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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ >> bret: we missed that part. thanks, everybody. for letting us in your home. that is it for this "special report." make at it great weekend. we are fair, balanced and unafraid as always. note ♪ ♪ ♪ it could create millions of jobs. and pay students billions of dollars. now, congress made the move on a massive transportation bill. just as the jury found this man guilty of arson, he appea appeared to put something in his mouth. minutes later, he was dead. tonight, the millionaire mystery in the courtroom. the impact of the supreme court decision on our hospitals. a third of the patients we take care of have no insurance whatsoever. and because of that, have limited access to healthcare. >> hospital staffers say they are expecting some changes. and you will hear how they are getting ready.
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>> and after five years of marriage, tom cruise and katie holmes calling it quits. we begin tonight with reports of millions and millions of dollars pouring in to campaign war chests in the wake of the supreme court healthcare decision. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. yesterday, the justice upheld most of obama healthcare overall. romney campaign reports it raised $4.6 million in the 24 hours following the court's ruling. the most it raised online in a single day so far. yesterday, campaign spokeswoman said, "the american people don't want and know the country can't afford obamacare." today's decision has reinforced the fact that the only way to get rid of obamacare is to defeat president obama. voters are energized to do just that. not to be outdone. president obama's campaign is reporting it outraised governor romney's campaign during the same time period. the president's people are not giving any actual dollar
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figures but a spokesman said, "our supporters are more committed to ever to ensuring that the insurance companies can't drop coverage for people who get sick or discriminate against people with preexisting conditions by re-electing the president." all the money coming in gives a small sense of how important healthcare could turn out to be when voter goes to the polls in november. carl cameron with the news live and in white house. both sides claim the decision helps them politically. >> fundraising shows it invigorated both sides. therhealthcare is like rocket ry to energize the troop. pro-romney super pac slams obamacare as historic tax hike. listen. >> president obama promised the healthcare law. >> absolutely not a tax increase. >> now we know that is not true. obama's healthcare law is one of the largest tax increases
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in history. >> president obama is not the only one under fire for claiming mandate in the healthcare law is not a tax. pro-obama super pac american bridge dug up romney making same arguen't about the law he implemented in massachusetts when he was governor six years ago. >> isn't that actually a tax hike? aren't you penaled to veto it? >> it's not a tax high. it's a fee. it's an assessment. >> that is what democrats like to hear. for record in 2009, romney wrote op-ed in "usa today" where he referred to the mandate as penalty tax for those refusing to get insurance. >> does this become a dominant issue in the campaign? >> it obviously is now. romney will be focusing on jobs and the economy soon and pull the healthcare decision in to that and accuse president of massive tax increase to make things worse. the president will now say the law is constitutional. and it can't be that bad if romney implemented it in massachusetts. don't forget, there are also
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state and local races all over the country and a lot of members of congress deeply worried about how it will impact them. they are heading home for the fourth of july week. they will be facing the voters for the first time since the supreme court decision. >> carl cameron in washington. thanks. we'll get the latest from the white house on the historic supreme court ruling in a live report at the bottom of the hour. today, the president got a firsthand look at the most destructive wildfire colorado has ever seen. he toured a hard-hit neighborhood in colorado springs, the second largest city. tens of thousands have evacuated there. close to 350 homes now piles of smoldering ash. just moments ago, officials confirm they pulled a second body from a burned-out home. president obama praised the men and women on the front lines of the firefighter. >> when we had a chance on site to see some guys who just saved three homes in a community that had been devastated, for those familie families, the work and the sacrifice of those firefighters means the world to them. and they are genuine heroes.
