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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 27, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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business network. actually, because he owns both networks, so it's a handy thing for him. anyway, these are the interviews, rupert murdock. watch us. be there. >> greg: hello, everyone. i'm the talking tad pole greg gutfeld, with the chic, greek andrea tantaros, saltier than a margarita rim, it's bob beckel. he tradeed foul tips for stock tips, it's eric bolling. she is america's neko wafer. it's dana perino. inlove those! it's 5:00 a.m. in new york city. 3:00 a.m. in karl rove's bondage bunker. this is "the five." show is packed tighter than the "view's" sofa. let's do this america. supreme court rules on obamacare tomorrow, which is great news. especially for wags like me who every day have to relentlessly cover something nobody bothered to read, including the authors before
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they try to pull the wool over america's eyes and changes in europe. not so fast, sunshine. it was a long, tough road for me. if anything, i hope that obamacare covers obamacare post traumatic stress disorder. i've got it and it's given me a rash on my back that resembles the head of nancy pelosi. if only it was a montage that reminds us how we got here. maybe with cheesy music. >> we have a healthcare system that only works if you're healthy and you're wealthy. if we're going to make real progress, this time, we've got to do things differently. 45 million fellow citizens have no health insurance. this simply cannot continue. i barack obama do solemnly swear -- >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> build the death panels. >> commission, it's a bureaucracy. bureaucrats who will ration care. [ applause ]
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>> [bleep] >> [ chanting ] >> the government doesn't have a right to take on this! >> 88 new government programs. we're going to see tens of thousands of new federal workers. >> every person in america will benefit from it. >> healthcare for everyone! >> it's a human right! >> we're going to return the responsibility and the authority to the state for dozens of government programs. that will begin with complete repeal of obamacare. >> i'm confident that the supreme court will not pay what would be unprecedented, extraordinary step. >> you have to have the mandate in order for this to work. >> if obamacare is not deemed constitutioconstitutional, thent three-and-a-half years of the president's term will have been wasted on something that has not helped the american people. >> we await the supreme court decision as does everyone. but while we do, we continue to implement the law.
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>> getting coffee. so eric, that was three-and-a-half years. what was the high point for you? >> eric: honestly, i think high point was the little sound bite, the town hall and the tea party. that was really where the tea party was born. on the heels of, not only the stimulus but the majority of the tea party gatherings, about the town hill on healthcare. once that started, think of what happened since then. they put the house of representatives in 2010, went republican. 80 people flipped because of the tea party. look, that is the most important part for me. we have 17 hours less. less than 17 hours. man, we're all watching. >> greg: he raises a good point. it created cascade of hope an change that president obama didn't expect to happen. where do you see this going? >> bob: no question that people, the opposition got out in front of obama on this. the administration.
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they won the message game. the message game set a precedent for making obamacare negative and people don't know what it is. it also did -- i agree with eric -- it brought the tea people in. who i think have been one of the more destructive forces in politics for years. >> greg: unlike occupy wall street? >> bob: yes. >> greg: the tea party guys, remember they tried to bomb a bridge. sorry. that was occupy wall street. andrea, talked about the, how the law was made to look bad. wasn't that the administration's fault, because they didn't, they weren't repaire prepared. they didn't read it. >> andrea: they didn't read it. i don't buy they did a bad job selling it. they didn't try to sell it. you haven't heard the democrats talk about it at all. then they started to throw political goodies in there, like the h.h.s. contraception mandate they thought would help them win the women vote. before, that you heard not a
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peep from democrats on this bill. there have been a lot of low points, low points. premiums have gone up 9%. cbo says the cost of healthcare will go up. >> bob: what does it have to do with the healthcare bill it? hasn't taken effect. >> andrea: hhs secretary kathleen sebelius said if you raise premiums above 10 we'll come in and audit you. >> bob: good. >> andrea: political pressure. >> dana? it hasn't gone nefect how can you say 40 million people won't have insurance tomorrow if the court rules it -- you can't have it both ways. >> bob: some people have taken advantage of the certain parts of the bill. i'm one of them. i have insurance because of this. there are a number of people who are young people staying on their parent's insurance policy because of this. >> greg: i don't understand. how do you have insurance because of this? >> bob: i didn't get insurance before because i had preexisting condition. i had open heart surgery. i couldn't get insurance from anyone. maryland was the first to form exchanged from obamacare and i
