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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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we want to know what you thought about the show and the decision today and big one on thursday, good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you on greta wire. acts right now. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> senate bill 1070 has been proven to be constitutional. >> what's clear about today's decision is that it has essentially opens the flood gates. it an invitation to racial profiling. >> big ruling today on supreme court arizona controversial immigration law. we'll tell you what you need to know. >> lying to congress is a crime. we have every right to see documents to say did you know? when did you know? what did you know, including even the president. >> as the showdown looms over the fast and furious documents. eric holder continues to stand firm. >> we'll say that the action that committee took yesterday was both unwarranted i
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unnecessary and unprecedented. >> but does the obama administration's claim of executive privilege hold up. >> dang, you are fat. you're so fat. you take uple dang seat. >> laura: liberal columnists compares bullies on the bus to some prominent republicans. what? we'll debate it. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a huge ruling today handed down by the justices on sb 1070. arizona's immigration enforcement law. that is the subject of this eeps' talking points memo. already president obama and governor romney are using it to stoke up their bases, no surprise there. now, to recap, the law had four main components.
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three parts that set up state criminal penalties for immigration violations were struck down. justice kagan recused herself but the remaining eight justices upheld the provision allowing police to check the status of those that they had reasonable suspicion were in the country illegally and then report their identity to the feds. then it would be up to the federal government to pick up and deport the illegal aliens or let them go free. now, considering the president's recent no deportation order for the under 30 crowd, expect more of a catch and release response. in his majority opinion, justice anthony kennedy sounded more like president obama than oliver wendell holmes. he wrote that, quote, discretion in the enforcement of immigration law embraces immediate human concerns. well, arizona 400,000 illegal immigrants must be thrilled at the majority of justices on the supreme court are emphasizing with their plight. no such empathy for the
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millions of arizonans whose lives have been adversely impacted by the glut and cheap labor, increased crime. property damage and, of course, strained social services all due to illegal immigration. now, in his descent, justice scalia maintained that arizona was merely trying to protect its inherent right of sovereignty. not in contradiction of federal law, but in complete compliance with it. thus, enforcing immigration law more effectively than washington does. now, the fact is for decades, both republic and democrat presidents have been unwilling to remedy the problem of illegal immigration which is why arizona was forced to act. a rasmussen poll earlier this year showed that 59% of americans think that controlling our borders is more important than legalizing illegal aliens. our border today remains porous which is unconscionable post 9/11 and especially when our economy is limping along at about 2% g.d.p.
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today, the will of the people was thwarted once again by a supreme court that misapplies principles of preemption and dismisses the basic right of state sovereignty. our media has largely focused on the anger of latino voters this election year the real and under reported anger out there is felt by hard working americans of all ethnic background who want the borders enforced and our laws upheld. that's the memo. now for the top story. two other views on this. joining us from kansas city kris kobach who wrote the arizona immigration law. with us here in washington is chuck rocha, the executive director of the latino project which has been fighting this law. okay, gentlemen, interesting decision today. none the less, still controversy regarding it. chuck, tell us your take on what happened at the court. do you feel like your views have been vindicated? >> yes, and. no i think that it shows that a patchwork of state laws are not going to work and that we need comprehensive immigration reform and that congress needs
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to act and they must act or these law also continue to spring up. the supreme court acted, i agree with part of what they acted on. obviously i don't agree with everything. but i think it's a step in the right direction. but i think it shines a lot on our congress which has done nothing. there needs to be comprehensive immigration reform and i think these 11 million immigrants have to be dealt with and we need a system so it can be dealt with do you think our borders should be inned? >> i think we should have border security all around the country not only with mexico but also with canada. >> do you think they are being properly enforced. >> they are and not in certain places. i think that just like most things in life there are good stations and bad stations all on who is managing that station. >> laura: well, they are about million people a year still across the border every year into the united states. do you think that's a tenable situation? >> i think that six out of 10 of the illegal immigrants that are here came here by airplane. so maybe we should think of the security of those arnts. >> i'm for that we agree on that. chris, look, you wrote this law, and major provision struck down by the court.