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>> at an emotional meeting last night, officials broke the news whose families whose homes are gone forever. many of them broke down in tears. tonight, new video is bringing the monster fire size in focus. towers of smoke visible from the international space station. colorado isn't alone. officials report three dozen wildfires raging across the west. alicia acuna live with the news. the president got upclose look at the horrors the families are facing. >> that is right. he went to one of the worst hit neighborhoods and got to see for himself what the fast-moving fire has done to the homes. the president also met with some of the folks displaced by the fire and let them know the country has their back. some people lost everything. >> our house burned on birthday. it will definitely be a memorable birthday for her. >> one thing that we are both hanging on to is the rock
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chair we rocked our baby to sleep in for a full year. >> president obama declared colorado a major disaster area, john and promised federal aid. >> progress there, are firefighters making any? >> they are. as predicted they did manage to increasecrease containment by 25%. there is still a lot of work to do. this fire blew up with 65-mile-per-hour winds that came out of nowhere earlier in week. some evacuations have been lifted but if the winds change, folks have been told they must be ready to go and fast. john? >> alicia acuna in colorado springs, thanks. a woman who lost her legs while protecting her children from a tornado met with president obama today. this is stephanie decker walking on artificial leg legs n the oval office. her husband and her kids right by her side. decker threw herself on top of
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her kids, you might remember, when a tornado hit her home in henryville, indiana, in march. the kids were just fine. but falling debris crushed her legs. a blissering weekend for millions of -- blistering weekend for millions of americans. forecasters calling for triple-digit temps up and down the east coast. the mercury set to top 100-degrees as far north as washington, d.c. in the south, it's only adding to misery and flooded parts of florida. emergency officials there warn it could feel like 110-degrees tomorrow. earlier in week, tropical storm debbie dumped up to 2-1/2 feet of rain in northern parts of the state. officials now blame the storm for seven deaths. lawyers for the justice department say they will not prosecute their boss. attorney general eric holder for not turning over documents related to the gun tracking operation fast and furious. yesterday, house republicans and more than a dozen democrats voted to hold attorney general holder in criminal contempt. that is a first for any sitting member of a
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president's cabinet. the contempt vote accident case straight to the justice department and the deputy attorney general responded with a letter. told the house speaker john boehner. attorney general's holder response to the investigation, "does not constitute a crime." officials say "fast and furious" was supposed to track thousands of guns from the u.s. drug cartel in mexico. but investigators say the feds did not track many of those weapons and two of them turned up at the scene of the murder at the u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. republicans say they are not surprised by the justice department decision. >> that is right. that is why they also voted on a civil contempt resolution. that way republicans investigating "fast and furious" can get lawyers to file civil suits try and force the department of justice to hand over the documents. here is a key house republican on where things stand. >> it is a shame that the attorney general in the white house, the obama administration is putting the country through this. putting the brian terry family threw this.
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this can be totally avoided and stop if they just provide the documents. >> with that highly unlikely it appears that this is all heading to court. john? >> so that is congressman chaffetz's view. what is the white house saying? >> they are standing by eric holder. ia carney says eric holder will continue his excellent work as attorney general and calls all of this pure politics. on the criminal contempt aspect, carney told reporters today, "it's established principle dating back to the administration of president ronald reagan that the justice department does not pursue prosecution. in a contempt case when president asserted executive privilege. the week may be over but fight is far from over." >> mike emanuel, capitol building. thanks. 401(k) getting a huge boost. stocks saw the second biggest gain of the year. after a surprising break through in the debt talk. dow closed up 278. the nasdaq gained 86.
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s&p 500 up 33. traders apparently showing their approval of europe's plan to bail out struggling nations there. it called for a permanent rescue fund. also a pact to keep companies returning to the same reckless spending that started the debt mess. the deal came only after the german chancellor angela merkel dropped her earlier objections. germany which has europe's strongest economy long resisted any plan that calls for sharing other nation's debt. it came down to the last minute before lawmakers left a massive bill designed to help jobs and help sunts as well. coming up, compromise on capitol hill and what it means for all of us. plus, passenger catches an american eagle flight attendant getting upset after a delay that lasted hours. you will hear his dare to passengers coming up on the "fox report." people like options.
