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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 29, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the truth is faxual. >> his problem is that he has is not liked by any of the cabinet. he is not liked in washington. the only person who likes him is valerie jarrett and that is why he is still there. >> we will watch you on the tonight show. >> thank. >> sean: great to see you and you. have a great weekend. see you monday. >> greta: tonight the justice department strikes back. a fierce power struggle playing out in washington. and first the house of chances are, you're not made of money, representatives holding attorney general eric holder in so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. contempt of congress and now the department of justice flexing its muscle. today the doj making a big announcement and it could change everything. geico, first, full steam ahead. see how much you could save. that is what republican lawmakers are pledging full speed to repeal obama care. it seems to have done the exact opposite, ignite it in an election year inferno. house republicans setting a date for repeal vote, july 11. we talked to the house majority whip kevin mccarthy.
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>> nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you. >> greta: i imagine you are not happy with the supreme court decision saying the national healthcare is constitutional because it counts as a right to tax. >> so government now can tell me things that i have to do and if i don't want to do it i just until i had the shingles. i have never encountered such a burning sensation... it was like a red rash. have to pay a tax. it is crazy. >> greta: surprised by that? like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. >> i was surprised. i didn't think this was the decision that would come from i had no idea it came from chickenpox. having listening and beginning to read part of it. to stretch all the way to the tax because the president always said it wasn't a tax. it's something you never want to encounter. but i guess the supreme court thinks it is and somehow now it is legal. for more of the inside story, visit >> greta: after you learned what it was. who were you watching with? >> the speaker and the leader eric cantor and the conference >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, chair and myself. flash studio leets, it's time we were watching and we stopped for last call. and we had fox on and we turned to watch and for a few seconds how does the president feel about the health care rule there we thought it was something jay leno has the something different. answer and the video. >> greta: once you realized what it was what was the conversation in the room? >> did you see the president's
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>> we started pulling out reaction to this supreme court because we wanted to try to read because this is at about rule something it's interesting. he didn't want to gloat but if 10:00 and at 10:30 we were having a conference meet hing you watch body language, you with the whole republican can see he was feeling pretty conference so we were trying to read through so see exactly good about it. here he is today. what it was. 15 minutes before we and then ♪ [ music ] . which direction we wanted to go and we started talking with the leader and speaker about after we come back with the district work period when we can bring up the full repeal on it and we will do that on wednesday. >> greta: the vote for the peal largely symbolic. >> i think he's feeling pretty you have the house you will get the vote in the house but certainly don't expect senator about about it. >> greta: that is your last harry reid to take it up in the senate to vote it. call. thank you for being with us >> i think the american people tonight. make sure you go to greta expect to see where people stand ton. and let us know what interesting to see if there are you thought about democrats now that would join with us. remember what speaker pelosi always said. have to pass it to know what it in it. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. >> the more time people know what is in it they like it even more. they have been hearing from back home and you might get a few more back with us and there
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will be a little more momentum >> greta: has any democrat said to indicate buyer's remorse or if you bring this up for a repeal i will go with you. >> there are other times that democrats have joined us. >> greta: have you heard anything this time? >> quite a few are shockd that it is constitutional and i think a few of them have come to me and said we may have won the supreme court bauman you guys are going to win in november over there. >> greta: how is rough romney if you were advising him, what would you advise him to do? the massachusetts healthcare and the whole issue it is a tax and i'm sure that he will use that. but the democrats will say to him well, you involved it in massachusetts. how with you recommend that he strategically navigate the waters? >> stick it all to the economy. what the supreme court just did and you watch our economy dropping even further this is going to hurt it more because people are not going to make the hiring decisions. i met with a lot of small businesses a couple of days before and they were waiting
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for the supreme court decision to see if they were going to hire. the economy with the president and also what about his broken promises. if you had healthcare and you liked it you you could keep it. studies show 20 million that won't by the case for. the rising costs. the president said this wasn't a tax and now proves it is. >> greta: the democrats said you can keep your doctor and the prices aren't going to go up and the republicans say o, no, a lot of people aren't going to be able to keep their doctors and the prices are going to skyrocket. >> the president says you pass the stimulus, unemployment will never go above 8%. we have been 40 consecutive months of that. you are looking at a fear of a double dip and a lot could be driven jut because of uncertainty here. time is only telling. we have not carried back from the economy and we are not lot is based upon his policies. >> greta: have you heard from the democratic leadership sense
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his decision? >> haven't heard from the leadership. my understanding was pelosi walked into their conference to a round of applause. that is unfortunate. either way that is goes i don't agree with what the supreme court did but i respect their opinion. i think november we probably have another decision. >> greta: because you think that the american people are going to vote -- >> look what roberts wrote. it is not the supreme court's decision to decide on what is good policy. they decide on whether it is constitutional. i think the american people can decide on what is good policy and in november they will be able to vote on what type of policy they would like to see. >> greta: the language word tax. how much are you going to use that against the republicans or against the democrats rather? >> you can use the word tax and the whole election is going to be about the economy and leadership and the lack thereof from the white house. we have gone through 11 recessions since world war ii and all come out stronger. and this isn't the worse are.
