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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 27, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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police put the street value of the far lick at $40,000. yeah, australia. not a bad day on the street today, the market up close to 100, about .7 percent. neil? >>neil: health care. on shaky ground. and an attorney general on even shakier ground and the president on the eve of beingen the shakiest ground of all. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. do you remember this, nancy pelosi marching up the steps of the capitol as the protesters, democrats voted in the president's health care plan. that was march of 2010. fast forward to the supreme court of the united states. today. where this time tomorrow we will know if all or part or none of the president's health care law survives. it is also the day we find out if attorney general eric holder
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is held in contempt for refusing to turn over "fast and furious," documents and the white house call this a fishing expedition. it is a legal mess and constitutional scholar is right, it is about to get more messy. we will go to mark levin in a moment but first how the health care thing is shaking down. what do you have, shannon? >>guest: about 18 hours we will know what the supreme court has decided to do with the president's health care law. both sides are gearing up for the fallout. senior white house advisor davie plouffe maintaining this is constitutional but is keeping in mind several scenarios. the main part of it is kicking in, until 2014 so if the justices strike it down they will push to am sanction whatever parts of the law they can or reframe the mandate
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somehow itself. >> on the democratic side we are prepared to build on the land mark health reform to make sure more and more we have affordable quality health care for all americans. >>guest: on other side, g.o.p. leaders have vowed to repeal any portion of the law that survives tomorrow's health care decision from the high court. >> court does not strike wn the entire haw the house will move to repeal what is left of it. obamacare is driving up the cost of health care and making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers. our focus has been the economy. and it will continue to be the economy. >> by the way speaker boehner has warned republicans not to "spike the ball," if they do get a win, no matter which party wins or loses it is tough to imagine how either side could force the other side to get on board. the democratic majority in the senate and the house republicans are not cooperative but boater preparing legislation they hope they did not need to push.
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>>neil: thank you, shannon. and now constitutional scholar, best selling officer mark levin on how this will play out. mark, i know it is a guess but how will it go? >>guest: in this regard i will say whatever happens in the high court i predict the executive branch under obama, and holder, will do everything possible as well as the hhs secretary, to evade whatever the supreme court does. and look for various methods of executive fiat to implement as were of the law as they can. because i honestly believe that the executive branch right now is out-of-control. we saw it with the immigration case. we have seen it with "fast and furious," and with four unconstitutional appointments when the president declared the senate recessed and that has never been done before. and we see the attack on state vote are i.d. laws which have been upheld by the supreme court before. and i can go on and on and on so this president does not like the other branches of government
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telling him when he cannot do things so whatever the supreme court does this president will not take "no" lightly. >>neil: and now the latest theories on --. >>guest: how about the e.p.a. drones. >>neil: i will get do that. do you get a sense that some of the justices are miffed being typecast? they do not like that? and they could rebel from that? and go out of form just to make a statement? i know they should not be so driven but, that is an argument for them patting this health care. as it stands and not getting in the way of it. what do you make of it? >>guest: it seems to be a disease that only republican appointed justices get. the liberal justices, the activists on the court are never worried how they are typecast
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their characterization. >>neil: is that legitimate fear? a lot of people say, well, you know, maybe because dating back to bush and gore, the citizens united, they might want to recoil. >>guest: well, they might. and there is no doubt the liberal immediate -- media and law professors have been doing what they can to pressure the original justices to buckle but bush vs. gore, the person who brought the first lawsuit was gore, not bush, bush decided to try and get it decided in three heavy democrat florida counties and it just so happened that bush decided to fight back. so, the first case there was brought by gore. this is not bush vs. gore. nothing of the sort. what happened, obama and a supermajority of democrats in the house of representatives and senate which do not exist because the people threw them out last time, they decided they were going to grab as were power as they could.