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got it through state of maryland. >> eric: why not make it transport across state lines, portable across state lines? if i wanted it in new york and couldn't get it in new york, i could get it in maryland i'd go to maryland. guess what would happen? pretty soon, every insurer in new york would offer preexisting condition clause. >> bob: maybe that is true but maryland doesn't want to be inundated with everybody coming in. they offer -- >> greg: we have maryland to blame for saving bob's life. direct your letters to maryland. this bill is an outrage because it doesn't cover jasper, your dog. i know you can't mention jasper. i can. beautiful poodle, by the way. what about the administration's response to this? how will they -- if you were there, how would you manage their posture? >> dana: tonight, i'm sure for several months they have been working on the statement to be first out of the gate to have the reaction. i think it's a mistake. i think they should wait,
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digest it, think about it and look at the statement. they only need one thing immediately, which is what president bush did when they lost the supreme court on the decision that was an antiterrorism, gitmo type of thing. he went to the rose garden and said i strongly disagree with the court's decision, but i will abide by it. then he went on. tomorrow, president obama should be calmed, measured, positive. however it turns out. if he wins, not try to rub the opponent's noses in it, because it's so unpopular across the board. the uncertainty that will exist between now and the end of the year, actually, affected the economy worse. positive, it would be better. >> bob: the republicans said they are not going to celebrate if they lose this thing -- if they win. >> eric: they said it. republican party, bob and i'll prove this by -- >> bob: if they start shooting their mouths off what a good thing is. snooze people realize in 2009 when we got obamacare that
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passed because we had democrat in the house. democrat in the white house. we can't do that anymore. people realize maybe the democrats don't represent the country. in fact, they don't. maybe the represent as don't. >> bob: see if the tea party has a press conference. then we ask the question. they would have no answer to that. >> eric: we told you it's unconstitutional. get back to the constitution. >> dana: one sound bite not in the montage i like the most. when speaker pelosi said when she was asked are you worried about the bill, and it wouldn't constitutional. she said are you serious? with such does dane. they were serious and now serve waiting for -- >> bob: the politics is obama has the ball in his court. if he loses tomorrow, i don't think he is gonna, by the way. i may be the only contrary to that. he says all right, you've done, this supreme court has govern along the republican lines, done away with healthcare. so now you come up with an answer. >> andrea: he still has to justify why he blew capital he
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had when he was elected -- >> bob: he didn't blow the capital on this. >> andrea: on the constitutionable disaster. i think the mandate is going down, they'll strike down some of the provisions. we don't know. we're playing speculation. but think about what could be left. you could strike down the individual mandate. the employer mandate could be left and that poses problem for businesses. this will create lobbying feeding frenzy. think about this. the medical devices will want their taxes repealed. lawyers facing stiff penalties. lobbyists will attack this -- >> bob: go to the bottom line. individual mandate would kill the whole bill. >> dana: obama will flip-flop on that. i think he will. >> eric: the administration told the court if you are going to pull the mandate, also pull the two most popular provisions that all right mandate, staying on the parent's policy until you're 26 and -- >> bob: what insurance company is going to do that?
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>> dana: largest one in america. >> eric: does the supreme court say we'll yank the mandate and leave the other two? or listen to the obama administration and take the popular provisions out? >> bob: what insurance company do you say besides one, largest one in america, that represents 15% of the people, they said for a limited period of time, that's what they said. this is not going to happen. >> andrea: preconditions because you will bankrupt the insurance industry. >> bob: what a shame that would be. >> andrea: you think it would be a shame? it would be a tragedy for millions of sick people -- >> bob: it's a crooked operation. leaving that aside. >> greg: all right. >> dana: i think president obama will flip-flop again. he wasn't for mandate when he reason for president. changed his mind in 2009 when the politics got tough. then they made the argue in the front of the supreme court, it will fail if they lose on that part, they will say we can live and work with this. >> bob: the republicans introduced the mandate and backed off of it. >> andrea: what government
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can tell you to do is on deck tomorrow. that's what we'll ultimately find out. what government can tell you to do and what they can't. >> bob: you tell 45 million who don't have insurance what they can do. >> greg: i've got to go. coming up, a big vote this afternoon on capitol hill, wherever that is, that sets the stage for contempt vote for eric holder tomorrow. now democrats are jumping ship. eric will break it down. you won't want to miss this! ♪ ♪ our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. in less than 20 hours or so from now, the united states house of representatives will likely slap contempt of congress charge on attorney general eric holder. the left calling the inquiry politics, and the rational level-headed rest of us call it what it is. inquiry in who screwed up at justice and who is covering up for whom?
