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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 29, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> it good morning, everyone, it's sunday, july 29th, i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining us so early. there are 100 days left until the election and mitt romney is talking zero tolerance, making a lot of news because he's saying he would back an israel strike against iran. we'll tell you all about that. >> dave: plus, as mayors across the country tell chick-fil-a to stay out the restaurant, the chain is not backing down. the latest on the chicken wars. >> clayton: sounds delicious. from the soda to baby bottles,
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michael bloomberg trying to ban formula at hospitals. not ban, but more difficult to get. we'll debate this hot topic as "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. >> clayton: and bad puns already from the floor crew already, what a way to kick it off. >> alisyn: dave, our floor director, said that's not a formula for success. >> dave: i love a good pun. >> clayton: good morning, we've got a lot coming up. we'll talk about the chicken wars because some interesting political folks have thrown their hat into the chicken wars ring. >> dave: more serious than chicken wars is the potential for real wars, 100 days out from the election and major breaking news concerning mitt romney's visit to israel. he's there today and so much is happening ahead of that
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visit. let's start with what we've learned first, the obama administration has apparently brief briefed benjamin netanyahu attack if the sanctions does not work and iran does not back down and stop their nuclear program. >> alisyn: what's interesting, that information has just come out and much like some other events of this weekend, people wonder if this is meant to upstage mitt romney there because mitt romney had just met a few hours ago with benjamin netanyahu during which time the actual details of what they spoke about have not been released, but the headline came out was that he would support israel if it felt it had to take some military action against iran. let's listen to benjamin netanyahu how so far sanctions have not worked. >> you have to be honest and say that all the sanctions and
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diploma diplomacy, that's why i believe a strong military threat coupled with the sanctions to have a chance to change that situation. >> clayton: the headlines overnight from the romney campaign and as well as is the romney foreign policy advisor had this to say about israel. said if israel has to take action on its own that romney would respect that decision and back that. that it is interesting because of the long relationship that mitt romney has had with benjamin netanyahu dating back to the 1970's, of course the boston consulting group and so much has been made of their cozy relationship, benjamin netanyahu saying he would welcome mitt romney into israel with open arms as with any other leader, but you imagine that long friendship-- >> would you have thought that
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mitt romney would support action against iran, gone farther, but the news, tom donlan according to an israeli newspaper, tom done la, advisor to the president that believed obama administration's own plan to potentially attack iran as well. appears there's not a lot of daylight between the two in hawkish views and protecting interests. >> clayton: and nancy pelosi later this week coming out and saying, look, the obama administration has been hawkish, taken a lot of jobs, but coming out to defend the president, whatever mitt romney is saying is one thing, but the president has been all over iran and watching him closely. >> alisyn: and once again you have to wonder if the information is coming out because they're trying to garner the jewish vote, we hadn't heard about it until today and mitt romney's visit to israel, if both sides are he jewish vote and important in the upcoming
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election. >> dave: and the number trending towards president obama. 68-25 in terms are where he we stand in terms of jewish-american voters well down from the john mccain numbers in 2008, but up for president obama since last checked just over a month ago. >> clayton: meanwhile, mitt romney said look, when i'm oversees i'm not picking my vice-presidential candidate not while i'm in london. >> dave: that's a bad pr play. and here is high vp candidate. that's not stopping people perhaps on that vice-presidential short list going out and supporting mitt romney around the country, marco rubio making an appearance in las vegas and jeb bush sitting down with mike huckabee. here is why marco rubio and folks need to get in line. >> you're not working to get rid of somebody, working to replace somebody with someone like mitt romney who understands what's made us prosperous in the past and in
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the future as well. the choice is between people that believe in the the things that made us different and those that ask people to apply the policies that will make us just like everybody else. you will decide those elections and willingness to work and make a difference and i promise you i will do my part if you do yours. thank you, thank you. >> he had a better chance of getting reelected in a close election by dividing the country than trying to aspire to a different way of doing things. what a shame. what a missed opportunity and so the next president needs to lead, you can't have a president that's always looking down and saying that the entrepreneurs are really not that relevant. in america they're really relevant. without them we would be nothing. >> that's what they were saying on the stump, basically, for mitt romney. if you believe in omens or superstitious, what was going on with marco rubio yesterday because he tweeted about this emergency landing. he says not one, but two
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planes i was on today had malfunctioned. and forced to make an emergency landing, i know how to take a hint. not sure what that hint is. >> maybe stop flying, stay home instead of go to that particular campaign event, but he tried to get to this campaign event he was going to be speaking instead he took to the phone, and said he'd call in and put him on loud speakers over the campaign event and did the speech on the phone. >> dave: he's such a good speaker, it worked. >> people waiting to see marco rubio, we don't have him, his plane was delayed, usually over the speakers. >> alisyn: and satisfying sound. >> and rubio's going towards the vp pick, all indications it's got to be the next week, probably the big news once romney returns home and poland would be the second leg that have visit. >> we will stay on all of this this morning for you, and meanwhile, we have the headlines to tell you about,
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because the man suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others at the midnight shows of "the dark knight" showing in colorado heads to court. when charges will against james holmes will be filed and right now he's in solitary confinement without bond. and stopping a deadly rampage in oklahoma, he apparently told the driver several times about killing people, and hiding the bodies and leaving town and when the driver alerted police, police found a shotgun, ammunition in his house. and day two of the olympics is underway. the medal count, turn away if you don't want to see this. chinese has four golds, and u.s., 5 medal. three way tie for third,
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japan, brazil. >> the spoiler alert we can stop. because if you don't want to know about the olympics, it's almost impossible, stay off the computer, i mean, stay off twitter, turn the news alerts off your phone. >> clayton: with social heed yeah now-- >> if you're in a hermetticly sealed house-- >> you'll still watch it if you watch up on the olympics, catch up on volleyball. >> dave: the last we saw rick reichmu reichmuth, he was flying away in a balloon and we have maria molina. >> he's off today, enjoying the day off and has a longer weekend off tomorrow and also tuesday, but current temperatures across the lower 48 today we're seeing across the northeast into the 60's. 69 right now in new york city and even to the west, 60 in
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chicago, cleveland not too warm this morning, very pleasant for early this morning, it's still a little on the muggy side across parts of the i-95 corridor in the northeast, can you go us in new york city, keep in mind as we head out the door. very warm across texas and 81 in dallas, it's going to get hot there throughout the afternoon hours, triple digits for dallas, texas, 107 ab northward, high at 105 and extreme heat across the central plains continues and heat advisories in place and excessive heat warnings, and when you factor in the humidity, heat values well over the triple digits. >> dave: thank you, maria. i should mention that rick did land on the hot air balloon, in a farm and the man actually called the police. he wasn't so interested in them landing. i'm sorry, rick, i added-- i'm sorry, good times. >> clayton: good. we'll talk about this this morning, rick is a fan and rick and i have long talked about how we love chick-fil-a,
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when i first moved to the city we were on a mission to find a chick-fil-a location. >> alisyn: is there one? >> it's on nyu, and you have to know a student and-- you, but now others are started on the chick-fil-a movement and started by gosh huckabee and now sarah palin is supporting a candidate of her choice and made a specific trip to go there and show her support for the chain, tweeting, stop by chick-fil-a in the wood lands to support a great business. you mentioned governor huckabee, and i spoke with him yesterday he started a facebook page to show chick-fil-a appreciation day, wednesday august 1st, 2 1/2 million people visited his website. >> alisyn: and 341,000 say
3:12 am
they're in, going to go on august 1st to chick-fil-a. so, i hope the the workers there are prepared for august 1st and the influx of people that may be coming if they want to be a part of the sort of anti-protest. >> clayton: go on thursday when the crowd leaves. >> alisyn: you won't make a statement, but get a sandwich. >> clayton: a great chicken sandwich. >> dave: what do you think of the chick-fil-a controversy? let us know on twitter, ff weekend, or >> alisyn: and next, reaction from a captain in the national guard. >> clayton: the nanny state at it again? new york city mayor michael bloomberg now trying to make it more difficult to get baby formula at the hospital. breast-feeding first is what they want. we've got the details straight ahead. ♪
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>> welcome back everybody, mitt romney pointing fingers at the obama administration suggesting they betrayed the country by leaking political secrets. they denied. and admiral william mccraven has a chilling comment on this.
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>> we need to clamp down on it sooner or later it's going to cost us our lives or national security. >> dave: concerned citizens from america, a captain with the national guard is here with his reaction. good to see you. >> good to see you, thanks for having me. >> dave: it's of interest, because i spoke yesterday with lieutenant tony schaeffer. he was at congress speaking about the leaks and several gave him from the obama administration, john brennan, dennis mcdunna or tom donlan. we learned that tom donlan speak to benjamin netanyahu about attacks, if the sanks failed. how serious a breach is this and is that relate today another leak in terms of the situation with israel? >> well, it very well could be, the net of folks, who we're starting to see where it
3:17 am
might be and i hope an independent investigation occurs which hasn't happened yet where the leaks are coming from. what the special ops chief said what we're doing is undermining the sources and methods of our intelligence. when we give away where we're getting the information and how we're getting it. we put real lives at risk and recruit the people who can bring the intelligence forward. and we understand a lot this is politics, and politics coming out in front of national security should never be the case. >> dave: the story i read from the israeli newspaper, are you suggesting even that, that warning from donlan to netanyahu is to preempt romney's visit. >> obama hasn't visited israel, why now are we talking
3:18 am
about the secret plans they shared about bombing iran, only because romney is going there to secure and demonstrate further commitment to standing with israel. oh, let's slip this nugget to the press because everyone knows that we're really the hawk and standing against iran. it's politics, it doesn't have to do with iran, that they shouldn't get the bomb. it's disturbing and we should call nem out on it. >> dave: if you're on the president's national security team accused of leaks, wouldn't you come out initially, immediately and deny that you're part of the leaks? now we go with an investigation, the doj says they've pointed two u.s. attorneys. is that enough to stop the leaks? >> no, it's not enough. you've got to appoint someone outside of the chain of command and two forecast working on this investigation have been cozy with president obama and inside this administration and it has to
3:19 am
be independent to identify where the leaks come from, they have to stop and it looks very much like they are hcoming from the house. >> dave: you would agree, that could risk our security national-wise throughout the world. >> who wants to give intelligence and look at the israelis on the virus on the iranian nuclear facility and we reveal that should we partner with the u.s. and it ends up on the front of the new york times. >> dave: thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> dave: and ngovernors saying voter i.d. suppresses the right to vote. our next guest says not necessarily the case. have you been stuck in a car with road rage.
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>> 23 minutes after the hour, time for quick headlines, hyundai is recalling nearly 200,000 santa fe suv's, because the front passenger air bags may not deploy in a crash and affecting model years 2007 to 2009. and 2012 sonatas recalled the
3:24 am
side air bags, the opposite problem. >> and placing a 22 1/2 billion dollar order for this gun, the colt .45, long a standard issue of the marines until they switched to the baretta m-9 in 1985, let's go over to clayton. >> clayton: is it voter suppression or are the lawmakers going against the will of their people. four democratic governors have vetoed laws that require voters to bring a voter i.d. to the voting booth. joining us now is ken blackwell, the vice chair of the rnc platform committee and former secretary of state of ohio and you remember at that time he also was a chief elections offer in making sure that fraudulent votes didn't cancel out the others, ken, nice to see thank you morning. >> it's good to be with you.
3:25 am
>> clayton: now, you penned a level to these governors, asking what? >> well, former attorney general ed meese and i pen adler to four governors who had vetoed voter i.d. that passed both houses of the the legislatures, we asked them not to stand in the way to this common sense practical approach making sure that none of the legal ballots cast were negated by fraudulent ballots. the representatives or the people had spoke annen their notion that this was a step to protect against voter suppression was not supported by the facts in states where voter i.d. was the law and the practice. >> now, you're referring it states like georgia and we have some information we can throw up here on the screen for you. interestingly in georgia it was voted not to suppress the
3:26 am
votes of whites and blacks, went up in that state and latinos there a different story there in georgia. is that enough evidence? you know what liberals are saying in cities hike philadelphia and states like pennsylvania you could see as much as 40% lower turnout on the democratic side as a result of this. what do you say to that? >> that is just not the case. and in georgia, indiana, and other states where voter i.d. have been made available for free, where there's been sufficient voter education, actually participation went up in 2008, and that presidential race, as compared to 2004, in georgia, not only by blacks, but by hispanics as well. that was the case in indiana and we think at that we should let the facts speak for themselves.
3:27 am
this is a common sense best practice. if you think about the things that we need to show voter i.d.'s for, we see this is a common day occurrence in american life. this is all a political strategy to use fear of voter repression to gin up, you know, the turnout of latino and african-american votes in some key battle ground states. >> clayton: ken blackwell-- >> let's call it what it is. >> clayton: ken blackwell, the former mayor of cincinnati, thank you for joining us with insights probably not held by others with close election results and others you've had to deal with. thank you, ken. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> alisyn: coming up, forget humans, these sharks apparently like cameras as their shark bait. all right, and from your soda. michael bloomberg is trying to make formula much hard tower get at hospitals, has the
3:28 am
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>> happy summer, welcome to "fox & friends." >> and he's clayton morris and she's alisyn camerota. just when mayor bloomberg was striking a note for sanity, supporting chick-fil-a, he goes and hides the baby formula, what's going on here? >> that's his new plan at hospitals across new york city, suggested that the hospitals, in fact, insisted that the hospitals put their
3:32 am
babyormula under lock and key so that new moms have to basically beg for it and it's not just doled out at hospitals, of course, that this -- this has many different opinions. people are passionate about breast-feeding. you can get the passionate people who feel that all moms should do it and you feel people who say it's the mother's choice how she wants to feed her infant. >> clayton: so you said beg for. they don't have to beg for it, i know it's a little -- they just have to ask for it and nurses bring the baby formula. >>lifter a talking to, after a talking to. >> clayton: they'll bring the formula and have a talking to and every time they ask for it, get the talking to is it. >> alisyn: but you have to ask for it every two hours, and get a talking to. >> clayton: it's the opposite-- it's so natural to breast-feed, the science is in, overwhelmingly we know the advantages of breast-feeding. the mental cognitive. >> alisyn: off ear infections
3:33 am
and everything. >> clayton: immunity. no push for moms to say breast-feeding is better. and formula thrown at moms, because the companies have worked hospitals to get the formula in their hands. >> dave: the problem, whether it's sugary beverages or salty foods, it's about a person's right to choose. that's the united states of america. if you want to choose to use formula when your baby is born, that should be your right, you shouldn't have to beg and ask for it and have it behind lock and key and hiding the chachkis with the formula brands. it's about personal responsibility, let people decide what they want. >> clayton: is it right to hand gift bags with formula in it. why don't do you the opposite, a gift bag about breast-feeding. >> alisyn: of course, that's why i say it's somewhere in the middle. the fact that the formula companies have been pushing their merchandising on to new
3:34 am
moms. >> de: in no way the breast-feeding-- >> i know you're using the clo-- you're already vulnerable, you're tired. >> clayton: tired. >> alisyn: at your weakest point and it's easier to use formula. >> clayton: exactly. >> alisyn: and so, if there's any problem -- i had premature twins, they couldn't breast-feed, the hospital made me give them formula, i was upset about it. i wished that they could have breast-fed so you already feel guilty, you already feel you're not doing the right thing to make money have a stern talking to when they want it is possibly putting an undue burden on mothers. >> clayton: september 3rd this goes into effect in manhattan. let us know how you feel about it,, and also ff weekend on twitter. i'm going to give you a stern talking to.
