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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 30, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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american people the truth. >> thank you very much for joining us today. i really appreciate it, the best to you. >> thanks. >> okay, we have word now that there are ten confirmed deaths in those mid atlantic storms. we'll continue to update those throughout the day and i'm uma, and patti ann browne standing by with the latest. have a great day. >> fox news alert, this just in, at least ten or dead after a violent storm rips across the eastern seaboard and the midwest, the victims, including two children, ages seven and two, and hello everyone i can i, i'm kelly wright. >> patti ann: i'm patti ann browne. and inside america's news headquarters, the late night storages causing major destruction, winds reaching 70 miles per hour, downing trees and knocking out power to millions and that includes dozens of elderly residents forced to leave their apartment complex in indianapolis. the fierce wind and heavy rain creating near white-out conditions, sending these trees crashing down on top of
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homes, cars, and power lines. in northern virginia, the storm killed at least two people, a young man was killed by a tree falling on his car and a 90-year-old woman was crushed to death in her own bedroom. in washington d.c., roadways and sidewalks are littered with debris and the storms creating widespread power outages, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the dark, and without air conditioning. conditioning. >> that's crazy, i couldn't keep control of the car. i was just, people were all over the place, i guess. and slamming on the breaks. >> there were these gigantic towering power lines and polls leaning over hamilton road, you could see it from like mile distant and it looked like something out of a steven king movie. it's horrific and carnage everyone. peter doocy has the latest for us, hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, patti ann. as you kind of got a sense of there, last night's storm was
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quickly and without warning and the breaking news is that ten people are now confirmed to have been killed by the storm, two in new jersey, two in maryland, six here in virginia and including right behind me where a 90-year-old woman was fast asleep in her bed at quarter to 11 last night, when a big tree fell on her bedroom, slicing her bedroom in two. she was crushed and the neighbors say that last night's storm here in springfield was really scary. >> the abruptness, i mean, right there behind you, calm, almost eerily calm, humid, probably still around 100 degrees and all of a sudden, i felt the temperature just drop, and then the wind just came in and, you know, felt like a couple of trucks coming through this area. >> and as virginians try to pick up the pieces and sort out what was lost and what was damaged, many are trying to
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stay cool and stop their food from spoiling without any air conditioning. >> it is going very quickly, they said. about two bags per person is what they were trying to sell. they weren't going to get more than that. they were kind and let us have three. >> i would say it lasts six hours. >> this is your first trip today. >> yes. >> and just preparing for a couple of days. >> so, ice is the hot commodity here in northern virginia right now. and overall, over 2 million people right now are believed to be without power, in west virginia, more people right now are believed to be without power, than with power, about 700,000 people in the dark, and as for the heat right now, in the d.c. metro area, we're in triple digits right now, just to give you a sense of how historically the hot it is right now, yesterday, an 80 year temperature record fell over at reagan airport, it was 104 degrees. patti ann, back to you.
