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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 29, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> jamie: have a great day. shannon bream takes it live. >> shannon: any moment now, mitt romney will make a major foreign policy speech in israel. romney is expected to send a strong message about iran's nuclear ambitions and his support for israel. i'm shannon bream, live in washington. let's go to carl cameron, live in jerusalem. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, shall be -- hi, shannon. it's been a very busy day in jerusalem for former massachusetts governor, mitt romney. earlier, he had a chance to speak and talk to israeli prime minister berj min netanyahu. and he did make it clear, he intends to take a hard line
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against iran, if elected president. and he says, he respects the jewish state's right to defend itself. he is in the process of being introduced now. we will go to him as he does speak. he had an opportunity to speak to palestinian leaders from members of the opposition party and israel and he visited the western wall, one of the most religiously important iconic locations in the old city. mr. romney and his trip here has really been focused on this israeli trip. he is perfectly happy to have the visit to london behind him now. and this is an opportunity for him to show his foreign policy acmen and introduce himself not only to the israelis, but also to the world traij stage and illustrate his command of issues as much as this long-standing threat from iran, which says it's only interested in nuclear energy, but has repeatedly thwarted a host of u.n. investigations and shown signs
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of pursuing nuclear weaponry. mr. romney has said he will take a zero-tolerance role and insist that iran stop all iranian uranium enrichment. a tougher line than the balm bam. he says he will not criticize the obama administration while he is oversea, but he has suggest that the iranians are testing americans and testing the world for their resolve. he has suggested that things have worsened since 2007, when he last gave a big speech in israel and talked about his perception of how serious the iranian threat is. mr. romney, after the israeli visit, in a speech, will have dinner tonight with the netanyahus. he and his wife will with a private meeting at the netanyahu home. tell mark the end of a religious holiday here in israel and the end of a fast. private meeting that will take
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place with the netanyahus, really serves to underscore a quite personal and warm relationship that mr. romney has with mr. netanyahu that goes back 30 years when they met in the 70s in boston. today, when they met, it was clear, mr. netanyahu has a great deal of affection for mr. romney and said so in as many words. let's listen to what he has to say. >> a meanful stroz israel and to the holy city of jerusalem, the united capitol of the state of israel. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, let us warmly greet, governor mitt romney. >> thank you. thank you [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you for your kind intrurksz mayor. and thank you for the warm welcome. it's a pleasure and a privilege to be in israel again and to see so many dear friends. to step foot into israel is to step foot interest a nation that began with an ancient promise made in this land, the jewish people persisted to one of the most monstrous crimes in human history. now this nation has come to take its place among the most impressive democracies on earth. israel's achievems are a wonder of the modern world. these achievements are a tribute to the resilience of the israeli people. have you managed against all odd, time and again throughout your history to persevere, to rise up and to emerge stronger. the historian, paul johnson,
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writing on the 50th anniversary of the creation of the jewish state, said that over the course of israel's life, 100 completely new independent states had come into existence. quote, israel is the only one whose creation can fairly be called a miracle, he wrote. it's a deeply moving experience to be in jerusalem, the capitol of israel. [cheers and applause] >> our fwo nations are separated by more than 5,000 miles, but for an american abroad, you can't get much close tort ideals and convictions of my own
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country than do you in israel. we are part of the great fellowship of democracies. we speak the same language of freedom and justice and the right of every person to live in peace. we serve the same cause and we provoke the same hatreds in the same enemies of civilization. it is my firm conviction that the security of israel is in the vital national security interest of the united states. ours is not an alliance based only on shared interests, but also an enduring shared values. in those shared value, one of the strongest voicings is that of your prime minister, my friend, benjamin netanyahu. i met with him earlier this morning and i look forward to my family joining with his this evening as they close the fast of this holiday.
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it's remarkable to consider how much adversity over so great a span of time is recalled by just one day on the calendar. this is a day of remembrance and mourning. but like other such occasions, it also calls forth clarity and resolve. at this time, we also remember the 11 railing rail athletes and coaches who were massacred at the munich olympics 40 years ago. [applause] and 10 years ago this week, 9 rail scprail american students were murdered in a terrorist attack at hebrew university. tragedies like these are not reserved to the past. they're a constant reminder of the reality of hate and the will with which that hate is executed upon the innocent.
