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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 30, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it.this is . hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. >>. >> gregg: fox news alert. a nation's capital declaring a state emergency. deadly storms leaving three million americans at the mercy of mother nature. killing at least 11 people a third of the country smothered by dangerous triple-digit heat. more severe storms may object the way. welcome to a brand-new hour, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. washington, d.c. now under a state of emergency, water use is being restricted after filtration plants and other facilities lost power, all of this creating a dangerous
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situation for firefighters and nearly everyone else in the city. check out the scene in ft. wayne indiana, folks there still under a severe thunderstorm warning. things not much better in parts of ohio. damage so bad. several motorists had to be rescued from live power lines. doug mckelway is live in springfield, virginia with more. >> reporter: this is the location where last night a man died. it's across the street in springfield, virginia. a man was driving down this road. a tree came tumbling down across the road drag go high tension power lines. it was several hours before authorities were able to extract his body from the car. just up the street a 90-year-old woman asleep in her bed had a tree crashed through the house crushed her to death.
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the governor of virginia, bob mcdonald has declared a state of emergency. he calls it the worst non-hurricane damage in the state's history. as many as three million people in the mid-atlantic states without power at a time when the temperatures yesterday was hovering 104 degrees. today they are just hundred degrees and are expected to remain that way for the next few days. power crews from as far away of the state of of texas are being mobilize today help restore power but consider the defendant of that. they have to be equipped and caravan is probably at least two day drive before they can even begin to get underway with the repair work. let me describe the scene. i've been a lifelong resident of this part of the country. the storm came through for the first time in my life, i actually summoned the family down to the basement. i thought a tornado was just
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around the bend. got up this morning, to find power lines down, trees down everywhere. traffic lights not working, gas stations unable to pump gas. most shopping centers are closed and ones that are open or the major grocery store chains that have generators. starbucks kiosk in a grocery store had a line of about 200 people long. the wssc, sanitary commission that provides water has issued water restrictions here. people are not allowed to water their lawns, wash their cars, excess washing. they are fearful they will have to issue a boiled water alert because they are unable to filter water. that is where it stands right now. we'll be coming throughout the evening to provide further updates. >> heather: thank you so much. doug, we'll check in back with you. take a look at some of the
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u-report photos showing the destruction from the storm. major damage in cam bridge, ohio where the car was stuck upside-down and several buildings were flattened during the storm. in baltimore, a tree snapped right down the middle, take a look there. have some amazing innings, e-mail them to u reported at fox we may put them on tv but remember always stay safe. >> greg: extreme temperatures greg more dangerous conditions. heat advisories, excessive heat warnings are out for a third of united states. the mercury rising in the triple-digit fritz the plains to the east coast the pacific northwest, virtually the only region getting some relief. several heat-related deaths have been reported this week and health officials are expecting a spike in emergency room visits.
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you definitely want to stay indoors and drink plenty of water. try to stay cool. >> heather: another fox news alert. an army of firefighters raging battle against an epic wildfire in colorado springs, going door to door, searching for bodies and making another grim discovery. finding a second body in the wreckage of one house. this as president obama gets a firsthand lack look at the devastation. the charred ruins where the fires have destroyed already 350 homes. alicia is live on the front lines in colorado springs. >> reporter: they have reached 30% containment. >> heather: i understand, there
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are rough conditions as they continued to battle those fires. also a little later we'll have the latest on the all out fight on this wildfire. keep it right here on that developing story. >> gregg: in the meantime, there are new reports of the u.s. supreme court's historic decision on the president's healthcare law may be creating problems for democrats out on the campaign trail. some of president obama's supporters wanted to avoid the rowdy heavily gatd gt that dominated the 2010 midterm elections when republicans you may recall won big time. david hawkins, those democrats probably recall how the anger of the healthcare law in 2010 led
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to what turned out to be the midterm defeat of president's party since 1928. what are the chances that the same thing could happen same thing could happen in 2012? >> there are a couple chances, but because in the congressional schedule there are two senators, mccaskell of months plrz and the senator of montana. though voted for the healthcare overhaul and they are in the tightest battle for reelection right now. when we talk about the republicans of having a chance to pick up three or four seats to take over the senate we are really only talking about those two at the moment who are incredibly vulnerable. the rest come from retirements. there are a couple of others, nelson of florida, brown of ohio they are somewhat personally vulnerable but those are the two we're watching and those two as you were alluding to have shied very much away of really saying
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anything all that newsworthy. >> gregg: look, the flip side here, i want to be fair about this to the white house and president, his signature achievement has been vindicated constitutionally. and conservative columnist peg any noonan wrote this about it. for the first time in months the president looks like he is on the upper lator, not the downelator but we get it. this may mark a turning point for his directionless campaign that the white house has once found a serum. if the supremes reverse the president's campaign? >> it could. what it does do it gives the president a reset button to hit. they admit they really haven't done a good job of selling of what they view as a benefit to
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the public because of the what the the way of supreme court decided. the president will say at every campaign stop. here is what this law will give many americans, kids can stay on the americans plan until they are 26. you can't discriminate against a customer because of preexisting conditions. he is going to talk about free preventative care for women. those widely popular things. they haven't sold the benefits that much and he'll say, how much worse things would be if it hadn't been for this law. >> gregg: this is not a law, david. it has become more popular and acceptable overtime. take a look at fox news poll. on the eve of the ruling, night before, 60% think the mandate is violation of individual rights, that includes nine in ten republicans. this is the important parted. two-thirds of independents think so, as well. that it's violation of
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individual rights. david, might this drive those moderates, though independents that are key to any election into the red column? >> certainly could. those are interesting statistics to be sure. interesting numbers. i wonder, i still wonder how the obama administration let the messaging slip over the lasts two years. clearly the opponents have done a terrific job of mounting their arguments. you talk to people who consider themselves as independents all the time. they are much more likely to explain their view the way the opponents of law would like to have them explain it. maybe it's too late. what do we got, 21 weeks before the election? maybe it's too late. >> gregg: it's going to be a long four months. important part of the supreme court decision, the lynch opinion of it all, is the high
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court said, linchpin, this is actually a tax. which belies president obama's claim that absolutely not a tax. those are his words. republicans are already, david, blaming him for what they call the biggest tax increase in history. they say it's going to be hitting the middle-class the most. if that is sort of sog and that hits, how important could that be? >> very, very important. i think you are pointing to where this debate is headed. if the republicans really feel, chief justice roberts and surprised may have handed them sort of a trojan horse victory and given the unpleasant decision, is what the republicans can use. you will here tax, tax and not the phrase individual mandate out of republicans anymore. they are going to talk about tax. rand paul is already talking
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about this the stamp acted of 21st century which led to the boston tea party. this will be the line from here on out. it if sticks the president is going to have a problem. >> gregg: and pelosi won't answer the question if it's a tax and jay carney, white house press secretary, no, it's still not a tax. supreme court said its tax. look there is something else that chief justices roberts did. he wrote a couple of things that could be interpreted as very critical of the president and the democrats who passed the law. i want to put it up on the screen. he went referred to political leaders that can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with him as if he was ep endorse that go notion. that is going to be in a republican ad near ui sometime real soon, isn't it? >> i think it probably already
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is. we haven't seen them out there in montana or missouri. absolutely. this will be a quote that the pundits will show it time and time again. chief justice's approach is fascinating. you probably talked about this, there is some evidence if you read the opinion, it sure looks as though the chief justice was writing a decision to join with not the majority. he switched his mind at the end and this very tartd line about not my job to protect the people from who they elected, might have been part of his move at the end. >> gregg: could have been. we love to read things into things in supreme court decisions. >> he is going to an island in malta to get away from it. go teach a course in island fortress in the middle of mediterranean. >> gregg: i got a big laugh. i'm going into hiding. no kidding.
