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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online, if you haven't been there, you should check it out. it starts in seven seconds. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the jail cell questions from the accused movie murderer. did you see the movie? how does it end? plus, word he sent a notebook detailing to a psychiatrist his deadly plan. it may have sat unopened in a mail room for more than a week before the massacre. details and diagrams of the suspected shooter's plan of attack. tonight, what the notebook could mean for the investigation. the trial, and potential lawsuits. [sirens] >> shepard: it's the call the nypd does not want you to hear.
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>> the department has no -- quoting as new york city radios. >> really? >> there is pictures of terrorists. >> shepard: how this caller stomach neld upon one of the department's biggest secrets. an out-of-state safe house used in a controversial surveillance program. the reaction ahead. plus, just released video of a killer whale attack on a trainer at sea world. tonight, renewed debate on the safety of the popular shows. and a skydiver leaps for more than 18 miles above earth. but first from fox this wednesday night. a new and disturbing turn in an already senseless and horrific crime. a law enforcement source now tells that the accused is ther detailed his evil plans in a notebook. a notebook he sent to a
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psychiatrist at the university of colorado med school. we are told it contains diagrams of exactly how he planned to enter the theater and kill as many people as possible. included, stick figure drawings as the source puts it of the suspect gunning down other stick figures. but herein lies the twist. the notebook reportedly sat unopened in a university mail room for, perhaps, more than a week before the rampage. police are said to have taken it into evidence on monday night. you may remember our mike tobin reporting from the scene that evening here on fox report. but at that point, no one would talk about what the suspicious package was. now, apparently, we know. it's unclear why nobody delivered the notebook to the psychiatrist before the shooting spree, if that is what went down. the school says the mail is delivered same day, so, we'll never really know whether its discovery would have prevented the crime. but it will no doubt be quite a factor as investigators try to unravel the tragedy and determine some kind of motive. mike tobin is live in aurora
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again for us tonight. what more do we know, mike, from the reporting of about what else is in this notebook? >> we know that the notebook was discovered on that day that the bomb squads were examining suspicious packages on the university campus of the hospital campus here. building 500 has a mail room. the federal authorities got a warrant to search that mail room. in the mail room they found one package with the return address of james holmes. as you mentioned, it was addressed to a campus psychiatrist. it is not known by the package never arrived or was never received by that particular psychiatrist. but, if, indeed he had received it and read it. if, indeed, the details forecast the attack, that psychiatrist would have been obligated to notify authorities. >> and as an exception to the normal doctor/patient privilege, in other words, had this package been opened, this doctor may well have had information that he was duty bound to share with the public, to share with law
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enforcement so that this kind of tragedy might have been averted. >> now, law enforcement source tells, the package arrived on july the 12th. we know now the attack happened on july the 20th. >> shepard: any more word on the suspect's apartment, the one he is said to have booby trapped. >> today the defense team got a look back inside the apartment. it appears these are the final sweeps for evidence. of course, this is the apartment that authorities say that james holmes had rigged into a death trap. now, the people living in the apartment building have not been able to go back to their homes since the night of the attacks. >> nobody has really said anything. we are still waiting and seeing when we will be able to get in. >> police say holmes spent three weeks rigging that apartment to blow the series of bombs would have very likely engulfed at least the top floors into a giant fireball, shep?
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>> shepard: thanks. meantime abc reporting that the suspect bought a high-powered rifle just hours after he is said to have failed an important exam at the university of colorado medical school. we are told he bought that rifle on june the 7th, six weeks before the shootings in aurora. three days later, the school reports he suddenly dropped out of his please teenage just neuroscience program. and now a separate report in the "u.s.a. today" newspaper is calling into question his qualifications for that program in the first place. the paper cites a neuroscientist that holmes was likely just an average student and not a research protest gee. protest gee. the new york daily news is reporting after his arrest, james holmes asked jail house worker how the dark night rises movie ended. we're told the suspect first asked the worker if he had first seen the movie, the worker reportedly ignored him. holmes is said to have repeated the question as if nothing had happened in aurora at all at that theater that
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day. the jail house source reports he was, quote, trying to look like he was insearly curious. like he is trying a real hard to act crazy. holmes is in solitary confinement in the detention center. according to multiple reports, he was moved to florida for his own protection. prison officials reportedly put a black plastic face guard to stop him from spitting on othe guards. he wear as green bullet-proof vest and ankle shackles though there are conflicting reports on that mask. meantime, police say dozens of movie goers ran out of a different theater showing the new batman film after somebody opened a theater door shouted some kind of explicative and threw a box into the center aisle. the guy reportedly said that box was a bomb. we're told one witness reacted by picking up the box and tossing t into a hallway into a different theater. officials evacuated more than 100 other people from that building. investigators soon determined that bomb was not a bomb.
