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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 22, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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disney's heart. >> and fine commercials for disneyland in 1955. a rap on "fox news watch". thanks for watching. >>. >> gregg: exclusive information on the suspect movie theater massacre. they are learning that james holmes applied for membership at a gun club and telling the staff they said i'm not sure about this guy. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> arthel: also today the university of colorado is looking into whether holmes took advantage of his position as a graduate student to order materials for potentially deadly booby traps. they describe the search for
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evidence. >> we wanted the evidence inside that apartment. we had taken custody of the computer. potential we might get evidence out of that computer is very important. every ounce of evidence will help us hold this person accountable. was very high priority and i'm so grateful we had the bomb professionals from the feds and local agencies to help us do that. >> gregg: ascam live in aurora with the latest. >> reporter: we are learning new information about the suspect. we got a chance to get upright about ten feet of the building itself. it's the last building people are not allowed back in. authorities are going in and out. they say the investigation completed but at the same time they have cleanup and dangerous materials they say in fact. potentially materials that might contaminate people in the area. they want to get that cleaned up and secure the apartment.
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glass is still broken out. so until that is done people will not be allowed back into the apartment complex where james holmes lived on the third floor. there is still glass broken and stuff on the ground. they took a lot of explosive materials out and the dump truck was filled with sand to make the easier to unload it all and burn it. back here there is still small remnants of materials inside the apartment we're told and because of that, they wanted to make sure it's safe and secure before they let people back in. >> gregg: tell us more about exclusive story? >> it came out this morning. very interesting details about the lead valley gun raping, a private gun range, in the denver metro you're, the suspect james holmes apparently called there
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of this gun range. people taking advantage of the gun range, apparently the suspect james holmes he called and left an odd message on the answering machine. they say he was rambling, he may have been acting but very weird. he contacted them again and sent his application. when he got the application it seemed pretty normal, other than his mother lived in san diego but they flagged it and told all the employees when this man comes in, we want to know more about him. come get me in the back room. he would never come in to officially do that. friday morning when the owner of the gun range woke up, his wife woke up and put two and two together, it was obvious that he knew exactly who he was. he was man that he told his employees to flag and went over very closely before he joined the range which he never did. >> gregg: adam, we'll check back with you.
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>> arthel: we are learning more about the 12 victims gunned down in the movie theater massacre. youngest is a little girl just learning to swim. the old after the father described as a true gentleman. a prayer vigil tonight the lives cut short in this sense tragedy. anna has more. >> reporter: honoring those lost will be taking place at the city hall at 6:30. each person has their own story to be told. youngest victims, a six-year-old. the mother remains in critical condition. 18-year-old alexander boyd was described as a ball of joy. his girlfriend who was at the theater with him survived. everybody expected to him get married. a 23-year-old was huge green bay packers fan. 24-year-old alexander earned a master's degree. aspiring sports reporter
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narrowly missed a shooting in canada last month. at 26, jonathan had served three tours with the navy and planned to become a navy seal. he was father of two. comic book and new york mets fan would have been celebrating his 27th birthday and first wedding anniversary this weekend. 27-year-old dove in front of his girlfriend to shield him from the gunfire. she survived. 27-year-old was a navy sailor at buckley air force base. he was the youngest of five siblings. alongside him was jesse drill dress. another a mother of two was described as having a bubbly personality. the oldest was seeing the movie with his two teenage children. total killed stands at 12 but the mayor of aurora said this morning that some of the gravely
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injured may not survive. >> arthel: those pictures bring it home. meanwhile, another dark knight rises star. ann hathaway was reportedly on the screen when he opened fire. my heartaches and breaks and my life is altered. i'm at a loss for words how to express my sorrow and thoughts and prayers with the victims and their families. >> gregg: massacre in colorado reigniting controversy over the nation's gun laws. lawmakers in washington, indeed, all over the country are reacting. many voicing their opinions on the morning talk shows. steve centanni live with that. >> among those expressing their opinion is the governor of colorado. he appeared on the sunday talk shows expressing add mir makes of first responders and
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predicting much more will soon be known about the suspect which he called a twisted and delusional individual. >> we have so many guns in this country and we do have a lot more gun violence than other country, but even if you didn't have access, this guy was diabolical. he would have found explosives or poisonous gas to create this horror. >> reporter: two members of the u.s. senate squaring off over further gun control regulation and whether it could have prevented the tragedy in colorado. >> i have no problem with people being licensed bearing a firearm but these are weapons that you are only going to be using to kill people in close combat. that is the purpose of that weapon. >> this is an issue about guns. this is really about sick individuals. i don't think there is a
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solution here in washington to solve the problem. >> reporter: he said the answer might lie in families and community and educational system to instill proper values. >> gregg: steve, thanks. >> arthel: there is fierce fighting between syrian troops and rebels along the iraqi border today as world leaders grow more concerned about syria's arsenal of chemical weapons. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu telling fox news that his nation is prepare to act to keep then from falling into the wrong hands. >> can you imagine hezbollah the people who are conducting with iran all these terror attacks around the world, can you imagine they would have chemical weapons. it's like al-qaeda having chemical weapons. it's not acceptable to us are on the united states or any peace country in the world. this is something we'll have to act to stop if the need arises.