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i heard january brewer earlier the governor of arizona try to spin this some major victory, really? >> well, you know, i would say it's a qualified victory, laura, obviously i would have loved to seen justice scalia his consent concurrence being the majority opinion. he would have upheld ought of the arizona law, the big provision, the one that does the most heavy lifting here is the one that the court approved. and that is technically, one of every one of the tens of thousands of law enforcement stops made every day in arizona can now be transformed if these circumstances are correct. be transformed into an immigration arrest. the officers now must, if they have reasonable spition that the person is unlawfully in the country, they must contact ice using the 24/7 hotline and take appropriate action. >> laura: chris, whoa, whoa, chris, the administration just, what, 10, 12 days ago, said that 800,000 but now the new estimate is more like
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1.2 million people here illegally should not be and will not be deported. for a variety you have to check a variety of boxes, been here by the time you were 16. what same saying is there is no will to enforce this immigration law, all the laws on the books. so what if they find out the status of people in arizona, what are they going to do about it then? where is the enforcement? well, two things one is that they can continue to enforce their human smuggling act, many instances a minivan where one person is driving a snug gler and 16 people crammed into it being smuggled. that information can be used to enforce state law, the other point i would make is, this look, hopefully in seven months we have an descration that actually thinks the law should be enforced and then the arizona law will really kick in and could massively increase the rule of law, you know, i point this out, too, laura and also respond to what chuck said, these state laws are having a great impact. vears, this is the last of several laws that they have taken, they have passed to increase the enforce ngs of immigration laws, the last one
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was improved by the supreme court last year the illegal act. the proof is in the pudding. between the 2008 and 2011 and that three-year period, illegal immigration, the population of the united states only dropped 1%. but in arizona it dropped 36%. because they are actually enforcing the law. >> i understand there is a whole sector of america that thinks these laws should be repealed and that they -- a lot of the immigration laws should be repealed and people here now should just be able to stay here. i get that i understand the arguments they are making. what do you say to all the people good people, hard working americans, no animus people toward asia. a lot of asians are here illegally. i don't know why we keep saying just latinos. the majority but not all. a lot of the these people say my kids' school crowded classrooms. hour healthcare costs are still ballooning. we just had this case just a few months ago in chicago, this guy wasn't deported. he ended up running over a
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66-year-old insurance salesman. 66-year-old dead because this illegal immigrant was not reported to ice and he was never deported. we have people killed all over this country. girls raped, little baby girls raped in escondido, horrible story over the last six months. what do you say to those families. >> i say to those families that you are talking about just a small portion of immigrants who are here. >> laura: doesn't feel small to the mother whose daughter was raped. >> deported to the extent of the law. >> laura: before they were arrested they would be given amnesty under the push that is being made by your group. >> right. we have a process that we have to go through. our system is broke. the supreme court said it was broke today. defend somebody who would rain rape a child or commit a crime. >> i never hear about the empathy for those families. those victims, those children who are abused and people who are absolutely scandalized by and i'm not blaming. i'm just saying the frald
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government has not enforced these laws. both parties are complicit in this. this is not just the obama administration. this happened under bush and was started under reagan. >> let's be clear that we have 12 million immigrants in this nation. there is going to be a small portion of that just like a small portion here illegally who were born here. >> laura: they were born here. crime is crime. when people weren't supposed to be here in the first place that crime would have never been committed is that the case. >> it is to it a certain extent. >> it is the case, is it not. >> no it's not. we have a wren system. >> laura: 12 or 13 people killed a day under he will illegal its. >> how many are killed by regular citizens. >> laura: that's a nonstarter. close it out, chris? >> well, look, the -- in the cases of the crimes committed by illegal aliens who were in the custody of some law enforcement agency, that was a crime that could have been stopped. if the alien had he been deported when he first came that n. contact. bologna case in san francisco. three people killed in cold
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blood. those crimes. >> laura: northern virginia or maryland killed in a horrible -- >> yeah. i. >> laura: i think empathy should go both ways. people who deserve empathy on both sides. sometimes the empathy only seems to go to the illegal immigrant population. i don't think that's fair to anybody. i appreciate both of you joining us. we will continue to cover this case. straight ahead, the big case that the supreme court has not ruled on yet. of course, it's obama care. we'll look at how that legal battle will impact the obama presidency. plus, do americans care any more about a parent's religion? maybe not. the debate moments away. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. new tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] fast relief, fresh breath, all in a pocket sized pack. hey. hey eddie.