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david, great to see you. >> heather: justices announcing they will not prosecute a man after eric holder was the first sitting cabinet member in history to be held in contempt of congress. they say he is withholding documents in the operation of fast and furious. doj insists this is not a criminal matter. saying the documents were sealed by the president under executive privilege. as you may remember, fast and furious cloud guns to be trafficked into mexico in hopes of tracking the weapons to drug cartels. hundreds of guns vanished and some of the guns surfaced at the scene of a murder of a border patrol agent. >> in mexico, voters head to the polls tomorrow to choose a new president. the election comes as the drug war in mexico intensifies with
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more than 50,000 people killed in the last six years. the candidates making their case for stopping the violence and keeping it in spilling over into the united states? william is streaming live from mexico. william? >> reporter: mexico's war against the cartels has been no more successful than america's war on drugs. voters are disappointed. they appear ready to switch forces, after 12 years out of power, political party known for cronyism and corruption appears on the verge of a dramatic come back and victory in sunday's presidential elections. it appears that voters are willing to overlook the revolutionary party and give them a second chance. but appear by a wide margin to overlook the inif i details of their candidate. the candidate admitted cheating on his first wife and having two
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children out of wedlock with different women and he took no hits in the position. >> the powers that be, billionaires, the corrupted leaders, the tv, two the conservative government, so the question is he going to be loyal to them? >> reporter: by contrast, his rival went from second to third after having done interviews on a treadmill to show how dry nap i can. nearly fainted after a speech. she is mexico's first female presidential candidate but carries the failed record of reform of the current ruling party. >> they have been no economic
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reforms and security situation has gotten much worse. economic reforms past, you had a decent secured situation. >> the former mayor have mexico city and founder of leftist party is a high charging guy. polls show him down in double-digits and after the lieu go the presidency of 2006. obrador led protests that left mexico city gridlocked for week. today he preaches love and understanding and promises. he says the economy has been stagnant. pe. the going head to head against the cartels has not worked. he is known as pragmatist. a lot of reforms if he could get congress to go along from the u.s. point of view that
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basically mexico is going to pull back from the drug war and in exchange for a reduction in violence which ask what mexicans want. >> heather: william, thank you. charges are getting tipsy at the tsa with federal air marshals, what they are accusofr colleagues are in hot weather. >> and sir lancelot of cycling world may be losing his crown. >> and world powers trying to end the violence in syria but after a more than a year of bloodshed will anything work? we'll have a fox team in syria with a live report coming up. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin
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>>. >> heather: hair force is investigating what appears to be a disturbing trend at an air base in texas, 31 women coming forward with sexual misconduct claims dating back as far as 2004.
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>> they believe all 31 of female victims are still in the air force but basic training instructor, twel of them are involved. one of twel men, an air force staff sergeant is facing 28 charges, ranging from aggravated sexual conduct to rape. it's where all air force recruits have to report for basic training. leon panetta recruits are very vulnerable during the training and military leadership has to make sure instructors, quote, don't take advantage of that situation. >> the command structure from the chairman on down have made it clear to the leadership in this department that this is intolerable. it has to be dealt with. we have absolutely no tolerance for any form of sexual assault. this matter, i can assure you is going to be fully investigated.
1:24 pm
>> reporter: women make up about 22% of air force recruits there and only 10 be of basic training instructors. one female member of congress says the military has shown it can't police itself on race and sexual assault. >> the solution is to take the reporting and investigation of cases of rape and sexual assault out of the military chain of command and place them in a separate office independent of the chain of command with the authority to investigate and prosecute within the military. >> there are 500 basic training instructors and nine being investigated are also in the same squad. leader of that squad, has been relieved of his post there for an unacceptable level of misconduct but he has not been charged with misconduct.
1:25 pm
>> the time for talking with syria could be over soon. action possibly replacing words, dramatic announcement of secretary of stated hillary clinton that could be a game changer. a live report from damascus. >> heather: plus egypt's new president making waves calling the release for a man plotting to blow up new york city landmarks. is this a sign what to come in u.s. egypt relations. >> gregg: still ahead the damage is being compared to a nuclear bomb the worst wildfire ever in colorado. latest on the search for the victims. >> it is deja-vu. i have to be put in place. >> we lost a lot of possessions. some are easily replaceable but some are not. x! ( dog barking )
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>>. >> gregg: world leaders holding last ditch talks in geneva agreeing on a transition government in syria. the goal is to keep a u.n. peace plan live and avoiding a full-blown war in the region. hillary clinton calling on sanctions urging military action if necessary in syria. >> assad will still have to go. he will never pass the mutual consent test given the blood on his hands. >> gregg: as the diplomats work out details bloodshed goes on. government forces pushing into rebel city after weeks of killing. gregg pal kotd is streaming live from damascus. >> reporter: they talk in geneva we just got an unconfirmed
1:31 pm
report government mortars are firing on anti-assad funeral in damascus and 20 minute drive north where i'm standing, that city, the city of duma and said to be a devastated war zone. for the last ten days, syrian artillery and tanks have been pounding the place. there are a lot of rebels there but are a lot of other people there, too. population half a million. dozens said to be killed. many more injured. many have fled. when the fighters left overnight apparently the troops moved in. the activists are calling it a massacre and one of many hot zones encircling the capital. they are trying to live life as if it was normal. frankly, to diplomacy, they not paying much attention to it, as well. we spoke to a high level official that they told us in no
1:32 pm
uncertain terms they will not neighboring any direction from outside countries. as for the rebels, they have said flatly that they would not participate in any future government in which president assad participated and that door was still left open by the end statement coming from talks today. so the fighting could very well continue. >> gregg: greg palkot streaming live. thank you. >> heather: fox news alert. firefighters searching for victims in the ruins of more than 350 homes destroyed in colorado's waldo canyon fire. the most destructive fire in state history. at least two people are dead. fewer than ten people are unaccounted for and about 10,000 people remain evacuated from their homes. joining us now on the phone, nick can is a public information officer. thank you for joining us.