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>> arthel: christian is a former state advisor and principal at d.c. advisory. good see you this afternoon. really strong wor prevent these weapons from getting into the wrong hands, hezbollah. you heard prime minister netanyahu that israel is prepared to attack syrian arsenals is necessary. how volume at this will is the situation? >> it's not the first time syria neighbors have been deeply concerned with weapons of mass destruction in syria. back in 2007 they felt compelled to destroy a nuclear facility inside syria, thought they were building a nuclear arsenal. it was a carbon copy of north korea's nuclear plant. this is a country that has very dangerous weapons at its disposal. there are recent indications also that syrians have moved these weapons around their
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country. it's cause for concern. some of the most dangerous weapons could be used by the syrian regime or proliferated into some of the most dangerous groups in the world. >> if anything, what should the u.s. do the? how involved should the u.n. what appears to be an isz ka late go scenario there? >> recent reports indicate the administration is finally seen the limitations of the u.n. so far this revolution has gone on for 15 months, 17,000 civilians killed. and obama administration has prioritized action through the u.n. security council which has been halted by china and russia running alongside that has been a peace process that is overseen by kofi an non-but hasn't produced anything with the possible exception of giving assad more time to squelch the revolution. the u.n. isn't going to do much for us. what the administration is hopefully going to do is work with allies in the region but
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turkey and jordan that border syria and also trying to find factions among the rebels that are more pro western. >> arthel: administration is doing that. as you know, and i think the administration's take they had stepped in too soon too forcefully without the agreement with the u.n., then it would seem like once again it doesn't go over well with anybody. even folks here in the u.s. don't want them to be the big bad wolf stepping in? >> ultimately in places where we have vital interests, syrian regime has the blood of many americans on its hands on the iraq war where it facilitated that killed so many americans. when we 6 vital interests like that, we have to be concerned with political outcomes. there is a revolution, assad
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will not likely last forever. it's almost certain he won't but we have a compelling interest to managing the future outcome. if you just rely on shell diplomacy which ambassador referred to. >> arthel: bear with me here, i do apologize. i really need you to answer this next question. i think you'll have a perspective on this. you mentioned russia and china. i want to talk about those countries relentless support for assad. how will it play out for those countries in the aftermath of what looks like a disassembly of the assad regime? >> in long term, russia in particular, china is more or less following their lead, they will lose their key ally which is majority of states. russia has a quest for warm water ports which it doesn't
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have. syria provides with the only middle eastern ports and there is naval activity there. syria is a big consumer of russian arms. that will probably come to an end regardless of whether syria ends up with a secular pro western government or iranian government. know of those bodes well for most could you or beijing. also they love stinging their finger in the eye of the american government which this is another opportunity to do. >> arthel: we'll leave it at that. thank you very much. >> gregg: another sizzling day on midsection tomorrow. they are warning people to expect temperatures to climb above hundred degrees. most of heat will talk missouri, kansas and nebraska. >> good to see you. the other big story is the
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drought. we're seeing dry conditions pretty much across most of lower 48. when you add the hot temperatures to the drought conditions, nights good situation right now in parts of the central plains. you mentioned nebraska, kansas and also parts of missouri. that is where the core of the heat is right now. 101 in kansas city and mid 90 necessary in rapid city and 88 in minneapolis. you are not too bad but as we head through the next several days, we'll continue to see the heat sticking around. hot temperatures are not just forecast today, but monday, tuesday and into wednesday. high pressure remaining in place with dry conditions and bringing sunshine. triple-digits for kansas city, monday and wednesday and same thing with omaha and st. louis. in tulsa, amarillo, dallas, texas, little rock on tuesday, we are expecting hundred degrees for your high temperature. you add in some humidity it feels worse.
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so a number of excessive heat warnings are in place. eastern portions of nebraska and kansas for the next several days. kentucky, southern parts of illinois and southeastern missouri, looking at some of the excessive heat warnings. that is where heat index values, when you factor in temperatures and high levels of humidity, heat values are going to be well over hundred degrees reaching dangerous levels for people outdoors for long periods of time. rainfall we need it over most of the lower 48, and affecting the city of chicago, dry across the center of the country, we had a batch of storms moving through minnesota earlier today now into parts of wisconsin. >> gregg: maria, thanks very much. >> arthel: they are saying golden ears may not be shining brightly. millions of older americans may be in danger of losing their homes. >> gregg: plus the downfall of a
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sports icon. penn state's child sex abuse scandal toppling joe paterno's image. >> arthel: the latest from aurora, colorado's colorado we're going to have an update on the victims and their families. >> he was an amazing person. he was like someone who put a smile on your face. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. and so too is the summer event.
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>>. >> arthel: time for a quick check of the headlines, top commander for u.s. and nato forces says 2012 pullout in afghanistan has hit the halfway mark. 20,000 troops are set to leave this year. penn state university takes down the statue of joe paterno after a reported charged that he covered up allegations of child molestation against jerry sandusky. police in new york city are searching for a missing teen. he disappeared after leaving his home in queens more than a week ago. police asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers at 1-800-3577-tips.
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>> gregg: growing number of older americans are facing financial difficulties and now more than three million borrowers over the age of 50 are at risk losing that their homes. joining us now anchor of "bulls and bears" brenda butner. 1.5 million americans have already lost their homes. 3.5 million are under water and they may lose their homes. why is this happening? >> the assumption is that your parents or people at this age will have paid down their mortgages and may not even have them. they could get reverse mortgages but it's no longer the case. problem was like many of us, they were seduced by subprime loans. a lost them were scams. people would call and say we know what your mortgage rate is. we can refinance, you can use it as an atm, the rates will be low for three years. they didn't usually then tell
1:22 pm
you that in three years they would jump up. that is where a lot of people got caught. >> gregg: the numbers as i mention are staggering. i wanted to put a graphic up on the screen. these are mortgages over the age of 75 years of age. in 1989, average debt was $11,000. two years ago, 25% with an average of debt of $52,000. that number has only climbed. in addition to the scams, of course, home values plummeted. that made things worse. >> yes, absolutely. they are trapped. the problem is they are older now so it will be more difficult to regain, to be able to keep up with payments because there is also upset with health difficulties and incomes is very
1:23 pm
hard to find a job. they are forced into retirement. at this point they are really trapped. that is why the foreclosure rates are climbing. >> gregg: there is a picture of guy, there front page of "new york times," now he has to move the basement of his daughter's home because he has lost his beloved home. he can't handle it anymore. he is one of the many victims here. >> the stories are very difficult. again, in part it came from the subprime loans but these older americans face so many financial difficulties. >> gregg: healthcare in particular. hardest hit states, florida, arizona, nevada and california, those are the retiree states. >> and they are also the states though where housing prices plummeted the most.