3:35 am
>> alisyn: i can see that. while you were sleeping, police find a 12-year-old missing arkansas girl alive in tennessee along with a man suspected of abducting her. he's wanted in connection with the grisly murder of his parents. they were found dead in their little rock home just hours before he took off with his adopted sister. he's now in police custody. two u.s. climbers appeared to have plunged to their death off a mountain in peru. they fell nearly 1,000 feet off a ridge and their families called for the rescue team after not hearing from them since july 11th. investigators plan to look at photos from the rescue site to try to figure out what happened. south carolina governor nikki haley facing scrutiny over her 14-year-old daughter's job. she wants for a state house gift shop and the newspaper "the state" has raised
3:36 am
questis about nepotism and whether the money for her job was in the budget. and the governor says no one else's hours were cut to create the job, and criticized the newspaper for printing details about her life. >> a cameraman leaves his camera unattended around the president tore and one decided it's his. the diver had to follow a long time before it dropped the camera. i hope it was rolling video on that. if it was recording that whole time, you've got classic, yeah, shark cam, like austin powers. and famous for his bear-chested eight gold medal baring sports illustrated, folks, this is not what michael phelps had in mind in london. flop. yikes, finishing fourth out of the medals for the first race for him in since 2000. he was 15.
3:37 am
ryan lochte showing off his first medal. he worry a red, white and blew diamond crusted grill as he calls it, a grill he puts it in to receive the medal. the ioc didn't want him to wear it on the podium and he marches by the beat of his own drum. >> alisyn: interesting fashion statement. >> missy won a medical. and donated it to the aurora shooting victims and she's not alone in the sports world, a literally moving tribute in nascar today. reagan smith, number 78 car will have the colorado flag ribbon painted on his hood and the names of the 12 victims of the movie theater massacre in aurora on the side. and rowe racing located within ten miles of the movie theater where the deadly shootings took place and finally, take a look at the wardrobe change
3:38 am
for the women's volleyball team. if the burr rays weren't enough to bum you you out. the volleyball people had to wear long sleeves, no bikinis, the temperatures dropped. stopped the tops for long sleeves. >> alisyn: oh, dave, bad moment. >> dave: they tuck with the bikini bottoms and australia wore the black legsings, usa defeated australia. i'm outraged, the made in china, but-- >> i don't believe. >> dave: taking away the bikinis, that's what beach volleyball is, ladies. tough it out. >> clayton: and why are they wearing a sports bra over the shirt. >> dave: i thought that was odd. you might be able to tell me. >> alisyn: an expert on all things sports related. >> he is. he's check with maria molina
3:39 am
in the weather department. >> good morning, guys, good to see you today and good morning, everyone, today a kind of a gloomy morning in new york city, we have a lot of cloud cover and that's pretty much the story for the the i-95 corridor up to boston and parts of connecticut and massachusetts and dealing with the clouds and because we have showers and storms in the vicinity and they're keeping temperatures relatively cool. upper 60's in new york city, into the 70's this afternoon, and further west, extreme heat across the plains and 105 and we're continuing to see the highs, very hot temperatures in place, due to high pressure that's remaining in place out there with those dry conditions and that blazing sunshine that keeps things just so hot and above average, excessive heat warnings in place, as well as heat advisories and see those in the next graphic. basically when you factor in the humidity to the temperatures, it feels hotter, in heat index values. could be up to 105 to 115 degrees, those are dangerous amount of heat.
3:40 am
stay safe, everyone, stay hydrated and try to not head outdoors too long a period of time. out west, this'll see flash flooding, a concern out here the next couple of days and also seeing the showers and storms pushing through portions of the midwest. >> thank you so much, maria. maria looks nice, i'm sure on the road she probably gets fiery and that's thanks to a new study. and 3800 commuters were looked like on the way to work and on the way home from work and find out, well, you think most the time, men are going to be the ones that had the most road rage. >> no question. >> i thought for sure, it would have been men. >> this is bogus, man. i would have thought it would be 80-20, and i'm a road rage sufferer myself and i've never seen a woman with road rage, but i have seen dozens of men freaking out behind the wheel. >> let me. >> as i do from time to time. >> really, we're shocked. >> shocked. >> and here is where i think their research has gone wrong. they claim that women had more
3:41 am
road rage than men. here is the problem. they just ask the drivers, do you experience road rage? and 61% of women said yes and 56% of men said yes. and 90% of men lie. >> okay. >> and it's not a-- >> i think more men are proud of it. >> i agree, too. >> and that's what it was, i don't think they lie about-- >> i think what they should have done i observe the drivers, maybe you don't know. >> like a little mini-- >> a-- well, you know, you're wildly honking and. >> and pound the horn. >> clayton: his wife had the horn disabled. >> alisyn: i think if they observed men with a hidden camera, they'd see men have more-- >> i have more road rage, younger drivers have more road rage than older. >> dave: do you agree that women have more road rage than men?
3:42 am
ff weekend on twitter and >> clayton: a city a changing its logo because it has a cross in it. our next guest says the fight is not over and that cross should stay. >> alisyn: mayors across the country saying chick-fil-a to stay out, because of its stance on gay marriage. we'll explore the debate next. ♪ around it. with the available leus enform app suite, you can use opentable to make restaurant reservations. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on se of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> 6:44, a german fugitive on the run, busted by a fingerprint. accused of stealing more than 100 million dollars in an international fraud scheme. he was picked up in las vegas for a dui and his fingerprints led police to his arrest parent in germany and he will he' be sent back to stand trial. bad news, ladies, women not much more read rage, women are lazier than men, inactive less than 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week. and that's compared to only 20%, 28%, rather, of men. and lazy, ali? >> i am lazy. i admit it. meanwhile, an ohio city force today change a city logo because it contained an ige
3:46 am
of an across atop a university. the freedom from religion foundation says that images should stay out of government, but our next guest said the cross was included because of the part in the community not because of faith. and michael herman, good morning. >> good morning, great to be with you. >> alisyn: you, too. as we understand steubenville had to take the image of a cross from the logo because the atheist group says it the cross made people feel left out. >> the university is a primarily catholic university and we're targeted because of our faith and we have been contributors to our community for almost 70 years, one of the top employers, we weren't included because of our religion, not because the city was trying to promote any faith in particular, but recognizing us as really, one of the staples, one of the pillars of our community. it's unbelievable, that this
3:47 am
group is trying to bully our city. >> alisyn: what i heard an official say the cross is a recognizable landmark in the city, it didn't so much represent an endorsement of faith, but rather of visual piece of the city's identity. yet, on the flip side, does the atheist group have a point, if you're something other than christian, it might make you feel left out? >> you know, we, we are in america, we have a freedom of religion, not a freedom from religion, in this day and age, it's surprising to me that people can get, think they have a constitutional right to not be offended at anything. really, we're saying it's intolerant if you don't allow people of faith to participate in our public life and i see this as really an intolerance of religion and that's really what is at stake here. >> alisyn: if we can put up the two logos, i want your comments and reaction, because the new logo, it's not as pretty as the old logo, it's--
3:48 am
it looks great different. is this the end of it? is this one on the right that we're looking at now the logo of steubenville? do they have recourse? >> they do and right now they're exploring their option. this is the not over, the fight is not done. that's what we need to say, we're not going to take this anymore, draw a line in the sand. these people, out of town, out of touch groups can't bully us into taking away something that is just part of our community, who we are. >> alisyn: but michael, they can bully you to use your word because this is a lawsuit. and honestly, steubenville doesn't have the money or doesn't want to commit the money to fight in this lawsuit so maybe it is over? >> well, they're exploring option toss fight this right now. i can't speak on behalf of the city, but i know they're exploring other options, phone calls and e-mails saying, no, this is not us, who do they think they are?
3:49 am
the state motto with ohio, with god all things are possible. >> there are so many parts of our country that recognize the right place of religion and this is not stepping over the pounds and this is reasonable and i believe that we need to say in america, enough is enough, and people of faith are free he to enter into our public life without having intimidation. >> quickly i want your comments on another story. and this is a company that has won an injunction to stop the mandate of having to fly contraceptive to its employees and they won against obamacare, this must give you some encouragement moving forward? >> it is an amazing thing. and it's a great first victory. but we have to take it even further. franciscan university along with the archdiocese of new york and washington d.c. and 40 other entities stewed the federal government on the same basis and i believe this is a great first step forward. this law really imposes upon people of faith, whether
3:50 am
they're in a private business like this company in colorado or a religious institution, that he shunned have things this that contradict their faith and this is a great day that we can hopefully appeal back this really restricting conscience destroying mandate from the hhs department. >> alisyn: michael harman, from franciscan university of steubenville, thanks for coming in. >> thanks, ali sna mayors around the country telling chick-fil-a to stay out of their city because of a stance on gay marriage. is this freedom of speech? we'll explore. an electric company wants to clear out miles of trees, some say it will decrease the value of homes. you'll hear from concerned residents coming up. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> welcome back. a firestorm of criticism erupting after the president of chick-fil-a was quoted as saying he sports, quote, biblical definition of marriage involving a man and a woman and now several mayors across the country telling chick-fil-a to stay out of their city, including chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >> chick-fil-a's values are not chicago's values. they are not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members, if you're going to be part of the chicago community you should reflect the chicago values. >> with mayors nationwide making voices heard, it's the rest of us wondering, whatever happened to free speech? joining us now is liberal political humorist.
3:55 am
>> hi, dave. >> dave: i want to look at what rahm emanuel says. he says that chick-fil-a doesn't respect their values. they do, they hire and customers, they don't discriminate against anyone, how do they not respect the chicago residents. >> and recently emanuel backtracked and he's not going to ban. i'm a strong supporter of marriage equality and lgbt community. and as free speech, a commentator, defend speech you may not like. i strockly disagree with the kathy family views, but should not be punished by boycott or local officials regulating the business. the reason the mayors are back tragging, you cannot or should
3:56 am
not based on religious views, you can do so if they discriminate through employment or customers, but as you said they don't do that. >> dave: and ram is not alone, the mayor of boston spoke out strongly saying he would do anything to keep them out. he backtracked as well and saying let's do it from the bully pulpit and ed lee, the mayor of san francisco, vincent gray, d.c., all of them joining in the opposition to chick-fil-a. you mentioned the legal avenues, which there are none. not allowed to do this constitutionally. even as a democrat, a liberal, isn'ted idea of openness and tolerance and respect for other points of view. >> it is, sadly today we don't on the left or right, and joining twitter mean spirited. i said i'm pro marriage equality, but you've got to respect people's view as long as they act within the law which chick-fil-a does. the point i want my fellow liberals to know. it cuts both ways, there could
3:57 am
be a liberal government saying you're against same sex marriage, you can't build here or a conservative saying, hey, you're for same sex marriage, you can't build. that's not what america is b you're welcome to your private opinion and everybody watching can make up their mind personally if they want to go to chick-fil-a, but government boycott j thanks for your opinion and agree with you. and one hundred days to the election, mitt romney and president obama virtually deadlocked. it comes down to eight states. we take a look the at which ones with one hundred days coming up until the election coming up. [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds,
3:58 am
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ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator? >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, july 29, i'm alisyn camerota. there are one hundred days until the election and mitt romney is talking zero tolerance and he would back israel if it struck iran. what does that mean? we'll explore it. >> dave: plus, president obama still stuck on blaming the bush administration. >> classes for higher wages we were promised and helped take us from record surpluses to record deficits. >> dave: stimulus, anyone? are the bush era tax cuts really the culprit here? we report, you decide. >> clayton: plus, several venues were sold out, but apparently the fans were dressed as empty seats.