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'82 was. this has lingered this recession longer so we need a new direction and that is really what the election will be about. >> greta: how do you know that governor romney has leadership. i know you are critical of president obama but you what makes you think that governor romney does? >> in a tough situation for olympics in utah we turned to him and he rose to the occasion. i watched it from a lot of small businesses from staples up he turned to him and he took a risk and grew the company. i think i have seen that leader areship time and again. he may not be hollywood's favorite. george clooney may not hang out with him but he will make the trains run on time. >> greta: what should he look for in vice presidential nominee. >> an individual that could become president and that has even the time before. i will never support somebody for president that hasn't been a governor first because you have a pick a cabinet and carry out agencies that you didn't create in our own philosophy and decide between a bill.
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i watch this president pass over ideas. keystone pipeline. i will decide that after the election. even his own healthcare plan. don't make it go into effect after the election. whispering to the president of russia i will be more flexible after the election. i want someone to lead and i tynd that one in romney and i think his vice president pick he will look at someone else that has the leadership that has done it. >> greta: that means a governor. >> give me a name of a governor you would like to see. >> i think mitch daniels. i don't know if he will do it. pawlenty would be fantastic. there is a lot of individuals that are showing they could do it. >> greta: how about governor cristie? >> he would be a fantastic one. but that is not my pick. there are a bunch out there that have shown the leadership to bring the economy back. >> greta: the supreme court says the national healthcare law stands but some republican governors say they don't care they are refusing to implement the law. instead they are counting on
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governor mitt romney winning the election and repealing obama care. florida governor rick scott. what does he plan to do next. governor scott joins us. good evening, sir? >> goo. it was so disappointing. this will be devastating for patients. devastating for taxpayers. it will be the biggest job killer ever. we are not going to implement obama care in florida. we are not going to expand medicaid. we are not going to do the exchange. what? does is raise the cost of healthcare for all floridaians. it just doesn't work. >> greta: let me separate out one part. take one by one. the expansion of the medicaid. you were not -- you say that you are going to reject that money from the federal government? >> we are already struggling. medicaid has been growing in the state of florida at 3:00s
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general revenue. our economy has come back and the biggest -- we had the biggest drop of unemployment in any state in the last year and a half other than one. our economy is coming back well but medicaid was still growing fast earth. this would be devastating and increase the cost to florida taxpayers $1.9 billion per year. we can't pay for that. there is no way that floridians can pay for that. >> greta: correct me if i'm wrong but you medicaid is one category that you say is growing and very costly to florida. when i talk about medicaid expansion what i understand that to be is expanding the pool of people eligible for medicaid. and as i further understand is that that expanded pool which is going to -- has to be paid for that the federal government is going to pay for that 100% of it for a period of time and then later on down in the future the state in your case florida would have to pick up about almost 10% of the freight. is that how i understand it? am i wrong about that? >> but florida taxpayers pay
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for the federal government. >> so do we. there are some states where -- some states like -- i mean one of the things it pays for is like nursing homes for senior citizens which i assume is not an insignificant matter in your state and so other states actually help pay for florida as they contribute to the federal government. >> no, no, no, no, no. we are a donor state. we pay more than our fair share of taxes. the $1.9 billion is the expansion because of obama care. we already have the issue that our medicaid program which look we care about having a healthcare safety net for the vulnerable floridians. but this is an expansion that just doesn't make any sense. look, every government program in the world they say i'm going to cover everything. they run out of money. they are not honest. they stop paying providers well and then there is no one to take care of you. that is exactly what this will do. florida business there's is no way. i was in a business the other day and they walked up to knee and said governor is this