1:24 pm
so chances are that you would be underwater. >> gregg: recommendations? >> don't listen to those scams. try to get -- talk to your bank. get a principal reduction. you might be surprised. >> gregg: brenda, good to see you. catch her on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning. it's appointment viewing for me. >> arthel: new concerns about a music lend's mother, michael jackson's mom reported missing. new information on where she might be. >> gregg: plus the investigation into the colorado's shootings moving forward, jon scott l of the latest from aurora. jon? >> the police chief here in you a are error ra has been working nonstop. he has not had much time but he did speak to me earlier today. one of the few interviews he has
1:25 pm
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. new details in the investigation of a mass murder, that suspect james holmes applied to join a private gun range in colorado just a month before the theater massacre. the owner of tha felt very uneasy after trying to reach him describing his voice mail messages as creepy and weird. jon scott has more. >> reporter: the story first broken by is both fascinating and frightening. a privately owned gun range 50 miles east of here received an application from james holmes the suspect in the theater
1:30 pm
massacre. holmes wanted to join to work on his marksmanship but the range manager just doesn't let anyone in without checking them out first. when he tried to call him, he didn't like what he heard. >> i called his phone number that he put on there to say, can you come to the orientation. i got an answering machine. the answering machine was very gutteral, very deep voice. bizarre kind of strange utterings. i thought that is kind of weird. i thought okay, young people do stupid things just for the heck of it. i blew it away. the next day i called again, listened to it a second time. third day i called, nobody had answered me which is strange in the denver area, ranges are very short supply. usually if i call somebody and leave a message, they call me back immediately the same day. it's very seldom i have to call
1:31 pm
anybody twice. by the time i called three times he hasn't called me. i don't like this. leave it alone. i'm not calling him until he calls me. then i told the staff if he shows up, he is to see me before anything happens. i want to know who he is. >> reporter: holmes never responded to the mention. friday morning as news broke of the rampage, he realized the man who had raised his suspicions is the man under arrest. read nor under this is city still very much in shock and mourning. when president obama is expected to arrive here in hour from now, responders say the brutality of it will never leave them. the building remains closed as the crime scene investigation continues. the bomb squad officers and federal agents spent two white
1:32 pm
knuckle days disarming 300 explosives or incendiary devices rilgd to trip wires inside the suspect's apartment. the pressure and the pain of loss clearly taking a toll. that was evident when i spoke to the police chief this morning. >> obviously my cops and my civilian employees, they have done an incredible job. we couldn't be more proud of them. we train and we train and we train for active situations. it's the legacy of columbine and other incidents. as a police chief i never thought in my mind i would be coping with that. they did the other night. they did an incredible job. >> reporter: there have been broadcast reports that police are searching for a searching for a second suspect but the chief says they are mistaken. they are convinced that holmes acted alone. >> we don't have any information he acted with anyone else.
1:33 pm
there was a report overnight about a tern that that was acquaintance of mr. holmes. we have since contacted that person. we're trying to contact every person who was aqiantd answer to find out as much as we can. that is all that was. i think based on what i know i would describe their relationship as inconsequential. >> the dangerous compounds left in holmes' apartment designed to kill the first person coming through the door were successfully disarmed taken from the apartment and detonated at a bomb disposal range. today, just steps away from the theater, 12 crosses appeared. the work of the same man that placed crosses in nearby town after the columbine massacre 13 years ago. they are surrounded by flowers and candles and skriblgd words of love. an unbearable agony that even a
1:34 pm
presidential advice it will not heal. we can only hope that those 12 crosses do not grow in number. a number of the wounded we're told s are still in critical condition and the death toll could still grow. >> gregg: we'll be checking back with you. be sure to catch jon scott tonight when he anchors a special report from aurora beginning 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >> arthel: there is brand-new reaction from president obama and governor mitt romney to the tragedy in colorado both taking a break from the campaign trail and speaking about this horrific violence. >> this weekend i hope everyone takes time for prayer and reflection. for the victims of this terrible tragedy. >> in the coming days we'll surely learn more about the lives who have been lost and families who have been harmed by this hateful act. we'll come to more about the talents and gifts that each
1:35 pm
victim possessed and understand the hope and opportunity that has been lost. our hearts break for the victims and their families. >> arthel: tomorrow the candidates turn their attention back to the election both focusing on the battleground state of nevada and financial hurdles facing voters there. former deputy assistant to george w. bush and chris former chief of staff to senator joe manchon. i'm going to start with you, chris. president obama is going to attending a convention in reno. as we know nevada's economy is depressed. high foreclosures. what can the president say to gain support there? >> i think the president needs to make the argument why he has a better vision than governor romney.
1:36 pm
with the economic policies, social policies, in this case the veterans issues. he has done a lot of in terms of veterans and focusing on veterans during his precedency. nevada has been a tough hit state economically. high foreclosures, he is going to address that, but i think one of key distinctions between the two candidates, which one better understands you. look at all the polls. the poll that stands out again and again. again, if you look at the polls, one that stands out again and again. that is huge advantage for the president. >> arthel: people want to be understood, they want their problems to be understood but they want results. at some point the president is going to have to get specific what he can do to turn their situation around. let me move over to brad now, i have a quote here from las vegas review journal from governor romney. the high foreclosure situation in nevada. don't try and stop the
1:37 pm
foreclosure process. let it run its course and hit the bottom. allow investors to buy homes and put renters fix the homes and let it turn around and come back up. will this approach work? >> it will work. the marketplace has a way of correcting itself. when the government steps in and has intervention by the government it's not fair to the people that play by the rules. we are talking about freedom of contracts, people entered into mortgages. bottom line is this, yes people are going to have to go through the foreclosure process but they will taken care of. they will get the before from their bargain but in nevada one or three homes underwater the process has to be able to run the full course. the same as it does in the entire country. >> arthel: it goes back to what you were saying, how you said the president is connected with the people. we talk about this, it may look good on paper and may sound like
1:38 pm
a good solution but people are being kicked out of their homes? >> if governor romney goes out and says what he said about, you are your own. market is going to work it out. people are going to look, are you disconnected with reality? your answer is too bad? it's not a solution. this is the real problem. >> government is the problem. the government intervening in these types of situations is the wrong process. let's take the automobile industry. governor romney was right. it was the right procedure and eventually the companies did went through an bankruptcy. >> of all the examples you could have use the auto bailout would have been the worse one. >> we can debate and it's fair to debate the right kind of government intervention, the scope of government intervention. but when people are hurting, we're not talking about a few people, we're talking about a