4:01 am
why london is forced to investigate their own olympic games. "fox & friends" hour two right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, basically, ignore the past year of campaigning. as far as-- >> yes, you can. >> alisyn: ignore what's happened for the past year and many of you can get that year of your life back, because basically the race starts right now. >> it's the fourth quarter. a hundred days, can you believe it's a hundred days? and maybe this will be thrown out. >> alisyn: after labor day they say is in earnest is begins. everything up until now is entertaining, but mitt romney is in israel pledging support for our ally and placically offering support in the case of a possible strike against
4:02 am
iran. >> it's hard to sort it out. the details are changing every minute and the romney campaign is offering clarifications of policies. good luck. (laughter) >> well, dave, the latest that we heard from mitt romney's foreign policy advise ser that romney's hopes diplomatic and economic measures will keep iran from building a nuclear bomb. romney recognizes israeli's right to defend itself and america to stand with israel and we got our hands on a pea speech that romney is going to deliver and when iran's leaders deny the holocaust or speak of wiping the nation off the map only the naive or worse will dismiss it as an excess of rhetoric. make no mistake, the ayatollahs in iran want to
4:03 am
know who will object and who will look the other way. my message is one and the same. i will not look away and either will my country. now that speech coming up. but the israeli prime minister was meeting with romney and a pretty harsh critique of the obama administration's efforts to stop the iranian nuclear program. >> we have to be honest and say that all of the sanctions and diplomacy so far have not set back the iranian program by one iota and that's why i believe that we need a strong and credible military threat, coupled with the sanctions to have a chance to change that. >> reporter: it's very interesting to hear the israeli prime minister say that. because the israeli transportation minister has confirmed on israeli radio that president obama's national security advisor, tom
4:04 am
donlan, met with him and said that the united states will pursue military action if sanctions don't work. >> dave: thank you, peter. there's now a clarification on that report. a senior israeli official not named just there, said that's not true, nothing in this israeli newspaper article is true, that netanyahu never met with tom donlan did not meet with him one-on-one or plans to attack iran. it would appear that there's yet another leak, from the same guy, tom donladonlan, accu of being part of the leaks. you're going to expect back and forth competing for the jewish vote. it's ratcheted up on this sunday morning. >> alisyn: and frankly, why they're leaking, it's the same thing, sounds like both candidates have the same thing.
4:05 am
>> dave: and i don't think that the obama administration is rushing to say we, too, support israel and-- >> behind the scenes, now we want to float it to you know about it. ratcheting up is the term used around the vice-presidential contest right now. who will be the vice-presidential pick. does it really matter? well, some think it does, but here back at home while mitt romney is overseas and some of the people on mitt romney's short list for a vice-presidential candidate have been out on the stump supporting mitt romney. marco rubio perhaps leading the pack. on the popularity contest and he and jeb bush throwing their support. >> you're not working to get rid of somebody, you're working to replace somebody with someone like mitt romney, understands what made us prosperous in the past and the future as well. the choice is belief in people that made us different and those that ask you to apply the policies that mr. make us just live everybody else.
4:06 am
you will decideos elections and your willingness to work and make a difference and i promise you, i will do my part if you will do yours. thank you, thank you. >> he made the decision that he had a better chance of getting reelected in a close election by dividing the country than trying to aspire to a different way of doing things. what a shame. what a missed opportunity. so the next president needs to lead. you can't have a president that's always kind of looking down and saying that the entrepreneurs are not really that relevant. in america they're really relevant. without them we would be nothing. >> jeb shot down any clans that he would be the vp. he publicly supported marco rubio as the choice. >> and apparently being on the campaign trail can be nerve wracking. marco rubio had a scare in the air not once, but twice, and here is his tweet about this. not one, but two planes i was on had malfunctions forcing an
4:07 am
emergency landing in new mexico, i know how to take a hints. >> and going to the campaign event, he apologized to the audience, the audience waited for him to arrive and called in on a cell phone and does a speech via cell phone at the stadium, the crowd. >> dave: that's dedication, and honoring your commitment. 100 days from the election and the economy of course will be the big issue and the president made clear his stance. it comes down to tax cuts for the wealthy, he made that a point on his weekly address. >> alisyn: tax hikes on the healthy. let's listen. republicans and nominee for president, believe the best way to create prosperity in america is to let it trickle down from the top. if our countries spends more on tax cuts for the wealthy, even if we have to pay for it gutting things like education and training, and raising middle class taxes.
4:08 am
they're wrong and noi they're wrong because we tried it that way for most of the last decade. it didn't work. >> dave: meanwhile of course, gdp numbers didn't bode well for the president. the new economics chart shows a third dip in the presidency according to the gdp for the obama administration, this is a bad sign of course, right now economically. as you compare to other presidents at the same time in their economic woes, of course, ronald reagan, during a recession and that was early on, i think, maybe five months ago, there was a lot of comparisons to the reagan presidency with the recession he was facing and reelection and what president obama is facing and his reelection. >> dave: the dip you mentioned, every time it seems the economy is gaining momentum it's fallen back off and that's what peter mauricy
4:09 am
highlighted. >> and this presidency-- ronald reagan, 10.4% to him. not 10% the way for mr. obama. at this point, mr. reagan had the economy growing at 6% and mr. obama has been growing it 2%. he had gotten unemployment down to 7%, and mr. obama 8%. this guy inherited a bigger mess, what he does is alibi better than anybody i've seen. >> alisyn: we'll have more on the rest of the show. we want to get to your headlines, three more victims of that colorado movie massacre, were laid to rest. matthew mcquinn drove in front of his girlfriend and his girlfriend is arriving at the funeral on crunches. this emotional photo taken as she steps at his casket to say
4:10 am
a prayer. and in san antonio texas, family and friends 24-year-old jessica gawhi. do not live with rekrets, do follow her actions and chase those dreams. >> and her dream of course, she was a budding broadcaster and a very private funeral service is held at buckley air force base in air course. >> a pregnant survivor suffered a miscarriage after a bullet to the womb and lost rost thanalcour we of n, mery ddae
4:11 am
fans became upset, after empty seats. huge gaps and they may have belonged to sponsor and suggested offering them to the public if the sponsors were not going to use them. >> if you saw the photos of mitt romney with ann romney and one secret service guy over his shoulder and no one around. >> dave: we're talking serena williams, playing tennis, no one behind them.
4:12 am
not just small. londoners can't get tickets. they say we can't get tickets and why are this hundreds of empty seats. for sponsors and-- >> turn them over to the public, good suggestion. >> coming up on the show, a shocking new report shows that small businesses were lost despite the stimulus. is the obama administration doing enough to support them after all? next guest will explain his position coming up. an electric company wants to clear out miles of trees, a move that some say will lower the value of homes. we hear from a concerned resident in that town where it's happening next. ♪ you [ dramatic soundtrack plays ]
4:13 am
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4:15 am
>> welcome back. there's been a lot of controversy since the president made those, you didn't build that, remark. and a shocking report shows despite the stimulus, 220,000 small businesses were lost between 2008 and 2010. as a result, over 3 million workers have been laid off. >> alisyn: well, our next guest believe that small businesses had the president's support in 2008 so he endorsed president obama. how does he feel now?
4:16 am
floyd chapman is the president and founder of the american small business league. good morning, lloyd good morning. >> alisyn: in 2008 you said that president obama made a promise to you. tell us what you asked him for and what happened? >> well, i asked president obama to simply end the diversion of billions of dollars in federal small business contracts to fortune 500 firms. and he and his campaign agreed and issued a statement that said it's time to end the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants and he refused to honor that promise. as a result, every day millions of dollars in federal contracts that should be going to the small businesses where most americans work or most of the gross domestic product comes from, 90% of them new jobs, have been divert today companies in europe, in asia and big businesses in america. for example, the obama
4:17 am
administration is going small businesses contracts to an italian contractor with 76,000 employees and most americans would agree that's a travesty and needs to stop and not doing it. >> dave: as a result you're switching your support. you point out that the vast majority of stimulus money did not go to small businesses. >> no. >> dave: to corporations. but aren't there rules to assure that federal money guaranteed to small businesses go it that very place. how is that not happening? >> now what? the small business administration says it's anomalies, so every day that president obama has been in office, millions of dollars and small business contracts have been diverted to rolls royce, air space, fin machinica and they say it's an anomaly. they say in an investigation
4:18 am
by nbc that's it's an anomaly. >> the sba's own inspector general says it's fraud and i would like to see the justice department look into this. it's a great issue for mitt romney to look into because i think na everyone out there today would agree with me we should not be giving federal small business contracts to the biggest companies in the world. >> alisyn: yesterday, we had on congressman mike kelly. he had made a bit of a mark on the floor of the house of representatives when he talked about the stack of regulations that small businesses are subject to. he got a rousing round of applause about that. here is what he said on "fox & friends" yesterday. >> in the global economy, america with everything that the creator provided us with should be be dominating the market right now. what's holding us back are regulations that are ov overzealous and makes it too
4:19 am
hard for us to dominate the way we should dominate. >> alisyn: lloyd, what do you think about that? are we overregulated? >> i'm shocked by some the regulations to small businesses. it's amazing. small businesses are the economic engine of our country. they're responsible for, you know, most of the jobs, most of the gross domestic product. over 90% of u.s. exports and you know, small businesses have just been ignored by president obama and they're oppressive. a lot of the policies are just unbelievable and they're very hard for small businesses to respond to all the different policies. >> yeah. >> but i hope that this issue comes out in the election and it needs to be a very important issue that president obama and mitt romney discuss in the campaign. >> dave: no doubt, with a hundred days out. small business will be a big deal in in election. the founder of the small business league, new for being
4:20 am
here. >> appreciate it very much. >> alisyn: up next on the rundown, an electric company wants to clear out miles of trees in one town, but residents say it will lower the value of the homes there. hear that next. >> dave: rage behind the wheel, who is the biggest offender? men or women? we have the gender road rage numbers next that might shock you. ♪ happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward
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4:23 am
>> time for news by the numbers. olympics edition. first, 41 million, that's the record breaking number of people that tuned in to watch the olympics opening ceremony. friday's display beat out the
4:24 am
previous olympic record holder 1996 games in atlanta. next, five. the number of medals usa has won so far at the game. ryan lochte, how you say it lochte taking home the first gold for the u.s. 71 years old the age of the oldest competitor at the london games. and hero-- probably how you say it, an equestrian representing the country of japan. my apologies to japan, clayton. >> clayton: alisyn, hopefully they'll win gold medals and we'll learn their names. what more do they have to do. the electric and gas company end star have cut down hundreds of trees from their power lines and they have 17 miles to go unless residents have something to do about it. joining us is a whalen, massachusetts resident to talk about it, bill, nice to see you this morning. >> thank you, nice to see you. >> clayton: to help us
4:25 am
understand what's going on here? the energy company says they need to clear away some of the trees. how did this effect you specifically? >> basically they cut down the trees in 250 foot wide swath right through the middle of the town. >> clayton: through the middle of the town which affected your house. in what way did it affect your house? >> the right of way goes behind my house so cleared the trees in the back yard, basically. >> and you have consulted with-- others in your neighborhood have consulted with real estate experts. what did you find out what this could do to your properties value? >> well, it -- so far on the average about a 5% drop in property values. >> and you've also had some issues as it relates to keeping your yard cool. tell us about that. >> well, basically, we used to live in an area that was
4:26 am
treed, forest and then they use today come through every five years and trim a few trees, maybe take a few trees out and it was ugly, but it worked to keep the power lines clear, but this time they came through with a grinder and they ground everything from the ground up for less than stump. and they just cleared any vegetation out of the right of w way. >> clayton: now your yard you say is 20 degrees hotter because there's no shade in your back yard anymore. >> yeah, basically the sun is on the house the whole time and we've lived there for -- since 95 and we never had to have central air, any of that stuff. >> clayton: right. >> because you know, it was shade. >> clayton: they say of course, all of this stems from the big storm that you guys had a few years ago, which had a massive blackout which relate to the trees landing on the power lines.
4:27 am
here is a quote and i'll read to you, and get to you respond. >> and we need only look back to last fall's storms, to remind us of the dangers of electric wires. we understand the level of clearing that's needed is an issue of concern, for woks, which is with why we've done outreach by certified or borists, are attending meetings and have offered to consider mitigation afterwards on a case by case basis. >> how many of these outages were by the major power transmission lines. most are those were caused by individual rows and services, i don't know how many outages other than the big one in ohio a few years ago caused on transmission lines. i have blueberry bushes, five feet tall and their lines are a hundred feet up. they have to jump to get up there. >> do you think this is
4:28 am
government overreaching? >> i believe so because it's -- you know, you're talking about instead of considering neighborhoods and you know, when you're out in the the woods it's not a big deal, but when you're in neighborhoods, and you've got people that have, you know, had their kids playing out in the woods and everything for years, now, all of a sudden, you have 250 feet of open chipped land, it's a big difference. >> clayton: bill ramsey, is a resident up. had his home affected by the electric companies. please keep us up-to-date as this problem for you unfolds, okay, bill. >> i appreciate that. >> clayton: coming up, raining behind the wheel, who is the biggest offender, men or women? we have the answer next. >> and one convincing his family to heat healthier for a month.
4:29 am
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let the good hands people give you great protection and a great rate. call your local allstate agent now for a fe quote or find one at 888-allstate. that's 888-allstate. ♪ >> you can open your eyes now. >> are we off the bridge? >> yes! >> is the old woman on the bicycle still alive? >> she jumped right back up. >> oh, my god, slowdown? >> do you want to get there in time? >> i don't want to die in your cab. >> you should have thought of that before you got in. >> alisyn: i miss phoebe and
4:33 am
ross. >> dave: conventional understanding that men more than women-- >> women responded to the var, look at 3800 you commuters and women volunteered the information and said, yes, i experience road rage more than men said yes, they experience road rage. >> alisyn: remember what is key here, this is self-reporting, so women are confessing to road rage more than men. it doesn't necessarily mean that women have more road rage. >> clayton: i've said this before, i think that men would be happy to admit they have road rage. >> dave: there are certain things we will lie about, road rage is not. we're not ashamed testify aof i well aware of the it. the numbers bear out. >> alisyn: i don't see women as laying on the horn and giving the old bronx salute as much as i see men doing that.