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american airlines responding after a flight attendant was caught in an apparent freak-out in a five-hour weather delay. "new york post," the network parent company owns got hold of the video. the flight was supposed to go from new york city laguardia airport to raleigh, durham, north carolina on monday. after hours of delays the flight attendant apparently got fed up with the passenger complaints and dared them to leave the plane. >> i don't want to hear anything. we won't hear anything once we close the door. [ inaudible ] >> if you are [bleep] you [bleep] >> this is your time. >> nice. spokesman for american airlines tells fox news the carrier is sorry for the level of service but also noted the flight attendant had been dealing with an extremely difficult situation. with the deadline a day away, congress passed monster
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transportation bill to create millions of jobs. the 11-hour deal has funding for road, rail and bridge project at the current eleven for two years. that cash was set to run out tomorrow. lawmakers said as many as 3 million construction jobs hanging in the balance. bickering from both sides of the political aisle once again left b.c. deadlocked but with the clock ticking down, both parties compromise. republicans dropped provision to fast track the controversial keystone pipeline. the bill extends an interest rate break for college loans. the rates set to double starting sunday. an extra $1,000 a student. molly henneberg has more. why were lawmakers willing to compromise? the end? >> jobs. it sends $100 million for state for roads and construction projects. that means jobs for constituents. >> provides two years of stability. it's got a number of things in it that are important not even
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just in terms of transportation, and it's much better than republican colleagues tried to do. >> we want to speed up the projects, reduce red tape. we ended up with that. feeling good. >> shortly after the vote. lawmakers got out of town for the fourth of july recess. that also helped get the bill over the finish line. funding was set to expire tomorrow night. lawmakers had to get the bill done before they left. >> but still a bunch of republicans i gas wante guess wo send a message voting against this thing. what is that about? >> rob portman, possible g.o.p. vice presidential pick, said he had to vote against it, because, "at a time of record debt and deficits, it breaks the budget agreement that congress established last year." he goes on to say "we must lead by example and stop spending money we don't have." on the house, john boehner voted for it, all 52 no votes were republican. mainly tea partiers and fiscal conservatives. boehner said the bill is far
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from perfect, but called at it substantial improvement over the original senate version of the bill. john? >> molly henneberg. thank you. for years bernie madoff brother claimed he knew nothing about one of the biggest ponzi schemes of all time. now, peter madoff says he is sorry. big brother will have company in the slammer. plus, a jury convicted a man of burning down his own house. moments later he dropped dead. that is next. looking for a better place to put your cash? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture.
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the younger brother of convicted swindler bernie madoff admitted he helped cover up the biggest ponzi scheme in u.s. history. in 2009, bernie madoff was convicted of scammin investors out of $20 billion. and is serving 150-year sentence for running a massive
4:21 pm
decade-long scheme that wiped out people's savings. defunded school endowment and wrecked charities. one investor who lost $1 million said if he had his way he would have stoned bernie madoff to death. peter madoff, the brother, long denied having anything to do with the fraud, even though he served as the chief compliance officer. at the bogus hedge fund. today peter agreed to serve ten years in prison for falsifying records and agreeed to give up his assets. we are live with news from new york city. jonathan, what did he actually admit doingto doing? >> he admitted in the role of the chief compliance officer over more than a decade falsifying and doctoring hundreds of documents, but while admitting that, he still denied that he had any knowledge of the wider fraud that his brother bernie madoff was committing. at the time. in fact, he said he learned
4:22 pm
about it at the same time as the rest of the world. eling the court quit i was in shock and my world was destroyed. i lost everything i worked for." he was asked by madoff apparently to write checks to friends and family for what remained of the fund. and he said he did that despite "knowing i knew that the conduct was wrong and i am deeply ashamed." deeply ashamed but not part of the actual fraud that brought the company down in the first place, which is what bernie madoff said in his sentencing that his brother knew nothing about the fraud itself, john. >> don't prosecutors say he was a key part of madoff's scheme? >> yeah, prosecutors say the madoff company was a house of cards they put it that turned in a skyscraper of deceit. they said of peter madoff, i'm quoting here. "peter madoff enabled the largest fraud in human
4:23 pm