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the problem is they did not confer with the constitution or did not care what it said. you cannot impose on individuals in this country, american citizens, a requirement that they participate in commerce if they choose not to. this is an attack. they are seeking to penalize individuals who do not buy private insurance and penalize insurance companies that do not write polls the way the government dictates. this has never been done in american history before. so, when you hear all the loser lawyers come on your show and other places, saying, the court has never stricken down anything like this, congress has never passed anything like this. >>neil: by the way, loser lawyers might appear on other shows, mark, but you might --. >>guest: well, now and then they slip through. >>neil: you know, mack,ry was -- i was talking to a lost c.e.o.'s and they have been telling me unless this whole thing is struck down, just sticking a stake through the
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mandatory coverage is not going to kill anything here. you have to strike down the entire law. do you agree? >>guest: two things, the individual mandate is the greatest threat against the relationship between the individual in this country and the government we face since segregation. we cannot have government telling us what to do and push us around this way. so it is crucial that be stricken. as for the rest you see what they are trying to do push around the catholic church, and there will be other aspects of this. and i predict if the rest of the statute or mostist survives, much of which we still do not know what is in there because they have to issue regulation there will be aggressive legal challenges and we will not wait around for congress or the next election, aggressive legal challenges, and i will be one of them with landmark legal foundation, and intend to do it. >>neil: mark, i have the pleasure of listening to your fine radio show quite often and
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one things i have discovered over the months as the races lation has ensued you like governor romney, you don't flip over him, i guess she a moderate, he is not exactly your cup of tea but you also have sad you prefer a can of orange use to the president. having said that, do you think you do romney harm because you have reaped millions of people. you are a best selling author and whatever you say carries incredible clout and you are hurting governor romney. >>guest: i was successful in stopping him, wasn't i? that said i want to make it as clear as i can, i will provide constructive criticism. i don't check my conservative at the door and put my republican baseball hat on and run out and play center. >>neil: no, you were not constructive early.
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>>guest: but now is now and i want do make it clear as i can, mitt romney must lose, excuse me, governor romney must win in order for obama to lose. i will do everything i can to see that mitt romney wins and if he does and when he does win, i and others will do everything we can to make sure we have a conservative administration. because that is crucial, too. but everything i can do in my party, with my books are on the air will be aimed at defeating this administration because i think that they are showing their ankle and it looks tyrannical. >>neil: is when you say you would vote for orange juice can over president obama, you would vote for the inanimate object? >>guest: right, there is no way i would vote for
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fundamentally transform america or to empower man who has designs on the presidency and has demonstrated that, and there is no way i would vote for a man who would create a society that is so miserable if my chin and grandchild. so that is correct. >>neil: i will put you as a "maybe," on the president. always a pleasure, mark levin, best selling author and he has a hell of a radio show. when we come back from major legal hurdles to a financial one. is the president losing the money race? we are on it tonight on fox business. you can forget the buzz over the health care ruling, there was buzz over health care demand today. max! ( dog barking ) this is the plan that revolves around you.
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away all the bills tied to the bill with a new report saying if the high court throws the whole thing out tomorrow, a lot of states would already be on the hook for billions of dollars worth of parts that have to be implemented just the same. another example of why congressman ron paul says the government should not be in the health care business. at all. but you cannot diagnosis entangle this even with a complete slap down from the supreme court. >>guest: it will not be easy. this is why the more complex the problems are the harder i try to figure out a way to transition out. there is a way to do it in medicine. it is a mets, you repeal the law, it will be more messy. just let people opt out. in education we say opt out, have private education at home, education, get your taxes back, with a tax credit. in medicine, the medical savings account, let the patient control the funds and let them have major medical and deal with the doctor so you have to introduce
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competition, allow people to opt out of the system completely. opting out the mandate to buy private insurance is a good step but it does not solve a problem, always a chance to use the free market if you want to and the people in this country ought to is a right to do it. >>neil: i wonder if what i was missing with a prior guest, congressman, that the comment i hear from a lot of c.e.o.'s and those who say, look, you have to kill this whole thing not just the mandatory coverage saying, or else it lives on and entangled more. what do you think? >>guest: well, there is some truth to that. the trouble is, some of it has been put in motion. but there is still a lot of government involvement even with this and they will never get rid of all of it. the courts never rule that way so it will be messy and more complex. it will not be a enough to --. >>neil: you are thinking
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mandatory coverage may go, but were of it will still live on, and that is your fear. >>guest: i think so. that is generally the way these things happen. they never really back off because they still, the principle is the government should be involved in medicine. they do not come up with market solutions, so the courts are going reflect that view so there is not going to be a whole lot solved, hopefully it will help us a little bit. >>neil: you know, the argument politically to be made that a defeat or shut down like that for the president could be a campaign call. i was trying to help you folks and to look after you, i got your back, and et cetera, et cetera. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, that is the case. everything is politicized and a lot demagoguery especially in an election year so expect it, either way, so, yes, if it is struck down or a major part is struck down you will hear it
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from the democrats and you the say medicine should be free for everyone. no, there will be a lot of that, and it will be politicized and fought over for two or three months and they will go back to patching it together and we will still have a lot, too much government involvement in our personal and our economic lives, there is no doubt about that. >>neil: during the presidential contest, congressman, including i had the honor of being a questioner at one debate, i always thought you were a special case because when it came to this issue you are a doctor and you know of what you speak and you know the hearts of doctors and you know it better than anyone and i guess if you do not mind my asking you this as a doctor, what happens, now? because, let's say part of it is shot down and we could be wrong. a lot of doctors tell me, premiums still going to go up.