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really going to become the law because if it does we are out of business. we have 20 employees and we won't be able to buy any healthcare for anybody. so this doesn't do the drivers, free market fixes healthcare. this is just a big government insurance program that does nothing to deal with the cost of healthcare. the free market will fix healthcare. >> greta: we have two options. one is you can hope that president obama is not reelected and that it is governor romney since he said he will work to repeal it. within that choice also is that the senate does democrat and work it that way. the other choice is simply to size no to the medication expansion and no to creating the exchanges. what happens then no your state? >> we will work tirelessly to make sure this gets repealed. we will elect individuals that say we will get rid of this because we know he it is
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devastating for taxpayers and jobs. we need jobs in our state. if that doesn't happen we still aren't going to implement the exchanges. they are not going to reduce the cost of healthcare. they are going to increase the cost of healthcare. expanding med kate is not going to help the -- medicaid is not going to make medicaid better, it is going to make it worse. we will run out of money. the things we care about we won't be able to afford. just for floridians, a $1.9 billion tax increase. >> greta: if you don't do the state exchanges and tell me if i'm wrong does the law not provide that the federal government essentially creates an exchange for you and forces you into a federal exchange. is that wrong? >> i believe it will get repealed because i believe this will be a rallying cry on top of jobs. if that -- if is ever becomes a law we are not going to implement the exchanges. i don't believe the federal government will because they will come to the same conclusion that i have come to. this will not reduce the cost of healthcare for americans. >> greta: since the decision
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came out yesterday have you spoken to any other republican governors and sort of begun to form a group of how to go further with this? >> absolutely. and everyone i have spoken to is doing the same thing. we are saying look, we are not going to expand medicaid. we are not going to implement the exchanges. we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we elect individuals that are going to repeal this because we care about the citizens of our state. we know this will be bad for our healthcare. this is going to put american businesses at an unbelievable disadvantage as compared to businesses around the world. >> greta: who is drawing a a line in the sand with you? i mean i think it is plain you are making your position well known and drawing that line in the sand. what other enoughs have you spoken to that you think are rallying around with you on this? >> if you look at what other governors are saying. look at what scott walker said in wisconsin and governor perry said and what bobby jindal said down in louisiana.
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we all know that this will be bad for the citizens of each of our states. we have got to work tirelessly to elect individuals this fall that are going to repeal this because citizens in every one of our states needs jobs. this will be a job killer. we need to make sure we can take care of the vulnerable and that we can afford it. those that have to have healthcare provided by the state and federal government we can't do that if this become the law. >> greta: is it cheaper for the system of florida if you don't have it instead you have the situation where people who don't have health insurance if they just go to an emergency room and get medical care there? does that turn out to be cheaper for the system or not? >> greta, i ran a program in 2009 what we should do. if we want to reduce which we have to do reduce the cost of healthcare we need consumers to be able to choose the healthcare policy they want. you need to know what things cost. you need more competition. you should have a tax break as an individual just like a business so when you change jobs you don't lose your
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healthcare so the preexisting condition will go away and reward people for eating right, exercising, don't smoke. that will reduce the cost of healthcare so more people can afford healthcare. the more government involvement, just saying somebody is going to buy insurance doesn't meaney of us can afford it. think about it. what has the government ever purchased cheaper than the private sector? they don't. they always overpromise and underdeliver. >> greta: and one of the things i keep hearing is about the doctor shortage which is curious you can have health insurance but can't get a doctor the health insurance is not going to do you any good and i'm not sure whatee are doing about that problem. >> look at the uk and canadian system. they promise all the things but they don't have enough money. there is not enough doctors to take care of people. unbelievable waits. that exactly what is going to