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>> the impacts segment tonight, the seemingly endless way for the obama care ruling is almost over. the supreme court's decision on the president's healthcare law is set to come down now on thursday. but is a new poll by a right leaning advocacy group says 58% of americans want all or some of the law repealed. so how is this ruling going to impact the presidential election? here to analyze is mary katharine ham and juan williams. both are with me from washington, d.c. i want you both at the table together. lay it out for me, juan. how does this effect president obama assuming as most think that at least part of this law will be struck down as unconstitutional? let's just say it's the individual mandate and the
8:15 pm
rest of law stands. how does it impacted obama. >> well, if the individual mandate goes, i think it's a defeat for president obama and it will be portrayed as such. i think the president has a fall-back decision, laura, in that he can say there are some consumer friendly items that are still in the deal here if you are looking to keep your kid on the insurance, if you are concerned about preexisting conditions and the like. it's still there. if you are concerned about closing the doughnut hole and senior are who have medicare advantage. did i these things for you. i'm a guy. there are other al turn itives. they could strike down some of those provisions it makes it harder for him. if they strike down the whole thing, then it's a total defeat. the only scenario that works for him either it's upheld or there is kind of wiggle room mandate ruled unconstitutional. >> mary katharine i have this view if the entire thing is struck down president obama is k. say look, this is why i
8:16 pm
need to be reelected. i need to put another justice on this court and if i have that opportunity, i'm going to put a justice on the court, nominate someone who is actually going to be an evolutionary thinker and apply constitutional principles and not so as to overturn the will of congress. i think he can make actually a positive argument for his re-election. i wouldn't buy it but i could see where others might. >> i think you can make that argument. i think it's true -- i think that would be more great for the base and maybe not necessarily independence. as you look at the polling on this particular law. the public was not with him on this especially toward the end of the process see how this thing went down. they are still not with him which i have been surprised about. conservatives have continued to make argument against it people receptive that it's not constitutional there are limits on what congress can actually do, which is pretty rare with the general public. they don't always pay attention to constitutional arguments. i think it's tough for him to make an argument in the short-term politically coming out any way. even if it's the best case scenario does he go to the rose garden and say i knew
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this law which you all hate i year on -- victory. i don't think it reads well. your argument is more compelling. >> i think laura's argument is pretty strong. i think a lot of people think the court is in the hand. >> respect for the court especially after today's decision. >> oh, look at that look at the right doesn't look at that the right doesn't have a lot of respect. generally respect for the courts. and he could play to that let me just sty mary katharine, you know what in the polling on this is not the way you describe it and certainly not the way that you, laura, described it in the open which is eric cantor's old buddies had had some kind -- >> -- never gotten over 50%, juan, ever. >> that's right. never gotten over 50. you know there is a substantial number of americans who say no to this -- to the whole health insurance deal because it doesn't have the public option measures think the government should do more. here is what. that's not true. here is what americans really think. that if the court strikes it
8:18 pm
down, over 70% of americans say, you know what? we should not let the status quo return where the insurance company. >> basically them saying you totally screwed this up. >> right, the pressure then goes on to the republicans. mary katharine and juan we both chimed in on this. over the weekend i think "new york times" and "the washington post." they did in-depth look at the run-up to this and how the obama administration really failed to take into account clear constitutional hurdles that they would face with this. and it's kind of amazing, don't you think, that someone who is a constitutional law lecturer would not have really moot court ahead of time and said you know maybe we better call this attack because we're actually forcing people though to engage in congress not regulating preexisting commerce here. they didn't really do that juan. that's prizing, given all of the smart people, in quotes that we have in the white house. >> this is the danger and the dysfunctional world of washington we live in where people get caught in a bubble and they talk to people who
8:19 pm