history. he will now be jailed well in to old age. he will forfeit virtually every penny he has. we are not yet finished calling to account everyone responsible for the epic fraud of bernie madoff and the epic pain of his many victims." as for peter madoff, the younger brother, he will be back here in district court in lower manhattan on october 4 to be sentenced and will spend a minimum of ten years in prison. >> thanks. a man who used gasoline to burn down his multimillion dollar mansion because he couldn't afford the mansion died in court minutes after a jury convicted him. it happened yesterday in phoenix. cameras captured the man apparently putting something in his mouth as officials read the verdict. minutes later after jurors left the room he turned red and collapsed on the floor. pair metics tried to revive
4:24 pm
him but pronounced him dead minutes later. they are waiting for toxicology reports to see if what he swallowed is what killed him. landmark ruling on healthcare has folks wondering what it means for their wallet. we'll tell you where it could mean huge savings. some observers say it was the trial before the trial in the case of the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. the famililes of the shooter and the victim just feet from each other. we're live at the courthouse. remember that viral video of students bullying their bus monitor? now their school is teaching the kids a tough lesson. that is next. the capital one cash rewards card
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the middle school students who recorded themselves bullying a bus monitor until she cried just got suspended from school for a year. the video went viral after the kids posted it. >> crying. cover your eyes. >> crying. >> representatives for the school district in upstate new york say the four bullies will have to go to alternative school for the next year and they cannot take regular school buses. they also have to each complete 50 hours of community service. after the video spread well-wishers helped raise more than $660,000 to send the bus monitor to a nice vacation.
4:29 pm
today radio station in besston welcomed her to the city with flowers, red carpet and a trip on the famous am fib bus -- amps duck boats. we go around the world in 80 seconds. ♪ ♪ >> chile. protesters knocked down barricades near government buildings in santiago in rally against high tuition. cops used water cannon and tear gas on demonstrators who threw rocks and other objects. students have been protesting the cost of education in chile for a year now. >> china, the state media reports several people are dead and dozens more missing after mudslide hit construction site in a southwestern province. rescuers rushed to the scene to search for survivors. heavy rains triggered recent flooding and other mudsides across much of china's south.
4:30 pm
>> india. a train called a science express stopping in an eastern province as it makes its way cross country. government project teach indian youth about the country's unique environment. officials say they expect the travelling exhibit to reach more than a million people. >> cuba. 49-year-old grandmother trying to break her own world record by swimming from havana to florida with no shark cage. she will use special equipment to emit shark repelling electric current. a boat will follow her on the 103-mile journey. she says it should take her 40 to 50 hours. that is a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 second seconds. around the world is brought to you by -- i'm john scott in for shepard smith. this is "the fox report." the white house maintains the money folks have to pay for
4:31 pm
not having health insurance amounts to a penalty not a tax. yesterday, the supreme court upheld most of the president's healthcare overall, including the controversial individual mandate. that is the part requiring people to get coverage or pay a price. president obama and supporters of the law avoided referring to the provision as a tax. instead, they call at it fine or a penalty. but the court determined it is a tax. and that is essentially what saved the law. it's perfectly constitutional for congress to create taxes. however, when reporters asked the white house press secretary jay carney about it today he says it's a penalty, because you have a choice. you don't have a choice to pay taxes, right? he continueed your choice is to purchase healthcare reform or a penalty will be administered. but you better believe it does not end the argument. ed henry with the news live at the white house. ed, the tax question is far from settled. >> that is right. now the obama campaign and the white house view as you laid it out there is that this is
4:32 pm
going to affect barely 2% of the public in their estimation anyway. because it's going to affect people who decide not to buy insurance. and according to the obama campaign, if they don't do that and they wind up getting sick they will go to emergency room and we will end up paying their bill in additionway. republicans are pushing back saying as you noted the court called this an act. come november they will remind voters of that. >> this will be front and center. >> the other question is whether or not the white house was straight with the american people about what this was. lindsey graham today charging if the white house said he thinks it is a tax he thinks it barely would have gotten ten votes in senate. >> obama camp believes romney
4:33 pm