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>> wow, peter doocy, incredible stuff. thank you. >> kelly: yeah, peter was mentioning and showing stuff going on. it's on you report photos that viewers sent to us, showing the damage behind the storm that they've encountered and the picture you're looking at is from the state of maryland, as is this one, showing how powerful the storm last night hit. now, this photo is from a viewer in washington d.c., you can see the damage there and yet, another photo sent to us from indiana, we're looking at the damage from that one and we want to see your pictures as well on the storm damage or video of what you've encountered, if you have some amazing images of what you've experienced overnight. e-mail those to us at the address on your scene, and, and give us your name and your location and a brief description of what we're looking at, as we get those today, or anytime, we will get them on tv and then, the most important thing here is when you're getting the photos, and video, make
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sure you stay safe. patti ann. >>? and the heatwave coming down from the plains to the east coast. triple digit temperatures prompting heat advisory and excessive heat warnings for about a third of the united states. maria molina is in our extreme weather center with more. >> hi, patti ann. triple digits from arizona to north carolina, an extremely hot day across the country with the large ridge of high pressure that's built in and the reason we're seeing the heat across a large third of the country. you're going to see more of the triple digit temperatures during the the afternoon hours, and raleigh, north carolina, you can see 103, 108 in columbia and south carolina and 104. like peter mentioned we are breaking some records, not just in d.c., but also parts of the southeast, atlanta, and you reach 105 which could you easily do today. you would be breaking a record or tying a record out there. today's heat index, when you
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factor in the humidity, it feels hotter out the door. and columbia feel like 112 degrees, 110 in savannah georgia and across the plains, same story for you, kansas city, 104 degrees, that's dangerous, once we get into those levels, as far as the heat index values. 109 in columbia, south carolina, so, another scorcher as far as those temperatures go and humid out there. so, high heat index values and expected once again and why we have a number of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings stretching across 22 states from let's say the philadelphia area, down into georgia, northern parts of florida and even across the plains, patti ann, hopefully everyone stays safe. drink a lot of water and try to stay indoors or a cooling center, taken out for your town or city. >> patti ann: all good advice, maria molina, thanks. >> kelly: the temperatures maria was speaking of are sparking a dangerous situation in colorado. as many as 150 new national guard soldiers are joining the
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offensive. waldo canyon fire killing at least two people and destroying nearly 350 homes. >> our house burned on the night of her birthday, so, it would definitely be a memorable birthday for her. >> deja vu. >> we lost a lot of possessions, some are easily replaceable, but some are not. >> kelly: alicia acuna is joining us live at colorado springs, colorado, alicia? >> reporter: hi, kelly. city officials say that fewer than 10 people are still missing and fire crews are going into the areas for mopup and searching through the the rubble for some of the missing. now, after the fire fight-- the fire did grow somewhat overnight, but crews say they're now at 30% containment and the flames chewed through more than 17,000 acres so far.
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president obama got an up close look at the destruction here in colorado on friday and he also met with firefighters to thank them for their work and spent time with folks who lost their home. some good news for many of the evacuees. they get to go home, 10,000 out of the 32,000, who initially were forced from their homes now remain on mandatory evacuation orders. that's not going home today will be allowed to board buses tomorrow to tour their neighborhoods. did officials say they will not be allowed to leave the vehicles, but will be able to see their property with their own eyes. now, of course, a lot of this depends on the weather. and if the wind changes, as it did earlier this week, everyone who's been allowed to go back into their neighborhoods will have to be ready to leave if the flames start to move again. back to you. >> kelly: alicia acuna out of colorado where the fires have been devastating, thank you, alicia. >> patti ann: president obama focusing on the deadly wildfires, in his first weekly address since the historic
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health care ruling, the president speaking from colorado made no mention of the supreme court decision. he instead praised the efforts of the first responders there. >> in addition to saying thank you to these firefighters, to let them know that all of america has their back. you know, one of the things that happens, whether it's the fire, here in colorado, or a tornado in alabama, or missouri or a flood, or a hurricane in florida, one thing that happens here in america is when we see our fellow citizens in trouble, and having difficulty, we come together, as one american family, as one community. >> well, republicans though were focused on the health care law. they argue, it does not live up to the public's expectations and vow to repeal it. >> mr. president, because of your law, many americans have already lost the health insurance that they had and they liked. each broken promise proves that the supreme court ruling