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in the end, answers are hard to come by for the family of slain border agent brian terry. watch. this but while you do, imagine your son, your daughter, or your dad on the right-side of the screen. >> we certainly understand this is politics, political theater. the kind of political gamesmanship that frustrates the american people so much. political gamesmanship and theater and fishing expeditions. that's how preposterous it is. it's not about "fast and furious." >> eric: pictures on the right and greg, it is about "fast and furious." it's about brian terry. it's about a lot of things. >> greg: it's also becoming about race. that is where i have a real contempt for holder. and people like al sharpton. you actually think brian terry's family would care if eric holder was belgian? scores of mexicans are dead. if that is not a big deal to al sharpton you have to ask al sharpton why. >> bob: you are right about the race thing. it's bad idea to raise that.
2:17 pm
it doesn't help the dialogue. but with all due respect, mr. terry would have been dead with or without "fast and furious" guns. the mexican people you are talk about -- these guys don't show up to the fights with knives. they show up with guns. >> eric: i have to ask, how would brian terry have been killed had we not walked guns over to -- >> bob: because they would have had guns anyway. >> eric: we don't know that. you can't say brian terry would be dead -- >> bob: you think drug runners don't go around with guns? you got to be kidding me. >> dana: say that's true, bob. say that's true. if the shoe were on the other foot, if the republican administration and the democrats are pressing for it, the position would be the opposite. that's not fair to anybody. >> bob: how do you know my position with the opposite, number one? >> dana: because of experience. >> bob: i would argue that the opinion would be opposite if this was republican instead of democratic president. >> dana: give an example. when president obama is running for president, he
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called this unpatriotic abuse of power and un-american. now we are supposed to believe it's standard, routine and proper. which is it? they can't square the circle. >> bob: from the beginning i say it's wanted a vote of contempt. issa having, caring about the rule of law is like al capone is saying he didn't smuggle -- >> andrea: but he didn't -- >> bob: he has been arrested for guards and guns. >> eric: clarify. is it racist because -- >> bob: i said it wasn't racist. >> eric: you said the left is bringing up race. >> bob: not the left. a few people on the left. >> eric: left is bringing up race and they shouldn't be. >> bob: no, no, no. he said al sharpton. >> greg: even holder said it. earlier. part of it is race. it goes to the original argument that says our country is scared to have a frank discussion about race. he can't shut up about it. it's shielding his incompetence. >> eric: talk to me about the democrats tomorrow that will vote in favor of contempt of congress. >> andrea: we heard five on
2:19 pm
the record democrats to vote for contempt ruling but it could be upwards of 31. we were talking 35. they are going to do two types of vote. they are doing a civil and a criminal. if it's a criminal, it could take longer. if i's civil, this could move quickly. here is what i don't understand, though. carney stands at the podium, he makes this all about politics. he calls this a fishing expedition. if it's just a fishing expedition, give us the fish. you were going to turn him over to issa anyway. if this is progress privilege, internal communications in the justice office, figuring out how to spin it and it doesn't have anything -- let me finish -- to do with "fast and furious." we know it doesn't it doesn't have to do with the documents, how the plan was formed, what went wrong. it has to do with the coverup. the spin. just give us the documents. >> bob: the four people who said they'd vote against democrats. peterson, minnesota, ray hall, matheson and barr of georgia, are all in republican
2:20 pm
districts and nra districts. it has nothing to do with eric holder. >> eric: there were only four who steps up to say they will vote, but it should be all of them. >> greg: this is what we have been talking about that was necessary. once democrats cross the party lines over this, obama has to worry. like when your buddy sides with your wife over an argument. you are in trouble. >> bob: this is a classic situation. they're not going to be on the record or nra. they would have put them in a terrible situation. >> dana: i can't stand the name calling. tired of it. just because -- how rude is it -- somebody who runs for congress, gets elected. they make a decision. maybe they actually believe it. then we, then pundits get out and question their integrity? >> bob: i didn't question their integrity. >> andrea: or they are voting to reflect views of
2:21 pm
