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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> it hides the fact that the economy's getting worse. >> they are going to try to divide us. >> sean: that's all happening. that's all the time we have. greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, vice-president condoleezza rice? is that a possibility? washington is buzzing. secretary rice told us he is not interested in the job. but the report tonight that governor mitt romney is narrowing his choices for a runningmate and secretary rice is the surprise frontrunner. former alaska governor sarah palin is here. good evening. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> greta: i'm very well. the board game begins, where we try to guess. drudge has it as developing. we don't know the source. your thoughts about the possibility that condoleezza rice could top the list?
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>> i think that condoleezza rice would be a wonderful vice-president. and she certainly has much more experience than our sitting president does today. >> greta: what did the fact that she is, quote, moderately pro-choice? i looked it up to see. i think that governor romney has said he won't pick anyone who is pro-choice. her quote is that she is moderately pro-choice. assuming she is on that list and i don't know. but could that be reconciled? >> i would prefer a presidential and vice-presidential candidate who had that respect for purposeful human life and showed that as a pro-life candidate. we need to remember, though, that it's not the vice-president that would legislate abortion and that would be congressman's role. we will keep that in mind. >> greta: you know, it's like with this announcement, it's
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like, you know, unlock the insane asylum. the journalists are going to chew on this. one web site put its up and we go nuts. we don't know if it's true. oon it's an intriguing thought. she has foreign policy experience. she's african-american. she is a woman. she is from a different state. i assume she would be an exciting candidate for mitt romney. but i confess, the silly silliness part of it. >> you journalist, with your fast-moving news cycles, you are looking for something to talk but condoleezza rice is very experienced, especially in foreign policy, having served under president george bush. i think her credentials far surpass barack obama and joe biden. >> greta: there is a lot going on in washington. another interesting topic is
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solyndra and david g. france, the acting director of the department of energy loan program has described the loan to solyndra as, quote, an enormous success. what is he smoking? >> what is he smoking? i would say, yeah, i guess his measure of success could be considered just how quickly can we bankrupt this country using other people's mony? taxpayers' hard-earned money and borrowed dollars from china to give to solyndra that goes under and that considered a success. this fella could be a character in george orwel's book, 1984. i would be embarrassed to death. fiwere the president, i would try to find a way to apologize for such a ridiculous comment. >> greta: you know, i am wonder figure he wants a do-over or we have an incomplete thought or something. you look at the numbers.
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bound solar, $400 million. beacon power, bankrupt. $43 million. solyndra, bankrupt. $535 and there are other companies that are deeply in trouble f. my wildest dream, i can't reconcile the enormous success of that program. i figure there must be more to it. he couldn't possibly mean that? >> no, i think he does mean that, that he believes that the failure is a success because that is, i think, indicative of the thinking of the obama administration. and that is money is no object. but if it were no object, we are going on four years without a federal budget, even. the president could lead the charge on actually creating a budget that would be sustainable and would be adopted by congress. yet he refuses to do so. i think it's skewed priorities and a lack of understanding of
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what real capitalism is, that's taking risks with your own monet and entrepreneurial spirit. i think that that type of conventional thinking about the free market and capitalism is absent from the obama administration. so it doesn't surprise me that he would make the comment that he did and that he gets a pass on it. >> i think the viewers ought to hear the comment. so they don't think we made this up. let's listen to the sound bite from mr. france. >> don't you agree that the loan guarantee program has had a tough record? >> quite to the contrary, sir. i think -- >> okay, okay. >> i think it's an enormous success -- >> greta: i don't know if he was cut off. i don't know if he had a fill in the blank. but for the life of me, i can't figure out how he describes the enormous success. but anyway -- >> as you made the point, though, greta, it is not just
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solyndra, there is a list of these failed, bankrupt, insolvent, economic projects and programs that are the hallmark of the balling balm. and yet, they think that they deserve four more years of the same. that's insanity. >> greta: there are some companies that go belly up and make bad business decisions. but solyndra, before they agreed to sign over a loan to solyndra, it was well known that you could buy solar panels cheapener china than solyndra could make them. so from a basic, fundamental business, it was stupid. if you can't get private venture capital to throw in a couple of dollars, that's a good sign that nobody wants the deal. >> follow the money, follow the money. the dots that are connected are to campaign donors of president obama. it's crony capitalism on steroids, where you see the grants and the loan guarantees