think the way they think. and then for anybody who thinks differently, it's a skunk at the garden party and to be ignored as unpleasant. and that's the failing here. i will say. this that if you look at the ruling so far on healthcare, most of them have upheld this law. including the mandate and even the one court. the atlanta court that knocked it out said the mandate is no good but the rest of it is fine. i think that tells you the way that most judges think it. >> donald was coughing at the beginning of the argument. god bless. poor guy. felt bad for him. is he coughing. that kind of was emblematic i think where this thing is going. seemed a lot of discomfort there. >> i think for sure i never want to count my justiced before they hatch. i do think that, yes, there was a lot of uberous involved. nancy pelosi famously said seriously to questions whether it might be unconstitutional. they opened not to discuss that in congress and deal with that problem because they didn't want to call it a because they knew. this is what you got. bad fall out for the
8:20 pm
president, either way i will disagree slightly with you guys in that i think his argument you propose he makes, laura would actually appeal to left and right. independence actually have a lot of respect for the court. you have to tread lightly in that way. >> juan and mary katharine, thanks a lot. we will see how it comes out o. here are the results of our bill o' poll we asked will the supreme court ruling on obama care will be handed down any day now. how will the court rule? more than 20,000 of you voted. 3% say the court will find it fully constitutional. that many? and 37% think the individual mandate will be struck down. 60% say the entire law will be ruled unconstitutional and up next, a majority of americans are not happy that the president invoked executive privilege in the fast and furious gun running scandal. we will will have the latest on that case. plus, do americans care if the president is religious? we're going to have a report moments away. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel.
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>> laura: in the factor follow-up segment tonight, the fast and furious gun running scandal reaching a boiling point this week for team obama. remember u.s. border agent brian terry was killed over two years ago with guns that the u.s. government lost track of after purposely selling them to mexican drug cartels. holder refused to turn over specific documents about the botched program to investigators and now he faces a contempt vote in congress this week. meantime, president obama asserted executive privilege over the documents. keeping them secret which some republicans object to. >> the supreme court has held pretty clearly there cannot be executive privilege over criminal coverup or coverup of a crime. lying to congress is a crime. we have every right so-to-see documents to say did you know? what did you know, including
8:25 pm
even the president. >> laura: a new poll by the hill newspaper found that 56% of voters disapproved of the president's invoking executive privilege while only 29% approved. so how much damage is the obama administration suffering from this growing scandal? with me now is marjorie cliffton. she a former obama campaign consultant. all right, margey. it can't be good during an election year for the president to have his chief law enforcement officer as he once referred to the attorney general the nation's chief law enforcement officer under this cloud of suspicion. now, a contempt vote likely this week. >> um-huh. well, i mean and i truly think on all fronts this is issa playing politics. this is a campaign stunt if we have ever seen one. we seen reason additions of this before in the past. really what's happening and truly in terms of how they are representing it in the press, eric holder withholding information, he has testified nine times. he has actually released thousands and thousands of
8:26 pm
documents outlining everything that they found. >> laura: that's not true. >> that's what actually. >> that's what his office is telling it you to say maybe. no, i'm just teasing you. look, you are right. they did turn over a lot of documents. you are right about that 8,000, 7600. however, what is interesting to the committee now are the documents after february. february of 2011 because why they changed their story he they said at first they didn't note extend of the operation then, they withdrew that letter and i think they want to know like why was that letter withdrawn and who, perhaps, directed eric holder to say what he said at the time? isn't that an obligation of congress to make sure the attorney general is not lying? >> well, i would say holder himself said the entire situation was appalling and shut it down when they knew. this was a little bit of this, you know, the government, the left hand not talking to the right hand. what was actually happening is this entire operation would be run out of phoenix by an atf officer there coincidentally which ran three of the operations bush administration was running. >> discontinued as you know.