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did absolutely nothing to improve the president's failed health care law, it remains unworkable. unaffordable and very unpopular. >> well, as you just heard, president obama did not mention the health care decision in his weekly address. appearing to back off what democrats in the the white house were praising as a victory. and meanwhile, governor mitt romney says the supreme court ruling creates a compelling case for change in the white house. >> this is a time of choice for the american people and our mission is clear, if we want to get rid of obamacare, we're going to have to replace president obama. >> governor romney has gotten some 4.6 million dollars in donations from 47,000 individual donors in just the 48 hours after the ruling and republicans are hoping the supreme court decision will continue to rally the base. according to a new usa gallup poll. americans are evenly divided on the issue. what does it mean for both campaigns in the months ahead. angela mcglowan is a political news analyst and the president
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of the new ice communications and the former spokesperson for vermont governor howard dean. thank you both for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for having me. >> patti ann: a lot of us make a lot of the fact the president didn't talk about health care, in the past years he's been criticized for spiking the football. the wildfires are a serious issue. is that prepare? >> it's appropriate in a way, he didn't want to talk about the fact that he would not raise taxes on middle class folks and those who make less than $250,000 because the supreme court says that it is a tax and you will be taxed if you don't buy into his health care insurance. so, i think he's running away from it, but not mentioning it in his radio trace, i think it was proper. >> patti ann: so, christy, this new ruling, already appears to be energizing republicans. donations to the romney camp shot up after the decision. what does this say about not the legal battle, but rather the political battle here? >> yeah, the political battle
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shows that the president's going to continue to talk about this as swell he should. this decision is what makes the president's term, first term in office it's going to be compared to fdr creating social security or lyndon johnson creating medicare, it's encredibly popular and republicans are making a serious miscalculation when they decide to campaign against it. what they're not looking at is the numbers at that say a significant percentage of people actually believe the law didn't go far enough. they-- >> no, liberals believe-- >> and liberals. >> patti ann: angela, let christy finish and let you in. >> oh, yes. >> they absolutely believe in expanding health care, it's going to be a very popular law with women, young people and minorities who absolutely see the president talking more about it. >> patti ann: all right, angela. >> now, if liberals stated that the law did not go far enough. that's number one. number two, two-thirds of the american people think that this law is bad, that it's not
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good for america, and i think once they go to the ballot box you will see and they will vote their pocket books because you have small businesses that are not even hiring people because they're going to have to buy into this health care law and it's hurting our economy. so, it's liberals that thought that the law didn't go far enough. >> patti ann: christy, beyond the law itself there's an issue of the president out there, we have him on tape, denying that this is in any way a tax. and now, he has to say it's a tax. what about that? >> well, i think this gets back to whether or not this is going to energize the republicans in general. it certainly does energy tea partiers, the people who already hate him, who already are part of the fast and furious. >> hate him? >>, but it doesn't make them like mitt romney. if you believe it's a tax now, you have to believe that what mitt romney did in massachusetts was also a tax. >> angela. >> and also did what-- >> go ahead. >> tea partiers do not hate the president. i support the tea party. they don't like miss policies, but they don't hate the
10:14 am
president and that's what liberals do, they want to make it personal and it's not. it becomes personal when our taxes are raised and when the president said that he would not raise our taxes and now he's going to have to answer to that. >> well the fact is that mitt romney is a very unlikely messenger on this eyed. >> he was a governor. >> that this mandate is a tax. >> and whether he believes that romney care should be taken nationwide. it's a great modding that the massachusetts model should be taken nationwide and look, i like the individual mandate and think that republicans should like it, too. i think it's all about personal responsibilities. it's about taking the very tiny percentage of americans. >> patti ann. >> that can afford health care insurance and choose not to buy. >> patti ann: angela short last word. >> the president compares the health care insurance to auto insurance, and you get that to protect. when we talk about individual responsibility, we should have an individual choice to decide if we want health care or not
10:15 am
should not be forced down our throats. >> patti ann: thank you both tore joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> kelly: well, that debate continues, a punishment for student bullies after their cruel video goes viral. we'll tell you what happened to the kids, who reported themselves for harassing a bus man tore. >> patti ann: an air marshal fired from the tsa. why they were taken from the job. >> kelly: and prosecutions their own thoughts, joe micah voted to hold eric shoulder in contempt of congress, we'll ask where their investigation goes from here. . >> a crass effort and a great disservice to the american people. our homes work for us.