1:33 pm
>> so bring us up to speed. what is the latest on the containment efforts? >> for the waldo canyon fire, they are about 25% containment for that fire. >> heather: have you ever seen anything like this? >> we were looking back at the records for the state. these fires are just so much more destructive in relation to the loss of life and loss of property than anything we've seen in decades. >> heather: baby taking a look at devastation. it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. tell us about some of the scenes that you have personally seen? >> i was down in the area on tuesday night when the fire erupted. just to see miles of mountain ridge on fire, it's just unbelievable to see.
1:34 pm
>> heather: i would imagine incredibly scary for everyone there? >> fortunately this area has practiced evacuations for a while for fires. those exercises really paid off in getting people out of those areas quickly and safely. >> heather: so about 10,000 people, they remain displaced by the wildfire? >> that is correct. for waldo canyon area, that is correct. we do have other fires in the state with evacuations as well. >> heather: anyone in that area who is listening to you you right now, what advice do you have for them and what precautions do they need to be taking? >> right now, with waldo canyon fire, i would suggest that anyone affected really take advantage of disaster recovery center opened. they can go there and get face
1:35 pm
to face supported from the agencies and county and state to help them begin the steps to of recovery. >> heather: in terms of the fire fighting efforts going on right now, what all is being used to fight these fires? >> each of the incident commanders have specific requests. those resources so far have all been sent to them and requests of have all been met. they are icing ground resources and air support. anything that it takes to get these fires out. >> heather: what are the weather conditions like out there today? >> it's hot. we are projected to be at hundred degrees. so we continue to have those high temperatures, dry conditions. >> heather: then finally the latest on injuries and deaths as a result? >> with waldo canyon fire we
1:36 pm
have two confirmed fatalities, and that brings it up to six fatalities since the beginning of year. >> heather: about 350 homes destroyed, businesses, as well? >> homes are just under 350, just for this fire. we have 259 homes that were destroyed in the hyde park fire that we hope to have fully contained >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciated it. thank you. >> gregg: heartbreaking situation. want to tell you about a dramatic scene inside an arizona courtroom. video went viral on this other story. we'll tell you what happened to bullies that gangsd up on a bus monitor and how her public fight earned her a walk down the red
1:37 pm
carpet. >> heather: one u.s. city became the biggest in the nation to file for bankruptcy. so how did their debt get so out of hand and sit warning what is to come for more states? >> where has that money gone? what it has been used for over the years? >> i can't afford medical insurance. you i have to take my medication. i have to or i will die. i don't understand what ask wrong with you people. do you even care? from around the world... ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this.
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>>. >> gregg: remember this story, middle school student reporteding themselves blualg bus monitor bringing her to tears. they are now suspended from for school for a full year. that was their punishment. video went viral after the kids posted it on line.
1:42 pm
>> gregg: the things they said about her were despicable. they say the boys will go to another school next year. they can't ride school buzz and complete 50 hours have community service. video entered the national spotlight. they have raised $700,000 to send the bus monitored on a vacation of her dreams and then some. yesterday, a radio station in boston welcomed her to the city with flowers and a red carpet walk. they also gave her a trip on one of famous duck boats. >> i like that look. she is such a wonderful person. she actually didn't want the
1:43 pm
kids to be criminally prosecuted. she said, look all kids are not bad and god bless her she is a wonderful person. >> heather: absolutely. in other news, new concerns about america's financial safety coast to coast. stockton, california becoming the largest city to file for bankruptcy. years of mismanagement leaving the city with millions in debt. is this an ominous sign for other american cities big and small. carl harrington is managing partner of harrington capital management. so begin specifically with stockton. what does it mean for the city of stockton? >> i think we know that throughout the united states cities as well as throughout the world right now, there they have financial problems. i would say this, there needs to be serious pension financial reform, entitlement reform
1:44 pm
throughout all these cities throughout the united states and arguably throughout the world. i would say this. this is in my mind the beginning of something that could be a rebuilding process. so they filed for bankruptcy. now, they can start going down the path hopefully figuring out how to responsibly manage the financing associated with the district. >> stockton is the largest city by population to seek chapter nine protection but they aren't alone by any monies? >> no, like i said to you, california has severe financial problems throughout the entire state. i think this could be, a redirection, filing chapter 9 in this case and then going through the process of figuring out their income statement and balance sheet in a lot better fashion. >> heather: what does it mean
1:45 pm
for other american cities? >> i think you are going to see unfortunately more of this throughout the u.s. i think that is the reason why you are seeing an equity market, stock marketing be so volatile. whether it be western european countries like spain or italy going through similar processes. there needs to be financial reform. i think you are going to see more cities in the u.s. go down this path in than effort to begin the process to start rebuilding. >> by comparison. 1.5 million americans file for a personal bankruptcy. some 550,000 companies file for business bankruptcy. what does it say about the state of our economy? >> listen. it's no secret. volatility is here. it will continue to be here. we're is starting to see people, individuals that manage their own personal household income statements, cities throughout the u.s. and countries within the world that are starting to
1:46 pm
address and work through the issues that they need to work through. a lot of those issues is pension reform. some of those issues are entitlement reform. there snow possible way you can continued down the path of paying pension or entitlements and continued to think you are going remain solvent. >> so your final piece of advice for people? >> final piece of advice, sit down and look at your individual income and expenses and pay close attention in these markets to protecting and preserving your capital in a very diligent fashion. >> heather: carl harrington, thank you so much. we appreciate your insight. >> gregg: egypt's new president not getting off on the right foot with some in the united states. mohammad morsi calling for the release of the man who was the spiritual advisor to those behind the bombing of the world
1:47 pm
trade center in 1993. what does this mean for our future relations with egypt? we'll talk about it next. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
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>>. >> gregg: there are new questions on the direction of long time u.s. 85 in the middle
1:51 pm
east. mohammad morsi promising a new egypt as he took the oath of office today, but the incoming president also making a very troubling pledge vowing to work, terrorists imprisoned in the u.s. for a plot to blow up land marks, also serving the spiritual advisor for a terrorist convicted in the entity 3 world trade center bombing. joining me is senior advisor christian whitten. good to see you. look, rachman is convicted terrorist to be sure but i don't think a lot of people realize, his fattah was cited by osama bin laden as religious authority and justification for the 9/11 attacks. so when the new president of egypt uses his very first speech
1:52 pm
to demand the blind shake's release from prison, that is not a good sign for new u.s. egyptian relations? >> it's an extremely bad sign to do this right out of the gate. it tells two things about morsi. he is holding to or in agreement to the most extreme elements of the egyptian political life. people that support terrorists and what they want to do to us. second of all it shows that he is willing to insult the american people and to insult the american government. after all, the blind shake had a fair trial and, blind sheik had a fair trial. if he did get the release of blind sheik, however, would that help average egyptians that are wondering where their next meal are coming from. >> gregg: wo one would assume that americans would tell him to stop it.