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it happened earlier this week in san jose, california. folks still apparently on edge. keep in mind since the shooting massacre in aurora, police have arrested at least three people in separate incidents involving showings of that very movie. now, the fbi call that blue the -- blew the whistle on the secret operation to spy on muslims in another state. the associated press is now reporting it had to sue to get ahold of this recording. it happened three years ago but we're just hearing about it for the first time. a building superintendent in new brunswick, new jersey called the local cops after he stumbled upon what was apparently an nypd safe house. he didn't know it here listen. >> we have been doing the five year state inspection. >> um-huh. >> and came across an apartment where there is some suspicious activity. >> suspicious? >> suspicious in the sense that the apartment has about -- has no furniture but two beds. no clothing.
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has new york city police department radios. >> really? >> shepard: the associated press reports the nypd tried to keep this new brunswick, new jersey police department from releasing that recording until the a.p. went to court to make it public. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. it seems as if the nypd got caught up in its own see something, say something. >> it does look that way. they were essentially running this surveillance operation in new jersey unbeknownst to cops in new jersey. it amounted to the monitoring of many muslims across the hudson river from new york city. they were keeping files for instance on sermons delivered at mosques there they were logging the movement and comments of political organizations organizers. they were tracking the location of muslims where they ate, where they shopped. what sports venues they went to. nobody beyond the nypd might ever have found out about this had it not been for that building super who saw something and said something
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to that 911 operator. listen. >> the computer hardware, software, you know, laying around? >> um-huh. >> there is pictures of terrorists there is pictures of our neighboring buildings that we have. >> in new brunswick? >> yes. >> thus, the nypd was called out and embarrassed by a citizen doing exactly what the nypd tells us all to do. >> shepard: the nypd has said from the beginning of this that there is nothing wrong with this. it's not illegal, right? >> they said it's absolutely legal and absolutely necessary. what they were doing was monitoring people who they thought could be potential terrorists. potentially planning attacks here in new york city. governor chris christie of new jersey disagrees with that he has expressed concern about it. but former nypd detective and security expert tom ruskin says in this case the end justifies the means. listen. >> the nypd is doing what they are paid to do which is
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protect the people of the city of new york and they are doing it the best way they know. gain intelligence and make arrests. develop cases and successful prosecution. >> civil rights groups of course a concerned about where the nypd was operating and more concerned about privacy violations or potential privacy violations they have asked the courts to step in and take a look at this. shep. >> shepard: thank you. a baseball legend's mother kidnapped. cal ripken junior's mother. police say they found her in the back of a car blindfolded, hands tied. update on her condition and search for that kidnapper next. plus a 5,000-pound killer whale bites a trainer and pulls him to the bottom of a sea world pool. the newly released video ahead from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report.
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>> police are saying somebody tied up cal ripken jr.'s
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mother and kidnapped her at gunpoint. they say she is safe now but shaken up. happened just outside baltimore where her baseball hall of fame son spent 21 seasons with the o's. the 74-year-old told cops an armed man wearing camouflage forced her into her own car. what happened next is a bit murky. police say they found ripken's mother close to her2 4 hours later. in the backseat, blindfolded her hands bound. so far no word on any motive and certainly not of any suspect. doug mckel way with the news in d.c. this evening. doug, police say they don't think this was about ransom at all. >> that's what they said, shep. if that was the kidnapper's original intention he must have given up. she was found in the backseat of that lincoln town car bound as you said and also blindfolded and physically, thankfully, unharmed. according to the associated press via ripken told a
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neighbor kidnapper said i'm not going to hurt you i'm going to take you back. that's what he did. told the neighbor he planned to put tape over her eyes when she complained of being claustrophobic he used a mask instead during the ordeal. he lit cigarettes for her. he stopped for food. the ripken family issued a statement after her release which red, quote, this has been a very trying time for our family but we are grateful and relieved that mom is back with us safe and healthy. we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support especially all of the law enforcement agencies that worked so hard and quickly. obviously this ripken family which is held in such high esteem in that part of the country is relieved, shep. >> shepard: do they have any indications that the kidnapper might have known who this woman was? >> police are not saying that. it would certainly be easy enough for anybody in that part of the country to know the ripken family legendary in that part. violet ripken has lived in the same aberdeen home for the same 40 years.