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end up. it is to his pals. >> greta: you know, i would love to see alternative energy. i will love to get our dependence off foreign oil. but, you know, when you make decisions like this, you set back alternative energy because now nobody's got an appetite for it. when the american people -- how can they have an appetite for it when you see the blunder in the millions of dollars. i think it's incredie what has happen to the alternative energy -- they were stupid decisions. >> yeah. and when you consider that our conventional sources of energy are untapped. our known reserves are untapped. yet, we are throwing money lift and right at the experimental, some hair-brained snake-oil science-type projects in some respects that really frustrates the american people. >> greta: the candidate for the republican -- for the presidential party, governor mitt romney went to the naacp
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convention yesterday. got boo'd and he also got applause. would you have advised him to go there? >> heck, yeah. i am so glad he went there. he got a standing ovation at the end of the speech and that was given him by those who paid attention and stay to the end, if you will and heard what he had to say and what he had to say was how important it is that there is equal opportunity for prosperity and security for all americans and do you that by empowering the people, not by growing government. so a matter anding of boos, especially when it came to his commitment to repeal obamacare which is a necessity to allow our country to be solvent and allow more health care choices to be provided the people. a matter anding of -- a smattering of boos for that, but standing ovation, indicative, i think of a respectful audience who stayed to hear what he had to say. >> greta: you know, leader of
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the democratic party and the house,le nancy pelosi said this, i am not going to get this right, but essentially that he went there to get boo'd. imagine he had been invited by the naacp and he decided not to go. i am curious, would she and the political opponents have to say about that -- he was invited to speak there and he went. >> you know what they would say if he didn't show up, they would say he's racist and he chose not to speak to this group. you know, that is one paranoid politician who would take such a stretch there and articulate the comments like that that he actually went to the naacp and
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>> greta: governor romney was very strong against certain immigration reforms during the primary. in fact, he said he would veto the dream act if he were president. ended up in his office. how does he possibly nlight of the run-up, the primary race, how does he get hispanics to have any enthusiasm for him? >> i believe that governor romney will continue to explain his position on legal immigration and how important and valuable that is to our country. of course, our country was built by hard-working immigrants who -- paid their dues, stood in line like everybody else in order to become a citizen. he supports that because he knows the value of legal immigration and all that it has to offer to this most exceptional nation. he will talk more about that. and i believe that those fair-minded hispanics and all other americans will recognize what it is that he is saying, understand what he is saying
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about equal opportunity. and still, following the law. and i believe that he can garner that support from hispanics. >> greta: what do you make of the food fight that's going on, the recent -- today, the deputy campaign manager of president obama's campaign, stef new cutter, accused governor romney of being a liar or a felon? i guess it's better to be a liar than a felon. but both are tential. he calling for an apology tonight. >> i'm glad that he is forcefully calls for an apology. but mitt romney and his campaign people, perhaps don't even know what is coming, what will be hitting them. this is just the tip of the iceberg. president obama and the people whom he is surrounded with and in that campaign, they're going to be brutal. and they will -- they will throw false accusations and try to ring a bell that you can't unring in the public's perception about who mitt romney is, what his record is.
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he needs to be prepared and the campaign can't hold back in defense of romney's record and what it is that he believes and stands for. so i am glad that in a case like this, he is demanding an apology. he's got to take the gloves off, the romney campaign has to, in order to effect the change that is needed in this campaign and turn things around for the country. can't hold back. >> greta: governor, thank you. >> thank you so much, greta. ou a shocking accusation, the obama campaign saying that governor romney may have committed a felony. stephanie cutter says if governor romney misrepresented his role at bain capital on sec documents, he may have committed a felony. notice the romney campaign is demanding an apology, saying that president obama ought to apologize for the out-of-control behavior of his staff. how did we get into this food fight? >> look, i think what you are