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happen. >> greta: thank you. the supreme court is lighting a new fire under the tea party. the healthcare decision reigniting the movement's passion just in time for the november election. what is the tea party planning now. griff jenkins hit the ground to find out. >> people thought november 2010 was big. just wait until this november. >> strike it down. strike it down. >> this will energize the pee tea party move innocent. remember, the tea party movement formed as a reaction to the trillion dollars stimulus and obama care unconstitutional taking of our liberty. that is whyer this formed. the tea party delivered the victory in the house of representatives so we mad a republican majority and the tea party will be more energized than ever before. it is not a political party. >> obama care needs shot down. >> from 2011 to 2012 patriots
7:17 pm
from all across the country began to become more sophisticated in engaging the local, state and federal delegation. this empowers us to become that much more sophisticated in leveraging our authority to exercise our self-governance within our state and local governments. >> november 2010 if you thought that was historic you just wait for november 2012! >> but what a is next for the tea party movement? after all it was the passage of obama care in march of 2010 that gave them the rallying call which ultraabout matily led to their success at the ballot box. now, many groups are vowing to fight on and one group in particular freedom works who helps organize actions across the country isn't wasting any time getting start. >> our interns and other staffers are busy sending these out through all of our
7:18 pm
activists. we will be launching a microsite declare independence 2012. we will start to turn people out to the congressional offices in the next several days and weeks. this is a very alive issue and when you look at the ruling we still have legislative opportunities and people look at the bill and look at how unconstitutional it was and look at the growth of government pier into the economy and even people's personal lives and that is growing the pie of activists who want to get involved and said enough is is enough and it is time to make big changes in this country. changes back to entrepreneurship and back to personal responsibility. the goal is not just to beat the president. the goal is to build a legislative majority that is able to make policy that takes on the generational challenges. starting to roll pack some of the entitlements. >> and greta, we will be here this weekend to see what free
7:19 pm
tomorrow works is doing and talking to tea party activists and bring it to the viewers on monday. >> greta: straight ahead. tax or penalty? depends upon who you ask. one thick is clear. there is a new fight in town and you will all about to hear about it. reincepreibus goes on the record next. the justice department and eric holder going another round tonight. the latest. plus what is a genius visa and what does it take to get one? you may have to ask a former play boy play mate. why? you will find out coming up. by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious.
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>> greta: penalty or tax. chief justice john roberts and at majority of the supreme court say the mandate is a tax but the white house is still insisting it as is a penalty. you have a choice. you don't have a choice to pay your taxes, right? which is it, penalty or tax? why does it matter. rnc chair joins us. chase to see you. >> nice to see you. >> penalty or tax. >> the supreme court says it as tax. i personally don't agree. it doesn't matter. theoremmed it is
7:24 pm
constitutional. we have a president who doesn't know how to make a promise and keep a promise and we will pound away on it. he broke his promises to middle class families when told them he wasn't going to raise taxes. funny thing is the lawyers came to the supreme court and argued in front of the supreme court that it was is a tax. so first the president said it wasn't a tax. his lawyers argued that it was a tax to make sure that they prevailed in the case. now, david ax axelrod and carny are saying it is not a tax. the supreme court ruled it is a tax. i can't stand the decision. doesn't matter. we going to have a really a battle for freedom this this country that is going to come to roost in november. and i think that the american people are going to reject europe in the white house and they are going to accept the fact that we need to preserve the american dream in this country. >> greta: my guess is that the democrats don't care how it is
7:25 pm
labeled. they know how they are going to vote and the republicans, the farther to the right and left they don't really care whether it is how it is called they know how they are going to vote. it is the independent and sort of the moderate republicans and democrats who may be moved a little bit by how it is labeled but my guess is i think they will probably be moved on this particular issue whether they like the healthcare and not how it is labeled. >> people don't like the idea of having government run healthcare and boards reviewing how much money. >> greta: that is different than the label. different than whether it is called a tax or a penalty. they may not like it and may go your way on it the independents and moderate democrats and moderate republicans but that you is different from the label. the label is sort of an interesting board game we are playing. >> just use the supreme court's words. i mean i think the supreme court takes precedence over jay carney's opinion or david axelrod's opinion. they said it was a tax. >> indeed, they did.