1:39 pm
plague of foreclosures across the country. i think the onus falls on government to do something. i think the question to mitigate and step in and try to find some way, the banks and homeowners can renegotiate so people can aafford their homes to stay in them. >> eventually somebody has to pay for it. the people that are responsible for the payment for these mortgages to begin were. it's the taxpayer. we are in the hole thanks to our president $16 trillion in debt. let me tell you the polls that are most important. that is your favorite comeback line. >> that is the truth. >> the president's vision is going to be trumped by his record. most americans believe our country is going down the wrong track. they believe they are worse off four years ago and worse than that, there is a new poll that suggests that the president has changed our country for the worse. >> you look at those polls and polls will also say, they all
1:40 pm
agree the president was dealt a terrible hand. he has tried to fix it. when you go from losing 700,000 jobs a month and turn around and 4 million jobs created. you have a lot to address the problem. >> arthel: that has to be last word. good to see both of you. thanks for the sparring without any kind of physical contact there. [ laughter ] >> arthel: thank you. >> gregg: how to defend a suspected mass murderer. many suspect james holmes will plead insanity. its tough argument to make. there is so much evidence that the attack was planned and premeditated. our legal panel is here to weigh in after the break. ey. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing)
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>>. >> gregg: colorado shooting suspect at the beginning of a very long legal process. many speculating james holmes
1:45 pm
will in the end plead insanity. prosecutors will try to punch big holes in that defense. investigators gathering a mountain of evidence and police say holmes planned and premeditated the movie theater massacre for months. plotting and making it hard for the defense to argue that this was not somehow premeditated. how do you defend a guy like this? let's bring in mercedes and christian wilson. method sides, let me start with you. instant is a mental disease or defected so severe you don't know r from wrong. can that be used effectively? >> less than two% of the cases that plead insanity are actually successful. we'll set aside the statistics here. he had a booby-trapped apartment somebody with the armor and masks, the gas, all planned
1:46 pm
carefully, someone is how could you come forward and say i didn't know from right a from wrong. >> gregg: kirsten you know what is going to happen. he will be evaluated and you know he was delusional and he was living in an alternative universe in which he was the jock they are a comic book character. after all, before he started shooting, i am the joker. he dyes his hair red. he says i am a joker and tackles the character's laugh? >> i don't know. i don't think it will fly with the jury. there are people that are, they are crazy but not insane. insanity under the law is somebody that can't distinguish their actions, can't distinguish right from wrong. this gentleman, as mercedes said anticipated for doing it for
1:47 pm
months by stocking up. >> gregg: he could have been delusional for a month. living in his alternative reality. one that i would cite is john hinkley is trying to impress this actor treasury jodie foster and he shot president regulate and he was found to be insane. >> different journey and different medium. there is jail justice if that man goes into general population there are inmate that has want to kill him with a trophy on his head. frankly you are not going to get a jury that is going to acquit him. >> gregg: how is this john hinkley who was delusional and schizophrenic and he planned it? >> it will be interesting to see when there is more information sitting down with the police and
1:48 pm
walking them through what was in the apartment. those are the things that the jury can look at this is a long period of time. if he was a delusional it was a parallel universe and he certainly know the police was going to show up and he was going to do everything he could. >> gregg: we may learn today, we learned today that his answering machine had this weird creepy batman like message to it. it sort of makes you wonder whether or not he again was living in in alternative universe. before they even get to offering a plea in earnest you have to get three competency hearings. does he, for example, understand the charges against him. can he assist in his own defense? that has been a huge hurdle in the other mass shooting a year and a half ago, jared loughner that gunned down gabrielle giffords. >> we may not get to trial. any defense attorney worth their
1:49 pm
weight will come forward, we need a psychological evaluation immediately. he may not be competent for trial. he is not speaking to anyone. his lawyer is going forward. tomorrow will be the first day in court. he definitely won't. >> the defense is going to ask the government to pay for a defense psychiatric evaluation and a lot is going on before anybody enters a plea. what about doing a deal? death penalty, these are crimes that are death penalty eligible. would prosecutors ever do a deal to avoid a trial? >> that will be difficult. we talked a little bit about it. it qualified in a number of ways under the death penalty statute. you have arguably an enormous amount of premeditation but not just a cover-up but the
1:50 pm
secondary scene where he was hoping to hurt additional people. those things are so aggravating to the crime would it be difficult to play it down unless as you said there is a mental health component they are nervous about. >> gregg: legal acronym, heinous and atrocious and cruel? >> absolutely. jury is going to tell me, you committed this horrific crime, killed all these people, maimed all these other people and somehow you didn't know right from wrong? it doesn't make sense. >> gregg: good to see you both. >> arthel: americans across the country devastated by that massacre at a colorado movie theater as investigators release more details. it gets harder to understand how anyone can do this and families are left trying to cope with the tragedy. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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>>. >> arthel: we are awaiting president's fliefl aurora. he is meeting with grieving families and then participating in a prayer village as many past presidents have done he is showing the community that america cares. peter doocy reports from
1:55 pm
washington. >> reporter: president obama, president george w. bush and president bill clinton don't have a lot in common but words after devastating mass shootings are all strikingly similar. they have all spoken as family men and not just as world leaders. >> you can help us to build a better future for all our children. a future where adread and distrust no longer distorts the mind or harden the hot. >> as a dad i can assure you past love is never far from a child's heart. as you draw closer to your own families in the coming days, i ask you to reach out to those who ache for sons and douts daughters who will never come home. >> michelle and i will hug our girls a little tighter this weekend. for those parents who may not be so fortunate we need to embrace them and let them know we will be for them as a nation.
1:56 pm
>> reporter: while these visits generally only last a few hours, experts say they are key element in an emotionally distraught community's healing process. >> one of the things that happen in a moment of tragedy is everybody is in the trauma what a president does is the office transcends the trauma. >> reporter: a president leaving the white house won't bring anybody back to life as you harder there, it shows victims' family that all of america is thinking about them. >> arthel: peter doocy reporting from washington. we will go live to aurora at the top of the hour for very latest on the investigation there. ate t be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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2:00 pm
all new details this afternoon on the theater massacre in colorado. the investigation moving forward with the f.b.i. gathering potential evidence from the suspect's apartment. trying to build the case in one of the worse mass shootings in u.s. history. welcome to brand new news hours. >>gregg: fast moving developments. some of the biggest headlines, the university of colorado says that it is looking into whether james holmes used histalet us as a graduate student to order supplies for the booby traps found in his national. investigators say they believe that the allege the shooter acted alone.