their constituents. >> dana: or the congress. sometimes they're institutional. >> eric: one more, bob, people, the nra is there to uphold the second amendment. believe in the constitution. >> bob: i can call them thugs and i will. what i say about politics, most members of comment vote about the politics of their district. that's what this is about. i'm not calling them liars or anything else. >> dana: but maybe that is what they believe. they represent the constituents and they represent them well. >> eric: help me out here. >> andrea: they're elected to do that. >> eric: in life, that is not political, everyone says it's politics like it's a bad thing. isn't everything politics? >> greg: that is the point. i can be both. you can dislike eric holder for his political ideology but also find this whole case outrageous. and a tragedy. you show me a moderate or -- >> bob: show me moderate liberal who will vote against
2:22 pm
holder. >> andrea: is there a risk of republicans right before summer making privilege and contempt their message going in to summer. i do. i think it -- >> dana: when the job numbers come out on friday, and today you saw the gdp report at 1.0% for gdp growth for the year. they get back on the economy pretty quickly. >> eric: leave it there. coming up, do you think 46 million people on food stamps is enough? the government doesn't. they are spending million of dollars of your money to get more people signed up. ange is investigating that. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." more than one in seven americans are on food stamps. the obama administration wants more people to sign up. so the u.s. department of agriculture is spending close to $3 million on radio ads like this. >> look at marjorie. she looks amazing. >> she does. >> i wonder how she stays so fit. what is her secret? >> he told me the food stamp benefit helps her eat right. >> i'm didn't know they help people our age. >> food stamps help lots of people. >> food stamp benefit. healthy food within reach. message from usda. >> andrea: when i started listening to this ad at first i thought it was for sensa, lucille roberts, what is she
2:28 pm
doing? she looks amazing! then i find it's food stamps. tell me something. it used to be you needed food stamps so you wouldn't starve. now you need so it you won't get fat and you will look great. >> andrea: look at marjorie. she looks great. she is spending the money on beer and greats. >> eric: that is probably what is going on. 46 million americans are on food stamps now. that is double where it was in 2007. 2008 we're at $35 billion in food stamp program. now we're going to be $80 billion. more than double. and dana, you pointed this out. poverty rate hasn't changed. it's not going down. we're not getting better. we are spending a ton more money. >> bob: these people have a right to have food stamps under the law. most of the people who haven't used food stamps are elderly and poor people. if there is a way -- you can laugh all you want about the radio ads but the people who need these things are not people on the elitist east coast. there are people who can sit back and pontificate about
2:29 pm
these things. >> andrea: okay -- >> bob: wait a second. >> andrea: you interrupt me all the time. >> bob: i didn't. i didn't say anything. i'm saying these people need and deserve food stamps. why should they not be able to get it. >> andrea: they are getting food stamps but they're pushing this as preferable choice in life. they're saying don't take care of yourself and your life will get better. you will look better than before. this which is not how food stamps were designed. it was a safety net program. >> greg: $1 million or something like that. is that a lot of money? i don't know. i don't think it's that much money. i think the ad is funny. it sounds like a vitamin supplement for old folks and linking it to health issues seems problematic. at the same time, if that product is, there and the government has to let the people know that it's available. i don't see much of a problem with it. however, ensure survival of the government from election. that is the only question.
2:30 pm
>> dana: there is a bigger government point. all across the board. when congress appropriates money to agency. it's the use it or lose it polpolicy. some businesses order furniture before the end of if fiscal year to make sure they use their budget. if you're not able to find the people that your program is supposed to help, then you will not get the money next year. it becomes -- that is true on the energy tax credit. you can find it on -- >> greg: what if people didn't use it? what if they didn't use the stuff? >> andrea: what about the fraud with it? what about the fraud? the department of agriculture, eric, was asked about this. we can't release what we spend on food stamps because it's against the federal rules. sorry, taxpayers, you don't get to know where the money is going. >> eric: the other part of the problem. right now, wealth spending is 10 to 11% of the gdp. within a few years 25. to 30 years it will be 20% of the gdp. 28 million baby boomers will retire. it's unsustainable. >> bob: social security?