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>> the middle school students who recorded themselves bullying a bus monitor are now suspended from school for one year, the video of their cruel treatment went viral online. >>
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>> representatives for the upstate new york school district, say the four students must go to another school next year, they cannot ride school busses and each will have to complete 50 hours of community service, after the video spread well-wishers helped to raise $660,000 to send the monitor on vacation and yesterday, a radio station in boston welcomed her and red carpet and one of the city's famous duck boat rides. >> kelly: john tesh is a singer of many talents, singer, song writer, and syndicated radio show and used his influence to help people across america, helping them to live their lives beyond a dre dream. ♪ ♪ somewhere beyond the sea ♪ somewhere waiting for me
10:21 am
>> on his latest musical cd, john tesh captures the era of swing, the big band sound so popular during world war ii. america's greatest generation. john says it's music he learned from his parents. >> these are songs that my parents were playing on the victrola and it was everything from, you know, count bassi to duke ellington, benny goodman, all of those songs, when we decided, trying to decide what project to do this time around, why don't we go back and do our roots. >> my first day, and i miss you my love more than i know. i can only imagine what, god to guide me and bring you back to you. >> kelly: in the musical project he produced for pbs, john reveals a very personal connection to the men and women of world war ii, reading excerpts of letters from his dad's diary. his father, john tesh, sr. was in the navy and wounded during the war. >> every day from the moment
10:22 am
he enlisted he told, he was writing love letters to my mom, just about the day, what was going on, his fears and aspirations and many of that stuff and there were times he was on the tower and his watch as chief petty officer would be basically call it out, when the japanese zero would come in and he was writing about all of this stuff. >> kelly: john says before his father died he instilled in him the value of service to god and country, service is ingrained in john's character and he designed his radio show for the purpose of serving people with information and inspiration to help improve their lives in a tough economy and in difficult times. >> let's go deeper than your music and your radio program, because you're driven with a purpose driven life. so, what's the purpose you're trying to instill in people or introduce them to. >> well, the purpose driven life bye rick warren wrote that book and that's really the, other than the bible, the manuscript for how to live an amazing life and it's
10:23 am
basically, you know, i think john ort birg said between this day and the next we'll give ourselves to something, we will, worship something and decision on what that is will end up shaping our destiny. >> kelly: here is a guy i'm looking at accomplished the american dream. is this your way of giving back to people to let them know they, too, can achieve the dream. >> it's in our dna to serve so i'm basically hooked. i think it's fun to do things like the intelligent kindness initiative where we go and he hope the homeless and training dogs for veterans that have ptsd. and that kind of stuff, your kids see it that's cool, but it's an interesting high. >> kelly: i like the way you put it though, it's not just-- it's not about giving back, it's about serving. >> yeah. >> kelly: don't we need more of that right now. >> we do. and it's great when you have a lot of money or a little bit of money, it's great to give the money, but if you want to do something for yourself. you've got to step out of your facebook page and get into the the street and actually do something to get your hands
10:24 am
dirty. >> i really like that, get your hands dirty, step out of your facebook page and get involved in people's lives. >> john tesh showing others and of course himself how it live life beyond a dream. >> great stuff. sounds like a nice guy. some federal air marshals are out of a job today. fired for something that may shock you, and now be, even more are suspended. >> and they will the not prosecute the top law enforcement officer despite the householding him in contempt of congress. next, we will hear what republicans will do next. . >> i am proud of the fact that we are bringing up this contempt. it's sad at that we got to this day. we have no other choice, but we as a body, as an institution, a separate branch of government have to duty and obligation and we're fulfilling that here today. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains
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>> and welcome back. the justice department refusing to prosecute attorney general eric holder after he is held in contempt of congress. the deputy attorney general telling house speaker john boehner that holder's refusal to provide documents related to the operation fast and furious investigation, quote, does not constitute a crime. and that the doj will not bring the-- doj being the department of justice will not bring the contempt citation before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the attorney general. well, officials say fast and furious was supposed to track guns from the u.s. to drug cartels in mexico, but investigators say the feds failed to follow those weapons. two weapons turned up the at the murder scene of border patrol agent brian tear you i. republican john micah is one of the house members who voted to hold the attorney general in contempt and a member of the oversight committee. he's here to share details on
10:30 am
