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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 28, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> in is a fox urgent. a private plane carrying florida senator marko rubio making an emergency landing in albuquerque, new mexico. we confirmed that the plane is on the ground. the spokes did the person said it was flying from las vegas to des moines for an event for governor mitt romney's campaign. there was a sensor that went off indicating an electrical problem. senator rubio or someone is
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tweeting right now. he said the event he was going to has been cancelled. i am reading that now and everybody on board is okay. meanwhile governor mitt romney arrived hours ago in one of the most volatile regions in the world. what is on the agenda in the middle east. >> he may be in israel but governor mitt romney's visit helps when needed most at home. fox reports what is at stake in the hollande land and how it could influence november's outcome. >> and also your money at risk . the balts over expiring tax rates heats up. president obama wants the top earners to pay more. those are the very people who create jobs for the rest of us. and the show town intensifying
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over raising tax or not. and they are b armed and pointing a gun at each other and how the faceoff between a criminal and security guards ends. special this is the fox report. governor mitt romney and his wife arriving in israel today. the presumptive republican nominee is expected to get a warm welcome from the israeli leaders. and a frost one with palestinians. governor mitt romney is a friend of netanyahu. they are friends from a boston consulting group and shared conservative outlooks. it is widely reported that the tice between israel's prime minister and our president
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have been strained. governor romney has accused mr. obama of making too many concessions to the palestinian and the president is fond of lecturing the leaders of the jewish state. president obama calls to unprecedented security cooperation with the israelies. just yesterday that the white house was expanding military and civilian cooperation with israel. there are questions about the timing of it and an attempt to upstage mitt romney. the administration said it was a cons dense. mole is in washington now. what does governor romney say about that topic. >> israel is fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor romney will make the case that he would be tougher with iran than president obama. romney spoke of the obama administration's shabby
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treatment of israel. in an interview with an israeli paper. romney had to be careful not to critize obama. but when israel feels less secure it should feel more secure to the u.s. because of the defense. president obama and netanyahu disagreed over whether israel should a preemptive strike on the nuclear facilities. what can you tell us about more money. >> president obama who has not traveled to israel as president said yesterday that the u.s. has an unshack to israel security. he announced 70 million for israel to expand the iron dome military defense to protect from hesbollah rockets. >> it is it a program that was test prevented missile strikes
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in israel. >> the president said defense secretary leon paneta will travel to israel to look additional ways for security. >> how are observers saying this could play out in november. viewerb voters are reliabilitiy democratic. look at the numbers. then senator obama got the support of the jews. but his support among the jewish population is dropping. in this election race 68 percent of the jewish voters are supporting the president 25 percent for mitt romney. that could make a difference in the election in swing states such as florida that has large jewish population. and a high water mark for republican candidate was in
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1980. ronald regan got 69 percent of the jewish people. and jimmy didn't. >> and while mitt romney traveled the globe surrogates are busy campaigning for him in the united states. as we told you a plane carries senator marco rubio was forced to make an emergency landing in albuquerque, new mexico. senator rubio tweeting just a short time ago, he will not make it to the romney rally in deploin. the plane he was on landed safety just before four o'clock p.m. local time. that plane taking off from las vegas where earlier senator rubio attended a rally in an elementary school the one he went to as a kid . he is talking about free enterprizes and the pursuing a
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bright future. and pawlenty participated in several events in north carolina and in ohio. senator ron portman making calls in the romney columbus victory head quarters louisiana governor bobby jindle attending a meet and greet in florida. as you know, awful these men are mentioned and talked about as vice president candidate. >> we'll turn to the tragedy in colorado and the latest there. mourners packing churches in few of the areas jessica's funeral in texas. her friends urging everyone to remember her spunky all be it clumsy and lively girl . jesse never thought she was beautiful. she was not pretty enough to
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be on air and worried about making it in the business. those of you in the industry know, there was not a doubt if she would make it she was talented and spunky and extremely funny and joyful and quirky and often, very often inappropriate. >> yeah, he was talking about jessica's aspiration to be a sphorts journalist. >> elizabeth in aurora, colorado, details about the psychiatrist that treated alleged shooter james holmes. we are getting information on the doctor in colorado. the phone calls were not rurped. we are trying to figure out whether jameless holmes was treated. but she was the intended recipient of the package including the notebook earlier in the week whether or not we'll learn what is in the notebook may come in