2:31 pm
>> eric: you have to reform all of it. you have to. >> dana: senator jeff sessions of alabama has good thoughts on this, from a moral standpoint. how do we get people and the government from going down this path, as bob pointed out, there are people in need. how do we help them with the pro-growth policy to make sure they won't need it in the future, but from a moral standpoint we have an obligation to help them? that is worthwhile. >> bob: good point. give him credit for this. george bush wanted people with an opportunity to be on food stamps who weren't using it. they did that in the bush administration. obama administration increased eligibility. no question about that. if people are not using things that is food on your table, if there is anything you want to put advertising on, it seems it's about that. >> andrea: that begs the question why wouldn't the administration do ads like this about medicaid? there are 38 million people eligible for medicaid. >> bob: they do. all the time. >> andrea: rather than obamacare and a huge push, why not do it piecemeal.
2:32 pm
portability. try to get people on the rolls. >> greg: it's an ad for free stuff. easy ad. easy sell. they are using mechanism used for the private enterprise to give away stuff we actually pay for. >> dana: medicare part "d." to solder people find out and take advantage of it. that's how we get the word out. pennsylvania through june 30 with our money. pennsylvania. >> bob: our money. our money. >> eric: what happens is here is the poverty level. people well above the poverty level can access food stamps. >> bob: if that's part of the requirement. fine. >> eric: it goes up. >> bob: behind this for obvious reasons. it's not just our money. these people pay taxes, too. getting food stamps. >> andrea: on that note because we don't have enough time to debate that. coming up, it's been a rough ride for president obama in the news lately. republicans better not get cocky, because it looks like the poll numbers are still
2:33 pm
strong. bob is happy about it. he's finally happy about something, folks. you don't want to miss the smile. we'll share those stats with you when we come back. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the eve of the unprecedented contempt of congress vote for attorney general eric holder. unlike the oversight committee vote we're seeing bipartisan support against holder. tonight on "special report," why the odds that the action will go forward are increasing every moment. the supreme court will decide the fate of obamacare at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. what is at stake, well, one thing. it's already being called the most crucial 24 hours of the general election campaign so far. the white house condemns all acts of violence in syria, including against pro-government forces. we'll take you live to
2:38 pm
damascus where employees of a syrian tv station were miskered. the senate -- were massacred. the senate has a transportation bill in place. we'll tell you what it will include and what each side will give up. in the grapevine, a tough sports week. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: there are no videotapes today but i'll get back to them. don't wor i, before the next couple weeks are out. if you listen to our show and other news shows you will hear all the trouble barack obama is in. you listen here, it's sad if you're a barack obama supporter like me when you get one story after another. "fast and furious," conspiracy, medicare -- the medical bill before the supreme court. all of this stuff going bad for obama.
2:39 pm
yet, take a look at the recent polling in three of the key swing states between romney and obama. in florida, a real surprise to me, obama leads romney 45 to 41. and also, among hispanics in that state, which are heavily cuban it wins almost 2 to 1. ohio and pennsylvania. put it in perspective, romney needs to win two of those three states to get elected president. and so, it's really interesting to me that after all the negativity about obama, it's, he seems to be leading across the country. why is that, eric? >> eric: it's baffling. especially in light of what the city is like right now. especially -- well, we'll see what happens tomorrow. obamacare decision comes down. if he loses there. he got his attorney general in contempt of congress. it could get ugly for obama. numbers will switch. >> bob: in ohio -- case and point, in ohio, the economy
2:40 pm
got much, much better. >> dana: thanks to republican governor john kasich. >> bob: no, thanks to the auto bail-out. >> andrea: we're if a buy-out from the obama campaign that leads up to july 2 where they are spending millions of dollars to trash mitt romney. the challenge is --don karl rove is spend -- >> bob: karl rove is spending millions a day. >> andrea: he needs to define himself. that's romney's biggest challenge. if he doesn't do it first. the more people learn about romney, they like him. 24% of the electorate when polled say they still don't know who mitt romney is. >> bob: i don't want to interrupt you but based on what do they like him? >> andrea: a lot. if they break it down they'd rather have him handle their money than barack obama. a lot of things. i do think people still like barack obama. they just don't like the policies. like you, bob. >> bob: i don't like mitt romney's policies. >> andrea: people don't like your politics. >> greg: i don't think the polls are surprising at all. you were talking about the negative, the negativity you
2:41 pm