what the republicans will do next in the 18 month long case, what will you do next? >> well, congress actually passed two measures, one to hold him in contempt on their criminal basis and the second on a civil basis. and currently, we didn't expect the department of justice to take action against the attorney general. although, we think it was warranted, and there was an individual who was a agen agentn the united states, killed. the department of justice put the scheme together and supplied weapons to murderers and drug dealers in mexico. on the criminal charges that should have been pursued and it's now being by the department of justice and it will go to the civil suit, trying to get the documents what it's about. >> kelly: counsngressman, you'r
10:31 am
trying to get the documents with the specific dates. we'll listen to eric holder responding to the contempt of congress vote that took place, let's listen right now. >> what concerns with operations fast and furious first came to light. i took action. and ordered an independent investigation into what happened. and i also made sure that agents and prosecutors across the country knew that such tactics must never be used again. i put in place new policies, new safeguards, and new leadership to make certain of this. and took extraordinary steps to facilitate robust congressman oversight. now, let me be very clear, that was my response to operation fast and furious and any suggestion to the contrary is simply not consistent with the facts. >> kelly: all right. so, congressman, there is the chief law enforcement of the land, the attorney general stating unequivocally that he believed he carried out what
10:32 am
was supposed to be done and now, i understand that your oversight committee is looking for the those particular documents. how do you measure that against what he said. >> let's go back, first he said he did everything he could to facilitate congressional oversight. well, that, first of all, fiasco. secondly, what he did was from february 4th, in 2011, for some, some 11 months, he did everything he could to thwart and deny that the department of justice or he knew anything about this. so, first, he's not telling us the truth and secondly, he's done everything to obstruct this investigation. and that's why it was held in contempt. because he did not provide us the material that we requested to, only a small percentage and then tried to close down the investigation. >> kelly: all right. congressman, so i hear what you're saying, you're saying that he tried to close down
10:33 am
the investigation, was not really being complicit with your demands in getting those specific documents, so, let's hear his response to those allegations that he was lying to congress with the attorney general's talking-- the attorney general talking right now. >> others, however, have devoted their time and their attention to making reckless charges, unsupported by fact, and to advancing truly absurd, truly absurd conspiracy theories. unfortunately, the same members of congress were nowhere to be found when the justice department and others invited them to help look for real solutions to the terrible problem of violence on both sides of our southwest border. >> and congressman, as you know, he went on to follow that up, basically the oversight committee and the contempt of congress vote was basically he said, merely a
10:34 am
political witch hunt. >> well, that's a terrible thing for the attorney general to say. we are a duly charged, under the constitution, under the rules and laws of the house body to investigate the actions of any agency. they have not cooperated. they failed to give us the documentation. they are in contempt and they've been in contempt and i think his statement, as i said on the floor, is showing contempt for the congressional process of investigation and oversight. >> congressman, how do you bring it to a solution to appease the oversight committee through this civil contempt charge? >> well, again, we're asking for, i think, a reasonable request, to get all of the information we've requested. we know there's a great deal of data, we've requested that
10:35 am
and he's tried to selectively provide it to our committee. which is not acceptable. this is an investigation of congress and the duly constituted arm, to investigate. so, it's not going to be over. we will pursue the civil aspects of this, and we'll do everything we can to get the facts, hold people accountable. this is about holding people accountable. >> kelly: congressman, we'll leave it there, i'm sure you have a lot more work to do as you look at the days and weeks ahead. congressman micah, thank you. >> good to be with you thank you. >> patti ann: and voters go to the polls in mexico, the first since the military was deployed against drug cartels six years ago. the operation sparked a bloody conflict, killing thousands. so what will mexico's next leader do to stop the violence and prevent it from spilling over the border? william la jeunesse is streaming live now from mexico city with the story, hi,
10:36 am
william. >> there are three candidates in this race, they've been referred to as the lady, the leftist and the heartthrob. and all indications is enrique, the handsome former governor married to a hot actress, she's, they've been called the brad pitt and angelina jolie of mexico, they say he's going to win by double digits. he comes from the same corrupt, oppressing and vote rigging political party that mexicans threw out of party 12 years ago after seven decades in power. for mexico the fall of that party was like the fall of the berlin wall. he says his party has changed, but others are not convinced. >> the candidates of the powers that be, corrupt leaders, the tv networks, the
10:37 am
government, the governments, so the question is, is he going to be loyal to them. >> reporter: the second is lopez, and nearly had the presidency six years ago. and and his campaign slogan was for the good of everyone, but the poor come first and that didn't work, he changed it to real change. the next candidate is molta. they've never performed and blame on the cartels and reform investment and economic growth. >> there have been no significant economic reforms in the past 12 years and the security situation has gotten much worse. at least for the three, economic reform has passed, you had a decent security situation. .