4:34 am
>> dave: we control our emotions better than the ladies. we're more in control. >> alisyn: leads, we'd like to hear about this. >> dave: the numbers are there. >> clayton: the numbers are in. >> dave: the facts are in. >> clayton: don't try it sway the survey i'm saying that maybe women more being more honest about it. >> clayton: stop batting your eyes and affect the survey. >> alisyn: we have to start with a tragic story, the bodies of two american climbser have been found in peru. they were on the way back down after reaching the summit and fell nearly 1,000 feet off a ridge and families called from the rescue team after the not hearing from them july 11th, both were experienced climbers, investigators are going to look at photos from the rescue site to see what happened. and k-9 teams looked in the
4:35 am
search of a massachusetts teen who disappeared in 1989 leaving a water and police decide today reopen the case after a he recent tip suggesting her remains may have been moved to a reservation. and her body was never found and no one has been arrested in that case. and could new green regulations be jeopardizing our safety. the u.s. green business counciling wants to change the government's design program, what's the problem with that? it would limit the use of shatter resistent glass in building and restrict the application of bullet-proof glass for government institutions and prisons. the navy christened the u.s.s. summerset in the commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. and family members of those who lost their lives in flight 93, it will now be used
4:36 am
primarily as a carrier for troops and equipment. your he. >> and rick reichmuth taking the day off and maria with a check of the gloomy weather. >> good morning, good to see you today. good morning, everyone, and still on tmuggy side. and the frontal boundary pushing in some cooler air in the northeast, most of the region is experiencing temperatures actually a little below what's average. we should only see highs in new york city upper 70's and that's pretty much the story for the northeast. we have showers and thunderstorms to new york, albany, impacting parts of connecticut and massachusetts as we head into the next couple of hours and new york city has a slight chance to see some of that activity later on this afternoon, as we head coast ward we have a concern for flash flooding across parts of the southern and central rockies and some downpours out there right now. as we head into the afternoon hours, we've got the sunshine that's going to heat things up
4:37 am
and continue to produce more heavier showers and storms and again, that's during the afternoon and evening showers for the concerns. parts of the midwest, illinois and also, missouri dealing with heavy rain right now as we have the storms rolling through. and heads up, the storms are headed your way, as we head later today. and daytime heating once again, the stronger storms and we have a concern to see some of those produce severe weather across northern parts of north dakota, minnesota and large hail and damaging winds being the main concern, otherwise as we head into portions of the central plains this afternoon, very hot temperatures, and triple digits, 107 in dallas and 105 in kansas city, let's heads over to clayton and alley. >> clayton: you've heard the super size me, one ten-year-old took that concept and flipped it upside down. tired of being overweight, he asked her family to eat
4:38 am
healthy and the reed family lost a total combined 70 pounds. >> alisyn: here now it tell us how they did it, portion size me, a kid driven plan to a healthier family. marshal reed and mom. thank you for joining us. >> clayton: marshal, we said in the beginning why you were compelled to do this. were kids picking on you and calling you names and things. >> yeah, well, really, kids were making fun of me and the only reason i could come up with was because of my weight so i went to my mom one day and sort of like, i snapped, and so, i was mom, i want to get off super size me and call it portion size me and took off from there. >> alisyn: a cool idea. alice, what did you think of the concept of eating what, smaller portions? >> that's one of our six goals when marshal came to me it made me as a parent sit back and think about what our family life style of eating was. >> alisyn: what was it? >> boxed meals or pizza or frozen this, there wasn't very much real at all so we sat
4:39 am
down and came up with six goals, portion sizes is one of them and eating real food is another, and get losing, read ingredients and get kids in the kitchen to help you. >> clayton: that's important, really important. let's go through some of these, eat as many real foods as possible. i've heard it said if your grandmother wouldn't recognize the food you're eating and wouldn't exist naturally in nature, don't eat it. >> alisyn: it's harder, harder to do that than the boxed pizza delivery you were talking about. how did you do that it, marshal. >> you'd be amazed. the first few days were hard i didn't like it, didn't want to do it because i couldn't eat what i wanted and how much i wanted. you know, i couldn't eat it every day, so, i mean, but day six, day seven felt he great. improved so much. >> clayton: in school, you're eating healthier in school, when you're he eating real ingredients you actually start to remember what you're learning in school and have
4:40 am
more energy, did you starts to feel that way. >> i actually did better in school, which is a huge perk. >> alisyn: that's incredible, better grades when you ate better. alice, show us example of the proper portions and how you guys remember how to do it. >> well, you one of the things this particular snack here is, a school lunch, this is a box, you can find modern one and comes in compartments so you actually build off of the box. >> a little tuna, almonds, fresh vegetables, some slices of pear. >> pear and cheese, portion sized cheese. >> and marshal, i read you didn't like the crackers, and scooped it with a vegetable. >> yeah, a bit of the tune na there, and the best part, is these are like miniature sweet peppers, just like bell peppers and use sweet. they're like candy, so great. >> and the pear instead of
4:41 am
crackers. >> and you dropped two pants sizes and how many total pounds did you lose, 36. >> with portion size me we look how we feel about ourselves and bmi and i dropped out of the obese category and-- >> this is a work in progress, that is a lifetime goal and isn't a quick fix. nothing suggests that it can be done in 30 days-- >> and it's life style change. the book again is portion size me, great examples of fruits, vegetables, nuts. >> 110 recipes and useful tips along the way. >> alisyn: great for parents. >> yeah. >> alisyn: thanks so much, marshal reed and alice reed and thanks for coming in. >> clayton: and portion size me. >> and we talking to people about the book. >> clayton: thanks for doing
4:42 am
what you're doing. coming up, dave is going to tell us on the show. >> dave: i'm with marshal, i love those peppers. and attorney general eric holder, this time taking aim at pennsylvania voter i.d. laws, our next guest says it's purely partisan and work for the doj. two young kids save their drowning grandfather and one of them crediting the girl scouts with quick thinking. meet the heroes and grandpa coming up. ♪ why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. and that's why i trust nature made.
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4:45 am
>> come back. they're at it again, eric holder and the department of justice targeting this time pennsylvania for requiring voters to present i.d. at the polls. our next guest says it's purely partisan. former justice department attorney jay christian adams joins us from washington this morning. good to see you, sir. >> hi. >> dave: pennsylvania trying the new voter i.d. laws and the doj ago after them, but a new report out this weekend suggested 1.6 million pennsylvania voters might not have valid i.d. ahead of the 2012 presidential election, that accounts for 18% of registered voters in philly. are you buying those numbers? >> yeah, these phony numbers are usually put out by people like the brennan center that don't tell the truth about
4:46 am
voter integrity. if you go to the voter box and blocked by a new black panther, and that doesn't bother the department. and pennsylvania passed a law that's more voter friendly than the law that the supreme court upheld in indiana, but this justice department is in a keystone state shakedown, asking for all sorts of documents, including the documents that the governor, tom corbitt, relied on just to write a press release, that's how outrageous this request is and hopefully pennsylvania will have the sense not to reply unless they want to be sued. >> dave: it's not talked about enough that decision, that supreme court that upheld indiana's right to do a similar thing. a good point to make. why, since you've worked at the doj, why they're so intent on trying, when it affects
4:47 am
young people in the conduct. do i have to have an i.d. to vote? it seems so basic to americans, why is the doj concerned? >> it's purely partisan. how do i know that? because within 24 hours after the justice department issued that letter, the democrat congressional campaign committee, the dccc sent out a fund raising letter thanking the justice department for doing that and asking for money. look, they have a demoralized base in philadelphia. this justice doesn't accident brought a single case except the one i did, early in the administration, to hope the voters under voting rights act section two. there's a lot of simmering discontent for civil rights groups, this is a way to gin up their base, that badly needs to be ginned up. >> dave: and what they're not going after folks at mf global, particularly john corzine, but they've done over
4:48 am
jamie dimon and made billions for customers, we've learned this past week there's some cozy relationship, past working relationship between corzine and eric holder, his former law firm once represented corzine. is that relationship, in your opinion, the reason why there's been no yet investigation into what happened with corzine? >> well, it could be one of the reasons, but the reason why they need to have a special prosecution, this is the intersection of big government with big law. covington and burrelling is the law firm where eric holder came from. >> it's not only eric holder it's people in the doj, lane brewer from the criminal division, and they call came from covington and burling, there's a see no justice toward wall street crime maybe because wall street donated so much money to the obama
4:49 am
election campaign in 2008. >> dave: it's not just like that corzine was mentioned as potential treasury secretary, there's definitely a conflict of interest. isn't it standard practice, from your experience, that when there has an apparent conflict of interest, doesn't the doj in that situation, step out and appoint an outside inspector? >> well, there should be an outside inspector, if you simply build a wall of separation between brewer and holder and the other covington inbeds, it doesn't get the job done because their down street people know these are covington people who are my boss. so that's why you have to have a special prosecutor. 1.6 billion dollars just vanished on corzine's watch, a big democrat. why won't doj do anything about it? >> yeah, there's bound to be conflicts of interest with the folks in d.c., but you have to have some sort of standard practice when those arise. we appreciate it.
4:50 am
>> thank you. >> dave: two young teens save their drowning grandfather, one of them crediting the girl scouts for their quick thinking. we'll meet the heroes and grandpa next, here they are. and the nanny state is at it again, new york city mayor michael bloomberg now trying to lock away the baby formula at hospitals. that's coming up. ♪ but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for ily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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♪ >> well, a typical afternoon of summer fun in the pool turned terrifying for our next young guests and turned them into heroes when they realized their grandfather was drowning and had to do something to save him. 14-year-old madison mccue and her 11-year-old sister cassidy and grandfather paul kennedy.
4:54 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> alisyn: cassidy, let me start with you. you guys last week were having fun family time in the pool and then what did you notice happening to your grandpa? >> i looked over and he just wasn't coming back up for air. >> alisyn: so he was at the bottome wasn't coming up for air, what did you do? >> i had maddie jump. >> alisyn: and you screamed, as i understand it, that you needed help. mattie, what did you do, you sprung into action? >> i looked and i saw papa facedown at the bottom of the pool so i jumped in and got him up on my shoulder and keeping his head out of the the water and told cassidy to get mom. >> alisyn: your mom came out and i understand madison, she wasn't much of a help you had to basically tell her what to do. >> yeah, because i couldn't -- i could get him on to my shoulder and on the cement, i couldn't turn him over to get, like all the way out of the
4:55 am
pool and she was screaming call 911, call 911 and i told her stop screaming and help get him out. >> you didn't have time to call 911, you needed to start cpr. >> alisyn: paul. what do you remember. >> last thing i remember floating around the pool nice and cool and i didn't wake up and didn't remember anything until i was in the e.r., so, i have to fill in for me. >> alisyn: yeah, of course, madison, how did you know how to do the cpr that ultimately revived your grandpa? >> because i took a baby-sitting course with the girl scouts, and during the video about an hour and a half was cpr. >> alisyn: an hour and a half of the video was-- >> they kept replaying it. >> alisyn: this is interesting madison, you said at the time was annoying to you that they played over and over for an hour and a half this cpr
4:56 am
portion. >> because it was so boring and it was just kept going on and on and on. >> alisyn: but now what do you think? >> now, i think it's good that they kept replaying it because it made it stick in your head what you need to do and stuff. >> alisyn: so, just be to be clear, madison, you remembered from na video and able to instruct your mother, what did you tell her in terms of reviving your grandpa? >> well, she kind of got the gist of what to do, she didn't really know, so i told her to stop and cass to hold his head up and hold his nose and blow in and i told her to stop so i could do the compression and we did it two times and he coughed up the water and i turned him on his side. >> alisyn: paul, it turns out you had a slow heart rate and you now had a pacemaker put in and how are you doing now. >> i'm feeling great, great-- >> and we know you must be so
4:57 am
proud of your granddaughters. >> i don't have words to expression how proud i am of these two. >> alisyn: we can hear that and see that. and madison and cassidy and grandpa pa kennedy, we're so happy that you're okay today and thanks for coming in with your story, you guys are a real inspiration. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: coming up, exactly one hundred days left until the election and mitt romney is making the rounds across the pond. what must be accomplished on his tour abroad and is he doing it? we're going to ask chris wallace who is ahead. and standing outside of his car, a man is struck by lightning before the storm even hit. he lived to tell about it, we'll hear his incredible story next. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
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woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you --
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including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> good morning, everyone, sunday, july 29th. i'm alisyn camerota. what's happening at this hour, 100 days to go until the election and the republican presidential candidate mitt romney, visits one of our closest applies this morning and the g.o.p. candidate saying he will respect israel's right to strike iran. what does that mean? chris wallace is going to weigh in straight ahead. >> dave: and plain chicken with your rights. and three mayors blocking chick-fil-a, saying they would after the company's boss spoke out against same sex marriage. even sarah palin is getting in on the chicken wars. >> clayton: at first salt and then soda and now baby
5:01 am
formula? mayor michael bloomberg taking the nanny state to a whole new level perhaps by going after new moms and locking the baby formula in the hall closet at the hospital. "fox & friends" hour three starts rights now. ♪ >> the incident is infantile. we keep them rolling here. >> clayton: it's an opinion machine. >> dave: news out of israel as you mentioned chris wallace coming straight up. and what's at stake, are we worried about israel security or is politics at play. >> alisyn: and we have breaking news this hour. >> clayton: and also you guys are weighing in, i think we've gotten so many e-mails on this, who has more road rage issues, women or men? the study says women and a lot of people are tend to go agree with the study, alisyn. >> alisyn: men are agreeing with the study?
5:02 am
>> the women are weighing. >> alisyn: i look forward to hearing those e-mails. meanwhile right to the headlines and a the lot of news to tell you about, a man suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 hours at the midnight showing of "the dark knight" in colorado heads to court tomorrow when charges against james holmes are expected to be filed. and he's held in solitary confinement without bond. and in syria, into the biggest city, the government troops fired shells into syria's largest city to try to take back the commercial hub they lost to rebels last week. and government forces vow to keep fighting unless the rebels are out of the city. a mug, a 19-year-old new jersey woman seems to be hamming it up for the camera after the arrest. and police say she lured her exboyfriend to a playground where he was beaten and robbed by two suspects and the victim had to get stitches in his head and police are looking for the third person.