encounter about obama. that is not negativity. that's just honesty. and you're not seeing that honesty anywhere else in the media. which is why he is likable. we live in a time where we no longer speak truth to power. we speak truth to the powerless. when you become critical of president obama you have the media to contend with. you don't have anybody else. >> dana: obama is under 50%, romney lagging, of course, but i don't understand for the past several weeks one of the things the democrats have been saying is obama is the underdog. they might not think so in those particular states. there is a game of timing. at what point do you deploy your money? just yesterday we did, yesterday or monday we did a story about cash on hand. president obama yesterday said i am going to be out-spent. they spent a lot of money till now. romney is hanging on to his. plus, there is hangover from the primary. that is consolidating across the board. >> eric: robert, you said that you thought romney was
2:42 pm
going to win ohio and florida. what do you see -- >> bob: i think he will win in florida. ohio, i think that the -- i have underestimated the economic rebound in ohio. it goes to obama's benefit. >> greg: >> you said his burn rate. >> bob: he will be outspent. the burn rate is unbelievably high. they say it's per organization. i'd like to see it. the amount of money they spent so far is amazing. >> dana: if you wonder about managing a federal budget you might look at how they manage the campaign. >> andrea: i said they are sending a lot of money. you said, "what? no they aren't." >> bob: i didn't say that at all. i said they are spending a lot of money on the organizational stuff. there is some, you hear stories about the democrats that are bowing out of the democratic national convention. a list here of 8 to 10 of them. on average, i went back and checked on. this on the average of the republican convention, elected officials stay away for 20 to 30 of them. what is the big deal? >> eric: there is a big
2:43 pm
event held at the nascar speedway and they canceled that, too. they didn't think they could get the turn-out. so it looks like, i don't know. the convention is becoming a flop. >> andrea: no one wants to be seen with the president. claire mccaskill, senator from missouri, up for re-election, she was the chief spokeswoman practically for the obama campaign in 2008. they put her out everywhere. now that she is up for re-election in state like missouri -- >> bob: she asked obama to appear with her three times after the convention. coming up, deadly wildfires erupted across colorado. burning homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. there are new threats that the fire intensified. stay with us. max!
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all my life. it's so scary. >> my dad called me. it's a block from your house. >> can't hardly see up there at all. >> it's more confident the way the winds are blowing. >> dana: people in colorado, my home state suffering greatly in wildfires across the state. this one in particular, colorado springs you might know, garden of the gods monument. and also the u.s. air force academy. friends and country music d.j.
2:48 pm
in that town years ago. claiming 15,324-acres. i think we have a shot of the state, picture of the state showing how many fires are burning. homes have burned. many people working together to try to figure out how to help one another. evacuation, 35,000 people. they have to find another place to be, to be safe. photograph of the homes on fire, it's terrifying. >> eric: it's terrifying. can i hold this up? here is the map. if you go to denver for the next five days they are expec expecting -- there you go. five days, expecting upwards of 100-degrees. >> dana: and wind. one of the biggest problems. >> eric: the soy beans are off the chart rally because of extreme heat in the midwest. you have to feel terrible for the poor people. where is obama, by the way?
2:49 pm
>> dana: he's going to colorado on friday. >> andrea: he will not abeen done colorado in 2012. >> dana: he could have gone yesterday and dumped the fundraiser. >> bob: what? take a fire truck out there? >> eric: go and talk to the governor. asked if obama spoke to the governor and jay carney wasn't sure. >> bob: this is a horrible thick going on. i live in jackson wyoming for a number of years. had a place in jackson, wyoming, in the big forest fires in yellowstone. one thing here, we keep putting the fires out. they're not started by human beings. they're started mostly by lightning fir strike. they should be allowed to burn out. it's the underbrush. unless we let mother nature take a course -- and people are building in fire zones and feel terrible for them, but they have made a choice to live there. >> andrea: mother nature
2:50 pm
take its course? there is a report that the ember, as you point out, the wind, the ember could burn, blow with the wind and start a new fire. they can't keep up with the embers. >> bob: they allow the fires to burn two decades ago and burned a lot of the underbrush out. not put it out, you would haven't this problem. >> dana: there will be -- greg and i talked about this earlier today. there will be a time and a place for a discussion about the policy. i remember doing healthy forest legislation in 2003 and 2004. there is a lot of environmental lawsuits that keep you from doing what you need to do to protect communities and build a boundary around it. >> greg: you did a great job with that, i must say. this is the evil corporations that volunteer to happen all the time and unlike evil occupiers who just start fires. wal-mart donated truckload of water and ice to the rescue workers. my favorite is the local taco bell donated 1,000 burritos to
2:51 pm
feed the firefighters. talk about throwing gas on the fire. a great thing. everybody pitching in. that is what you do. >> dana: one of the local hotel opened up a place. open up a big ballroom. >> bob: federal disaster release of money. >> dana: texas did not. >> eric: clarify, the producers are freaking out in my ear. from ed henry directly, who sent this to dana and i. when asked if jay carney said i think he did speak with the governor a while ago. president is being updrateed regularly. >> dana: hadn't talked to him in 15 days. >> andrea: we have the conversations all the time. wasting money. but then this happens and this is what the government is sent to do. >> dana: we have to go. show the picture.