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choices are still going to be compromised. and medical care and attention in this country is still going to be tested. so, with or without this, it is going to be a tough environment for doctors, per, for patients, period. do you agree? >>guest: i do. and it is so pesty new but this started in the early 1970's with the hmo's and they were done by mandate and the tax code contributed to this. the legal system is all messed up on torts and that is a mess. so, it is not going to be cleared up. the parent is the one that suffers. in the free market, the consumer should be king. it should not be big business or unions or workers, it is always a consumer. in this case the consumer is the patient. and the patient should dictate everything. should pick and choose and spend the money and negotiate but they have lost total control, and the doctors don't care that were, they just make sure they don't get anything cut or they will
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quit. so they will not be satisfied and doctors rip, and they have to pay an undue price because of filling out all forms, and so they make less money and it takes all the fun out of medicine but the test should be the health of the consumer, and in matter what happens tomorrow, the patient is still going to suffer. >>neil: you know, despite all the controversies, despite the weakening economy, the latest polls as you know congressman, show the president ever so slightly widening the lead against governor romney. but, doing better in some of the battle ground states. are you surprised by that? >>guest: well, i think it still is too early to say much because things, the nation, and the problems are very fickle. they will change from day-to-day. so, i think the battle for november is really just getting started. so, i don't know whether you read the polls today or tomorrow
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or next week, will say as much as what is necessary and what the economy is going to be like, will it be worst next couple of months, will there will another war going on in syria. who knows what will happen. that will probably determine the outcome of the election. >>neil: congressman i am not blowing out you smoke but i think you elevated the debate this election year significantly. and you had a tremendous impact. you are a very smart guy, anyone who can get young people to applaud, talking about the federal reserve, you are okay in my book. thank you, congressman. good to see you. ron paul. >> here is how worried some democrats are about spending. they want to come in this weekend to make sure they still counsel. imagine if they showed half the zeal for cutting spending? we click. you croak. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back.
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>>neil: and the debt keeps mounting and a utah senator has a simple question, why no zeal to come in on the weekends do cuts spending. this is a no develop concept but why see it. what is the deal there with the colleagues? >>guest: we have eastbound a lofts motion in congress, without a whole lot of forward progress. this is a problem that congress refuses to acknowledge, in fact, we have a desperate need for tax reform and regulatory reform, yet we have not really hit on any of those major issues. we have to turn that around, and we have to foe cushion those things that will spur job creation that we need. >>neil: but it does not happen
1:25 pm
$1309 billion -- $1 09 billion piece of legislation, and more on college loans but i see a lot of zeal for adding to the pile of debt, and not much to at least start digging through that debt. >>guest: that is right, the same kind of spending problems that is gotten us $16 trillion in debt, that have led us to point where we have gone three years without a budget resulting in our continuing to have $1.3 trillion annual deficits. that is the same kind of things we are following right now and that is a big problem one thing the american people will look at when they go to ballot box in november. >>neil: what do you think of the possibility should the president lose at least the mandatory coverage part of the health care law that a lot of people seem to think would torpedo the law that would keep it thriving, but the president will have that wind at his back and embolden by polls showing him all the problems you and
1:26 pm
others have mentioned but the president is leading spreading that lead better in the latest "wall street journal" poll in the battleground states so that if we are going to hell in a hand basket the american people appear to be saying, not great, okay, but enough for us to put him back this. >>guest: i don't think that is going to happen. the american people are not with him when it comes to the individual mandate and this offenses their we basic sense of fairness and tells us as members that government bureaucrats in washington know better how to make decisions for our health than we know how to make ourself in consultation with our doctors. americans do not buy there and they are going do hold this president accountable for pushing this on to us, again our will. >>neil: i have heard from a number of democrats, senator and this kind of makes sense from their point of view if you hear this, say the court shoots this down and premiums start
1:27 pm
rocketing, really rocketing. and, then, they have been rocketing anyway, but they start rocketing, the companies that promise you to cover you for pre-existing conditions will continue but charge you through the most and the administration will say, well, we tried to help and look what has happened. >>guest: well, i don't see that happening. you have to assume a last things in order to get to that posture, assuming the court invalidates the individual mandate and not validating basically anything else. you have to assume, further, that congress does nothing to change the law from there and that is a lot of assumption and a lot of assumptions. >>neil: you assume the court shoots down the whole thing not just part of this? i listened to ron paul who says that is not the court's history to shoot down part of something but not all of something. so, i don't know who is right, between you, but . >>guest: she a great physician and i respect ron paul but --. >>neil: you think the whole thing is shot down? >>guest: if the court, in
1:28 pm
fact, invalidates the individual mandate, it will at a minimum, also invalidate some other provisions of the act. including and especially the guarantee issue provision in the community rating provision. so, i don't think that we will have a surgical removal of the individual man difficulty while nothing else is taken out. >>neil: all right, we will see and we will know tomorrow. senator, always a pleasure. thank you. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: swinging through the swing states, president obama is hoping to get some bang for his buck. is it enough? we report the polls and you add them up and decide. just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses.