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the suspect who is at large is described as a white male, late 30's to early 40s. last seen wearing light colored shirt, camo pants and eye eyeglasses. he was armed with a handgun. authorities consider him to be very dangerous. shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway in d.c. tonight. newly released video of a killer whale attack at sea world again raising questions about the safety of those shows. look at this. the trainer was swimming with the whale when suddenly the whale bit down on the guy's foot. and dragged him to the bottom of the pool. again and again. t happened in 2006. at sea world, san diego. they just released this video as evidence in a trial last year against sea world. the whale repeatedly submerged that trainer. fortunately he was able to get out of the pool and suffered only injuries to his feet. the footage released in the aftermath of a deadly incident at sea world, orlando in 2010 when a whale pulled the trainer under water and killed her it went to the media this video today. the summer olympics is not yet
4:17 pm
officially underway but there has already been a security fiasco. and a driver who got lost with a bus full of athletes. coming up, what happened after the latest embarrassment when organizers showed a south korean flag during a north korean soccer game. here is a hint. the two countries are bitter enemies. plus. [sirens] anger and violence on california streets. protesters furious over the deadly police shootings of two men. it's going on night after night. and it's next. [ male announcer ] if you want play in the same sandbox as luxury s.u.v.s, it helps to have an interior full of hand-selected wood trim and soft premium leather... and it doesn't hurt to have a selec-terrain dial that truly performs. ♪
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>> shepard: chaos in the streets a few miles from disneyland, now the mayor of anaheim, california says
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federal officials will investigate the two deadly police shootings that triggered these violent protests. these are some of the pictures from last night. three days after that first shooting. investigators say on saturday afternoon an officer shot and killed this unarmed man. we're told he was in a group of people acting suspiciously. police say they later identified him as a gang member. then the next day, investigators say a second man, with known gang affiliation, shot at an officer. that policeman returned fire and killed the young man. yesterday, anaheim's city council discussioned the shootings inside city hall, this was going on outside. [shouting] here the bottles? protest esthers hurling those and rocks and traffic cones. police firing back with beaten bag rounds and pepper balls.
4:22 pm
what do cops expect tonight, more of this. >> we just talked to cops, shep. they are embracing for another long night. the tug of war between the cops and protesters lasted almost 11 hours. at one time the police say the crowd was estimated at a thousand people or more. there were some protesters using bull horns to try and keep the peace. but as you can tell from the video, a lot of people simply did not listen, at least a dozen fires were set. 20 businesses damaged. along with city hall and the police department but today the police chief issued this message to protesters. listen. >> we will continue to facilitate and and all peaceful lawful demonstrations. we recognize that is the right of the people. it's our job to see that they can exercise that right. however, we will not allow riotous, dangerous violations of the law by anyone. we will protect innocent people from being injured and property from being damaged. >> and police say if they
4:23 pm
identify more violent offenders on all of those videotapes they will make more arrests. shep? >> shepard: we are hearing from relatives of this unarmed guy who police shot on saturday. right? >> right. we are. and they want money and they want justice. they have already filed a 50-million-dollar lawsuit against the city of anaheim but today the mother said more importantly she wants those police officers arrested. now, anaheim police won't talk about the shooting but the police union says this man, manuel diaz was a known gang member with a criminal record and the reason the police officer shot him is because he thought he was reaching for a weapon in his waistband. the family denies that. they say they are not involved in any protests and they do not condone the violence. here is the mom. >> we want peaceful justice. we want to honor manuel by doing things within the law. we want the officers in question to be arrested for the execution of my son
4:24 pm
manuel,. >> the family is also hoping the fbi gets involved in the investigation but that is highly unlikely. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher reporting from los angeles. well, the north korean leader kim judge un or kim the younger is reportedly married all of a sudden. north korean state television today confirmed speculation that this woman, who has been kind of at his side here and there in recent weeks and helped him look at things, is indeed his wife. the u.s. state department spokesman said, quote: i don't think we were invited to the wedding. if there was one. no clue. north korean soccer players refused to take the field for more than an hour today in the united kingdom. the olympics kind of underway after olympic organizers mistakenly showed the south korean flag on the screen during player introduction. it happened women's match ahead of the games. north korea and south korea bitter foes still technically at war. and their flags look absolutely nothing alike.