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holmes arraignment where we will learn his charges. he will not be required to file a formal plea but he could plea insanity. >> i expect they will pursue insanut yethere is no other defense it is not a who done it and clearliitated. the prosecution had to prove it beyond a reasonable and that could be challenging. and under colorado law, harris, if the doctor folce like their client is giving information, they are require tod go to the authorities. >> so many people sending good thoughts to the people of aurora . how is the community doing tonight? >> there is a one step at a time. there is a memorial over my shoulder and we have seen it grow. you can really feel the sorrow from visitors and hear the hums of people praying and
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people crying. family members who still have relatives in the hospital are starting to open up about the stress and challenges of recovery. one young woman was by her brother's bed side and has a bullet lodged in his brain. but what is getting her through this is the support in the community. there is five in critical care and 11 undergeneral partnergoing treatment at this hour. >> a programming note fur. tomorrow on fox news sunday, anchor chris wallace talks with supreme court anthony scalia and talking about calls for stricter gun control and so many more topicings . check your local listings. >> and a special picture coming in from fox news. from the u.s. navy to honor the foiters. it is a suburb of norl norl,
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this is the of three nave ships named for 9/11 sites. before kristening that ship. admiral said untrained people found them on the new kind of war. and flight 93 crashed in pennsylvania. they fought the hijackers after geth cell phone calls from loved ones about what was unfolding in washington dc and new york. hijackers intended to crash the plane in the white house or the capitol. >> right now, rain would help but it would take more than that to erase what is happen negligent drought areas of the country. this is about to cost all of us money. one of our nation's shipping routs is drige up.
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water levels so low they are stopping boat traffic in key ports. >> a high-spode chase in the streets of california. they never get away wait until you see the twist coming in this pursuit. stay close. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity... to experience the largest, most efficient line of luxury hybrids on the road, including the all-new esh. ♪ while many automakers are just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology... ♪'s already ingrained in our dna. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> fox extreme weather alert the east coast facing the threat of the severe storps and bringing the possibility of damaging wind hail. maria molina is in the weather >> that's right, harris. we'll be tracking the area of the country in the center of the country basically where we are seeing hot temperatures and maybe the chance of the big story is the chance for
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severe weather in portions of the northeast and stretching from new jersey and southeastern pennsylvania. we have seen the storms firing up today and large hail and damaging winds possible and dangerous lightning and even basically flash flooding we have seen from the storm. batch much heavy thunderstorms and portions of connecticut and massachusetts . and the worst of it now over the new york city area . pushing through connecticut and massachusetts and we have respects of flash flooding and two severe thunderstorm watches until 10 o'clock and stretching from new jersey and new york city and eastern parts of the state of virginia and north and south carolina basically that means that conditions are favorable for the storm to continue to fire up . a number of flood warnings in portions of the northeast due
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to the storm storms producing and the other story in the center of the country. how hot it has been. and isolated storms are possible and again harris, none of that moisture will be enough to take us out of the extreme to severe drought that we are seeing out here. >> we'll check out with you as the news warrants. it is impacting our nation's person river. the mighty mississippi is dangerously low. and city official closing down ports because the water is too shallow for the boats to pass. grain companies may have to turn to freight trucks to ship the fod across the nation . that means high are prices coming to a grocery store near you. trader joes announcing a pair of recalls.
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it is summer time. foods that potentially are a part of a lot of meals. trader joes recalling prepared queue queue chicken sal aid and the onions are contaminated with the deadly listeria. product subject to the recall is use byidate. july 30th. with p7 0 nine. they were sold in arizona, new mexico and nevadical and texas. this recall affects mild salsa with a use by date sold in florida, georgia, and north and south carolina and 10 10 and tennessee and virginia. >> and this is a recall for drivers. hundai saying that 200,000
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sufsufhave problems with air bags. this in the 2007 and 9 cars. complaints for adults under 130 pounds. they were programmed not to go off to protect children. and recalling 20,000 sonata sedan. side air bags go off without warning. the company has received a dozen complaints and so far no injuries are reporting. >> and now a party bus on the move. when something happened to land a woman under the tires of the bus. and guys with gunce. set out to rob a store, they probably didn't expect to run into this guy, the security guard. see what happens when the guard and the gun get in the way.
