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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  July 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and shimon perez. >> i am harris faulkner. thanks for watching. huckabee starts in 10, 9, just a few seconds. see you tomorrow in the same time. tonight on huckabee. >> you didn't build that. >> jeb bush said the president should be encouraging invasion. >> you can't have a president that is looking down saying the entrepreneurs are not relevant. the next president needs to lead. >> and gives his take for keeping campaign. >> i admire what rick scott is doing. scott walker went in a fire storm and came out. >> and plus, politics that go beyond dirt. >> hands off our bodies. twisting candidates words and going after their families and
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beliefs. >> when the opponents came after jim and me and our children we went woah what have we gotten into. >> how they dealt attacks. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> thank you, thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee, from the fox news studios in new york city. president obama appears to be willing to play chicken with congress because he is raising taxes on people he decide are too stinking rich . trouble is, even the washington post hardly a conservative tool and fed chairman ben bernanke are warning of the consequences of what is accurately termed tax maged con. the bush tax cuts and the affect of the huge tax increase that is associate
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wide obama care temperature will arrive on december 31st, 2012. if congress doesn't act tax magedon will not adequately describe nothing short of an economic pock -- apocalips. there will be 500 billion in new taxes and by far the most large and encompassing tax hike. and the president pretends to protect the class. the majority of the tax increases will not hit the despised wealthy class but hit 60 percent of the americans that got the biggest tax cuts from the bush tax plan. for example, on average, baby boomers will see their taxes go up $4200 per year. low income families will have a gut punch increase of 12 hundred. and millennials pop with a $1,000 hit on average.
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considering that the president's failed financial policies left us drowning in national debt and staggering 8.2 unemployment rate, and not addressing these concerns, is compassionate as throwing an anchor instead of a life preservor to a man caught in the rip tide. obama tax increases are far more ominous that we fear from the impact of y2 k back in 2000. we really are not sure and weren't sure what might happen at midnight that night and we did all we knew to do to prepare for it recall being in the state capitol with my senior advisors and national guard and state police in the event of the worst case scenario. fortunately once the talks turned and utilitis and banking still worked we wished
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each other a happy new year and call today a day. all be it a long one . if president obama instead of tax maged instead of kissing our spouses good night we'll kiss our back sides. passport president said republicans ought to cave in and bust the rich people with taxes that. doesn't make sense. president obama's plan to tax the evil rich, there will be enough money to run the government 8 days. but enough damage done in small business owners to result in people getting laid off. if you want president obama to keep his job, you nide to be prepared to lose yours. if you want to keep your job, you better hope he loses his. so the president is on the campaign trail talking about how successful business owners ought to thank the government for paving their way to
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success. some of nation's brightest economic minds said government spending programs hurt the economy. they have a new bock by the george w. bush institute the four percent solution. i smoke to former governor jeb bush earlier. >> it is great to be with you. >> i see the governors running on campaign of reform and cutting things and geth the budget under control. they get in office and then they beat the day lights out of them because they kept ape campaign promise. scott walker in wisconsin, and rick scott in florida, and so what are we to make of the fact that people don't want them to fulfill the promises? >> i think they do. you earn people's respect over the long hall if people want to be popular than do what is
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right. i admire what rick scott is doing in florida and scott walker went in a fire storm and came out stronger because of it people want genuine and they want people to understand the concerns and also want leaders and they want people to lay out an agenda and execute on that agenda passion and conviction . >> people don't understand in the state level the budget doesn't have to balance. it is not like the feds who are borrowing money and putting it off. what are the big challenges that they face when you are governor of florida. >> i the era of declining revenue. you have a medicaid budget. and in order to spend money on the priorities. you have to figure out a way to provide public services. rick scott cut spending dramatically. and no one should be surprised
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bypass it it will free up moan for k-12 education. and as the economy grows, because florida business climate is good it will do well. states like mitch daniel necessary indiana, that made the structural changes will grow faster. there is a lot of competition in the states and the winners create the optimum business government and that means less government. >> people assume you can make massive cuts and you are obligated with man dates and you don't have a lot of wiggle room. any cuts you make will hurt somebody. >> absolutely. if you look at state governments unlike washington, there is dramatic reductions and some of them because you reformed things and made things better. and do things and achieve a better result. with the balanced budget requirement, imagine what it would be like if they had one. people would be freaking out.