will have a hard time attacking them on healthcare given his past. >> sure. they are pointing to for example a 2008 republican presidential primary debate. where romney infamous said i like mandates. that came back to hurt him in the primary in 2012. he also admitted he instituted tax penalty on those who didn't get insurance in massachusetts. so obama rolled out the current governor of massachusetts, patrick, democrat, who says he doesn't see much difference between the plans. >> that is romneycare in massachusetts. that will be obamacare for the rest of the country. >> so the feeling inside the obama campaign it's not, you know, clear that mitt romney is going to be a perfect messenger on the issue. it's a controversial issue for him. controversial issue for the president. at the end of the day inside the obama camp they think the
4:34 pm
election will not be decided on healthcare anyway. it's going to be decided on jobs transeconomy. >> thanks. we wait to see how the healthcare rule willing shape the presidential election. doctors and healthcare providers are preparing for changes to come. many are unsure about how the law will affect the bottom line. for hospitals which delivered billions of dollars in care to uninsured patients every year, it could lighten the financial burden. jonathan terry live in atlanta with that. >> the supreme court ruling could have a significant impact on america's public safety net hops. one of the hospitals, grady memorial if atlanta provided more than $200 million in uncompensated care to more than 100,000 uninsured patients last year. under the affordable care act, insurance would pay for many of the patients, instead of the local taxpayers. grady ceo says america's hospitals need to prepare for a possible flood of newly insured patients, seeking care for serious but previously
4:35 pm
untreated conditions. >> we are really going to deal with health reform, we have to migrate to a system we're compensating hospitals and physicians and providers for quality of care they deliver to the patients. not the quantity of services they provide. >> emily university is testing a program paying primary care doctors, nurses and the trained office staff to check up on patients in between office visits. to monitor chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. listen. >> if you can recognize the signs early enough, and jump on them early enough, regardless of the kind of office practice that you have, you might be able to keep the patient from ever needing to go to the emergency room. >> this model called the patient centered medical home is more costly on the front end. but researchers believe it will save money in the long run by preventing treatable conditions from becoming more serious and expensive and also easing the burden on hospital
4:36 pm
emergency room. so you may see more me call centers heading toward this model, regardless of what happens to the affordable care act in congress. >> jonathan serrie, thank you. the united states air force reports more than 30 female train tees accused -- trainees accused male instructors of assaulting them. 12 instructors are under investigation, half ranging from rape to adultery. the abuse took place reportedly over two-year period in 2009. the first accuser didn't come forward until last june. initial allegations came against a staff sergeant who faces the most serious charges. he is expected to appear in court next month. nine of the trainers from the same squadron. that unit commander relieved of duty pending investigation. an air force general says officials will re-examine the screening process for instructors, only for 11% of whom are women. tense moments in a central
4:37 pm
florida courtroom during a new bond hearing for the man who shot and killed the unarmed teenager trayvon martin. george zimmerman's family stood feet away from the martin family. they never made eye contact. still no, decision from the judge regarding the shooter's bond, which he revoked earlier in month. prosecutors said zimmerman and his wife lied to the court about not having enough money to make bail. much of the hearing focused whether zimmerman intended to lead the court. at times, observers say the hearing seemed more like a trial. defense attorney showed picture and video of zimmerman's injuries from the deadly encounter and they played a dramatic 9/11 call from that night -- dramatic 9/1911 call from that night. listen. >> i can't see him. i don't know what is going on. i don't want to go up there. >> what is your --
4:38 pm
>> zimmerman's father took the stand and insisted it was his son making the screams for help. prosecutors said the screams came from trayvon martin, the teen zimmerman says he shot in self-defense. phil keating with the news live in from the courthouse in sanford, florida. for first time, zimmerman attorney declared to the judge this is a self-defense case? >> he did. but still no word on whether they will seek a stand your ground hearing, mini trial allowed under the controversial stand your ground self-defense law. zimmerman prevailed then he would be cleareded then and there. >> rather the judge then let zimmerman wear civilian clothes and no shackles but he still wore his bulletproof vest in court, as did his brother for the first time attended in the gallery. unlike in april bond hearing, today, omara had this videotape evidence available of zimmerman the day after the fight and fatal shooting he blamed on trayvon martin.