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"we remember," he said, "and now have the responsibility to make is that your never again will our independence be destroyed and never again will the jew become homeless or defenseless." this, he added, githe crux of the problems facing us in the future. so it is today, as israel faces enemies who deny past crimes against the jewish people and seek to commit new ones, when iran's leaders deny the holocaust or speak of wiping this nation off the map,only the naive -- or worse -- would dismiss it as an excess of rhetoric. make no mistake. the ayatollahs in tehran are testing our moral defenses. they want to know who will object and who will look the other way. my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one and the same -- we will
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not look away. nor will my country ever look away from our passion and commitment to israel. [applause] as the prime minister said, if an enemy of thepeople says he seeks to destroy us, believe him. we have seen the horrors of history. we will not stand by. we will not watch them play out again. it would be foolish not to take iran's leaders at their word. they are, after all, the product of a radical theocracy, over the years, iran has amassed a brutal record, seized embassies, targeted diplomats and killed its own people t. supports the ruthless assad regime in syria. they provided weapons that killed american soldiers in afghanistan and. >> shannon: rablg rack. it has plotted to assassinate
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diplomats on american soil. it is iran that is the leading state sponsor of terrorism and the most detablizing nation in the world. we have a solemn dutiy and a moral imperative to deny iran's leaders the means to follow through on their malevolent intentions. [applause] >> we should stand with all who would join our effort to prevent a nuclear armed iran. and that includes iranian dissidents. don't erase from your memory the scenes from 3 years ago had that regime brought to death its own people as they rose up. the threat we faced does not come from the iranian people, but from the regime that oppresses them. five years ago, in a conference, i stated my view that iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons capability presents an intolerable threat to israel, to america and to the world.
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that threat has become worse. now, as then, the regime claims that it seeks to enrich nuclear material for peaceful purposes are belied by years of lies and deception. now as then, the cuiveght iran's leaders gives us no reason to trust them. but today, the regime is 5 years closer to developing nuclear weapons capable. prevents that outcome must be our highest national security priority. i want to pause on that point. it's sometimes said that those who are most committed to stopping the iranian regime from stopping nuclear weapons are reckless. the opposite is true. we are the true peace makers. history teaches, with force and clarity, when the world's most despotic regimes secure the world's most destructive weapons, peace gives way to
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oppression, toiolence or to devastating war. we must not delude ourselves into thinking that containm is an option. we must lead the effort to prevent iran from building and possessing nuclear womans capability. we should employ any and all measures to dissuade the iranian regime from its nuclear course. it is our fervent hope that diplomatic and economic measures will do so. in the final analysis, of course, no option should be excluded. we recognize israel's right to defend itself and it is right for america to stand with you [applause] >> these are some of the principles i outline understand five years ago at the conference. it was timely then and has become urgent today. let me turn from iran to other nations in the middle-east, where we have seen rising tumult
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and chaos. to the north, syria is on the brink of a civil war. the dictator in damascus, no friend to israel, no friend to america -- slaughters his own people as he desperately clings to power. your other neighbor to the north, lebanon, is under the growing and dangerous influence of hezbollah. after a year of upheaval and unrest, egypt has an islamist president, chosen in a democratic election. hopefully the new government understands that one true measure of democracy is how those elected by the majority respect the rights of those in the minority. the international community must use its considerable influence to ensure that the new government honors the peace agreement with israel, signed by the governor of anwar sadat. as you know, only too well,
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since hamas took control of the gassa strip in 2007, thousands of rockets have rained. i have walked the streets in honor of its people. and now attacks have been launched from the mt. sinai peninsula. with rockets from the north and from the south, with much of the middle-east in tumult, with iran ben on nuclear arms, america's vocal and demonstrated commitment to the defense of israel is even more critical. whenever the security of israel is most in doubt, america's commitment to israel must be most secure. [applause] when the decision was before him in 1948, president harry truman
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decided without hesitation that the united states would be the first count tree recognize the state of israel. from that moment to this, we have been the most natural of allies. but our alliance runs deeper than the designs of strategy or the weighing of interest. the story at how america, a nation still so new to the world by the standards of this ancient region, rose up to become the dear friend of the people of israel, is among the finest and most hopeful in our nation's history. different as our paths have been, we see the same equality qualities of one another. israel and america are in many respects, reflections of one another. we both believe in democracy, in the right of every people to select their leaders, and choose their nation's course. we both believe in the rule of law, knowing that in its absence, willful men may incline to oppress the week. we both believe our rights are universal, granted not by
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government, but by our creator. we both believe in free enterprise. it is the only economic system that has lifted people from poverty, created a large and enduring middle scplases has inaugurated incomp parable achievements. someone who spent move of his life in business, i am impressed with with israel's cutting-edge technology and thriving economy. yours is the startup nation. and the evidence is all around us. you have embraced economic liberty. you export technology, not tyranny or terrorism. and today, your innovators and entrepreneurs have made the desert bloom and have made for a better world. the citizens are grateful for the respectful creatist of entrepreneurs. what you have built with your hands is a tribute to your people and a model for others throughout the world
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[applause] finally, we both believe in the freedom of expression because we are confident in our ideas and in the ability of our men and women to think this -- think for themselves. we don't fear open debate. you want to hear some vor sharp criticisms of israel and its policies, you don't have to cross the borders. walk down the street and step into a cafe, where you will hear people reasoning, arguing or speaking their mind, or pick up an israeli newspaper. you will find some of the toughest criticism of israel will you read anywhere. your nation, like ours, is stronger, through this energetic exchange of ideas and opinions. that's the way it is in a free society. there are many millions of people in the middle-east who would cherish the opportunity to do the same thing.