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>> a terrifying ordeal for a four year old girl at the center of a custody balts. she was kidnapped after a triple murder and taken to another state. police arresting this man kevin cleaves . he showed up at the wife's boy frepped's place in pennsylvania and found them together. there was an argument. klees shot brandy and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's mom and he took off with his
4:24 pm
daughter. the twov them were found acrossitate lines in ohio. that child was not hurt. kevin klees is facing several charges. two men fighting in a central california highway. two women fell out when the door opened. one of them was killed when the bus wheels rolled over her. at least a dozen people were on the bus. but investigators are having difficulty sorting out what took place. the passengers were highly intoxicated. >> and now police need help tracking down the suspects. it was late at night just before last weekend when a pair of robbers came bursting in the store guns drawn. the whole time a security guard watched from the front
4:25 pm
door. >> he came inside with a big gun and he said give me the money. >> moments later that guard makes a split second decision pulls out his own gun on the two suspects. >> he put the gun and to the side. oh, man, oh, god. i said i don't know. and i shoot. >> he camed for the leg and hitting a mag zone rack and took off running without foiring a shot and without money. both of those suspects remain at large at this hour. >> a plane carrying senator marko rubio on the way to a campaign event made an emergency landing in new mexico. this is where we start indeed fox report tonight. the plane has land everyone is
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okay. we'll bring you more details. a major fight heating nup our nation's capitol all over your taxes. the latest on your cash coming up. u.s. fighter jets back in business. and now that tight restrictions are lift where they land said - on landed and what the air force is hoping to prove . [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst,
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and focus on what matters.
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>> i am harris falker and time for the top of the news. campaign event for governor romney in iowa now cancelled. florida senator marko rubio was supposed to go but the plane had to make an emergency landing in yerk albuquerque, new mexico. senator rubio tweeting he would not be able to make the event. but made a speech by cell phone to the crowd in des moines. looking forward to seeing you in person. they didn't have a second plane to put us on. a sensor indicating an electrical problem carrying senator rubio went off and
4:31 pm
they had to make an emergency landing governor mitt romney in israel right now. presumptive republican presidential nominee meeting with many of the israeli state leaders. including perez and barak. your money at a major battle in dc. the gdp is growing way too slowly. president obama and mitt romney having a differing idea of what to do with the bush tax rates. many of the americans can see their pay checks dwindle. the president wants to extend them for everyone except for people who earn $250,000 a year. and republicans saying that is not acceptable and that is the income bracket that creates jobs. if they don't reach an
4:32 pm
agreement soon everyone will have to pay more on new year's day. >> president obama said his tax plan would give everyone a tax break. republicans say top two percent are the job creators, it would not be smart to take money out. >> the democrat is to let everyone's taxes sky rocket. if congress doesn't raise taxes on the segment. >> president obama said that is not right. >> republicans and nominee for president believe that best way for prosperity is to trickle down on the top. tell create jobs. and if we have to gut things like education and training and by raising middle class tax. they are wrong. >> speaker boehner is
4:33 pm
promising to squash the tax hike saying the house will vote to stop president obama's small business tax hike and lay the ground work for pro growth tax reform and help employers cope jobs in america and keep them coming back to america that have gone overseas. >> the president is not backing down. >> and it would have an immediate impact and must be passed by congress. >> if neither side budges, all taxpayers in america will see their bill go up on new year's day. >> another piece was news. michigan congressman dave camp announcing he has none -- nun hodgekins lymphom a. he will go chemo therapy sessions .
4:34 pm
>> and turning to syria. new violence in a country that has seen so much blood shed . the syrian government launched a new attack. the military unleashing military and against opposition. today's attack is raising new fears that a mass cure is looming. ine russia saying tragedy is imminent there. 9000 civilians have been killed and that is up graded to 14,000 by the activity on the ground . gill white and ben horn went missing earlier this month.