5:03 am
and she thinks it's an 8 by 10 glossy, her mug shot. a detroit man sayses' shaken up after getting struck by a bolt of lightning. he was leaning against his truck when he heard his thunder in the distance. >> heard a big kaboom and next thing i know, i'm weak, i just shaking like a leaf and real, real weak, i don't remember anything of it other than i just got jolted. >> doctors says' lucky to have escaped with nothing more than a jolt. larry says he now won't waste anytime inside when he hears that big kaboom in the future. those are your headlines. >> dave: all right. rick reichmuth off this morning and maria molina in for him. how is the country. >> gloomy and gray across the northeast and showers and storms across other areas of the country aside from the northeast, somewhat good news, because we have been talking about an ongoing drought across parts of the center of the country and pretty much
5:04 am
80% of the u.s. right now is abnormally dry so we're seeing dry conditions and need the rain and take it where we can get it. 46% of the u.s. is currently in severe drought, the largest area of drought since 1956. very dry conditions across the lower 48 and we're seeing the showers and storms across portions of the northeast, right around the albany area and western parts of the state of massachusetts as we head westward and the four corners region, getting some showers early this morning and we could see some heavy downpours later on today that could actually produce some flash flooding and the midwest getting some downpours across the st. louis area and grab if you're headed out doors and across upper parts of the midwest could produce severe weather and of course, we'll keep an eye on that. >> thanks, maria. >> take the last year and erase it from your head in terms of the political erase and the election, because today is basically the-- if you're use ago calendar,
5:05 am
one hundred days until the election. >> think how much ground has been covered, can you imagine. >> alisyn: no. >> clayton: the primaries. >> dave: the polls haven't moved that much. it's appropriate we're right on the margin of error one hundred days to decide it all. >> clayton: and that's why up vice-presidential hopefuls, what do you call them short list, folks on the short list perhaps that may end up getting picked by mitt romney as folks for his vice-presidential candidacy. talking about marco rubio and jeb bush has been in the mix as a person offering advice who he thinks mitt romney should pick as his vice-president. both were out yesterday while mitt romney is overseas, they're doing the supporting here, take a listen. >> not just working to get rid of somebody, you're work to go replace somebody with someone like mitt romney, who understands what's made us prosperous in the past and understands what will make us prosperous in the future as well the. and a choice between those that make us different and
5:06 am
those that apply the policies that will make us just like everybody else. you will decide those elections and your willingness to work and make a difference. i promise you i'll do my part if you do yours. thank you, thank you. >> he made a decision he had a better chance of getting reelected in a gross election by dividing the country than trying to aspire to a different way of doing things. what a shame. what a missed opportunity. and so, the next president needs to lead. you can't have a president that's always kind of looking down and saying that the entrepreneurs are really not that relevant. in america, they're really relevant. without them we would be nothing. >> alisyn: a couple of interesting side bars there about marco rubio, everyone associates him with miami and florida, but he did spend some of his childhood in las vegas and speaking at his own elementary school he had gone to as a child and he said i'm nervous being back here, the most nervous i've been. he got more nervous later in the day because he had a
5:07 am
couple of scares in the air and here is what he tweeted not one, but two planes i was on today had malfunctionings and second forced to make an emergency landing in new mexico, i know how to take a hint. >> and speaking of that avatar, and-- >> the energy is headed you rubio's way, and exciting pick for the ticket to energize the vote,. will romney double down on vanilla and the safer portman, pawlenty pick? >> and some of the states a portman or pawlenty in some of the battle ground states up in the air because this election could hinge on eight states, colorado flashes fla, iowa, ohio, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina and virginia, that's the flap rig--
5:08 am
map right now. they could be the pivotal factor. >> if you live someone else, you say what about us. >> you think of pennsylvania and michigan. >> alisyn: pennsylvania could be in play. >> michigan could be in play, not in play anymore and ohio interestingly, if you look at the new poll numbers ohio it's not looking strong for mitt romney, number of three or four different polls in the the past few days. >> dave: could portman energize that. >> exactly. >> the polls don't lean towards him making a difference in ohio a lot of those folks are unfamiliar with a lot of things. >> alisyn: as you may know breast-feeding is a hot topic. a segue. >> clayton: get to it. >> alisyn: breast-feeding inspires passion on both sides, people who think you must breast-feed because scientists say it's the best and others say it's the mother's choice if you want to skip breast-feeding and formula feed, that's a parent's choice. michael bloomberg made it part
5:09 am
of the government's choice. >> that's right, in hospitals startening early part of september in manhattan. we had my son in midtown manhattan and you're given gift bags formula, and nurses that encourage breast-feeding. now the formula is going to be kept in a storage room under lock and key unless the man asks for it. >> dave: and with the name of a formula, whether it's sugary drinks, salty foods and now breast-feeding. it's clear that the bloomberg administration that americans shufr shouldn't have the choice. and breast-feeding is healthy for your kids and it's up to you. the mayor on several instances feel that the government should tell you what's the best choice and what you should do and cell that.
5:10 am
>> clayton: weigh in on this, and i see it differently, that is you're giving the gift bags out and the formula companies have cozy relationships with hospitals and it's their bottom line, they make more money when you use formula so you have the relationships and i guess what the mayor is thinking, look, if we put this away and mom asks for it-- >> after a long lecture from someone you've spoken with. >> the lactation consultant will have to speak to you if you want the formula and by the way you need it every two hours for your baby and they ever to talk to you every time before they give it to you and you're saying that sherry sent in an e-mail from florida, i'm a firm believer breast-feeding is the best thing for you and your baby, but i believe stronger that government needs to stay out of our lives. >> susan in maryland, bloomberg is absurd. soda, formula, what's next for new york city. >> dave: a tweet from nancy, many reasons why women can't or don't want to breast-feed. it's not anyone's business. this is america, we have choice. amen, nancy.
5:11 am
>> clayton: and nancy was saying some people have medical issues, they couldn't breast-feed and you feel guilty as a result. >> and some kids won't do it. >> clayton: some people need help in the early stage. let us know how you feel about it. >> dave: tmi, i know. >> alisyn: i have a lot of response toss what you just said, but i decide to sensor myself. >> clayton: tmi. >> alisyn: and the countdown is on, exactly 100 days left until the election, what does the republican prl candidate mitt romney need to accomplish on his overseas tour. we're going to ask chris wallace. >> clayton: and tmi from chris wallace. how do you get your man to the grocery store? tell him about the man aisle. all products that had a man could want in one spot in one aisle and we brought the man aisle to the "fox & friends" studios. i'm excited. dave and i have been hanging out looking at the beef jerky and beer all morning. >> dave: beer and jerky. ♪ i'm a soul man ♪ ♪
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>> and welcome back. 100 days left until voters head to the polls and mitt romney making the rounds overseas. his first stop was in england in time for the olympics. today in israel and it end his trip in poland. >> dave: what must he accomplish on the tour? joining us now is the host, anchor of fox news sunday,
5:15 am
chris wallace. >> hey, guys. >> alisyn: hi, chris. >> dave: a lot of news regarding the president-- excuse me, the candidates's trip in israel and appears both mitt romney and the president are jockeying to say i support israel more. i stand with them more. what do you make of all this. is it about supporting israel and the potential strike against iran or just about politics? >> yes is the answer. (laughter) >> no, i mean, first of all, israel is our oldest friend up until the arab spring, the only democracy in the middle east. obviously, there's a big american jewish vote, and also a lot of christian fundamentalists, evangelical pro israel, very supportive of israel and blocks in this country and a strategic friend of the middle east and both men, obama and romney, want to show that they're supportive and really, right now, the way to show that is to say that we
5:16 am
are not going to allow iran to get a nuclear weapon and it's, you know, kind of subtle and i'm not sure anything substantive in terms of the the difference in what they're saying. they're both saying that iran getting a nuclear weapon would be unacceptable. >> clayton: politically, chris, i'm curious, we were hearing reports from inside the mitt romney's camp. some were supporting romney's trip to europe and others saying he should stay home right now. so, a lot of people wondering if mitt romney has been able to come out and portray himself well enough to the electorate while the obama camp is painting him the way they had he' like to paint him when he's abroad. this is crunch time. is it a smart move for him to be out of the country. >> i get the sense, people i talked to. it was a debate among the advisors, but ultimately wasn't a debate because the candidate, mitt romney, who of course is a huge fan of the olympics and was the
5:17 am
organizers, some say the man who saved the 2002 olympics in salt lake city, made it clear, guys, i'm going to the olympics and i'm going to be there for the opening ceremony and make it work. at a certain point the candidate actually does run his campaign. i don't know, i mean, yes, every day is important and yes, it is a very close race and today is exactly a hundred days before the election, but to spend less than a week over ever overseas, now, you're significant is it helping him or not? obviously, the british stop didn't help him. >> alisyn: let's talk about that because people called him his international audition and so he's taken so much flak for the comments that he made in london, does this, when he comes back does it end up having hurt him or helped him? >> depends what happens in the rest of the trip. if he proceeds to insult hosts in israel and poland. that will be a negative. if israel and poland go fine, those are the stops left on the trip, my guess people will
5:18 am
forget it, momentary gaffe. london wasn't good. here he was on the international stage and waste asked a question, is london ready for the olympics and gave a perfectly co-gent and some say an accurate answer, but answering as a former olympics organizers, which is what he was, fine for that, but not a good answer for a potential president. the easy answer to say is yes, of course, london is ready and these are going to be the best olympics ever. >> dave: i wouldn't imagine encouraging a return to the borders today. but on your show you'll talk about that a lot and sit down with justin anthony scalia. and here is what you'll talk about, here is a clip. >> yes, some will be imposed and depends, there were certain limitations. >> what about the technological limb nations and
5:19 am
not talking about a handgun or a musket, but a gun that can fire a hundred shots in a minute. >> we'll see. >> alisyn: that's a tease right there. >> and let me just say this, first of all, obviously, we were talking in the aftermath of the terrible massacre in colorado about the right to bear arms and can there be a constitutional limit. obviously, according to the ruling of the supreme court written by antonin scalia. can there be constitution on the semi automatic rifles or magazines that carry a hundred rounds? let me just say, we pre-taped it on friday, about the most fascinating half hour of television you ever ever seen. if you've ever wondered about a supreme court justice, if you've wondered about scalia, who is one of the most brilliant, the longest serving and clearly, i think the leader of the conservative wing of the court, you will
5:20 am
see him with unplugged, if you will, and it's just fascinating, riveting television. i would really say don't miss tmust-see tv. >> especially in the wake of the supreme court health care ruling. >> we talk about that, gun control, and roe versus wade. >> alisyn: that's great, chris, we'll tune in and interesting to see justice scalia in his regular clothes. >> and thanks, chris, look forward to show. >> a newspaper going off nikki haley, accusing her of nepotism. >> alisyn: listen up, guys, you no long ver an excuse not to do the grocery shopping. look at the healthy foods just for men. ♪ the boys are back in town
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5:24 am
>> all right. it's time to man up, everyone. everything you ever needed at the grocery store is now stocked in one section for you, things like beef jerky, protein bars, barbecue sauce, called the man aisle. the guy who created it is joining us this morning. >> what else do you need? george is with west side market here in new york city. and he's the man who came up with the man aisle. why? >> pretty much we were thinking about making like a summer section for the summer and we were tossing around ideas and we came across espn study saying that 31% of men
5:25 am
shop, are doing the shopping, versus 40% in 19 # 5 or something, so, why don't we make had a man section, translated into man aisle, man aisle translated into man island. >> alisyn: a man island. that's right, the man isle. and after the age old question what do men want. >> pretty much what we have here. >> alisyn: beer? >> yeah, beer, water, chips, you know, beef jerky. >> how did you get this? brought together the employees. >> everybody write down what you think a perfect man aisle should have. and whatever overlapped, 90% of the items that overlapped, some we put them out and kept everything we felt got overlapped and that's how we created it and with the media press got a lot of recommendations that we didn't have and gatorade wasn't on there and became the number
5:26 am
one seller. >> wow. >> everything a man needs is in the one section, had you before this seen guys just walking around lost in your grocery store? >> 100%, never asked for directions, never asked where something is, refused to help. >> you managed to-- if i want my chips ahoy cookies, i can grab thatten at dove body wash that i like to use. >> alisyn: there seems to be a plethora of barbecue sauce in that aisle. >> and every man likes to create their own barbecue sauce and mix them together. >> clayton: we often joke a little bit and dave, you often shop like a woman. >> dave: there's no face lotion or fruit snacks, it's not for me, are any of the ladies angry? >> no, they're pretty happy because they're looking for single guys shopping at this aisle. >> alisyn: oh oh. >> scouting out the aisle. >> dave: it's like a bar then.
5:27 am
>> alisyn: contain them all in one hour. >> a happy hour there. >> clayton: do a wine tasting or a beer tasting. are you intimidated by it. >> alisyn: not intimidated, but i might pass by it, i left it up to my husband, barbecue sauce i never buy it, he buys it. you're on to something, makes sense. >> might forget some things to buy. >> dave: check out the the west side market in new york city, if you want a great example. hear from you at ff weekend, what do you think of the concept? ladies and gentlemen, do you like the idea. >> clayton: is it sexist? george, don't answer that. >> i have them in all the stores now. >> alisyn: cool. thanks, george. coming up on show i'll have more on that and plus, a city bullied into changing its logo. here is one logo, it had a cross in it. the man says the fight isn't over, we'll hear from him. >> alisyn: and sharks apparently like cameras as shark bait. >> dave: and plus some
5:28 am
slim-nastics, nicky fitness here showing you the moves with the planters. >> alisyn: i look forward to seeing you do that. >> that's the benefit of coming to new york city, walking by the studio. >> good morning. (laughter) ♪ >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. after 40 years, he finally saved enough to enjoy retirement. angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying his retirement. with just a little information, she's opened up a credit line, draining the equity in jack's home. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft,
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5:31 am
>> welcome back, folks, time for your shot of the morning, national lasagna day is today. we're celebrating with meat and veggie lasagna, fazolli's, donating tons. and last week was ice cream day, but national lasagna day rivals it. >> clayton: you can stop by
5:32 am
participating f achlfazoli's, i going to combat childhood hunger, feed the children and the bread sticks tour across the country and our viewers might be confused. s yesterday you told us it was national chicken wing day today. it's both. if you can handle it and fit thm all in, it's both. >> clayton: sure, you can. >> alisyn: it's that great of a country. national lasagna day and national chicken wing day, that's what we do that. >> clayton: try to do that, iceland. >> alisyn: there we go. let's get to your headlines and tell you what is happening at this hour, because overnight, police found a missing 12-year-old arkansas girl alive in tennessee, along with the man suspected of abducting her. police identified him as 33-year-old antonio wittlow.