1:53 pm
and doing this, morsi is doing this to kind of throw a bone to the egyptian populace that invites the question who is in charge. egyptian military is that dissolved the parliament. they seize the parliament and issued a new charter as read it deprives the president of much of their authority. so in truth, is the military still in charge? if so maybe that is better for the united states. >> i think we're actually seeing some of the wisdom of the military in taking those decisions certainly as the new president's first at bat going for terrorists. the military in egypt as in other situations, you look at turkey where the military was a flywheel with a moderator, moderating influence, paradoxically if you want accountable government in egypt. if you want democracy in the long run, it's better to have a
1:54 pm
stronger role for the military now especially in the early days of egyptian democracy. >> gregg: is it fair to say that hosni mubarek is gone but the regime is still there. so the people that are hailing this election, transfer of power peacefully through democracy they are probably mistaken and probably more of a charade? >> mubarak is gone his family is gone. there is new political element. it's a different mix. the military isn't quite the position it was prior. so i don't think you can say it's quite the same but also one that is going to have a lot of turbulence. >> gregg: but is the muslim brotherhood come police it in allowing the military to hold on to what may be the real reins of power, acting for now as puppet or figurehead? >> there were some people that
1:55 pm
believed the muslim brotherhood made a deal with the military that they could have some power in order for the military not to crack down too hard to the brotherhood or prevent them from assuming the presidency. that gibes frankly with what we're seeing in washington where the washington power establishment has been blowing kisses from the muslim brotherhood. >> gregg: things that they are moderate. they have a long and distinguished history of lies and deception. most recent of which when mubarak was ousted from power, well, we're not going to run a candidate for president. don't worry about that. they, did they ran morsi. they have an 84-year existence of adopting anti-american, anti-israeli policies. will that continued? >> i think it will. you have to ask why would a group that has strived for this
1:56 pm
for so long that has put up with mubarak's prison, why would they change. moderate islam is have clare catholic rule. it didn't originate from iran in 1979 or saudi arabia or al-qaeda it more or less came in the modern sense from egypt from the muslim brotherhood. there has been saying in english in the western press but what they stand for, it's scary and we're seeing that with morsi's first move here. >> gregg: thank you very much. >> heather: 12 confirmed deaths and rash of violent storms in the u.s. we'll have more coming up. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see.
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>> gregg: fox news alert. a devastating storm forcing a state of emergency in the nation's capitol. 12 confirmed deaths now. millions without any power. thunderstorm warnings still in effect for some areas, plus triple digit temperatures making a bad situation much worse. welcome to a brand-new hour inside "america's news headquarters." i'm gregg gregg. >> heather: i'm heather childers. 3 million without electricity, all the way from indiana to new jersey. >> gregg: check out the destruction in west virginia where a state of emergency also in effect with nearly 700,000 without electricity in that state alone. some folks say what they saw looked like, well, something a lot more than just a
2:01 pm
thunderstorm. >> i was just pulling up into work and it looked like a small tornado above the building. there was wind and debris swirling everywhere, flying around, hitting every car in sight. it was pretty devastating for the moment. >> got in the building and next thing you know, dust cloud came and then everything started ripping off the building, smash ed cars, road was covered. pretty much tore everything up. >> gregg: doug mckelway is live in springfield, virginia. >> we're standing now at the scene where one of those 12 deaths occurred last night. a man was driving down this road at about 11:00 o'clock when a tree toppled by the ferocious winds came down on top of his car, crushing him to death. a few moments ago, i don't believe you have the video there yet, but i want to describe it 'cause it was poignant we saw a group of people approach that scene, a woman lean up against a tree and collapse onto the ground. we've since learned it was this
2:02 pm
young man's family. there were buddhist. they came here with a buddhist monk. they were all praying. apparently the family had gathered to celebrate a family birthday today and said they are mourning his death now. it makes the plight of more than 3 million people who are without power now seem petty by comparison. but this storm was truly ferocious. 3 million people, from as far west as indiana, as for north as new jersey, arrest far south as west virginia are without power that. when temperatures were hovering around 104-degree mark a. record break temperature in the nation's capitol. today they're just under 100 degrees and are expected to stay that way for several days to come. power crews from as far away as the state of texas are being mobilized to come here with the restoration of power. but consider the difficulty in doing that. they've got to get all their equipment together, the caravans together. it is at least a two-day drive. so we're look at restoration of power here to be a multi-day
2:03 pm
event. no easy situation for all of those people given the temperatures that we are facing. let me describe the storm as it came through. i've been a life long resident of the dc area. for the first time in my life, first time in a thunderstorm, i pulled my family out of bed and got them to the basement. this storm was so ferocious. we woke up to traffic lights out. they remain out at this hour. shopping centers closed up. the only stores i've seen open are the major chain grocery stores. the one i visited this morning had a starbucks kiosk. people were lined up by the hundreds. they're rationing ice because a lot of people will be without any water for days to come perhaps and water companies here are suggesting the possibility of a boil water alert because they're unable to filter their water as it now stance. greg? >> gregg: doug mckelway live in virginia, thanks very much. >> heather: exhausted firefighters getting much needed
2:04 pm
help battling the biggest wildfire in colorado state history. eight air force fire fighting planes and 150 national guard soldiers heading to the waldo canyon fire. huge walls of flames killing at least two people and engulfing nearly 350 homes there. the fires are so fierce, huge plumes of smoke could be seen from the international space station. while some people have lost everything, others are starting to return home. >> our heartaches for people that lost their lives and/or people that lost property. >> we're relieved we got to go home. we know tonight there is many, many that can't and won't be for a long, long time. >> heather: alicia is streaming live from colorado springs with the very latest. hi, alicia. >> hi. as this fire continues to burn, the 1300 firefighters working on the lines here say they have now reached 30% containment.