4:39 pm
>> he got shot and he was killed because of his own doing. that is why you need toe aware of a self-defense presentation apparent in mr. zimmerman's statement and why the state's case is so extraordinarily weak. >> o'mara is asking for bond set at $150,000. just like last time, the state is asking for $1 million or no bond at all. the judge will decide sometime next week. >> the defense argument really seems to ignite the prosecutor. >> quite visibly so. the first april 20 bond hearing, many legal experts felt that o' mara outplayed them. so today the state was fired up. at one time, the prosecutor raised his voice, essentially summarizing in detail the state's case against zimmerma zimmerman. >> he was trying to act like a police officer but he wasn't obviously authorized to act as
4:40 pm
a police officer. the call, the nonemergency call, told him to get back. he runs after this person. he takes him down. our contention is he is the aggressor. the person who actually had the self-defense is the victim trayvon martin. >> for now zimmerman remains locked up in solitary. no bond. if the bond is set at $1 million his attorney says it will almost certain he won't be able to leave jail for up to a year waiting for trial. >> phil keating, sanford, florida. thank you. egypt has a brand new leader who is making promises that could complicate relations with washington. the vow to try to free a convicted terrorist from a u.s. prison. plus, healthcare wasn't the only thing on the docket. ahead, what the nation's highest court had to say about janet jackson infamous wardrobe malfunction and half-million dollar fine that
4:41 pm
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government troops capped off especially bloody day in syria with artillery bar ran in suburb near the capital of damascus. >> activists say the attacks killed dozens of people in one of the deadliest days in syria's 16-month uprising. they also say amateur video shows rows of shrouded bodies lining a street in city. fox cannot independently confirm its authenticity. the new bloodshed comes as secretary of state hillary clinton met with the russian foreign minister on possible response to the syrian uprising. the two sides still disagree on a plan for syria's future. greg palkot with the news live from inside syria. he just returned from the war-torn city of homs where it's even too dangerous for the red cross. like all western journalists, greg is there with permission from the syrian regime that
4:45 pm
monitors the country. greg? >> fighting is raging adros acrs the country. going for broke in damascus, and elsewhere, including that hot spot city of homs. we were there just recently, let's give you the latest of what we saw and what we heard. take a listen. >> this should be a quiet area of homs, a safe area. neutral. it hasn't been hit by the syrian military. this morning we are hearing gunfire. snipers from a building above here and heavy artillery coming in the distance. this is also headquartered at the syrian presence. international red cross affiliate. they are huddled inside. while this goes on. they can't go out. people out there caught in the crossfire. >> now that important fighting in the suburb of douma, we are told the worst ever seen there. assad regime is fighting hard to win back an area so very close to the center. the rebels, too, are picking up their game right in this
4:46 pm
area. so in response to that, as we move through the city on friday we found it to be nothing short of an armed camp. check point seasonals everywhere. especially in the most antigovernment area where we were. felt a lot of tension. felt a lot of anger. wariness. we heard little about diplomacy. secretary clinton is going to a meeting obsaturday. kofi annan, the u.n. envoy said it looks like president assad going for the kill. going for the finish. >> greg palkot in syria. greg, thank you. egypt new president says he will work to free the muslim spiritual leader linked to the 1993 world trade center bom bombing. cleric is spending life sentence in prison after he was convicted of plotting the blow up five other new york city landmarks including the united nations and the f.b.i. big apple headquarters.
4:47 pm
the egyptian president made the remark less than a week after winning egypt first free presidential election. the official inauguration set for tomorrow. well, hollywood superstar tom cruise is probably not jumping on couches tonight. he and katie holmes are calling it quits. now we are learning why. that's next. plus, a new face in the morning show wars. one day after ann curry left her anchor spot on "the today show." nbc has just revealed who will take her place. that is still ahead on the fox report. what can i get you ? cheeseburger. you know what, got any salads ? b-ball, anyone ? and then take your leg wide out to the side. you can do it, dad ! thanks, girls.