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seeing githe obama campaign is on the attack. they fell like they have to be setting the agenda of this race because they know that the default environment, the economy, is a loser for them. and mitt romney's mantra has been, every day we are talking about the economy is a good day near me. so the obama campaign is saying, we have to change the subject. we have to try to disqualify romney, not make this an election -- a referendum on the economy, but get people thinking about who is mitt romney and the aspects of his record that they might not like. they want to get the conversation away from the economy. >> greta: that might be a great strategy, if it weren't deceitful. different organizations have fact checked and determined that governor romney is correct in this factual dispute and the deputy campaign manager, stephanie cutter, who is a lawyer -- that she was way over the line and took great liberty tow with the truth. >> the obama campaign wanted
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that shock value. they want a controversy -- >> greta: it is looking petty and bad, accusing someone of a crime? >> well, look, i think to some degree, that's calculated. they are trying to kick up a storm here. there is a gap -- there seems to be a gap between what romney said publicly and what the documents show. i will say in romney's defense, the absence of contemporaneous evidence that he was involved in management decisions in this gray-area time. right now, it looks good for him. but the obama campaign, again, they don't want to be talking about the economy. they want controversy about bain capital. they want voters to learn about bain. they want to be talking about how much money romney made at bain. that's how they survive the economic client, romney as a rich guy, running a company that was not good for the workers. >> greta: i know that when -- governor romney said he left in '99 and went to do the olympics
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and that's what the bain capital people say and the sec documents say he had -- >> a couple of years longer. >> greta: when i left my law firm in 1994, it took years -- i was out the door. but you are so entangled in a business that you are part of documents and receiving things and responsible for bills. it is not just that you can flip the switch. i assume in a business environment, you are out the door? >> right. you know, i think it's hard for people to say, right now, with the documents that most of us haven't had time to go through, what exactly happened. but i think there is a gray area and confusion that the obama administration is taking advantage of. the smoking gun would be to show a document or minutes from meetings that show that romney is making managerial decisions during the time he was supposedly running the olympics. butted obama campaign is saying that bain should release documents to prove that. >> greta: some democrats at bain have come out to support
10:16 pm
governor romney. am i correct? >> i am not familiar with that exactly. but bain is know a republican company. there are democratic fund-raisers second quartered with bain. bain was want always a villain in democratic circles. but the obama campaign is calculating that bain is a safe harbor for them in this economic climate. a lot of voters don't understand what bain is. the fact that people are taking about bain, it is to the obama campaign's benefit. >> greta: even if it turns out to be dirty and a lie and smarmy and petty, if they think -- for some reason, i think, you know, if someone's running such a dirty campaign that they are so reckless -- there is a lot of dirt in this. i never -- i don't admire a candidate who runs a campaign like that. i figure if you do that in your campaign, what are you going to think of me? >> i would say, personally, i would want to know more the facts before i feel like i can
10:17 pm
draw conclusions on what happened. i would say this, the democrats feel that in 2004, john kerry was substantially dndle by the swift boat attacks, his war record. democrats thought that those attacks were unfair -- >> greta: but he did -- john kerry had those medals. that's why he felt it unfair. >> i am saying that the democrats feel now like they want to tush that -- to turn that around. they want to hit first and swing hard. maybe if they are swinging fast and loose, that's probably okay with them. >> greta: if they swing and they are right and it's the truth and they swing with the truth and they are right and they hit hard, i have absolutely no problem with it. it is when there is -- people are dirty, that's different. >> dirty politics is bad. bear in mind, they are saying, which is it? the documents or the public statement? they are not flat-out accusing him of breaking the law.
10:18 pm
>> greta: he came close. >> they are trying to back him into a corner. the ultimate game is to make him disclose more and more documents and keep talking about bain. educate voters about how much money he made at bain. throi out the charns, let them blow and you want shrapnel will fly. >> greta: i do think he should release his tax returns. >> that's a large part what have they're after here. >> greta: that's right. get out the tax runurns. did you get a thank you card? you should. for your latest purchase, especially since it wasn't your choice. what did you buy? find out. the olympics haven't started. but did china take the gold from the u.s.? why so many americans are fuming. you are probably one of them. and you often hear governor chris christie yelling at people. tonight, he is proving he has a sense of humor. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network. in here, every powerful collaboration is backed by an equally powerful and secure cloud.
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>> greta: have you heard of mist, probably not? you just gave them a spectacular time. they got to relax in sunny orlando in florida, for five days, miles from the disneyworld. all on your dime. the little-knownancy is the national institute of standards and technology.