4:25 pm
officials have apologized. the greek olympic committee has booted one of its athletes for comments it claims go against the olympic spirit at least. that athlete, a greek triple jumper. she was reacting to news that mosquitoes carrying the nile virus were reported in greece much in an apparent remark about immigration, she tweeted and i quote: with so many for africans in greece, the mosquitoes from the west nile will be. it never happened. it never has. prosecutors are using a new law to go after a photographer accused of chasing this guy justin bieber. tonight, the charges and the possible consequences. plus, a woman called 911 after she saw this outside her window. then, she got an even bigger surprise. that's next. >> it was a huge mountain lion
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we take it on ours. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz now for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st. >> shepard: a woman in the suburbs of los angeles dialed 911 to report a very dangerous predator in her own neighbor's backyard. it turns out the danger was a little overstated. >> he says it looks like a mountain lion. >> a big one, really big. >> shepard: you can't really blame her for freaking out. after all this is what she saw through her window.
4:30 pm
>> take a closer look. >> it was a huge mountain lion that appeared to be sleeping on my neighbor's patio table. >> we have had a bobcat coming down out of the hillside that's been smashing some of the domesticated cats. >> shepard: when animal control officers arrived they concluded it was a dangerous animal but it isn't anymore. >> it was a real cat but a dead taxi determineyed cat. >> that's right. it was supposed to be a prank. >> as a joke we thought let's put it in the neighbor's yard and scare the neighbor's wife. >> next thing we know we have animal control and police here. >> the joke was on me. >> as the neighbors carried off the lion the only thing to do was to report back to 911. >> it is an artificial mountain lion. [ laughter ] >> i am so sorry. >> don't be sorry. it's actually kind of made my day. >> shepard: mind too. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
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president obama says governor romney is twisting his words about business owners. the campaigns have been going at t over the president's now somewhat famous you didn't build that comment. here t is again with the context. >> if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system that we had that allowed you to thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. context is helpful, isn't it, governor romney has called that an snowlt all business owners. the president is trying to set that straight. ed henry is at the white house. actually is he over here at the white house. ed, the president seems to be trying to put this little bit to bed. >> yeah, that's right, shep. in politics this can take on a life of its own if you allow
4:32 pm
the other side to define you. and the president at a fundraiser basically said look, he knows there is a certain amount of people pulling words out of context in political campaigns. it goes with the territory. he says this is getting ridiculous and said, quote: the one thing do i have no patients for is is this argument that somehow what i'm criticizing is success. that's an argument you hear from the other side oh he wants to punish success. i want to promote success. that from the president but mitt romney's advisors like john sununu of new hampshire are still pouncing on the president. >> he condemns success. he wanted the business people and his constituencies to think that all business success should be shared with everyone. that there is nothing individual about it. that is denying the american dream. >> here we are about 10 days or so after the original comment both sides still fighting it out. shep. >> shepard: another poll out, ed, and from the nbc and the "wall street journal" which is
4:33 pm
owned by our parent company suggesting that voters are really getting increasingly nervous about this economy. >> very anxious. when you look at this poll, there is tough signs for the president about the economy saying that half of registered voters are feeling less optimistic about the direction of the economy and only 27% of voters predict it will get better over the next year. that's problematic for the president. on the other hand, if you look at the big picture, the poll does give the president overall edge of 49% to 43% over romney nationwide. and in a sample of 12 battle ground states, the president had an 8 point edge over rom anymore. the bottom line is, look: the president is still sort of winning this race by a small margin, at least in the lead. but those economic signs are still very worrisome for him right now, shep. >> shepard: 20 point lead in likability. are republicans concerned about that? >> they are. i spoke to a very senior romney advisor about this yesterday who said, yes, this is a problem, but, they believe that with -- if he has
4:34 pm