8:27 pm
you are not saying you are lying, about threw was a big myth out there the bush administration started fast and furious. that is not true. >> no. no. they were separate operations but of the same nature. this isn't something that's a new concept. how it's being managed absolutely we can argue was it managed well he thought it was appalling. what they have is no documents whatsoever that says that holder even knew of the operation at all. >> if holder doesn't have anything to hide. why the late invocation of executive privilege which is a little odd to invoke executive privilege over the department of justice's memos and letters. it doesn't often happen that way. >> it came with how the investigation has been handled. as i said, holder has testified nine separate times, he released over 7,000 documents that were asked for. and in this instance, before they divided to go for contempt, he each came to issa's office and said, look, i will present with you any of the documents that you want. what i need from you is basically a notice, a treaty,
8:28 pm
you know, a truce to say we are done with this. >> laura: you think it's important he is not lying to congress, right? if is he lying to congress you think. >> absolutely. the point is there is no reason that he would be. >> laura: why isn't he handing over the documents? if he has nothing to hide hide issa reviewed these wiretap affidavits and found out that lanny brewer one of the top officials at the justice department actually did sign off on the gun walking tactics. >> right. >> laura: in contradiction to what eric holder had said before. that's a serious contradiction, is it not. >> he again invoked the letter. i think, again, this is government questions in d.c. it isn't always handled smoothly. >> laura: what would you grade holder? what kind of a grade would you give him. >> i would not dare grade anyone in washington. no matter what people want to say about him or not. >> laura: you are from texas. i don't believe that gets a good grade. >> god bless their heart. >> laura: we will see how this all plays out. coming up, marjorie.
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plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening, another sign that americans may be moving away from religion as a new poll shows the majority would vote for an atheist president. then an illegal alien steps into the no spin zone and reacts to the supreme court decision on immigration today. so we hope you stay tuned to those reports. s new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ chirp ] [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox with all these huge toys.
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, religion and the presidency and some eye opening polling. a new gallup poll shows that only 34% of americans think that president obama is a christian. 11% a muslim. and 44% just don't know. and 54% of americans now say they would vote for an atheist for president. 3 percent said they would not. so with so few people knowing what the president's religion is and so willing to vote for an atheist has the role of religion in the government in the highest office changed. joining us from dallas pat tore author of the book how
8:33 pm
america's last days can be your best days. from new york david silverman the president of the group american atheists. gentlemen, great to see you. david, let's start with you. this poll must be wonderful news for you, right? because 54% of americans say that they would vote for an atheist. is that a sign in your opinion of a great american evolution toward unbelief or agnosticism or atheism? >> i think it's more of a progression towards tolerance. we are seeing the debigotting of america. people are not willing to say he is an atheist and won't vote for that anymore. population not only in the whole the under 30 group 70% would vote for atheist. this is just a atheist normalization of america. it doesn't mean we're going to become antireligious nation. >> but you would prefer that. >> i would not prefer that. >> laura: why?
8:34 pm
>> what we need to do is get to a point where people can be who they are and not be judged simply on that fact. you know what we are looking for here is quality. we are not looking for documentation. >> dave. i'm always confused about this because this entire notion that america is somehow promoting vision yant in the culture. everywhere you look christianity is being elevated above everything else. going back to nor man lehrer in the 1970s, television shows frankly that i loved all in the family or mad or jeffersons, that started the beginning of the culture that was kind of, you know, calling into question christianity and belief in god. was it not? so the idea that somehow this has been an assault all the way up to modern day of everything you see on television from modern family to glee, to desperate housewives that's not exactly christian fair, so your argument it seems to -- t doesn't make much sense to me. >> my argument that simply remember, television is reflective. television doesn't cause evolution. it's reflective. people in america.