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t but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more
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and focus on the things that matter to you. >>neil: and now president obama is getting ready for an important swing state bus tour, next week the obama campaign hits the roads and hitting pennsylvania and ohio after the 4th of july holiday and if my guest is right the trip will be no vacation for the president because even though he is ahead of governor romney in both of those states, the president still doesn't have the majority of voters. so that is a concern for the president. as he is widening the lead, although it is tentative. >>guest: the polls today in the swing states of ohio, and pennsylvania and florida was good news and bad news. good news is the president is leading romney by four points in ohio, and i think six points, i am sorry, nine points in ohio and six points in pennsylvania
1:33 pm
and the bad news is he is at 45 or 47 and 45 percent respectively so he has work to do in those states to convince voters in the states that he is the man to lead the country for another four years. >>neil: can you explain something, to me, why the polls swing to wildly. we saw the president up by four in florida right now and a couple of weeks ago he was down by seven and up a lot in ohio and a couple weeks ago it was romney leading by three, and i expect a little volatility, i understand, but not that much volatility. or is that par for the course? >>guest: well, it depends on the poll. you have to look at, comparing apples to apples and that is one reason we use the politics average, of clear politics and we feel that is an accurate tool for measuring. >>neil: what does that tell you? nationally it is one thing because they go back and fourth two or three points in each other but the electoral vote is what this is about the first to
1:34 pm
get the 270 electoral votes o has the advantage right new if you did a real clear average. >>guest: well, if you actually go to our sight, there is, we have an electoral map based on the latest polls in all the various states, and right new, obama has a lead over romney, but there are a number of states in there what are undecided, and folks can, we have an interact map where you can allocate based on the polls to see running through the different scenarios and most of those, this will be a very close race. it will come down to, obviously, a hand will of key swing states and the president will visit a couple of those next week, but this is look like it will be a close race. as it has been for the last few months. >>neil: you are a good student of political history and some races like the one in 1980 between carter and reagan and that was tight as a tick going to the final weekend and then a watershed event, and it ended up
1:35 pm
being a reagan landslide with polls very, very tight with john kerry and bush in 2004 and it looked like gentleman jerk -- john kerry had the edge and bush won of course. what would be the event that would break it or a moment where people just shift. >>guest: great question. you can look at different races and see different things. obviously, in 1992 george hw bush, although the recovery had started in march, the recession ended in march, by the time it got to election people had tuned him out, and that is what the obama camp is trying to avoid. any want to make sure the president is still able to persuade the independents that he is up to the job and they do not want to tune him out, so we go back four years ago the financial crisis, obviously blew that race open but in the final analysis you look at the democrats lined up pretty solid behind obama and republicans are lined up behind romney and we are back to evenly divided country where we are talking
1:36 pm
about a very small slice of the electorate, 10 or 15 percent of independents even in just a happened will of states that will be the deciding factor in this race. >>neil: good to see you again. romney is betting on high unemployment to get him to the white house. what if i told you, who is this guy? i will explain. i went to a small high school.