2:01 pm
the assault rifle jammed and he had to switch to a less powerful information. all james holmes applied to join a private gun range less than a month before the shooting but the owner rejected him telling the staff, "i'm not sure about this guy." adam is live in aurora, colorado, with more. adam, tell us more about the exclusive news article we have on >>reporter: they talk about the gun club not too far from here. we have video shot by our crews who went out there. it looks like any other normal gun club. what happened was this: the suspect contacted them. had planned on trying to join the club. they called back and got his answering machine here to give him information about coming to an informational meeting and a security meeting to help people that want to join the clubs, here are things you have do-do, it is a requirement, the owner heard an odd message and right
2:02 pm
away, a light bulb went off and he told the staff he wanted this man flagged. when they got the return e-mail , the verification that he wanted to apply to join the club there were a other of other things that seemed odd. they flagged him so when he came in the owner wanted to meet him directly. he would never come in and actually do that, but, when this happened on friday morning, the owner woke up and his wife told him what happened and told him the name of the suspect and right away he realized it was the same man that was trying to join his gun club. >> boy, adam, so, you are there in the community. what is the latest on the scene? >>reporter: well, right now everyone is allowed back in. except for the actual building where the apartment is located. you can see it right here. this is the apartment complex where he lived. you can see the top floor apartment where there is one, two, three, four windows knocked out of the five that were part of the apartment. authorities are done with the
2:03 pm
investigation. they will probably do one more sweep. a.t.f. was here and the fbi and the local authorities and the aurora, colorado, police, as well. they got all the information and evidence they need. they will probably do another sweep. but there is still chemical residue that could be potentially dangerous. they want to come back through, obviously, clean it up and board up the windows. the original intent was to allow people back in, maybe tonight, but it looks like that will not happen. when they took the explosives out, they put him in the back after truck filled with sand to make it an easy ride and then blew the stuff up on the edge of town. we have aerial video of you. interesting vehicles as you watch it being blown up and burned. they disposed of all of it but there is still residue here. when the apartment com re-opened there 8 be a lot of people walking by the door and wanting to see where this man lived. so, you have that situation here. at the same time, authorities
2:04 pm
are telling me and told us last night, they have a ton of evidence from the apartment 679 evidence that shows clearly that this man had this plan for a number of months. they have enough information in there, as we watched them carry out the computer tower. that stuff is secure and safe. one thing they were trying to do to keep safe themselves but try to secure what they could inside without it being destroyed and they were very successful and diffusing the entire situation. necessity got a ton of evidence from the apartment. >> they have done fine work since the beginning when this tragedy first broke out. so, thank you, adam. >>gregg: new personal details of the twelve victims gunned down in the movie theater massacre. the youngest a little girl full of life and the oldest a father taking his two kids to the movies that night. tonight, a prayer vigil remembering the lives cut shore in this senseless tragedy.
2:05 pm
now to new york city with that room. >> total murders stands at 12 but the mayor of aurora, colorado, saying some of the gravely injured may not surprise. three young men took bullet for their loved ones. 26-year-old aspiring navy seal. 24-year-old recent graduate of a master psychology program. and 27-year-old target employees mcquinn used their bodies do protect their girlfriends, saving their lives. >> matt did what a man is supposed to do. protect the ones you love. no matter what the cost. >> youngest of the victims, six -year-old veronica sullivan, and the oldest, gordon cowden, a true texas jessing the movie with his two age children. and alex sullivan would have celebrated his 27th birthday
2:06 pm
and his 1st wedding anniversary this weekend. recent high school graduate, 18-year-old alexander body was surprised as a ball of joy. and a 32-year-old jessica wingo worked in customer relations. 24-year-old jessica gawli narrowly missed a shooting in canada last month. 27-year-old larimer was a navy sailor the youngest of five siblings. and alongside larimer was a 29-year-old jesse childress. and 23 three-year-old kala medek, a huge grain bay -- green bay backers fine. you can make donations at >>gregg: thank you. >> leaders in washington, dc have plenty to say about the
2:07 pm
event there in aurora, colorado, many using the talk shows to voice their thoughts on a number of concerns mainly our nation's gun laws. and now more from washington, dc, on this. >> and now the long standing debate over tougher gun regulations with the governor of colorado today saying that without access to guns this suspect might have acted anyway. the governor called the suspect "twisted and delusional," comparing this to an act of terrorism. >> if he could have gotten access to the bombs what kind of bomb would he manufacture? this is a time of information age with access to all kinds of information and he was diabolical. >> on fox news sunday two members of the senate squared off over the question of further gun control regulation and whether it could have prevented the tragedy in colorado.
2:08 pm
>> i have no problem with people being licensed, buying a firearm. but these are weapons that you are only going to be using to kill people in close combat. that is the purpose of that weapon. >> this is not an new of guns but an issue of sick individuals. it is a tragedy. i don't think this is a solution here in washington to solve this problem. >> johnson said the answer could lie in families, communes, and our educational system to try to instill proper values the he said limited gun access violates the 2nd amendment to the constitution and limits the freedoms that americans enjoy. >> thank you, steve, for that report. >>gregg: among the many tributes of the victims, one in particular is very poignant for the people of colorado. they are these 12 white crosses on a hill near the theater where a dozen people died early on friday. the crosses placed there, today,
2:09 pm
by greg zanex of illinois. back in 1999, he traveled to columbine high school, the scene of another deadly rampage and placed 15 crosses there. but, today, all met him at the new shrine and prayed. >> the suspect told the police "i am the joker," referring to the village in the batman series with bizarre reports like this and surreal images flashing across the television screen, a lost parents are trying to figure how to explain this tragedy to their children. and the c.e.o. and founder of common sense media and author of "talking to facebook," good to see you, sir. >> association first of all the parentrd dealing where the fact of a tragedy like this with a lot of effects on children. it has done a number in terms of separating reality from fantasy.