5:33 am
wanted in the grisly murders of his parents. and rina works part-time in a gift shop there are questions about nepotism and whether the money for rina's job was in the budget and the governor's office responded saying no one else's hours were cut to create the teen's job and criticized the paper for printing details about her life. >> the gift shop, come on, sorry. >> and dave is weighing in on that. >> dave: come on. >> alisyn: in ohio a city bullied from changing a logo from the one on the right to the o the. and cross in the one on the left. and the city of steubenville should not have the logo and they say the cross is a symbol of the community. >> these people out of town, out of touch groups can't bully us into taking away something that's just part of our community. >> alisyn: officials at a
5:34 am
university say the cross atop the building was not in the original logo because of religion it's because the building is a pillar the of city and landmark. and a look at the tiger sharks in the bahamas, a photographer left his camera unattended around the predator and one decided it's his. apparently the diver had to follow the shark for a long time before it dropped the camera. interesting to see what pictures it took. >> dave: and speaking of pictures, not the picture that michael phelps wanted this morning. he's famous for the chest bared eight medals sports instraighted cover. and this is the headline flopped, aftfourth in the medal race, and medley, not individual medley, that's the gold medal winner, ryan lochte showing the bling, diamond american flag grill as it calls, the bad news an ioc
5:35 am
chairman told him he could not wear it on the podium. of course, it's the ioc and he'd have to remove it if he wanted to get his gold medal. he does not back down. and missy won, and dedicated her olympic performance to the aurora shooting victims and not alone in paying tribute to the victims that have shooting. a moving tribute in more ways than one in nascar today. reagan smith number 78 car will have the colorado flag ribbon on the hood and names of the 12 victims of the may have theater massacre in aurora on its side. and his team is located within ten miles of the theater where the deadly shootings took place, at the brick yard. take a look at the wardrobe change for the the women's volleyball team. temperatures dropped into the low 60's and the u.s. stuck with the bye kinney bottoms, but long sleeved shirts on
5:36 am
top. and the australians went with some strange combination of leggings, long sleeve white shirts and sports bras on the outside. usa's number one team won the match and that may be a wardrobe story that people are outraged about. forget berets, bikinis. >> clayton: that's what you want to see. >> dave: my producers are happy that they stuck with the bikini bottoms, as long as we have that. >> how we made it through the match. let's check with maria molina. >> hey, good morning, good to see you, clayton and dave and good morning, today is a gloomy muggy day in new york city, the i-95 corridor from philadelphia to boston and highs in the upper 70's here in new york city, a completely different story as to what you're seeing across parts of the central plains and we have been talking about extreme heat and more triple digit
5:37 am
temperatures expected today. 109 could be your high in tulle say and your high of 107 degrees, as we head into tomorrow the heat is not going anywhere, factor in the humidity and it feels worse. as you head into tuesday more of the same. just unrelenting heat and we're going to continue in place with high pressure producing generally dry conditions as well as blazing sunshine with all of that heat and humidity that's already in place. we have some rain falling across parts of the northeast, connecticut in massachusetts and continue to see heavy downpours there and most of that moving out of albany and across the i-95 corridor. you'll have a slight chance to see scattered showers and storms throughout the self-day. >> and a new workout for a new summer you, it's "slimnastics" and helps you shape up in a short amount of time. there's no equipment, it's
5:38 am
you. nicky fitness is here to show us moves, that was impressive using the planters. >> and usually against the wall and wondering if i would stipulate over. "slimnastics," that's old school. you've given it a new spin, that's jane fonda. >> i was a cheerleader, i had a great body then, why not bring it back, it's the olympics and move it into a silver, gold, bronze, whatever level you're at, but push yourself. >> alisyn: show us the main movements. >> and a warrior 2. >> alisyn: a yoga pose, i have yoga, gymnastics and into a warrior 3 and a booty boost. >> alisyn: the famous booty boost. >> hunging with one leg. you're forward and toning this side of your back side. >> alisyn: what's the fire
5:39 am
fly. >> this is fun. level one for beginners would be a stretch, here stretching. level two the prep for head scanned bring your head to the floor. and level three, hands behind you and on the elbows and lift your legs off the floor. >> alisyn: impress self. >> that's great for the abdominals. >> alisyn: right, your core is engaged as they say. kick butt jump tuck, sounds dangerous. >> yeah, level one, a jump rope. level two, you kick your butt. get your heart rate up. level three kick your butt and a jump tuck and you'll see jump tucks in the olympic. >> alisyn: and the ab rollup. >> this is fun, feel like recess when you're a kid. >> alisyn: i'll be the judge. >> level one keep your hands by the hips.
5:40 am
and ab crunch, and use your hands. >> alisyn: that's level one. >> yes. >> level three is no hands. >> alisyn: and you jump. >> jump and use your abs, your legs and kind of melt the fast over the muscle. >> alisyn: it's working for you, and the book is "slimnastics" workout nicky or amazon. >> alisyn: and i'll try those in the privacy of my own home. look what the guys are doing, do you approve of that. >> portion size, guys. >> of course. >> dave: can i wipe my hands on the couch? thank you, nicky, mayors across the country telling chick-fil-a stay out of their city because they north traditional marriage. are they attacking christianity here? we'll ask father jonathan morris. >> and our next guest is taking business high end.
5:41 am
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5:43 am
>> 5:43 on the left coast. diversing katie holmes set the internet abuzz and spotted with a handsome dinner date in new york city. who is that man?
5:44 am
his identity quickly revealed, he's her lawyer and hyundai, in other news, is recalling nearly 200,000 suv's, the front passenger air bags may not deploy in a crash and the recall model years 2007 through 2009. 2012 sonatas recalled because the side air bag may inflate for no reason. >> clayton: you need those air bags. thanks, dave. the national controversy surrounding chick-fil-a are ruffling feathers. >> alisyn: is this an assault on christian beliefs am some have said. joining us now is fox news contributor father jonathan morris. the head of chick-fil-a has a right to say, and people have a right to go there or not.
5:45 am
and what do you make of the mayors saying not in our city. >> you would think that the presentation is common sense and very american, but to have three major mayors come out and say you cannot sell your chicken because your values do not correspond to my values, as mayor, or as some very powerful organizations within our city, their values. you know, this is not an attack against christianity, first and foremost. there was an introduction, is this an attack against christianity? i don't think that first and foremost it's an attack against christianity. it's an attack against common sense, it's an attack against american law. it's aattack against the constitution of the united states. these mayors have the right, once again to speak you up and say once again, we don't believe in their values, maybe they're getting pressured from some people, but they're not going to be able to thank god, take their opinion and put that into law.
5:46 am
chick-fil-a is going to have every right to come into a city and set up shop. like you said, ali, if you don't like chick-fil-a's values, don't buy their chicken. >> dave: the mayor of boston back pedaled, i'll speak out against it, but there's absolutely nothing i can do. imagine the precedent that would set, father, if a city could restrict a business strictly for their opinion on religious or political issues. >> well, that's not the american republic, that's some other place where you can do that. if some company comes in and says the owner of a company says, you know what? i am totally in favor of socialism, and then, a mayor or a conservative mayor says we're not going to allow you to have a business in our city. i mean, can you imagine the outcry? and that outcry would be justified. no doubt. >> and furthermore, it's the president of the company who made these remarks. and the company itself has hired gay workers we've learned and it also does not discriminate based on that and
5:47 am
the argument from the other side that the company does, that they're bigoted, that's the argument that this is the representation of one individual, right. >> absolutely, if a company was saying we're not going to hire someone based on their sexual orientation so they can't sell chicken in our stores, i would, i would say that is wrong. that's absolutely wrong, but's not saying that. he's saying i actually believe in the biblical tradition, that's my phone, i wonder if it's god. >> alisyn: it sounds like it. >> you have the church bells as your ring tone. >> i always thought this might happen. should i get it. >> no, you should not. >> we should say quickly though your standing up for chick-fil-a, sarah palin, governor huckabee may have start this had. >> bloomberg said today or yesterday, quote, that would be illegal to keep chick-fil-a from coming into our city, that would be illegal. it's not first and foremost attack against christianity, it's an attack against the constitution, it's an attack
5:48 am
against civil liberties. >> alisyn: father john, always nice to see you, seems you have places to go. >> that's right, better get out of here. the president playing the blame game when it comes to our struggling economy. >> and to the middle class jobs or higher wages we were promised and helped take us from record surpluses to record deficits. >> dave: more on what he has to say and father john, put your phone on vibrate. >> clayton: and she's here with questions if you're looking to get rid of stuff at your house or looking to buy stuff at a pawn shop. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals. it's a faster way to get a great hotel deal without bidding.
5:49 am
pick one with a pool, a gym,e. >>and save big. >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are. ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator?
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> welcome back, the world of pawn is gaining attention with reality shows popping up to the booming business. our next guest is taking the experience to a new high end level. here to explain is the curator f and she has ten in the city. nice to see you. >> clayton: when i think of a pawn store owner. >> dave: we don't think of you. when you think of a pawn shop, the seedy images that we're used to. you're classing up the concept and the joint. tell us how you want to change the image. >> thank you, that's where a lot of my frustration stems from when i first entered the industry. pawning in general has a negative connotation and i'm out there to pair up the ethics and make it more mainstream by educating the public. >> clayton: you think there's enormous untapped opportunity in pawn shop stuff, why? >> i think a lot of high end,
5:53 am
there's a whole need not fulfilled and we're educating customers that come in, we're showcasing all the great jewelry for sale and telling them why pawning is a great opportunity for them. >> dave: that it's not just someone on the edge coming in and saying i'll give me your watch can you give me 50 bucks for that. >> exactly. >> dave: you have some tips this morning. first your tips for what you should know when you come in and selling something. okay, say i'm selling my watch. what are your tips. >> first, it's important to work with a pawn shop that's licensed and fully established, in business for a while and haven't just popped up to hop on the cash for gold craze. >> dave: do your homework before you go to the shop. >> exactly. the necessary thing specify whether you're pawning selling it. the two are confused. >> clayton: what is the difference. the pawn shop suing a collateral loan and they're using the watch to borrow money. >> if you sell it and shop
5:54 am
around, don't just go to one pawn shop. >> go to many and try to get the highest for your watch or whatever it is you're trying to pawn. >> a lot of tips for buying, too, maybe we're going to sell stuff at a pawn shop, but you can get great items at the pawn shop. when you go there, what do you want to know first when you're buying an item. >> always ask questions, definitely want it know what carat the gold is, what carat, how many carats the diamonds are, and you also want to read the fine print. knowing what the return policy is is very important and should always be getting a good deal when you shop at the pawn shop. >> dave: should there be a return item? >> definitely, the pawn shop should guarantee the items. >> clayton: speaking of great items, you brought examples that you have. let's start with a rolex watch from 1983. >> this is one of our items that we sell, and it's a vintage rolex from 1983, all 18 carat gold and the diamond bezel. >> dave: and you can get a great deal.
5:55 am
when you come in and you look at something like that, typically you're looking to get 50% off the original price. >> exactly. this retails for about $20,000. >> clayton: dave buys a lot of jewelry for his wife and maybe a pawn shop might be the way to go. 1950's bracelet. >> this is so unique because it's usually made in rose gold, this is in yellow gold. look how cool this is. >> dave: that is so neat. how do you get confirmation on the fact that that's from the 1950's, how do you guarantee authenticity? >> we have specialists on hand and research from being in the business for so long and being so well established we see the items all the time that pop up. >> clayton: something our co-host alisyn might enjoy, this gold and amethyst diamond rings. >> one of my favorites. a true pawn shop find. diamonds and amethysts in 14 caroled gold. how much is this. >> clayton: $70. >> it's real gold. >> dave: i would think i would
5:56 am
go in and pay $1,000 at a jewelry store. >> exactly. at a pawn shop is only $250. >> clayton: i wasn't that far off then. she kind of scowled at me, kind of close. >> dave: incredible. one more item. crystal necklace, pave crystal necklace. >> we have to neck last, which is all swarofski crystal. and clayton has an eye onhe "star trek" barbie. lauren, thank you for being here, great information. >> thank you. >> clayton: alisyn, what's coming up on the show? >> guys, so sweet of you to buy me that amethyst ripping, thank you. and a story you'll only find on fox, climate change skeptics putting the freeze on nasa's claim that the ice caps in greenland are experiencing
5:57 am
unprecedented melting. they are melting. we'll find out why and why the skeptics think that nasa is full of hot air and then from your soda to your baby bottle, mayor bloomberg trying to lock away baby formula at local hospitals. they can save you up to 30% more by bdling your policies. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are yoin good hands?