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i don't know what they would do. they are not used to it. it provides and creates a tension and yields a better result it is not a republican or democratic issue either. they may have a different approach, but that is it what is missing in washington. there is no consequence to the fiscal policy that is putting a lid on the nation's commemp >> jeb, there is a polarized atmosphere all over the country and even in washington and state legislators a. we saw it scott walker. guys disappeared and left his state. you governed for 8 years and you had a lot of republicans and democrats that fought you. let's talk about. what are the keys of getting things to work when not everyone wants them to work. >> one of the things that i did. i was an equal opportunity
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veter. we created a set of criteria and this is what will get through the veto. and this way it will be fine and if you do it another way it won't be. i didn't reward friends and that made it easier to talk to dem. we had fights. if you are a conservative and advocating the thangs go against wishes of liberals, liberals don't sign up. it was a respectful fight. in washington, the lack of civilit i makes having a dialogue possible. >> is it possible to have washington governable. >> yes. i imagine the dysfunctioning over the long haul. it requires presidential leadership. president obama asked simpson and bowles to put together recommendation and they did better.
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it was a bold set of the ideas, and the president has not mentioned the word simpson with bowls and commission in a sentence. he's totally ignored it he made the decision that he had a better chance of getting reelected in a close election by dividing the country than aspire to doing things what a shame and the next president needs to lead with the rule senate, you have to garner 60 vote you have to bring people along and not just win the debate in talking point. >> we'll talk to jeb bush and i will talk to him about the four percent solution and what does that mean? we'll be back with jeb bush right after this. now, tre's gentle, dependable constipation relief fore...
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>> we are back talking with grov gov jeb bush. they have a book called out four percent solution.
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let me get to it. what is that mean? >> it means if we could grow our economy at four percent a year over a sustained period of time, that we could begin to solve what appear to be intractable problems. if we don't grow at that rate, there will be shattered dreeps. we have to grow faster than what obama economics is bringing us. we can do that with a set of policiless. this book is about brilliant people writing chapters on a variety of different policy areas that combined can create the chance of achieving an aspirational goal of four percent a year. >> we have not sustained that level of growth we'll have to do something differently to get that kind of result. what are the things we have to do to make it work. fiscal reform and government is not consuming 25 percent of the gdp and expect high growth
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solution. we need a patriotic engineering policy based on american innovation and north american resources and we need to bring 21st century to the process. and then the greatest cloud of uncertainty is a maddening set of rules. and we need to transform the education policy and bringing aspirerational and young energiic people will help to sustain growth and it is it a series of things and this book has 22 chapters that deal with each one of these areas. entrepreneurship. you can't have a president who says that the entrepreneurs are not relevant. in america they are relevant and without them we would be nothing. >> you mentioned immigration. it has divided the republican party and divides democrats
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and republicans and sometimes divides families, what are the practical and sense tibble and doable ways to deal with the immigration issue that welcomes people and doesn't make it feel like there is it a blanket amnesty going o. control the border which we are fighting the fight as though we are 10 years ago. and the border has a lot of effort to control. a guest worker program that doesn't say to people that you can stay forever. for seasonal workers and jobs that are based on the demands of the economy that is a part. giving a visa to anybody that graduates from the universities it is absurd to accepted them back to create wealth and prosperities. >> you talk about in the book there needs to be a policy for the best and brightest and brains. we export brains and we ought
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to be importing the brains. i would extra with ouring demmow graphics. >> i hope we'll be 10 years old. >> i hope so. >> we need to find with our fertility rate being at break even. we need young people and rebuild the pyramid and that has to happen through legal immigration. and a total revamping of immigration laws and protect it and recognize it is it a catalytic converter for sustainable growth. you can't grow at four percent if your population gross at one. >> education is an area that you spent an emormous time as governor. where does education fit in a percent solution and how important is it people say that is not connected to growing the economy.