7:26 pm
>> it is a tax. we respect the decisions of the supreme court even though i don't particularly care for this one. they said it is a tax. now, the democrats may have won the battle. but i believe that we are going to win the war are. and the fact that nancy pelosi is celebrating with parties and the dnc is sending out vulgar tweets in celebration. >> greta: what is with that? the executive director of the dnc the deputy -- >> actually the chief of staff, i think. >> greta: i mean he had a rather vulgar reference on a tweet. >> a couple of them. >> a couple of them. >> sure. >> greta: and no one is speaking up within the democratic party and they do talk about the war on women and this would be a good time to speak up. not fire them but at least take them to the wood shed. >> and we tried to call them out ton and it didn't matter. i think what it also illustrates is not just the callousness of almost $300 billion tax increase or raid of half a trillion dollars on medicare all of the things that they say they are against
7:27 pm
but certainly now they are for, it also shows you that the level of celebration shoulded illustrate to everybody that they didn't think that this piece of legislation was going to survive the constitutional test here. and it did. and the celebration was off the charts. we will be celebrating in november because this is energizing our base beyond belief. >> greta: i hear from karl rove and joe trippi that the hispanic vote is critical come november and i'm curious what governor romney whether he has a plan about illegal immigration because it is a matter of great concern to everybody. does very a plan? >> of course, he does. he lays it out very clearly. you can look at mitt romney .com and see it. number one, he believes that, first of all, immigration is an issue of national security and that first thing we need to do is lay out a border fence that actually makes sure that we can
7:28 pm
keep that border from being to porous that is number one. he believes in the e verify program to make sure that employees and employers can be tested immediately been hiring. >> greta: how about the 12 to 13 million illegal in it country. >> you you have heard mitt romney talk about different methods of pathway into the country but the fact of the matter is this president is the president whether it be the healthcare or whether it be his promises to immigrants this this country. he promised the world. >> greta: he has done nothing except gave a speech at american university, however is that he at least at the moment has the wind behind his back after what he did two weeks ago and if the hispanic vote is so important if governor romney wants to be left he has to deal with the issue. >> blanket amnesty is not the answer. >> greta: i'm not saying it is the answer. i'm saying it is an important matter. >> what is important is that they know that president lied
7:29 pm
or was so grossly negligent it amounts to a lie. when you say i will create this pathway to citizenship or the dream act in the first couple of years of being president you have nancy pelosi and harry reid and didn't do anything and now coming in through the backdoor when the constitution says you have an obligation to enforce the laws in place, it as charade and that is what the president is about. in love with the sound of his own voice. can't follow through on a promise. >> greta: it is not over yet now that attorney general eric holder has been held in contempt will he face prosecution. we now know the justice department answer on that. we will tell you. also, who is making the dumb business decisions with your money. first, solyndra cost more nan $500 million and tonight we have more. wait until you hear this one. you will, coming up. and a choi. take tylenol or take aleve,
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>> greta: new shots fired in the first showdown. less than 24 hours after the house holds attorney general eric holder in contempt the justice department fires back. the justice department asserting attorney general eric holder's actions do not constitute a crime and thus he will not be prosecuted. house oversight chair darrell issa is not happy about that. his spokesperson saying it is
7:34 pm
regrettable that the political leadership of the justice department is trying to intervene in the effort to prevent the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia from making an independent decision about whether to prosecute this case. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> greta: i have a copy of the letter from the department of justice to speaker boehner that says there will be no prosecution of the criminal contempt. i assume you have seen this, is that right? >> yeah, yeah. >> greta: and how do you feel about it? >> well, it is amazeing that the white house wants to have a both ways. on the one hand, they say that he is not independent enough and they will not pursue this enough and he hasn't committed a crime. he was just held in criminal contempt. but at the same time they want the same u.s. attorney to be able to pursue the investigation of the probe of the leaks of the intelligence leaks that are happening there in the white house. so they are trying to have it both ways and that doesn't make sense.