2:52 pm
two volunteer firefighters, jason parker, they saved a young fawn, caught in somebody's base. ment got scared and run in there. little guy will be all right. everybody helping one another. coming up, one more thing, next. ♪ ♪ the postal service is critical to our economy,
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2:54 pm
delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet the house is considering a bill to close thousands of offices, slash service and layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. house bill 2309 is not the answer.
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
>> greg: i don't want any more vodka, dana. the show is almost over. time for one more thing. go to dana. >> dana: thank you for being so kind for me this week. it won't be here the rest of the week. hopefully you'll miss me a lot. mine is a great one more thing. monday, june 26, two days ago, the national veteran wheelchair game sponsored by department of veteran affairs and paralyzed met vans of america. they have 17 events and the opening ceremonies. i think this is fantastic. there is a lot of people supporting them. including greg, i'm going to say that you will donate in your name to them this afternoon. be expecting that. >> greg: i will. dabs it's great. don't you love that? >> greg: yeah. >> dana: a lot of chutzpah. energy. love it. >> greg: good for you. >> dana: there are other people. >> greg: nobe, i just want
2:57 pm
you to ramble. eric? >> eric: greg, you may have known or not known tropical storm debbie downgraded to tropical depression. look at steve harrigan today. what a trooper. steve in waist-deep water. >> dana: how does he do that with the microphone on? >> andrea: does he have rubber pants on? >> bob: who is the guy with the long hair. >> dana: phil keating. he is a great reporter. >> andrea: rubber pants. >> dana: i don't think i would do that. i like the comfort of the studio. >> greg: what is he doing anywhere. >> andrea: maybe he is not wearing pants. >> bob: maybe he is relieving himself. >> andrea: maybe he is not even wearing pants. >> greg: true! we don't know. bob? >> bob: yes. i'm happy to say that finally there will be a playoff in college football for the national championship. we'll start in 2014. and we're finally doing away with the silly bowl championship series or whatever they call it.
2:58 pm
which a bunch of computers and coaches getting together and picking who they think should play. this way there is a playoff of the top four teams, semi-finals and the finals. be over january 12. >> greg: it will make a whole new world of gambling for you. >> bob: of course. >> greg: that is the real one more thing. andrea? >> andrea: screen writer nora efron died and a lot of you have seen the movies. "when harry met sally" and "you've got mail." some of her funniest lines are insane people are always sure they're fine. only the sane people who are willing to admit they are crazy, which is for true. you will love this. when your children are teenagers it's important to have a dog so someone in the house is happy to see you. >> dana: "hear! hear!" i can't say his name. >> greg: remember -- >> bob: remember the or gasm that she faked in that movie?
2:59 pm
>> andrea: and the woman in the restaurant said i'll have what she is having. wonder bra is not a step forward for women. nothing that hurts that much is a step forward for women. she is a genius and she will be missed. >> greg: go to a chick flick. >> andrea: billy crystal was great in those movies. >> greg: as you know, dana has a jasper jar, and if he is mentions the dog's name on the show she has to put a dollar in it and it goes to president obama's re-election campaign but it doesn't mean we can't talk about jasper at will. >> eric: good boy. >> greg: i love jasper. a mixed breed poodle, right? >> dana: no. bichla mixed breed. i was press secretary of the united states. you are not -- i will not cave. >> greg: what is with the weird smell that the dog has? >> dana: he was at your place and he came back and i was worried about him. >> greg: who are you talking about? >> dana: a


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