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>> it may not be for next month or next year, but it is certain for -- essential for the long haul. we spend more per student and a third are college or career ready. that will not cut it in a world where knowledge is the driver of the higher income. if we move to the international average, we could create hundreds of bill yonce of extra economic activity and there is a chapter in the book that why that is. and from that, create you know, if you groat economy. you will gain more revenue for governor than raising taxings. a case could be made that you will see lower revenue over the long hall. that is a much better approach. high growth strategy lifts our spirits. i don't know about you. ip am so tired of the gloominess of what used to be the most optmistic country in
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the world f. we can lift people's spirits by showing the way to greater opportunity for more people. that has benefits to go beyond the nerdy and economic data. >> i am hear a lot of talk that some people say raise taxes and i am not hearing democrats or republicans talking about growth. it is not raise taxes and cut spending. you are saying no, they are secondary and grow the economy and where do you break through to political leaders and get them to understand that that is the real prescription. >> it is a winning political agenda. if you are running for office and say follow me, i promise you one percent growth and that means no job creation. that is not a winning argument. if you have an agenda that said you can grow over the long hall at a growth rate that is above our historical
5:20 pm
averagings. that creates trillions was economic activity and i think it is a winning political message and so long as it is backed up with another facts and not just polyanish. i like the book because you have five noble laurets write they have tangible thing thags people can embrace. andy i hope mitt romney is the guy who will do it. >> jeb, to see you and thanks for talking about a different approach to get the economy back on track. >> thank you. >> coming up. two the experts tell us that to boost the economy we have to do what president calvin coolige did. duknow what he did? i don't think so. that's why you will be back with us. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain
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>> the focs in the george w. bush institute wrote a book with new ways to bring long-term economic growth to america. let book is call would four percent solution and here with me is jim glassman director of the institute. and amalee shays. and when pieced the segment i mentioned calvin coolige. i bet not one in 50 can tell me what calvin coolige d. >> calvin coolige had close to three and four percent. when he left the presidential office, the federal budget was lower than when he came n. not
5:25 pm
-- in. his small government made the economy that was the story of the 1920s and why it worked whampt he didn't do made the country great. the way he stayed away. >> what are the fundmentals to get to percent. how do we make that happen. that is it a real challenge. >> the basic idea is that the government needs to promote policies that allow private enterprise to thrive . those policies are broad. they range from tax reform to spending cuts like calvin coolige. a lot of people stay we need to spend more to grow. it doesn't work that way. you may get empty calories and little bit of growth in the short term. but you have to cut spending to grow and allow the private
5:26 pm
sector to thrive. education and energy policy is important. if we could exploit and develop the energy we have and we have more resources in the world we would grow fast. >> to put it in context our growth is 1.5 percent that means we are all but on life support as an economy. >> it means we are not creating new jobs. we are stagnating. and that is what europe has been doing for the last 10 years. our average growth historically is three percent and we think that we can get to four. >> four would be revolutionary and it would be like if you have a savings account. difference between savings account and how fast that grows versus if you have a savings account and you don't earn anything. >> we are just talk being the debt. if you grew at four percent
5:27 pm
for 10 years. we will get rid of the debt and the four trillion dollars. the data and there is really fascinating education data. if our math and science scores are good as germany we would grow as half as much a year. this is possible. there is evidence from our own states and other countris and that's what the book try to show. >> we hear about tax magedion and hit us in the face unless congress acts first of the year. so i am assuming that this would knock any possibility of growth out of the way. >> that's right. raising tax rates and personal tax rates and taxes on capitol gains and taxes on dividends that go way up from 15 percent to the 40s for many people. that would center a devastating affect on growth. yes, we need to make the changings now.
5:28 pm
we can't sit back and expect to get to four percent and two percent. >> jim and amany thank you for joining us. we'll find out why four percent is a better option than raise the tax accident that would devastate the economy than improve it. >> why are christians being targeted we'll talk to congressman webster and jim ryan and their wives when we return. 's four course seafood feast choose your soup salad entrée pls dessert! all just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differentl visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon. good through august 5th it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing. ♪ zzzquil,
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funeral services held for the two victims. colorado shooting. jessica galle remembered in a service in texas funeral services for matt oquin.