a strong republic convention, has a strong vice presidential pick, mitt romney can close the likability gap number one, and number the two romney camp says, look, the bottom line is while likability is important when you are in the middle of tough economic times, who can turn around the economy is more important than how like. we'll see, shep. >> shepard: we will see if a stimulus is on the way. ed henry at the white house. thank you. good of you, sir. the republic national candidate mitt romney today kicked off his first overseas trip as the presumptive nominee for president. got to london today. is he scheduled to attend friday's opening ceremonies of the 2012 summer olympics. we are told he also plans to meet with the british prime minister david cammeron and then governor romney heads off to israel or that's the plan to meet with benjamin netanyahu. governor romney will reportedly round out his trip with a stop in poland. he has attacked president obama on foreign policy issues in recent days and the romney campaign tells us that on his trip the governor will be reassuring leaders that should he be elected he will will
4:35 pm
support their nations. meanwhile, the associated press reports that the former florida republic governor jeb bush has pitched a running mate to governor romney. and we're told it's none other than the florida republic senator marco rubio. in an interview with the associated press. governor bush said he told governor romney that senator rubio is ready to be vice president. governor bush added that, of course, the final decision is up to the presumptive g.o.p. nominee, which did is. one of the president's top campaign advisors says president obama did not leak national security secrets or sign off on those leaks. yesterday, governor mitt romney suggested that the leaks did come from the white house. last month, the obama campaign advisor david axelrod denied that. today he put it a little differently. >> i can tell you that the president of the united states did not leak classified information as mitt romney suggested yesterday. didn't authorize the leak of classified information as mitt romney suggested yesterday. and i think it was largely --
4:36 pm
it was largely a diversion. >> shepard: the head of the homeland security committ says it certainly looks like somebody at the white house is to blame. >> we saw the sear series of leaks late may, june, involving drones. again, these are the most sensitive information which is given out it appears the senator feinstein and others from people high up in the administration. people within the white house. >> shepard: he mentioned senator dianne feinstein head of the senate intelligence committee. on monday she said she thought some of the leaks may have been coming from the white house. yesterday she certainly changed that and says she does not know the source. just in to fox news, an update on our top story tonight. university of colorado officials, the medical school in denver say a suspicious package arrived on campus this past monday. three days after the deadly movie theater rampage. they say a source was wrong to say that it sat in the mail room for as long as a week
4:37 pm
before the attack. i told you there were conflicting reports. now this. it comes after an official told the suspected shooter, james holmes, mailed a notebook detailing his plans to a psychiatrist there. and that the package may have arrived as early as july 12th. law enforcement told fox investigators discovered the notebook during a search on monday. following reports of another suspicious package. and at the school they tell us, mail is delivered same day. we now know the identities of some of the so-called secret witnesses in the george zimmerman case. zimmerman is a central florida father -- i should say former central florida neighborhood watchman who admits to shooting and killing the unarnold teenager trayvon martin. according to the orlando sentinel release the names of witnesses who spoke publicly with reporters, one of them a 13-year-old boy who says he saw a man in red on the ground just before the gunshot. that's important because zimmerman was wearing a reddish orange jacket. a potentially important detail
4:38 pm
as george zimmerman told cops he fired after martin got on top of him and attacked him. george zimmerman faces two second degree murder charges. he says the shooting was in self-defense. a photographer accused of getting into a high speed chase with the singer justin bieber now faces criminal criminal charges. first time prosecutors have ever used a law in california that cracks down on reckless driving by the paparazzi. cops ticketed bieber for speeding saying he was going 80 in a 65. at the time bieber said somebody was chasing him. soon after police pulled him over we are told he called tmz. police gave tmz the call. listen. >> hello, i have like five cars following me. >> do you know the people that are following you? >> no, i don't. i think they are -- they are driving really reckless. >> what's your last name? >> johnson. >> you are on the southbound
4:39 pm