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> alisyn: good morning, again, everyone, sunday, july 29th, i'm alisyn camerota. this is new video of g.o.p. candidate mitt romney at the western wall in israel. he's in the midst of his
6:00 am
overseas trip. talking tough, and throwing support behind one of our biggest allies. >> clayton: and president obama playing the blame became when it comes to our struggling economy. >> president barack obama: tax cuts that didn't lead to middle class jobs or higher wages we were promised and take us from record surpluses to record deficits. >> dave: more on what the president had to say in his weekly address, straight ahead. >> clayton: plus, from salt to soda to your baby's bottle, mayor michael bloomberg trying to lock away the baby formula at hospitals, until you ask for it. has the mayor finally gone too far? we report, you decide. "fox and friends," hour four, "fox and friends," hour four, begins, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> clayton: did you get the ring for alisyn? >> dave: i didn't but i made off with the rolex watch. they don't know i have it yet,
6:01 am
but... >> alisyn: they ought to be here momentarily. >> clayton: i got the "star trek" doll. who is the bigger win engineer interesting tips on pawn shops. breaking news regarding mitt romney and his visit to israel. it appears both the obama administration and mitt romney are jockeying to show their support. who supports israel more, in a potential attack of iran, it comes down to nuclear weapons. if the sanctions don't work, and don't stop iran from building a nuclear weapon, it appears both sides would support a potential attack on iran. >> alisyn: the devil is in the details, what does "support" israel mean? and here's what the policy advisor to mitt romney said this morning, governor romney recognizes israel's right to defend itself and that it is right for america to stand with it. again, what does that mean, military action? more sanctions. >> clayton: and that is ay bit of a revisement of the statement which we heard last night come
6:02 am
out of the romney camp from dan which was... we would back them and what did that mean? we'd suddenly send jets and also help and this is a bit of a revisement of the statement saying we'd support their decision to do an attack on iran. >> dave: one thing is clear, benjamin netanyahu wants to send a clear signal that all of these sanctions and all of this talk is not working. >> we have to be honest and say sanctions and diplomacy so far, has not set back the iranian program by one iota and i believe we need a strong and credible military threat, coupled with the sanctions to have a chance to change that situation. >> clayton: much was made of their relationship, dating back to the 1970s, mitt romney and benjamin netanyahu, old friends, a boston consulting group and advisors, when he became
6:03 am
governor of massachusetts, netanyahu give him advice, how to shrink government and they have similar ideology and, they have seen it as a cozy relationship as he visits israel. >> dave: and the president's stance, an israeli newspaper had an article out this morning saying tom donelon, the national security advisor for president became, actually met with netanyahu, and laid out a plan of potential attack of iran. it was confirmed by one administration official in the netanyahu administration and is now denied by another but, clearly, both are saying, we both want to stand arm in arm with israel, against iran. >> alisyn: and again... it is hard to overlook the timing and to think if there is something coming out of the administration and if -- whether an authorized bit of information or a leak, from tom donelon... meanwhile the president used the weekly
6:04 am
address this weekend to talk about the economy and where we puts the blame and it may sound familiar: >> president barack obama: you see, republicans in congress and their nominee for president believe the best way to create prosperity in america is to let it trickle down from the top. they believe if our country spends trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthy it will create jobs. even if we had to pay for it by gutting things like education and training and by raising middle class taxes. they are wrong. and i know they are wrong because we already tried it that way for most of the last decade. it didn't work. >> clayton: this is the narrative, the middle-out policies the president is putting forth, heading in to the election from the obama campaign and at issue is whether or not a president can be reelected with these types of numbers. no president since fdr had these types of numbers and been reelected. ronald reagan face ad a similar
6:05 am
situation, and, it is not happening under president obama and, president ronald reagan in green and president obama in red, right there. >> dave: what happens, each time we have seen the economy appear to rebound and start to recover and bounce back? a dip, this is the third dip in the growth of the country, in terms of the quarterly basis. down now to 1.5%. and it is that up and then back down and, web, the president said, when the growth, gdp growth was at 2.5% he said this is not a time to raise taxes. now the gdp is growing even slower than that. how can he make the same almost exact opposite argument now. >> alisyn: university of maryland economist peter mauricy had something to say ctrasting president obama with president ronald reagan. >> this guy did not inherit the biggest... of any postwar president, ronald reagan inherited a terrible mess and unemployment peaked at 10.4% for him and not 10% the way for
6:06 am
mr. obama and at this point, mr. ronald reagan had the economy growing at 6%. whereas mr. obama has it growing at 2% and had gotten unemployment down to 7% and obama, above 8% and, simple employee he didn't inherit a bigger mess and he does his alibi better than anybody i have ever seen. >> clayton: and, first we have headlines for you. >> alisyn: sure do. three more victims of the colorado movie massacre have been laid to rest. they are all such sad stories, the first is the loved ones, from ohio, mourned matt mcquinn who dove in front of his girlfriend to save her and he was shot three times and this photo was taken as she stopped to say a prayer at his casket and she is still injured there as well. and, san antonio, texas, family and friends remembered 24-year-old jessica ghawi. >> she will never be forgotten and your spirit and love will never fade away.
6:07 am
>> you should not live with regrets, take what my sister had to say, follow her actions and chase those dreams. >> alisyn: at a private funeral servic buckley air force base in aurora for 19-year-old staff sergeant jesse childress and a pregnant survivor suffered a miscarriage, after suffering from injuries from the attack and, her 6-year-old daughter also died in the massacre. and a cab driver is told to stop a high school student from going on a deadly rampage, accused of plotting a mass shooting attack and toiled the taxi driver several times about killing people and hiding bodies and leaving town and the driver alerted police and police fond a shotgun and rifle and 250 rounds of ammunition in his house.
6:08 am
and, the commissioner, ray kelly announced a domain awareness system to track criminals and terrorist and he says the program will link city wide surveillance and police databases and microsoft-made software is set to be unveiled as early as next week. what with all the... the organizers of the olympics launched an investigation over the empty seats, and huge gaps were seen in several arenas and officials said the sec contacted the sponsors and suggested they offer them to the public if the sponsors are not going to use them. >> clayton: one of the athletes said, i tried for weeks to get a ticket for my wife to see me and i couldn't get a ticket and i show up and all of the seats are empty. >> alisyn: horrible. >> dave: the aquatic center and now, they are talking about upgrading people from the tops to fill in those lower seats. >> alisyn: why not. >> dave: nice if you are up there. rick reichmuth is off and maria has a check of our weather.
6:09 am
>> good morning, good to see you. today we are talking about more heat across parts of the center of the country, triple digits for dallas, texas and kansas city and, across the northeast we are actually enjoying temperatures that are slightly below average, as much as 13°, below the normal for this time of the year, new york city, expect a high temperature into the middle to upper 70s, and otherwise, top temperatures across the central plains will continue for a couple more days, heading into the work week, triple digits, 1/10 of your high temperature in tulsa, oklahoma and the unrelenting heat, high pressure in place and dry conditions which are aggravating the current ongoing drought across that part of the country and 80% of the u.s. is actually abnormally dry for this time of the year and, again, seeing dry conditions across the lower 48 and we'll see rainfall across portions of the northeast and seeing that coming down now and albany, drying out and, as we head west, showers and storms across the central and southern rockies and some could produce
6:10 am
flash flooding and we'll keep an eye on that and storms, rolling through parts of the midwest. >> clayton: the chicken controversy continues, chick-fil-a and the president's support of traditional marriage and there were quite a few folks who have come to the side of chick-fil-a, governor huckabee starting a facebook page, encouraging people to go the 1st of august to chick-fil-a to show your support. do you have the numbers. >> dave: 2.5 million people have been on the facebook page and, over 390,000 people, have committed to going to chick-fil-a appreciation day on august 1st. clearly, governor huckabee has caught on, pushed back against the democratic mayors who want, in case you missed it, went chick-fil-a out of their cities for standing up for traditional marriage. >> alisyn: yesterday it was 341. in one day, 60,000 people will participate inappreciation day
6:11 am
and sarah palin has been part of an appreciation herself and stopped by chick-fil-a in the -- tweeted this, you can see, stopped by and she says, stop by chick-fil-a, in woodlands to support a great business. >> clayton: keep your e-mails and tweets to us, and, a story you'll only find on fox, climate change skeptics say the agency's findings about the icecaps melting are full of hot air. >> dave: and the nanny state at it again, new york city mayor michael bloomberg trying to lock away baby formula at hospitals. has he gone too far? tell us what you think. [ buzz ] off to work!
6:12 am
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>> alisyn: a dire warning on global warming in greenland, saying for several days this month greenland's surface ice cover melted over a larger area than at any time in more than 40 years, of satellite observations. scientists outside the agency say nasa has it all wrong, are they intentionally exaggerating the science? joining us is patrick michaels, a senior fellow with the cato institute. good morning, patrick. >> how are you, ali? >> alisyn: doing well. the photos over greenland show something alarming and that is that 97% of the ice sheet as you can see, here, that normally covers greenland, appears to be gone, it has melted. what do you make of this? >> that is not quite right. it means the temperature went above freezing over the greenland land mass for a couple days in july and nasa called that, quote, unprecedented. well, it's not. ice core records show it
6:16 am
happened in 1889 and happens once every 150 years and, furthermore, last night, i looked up the average august high temperature at the high cold station in greenland which is summit grind land and it is freezing. that means, on 40% of august days, the temperature goes above freezing. >> alisyn: in fact the ice sheet will rebuild itself... >> it is cold, right now. >> alisyn: and will rebuild. here's what is interesting. as you say, this -- you believe, this is part of the 150-year cycle. where the ice sheet melts and, in fact, other climatologists, if that is the right word, scientists have agreed, however it's not quite 150 years them. last time it happened was 1889 and we are 27 years early, does that concern you. >> i'm is not a believer in all of these sort of cyclical stuff. there is a lot -- huge amount of noise in climate data. the real problem here is nasa's
6:17 am
continued serial exaggeration of issues. you may remember not long ago, they had discovered life, arsenic based life form and it turned out to be wrong. they discovered life in meteorites and it hit antarctica and that turned out to be wrong... >> alisyn: but, patrick out of curiosity, if you don't think the ice-sheet melting is cyclical and is not attributable to global warming, what is causing it? >> no. no. it is warmer than it was 100 years ago and, there is ice loss from greenland and the point is how much and how fast and if you look at the studies in their entirety, the alarming stories about rammed loss don't hold up. you will lose ice from greenland over the course of the next 100 years, no doubt about that. >> alisyn: in other words, global warming is happening. >> right. >> alisyn: is it something we should be alarmed about? >> well, in a word, my view on global warming is, luke warm. and there are more and more
6:18 am
people that agree with me. let's go back to nasa, again. and look at their forecast they made in the mid 1980s that got everybody all heated up. turns out they forecast about twice as much warming as is observed. there's a big story carried today in many newspapers, on the global temperature records. well, yes, it is warmer and the guys who wrote the story, really have a luke warm forecast for the next 50 or 100 years. i think we overestimated. and maybe exaggerated this thing. and, well, people exaggerating things in washington, are you shocked. >> alisyn: we'll leave it on that note. thanks for coming in with your perspective on all of this. >> bye. >> alisyn: bye. still ahead, have you ever been stuck? a car with a raging driver? >> oh, my god, please, slow down! >> do you want to get there on time. >> but i don't want to die in your cab. >> you should have thought of that before you got in! >> alisyn: who is this biggest
6:19 am
offender, men or women? of road rage? we have those numbers, for you, next. and a heart-warming story about paying it forward, how a little girl decided to raise money instead of gifts for her birthday, and it was all to save her local theatre. ♪ eat good fats. avoid bad. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch.
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6:22 am
>> dave: pay attention, this is a wonderful story, a little girl on a big mission, to save the local theatre in walton, new york. even dedicating her own special day to making it happen. joining us is ten-year-old, going on 32, marla little. great to see you this morning. i say 32 because your maturity
6:23 am
is far beyond your years. you want to save your local theatre. why is this theatre, to you, worth saving? >> because it's not only a theatre but it is a place i get to go and sing or get to go see other people do shows and it is a great place to hang out. >> dave: and it is outdated and needs the newest digital equipment to survive and you wanted to help raise money, the community, trying to get the whole community to pitch in and you had your birthday party, ten-year-old birthday party and all this little girls are asking for the latest american girl and the chairs and house and everything else to go with it -- i know from experience -- instead of that you wanted everyone to make donation to save the theatre. how did it do? >> i raised $280. at the birthday party. >> dave: and your friends were bringing what, making donations to save the theatre. >> yes. >> dave: and you are not done there and you have raised $380, right. >> right. >> dave: towards your goal of
6:24 am
,000. >> yes. >> dave: what are you doing next to help raise money. >> i'll have a bake sale, actually, today and i'm going to sell a dollar with tootsie rolls and candies and the frame for a boy and a butterfly box, like a book. >> dave: and the sale is today in your home town. >> yes. >> dave: one person cannot do it alone, i think the theatre needs $70,000 by january 1st. have you gotten other people to come along. >> yes, actually i'm having friends, right now, come and helping me and i have people who said that i inspired them and stuff. to go and raise their own money. >> dave: so you want everyone, you say, if you raise $1,000, you get 70 other people, to do something dollar, or $100 others to do something similar that is how you save the theatre? we have a full screen to show people where they can help, make a donation to help walton theatre and there is the address: the walton theatre preservation association, po box 1, walton,
6:25 am
new york, 13856, i'm curious, a lot of people when they see this, they think, her mom and dad are pushing her to do this but clearly that is not the case, mom and dad are here, offset and what do they think of what you are doing. >> they think it is a wonderful idea and actually helped with everything and helped me count my money and everything, because it was hard to do it by myself. but i think they are really happy. >> dave: they must be, seeing a ten-year-old be unselfish, is unheard of! nothing against my own, wonderful children, but most kids are so concerned with what they are getting it is hard for them to imagine giving to someone else. we wish you the best of luck in saving this walton theatre, it sounds like a wonderful little place in the community everyone loves, right? >> yes. >> dave: mara little, she's ten, we gave you the address, how to help. wonderful mission you are on, thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> dave: coming up, mitt romney in the midst of hisover seas trip talking tough, throwing support behind one of our biggest allies.
6:26 am
lia report from jerusalem, straight ahead. then from your soda to your babe's bottle. new york city mayor bloomberg trying to lock away the formula at hospitals, has the mayor finally gone too far? e-mails and tweets... i have to buy myself some of the stuff, we'll be back.