10:23 pm
according to sandy adams, the agency's may conference cost you a whopping $3 million. the commerce department disputes that. they say the conference was needed and it was only $361,000. that's a staggering bill. remember the las vegas conference that cost $820,000? florida representative sandy adams is here. good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: that $3 million sounds horrible. but even if we take their number of $600-some, that's $671,000, that's tential. what did we get? >> that's a good question. that's what we are asking. that's why i have asked congressman brown and chairman issa to hold a joint committee hearing. this is an absolute abuse of the hard-working taxpayers' trust. washington, as usual, has to stop. this is ridiculous. we cannot continue to have these lavish conventions at the
10:24 pm
taxpayers' expense. this came on the heels of the revelations of gsa. it's unacceptable. >> greta: in fact, this was held 3 weeks after the hearings started on the gsa. it's like, don't they have cable? you would have thought they would have seen that. swatting gsa alongside the head? >> that's right, greta. the problem is, you have what their numbers are. but i have a lot of documentation and we are going through it. i will tell you that i believe that when we get finished, we will see it's a lot more of taxpayer dollars spent on this. i do believe that $600,000, $800,000, $1 million, $3 million -- here we have hard-working americans paying their taxes. a lot of people have been going on what is coined the stay-ication. here we have government entities abusing that trust and using that money to hold lavish conventions. that's not acceptable. i plan to get to the bottom of
10:25 pm
it -- >> greta: well, you know, i concede there are no bathtubs with this ones and unmatching wine glasses. we don't have that. but i have the agenda. and there was one part of the conference where you could learn how -- how to get like'd on facebook. why does anybody need to be like'd on facebook at this agency? what is that about? >> exactly. even if you said, okay, $600,000. if you took their number, $690,000, wouldn't that money be best sent to the manufacturing extension programs and not spent on lavish conventions? and here's another thing, gret a. the m.e.p.s, by contract, are required to attend these meetings. and several others throughout the year. so they require them to use their m.e.n. dollars to come to
10:26 pm
these conventions. so i believe you are going to find it's mormony. >> greta: i was doing research to get ready for tonight's segment. i read in the last few hours that you were endorsed for your contested primary, republican primary by our first guest, governor sarah palin. i imagine that was something that you sought and is helpful to you in. >> i -- i did seek it. i am very honored to have her support and her endorsement, i am looking forward to a really vigorous campaign as we come up to our 14th primary date. >> greta: you are up against congressman mica? >> yes. he announced against me a week and-a-half after i announced. we are in a contested primary together. >> greta: you know, that's a knock-down, drag-out, two sitting members of congress, fighting it out in a primary that. must be awkward? >> it is different. but have you to remember, greta, what i said earlier, washington
10:27 pm
as usual has to stop. two years ago, the american people rose up and said that. they sent a very clear message to washington. they sent 87 republican freshmen to washington with one united voice. and they said, stop the spending. get this debt and deficit under control and repeal obamacare. we have been doing just that. and so -- we will have this race. >> greta: all right. >> it's a race between two different types of people. >> greta: i have to go, representative. thank you. coming up, news about iran and it's not good news for the united states or israel. ambassador john bolton goes on the record, next. it looks like a scene from the movie "jaws," but it's real and caught on camra.
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>> greta: the pentagon is sounding new alarms about iran. the defense department warns that iran is improving the short- and long-range ability of its missiles. but it is playing a key role in an arms treaty to regulate weapons ownership by governments and possibly civilians too. >> good evening. >> greta: what's this treaty? >> well, there is a long history to this treaty. while it sounds, on its face, like it's just dealing with weapon sales between governments, there is a hidden agenda here. that is by the gun control crowd in the united states, unhappy with its inable to get the gun
10:32 pm
control laws it wants at the federal law, basically going outside and trying to negotiate them into a treaty, which will come back to the senate, which they hope people won't pay attention to and will bind the united states. >> greta: a chance of the treaty being voted by the u.s. senate, probably? little, right? >> fortunately, at this point, opponents of gun control legislation have gotten about 58 senators to sign on to say they are not going to agree to this. but the agenda has been intrained for a long time. >> greta: okay. what are the weapons under this treaty? are they a shotgun to go hunting with? >> well, the treaty's being drafted. but that's the idea. we have been -- it is not like the existing arms trade is lazeis fair. we look at the sale of military weapons and try to restrict the end uses, what check the end use
10:33 pm