2:05 pm
this was a fire you'll remember that really exploded on tuesday with 65 mile-per-hour winds that drove the flames into the neighborhoods of colorado springs. what has struck a lot of people is on a block you will see a burned out home next to an untouched house. this is the kind of thing you normally see when a tornado hits a town. firefighters with careers that span decades say they have never seen a fire behave this way, which is why they are careful to talk about their progress. 17,000 acres have burned and despite the significant progress, say if the wind changes, so does that progress. as for the evacuee, some of them get a break out of that initial 32,000 to flee homes, 10,000 remain under mandatory evacuation. sadly, though, police say some people are taking advantage of this tragedy. they say they have made one arrest for looting in the burned out areas. 22 homes have been broken into in that burned out area and listen to this, heather, so many folks now who are evacuated had
2:06 pm
to take what they could after they were being chased by the flames, put it in their cars and go to hotels and now police are catching people breaking into the cars, trying to steal what little left some of these folks have. back to you. >> heather: that's awful. thank you so much. we appreciate your coverage of all this. alicia reporting live for us. >> gregg: those wildfires and fierce of sparking more now putting a big damper on some fourth of july celebrations. from utah to indiana, local governments calling off fireworks displays. they're afraid that a stray rocket could ignite dry brush. officials also warning residents not to use fireworks or sparklers in their own backyards. fires have already burned nearly two million acres in the united states this year. by the way, we'd like to see your pictures or video of the storm damage or the raging wildfires. some amazing images, e-mail them to us at the address on your
2:07 pm
screen. give us your name, location, brief description of what we're looking at and as get those, or any time today, we'll get them on tv, but do stay safe. >> heather: just days before the fourth of july, police in chicago seizing $20,000 worth of fireworks. a huge stash of fire crackers, mortars and skyrockets were found in a basement. police say 49-year-old erin torres was preparing to set up an illegal fireworks shop. the fire department warning people to beware of the dangers. >> fireworks of every kind are illegal in private possession and use in the city of chicago. we're urging people to leave fireworks to the professionals as we always do each year. >> heather: now, if you are going to buy fireworks, officials say make sure that they're legal and once again, keep it safe. >> gregg: bloodshed and chaos
2:08 pm
near syria's capitol. government troops storming into the city of duma just outside the capital of damascus. hundreds of people running from their homes. we're getting new reports of government military planes firing bombs into the city below. this is disturbing amateur videotape, dozens of bodies covered in white sheets. the red cross helping dispose of the dead. there is breaking news on a u.n. meeting in geneva about how to end the government crackdown of the greg palkot screaming live from damascus. greg? >> yeah. the words of secretary of state clinton probably getting the attention of a few officials here in damascus tonight. a few choice samples. president assad is out. his days are numbered. those comments came after that high level meeting in geneva led
2:09 pm
by kofi annan in which the group called for an end to the violence. more importantly, a transitional unity government. critically in the wording of the final commune kay, it was not excluded that he would take part. the u.s. wanted to keep him out, russia and china said no. they won. but it looks like there is more pressure on a change here in syria. around damascus today, we found people just trying to get on, trying to take their mind off that fighting. that fighting getting closer and closing to the center. probably weren't paying too much attention to diplomacy either, but we did catch up with a high level government official, spoke with him and he said the assad regime would not take any instructions from foreign countries. probably a good preview, but the government will respond to the words coming from geneva. as for the rebel fighters here, they have said flatly that they would not participate in a transitional government, which would include assad.
2:10 pm
a fight no doubt goes on. back to you. >> gregg: greg palkot, terrific reporting from inside syria. thank you very much. >> heather: coming up, new concerns of political chess games in the presidential race. so are both parties using attorney general eric holder as their political pawn? a fair and balanced debate up next. >> gregg: and tsa employees at one u.s. airport fired over claims they're having cocktails on the clock. we're going to tell where you this is happening and why some sober co-workers could be in trouble as well. >> heather: and it was one of lance armstrong's most coveted achievements. we'll tell which you part of his legacy he is at risk of losing after being charged with using performance enhancing drugs. stay with us.
2:11 pm
he he he he he he
2:12 pm
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
>> gregg: a sweet taste of freedom for a north carolina man who spent 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. lamont armstrong convicted of murder ago man in 1988. he always insisted he was innocent and the case did catch the attention of duke university's wrongful conviction unit. it found that green burrough police missed key evidence, kellogg hand print at the crime scene that belonged to somebody
2:15 pm
else. >> i prayed for this and prayed for this and prayed for this and back to what my mom said, son, don't forget to pray. for years i wrote upon deaf ears. i get deterred for two or three days. some way, somehow, god would give me the strength to pick it up again, i'd go right back. i'm somewhat angry, yeah. you can't help be. i'm human. i'm glad to see it got he could phi. >> gregg: he plans to spend time now with his family and go back to school. >> heather: new concerns this week that the u.s. attorney general is being used as a political pawn in the presidential election. eric holder became the first sitting attorney general to be found in contempt of congress
2:16 pm
this week. a move that the white house labeled a, quote, transapparently political stunt. but days before that group, a group of senate democrats pushed for new laws to give holder and any future attorney general broad new powers with regard to elections. and where democrats seen effective new tool to combat voter deception, republicans see something far more dangerous. >> new ways to enforce his prohibitions and it provides a tool for victim oversight by requiring the attorney general to report to congress the allegations of dissemination of false information within 180 days of election. >> rick: proponents of this bill seem not turned the dangers of having the justice department inject itself at the beholy spirit of politicians into prosecuting other politicians. >> heather: so are both parties august the office of the attorney general for political
2:17 pm
gaming? here for a fair and balanced debate, chairman of the civic forum pac and former outreach director for john mccain for president. and senior vice president of box, global and former communications advisor to president obama. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> heather: so are both democrats and republicans using the office of the attorney general as a political weapon? ford, i'll start with you. >> absolutely they both are. but i do think the democrats are pushing the limit of good taste because for them to say that the eric holder contempt vote is a political stunt is ridiculous because the stunt began when the d. o.j. lied to congress and the smell of a cover-up began as soon as the president exercised executive privilege. let's be honest. both sides are using it, but democrats are pushing the limit. >> heather: cory? >> i disagree with what he just offered. look, with fast and furious, we know how this thing began. it began in the bush administration and it's been in
2:18 pm
operation that's been going forward until it came to the light of the attorney general. once he found it was happening, he shook it down and it no longer exists and appointed an i.g. to look at it. we've had, by the way darrell issa has been conducting this investigation, we've had 16 times he's denied the democrats an opportunity to talk to their own witnesses. so just by virtue of how the investigation is being conducted, it's being done in a partisan way. now, you flip that and you look at what the senator is trying to do and making sure that voters have the opportunity to vote if they're eligible to do so, that is something that the justice department and the office of the attorney general should have every right to do so and the elections -- >> cory, how can you ask eric holder be the arbiter of the truth when he can't tell the truth about fast and furious? what i find ironic about the bill is senate democrats are admitting voter fraud exists. something we've been screaming about on my side for years and you guys just tell us oh, no, it
2:19 pm
doesn't exist. >> heather: taking a closer look, as part of this law that's being debated, attorney general holder, any future attorney general would have the power to prosecute those suspected of deceiving people out of their right to vote and the new law would require the attorney general to step in as an arbiter of the truth in elections, informing people about any such deceptive practices. let's listen to house minority leader nancy pelosi. this was a week and a half ago and then i want your reaction to this. >> united states is the person responsible for making sure that voter suppression does not happen in our country, that issues that relate to the civil liberties of the american people are upheld. these very same people are holding in the contempt are part of a nationwide scheme to suppress the vote. >> heather: cory, your reaction? >> that's absolutely correct.