4:35 pm
they died in a fall after reaching the top of a 20,000 foot high mountain. their bodies found 2500 feet below. more than a dozen people killed as a jeep went off of the road. nepal battered jeep landing in the river and killing 14 people and two others seriously injured and the group on the way. crews don't know what caused the accident. india it is just a thrill. testing the emergency response to a terrorist attack. a sensitive issue for a down thery that suffered in the hands of terrorist around the city. this is one of 11 drills going on in metro stations in new delhi. officials call if a success.
4:36 pm
japan salth fighters landing safely. it is it a first step to returning to normal. and raptors put on tight restriction because of an gen problem that made pilots ill. they are taking step to fix it. blazil. reading for freedom. dangerous convicts are locked up. here's the deal. they can shave four days off of their sentences for each classic book they read. it is limited with only one book a month. that is a wrap. >> right now there is it a food fight going on in california. genetically modified food is safe to eat. they are letting the consumers know what they are eating. they are supporting a ballot label for the modified food.
4:37 pm
>> what have you got hereyou better know what you eat before you eat it? >> that's the way i lived my life. >> he is a farmer here for 12 years. he said these days it is difficult to tell what you are eating particularly the geneticallialtered ones why is it important to know if you are eating genetically engineered foods. >> they are not analyzed for human health and we don't believe what the government said when they say they are safe. >> most of the processed corn we consume is genetically altered and supporting a ballot measure that requires them to be labeled as such. opponents say he's trying to
4:38 pm
scare consumers. it implies something is wrong with the foods and the science and world association all said there is not. brandon is from the thren campaign. he said extra labeling will mean extra food costs. he said the supporters have a hidden agenda. >> it is to ban the food and said the labels and pros are antiscience extremist. >> you are trying to get pem to stop eating genetically altered foods altogether. >> we want to give poem a choice. a choice people need to have. in california, doug las kennedy, fox newings. >> my gun probably saved my life. those words from a store owner who chased four bad guys off after he let them in willingly
4:39 pm
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>> as you know, the olympics are underway in london. the first medal winners took home silver for the archery. and michael mike phelps is struggling . is he okay? he is. he finished fourth. thal make your head hurt and a teammate took home the gold. lochte looks good on the cover of vanity fair. robbers posing in florida and a man in texas trying to joggle his way to the stop.
4:43 pm
two stops in america. >> florida, a daring attempted robbery in a tampa jewelry store. four suspects dressed as police officers and badges and hats and the store owner buzz busy them n. a four door green saturn with police lights the robbers pulled out weapons and the store's owner opening fire. he had a gun. >> the owner was not shurt hurt but one of the robbers may have been shot before getting away. >> texas anything but routine. the small cessnalanding in a remote two people walked away the faa reporting that the plane had trouble before take
4:44 pm
off. what do you cross jgling with running. jogling and many people including matthew feldman take it seriously. he run a full mile juggling five balls. he finished in six and half minutes. and that's a fox watch in america d. a hero's welcome for a wounded warrior. daniel palmer greeted by family and friend neighbors. he lost part of his right leg and suffered an explosion back in 2010. corporal palmer is rehabing in the hospitals are across the nation and he wouldn't have pulled through this without his family i haven't cried since i was two or three years old. he is looking forward to
4:45 pm
finally spending time with his wife and two children. well, power to the parents and a group of angry moms and dad making history tonight. my mistake. we'll move on here. daniel palmer considered himself blessed by family and friends. many of our nation's vet rans don't have support at all. thousands are homeless their troubles are inspiring them to get back on their feet. anna has more on this story. >> started by two patriotic brotherings. gi go fund back to those who sacrifice for our country. it helps homeless veterans get back on their feet. >> homeless for a decade. gene son son served on a gun ship and couldn't find a job when he returned.