6:27 am
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>> clayton: welcome back to the big show. i know ali had her kids here in manhattan. >> alisyn: not here on the set. but... they were -- mount sinai i had the kids. >> clayton: and i had my son here and the reason we're talking about this, what happens when you have a baby in manhattan you are likely handed baby formula or given bottles and things like that at the hospitals here and now mayor bloomberg is going to be locking up the baby formula in a storeroom closet unless the mom asks for it and instead of being handed it upon having a baby. >> dave: at issue, it's as if the mayor had a checklist, salty
6:31 am
foods, check, sugary beverages, check and now, a decision is made for you, regarding breast feeding, i'll tell you, because government knows best, not you, my friend. >> alisyn: basically the mayor feels too many moms are using formula and not breast feeding and he thinks and science would agree that breast feeding is best and now if you are a mom, for whatever reason, if your baby is not latching on, if for whatever medical reason you cannot breast feed you have to make a special appeal to the nurses at the hospital and they have to give you a talking-to, the lactation consultants, about how breast feeding is best and then they'll unlock the formula and give it to you, not just once, you need the bottle once, every few hours they come back and remind you breast feeding is better for your baby and, helps with immunity and... >> alisyn: and it is a vulnerable time for new moms and they feel guilty if they aren't doing everything exactly perfectly and, the question is does it make them feel worse or
6:32 am
good education for them? that is the debate. >> dave: i think moms know the science and like to make their own minds up, when it comes to this. and e-mails, last time i looked, bloomberg is not a breast feeding mom. >> clayton: when was the last time you looked? >> dave: it is their prerogative. and, stop trying to parent adults. there's a great cartoon coming from the "new york post" tomorrow. i can see it. >> alisyn: and, bob in michigan saysyor is lucky that new york's big problems are all solved so he can try to dictate what new mom feeds her baby. >> clayton: and, bloomberg, limit government, not formula, thanks, chas. >> dave: and standing up for chick-fil-a's free speech says, again it seems like he wants government to be the one that steps in and tells you what decision is right for you, your home, your gut, whatever it may be, let us know, new video this
6:33 am
morning, mitt romney visiting the western wall in israel. there he is, on the second leg of the overseas trip and what is he looking to accomplish there today, carl cameron is liver in jerusalem with more on the trip. good morning, carl. >> reporter: well, well into mid-afternoon here in jerusalem and mitt romney already had a host of meeting with various israeli leaders and went to the western wall, this evening he'll dine, he and his wife, ann, their both here, will have a private, intimate dinner with benjamin netanyahu and his wife. earlier today, he met with the israeli prime minister and beforehand romney aides said that mitt romney would support israel if it made the decision to use military action, in order to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. and, here's what mr. romney said when standing next to mr. netanyahu, just a little while later: >> your perspective with regards to iran and its effort to become a nuclear-capable nation are
6:34 am
ones which i take with great seriousness and look forward to chatting with you about that, further actions we can take to dissuade iran from their nuclear policies. >> reporter: netanyahu and romney have a relationship that goes back to 1974 and they talked about their mutual friendship for quite some time and by contrast, mr. netanyahu had a frosty relationship with the obama administration since the president suggested that any type of peace agreement with the palestinians should include a halt on new developments on the west bank as well as a return to the 1967 borders and mr. netanyahu seemed very critical of the obama administration when it comes to iran by suggesting that things have not worked. listen: >> you have to be honest and, say all the sanctions and diplomacy so far has not set back the iranian program by in a iota, and that is why i believe that we need a strong and credible military threat coupled
6:35 am
with the sanctions to have a chance to change that situation. >> reporter: romney's got several more meetings before the end of the day and then, after a fund-raiser tomorrow, here in jerusalem where he's expected to raise over a million dollars, from 20 or 30 donors, who gather here and then he heads to poland, for the final leg of his trip, raising money in israel puts him in a unique club of one, no other presidential candidate has come to israel and done a fund-raiser before. >> dave: and president obama has not yet visite israel as the president and we discussed the statement from a foreign policy advisor to romney, about their support of israel, of a unilateral attack, if in fact all of these sanctions don't work in stopping iran's nuclear program, now we are left this morning trying to figure out if there is a meeting between tom donelon, the national security advisor and netanyahu regarding the obama administration's
6:36 am
position on an israeli attack. what is the latest there? >> reporter: sure. well, there was a report in the israeli newspaper today that said that in fact the obama administration's national security advisor in recent weeks let it be known to israeli officials that the u.s. had come up with what they called the contingency plan should diplomacy fail in order to take military action and prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weaponed power but today the administration said that that was not true and in fact there were israeli officious, thouwe n anonymo anonymous, who also said it was false but the cabinet secretary said the meetings and briefings did occur, conflicting reports on what would be a significant new development of american policy by the obama administration. >> dave: boy, that sure would, wouldn't it, carl. >> alisyn: perhaps this week we'll find out more, thanks so much for the update. >> dave: thank you, carl. >> alisyn: to your headlines now, we have a lot more to tell you about including these two u.s. climbers who appear to have plunged to their deaths, off of
6:37 am
a mountain in peru. gill white of new york and ben horn of virginia were on their way down after reaching the summit and fell nearly 1,000 feet off a ridge. their families called for the rescue team after not hearing from the men since july 11th. both were experienced climbers and the investigators plan to look at photos from rescue site to try to figure out what went wrong here. could new green regulations jeopardize our safety, the green business council wants to change the government's design program and the problem is part of the proposal would restrict the use of bullet-proof glass in protecting courthouses, government institutions and preference. and an afternoon of fun turns scary for a philadelphia family, madison mccue and her sister, cassie were playing in the pool and realized their grandfather was drowning, the girls jumped into action and cassidy went for help and madison jumped into pull her grand dad from the bottom and saved him, earlier on "fox and friends" we spoke with the girls about what happened
6:38 am
next. >> i told her to come over and hold his head up and told her to hold his nose and, i did compressions and we did it two times and he started to cough up the water and i turned him on his side. >> i don't know what words would express how proud i am of these two. >> alisyn: she said she learned cpr at a babysitting class in girl scouts and didn't like it at the time because it went on and on, an hour-and-a-half, and it was very dull and now is glad to have the skills. ladies, pump the brakes, believe it or not, women have more road rage than men -- no, we don't believe it! a new possibly cocamamie study, conducted by harris interactive finds 61% of women admit to getting wild or getting enraged, behind the wheel, in comparison only 56% of men admit to getting angry when they drive. we ask you to chime in, let's hear your responses. >> clayton: bobby from south carolina says i'm 54 years old
6:39 am
and have seen -- rarely seen a woman exhibit any type of road rage, it's always men, older money and they remind me of my own dad. the survey is just wrong. >> alisyn: thank you, bobby. >> dave: and beth says a mystery, of course women have more road rage, they have to share the highways and byways, with men. many ladies weighing in, are saying, we're the ones with the kids and trying to work and trying to go home and clean and it is natural we become frustrated through all of this. >> alisyn: sure. i admit i have road rage, i will admit to it but i think more men have it. >> dave: i think it's not close, 80/20, men to women and maria molina, mild mannered, but... >> clayton: all of 5 feet tall but, she does have a lot -- feisty... >> there's a lot of traffic in south florida where i'm from and i have a lot of road rage but thankfully i don't have a car in new york city any more, you don't have to deal with me, just my angry cab drivers every now and then and we want to talk about the weather in new york city. there's a lot of cloud cover across, not just new york city
6:40 am
but most of the albany corridor from boston to philadelphia and it keeps things cool, 71° in central park and highs will climb middle to upper 70s across parts of the northeast. pretty mild day out here, temperatures are actually below what is average for this time of the year, up to 13°, the lowest average across parts of the northeast, very cool out there. as we head west, extreme heat across the central plains, more triple digits and kansas city, 105° your high and 107 in dallas, texas and add in humidity and it feels hotter, there are heat advisories, and heat values could make it up to 115°, extremely hot. make sure to stay safe, everyone. >> clayton: coming up on the show, you built it, thank the government. president obama's comments sparking a new focus in the latest series of political ads, whose message is sticking with voters? pollster frank luntz is here next to weigh in on the new ads.
6:41 am
>> dave: and you want to kick your summer bbq up a notch? cooking with brewski, our next guest shares mouth watering recipes, jim cook, he's our next guest, the man behind the man, sam adams. ♪ ♪ i ain't seen my baby since the night before last ♪ ♪ get a drink man ♪ i'm going to get gas... why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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>> clayton: welcome back, the president sparked a big debate when he said this about small business and government. >> president barack obama: somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system is that a we have that allows you to thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges and if you had a business that -- you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. >> clayton: those comments, the focus of a series of political ads. who has the right messaging on this, who better to ask than pollster frank luntz, a fox news contributor and also looks at
6:45 am
the ads in detail. always great to see you. >> and by the way, right here in cincinnati, so i'm at ground zero, of all of the political advertising. these people, when you turn on the tv, even on a sunday morning, obviously, all the political ads, they are already fed up with it. >> clayton: i imagine and one ad being played is this new obama ad, americaing the ca ing tmaki campaign took it out of context. >> watch the red line, the republicans and the green line, the democrats and you'll see the divide as the ad plays, take a look. >> seen the ad. >> if you have business, you didn't build that... >> wait a minute. romney deliberately alter towed meaning of the president's words. actually, he was talking about building infrastructure. and education. not that individuals don't build their businesses. romney's been caught doing this before. another attack ad was called, a a little bit end fast one, for manipulating video of the
6:46 am
president. see the whole tape and decide for yourself. >> clayton: how do those types of things play, frank? do people go to the web site to get the facts or is the damage already done. >> neither, in most cases, if you try to figure out whether an ad that you may or may not have seen or that you don't know of was possibly altered then you try to remember, what was altered and who made the claim and it becomes even more confusing, and so it really doesn't have that much of an impact and now there is a second ad, romney is doubling-down on the issue and the polling we have suggests that that is a smarter approach and let's look at how mitt romney talks about small business owners: >> people who worked hard, started a business. and created jobs. can't believe what president obama is saying about them. >> if you have business, that -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> oh... >> unbelievable. >> what an insult. >> i'm outraged. >> i can't believe he just said that. >> i can't believe the president of the united states could say
6:47 am
that i have not made this... >> the government had practically nothing to do with it. if anything government gets in our way. >> now we really know how he feels about small business. >> to rebuild the american dream we need a president who believes in the american dream. >> clayton: well, frank, the red line managed to go off the top of the screen. >> yes, we had a few small business owners in our group and they broke the dial, and i want to put it into perspective. if you are an upper income person you pay significant amount of taxes, the top 1% of americans pay 30% of all taxes, and, in fact, they paid for those roads and paid for those schools and the bottom 50%, only paid 10% of all taxes, so, they are benefiting from the top 1%, you'll never hear that from barack obama and never hear the fact that this business community in america, has paid for this infrastructure, that everybody else has the opportunity to use. >> clayton: you are in ohio and i can't let you go without
6:48 am
asking you how things look with the polling out of that state. we have seen recent polls that do not seem to be pointing too favorably now for mitt romney in ohio. but, here's an overall "gallup poll," when you digest this, the most recent of business owners showing that business owners disaproducing of the job president obama is doing, approve only 34%, and so what are you getting a sense of in the battle ground state of ohio and how important that is? >> i'm getting a sense that ohio voters don't yet connect to governor romney and see him as a problem solver. and they wonder whether he understands their problems. similarly, i see that there is a hostility towards barack obama that he has not solved their problems but at least understands them. and so you have one candidate they like and one candidate they respect and obama has the narrow advantage in that conflict right now. >> clayton: fascinating. frank luntz, in cincinnati, this morning, for us, we appreciate your insights as always, frank. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up, here on the show, what is better than an
6:49 am
iced-cold beer on a hot summer day? how about cooking with it? we are sharing beer-infused recipes with the founder -- there he is -- of samuel adams, one of the greatest beers in america. >> alisyn: cheers! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st.
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6:52 am
>> welcome back, everybody, and all american summer picnic not complete without ice cold beer, why not cook with it, too. our next guest is a master of doing just that. >> alisyn: the founder of the boston beer company and joins us
6:53 am
now to share the secrets of cooking with beer and the best summer recipes to try at home. >> dave: uncle jim! i like to call you uncle jim. >> i'm like your personal brewer. your personal brewer! >> clayton: what better brewer to have than the founder of sam adams. what are we doing. >> we'll use sam adams summer ale to elevate a basic, simple, you know, part of summer. this is a lobster roll but -- >> alisyn: what is that. >> we'll make it with a twist and the one kitchen utensil people don't think about, a bottle opener. >> alisyn: how do you make a lobster roll. >> mix up cream cheese and mayo and add the secret ingredient, sam adams summer ale, a quarter of a cup. >> clayton: want me to mix that. >> yes, and we'll add sliced-up
6:54 am
carrots, celery and applapples. >> clayton: and a read a story about lobster, there is an overabundance of lobster. >> dave: why is beer better than wine to cook with in general. >> because it is more complex and has a lot more ingredients and they have a great -- now with sam adams summer ale, wheat malt, barley malt, lemon zest and a historic brewing spice with a cool name, called grains of paradise. >> alisyn: okay, now that he mixed up the special brew, what do you do. >> mix in with the lobster meat. >> clayton: on top... >> pour it over top. >> alisyn: not too much. >> and put it on the roll and garnish with scallops, but a very simple recipe and you can get it at or >> clayton: and you have potato
6:55 am
salad, a summer staple. >> summer picnic and for dessert, something unexpected and you usually don't think of beer as a dessert ingredient. >> dave: you think of root beer floats but not real beer floats. >> this is for grown-ups, not children and take a scoop or two over ice cream and you can use vanilla and syrup, using an agave syrup, and these are recipes from chef david burke. >> dave: honey in there. >> alisyn: agave. >> and you can use honey and top it off with beer and you have an unexpected, surprising, delicious, very simple dessert for all the grown-ups. >> alisyn: someone hand me a straw! >> dave: is there anything you don't do with beer? jenny cook told me this morning, three people got married at the samuel adams brewery. beer is good for literally all occasions in life? >> oh, yeah. we made a special bridal ale. and it is a tradition from the
6:56 am
middle ages, the bride would make beer for her wedding. and we tried to make it easy and made a brewery-wed ale and, three couples showed up and got married. i got to be a bridesmaid and they went into the brewery among the tanks and are still there! >> clayton: check out sam adams, summer ale, and everything sam adams has to offer and we'll do more on the "after the show" show and, more "fox & friends" in two minutes and, for more information go to and >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two minutes, more beer! got an, and saved $326.00 on her car insurance. john switched, got an agent, and saved $263.00! drivers who switched to allstate saved an average of $375 a year on car insurance. and allstate will send you two bonus checks a year every year you stay accident free with our safe driving bonus.
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>> who wants delicious lobster rolls. >> clayton: i'm surprised... we have takers. and can we hand out beer, too. >> dave: i want some! >> clayton: a beer float! >> dave: this is rogan


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