101. >> yes. >> what kind of a car are you in. >> face cir. >> a what. >> fisker. >> what kind of car is that? >> it's a fisker. >> it's a fisker karma. plug in sports car quite pricey. basic model goes for $100,000. no comment from the photographer. if the court convicts him, he could face up to a year in prison. we have heard the warnings. now we know what to expect. the estimated rise in food prices from one of the worst droughts in american history just ahead. plus, the syrian government reportedly sent dozens of tanks to its largest city as sierra's ally russia accused the united states of justifying terrorism. fox news was on the syrian border today, a live report coming up. that's all ahead as fox reports live tonight. [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes
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claimed responsibility for an attack that killed three senior members of that regime in response, the state department spokeswoman said that she wasn't surprised the rebels resorted to deadly methods. today the russian foreign minister said that amounted to the united states supporting terrorism. of course, this is the same russian government that splice the syrian military with much of its weapons. activists say the violence that had killed more than
4:44 pm
19,000 people since march of last year continues. and today dozen of syrian government tacks reportedly gathered around syria's largest city. dominic di-natale in jerusalem after leaving the syrian border due to safety concerns. dominic? >> shep, the conflict in syria is being felt directly by its neighbors who can very much see and hear the war along the frontier. early today we were at the border as you say and visited an area where the war has spilled directly on to israeli soil very much underscoring just how syrians internal crisis could easily draw in the countries around it, shep. >> the tiny border town of hadder on the syrian line of divide here on the heights. an area of great tension for decades now. you can just make out the israeli line of divide and in the distance by that -- actually a quarry is the syrian side of the line divide. 400-yard buffer zone where
4:45 pm
there have been tensions in recent days. the israelis complaining to the united nations that the syrian government troops have wandered into this crucial buffer zone fighting rebel troops and indeed mortars have been landing. in the village itself earlier on today we heard what sounded like heavy machine gunfire. no indication there is any major clash going on there. anyone tense phiing the israeli's apprehension is news from the rebels that the regime has moved stockpiles of its chemical weapons to airports up and down the border. it scared the israelis so much that the doubling in demand of gas masks which it issued by the state. syria's chemical weapons, shep, are something that russia is now saying would be unacceptable for the assad regime to use under any circumstances. experts believe this could be a softening of the support by russia for bashar assad as his regime appears to be weakening by the day, shep. >> shepard: dominic di-natale from our jerusalem bureau.
4:46 pm
police are searching for a suspect they say fired shots at another driver in a possible road rage case. our top story on a fox trip across america. florida. surveillance video shows a man pull into a driveway, jump out of his car, then shoot several rounds at a passing pickup. at least one bullet hit the passenger side door. the pickup's driver claims he doesn't know why the guy targeted him. but a witness says it looks like the man in the truck was shouting and honking at the suspected shooter. nobody hurt. oklahoma. crews battled flames at a plant holding hazardous chemicals in oklahomait reportea forklift caught fire. witnesses reported hearing explosions and seeing thick black smoke from miles away. it took two hours to contain the thing. no word of anyone hurt. tennessee, emergency crews rescued a worker after he fell into a sludge tank at a waste water treatment plant in nashville. police say the man tumbled
4:47 pm
about 8 feet from a ladder into a confined state in -- space in that tank while he was cleaning it. rescuers worked more than an hour to pull him out. he had minor injuries. illinois. >> the wall started caving. in the ceiling started caving. in the floor started caving. in and it was like all we did was just run outside. >> heavy winds ripped a tree from the ground and cut a house in two in chicago. the couple escaped without any injuries. they say they lost almost everything. severe storms tore through the area and cut power to thousands of residents and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: so there is skydiving and then there is. this one man's death defying jump from the stratosphere. higher than airliners fly. way higher and somehow he safely landed. wait until you hear what he is planning next as fox reports
4:48 pm