5:32 pm
james holmes is said to be charged on monday for killing 12 people and wounding others a week ago. >> governor mitt romney is in isram. he had a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and a sit down meeting with the palestinian minister. mr. romney stopped earlier in the uk for the olympics and will go on to poland. i am harris faulkner and now back to huckabee. >> i have long said that candidates that run for public office open themselves up for public scrutiny. and their families ought ought to be left out of it as much as i disagree with the policy.
5:33 pm
in our audience is two wives. you may remember this adfor florida democrat allen grayson before he lost. >> religious fanatics try to take away our freedom and right here in central florida. >> wives submit yourself to your husband. >> he want to impose his on us. >> submit to me. >> and force the women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> hands off our body our laws. >> wow. all right. that adtook republican dan websters totally out of context but it didn't work for alen grayson who lost the
5:34 pm
election to webster. four years earlier congressman ryan and his wife were attacked by how they raised their children. jim ryan and congressman websters join me now. dan, i remember us talking aboutlet adwhen you were running. it was a disgraceful disgusting abuses of advertising that i have seen i want to play the full context so our audience can remember it was the opposite of what was intend. >> i have a verse for my wife verses. don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible, but pick the ones that you are supposed to do and so instead, love your wife. >> the whole point is don't pick what she should do but what i should do which is love
5:35 pm
your wife as christ loved the church. i have never seen a more blatant example of twisted ad. when you first saw the dan adwhat was your reaction. >> i knew i had not said what was there but i was not sure how to prove it because i didn't have a copy of the video that was extension. i knew that was wrong and i never said that before. but it all worked out. >> jim, when you were running in 1996, you had an opponent that took articles in which you are talk being date courtship. i don't find anything all that objectionable or controversial it is it the same thing we talk to our children. courtship means different thing necessary a circle. if a young man want to date a daughter. he contacts the father the
5:36 pm
mother can take the role if the father is not available. that sounds good. we asked our daughter the same thing. she didn't go out until dad checked them out. >> manipulating the children and in reality was trying to do as preparing them for whatever may come and you are allowing questions to be asked at some point. how do you handle children and dead issue. if this leads to marriage it will set the table the right way. >> in my teneuras governor, people would take comments to the southern baptist convention. it was not a big secret it was not like a secret hand shake gout in. and words that are preferly appropriate in a context of a christian church or denomination put on the front page of the new york times and
5:37 pm
makes it look like you have said something bizarre. do you feel that particularly christian messages are utterly misinterperted by secular reporters and political opponents? >> i think in my case certainly what i had said and interperted were two different things and in my mind, the key to all of this. people are not necessarily concerned about what happen to me or said about me but how i respond to what is said. that is the key. people watch how we respond and than maybe other people respond. >> jim, it makes people think would i want to run for office given the attackots family. >> it does. in my case when they went after ann, and our children. they hadn't done drugs or slept around. those kinds of things you want
5:38 pm
to as a father porand they called me abusive to children. they failed mention my cam page manager a woman. you have to dig deeper. >> how did they come up that you were abuse itch. >> not given them an opportunity to have a personality. you will disspell that when you meet my wife. she is a personality of warmth and love first lady as people got to know her. they look at the ads and this is not what they said you are going to be. >> that's what we are going to do when we come back. we'll bring out the wives of two congresswoman and ask how they felt about the attacks on them as well we'll be right back. d.