2:20 pm
that's absolutely right what nancy pelosi just offered. look, you only have to take a look at the election in 2000 and what we saw happen in florida and the election in 2004 and what we saw happen in ohio and know these type of actions to suppress the vote are taking place in key presidential states all over the country. let's be very clear. the attorney general of the united states should have every right to make sure that if you're eligible to vote, that you have that right to vote. and quite frankly, any effort by written, verbal, or digital communications to dissuade people from voting based on false allegations should be treated just like yelling fire in a theater. >> i agree with you -- but the bottom line is this should not rest with the attorney general of the united states peace he's not independent. we do need stronger measures. some of these folks have been caught. a lot of this rests in the state's jurisdiction and we need
2:21 pm
an independent arbiter of truth. >> quite frankly, ford, you have more evidence of people work to dissuade people from voting in this country over the past three elections. >> and shaming them into voting. >> then you do of voter fraud. >> let me tell you, whether it's voter suppression or voter fraud, it all falls under the umbrella of voter fraud. for you to tell me whether it's suppression or fraud one way or the other, this should not rest in the power of the attorney general. it needs to be in a neutral entity and we do have some measures in place, with the states and consumer protection act as we saw the folks in maryland who got fined a million dollars. we need stronger measures, but i don't think this can rest with the attorney general. >> heather: to follow up on that, other republicans, they say the proposed law is unnecessary and it's unconstitutional. >> well, here is the point, the point is that these types of voter suppression efforts are
2:22 pm
spiked during presidential years. so at the very least, we should have the office of the attorney general and the department of justice should have the right, just as the law says, within 190 days to -- 180 days to look at any changes to voter laws that are going to occur within 180 days of an election taking place. that is all this law is saying. quite frankly, anybody who does not support the right of individuals and the ability to investigate people who are attempting to deny americans the right to vote, you got to take a look at them and ask the question, what's their motive and what's their motivation? >> heather: what about the timing? quickly, what about the timing of this? what's the motive there? >> i can't speak to the motive of the timing other than to say we're in a very tight election race. this thing could be -- >> president obama is concerned about winning florida. >> don't interrupt me. i haven't interrupted you. here is the bottom line. this is going to be a very tight
2:23 pm
election and quite frankly, this is an effort, we've seen all overt country as far as voter suppression, to undermine the coalition that came together historically of african-americans, hispanic, women and youth to put to elect barak obama president of the united states. now you see those efforts in full force in state legislatures and states all over the country. we need to put a stop to it. if you have the right to vote, you should be able to cast that vote. >> heather: ford, final word? >> voter fraud and suppression is a problem. i don't think it should be vested in the attorney general's power because they're beholden to the president. i think we need fair and clean elections and hopefully we can come together under nonpolitical circumstances like right now because president obama and senate democrats are worried about holding the white house and they will do anything necessary to protect it. >> heather: that's it. ford, cory, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> gregg: all right. new questions in the trayvon martin shooting and some new evidence. police records showing one detective doubted george
2:24 pm
zimmerman's story, so why did he walk free? why has that officer since been pulled from the case? our legal panel debates it coming up. >> heather: tempers flairing overt supreme court decision on healthcare. we'll take a look at the media's reaction to the case that affects every single american. max! ( dog barking ) this is the plan that revolves around you. introducing share everything. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and a single pool of shareable data that powers up to 10 devices. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon.
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>> gregg: s to bottom of the hour. triple digit temperatures smothering folks today all over the place, adding more and more danger after violent storms took out power to some 3 million people. temperatures expected to hit 110 degrees in some parts and making a bad situation worst, the thunderstorm warnings are still in effect.
2:29 pm
>> heather: the national guard springing into action as a massive wildfire continues burning out west. colorado springs police say the soldiers in the airmen being called in will help get a city where the fire destroyed some 350 homes and killed two people back to normal. >> gregg: and egypt's new leader continuing his controversial rise to power. mohammed morsi, who is calling for the release of a man convicted of plotting to blow up new york city landmarks, now sending mixed messages to nearby israel. pledging to honor egypt's international treaty, while supporting the legitimate rights of palestine. >> heather: the tsa firing eight federal air marshals in new york city for drinking on the job. and suspending six others for not reporting their actions. the employees were at a training session and not flying that day. drinking while on duty is strictly forbidden. molly line is live from our new york city news room with more.