7:35 pm
there is another alternative. we had a second vote yesterday and that is to go to the civil court for the house of representatives to hire an attorney and go make the case before the court and hopefully they will find in our favor. >> greta: when do you intend to go to civil court to seek essentially enforcement of this subpoena? >> it is being put together right now. we had anticipated this. it was unfortunate. we thought that the obama white house would move quickly to seal off any opportunity for the u.s. attorney to do the right thing and actually go pursue this in the criminal court. but at the same time, so we had foreshadowed that and that is why we had a second vote give, the house the authorization to do that. even more democrats piled on top of that one and that is what we are pursuing. >> greta: what is your explanation for why the subpoena is not complied with? the attorney general and the team over at d.o.j. says there is nothing in the documents which, of course, the next question if there is nothing in
7:36 pm
it why don't you you turn it over except if it is part of an investigation unless is it is part of a grudge maybe they think that congress is being too pushy and overstepping its tort. what is your working theory as to why it has gotten to this and why the documents have not been surrendered? >> a bit more of a theory at this point. greta, i do believe that what we would see within the documents is a concerted effort to obstruct congress. obstruction of congress in our work is a crime and if you had people scrambling to protect and not provide access to witnesses and not provide access to documents then you could see where this blossoms up to something much more. remember, brian terry was killed in december, mid december of 2010. in 2011 an i.c.e. agent was killed in mexico and when you see that in mid february you see a scrambling within both homeland security and the department of justice where
7:37 pm
suddenly oh, my goodness we have a second agent that may have been killed from the weapons. they couldn't ultimately prove that he was killed from a fast and furious weapon but a whole concerted effort to move a different direction and that is when you start to see the scrambling. jason weinstein goes down to phoenix and gives a glowing report of the atf. only later then in august to try to rescind all the glowing comments. you this scramble between when we were sent the bogus letter on february 4 up until when they rescinded it in the latter part of the year. and that is where i think the department of justic justice ie wow this gets much deeper and ultimately don't want to provide the documents. >> greta: i think it is painfully shameful that we have a dead border agent and a year and a half later we have not given answers to the family and i think that the answers could have been provided long before now. that means that i think is a disgrace. i'm sort of curious whether anything is in the documents or
7:38 pm
not. often times investigations people get information from whistle blowers or sources that give you a reason to sort of pursue something. do you have -- and i don't know that you do. is but do you have any information from whistle blowers or sources that it making you pursue any particular documents and anything you are after? >> greta, this isn't over. there will be more subpoenas issued and more witnesses called before the committee. if the democrats think they can walk out of the vote and be done with it and say hey, we are up for election, that isn't going to happen. i made a promise to myself and to. there is more coming. >> greta: do you have any sources or whistle blowers that sort of piqued your interest so you are zeroing in and looking for particular documents. i don't know that you have that but do you have that? >> absolutely. i'm not sharing them on the show don't but they are coming. i know you were doubtful and america was doubtful we would get to this point.