4:46 pm
>> i was honored and in the service i had a lot of respect. and people turned their backs on me. >> it is homeless vets like son son gigo fund is helping and finding them housing and connect to a front door out of their pockets. >> in information about vet rans affairs. and numbers are hard to gauge. in the year 2011 on any given night 67,400 veterans were homeless in the streets. vets are vulnerable because of the inability to find jobs and home forecloses and many deal stress disorder.
4:47 pm
>> i am a loner. >> our obligation is to protect the familis and take care of them when they come back home. >> they have plans in the work to expand the mission to baltimore and philadelphia and washington dc. >> such an important story. i am glad we could bring it to you. now to the parents. group of angry moms and dads we were telling you about . they are making history. how they manage to take over the kid's failing school. it is what happens when the truck stops that makes this a much watch. stay with us. d. [ female announcer ] introducing a match made in skin heaven. new venus & olay. olay moisture bars help lock in moisture... while five blades get venus close. revealing smooth and goddess skin begins. only from venus & olay.
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>> a wild police chase in california. it is what happened when the sufsufthat make its interesting to watch. the sufsufstarting to slow down with the police on the trail and there is a chopper watching this thing plus a police chopper. check out the guy in the top of the screen. he takings off running, and no one near him he's going so fast. where is he going. look how far he got. and then around the corner until the police cruiser. and they cut him off and he keeps going and trees kind of hide it and you wonder what he is saying. they never get away. does he never wotch and aparptly the sufsufran a red light and side swiped vehiclings.
4:52 pm
no word on whether anybody was hurt. they are still investigating . he didn't get away. they never get away. first time in the united states. a group much parents in california are frustrated by the failing school ask they take over the school ask thanks to a little known and powerful law. they explain what is giving those parents power to improve the kid's education. >> yes, we can. >> last week. parents made history. i wanted her to have a shot at something good. she is going to be positive. >> for the first time ever, parent trigger law gives raw political power to a mother's love for her own children. >> parent trigger law alouse
4:53 pm
parents at underperforming school to fire the entire staff. if a majority of the parents sign a petition to do so. >> what it does to my child and every other child in the school district is a right it quality education. >> this year parents file would petition in four school to reclaim the school. only one school succeeded and overcoming opposition of the school board and teacher's union. >> we don't protect bad teachers forged the petitions. >> somebody fraudently doctored the documents. >> and parents of desert trails elementary challenged in court and won. >> breaking point was the school system. no, i want change and i want it now. >> 70 percent of the stounts were incompetent in reading
4:54 pm
and in math. >> there was no high standard for my child. i wanted the best for him and i wasn't seeing it >> parents made history x. they are the first parents in american history to take control over the educational destiny of their own children. >> parent revolution that supports school choice organize the parentings. >> i organized the movement and i was nolt able to pitch things from within. i knew for me to make a greater impact i had to do it outside. >> the real work begins. they have a school but no staff to run it >> they are pull out poprosals and other charter schools and operate desert trails in the 20 13 school year. and then the parents will decide the best choice to teach their children. >> we'll watch what they are doing and not stand for the
4:55 pm
lame duck attitude. if we have to be there to make sure we will be. they'll not rob another year out of the children's education. >> in los angeles, fox news. >> amazing. >> governor mitt romney arriving in israel and scheduled to meet with an old friend prime proim - on prime minister benjamin netanyahu look at that is it a mug shot. why is she so happy. what she did, and she might not be smiling much longer. ngs ] the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby. you're a grown man. alright, see you at home. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. we good? we're good.
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being arrested is not normally an experience. try telling that to the 19 year old. she lured an exboyfriend in a trap where he was badly beaten and robbed by two men. police are not saying what prompted her to put such a big
4:59 pm
smile on her face. >> the mug shot is typically taken in the end of the processing when you are arrest what you are arrested for. i have no explanation why the woman decided to photograph that way. >> the victim of the attack, the exboyfriend recovering after serious head injuries. bail has been set at $50,000. and florida senator marko rubio giving a speech by cell phone to a crowd rally for mitt romney. the plane rubio was supposed to be on was forced to make an emergency land nothing new mexico. the plane land safely with him and everybody on broored okay. governor mitt romney is in israel the presidential nominee planning to meet with several leaders in the jewish state. and he plans to talk to barak


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