they are being put to. we have a system in place. this is about hunting rifles, pistols and things that gun control advocates in this country have long sought to control in violation of the second amendment. >> greta: two issues. one, i imagine if it is treaty were signed, we have such an enormous black market in guns, around the world -- >> here's the thing -- >> greta: we wouldn't touch the black market? >> the united states adheres to its treaties. that make its different from most other countries in the world that happily sign these thing and then don't enforce them. >> greta: the second thing, let's assume the treaty passed and it did regulate the sale of what we call civilian weapons -- hunting and the like. it would include suicide vests? >> no. that doesn't seem to be in the definition. i wonder how that slipped through. >> greta: that's the irony of t. i thought, okay, this is -- we are trying to regulate guns, even if you wanted to, it seems silly. if you are trying to prevent
10:34 pm
people from acting in the most terrorist, gruesome way to kill. suicide vests have had tremendous violence in the world. >> the unit -- the united nations has never been able to define terrorism and that has inhibited its ability to counteract terrorism around the world. but there is an important point here. many governments in the u.n. don't like the private ownership of firearms. totalitarian rejimes really don't want their citizens to have firearms. so they are content to limit weapons saleses to government to government. that's the way you try to bind the united states to limit civilian ownership and use in this country. >> greta: but with the enormous amount of guns -- how could this -- even if it were passed, signed and delivered and everybody was happy with it, how could it be effective? there are so many guns and there is such a huge black market and so many ways around this, i don't understand how anyone i
10:35 pm
thinks spending the time is a good use of time, even if you believed in it? >> originsally tstarted from the foreign british minister, ryan cook who wanted a moral policy, i suppose that's opposed to the prior foreign policy, which is immoral. but it's happy talk. like a lot of treaties that make people feel good, but don't have a real impact in the broader world. but i say, again, the gun control advocates of this country have been at this for 15 years now. and they haven't given up. >> greta: let me tell youking something that the nra sens me emails and they are furious. when i was in arizona and looked at the gun trafficking, what i was told by the atf -- i didn't make this up -- guns were coming in, particularly from china and belgium, coming into the united states, lawfully and going to mexico, lawfully. even if have you a lawful distribution, guns get moved
10:36 pm
around the world all the time. >> the biggest problem for guns in mexico is guns that are being stolen by the drug cartels from the military and the police or that the military and the police are selling them, that this -- this is what i think fast & furious was all about. it was an effort to prove that lax american gun control laws were the problem in mexico. that's about as far from the truth as you can get. >> greta: let me ask you about the military buildup in the persian gulf. what do you make of that? >> well, i think prudent military planning dictates that we be prepared in case iran's threats to close the strait of hormuz materialize. i think that's what is going on now. i think the name of the game here for iran is, as it is for the obama administration, is to kick anything serious beyond the u.s. election. that's why the negotiations have failed. that's why the sanctions have failed. iran's continuing on continuingo nuclear weaponsism and russia and syria?
10:37 pm
>> look, i don't see any evidence that russia's prepared to throw the assad regime over. even if he left, they would want to make sure that the follow-up regime protected their interest. >> greta: it is their only base? >> which they are building up close to the syrian coastline. >> thank you. >> greta: they may be red, white and blue, but this is how team usa's uniform, why the athletes' outfits are setting off an olympic-sized firearm. congressman allen west seems to love rock 'n roll and he is giving a famous rocker a run for his money. ♪ i'm making my money do more. ♪ i'm consolidating my assets. i'm not paying hidden fees or high commissions. i'm making the most of my money. and seven-dollar trades are just the start.
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10:40 pm
now congressman west is singing the same song. he performed it in a georgia rally... [singing "running down a dream"] >> greta: so whose version do you like better? ♪
10:41 pm
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10:43 pm
flight bound to madrid at yfk airport. nypd is saying the wires turned out to be nonexplosive and didn't belong to the plane. two passengers were questioned. but they have been released. newly released phone records show that george zimmerman dialed police dozens of times as a neighborhood watchman, calling police nearly 50 times over 8 years, once to report kids playing in the street. other times detailing descriptions of suspected burglars. the last call came the night he shot trayvon martin, which he claims was in self-defense. now back to "on the record." for your latest headlines, go to record." >> greta: tonight, outrage exploding across the nation. what is sparking the inferno isn't u.s. olympic team's uniforms. turns out, the uniforms are not made in the united states.