10:38 am
>> reporter: so, american officials fear that he's going to take his foot off the pedal and let the cartels run more drugs for exchange in reduction in violence which is what mexicans want and a higher standard of living and also willing to look past the discretions, he cheated on his first wife and fathered two children out of wedlock, but appears to get another chance. >> patti ann: live from mexico, thank you. >> kelly: the tsa firing eight federal air marshals in new york city for drinking on the job. six more air marshals were suspended for not reporting the behavior. molly line has more details on this from our new york city news room, molly. >> kelly, it's the latest scandal to hit a federal agency a major security mission and stems from drinking on the job. announcing 14 employees of the federal air marshal service are facing serious disciplinary action when say inappropriate behavior while on duty.
10:39 am
the drinking occurred at a restaurant in february, during lunch time not far from the field office near jfk training ofls. and reported via a website, where employees report on unethical behavior. they're firing eight federal air marshals for drinking on the job and six more for failing to report it and while none were slated to fly that day, the agency has a very firm rule that alcohol cannot be confirmed when employees are on the clock and they released a statement, saying, that the tsa holds all employees to the highest ethical standards and zero tolerance in the work place. the affirms to the highest standard and conduct of accountability. now, david cass, the former drug enforcement special agent and founder of the global security group thinks that the tsa was hard on the marshals. while there's much that the tsa is not disclosing about
10:40 am
this incident, he believes that the tough punishments may rely from the secret service scandal in south america. >> perhaps, what happened in columbia has spilled through the federal law enforcement community, so, the way, the way the information i have is that this investigation probably preceded at that event and it was in the works and columbia happened and there's a lot of pressure coming from the administration and elsewhere, to crack down on this kind of behavior. >> on friday, the marshals were notified by the discipline tax and told to turn in their weapons. kelly. >> thank you, molly. >> you might start speaking italian when you're driving the new 2012 fiat a spunky vehicle named after a racing team and gary gastelu takes the fiat 500 for a test drive. >> exotic italian cars, the dreams of many, but within reach of few, except for one. this is the fiat 500 abart, a
10:41 am
high performance version of the spunky sub compact, that j.lo doesn't really life in the bronx. it comes from a racing team named fiat and use today designate the highest performing model. >> this is that. nearly 60% more horsepower than the 500, and fills the parking space in your neighborhood. turbocharged 4 cylinder, for the glorious exhaust, it looks like a four wheel vespa, but sounds more like a small aircrafts. it's got a tighter lower suspension, great on a billiard table surface like this, less so in midtown manhattan. bigger brakes and tires, of course, and electronic split differential to put the power down. a short wheel base does make it twirly for the highest of high jinks, but still classy drive. you may have heard the term la
10:42 am
dolce vita. and as far as the exotic credentials, made 3000 of these for 2012 and reportedly sold out. and with mario andretti behind the wheel, and a hard time staying in front. but 22,700 buy about ten of these for the price of one of those. and m monticello, new york, gary gastelu, fox news. >> patti ann: to learn more, go to fox car >> kelly: well, new numbers show that the job market is struggling. and consumer spending is weak. it the country's economic growth stalled? we'll take a look at the warning signs next. a party?