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>> shepard: today a dare devil fell 18 miles. that's still nowhere near the record setting jump he says he is planning. this guy landed safely in new mexico after taking a blah pliewn into the stratosphere. so high he he needed a pressurized suit and oxygen supply. his team estimates he fell at a top speed of more than 500 miles per hour. here is an idea of just how high i mean. mount every rest is 29,000 feet. jet crews travel around 29,000 feet. this guy jumped from three times that height about. all leading to planned record setting stunt. he says he will jump from some 23 miles up. and that he hopes to go super sonic breaking the speed of
4:52 pm
sound with his body. now the folks at nasa are watching closely. they say it could help them come up with escape plans for future rocket flights. adam housley has details live in the west coast news hub. this guy is planning something nobody has ever done. >> yeah, shepard. >> you think 96,000 feet is enough. not really. he talks about going 23 miles as you mentioned basically on the edge of space and jumping out. nasa following it very closely once again private industry may be helping the space industry in more recent years. as he goes, he will break, if he does, this the speed of sound, a super sonic speeds, he has to wearing that special custom space suit it will be negative 70 degrees shepard if he attempts that jump as he is planning later this year. >> shepard: he is getting some help from this man who actually set the current record back in 1960, right, adam? >> yeah. joe kit jerry is his name. he is 84 years old. it's amazing what he did if you think about it. 1960, this man was 19 miles
4:53 pm
up. 102,000 feet basically. he made the jump and made t successfully. he was doing 614 miles an hour at the time. and he of course made that landing. they both were on fox not long ago talking about this. in fact, here is bumgardner talking about how he decided to do this. take a listen. >> this is a science project. it's very interesting always my childhood hero. i was looking up at joe kittinger. i always admired what he did in the 1960s. i have the chance and i will definitely take it. >> joe kittinger still alive won the distinguished navy cross for that jump. also awarded other awards by eisenhower at the time. we will keep you updated if felix does make that jump 23 miles up. >> shepard: adam housley live in l.a. ♪ ♪ >> the rise of freedom now for years we have followed the rebuilding at the world trade
4:54 pm
center site. but we have never seen anything quite like this. a new photo showing workers inspecting the crane boom at the top of one world trade center. can you see a couple of those workers dangling by their safety harnesses some 100 stories above lower manhattan. many who have seen the picture have compared it to other iconic images like the 1932 photo of iron workers eating lunch on a steel beam during the construction of rockefeller center. one world trade center is the signature skyscraper of the signature site. now the tallest building in new york. having a tough time focusing on work? you should take a nap right there on the job unless they take the couch out of your office. next while scientists say a little snooze could be a big boost at the work place. good luck convincing the boss.
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and a 30-tablet free trial. >> shepard: we should all be taking more naps. new research suggests sleeping on the job could be a very good thing. scientists say a 10-minute power nap is the most
4:58 pm
effective immediately boosting focus and productivity. oh, take a pill. they say their test found the benefits of a 20 minute snooze didn't last as long. half hour naps leave you groggy. short five minute nap about the same as having no nap at all. napping at work may be a good thing but watch your mouth. a new survey from the job seeking web site career builder found swearing could cost you a promotion. 64% of employers think less of employees who swear a lot. 57% say they would be less likely to promote them. it says it shows a lack of professionalism, control and maturity. about one in four bosses admits to cursing and, please -- before we go team's top five things of the day. pieces of the balloon boy hoax now on sale in the form of trading cars. good grief. add on fees jumped 66 pierce since 2008. number three, baseball great cal ripken junior's mom safe
4:59 pm
after somebody kidnapped her at gun point yesterday. number two, officials releasing the 911 call that outed the nypd surveillance of muslims in new jersey and number one, university of colorado officials add medicine school in denver say a suspicious package arrived three days after the movie theater shooting. not a week earlier. that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1917, a court in france sentenced an exotic dancer to death for spying during world war 1. the performances packed dance halls from moscow to berlin. she also racked up a long list of lovers. including high ranking military officers and politicians from france and germany and the brits apparently discovered the germans were paying her top dollar for information from her french friends. after a short trial the french sentenced the dancer to death by firing squad. historians say her spying never really amounted to much. but the french closed the curtain


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