8:35 pm
>> laura: i didn't say t didn't. >> people are becoming more tolerant and television shows are becoming more lee fleckive. >> laura: television shows more overwhelming promoting secularism. your take on this. a lot of people think the president is not christian today. what up? >> well, look, i am very charitable toward the president in my book. i take him at face value when he says is he a christian. most people aren't buying that laura, because he embraces policies that are inconsistent with the christian point of view. i mean, when he speaks at georgetown university, he wants all the religious symbols removed. he launches an attack not just against the catholic church but against all people of faith. he embraces same sex marriage and abortion. >> you can watching. >> laura: let him finish, david. god bless you david. >> i think a lot of people believe that president obama is talking the talking but not walking the walk. and i'm going to surprise david, laura, by saying there is some instances in which i would vote for an atheist over
8:36 pm
a christian. if you had an atheist who was pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-ledge just freedom. >> laura: a christian but believing what christians believe, yeah. >> i would choose the atheist over the christian. i think religion is one matter but not the only matter. >> that's because you are not a bigot, robert, that's great. that's symptom what we are seeing here. people should be elected on their policies not on whether they are adescribed to one religion or not. i do however take umbrage with your assertion that president obama has launched an attack on all people of faith and i challenge you here and now to declare how exactly you have done that. >> laura: david, let me chime in here one second, please. right now you might not know about, this david, but we are in the midst of something called the fort night for freedom. this is a group of catholics and evangelicals, people of faith, black denominations around the united states who have gotten together to say no to this cram down of policies that are anesthetic call to
8:37 pm
the consciences of christians across this country. >> like what? give me one. >> laura: like the contraception mandate. >> contraception? >> hhs mandate you are apparently not familiar with that. >> you are actually saying that human rights don't have the ability to have contraception? >> it's not just the hhs mandate. come on. >> what is the hhs mandate. >> attack against religion. really, i want to know how you think there is an attack from the white house against religion. >> david, maybe you don't feel this way as an eight wrist. maybe, david, maybe you don't feel this way as anity wrist because i don't blame you you are atheist. you don't see that people ofcroy feel like they are second class citizens in this h shmplet s and this administration. that's a fact. that's the way they feel. can you say it's illegitimate that's the way they feel. that's a cross gomtion denomination. >> fourth night for freedom is not hang. apparently you have the go to go to google and google it find out what's going on. gentlemen, we appreciate it next on the run down, more on
8:38 pm
the supreme court's immigration ruling from the perspective of man who has been here illegally for 20 years. he will join us in just a moment. then the "new york times" unleashes a vicious attack on republicans, comparing them to bullies, the ones who tormented an elderly bus monitor moments away. [ male announcer ] it isn't just your mammogram. it's your teenager's first rsity game. it isn't just your annual exam. it's your daughter's wedding. did you know with your health insurance you may now have some preventive benefits with no co-pays or out-of-pocket costs? it isn't just your cholesterol screening. it's all the tomorrows you're looking forward to. learn more at it's all the tomorrows you're looking forward to. well hello, welcome to summer road trip, huh? uhuh yep uch let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel. because we only do hotels. wow.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm lauer are a ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story eggment tonight, a man with a personal stake in the supreme court ruling over illegal immigration. jose vargas has been in this country illegally for more than two decades. he joins us now from new york. dollars is jose it's great to see you. you came out as illegal immigrant this system years after working and living in the united states.
8:42 pm
you did well in school. obviously you went to work at "the washington post" for. >> for $5, yes. >> laura: for 5 years. you were asked at "the washington post" in a form whether you were a u.s. citizen, what did you say on that form? >> you know, i actually checked the citizen box. and i remember trying to justify to myself, you know, is this okay you? know, my first phone call was actually my high school principal pat highland who is kind of the good samaritan in my life. kind of the part of my underground railroad. i asked her is it okay that i'm doing this? am i taking somebody else's job? my principal basically said to you, don't be crazy, like you earned this. that's how i was kind of able to kind of plow through. >> and people should know that you came to this country from the philippines via your grandfather. >> yes. >> who, himself, according to the report i guess he had a -- someone sold him a social
8:43 pm
security number. >> yeah. >> laura: that was a fraudulent number. >> exactly. when i got here when i was 12 i didn't know -- i thought everything was fine. i found out that i was undocumented like a lot of other people like me we find out when we apply for a job. i found out when i tried to get a drivers permit. my grandfather was a nationalized american citizen. i just thought everything was fine. >> right. >> the moment i found out is when my world fell apart. again, if it wasn't for like teachers, you know my teachers high school, interesting to me, actually, i mean it was great to listen to you earlier tonight talk about empathy and the importance of that. i completely believe that. in this whole conversation about illegal immigration, you know, like the teachers, the faith leaders, our co-workers, our friends, our neighbors. they are missing in the conversation. >> right. the moral argument i get that's been made and time again these kids you didn't choose to come here. you were brought here. i get that. >> exactly.