1:37 pm
the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
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>>neil: you have probably heard this once or twice, the vends your friend. but what if the trend is high unemployment. if europe is any indication, the president might not need that. greece. spain. for the people seeking to drop people governments, they failed. in light of austerity. so would wins? the man with the big cuts? or the man pushing if bigger
1:40 pm
government? and now the "wall street journal" rotter is here for us, steve, you got me thinking. we have a lot people who get something from the government. more than half of americans. so, it would be if their best interest to keep the folks providing it in power. >>guest: it would. it is interesting because senator coburn, on your show a lot, he just issued a report that i am writing about right now that shows believe it or not, 56 percent of american households, neil, now get a government aid, a check from the government each month. and that is a lot more than pay taxes so the point that i have made and senator coburn makes they are close to the tipping point where more people feel the government is an asset rather than a cost in terms of paying for it. the explanation, i think, for why voters are going back-and-forth in this race, is that they saw what happened under bush, face it, republicans got us into this crisis, and
1:41 pm
obama ran for election saying, hope and change and he would get us out of this in four years he said. and, we are not out of the crisis and now it look like things are worse again and there is a real demoralization going on among the voters saying the republicans can not get us out and democrats can not get us out and we are saying it does not matter with wins i happen to, disagree with that, i think it is a really important election. >>neil: but we have seen european voters repudiate anything approaching austerity although in countries like france, i would not call that austerity, but, nevertheless, sarkozy is thrown out, so, is the same appetite here? i look at wisconsin and see folks in santos and san diego i don't think that is the case. what do you think? >>guest: i look at what is happening in europe and i am seeing the choices voters are confronted with and it is like -- no one is talking about austerity i am talking about growth. free market, milton freidman,
1:42 pm
art laffer, ronald reagan type of growth. no one is talking about that in europe and the reason i think this election in november is so important because it is a conflict of ideas. romney said we would cut back and get government spending under control. and president obama is saying we need more spending, we need more stimulus. these are big differences in terms of what the two parties are standing for. and i answer a question you asked earlier why it was that ronald reagan, you know, picks up ten points in the last week of that election and the answer to your question is because they had that famous debate between jimmy carter and ronald reagan and i remember that so vivid lit because i was 18 years old and i watched it and like so many americans i went, my god, i agree with everything that guy just said, ron, and that is the reason they started calling him the great communicator and why he won the election. that debate between romney and president obama will be really big.
1:43 pm
>>neil: i don't know what annoys me more you remember that or the fact that i now found out that i am older than you. >>guest: you were 12. that was a seminal moment in american politics, so many americans did not know that much about ronald reagan, they saw him on the big stage and they said, wow --. >>neil: when was that debate right before? >>guest: a week before. interestingly, the polls were tied. before the debate. 42-42. and ronald reagan won by ten points. so the debates are huge in terms of americans making up their minds. >>neil: interesting. i forgot that. way to go. not bad if a young kid. and stockton, california, we are waiting on the city to officially file the bankruptcy papers, do you think wisconsin was tough on unions in wait until you see what happens bankruptcy court. for the rx and lexus.
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>>neil: anger and outrage as a city in california is ready to rewrite the history books. stockton, california, officials could be filing for bankruptcy. a decision of last resort after they spent every penny and passed an emergency battle and the creditors could not agree. and now the latest from san francisco. how is it looking? >>guest: well, not very good if stockton. it was a tense city council meeting last night that went late into the night, with the mayor explaining there was no other option here. and residents voicing their outrage over years of financial mismanagement. >> where has the money gone? what has it been used for? >> i cannot afford medical insurance. i have to take my medication. i have to. or i will die.
1:48 pm
i don't understand what is wrong with you people? do you even care? >> retirees will feel the pinch, the new spending plan virtually eliminates their city funded health care, and others worry about the impact on the moral, and the credit rating and the future city-owned properties as a bankruptcy master comes in and looks around if things to sell off. as pain. as the process is, the city that is 65 northwest of stockton is involving after declaring it was broke back in 2008. and it is important to keep in mind, that stockton still has money coming in. >> tock ton still receives millions of property tax revenue, millions of sales tax revenue, and it is not what they used to receive so they have the revenue extreme. they have to apportion the revenue stream in a way in the best interests of the city and that means trying to maintain some level of service. >> the mayor insists it will be business as usual, many do
1:49 pm
expect reduced services, higher parking tickets, and new far less generous deals with the public employee union, and you can get that virtually every city struggling with high costs will be watching if this tool is an option for their city. >>neil: you are right. they are as we speak. union workers in stockton are sweat this out because when stockton files, those contracts presumably will become null and void. that is technically what happens. >>judge napolitano: the constitution prohibits the government from interfering with a contract and taking anyone's property without suing and demonstrating fault before a jury but for bankruptcy. bankruptcy in california requires first mediation. which stockton has done and failed. they attempted to change the contracts, the collective bargaining contracts. it failed. they had a retired judge. no one could get the sides