2:30 pm
molly? >> this is the latest scandal to hit a federal agency with a major security mission. the transportation security administration announcing 14 employees of the federal air marshal service are facing serious disciplinary action related to inappropriate behavior while on duty. the drinking occurred at a restaurant in february during lunchtime not far from the new york field office. pretty close to the jfk airport and during the course of a day of training. it was reported via a web site where employees can pass on information regarding unethical behavior. the tsa now firing those eight -- that's eight federal air marshals for drinking at work and suspending six more for fail to go report the incident. none of the marshals were slated to fly that day. the agency has a firm rule that alcohol cannot be consumed when employees are on the clock. the tsa released a statement saying, tsa holds all of the employees to the highest professional and ethical standards and has zero tolerance for misconduct in the workplace. their decision to remove the individuals involved in the
2:31 pm
misconduct affirms our strong commitment to the highest standards of conduct and accountability. david katz special agent and the founder of thegroup thinks the a little hard on the marshals. while there is much the tsa is not disclose being this incident, katz believes the tough punishments may actually be coming from the recent secret service scandal in south america. >> it really comes down to did someone have a coors light with a hamburger and they're getting terminated in that's very unlikely he because the penalty is so harsh. but it's possible given what happened in colombia. maybe they're taking a zero tolerance report. >> the air marshals have turned in their credentials and weapons. >> heather: molly line, thank you. >> gregg: the supreme court's decision to uphold president obama's health care law sparking an outpouring of reaction, but
2:32 pm
not just from your average americans. the media also reacting. liz trotta is author, journalist and fox news contributor and joins us now. hi, liz. >> good afternoon, gregg. what an avalanche. you remember the days in the last three or four years when everything wrong that happened you could blame on george bush? well, believe it or not, the republicans are now blaming everything on george bush, namely his appointments of john roberts, the chief justice of the supreme court. the atmosphere i thought was best described this afternoon, if you listened to dorothy rabinowitz of the "wall street journal," she said there is a sense of betrayal in the air and boy, is that it. nobody seemed to think that justice roberts was going to vote with liberals. the comment has been wide. the "new york times," for example, if you look at page 1 of "new york times," the entire page is devoted to the story that this hasn't happened since 9-11. it's astonishing. everybody had a crack at it.
2:33 pm
and in addition to the "new york times" basically says that they're worried -- they're happy about the decision, but they're worried about issues to come before the court such as affirmative action, voting rights and same sex marriage. and they're worried that this rejection of the commerce clause to apply in this case could be a factor in those very controversial issues. dana millbank from the "washington post" citing only 37% in the gallup poll approved the court, said that he established the legitimacy of the court. that seems to be a theme. so that would make justice roberts happy. that would make the rest of the court happy, for different reasons, and that would make the democrats and republicans happy. what about the people? >> gregg: all right. can i weigh in as a lawyer? roberts' decision struck me as justifying the ill legitimacy of the court in his opinion. here is why. by declaring it a tax, which
2:34 pm
everybody said it wasn't, but by declaring it a tax, the supreme court has no jurisdiction. it must automatically, under law, that's been around for 200 years, dismiss the case until a tax is paid. that's long established law, upheld by numerous supreme courts. the tax is not paid until 2014. >> i understand that. >> gregg: so the court has no jurisdiction once it's declared a tax. but of course, lizthere is nobody higher than the supreme court. so they can just do it. >> you know, from law school professor, law school deans, free style academics who like commenting on legal issues. everybody is coming at this from a different direction. there is two things that stand out in the coverage. one is that the left is gunningly surprised because it takes the juice out of their attacks on the conservatives on the court. and the right is furious.
2:35 pm
i mean, you've got talk radio, you've got michael savage and mark levin who says it's absolutely lawless and saying it's a brutal assault on individual sovereignty. so while chief justice roberts may be going off to teach, far away from washington, the rest of us are left with trying to figure out what was he thinking? was he trying to save his own skin politically or was he really falling on the sword for the legitimacy of the court? that's really up for grabs. >> gregg: yeah. many people think it was the latter. liz trotta, as always i that for being with us. appreciate your commentary. >> thank you. >> gregg: it's a case out of suburban chicago that grabbed national headlines. drew peterson, the former police officer, goes on trial in a few weeks for the murder of his third wife, kathleen. he is also suspected of having
2:36 pm
something to do with his fourth wife's disappearance. tracy peterson. stacy peterson, excuse me. tonight judge jeanine pirro takes an in-depth look at this mystery. >> did she ever say he'll never let me leave? >> she asked how i felt about her getting divorced and i said, i was kind of scared because of what happened to kathleen. and she just kind of looked up at me with this pale look on her face and said, if anything is to happen to me, drew did something to me. i told her, let's get out of here and she said she couldn't because the kids. >> gregg: be sure to catch a special edition of "justice" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> heather: how does this sound? 2900-mile biking and walk path? it is taking shape along the east coast, stretching from florida to maine. for years, planners struggled to
2:37 pm
find a way around a rough industrial area in new jersey. after spending over $1 million, they came up with a solution and the new jersey greenway is ready to open. julie banderas reports from jersey city, new jersey. >> sometimes called the urban appalachian trail, more than a million people a year pass along some section of the east coast greenway. 2900-mile biking and walking path that runs from key west flax fellow to maine's canadian border, crossing through dozens of cities and towns, on sidewalks, old rail lines, roads, and yes, greenways. now one of the most challenging parts of the path, a two mile stretch between jersey city and newark, new jersey, is officially open. >> now people can explore this route. it's an important industrial route. it's not the prettiest area like right here if terms of tree cover and that sort of thing. but it's a very important route for new jersey and really for the whole corridor.
2:38 pm
>> while part of the path is green, weaving between the two cities, you might see less green and more grit as riders have to hop on to this highway. >> the right of way issue is the biggest hurdle. you can see with the path we built along truck route 109. it's very narrow. we would have liked to seen it wider. but because of the urban area, it is tough and it was probably our biggest hurdle is just finding a way to get it through this area. >> project backers believe the jersey city leg beats the alternative previous option of having riders pack up their bikes and board a train in newark into new york city. the greenway concept, which originated in new york city 20 years ago, is one of the largest public projects being developed in the country. >> we want to connect people so they can see the moose and the lobster of maine all the way down to the manatees of florida. the best blueberry pie, to the best key lime pie. >> the nonprofit organization's goal? to build 50 miles of new paths a
2:39 pm
year. in jersey city, new jersey, julie banderas, fox news. >> heather: julie banderas reporting from jersey city. thank you. >> gregg: new details about what may have taken place the night florida watchman george zimmerman fatally shot an unarmed teen-ager, trayvon martin. what a police detective who first investigated the case thought about zimmerman's story. plus take a look what zimmerman himself had to say. >> felt like my body was on the ground and my head was on the cement and he kept slamming it and slamming it. i kept yelling, help, help. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants,
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syou know, i've helped a lot off people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> gregg: new details revealed in court this week about the case against florida neighborhood watchman george zimmerman. he is charged with fatally shooting an unarmed teen-ager, trayvon martin.