8:44 pm
>> laura: the supreme court ruling upheld the stock and check provision of the arizona strat throughout strek down three other provisions. do you think that this was a victory for illegal immigrants across the united states? or something else? >> you know, i mean, i completely understand the fear and frustration especial delay latinos have on this for racial profiling. but, for me i remember reading, you know the ruling today by senator i mean by justice kennedy who said that, quote. as a general rule, it is not a crime for a alien to remain in the united states had you can i not be hopeful? from that line it says that the ruling says i'm not illegal. >> laura: if i'm you and i'm reading justice kennedy today and i heard president obama 12 days ago i'm not particularly worried about my status in the united states. jose, let's play devil's advocate here though there is a lot of people from nigeria in nigeria, pakistan, other
8:45 pm
countries who have been laboring for years and years to come here. they have been filing forms. they have been spending a lot of money. they don't have fraudulent social security numbers. they don't lie on their forms. like you did. how do you think they feel today? do you think they feel ghood they are still back in nigeria or pakistan. should everybody be allowed to come in or just the people here illegally. >> i'm so glad you asked that question. what we really need is a process. i'm not looking to bump the african-american nigeria. >> laura: have you bumped. someone could argue you have bumped them. >> again, if we create a process so that the 12 million undocumented americans could come forward and say here we are. give us a process. if you want me to get in the back of the line to not bump anybody off i would be happy to do that. >> laura: you would do that and go back to the philippines and apply. >> i have been in this country since i was 12. i paid taxes here. this is my home. before guy back to the philippines i'm going to make sure that i can goal back to
8:46 pm
my home in new york city. >> right. section 37 a of the philippines immigration law. are you familiar with that? >> no, i'm not. actually, it's pretty specific on -- if you are in the country philippines. processed for deportation. you will be arrested by the commissioner of immigration through a warrant. and basically lays out if you have made false or misleading statements in the process of becoming immigrant for united states or being in the philippines seems like the country of your birth would not be so hospitable to your staying there. does that surprise you? >> which is why i'm glad to call america my home. this is where i grew up. philippines where i haven't seen my home.
8:47 pm
almost 19 years this august. you take care. up next. the "new york times" compares the bullies who attacked that it elderly bus matron to republicans. real have any we'll be right back with that in a moment. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains
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8:50 pm
>> laura: in the back of the book segment tonight, the "new york times" has taken character seeks to a whole new level. during a lament about the state of public discourse in america. "times" columnist charles blow compared conservatives and republicans to the bullies who tormented an elderly bus monitor in upstate, new york writing, quote: this kind of behavior is not isolated to children and school buses in suburban communities. it stretches to the upper reaches of society.