7:39 pm
we shouldn't be that the point. the attorney general should do the right thing and barack obama should do the right thing. the president should put this to rest but he hasn't. we he have a duty and obligation and moral imperative to pursue it to the end of the earth. we will do that. it is going to happen. i'm not going let go of this and certainly chairman issa is not going to let go of this. there is something fundamentally wrong here and we will get to the bottom of it. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: is it the next solyndra? how much this time and what government officials signed off on this one. the answers next. and a big hopper for a former playboy playmate and hugh hefner ex. why is she being called a genius? start guessing. that's two minutes away. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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>> greta: wait until you hear what went pelle up and what it just cost you in 60 seconds. first let's go toe to adam houy for the other headlines. >> colorado crews are making some progress against the most
7:45 pm
destructive wildfire in colorado state history. the waldo canyon fire is now 25% contained. some of the 30,000 forced to leave the area are now being allowed back home. the flames have destroyed nearly 350 homes and it is being blamed for at least two deaths. firefighters say several other people are missing. the house and senate passing a measure covering highway construction and student loans. lawmakers say the $100 billion ear marked or highway and transit programs will save about 2.8 million jobs over two years. the bill would also prevent interest rates from doubling on new college loans a requirement that lawmakers approve the keystone pipeline was dropped from the mow sure. for all of the news stick with us here at -- >> greta: should president obama stay out of the solar energy business. who can forget h him touting solyndra and a facility that cost you. tonight, another solar company goes belly up. abound solar is shutting down
7:46 pm
and guess who signed off on spending your money this time? >> fact today i'm announce thank the department of energy is awarding nearly $2 billion in conditional commitments to two solar companies. the first send is abound solar manufacturing which will manufacture advanced solar panels at two new plants creating more than 2,000 construction jobs and 1500 permanent jobs. a colorado plant is already underway and an indiana plant will be built in what is now an empty chrysler factory. when fully operational the plants will produce millions of state-of-the-art solar panels each year. these are just two of the many clean energy investments in the recovery act. already i have seen the payoff from these investments. >> greta: washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york joins us with the latest. all i can say i ouch. >> in september of 2010 they
7:47 pm
published the 100 recovery act projects changing america. abound was is number 17. they had a lot of hope for it. they got 400 million north dakota loan guarantees but it hasn't been performing up to speed for quite awhile. it only got $70 million of the money. the question is is all of that going to be lost. >> one thing the private investors knocking down the doors to invest. they are looking for a place to place money. the second thing is this power is a pretty dumb business decision because it has gone belly up as solyndra. the third thing is i would like to be alternative energy and be successful and get off our dependence on foreign oil but when you keep having stupid business decisions and tell the american people that solar energy is a lousy thing to do, he is killing the solar energy, any possibility that we can develop it. killing it.
7:48 pm
>> this is another building mitt romney can stand in front of and have a press conference. another issue in the campaign where republicans are going to basically say that the president and democrats in congress have kind of a faith-based belief in solar energy. it is not as if republicans would stop all of this. and by the way, in indiana, a lot of republican lawmakers supported this money going to abound. they wanted this money to come into the state. but romney is going to say look, the fact is the vast majority of our energy needs are met right now by gas, is gasoline, natural are gas oil and will stay that way for the foresee hable future. >> greta: if president obama and the department of energy made smart sound business decisions we wouldn't be having this discussion. i mean but they are not. they are throwing away in money and making stupid failed business decisions. are you don't try to build up a company that it costs nor build a product than you can buy come
7:49 pm
place else. >> and president recently said on the campaign step he wants to double down and green energy. h is something that the administration continues to believe in strongly and you will see romney pound on this. >> greta: nothing wrong with green energy if it is smart successful green energy. that is what is missing. >> it is not applicable on a mass scale jet it is not working. >> that is the thing. >> not long ago a romney advisor said to meow know what if the stimulus for president obama's investment firm how is it doing? you are going to see this pushing it more and more and more and by the way it is taxpayer money that the president is investing. >> not his own. other people's money. thank you. >> good to see you. >> greta: straight ahead. apps aren't just for humans any more. more. how are
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>> greta: you have seen the top stories but here is the best of the rest. there is an app for just about everything around that includes an app for apes. the houston zoo has a new program that teaches the animals that apes play with different app on the ipads. they learn to drag images on the screen and even to play musical instruments. they hope that one day the apes
7:54 pm
will be able to skype with other apes around the word. check out this amazing video. a 9-year-old boy hailed a ping-pong wizard and his talents all caught on camera. he has been perfecting ping-pong trick shots since he was a toddler. he bounces them off the walls and even out windows and every time the balls land in the cup. way to go, tom. and in north carolina, four people under arrest after dialing up trouble. the suspects are trying to make a drug deal but boy did they mess up. they thought they were calling their drug dealer but they dialed the wrong number. they ended up calling a sheriff's deputy. after getting lots of late night calls about drugs the deputy arranged to meet the callers and then he arrested them, all of them. coming up your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. what was president obama's real reaction to the healthcare ruling? jay leno has the inside track. that's next. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years.
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