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>> new signs that america's economy may be stalled and claims for benefits at 386,000, near the highest level of the year and consumer
10:47 am
spending is flat and at .1%, so, what is the cause of the slide and how do we get people spending again? jonathan hoenig is a portfolio manager at capitalist pig hedge fund and a regular on cashing in. and joins us to say why everything seems to be flat lined. what's going on? . as you pointed out. it's hot outside across most of the country, not so hot on wall street and in the economy, which as you pointed out. judging by the data remains on shaky ground and consumer spending flat for the past reading and the job market is soft at 8.2%, and the jobless findings as you pointed out at a nearly high. most disconcerting to me is that the consumer confidence now at a six month low he, and now that's after gas price haves come down and of course after the trillions of dollars that the government pumped into the economy doesn't seem
10:48 am
to be having an effect. >> kelly: and jonathan i hear you saying there's uncertainty. what's causing uncertainty among american consumers? >> i think, certainly from my perspective when people look around the globe, kelly, they see tremendous implosion in europe and they see the big spending culture, entitlement, unlimited spending from government gone awry and causes a lot of people to go back, and are we going to end up in very much the same situation and also a tremendous amount of intervention, you know, inspired to promote confidence among consumers and it hasn't happened. in fact, amongst investors, they're actually pulling money out of stocks and they're pulling money out of their investments and the economy need to grow through confidence and the economy doesn't have it. >> jonathan, how do you see us steering clear and out of this malaise that we've been under for the past two and a half, three years. >> that's a great point, kelly. three years now after the recession supposedly ended and
10:49 am
we're not seeing it show up in a lot of the economic data. in fact, we're lagging behind so many of the other recoveries in our economic history. i believe what this economy needs is lower taxes, lower regulations, and more confidence among consumers, and i think that's starts to get more money flowing into the economy and the economy heating up again. >> thank you for your perspective, sir, have a great saturday. thank you. >> all right. >> a break through for millions of people who struggle with their weight. the f.d.a. aperfecting a new diet pill. the first in over a decade. could it be the key to weight loss? we'll have details ahead next. ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams
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>> a medical break through in the fight against obesity, the f.d.a. approving the first diet drug in a decade. how does this weight loss pill work? dr. david somati, is a member of the medical team. how does it work? >> it's actually one of the new medications approved by f.d.a. the last decade. works on recenptors in the brain, feels like you're not
10:54 am
going to eat much. the average weight with 220 pounds and the final weight 207. they lost about 5% of their body weight. so a lot of people look at this and say, what is 5% of your body weight. it's not much, but in obese patient even losing 5% of the weight could be extremely helpful and lower their blood pressure and lower the cholesterol and long-term can save them from heart attack. so, so far it's very good news and one on the market called xenical or ally, it's been around and the other one on the horizon nexta, it's going to be maybe approved by the f.d.a. july 17th. >> patti ann: and doctor, the side effects? >> look if you're a pregnant woman you should absolutely not touch this. some of the side effects, if a seeing, dizziness, cardiac side effects we don't know about and we need longer term follow-up and study and it's it's coming to the market and
10:55 am
discussion between the doctor and patients. it's with some high blood pressure. not everyone, if you're healthy and you want to lose 10 pounds because you want to go to the beach, you can't touch this midcation. >> patti ann: how does it compare with surgery? >> surgery is more invasive and a quicker result with this kind of a lining, it's long term, no head to head study, this drug or surgery. the doctors have to go over everything with you, before you can be a candidate for this medication. on the topic of weight loss, there's a government panel recommending now that doctors routinely calculate their patients bmi, body mass index, what do you think about that. >> normally in our history and physical, we're not trained to talk about obesity on a regular basis, whether you're a surgeon or you're a doctor, so they're bringing this on the forefront, because obesity
10:56 am
is on the rise and over a third of the country suffering from obesity, so, knowing your body mass index is extremely important, if your bmi is less than 25, your normal is at 25 and 30, you're overweight, and over 30, obese. u.s. understands if you have a face-to-face conversation with your patient, it could be effective in order to lose weight so it's a very healthy discussion. >> kelly: very good discussion, something that we can all live by and help us, obesity is on the rise and so many other diseases as well. doctor, good to have you. >> thank you very much. >> have a great weekend. >> and that's going to do it for us, i'm kelly wright, thank you for joining us today. >> i'm patti ann browne, coming up next the journal editorial report. have a great day everyone. >> see you everybody. [ male announcer ] we imagined a vehicle
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