2:10 pm
>>guest: that is right. this is one of those things where fiction becomes fact and because the context of the shooting and the massacre was a movie that had violent scenes. it is really important, i think, for parents and educators this week and, if they come in contact with kids at camps, to talk with kids of their reaction, particularly teenagers who wanted to see the movie who could identify with the characters of the this is an important teachable moment for parents where you have to sit down and talk about it. >> when you talk about teenagers and young people you think of social media, it is changing the landscape of this disaster compared to others. talk about that for me. >>guest: well, social media is a big role. people respect our opinions. it is a new platform whether it is twitter or facebook where kids go and talk of their feelings, and, you said at outset, this has big impact on kids and teens. in question. thing of us as adults i have four kids, three teens, and you
2:11 pm
know they thing of this, so the issue is, how do you talk about it? how do you make sense of it? a common sense discussion. even the debate you just had before, about gun control versus other issues like that, that is important to talk about with your kids because this is something they all feel strongly. >> talk about the 24 hour news cycle. we have to cover it. is it possible that the constant images desensitize people from the feelings that people feel there in aurora? >>guest: it could be possible, but if you talking about kids and teenagers it can desensitize them. but, i think, though, the actually important thing for all of us to do whatever our point of view, whether we are a parent or not have to have a conversation and get our feelings. this is a big deal. that is why national events are covered in the 24/7 news cycle,
2:12 pm
but cable news coverage, this is going to impact kids because they know this is fact. not fiction. and that's a troubling thing. this is no question it affects kids. it is a real-life situation. >>reporter: you say how parents, it is their job to make sure the kids feel safe, it does not matter the able. depending on their ages and their temper meant -- temperament that determines how much they are seeing and hearing. >>guest: that is right. that is a good point. all parents need to understand it, it is age dependent and all kids are different. for example, my teenagers can process and discuss it with me differently than our 8-year-old son. you will have a last emotions. you have to talk about it. but it is also a chance to talk with kids how important media is in our society. and how fact and fiction in theater and movies and now in the social media as you mentioned before, how all of that affects us and we still
2:13 pm
have to talk about it as real live human beings. this is fact. this reality. it is not fiction anymore. it is not fantasy. the blending of them is important to talk with your kidded and use common sense and, really, really, help them process the feeling. all of us feel it on a basic gut level. >> thank you very much, your book, again, "talking back to facebook." >>gregg: we are following breaking developments overseas in syria. a new round of violence is rocking the country's two largest cities, as israeli leaders today say they may "have to act," to prevent syria's chemical weapons from falling into the wrong hands. and now, live from jerusalem. >>reporter: that is right, here in israel binyamin netanyahu, the prime minister told fox news earlier that the country, indeed be was considering some form of military action, if necessary, husbanded stockpiles of chemical
2:14 pm
weapons that syria has, the largest not middle east fall into the hands of the arch rival, hezbollah. >> can you imagine hezbollah, the people conducting with iran all these terror attacks around the world, can you imagine they would have chemical weapons? it is like al qaeda having chemical weapons. it is something that is not acceptable to us. not acceptable to the united states. or to any feasible country not not -- in the world. it is something we will have to act to stop if the need arises. >>gregg: and in syria, the government regime is trying to be taken back with specific points around damascus the rebels have a run during the course of the past week and syria has been striking on significant points. and in a second syria of syria, in the north, the rebels have been running and overtaken what
2:15 pm
is being considered a "army school," that protects the northern side of the city there which is the commercial and economic area, with a strong or hotbed, really, or stronghold of supporters of assad regime. this school has ammunition deposits and armored formation. that will help the surge for the city. they have been trying to take down the intelligence bureau compound there and trying to overrun the airport. but there is no indication if they have had success. so witnesses say it has been a day of intense fighting with a number of people killed in the past three days, now at 700. and activists saying the total number being killed as a result of the latest violence is 19,000 as a whole since the uprising began 17 months ago. no indication the fighting will
2:16 pm
let up with either side determined to cling on. greg thank you, live from jerusalem. >> it has been a devastating summer for the nation's farmers with extreme drought conditions destroying entire crop fields. now it seems some farmers are we thinking their water supply and turning to irrigation systems, instead. and now, live from atlanta with this curious information. >>reporter: yes, well, after season and season of low rainfall and scorching temperatures farmers are installing irrigation systems. farmers are telling us it is the difference between having a robust crop or a devastating harvest in the fall. one farmer has been working his family farm in south georgia, for more than 20 years. he says after suffering a painful hit to the family's peanut crop and cotton crop last year, they decided to invest in not one but two irrigation systems putting a didn't in just
2:17 pm
part of the 1,800-acre family farm. >> it worked out well for us so we nut more this year across the road. so, yes, we like it. it is something we will have to move to. >>reporter: an irrigation system is turning into a big business across the nation. farmers in 2008 spent $2.1 billion installing and maintaining and expanding irrigation systems. farmers we spoke with say it brings security even telling us it is really difficult to get a loan from the bank unless you have an irrigation system. here is what one person told us. >> i know it levels out crop yields. it levels out cash flow. it makes the bankers happy. you know, they like to see the folks that borrow money from them to have irrigation and actually they love it when they have a history of what they can actually do with the water and with the yields on their farm.
2:18 pm
>> we spent the day with one irrigation installer down in georgia, and he says he is getting up to 100 call as day. although it is good for business, he says that he is hes installing complex systems and it takes time. so, at the same time, it is frustrating because of the time involved. >> it is uncharted waters, so to speak. >> no pun intended. >> thank you very much. >>gregg: millions of americans coping with the harsh reality of losing their jobs, forced to tap retirement accounts, to try to make ends meet. is it a big mistake use your nest egg to pay the bills? and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension.
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>> the number of unemployed american workers rising dramatically since the beginning of the great recession. now we see more disturbing strengths with folks raiding their retirement accounts to make end's meet or defaulting on their 401(k) loans. so what does it mean for people in their 40's and 50's. we are joined by our senior business correspondent, brenda butler. of course we all know it is the last resort.
2:23 pm
and i am sure the folks who are dipping into the 401(k) accounts if they could figure out another way, they would. but, is there any way to prevent this? >>guest: well, you have to have people find jobs. it is the unemployed who are really doing this. that is the vast majority. and it is the ones who are running out of unemployment benefits. and many of them are older americans. 55 percent, basically, are over the age of 55. and it is a very worrisome trend because as you said, they go to their savings. that's gone. all they have left in many cases is their 401(k). that's the big problem. >> and this is a group that is especially hard to find jobs in this particular age group, 40's and 50's, approaching 60. not to mention they have saved for this rainy day and we are living longer, thankfully, so, suddenly, you know, we need even more money for retirement.