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[applause] joining us is congressman websters wife and congressman ruin-- ryun's wife. describe your reaction . >> it grieved me . dan is known as one who served and works hard and it is so honest and he is a man of integrity. it was not about the issues at all. this attacked him of how he is in our family. he was portrade as an abusive cruel man to me and to our family and so it grieved me
5:43 pm
because he's such a man of integrity at home and kind and sweet and loving. it just was not a portrayal of who he is. >> dan you are going to want that tape and play it often. we don't need you anymore. don't say a thing and don't argue with that. ann, during the time jim was running. it was not what jim stood for or policy position, it was personal. and how do you deal with that as a wife and mom? >> you deal with it with the lord. and you take everything to him. i like to say that wear a smile in your heart at all times and have it show up on your face all of the time. because we entered our first race thinking very naively that we were just stand on the issues then at every debate
5:44 pm
and forum, when the opponent was coming after jim, and then me and then our children, we went woah what did we get ourselves into. we knew the lord called us to this time and to this place and mission, and he would see us through and he did. he did marvelously. we finally gave a commercial in the very end, and our daughter catherine reminded me her line in the commercial was and my dad always told us to tell the truth taught us to tell the truth. and so the counter acting of the lies and the misconceptions, we just took it on as a family and we did a wonderful commercial with each one of the children and jim and i had a word to say back to the opponent without saying it directly to him. >> both of you have raised great families and you have wonderful children and grand
5:45 pm
children. i want to ask, sometimes you tell politicians that are angry and bitter. both of you have been able to keep your families where they love god and they love their country and don't mind you being in politics. tell us the secret of making that happen for families. >> we look at things as they come in our lives, good and bad and you learn to do the right thing no matter what. bitterness is never the answer. >> what was the secret for you. and how dumake it so that your children didn't have resentment and bitterness in them it is easy to understand how it could happen. >> our son ned who is president of american majority said it best in an interview with tony perkins it is not enough to register to vote and vote. we must make it a life style. when they were really little,
5:46 pm
i would drop them off in the end of the block and they would go door to door putting leaflets out for the school board and who ever it was that we. love our god and love our country, and it was a natural. when jim went away and prayed about running after being encouraged by the congressman, he came back and we said we are all in . we are all n. of course, of course, i voted for him all five times that he ran. >> that's the best endorsement you could give him. >> there was a spouse that came to you and said my husband want to run for office. looks like it is tough stuff. you have advice? >> take off running . >> other than that. >> no, i think you have to do what you feel led to do and
5:47 pm
come alongside. i don't know. i guess be the best person that you can be. i would like to say, that i think we ought to change the way campaigns are run in this country totally. dan never ran a negative campaign and that's helped the children, too. it should not be negative but be about the issues. he wanted to go to washington to change policy but he want tod get there in the right way. you can disagree, but to just attack somebody is the wrong thing to do. >> you have done it the right way. great to have all of you here. delightful conversation. we'll be right back. . stay with us. . just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology... it's already ingrained in our dna. during the golden opportunity sales event,
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[applause] >> you know our show band the little rockers are made up of people who work here in fox news. a couple of guys took it a step further and created a band of guys who work in fox news and recorded their original music and playing live show necessary local clubs. please welcome the claddy lads. here they are. adrian, you work lights most of the time. >> yes, sir . >> playing in the little rockers got you hooked up. >> absolutely. when you launch your show. me and pat started playing as a duoand the band just grew. >> josh, this is the most work we ever get out of you. >> that was a good one. >> but you play drums a lot of
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times and play guitar with the clatty lads. >> yes, he played and i went up to him. hey, i have a bunch of tunes and you mind singing them it grew to them. >> matt, you played the still guitar because you watched george jones and you never played steel. >> i didn't know anything about country music and i worked on your show for a while and saw the acts come through here and curious about the steel guitar and it went from there. >> sharky introduce the other members of the band. normy on bass. >> what can they say. >> you are a good sport. and behind us on. chris. >> hey, chris. >> and davey. behind me here. >> great to have you here.
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>> introduce you to the song and it is available. get it clatty lads itunes. make them stars it all started on the show. >> it is shades of the our first single. ♪ ♪ i like to roam. ♪ find a little loving ain't too far from there. ♪ from the time. ♪ with a little jam and no place to g. ♪ i said. ♪ i said. ♪ two long years and a road running low. ♪ and spent a lot of time. ♪ here we are
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♪ time but i said. ♪ hey, hey, ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> all right. the clatty lads i want to remind you you heard them here first. get their records. clatty lads itune and amazon.
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