2:44 pm
zimmerman's bail hearing yesterday, the defense said martin's death was, quote, of his own doing. however, police records show the detective who was first on the case and investigated was not convinced that zimmerman's actions were justified, but that officer has been pulled from the investigation and is now in uniform on the graveyard shift. let's get to our legal panel, robert shaw, defense attorney. david schwartz, a form prosecutor. robert, let me start with you. a person who uses deadly force must reasonably fear that his life is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death. in a, as you know, is a subjective standard which the jury will determine. it's the ultimate issue of fact. i don't think the detective would ever be allowed to offer his opinion on that ultimate issue of fact that he didn't think that zimmerman was justified. the judge is going to say,
2:45 pm
sorry. that's for the jury to decide. you can't tell them how to decide. >> right. but the people of the prosecution would do everything they could to make sure that the detective's investigation was brought forth, of it abun can'tly clear that his opinion. but again, questions can be asked and the defense attorney has every right to object to those questions. but why are you demoting the one person who said, we should arrest this individual? we should charge him with manslaughter? it makes no sense. >> gregg: you sure it was a demotion that was forced on him because the spokesman for the police department says he wanted it. it was his own choice. >> there is no way i believe that statement that a 15-year detective who is investigating potentially the most important homicide investigation in the state of florida is just going to step away -- >> gregg: it seems odd. i will admit. now, david, an unedited version of the detective's sworn statement shows that he thinks the injuries were, quote, marginally consistent with a
2:46 pm
life-threatening violent episode. isn't that good enough under the deadly force subjective standard, as i described it? >> it certainly would be good enough under the deadly force subjective standard, but again, the investigator's comments are not going to come in as to what he thinks. he's not an expert as to these injuries. so -- >> gregg: it's relevant and inadmissible. >> the case will rely on what the jury decides. not what this detective decides. what the jury decides. >> gregg: robert, you can see that i'm going not direction of david here. give your counter argument. >> off scenario where the detective was the only person in the police department that wanted to effectuate an arrest and the people will make every attempt to make sure that his -- they outline everything he did with regard to his investigation. >> gregg: it's like saying, well, the jury gets o'hare whether the detective thinks the defendant is guilty. that's never admissible. >> no. it's never going to come out.
2:47 pm
>> gregg: well, that's what this is. >> correct. but off situation of a detective who now -- you have to assume now that the george zimmerman defense team is going to have so much fodder with this demotion. he's now going to be lumped in with the police chief as almost part of the problem. he was part of the solution fort prosecution. >> gregg: you know what? we have now a transcript of the police interview that zimmerman did that night, the ren actment the next day on videotape, plethora of evidence. david issues there is something interesting. it's the physical evidence. gashes, broken nose, bruises on the head of zimmerman and a paramedic will say his entire face was covered with blood. wouldn't that physical evidence tend to corroborate the defendant's story? >> that's what's going to come in is the physical evidence. not the detective's statement. so yes, absolutely that type of physical evidence will go towards the justifyification, will lay into self-defense.
2:48 pm
so the defense will have to lay all those facts out and a lot of those facts they'll be able to bring out through the people's witnesses as to what happened. >> gregg: robert, something else we learned yesterday for the first time, at least in terms of testimony. the father of the defendant is prepared to get on the witness stand and say, look, i know my son's voice. that's him screaming for help. and apparently there is an eyewitness who is willing to corroborate that he was being beaten on the ground and that trayvon martin was on top of him. >> zimmerman's defense team can't ask for anything better than an eyewitness corroborating the father's statement. when you add independent eyewitnesses who have nothing to gain or lose from testifying in a criminal case, there is nothing better for that defense team to have a that individual come in and corroborate what george mr. zimmerman will say. >> gregg: thank you. >> heather: so drinking coffee may do more than give you a
2:49 pm
little pick me up. why a new study says it could protect your heart. so how many cups of coffee do you need for a healthy java jolt and how much is too much? find out up next down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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>> gregg: many of us cannot
2:53 pm
start the day or end the day without that cup of coffee. now there is new research that drinking coffee my reduce your risk of heart failure. >> heather: here, doctor from the river view medical center in new jersey. thank you for joining us. >> no problem. thank you. >> heather: how much coffee do we have to drink in order to see the benefits for our heart? >> okay. according to the study, first of all, it's really on preventing with it. it's usually two cups. if you do more than two, maybe three to five cups, it negates and could cause heart failure. >> gregg: what is it about coffee? >> we don't know. as a matter of fact, in part of the research, it was interesting. they really couldn't even tell when they talked to the patients whether there was caffeinated or not. so is it the coffee bean in and of itself that has antioxidants that really state staved off the
2:54 pm
damage? most of the people had caffeinated drinks and it was two per day. >> heather: are the benefits seen equally, men and women? >> according to the study, it did. what was really interesting is that it neggates the fact of what do you put in it? >> gregg: sugar, cream. >> also, how strong is the coffee? you can't compare like a dunkin' donuts or starbucks or latin coughy. was it espresso? and a european study, i would imagine it was probably more dark coffee than it is the way that we have it. >> gregg: is it's gotten a bad rap in the years. so it's kind of nice to see something good written about coffee. >> absolutely. especially since i drink it so much and we have to stay up. yes, it has had a lot of bad rap in terms of irregular heart beats and doing all these things. there is recommendation is, though, you really shouldn't drink a lot of java if you do have heart conditions that
2:55 pm
increase the rate of your -- or high blood pressure. >> heather: what is the take home message from this study for folks at home? >> the take home message, if you do not drink coffee, this is not the time to start. it is not going to prevent heart failure. healthy living, moderation, and it seems like it's two cups of coffee is the answer. >> gregg: but caffeine has been linked to what problems? >> decreasing diabetes, type 2 diabetes, also liver, cancer, and believe it or not, cirrhosis of the liver. if you go drinking issues cup of coffee. >> what about parkinson's, helps in that? >> we think it helps in that. but again, we need a lot more research for that. but like i said, for a long time, caffeine has gotten a bad rap. finally somebody talking good about it. >> heather: any substation? you mentioned if you don't drink coffee? >> as far as this particular report is concerned, no. but i think just healthy living in terms of water, selser and
2:56 pm
skim milk. any berries, juice. not a lot of artificial sweetener. >> gregg: caffeine is -- moderation is always the key, right? >> moderation is always the key. >> gregg: good to see you. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> gregg: you read this while i finish my coffee. >> heather: that does it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville, they take over at the top of the hour. just a couple minutes away. >> gregg: we'll see you back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. can we got a shot, 6th avenue out here? because there is a big party. look at all those people came here to see heather childers and to say hello. it's not even your birthday. imagine if it were. >> heather: they're waiting for to you get off work. >> gregg: that's a lot of people. >> heather: have a great evening, everybody our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats.
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