2:24 pm
not to mention when you are taking out this money earlier and borrowing against the money you lose the tax benefits so you have to pay the penalties and it spirals. >> the issue is that many of them are defaulting on the loan. so if they borrow against their 401(k) and there are reasons, sometimes, to do that if you are buying a first home. and there are reasons to do it if you pay yourself back. remember, that is what you are doing. but it can take, say you have a $6,000 loan and you default on that, after 60 days that money immediately comes out of your account, plus there are penalties and income tax so the $6,000 can turn it to $10,000 that you lose so if there is any way to get a loan at a lower interest rate or borrow in any kind of way it is much better than going into your 401(k). >> you mention trying to see if you can find a loan at a lower rate, do you think the banks are being a little more agreeable to
2:25 pm
sort of coming up with unconventional ways of helping some of the people who are in the situations like this trying to avoid borrowing against their 401(k) or people who are facing foreclosure. >>guest: these are the people the least likely to get a long from a bank. they are unemployed. they can not get credit cards. very, very difficult to get a credit card. or any kind of credit. no, it is very hard to get a loan. can't get a mortgage. can't refinance. so the very people who need it the most, again, are having the most difficult time and that is why they are doing to this last resort. >> i guess it is fine with more families moving in together and it is not what you want to do when you are hitting retirement able, but if that is what it takes, just stick together. >>guest: the teenagers are coming and living in their basements and the older people are coming to live with the
2:26 pm
younger people's basements, too. >> you can catch brenda on bulls and bears every start at 10:00 a.m. on fox news channel. gregg: investigators scouring the apartment of the 24-year-old aurora, colorado, suspect. down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed
2:27 pm
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2:30 pm
>> new details on the suspect in the colorado shooting massacre. aurora, colorado, police, are slowly going through the apartment of 24-year-old james holmes taking any evidence that can help the prosecution's case. and craig is live outside the suspect's apartment with the latest. >>reporter: good evening. evidence response teams have completed their work inside james holmes' third-floor apartment. we were here until 2:00 a.m., this morning, eastern time, the time when one of the last a.t.f.
2:31 pm
agents and f.b.i. agents came back out outside with a box and drove off. this building remains closed. residents are not allowed back in. just because there could be possible threats remaining from the hazardous materials. >> neighbors collected belongings from the aurora apartment building where he lived. one remembered his chance encounter with the alleged mass murderer. all thursday morning i was parked right there he came out and smoking a cigarette and looking down. like something was on his mine. >> a look inside as the f.b.i. and a.t.f. work through the night gathering evidence inside his third-floor apartment hours after the crews detonated devices removed from the apartment. and his application to a firing range last month with the owner when he called his voice mail. >> usually when i leave a message, they call back immediately. and when he deputy scale back i
2:32 pm
didn't like it. all people pay respects at growing memorial. white crosses are a tribute to the 12 victims. >> i put up the columbine crosses and i am back here, again. it is hard to be back here. this is the second time. >> the residents were allowed back in for a moment to get personal items. these are university students that live in this 12-unit complex. it remains under clear when it will be re-opened. back to you. >>gregg: there is favors i in aurora, colorado, the resolution is going to be meeting there with family members who have been affected by this tragedy. he will also meet with the officials there. obviously the town of aurora is in shock after the mass shooting. the president will spend about 2
2:33 pm
1/2 hours on the ground to meet with victims of the shooting, local officials, in an tonight show his support without being, really, a distraction not aftermath of the rampage that killed 12 people and injured 58. he is expected to deliver some remarks which will be carried live this evening in the 7:00 eastern time. the president's stop is coming three days after the bloody shooting spree at a midnight showing of "dark knight rises," the new it movie in the batman franchise. those killed range in age from six to 51. >> the u.s. economy not getting a clean bill of help from bernanke in his testimony before congress this week. the federal reserve chairman says that outlook for the recovery is "murky," at best, and gloomy estimate. the most significant political
2:34 pm
event of the week, take a listen to what he had to say. >> the c.b.o. has estimated that it is a full range of tax increases and spending cuts were allowed to take effect, a scenario referred to as the "fiscal cliff," a shallow recession would occur next year and 1.25 million fewer jobs would be created in 2013. >>gregg: will the economy determine the outcome the november 6 election? we bring in doug, former pollster for bill clinton. pat caddell, a former pollster for president indicator. and john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york. and now a fox news poll seems to dovetail with what bernanke is saying. 72 percent of people say that raising taxes is a bad idea. >>doug: the american people are frustrated, concerned, and
2:35 pm
nervous. what bernanke is saying reflects the popular will, which is if we don't get the economy right, we could head into a recession. that's what is weighing down president obama's poll numbers and making this a very close race with things moving not direction of governor romney. >>gregg: at the same time, by a ten-point margin. look at this fox news poll. folks say taxing the rich, which is what the president wants to do, is a good idea. >>pat: nothing takes place if a vacuum. people think if they think of the economy that is bad. you tax the rich -- but we ask the questions in isolation they are much more complicated. but to the point you were talking about, this economy, the numbers are so bad in so many ways, now, where now we are in the third month of lower personal income. that's all a sign of recession coming. we have numbers, the unemployment numbers are back up
2:36 pm
again. i think people now are very nervous. they take it as a recession. >>gregg: congressman, bad numbers on unemployment claims this are up. secured confidence numbers down. retail sales are down. the president's golf handy cap is down. i bring that up, because i just sort of wonder why romney doesn't make a bigger deal of that. >> i tell you why. we now know what romney's strategy is, which just play it very safe and ride the deteriorating economy to victory in november and not do anything that ticks people off. not do anything controversial. try not to be the issue in the race. now, the president doesn't want to talk about the economy. he wants to talk about fairness. taxing the rich. >> and governor romney. >> and romney but another poll from rasmussen, more people are saying economic growth is important, versus fairness, as
2:37 pm
being more important. by a large margin. >>gregg: but romney made a big deal of the fact that the president is neglecting the economy, doesn't even meet with his jobs council. but he has 10 fundraisers. >>pat: romney was better this week as a candidate than i have seen in the town meeting. he was good. that thing where he had 100 fundraisers and no meetings in six months with the job council was devastating metaphor in the light of the economy numbers. i thought it was a good hit. >> the most important job for president obama is keeping his own and given that his fundraising numbers are down, the president has got to keep escalating the number of events to stay competitive. >>gregg: and lower right hand of the screen is the president meeting with people there at buckley airbase in aurora,
2:38 pm
colorado, and, again, we will be following the president's movement. he meets with family members of the victims. he will meet with officials to underscore his support for the community which has been devastated by the theater massacre in the early morning hours of friday. but as we look at the president, let's look at his numbers. he's now losing ever so narrowly under the latest "new york times" cbs poll to governor romney. romney at 47 percent; president obama at 46 percent. >> for about a year the three of us have said on the air that the president cannot win this election on his record. it's a bad record. obamacare and all that. his only hope of getting re-elected was an improving economy which now is not happening. or he runs a nuclear war on mitt romney and makes him radioactive and he is unelectable.