10:44 pm
they're made in china. and even republicans and democrats are agreeing, that's not right. here's harry reid. >> i am so upset and i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed. i think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. >> greta: how did this happen? why is it such a big deal? tell me your thoughts about this? >> well, greta, it's great that we have an issue that can unite democrats and republicans and everybody across the country. it is so regrettable to hear when we have so many great americans who would love to participate in manufacturing uniforms for the team that is our emblem in the olympics, that is our representative. how unfortunate that we don't have the conditions in this country that give these folks
10:45 pm
the opportunity to do that. we can do a whole lot better. i am glad there is broad agreement with that. >> greta: you use the term "unfortunate," that seems so polite for a profoundly stupid thing. what a tin ear. is there anything that represents our country more than our country going overseas and hopefully showing our talents and achievements? you know, the olympic committee, by the way, issued a statement, saying they are privately funded and partnered with ralph lauren, so that should make us happy -- i added that last part. >> it doesn't make anyanybody happy. that's clear t. makes us very, very urnhappy and outraged. here we are, as we say, this is our american team, they are bearing our flag. they are not wearing uniforms in the country whose flag and people they represent. we have a great opportunity in the united states to bring
10:46 pm
manufacturing back, if we can lower the barriers and i have talked about those barriers with manufacturers in our hudson valley, which i represent. everywhere along the line, we have federal government red tape, taxes, regulations, making it very difficult for our businesses to compete the way they should be able to, globally. this is emblematic of that. >> greta: that may be longer term, this is an emergency. we really -- is there anything that can be done? senator harry reid says burn it. can we burn it? and get everyone rolling and raise the money? show some american spirit. or are we going to sit there and look at it, while hopefully, they are accepting the gold in the chinese outfits. is there any mobilization to do something? it is not too late. >> right. it's definitely not too late. i know there was at least one american clothing designer,
10:47 pm
nanet la poor who said, we manufacture those here. there is a hugo boss plant in ohio. i am going to guess that there will be a strong motivation to mobilize folks to get the uniforms made in america ntime for the olympics to start. >> greta: i would rather have them at the gap and get levi's or wranglers. i don't care if they have matching outfits. there is nothing to say that they have to look alike. do something to motivate them. i feel sorry for the athletes to be drawn into the dispute. >> they didn't make this decision, but i completely agree with you, greta, this is a great opportunity for us all to make our voices heard and mobilize our american manufacturers to get this job done. i am all for it. >> greta: all right. i vote wranglers or levi strauss. go to gretawire and tell me what you think.
10:48 pm
put them on the team. we will all be prod. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, new jersey governor chris christie takes the heat, but he continues to show us, he has a sense of humor. that's next. move over brad pitt and angelina jolie. a new film that has stars that you would not [ morgan ] right now when you use your visa card, you're entered for a chance to win a trip to the olympic gam for life. to cheer the summer athletes to new heights, starting in 2016... as you experience every moment, every emotion, every four years... for the rest of your life. visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. people everywhere go with visa. visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. ♪
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atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. there is a report of a suspicious device on a plane at new york's jfk airport and this is a live picture. the bomb squad is investigating right now. the delta flight was headed for madrid, spain. it is now to the ground. the passengers have been evacuated. stay tuned for the latest on the breaking news. here is the best of the rest. how many times has new jersey governor chris christie done something like this? >> did i stay on topic? are you stupid? on topic. on topic. next question. good. thank you. thank you. thank you, thrrchg you all very much. i am sorry for the idiot over there. take care. >> greta: you have seen a lot. people are keeping track of governor christie's wild
10:53 pm
outbursts. the governor's office is having fun with this. they looked at christie by the numbers, including all kinds of stats. here's a few. governor christie has called people idiots twice. he has more than 125,000 twitter followers. how many times has he been asked about running for vice-president? his office says, too many to count. a fishing trip turns to terror as a shark gives a woman the scare of her life. >> get the line. >> oh! [bleep]! oh, jesus [bleep]. >> it's a shark! a shark! it's a big [bleep] shark! oh, god. >> i got it -- >> greta: the woman was trying to catch her first fish when the bull shark juched out. the shark ate the catch, stealing the fish right from the
10:54 pm
line. the shark was 4 to 6 feet long. look out, hollywood. a bunch of movie stars are going to make their debeautiful they have four legs and nine lives. the first internet cat video film festival kicks off next month with pet videos that have gone viral. cats swimming, playing the piano and getting into trouble. the festival will be held in minnesota and maybe you will see a link here on gretawire. here you have it, the best of the rest. what does quarterback brett favre have to do with being boo'd by careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm.
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>> greta: time for last call, as you know mitt romney faced a tough crowd at the naacp convention yesterday. >> in order to do that i'm going to eliminate every nonessential, expensive program i can find thark
10:59 pm
includes obama care. i'm going to work to reform and save... >> greta: ladies of "the view" did not hold back. >> when people boo, it's, they're saying i don't like what you're saying i need you to stop saying it. if obama went to the gay pride parade and said i'm going to repeel don't ask, don't tell he would get booed. >> a guest speaker said jesus is not real, i'm not going m. i'm going boo. boo. >> and when you get passionat passionate... >> this is the thing, passionate and using logical minded emotion are two different things brett favre would get booed when he went to go play for vikings because people were just unhappy and brats about the fact he was their guy. >> greta: that i


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