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two hollywood heavyweights untying the knot. according to tom cruise's lawyer, "mission impossible"
4:51 pm
star third wife kate hitive holmes filed for divorce. they got married in 2006 at a lavish ceremony in italian cast that cost up to $3.5 million. who could forget tom's unique display of affection for katie on oprah. >> we have never seen you behave this way before. >> i know. >> have you ever felt this way before? [ applause ] >> according to tmz, katie homes filed divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences and is seeking sole custody of their daughter. laura ingle live from the new york newsroom. do we know what the irreconcilable differences are? >> katie holmes pulled the plug and filed divorce documents yesterday. tmz reporting there is tension
4:52 pm
for months over cruise's devotion to scientology and holmes' concern that their 6-year-old daughter surry would become more involved in the church with cruise's parenting style. a rep for tom cruise tells fox katie filed for divorce and tom is saddened and concentrating on his three children. please allow them their privacy. in addition to surry, tom has two other children he adopted with his ex-wife nicole kidman. holmes' rep released statem saying it's a personal and private matter for katie and her family. her primary concern is for her daughter's best interest. >> it sounds like tom cruise was surprised by this? >> according to numerous celebrity websites cruise was blind sided by katie's legal move. in addition to sole custody, she is seeking primary custody of their daughter and is asking for a suitable amount of child support. tom and katie, known as tom-kat have a prenup. the net worth $275 million. john? >> a lot of alimony.
4:53 pm
>> thank you very much. >> thank you. the wardrobe malfunction seen round the world was not worth half a million dollar fine. that is from the supreme court which allowed a lower court ruling to stand. throwing out the government's fine against cbs. some 890 million people were watching the super bowl halftime show in 2004 when justin timberlake pulled off part of janet jackson's costume causing a brief flash of nudity. the federal communication commission fined the network $550,000. it's official. nbc announced the new co-anchor on "today show." the long-running program fights to stay ahead in the rating. the new host is vanna guthrie -- savannah guthrie who co-anchored the third hour. sources reported she was a lock for the job. yesterday, ann curry hosted the show for the last time. nbc made the change after "today" came in second to abc "good morning america" in the ratings earlier in year.
4:54 pm
that ends today's 16-year plus winning streak. millions of folks around the world including children drink them every day. but now researchers say some of the world's top soft drinks might be harder than you think. alcohol found in soda? that's next. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out!
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4:57 pm
he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did thingwith electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies. some of the biggest soft drink brands in the world including coke and pepsi contain trace amounts of alcohol from a study out of france. they found alcohol in more than half of leading brands around 10-milligrams per liter or one thousandth of a percent. beer has between 3 and 10% of alcohol so you would need to drink thousands of cans of soda to get drunk. officials from coca-cola and pepsi say they meet all government regulations for nonalcoholic beverages. the new york red bulls may have solved the problem for
4:58 pm
those who think soccer is too slow. ♪ the team's media department put this time lapse together. a a full soccer match from pregame to post game in a minute and a half. sick cameras shot the action from inside and outside the arena capturing about 18,000 images. before we go, our team top five things of the day. number five, charlie sheen's new sitcom anger management debuted with 5.5 million viewers. number four the u.s. antidoping atcy filed seven charges against lance armstrong. he denies using performance enhancing drugs. the justice department confirms it will not prosecute eric holder for contempt of congress declareing that nothing he has done constitutes a crime. republicans in at least four states say they plan to
4:59 pm
opt out of the medicare expansion. the healthcare decision set off a campaign fund raising battle. the romney campaign reports it raised $4.6 million within 24 hours. the obama camp claims it topped that and that is the fox report. and on this day in 1974, one of the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century defected from the soviet union. at the time he was a rising soviet star who said communism and a lack of artistic opportunities were taking its toll. his chance to escape came during a show in toronto. he slipped through the stage door and a getaway car took him to a safe house. he is widely credited as one of ballet's best and his role in "the turning point" scored an oscar nomination. he tip towed awayro


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