2:39 pm
it could be working a little bit but why think it is enough as of today. >> i was surprised inside those "new york times" numbers a couple other things on the issues that matter, the economy. romney was well ahead. what was interesting on the attack was i was surprised on the question, do they care about the middle class? the president was at 63 and romney was up at 55. that's a big jump. >> but here is the thing. this is what we have been talking about. the rating in the poll the president got on the economy was 39 percent. right? and with the fundraising numbers going down, romney collecting more money, the race is moving in governor romney's direction. >>gregg: those polls of "new york times" match the fox news polls. and the first one on the screen is the president's job performance. he is underwater at 49 percent disapproving and 47 percent approve. and now moving forward to the next one. 37 percent of voters say they
2:40 pm
are better off than they were four years ago. but half, 48 percent, say they are not. and another 13 percent say their situation is unchanged. gentleman? >> well, one of the questions we talk about is what is happening this year? 2004 race, the presit versus -- president bush versus john mccain which was very close. or is it 1980, like a wave against an unpopular incumbent and a bad economy? i think the flee us -- three of us think it is more like 1980 with president obama wearing the role of jimmy carter. >>gregg: half the americans think the president's policies have made the economy worse. >> with the president spending a lot of money not swing states and to have gotten no movement in this and to be where he is tied or hype, underwater on job approval and being outfund
2:41 pm
raised by governor romney, this is a crisis. >>gregg: we will talk about the swing states when we return. and we will talk about the statement "if you got a business, you didn't do it." ♪
2:42 pm
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>>gregg: the race for the white house heating up in the sunshine state with president obama in florida targeting the older voters. he took a new line of attack against governor romney, putting bain on the back bunker and focusing on taxes and medicare. and our insiders here or to discuss it. congressman leboutillier, he, really, is going after and trying to connect romney with paul ryan's plan. what did he get out of that? >> he will make some hay out of
2:46 pm
that among senior citizens in florida and pennsylvania and elsewhere. the ryan medicare plan was too much, too fast, politically. it might be a good thick to discuss some day but politically it's a bad plan. you shouldn't be running on it. and i think it will hurt him and i think it is obama grasping at anything he can get. >>pat: the ryan plan, the problem is the d.n.a. of the republic with voters in their d.n.a. believe that republicans want to kill medicare and social security like the voters d.n.a. they believe democrats want to tax and spend. for ryan to put that span out with no consensus i said at going is a political disaster. romney embracing it is. sometimes you think the republicans want to throw the campaign away. the issue is, the president has so many problems in going in so many different ways.
2:47 pm
that is the problem. >>doug: the race in florida is deadlocked or perhaps the president a point or so ahead but the approval rating is 45. they is to go after senior citizens because if the administration doesn't target seniors using the ryan plan is bad as suggested, they do not have a chance to win a state they need. >> what about going off to the jewish vote, heading off to israel and meeting with netanyahu. >> and we will see the story of netanyahu and romney back in the bain days of the 1970's were close friends. we will see that again. >>pat: let me say that, what will be missing, we will not see network anchors traveling with the challenger candidate as they did in 2008, as though he were god and the elected president of the united states, i think they will all stay home. >>gregg: the president, this seems to be gaining steam, the criticism of the president's
2:48 pm
match: if you got a business, you didn't do that, someone else made that happen. those four words, "you didn't build that." >> that attack as core american value of free market capitalism and whether you believe in social democratic state with more government or less government, virtually every american is a capitalist. this, plus the comment of a couple of weeks ago, that the private sector was doing fine, shows a fundamental disconnect with the --. >>gregg: there have been several arguable gaffes. >>pat: he gets off the teleprompter and there are problems. there are telling moments like romney has had about firing people, whatever, or not carrying about them. but, those things, he is a challenger. this is the president. this is his economy. and he is up there, but that problem, and why care all the context you can claim, what he didn't say is we admire our entrepreneurs.
2:49 pm
>>greg: we have 30 seconds left and want to run through your v.p. projections. >> i predict we will not have a selection until the olympics are over from and that period, the two week period, the governor romney will look at the race, see where it is, and he will pick senator portman of ohio as his running mate. >>gregg: and risk losing a potential senate seat. >>john: we have a republican governor in ohio so if he were to win --. >>gregg: but they would need an election. >>john: they are more interested in winning the presidency. it will be portman. >>pat: he is not picking what he should do, someone who would peel to independents. condoleeza rice, and michigan dannys and jeb bush, those are game change ares in awhat that would be positive, but you will end up with, if you don't end up with pawlenty you will end up
2:50 pm
with portman. >>doug: i agree with pat, if romney was not doing as well as he is. john is right, it will be portman. it will be ohio, ohio, ohio. >>gregg: okay, guys. i'm very impressed. john leboutillier, pat caddell, doug schoen, you can them each monday. they will back next sunday. and you can follow them on twitter. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico,
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see how much you could save. throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day women's 50+ healthy advantage.
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>> seven surviving victims of colorado shooting massacre remain in have it california conditions. for many injuries sustained on friday's rampage are likely permanent. so, how do the victims and their families begin to move on from a tragedy like there? a family medicine physician joins us. first, doctor, what do you call supportive care? >>guest: right now, some of victims still have bullets and will need another surgery to either repair the damage done by how the bullet travels or to remove it. and, allow their bodies to heal. from there it becomes if they have damage to organs or to
2:55 pm
brain or to spinal columns, you have to move on from there and move to rehabilitation and relearn things and adjust to the loss that you had. >> that leads to the physical rehabilitation? >>guest: correct and along with that, and that can be a long time if someone needs to learn to walk again or to function without that ability and everything else, we just don't know because they are understandably keeping that information from the public right new. on top of that, they need to deal with the horror of what they have been through. my heart goes out to them. >> and, finally, there is the mental aspect of the recovery that has to be addressed. >>guest: that will be a long time for the victims, their families, and the whole town. this is a long process. and there are many steps to healing from a horror such as this. >> a long process indeed. we should not forget that the families and victims will continue to have to deal with this for some time to come.
2:56 pm
doctor, thank you very much, for joining us here today. that is it for us today. thank you for joining us. good to be with you. >>gregg: we will continue to follow the president. he is meeting in aurora, colorado, with the officials, and with family members of the many victims. he will be delivering some remarks. and condolences. well carry those live coming up in the next couple of hours. ps
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