8:51 pm
whether it is a republic debate audience booing a gay soldier or rush limbaugh's vicious attack on a female georgetown law student or newt gingrich has become boilerplate. target your enemy and torture mercilessly unquote. we invited mr. blow on the show but is he apparently hiding under his desk. devout liberal and "the washington post" contributing editor and friend cathy roux joins us from new york. cathy, we don't really know if charles blow is hiding under his desk. >> right. >> laura: we also believe in humor still in the united states at least i thought so. cathy, i read this and i think we must be desperate for column material over at the "new york times," because this is an incident of thug oib bratty kids bullying an elderly lady in the united states. and if a republic were to say that democrats are like the kids bullying this poor old woman i would just laugh at
8:52 pm
that person. it's preposterous, go ahead. >> i think it's very interesting angle. i write for the "the washington post" magazine. anytime the "new york times." i don't sit next to his desk i don't know what he was thinking, it's very interesting angle. do i think that people have a bullying mentality nowadays. i think it's a tough time to be a white man in america where the minorities are really taking over to be quite honest. you have noticed on the show people are willing to vote for an atheist, the latinos are stepping out. minorities are outnumbering all whites in america and by 20042 you are going to have more. >> laura: how do you go from that to the republics are like will the bullies on the bus making fun of an overweight elderly woman. >> white man's party the minorities the latinos. >> she is white. right, but she is white. she is an elderly person and last time i checked the republics haven't been bullying elderly white people. i don't understand that let me say to cathy. here is what i hear a lot on
8:53 pm
my radio show and in my facebook comments. people who are hard working people of all colors background ethnic background so forth they feel bullied by a government that is not responsive to the people. they have feel bullied by president obama's conscience clause, abomination with a contra session mandate they feel bullied when healthcare passed by one vote. they feel bullied when they are called astroturf protesters by nancy pelosi or brown shirt by another congressman. they feel derided and dismissed. so, there is bullying, i think it's probably mutual here. >> i think the latinos are being bullied right now by jan brewer in arizona. i think you have a lot of people, elderly are being bull idea. women are being bull idea. the war on women we all know about that contra session. it's a true war that has been going on. >> laura: that's right. that 9.99 a month from wal-mart is hard for people to cover with their cable bills and everything thels he are
8:54 pm
buying. >> there has been a war on minorities. we knee congress has started many of these wars. congress is a white man's world it is largely made up of white men. >> laura: wait a second. we have got a guy in the white house, i'm going to start laughing here. who is half african-american. >> right. >> we have an attorney general who is african-american. we have a african-american on the supreme court. i know he doesn't count, clarence thomas because he doesn't agree with the elite prevailing wisdom on the left. we had secretaries of state who are african-american. we have music moguls who are african-american. we have high tech executives. we have more prominent people. who ho are african-american in entertainment, and all walks of life than we have ever had before. >> still the african-american man is suffering. >> minority of the united states. >> it is. >> laura: better than at any point in time to be a minority of the united states. >> absolutely not. the african-american american man is suffering more from unemployment than any other group. >> laura: whose fault is that? whose fault is unemployment? bush's? >> absolutely.
8:55 pm
you knew i would say that and absolutely i believe that. >> laura: all right. so it's bush's fault unemployment. >> yes, still paying for bush's mistakes. >> laura: still paying to that. cathy, i love you, man. >> good to see you. >> laura: come on, it doesn't make any sense toe movement i'm going to go back and study. i must be missing something. up next, pinheads and patriots starring justin bieber and david letterman. p and p just over two minutes away. no bullying here at all. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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through mercedes-benz financial services.
8:58 pm
>> finally tonight, pinhead or patriots. justin beiber was on the late show the other night and he was defending his brand new, tell me it's not true, tattoo, when this happened. >> your mom can't be pleased with the tattoos? >> mom, you know, she -- >> does mom have a tattoo? i didn't think so. does dad have a tattoo? >> yeah. >> oh. do me a favor don't go nuts. >> no, i won't. >> because more and more you see like the mural and the -- >> it's too much. >> i'm not going for the chapel. [applause] >> canadian high school.
8:59 pm
>> ouch. well, bieber probably should have known better, but was letterman a pinhead or patriot for teasing him that way? we will let you decide. and mark wahlberg said no more tattoos for his kids. he had a different idea on that. and if you buy an autograph or personalized copy of bill's best copy "killing lincoln" you get an american flag totally free. and you become a premium member he will get a free copy of "killing lincoln." and don't forget to check out my book, the u.s. best-seller, "of three i zing." and that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching, in for bill o'reilly. please


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