1:50 pm
together. if they file for bankruptcy, and a federal bankruptcy judge in san francisco, alone, not with a jury, will look at the obligations they have and the income they are likely to have and he or she will decide, and that judge will have a power to say you is an agreement that says you will earn $50,000 a year, and i am cutting it down to $35,000. >>neil: they can do that? >>judge napolitano: but it is not forever. bankruptcy basically protects the bankrupt estate from their creditors. >>neil: but everyone judge has to get in on whatever prescriptions were offered to gets the books in balance. >>judge napolitano: yes the judge's job is to reduce the obligations fairly. that doesn't mean equally. but it means fairly based upon who needs the money. who can produce the work. what are the legitimate needs of the community. but, this will be quite a hair cut for the unions the likes of which they not accustomed to taking because political support
1:51 pm
will not help them out. this is a life tenured federal judge who will make the decision. >>neil: a lot of the airline bankruptcies in the 80's and 90's and the argument from labor was, they love bankruptcy because they can just abrogate everything they promised and start fresh. and we get screwed. be that as it may and people can argue that, do you think if stockton could succeed and get the books in order other cities and or states would be affected to do the same thing? >>guest: now, there is political fall out to this. the people who ran the difficult into the ground and who declared bankruptcy are unlikely to be re-elected and they may not even run if re-election so there is that political fallout but if this is a successful bankruptcy, which i mean the city stays solvent and basically performs the bake services we all expect of a municipality, you will see other municipalities in california, it will start there
1:52 pm
because that is where it is acute and they will do the same thing. >>neil: i wonder the scarlett letter of a bankruptcy filing we remember argentina in the 80's it takes years to get your investment and investors back. what would happen? >>guest: it would if it were you or i or individuals but when it is a municipalities and the courts for the bankruptcy is not the bad choices of any one person but a downturn in tax revenue and overly generous union contracts, entered into during the good times i don't think there is the scarlett letter. the opposite is likely you will see a lost other municipalities doing the same thing because they will get out from under a burden they cannot tolerate. >>neil: and this will prompt a lot public unions to make big concessions now for fear that, boy, it could be a hell of a lot worse. >>judge napolitano: precisely. that is what they attempted to do with stockton and it failed.
1:53 pm
so the stockton bankruptcy could actually help the mediation other municipalities which avoids the stain of bankruptcy. because then it is voluntary. >>neil: amazeing. >>judge napolitano: but it is a dangerous place. >>neil: judge, thank you very much. when we come back, does size matter? this november we will know but it is not what you think. please. i have standards. tell us about our standards.
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1:57 pm
say they should be getting less government. austerity ain't really that big of a hit over there, even though the bills for big government are getting out of control over there. those who cut get cut. greek, italy, france. portugal. spain. all right. now back to us. it's not quite so black and white. sure, there are a lot of folks who ain't big on austerity and man, do they protest the politicians hinting of austerity. the trouble is, they don't always win. in this country, more often than not lately, they lose. they tried to bring this government down in wisconsin, but failed. they tried to hold back big cuts in public unions in san diego, and san jose, too. but they failed. they tried to hold back cuts from a democratic mayor in los angeles, and a democratic governor of new york, but so far they continue to fail. that is not to say the less government crowd has it more
1:58 pm
in the bag here. just that they are doing a little bit better here. because that is really what november is all about here. whether the less-government crowd continues to gain, or the more government crowd reverses those gains. it is close. it is very close. i mean really incredibly tight as spending is close. those who want more government versus those who are sick and tired of paying for more government. the thing is more people than ever are getting stuff from the government of this country, so you could argue they have a distinct advantage in this country. those sick of paying for all that government are at a distinct disadvantage in this country. austerity is always when you think about it, a tough campaign pitch. we're going to take something away. not so. ask any entreppian leader who tried. but then again, that is europe. it remains to be seen whether that is us. summed up the entire election for you. you don't have to worry about
1:59 pm
how complex it is. very simple. more government, less government. talk amongst yourselves. all right, now, talk about big news going on. you have the healthcare ruling going down, right? you can see the entire house of representatives call the attorney general of the united states in contempt for withholding information. you have one of the nation's premier ceos weigh in on all of this. weighing on some big corporate developments at his own company. rupert murdock, arguably one of the greatest ceos of all time. not saying this because he is my boss. but greatest ceo of all time comes on this show to talk about not only how the healthcare thing, whatever comes down, affects the company. but generous benefits, would he be inclined to continue offering those, but he is splitting the company up. big news there that could shake your idea of what media companies in the future could look like and a good bellwether for the economy. rupert murdock will be my special guest


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