be the most overbudget since the '96 atlanta games. number four, officials in turkey called syrian's downing of a reconnaissance jet. set to meet tomorrow. the supreme court reportedly release its ruling on president obama's healthcare overhaul this thursday. number two, the high court today struck down most of arizona's tough immigration lar for lower
4:59 pm
courts to potentially overturn similar laws in other states. number one tonight, arizona's governor jan brewer called a supreme court ruling a victory. opponents of the law have promised more challenges. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1950, one of the biggest upsets in sports history. the united states defeated england at a world cup match in brazil. if ever there was a tale of david vs. goliath this is it. the british side known far and wide of kings of football. the american squad a bunch of amateurs put together just days before the match. there was a dishwasher, two mail men, a teacher and a hears driver. bookies gave the americans 500 to 1 shots at winning. even the united states coach told a reporter we have no chance. but just before halftime, the american scordz and went on to win the game 1-0. the story barely made headlines because the korean war started. still the yanks stunn


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