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these decent men and women desire nothing more than to live in peace and froism and to have the opportunity to not only choose their government, but to criticize it openly. without fear of repression or repercussion. i believe that those who oppose the fundamental rights are on the wrong side of history. but history's march can be ponderously slow. we have a duty to speed and shape history by being unapologetic ambassadors. united states and israel have shown that we can build strong economies and strong militaries. but we must also build strong arguments that advance our values and promote peace. we must work together to change heartses and awaken minds through the power of freedom, free enterprise and human rights. i believe that the enduring alliance between the state of israel and the united states of america is more than a strategic alliance. it's a force for good in the
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world. america's support of israel should make every american proud. we should not allow the inevitable complex iters of modern geopolitics to obscure fundamental touchstones, no country or organization or individual should ever doubt this basic truth, a free and strong america will always stand with a free and strong israel. [applause] >> standing by israel does not mean military cooperation alone. we cannot stand silent as those who seek to urnmine israel voice their criticism. we certainly should not join in that criticism. diplomatic distance emboldens
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israel's adversaries. by history, and by conviction, our two countries are bound together. no individual, no nation, no world organization will pry us apart. as long as we stay together and stand together, there is no threat we cannot overcome and very little we cannot achieve. i love this country. i love america. i believe the friendship and passion we have for the values which we share. thank you for your support today. may god bless my country of america and may he bless and protect the nation of israel. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> shannon: you have been listening to the g.o.p. contender for the white house, former governor mitt romney, makes a speech in jerusalem.
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under watchful eyes, to see what his policy would be on israel. let's talk to congressman chafits from utah to talk about the speech and the trip and more. congressman, thank you for your time. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: robert gibbs, a senior advise tort -- adviser to the obhma campaign, laid out guidelines and said, we need to see what his treel foreign policy and how he differs fhe does at all from the current administration with regard to israel. the pressure is on him to draw blight lines. but romney has said, when i am on a foreign trip, i won't criticize u.s. policy. how does he walk that fine line? do you think he did it in this speech? >> well, as we just saw, governor romney was very presidential. he was crystal clear to iran and to the rest of the world that
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the united states stands clearly with israel. there is no doubt for the world that we will stand whined our friends in israel and we cannot and should not allow the iranians to have the nuclear capability that is detrimental to the world and this will be a priority for a president romney. >> shannon: he did say all measures with respect to the iran nuclear program should be on the table. he did emphasize that the hope is -- and he said his fervent hope, during the speech, is that diplomatic and economic measures would be enough to tie the hands of iranians who would seek nuclear weapons, but everything is on the table. does that go farther? or does that sound very much like what president obama said? >> we as a nation need to do everything to signal to iran and to the world that there is no doubt that we cannot allow the iranians to achieve a nuclear capability. there are those of us in congress that believe that president obama is on a mission
9:23 am
and a trajectory would allow for a containment, an appeasement. that is not the direction we slb going. so mitt romney is making it crystal clear, we cannot allow the iranians to have this capability. containment is not good enough. have you to make sure they don't have the capability. >> shannon: mr. romney talked about the similarities between israel and the u.s. and the fact that we both unbelievable democracy and in freedom, freedom of expression and many things. israel, many times is viewed as being one of the only nations in that region that most closely mirrors the u.s. he says the alliance goes beyond a strategics alliance, but our urnlying values are the same. how so? >> oh, absolutely. we have great economic ties between the united states and israel. we are a desire for peace and prosperity in the world. it is the one democracy in the
9:24 am
region. we ought to be able to protect that. i can't imagine what would happen in the united states if we had thousands of bombings and weapons put into our cities. yet, israel deals with this every single day. i have been there. viseen it. i have felt t. i can't believe what they put up with. the simple idea that they should have a right to exist as a jewish state is something that the other parts of their neighbors that are surrounding them question -- of course, they have the right and should be living there as a jewish state. so there is a deep-seeded connection with us on every level from economic, from the way with the form of government and the democracy and the pursuit of freedom, freedom of the press, the opportunity to even hear, as governor romney talked about, to hear about opposing sides and have a free discussion in the world. but let there be no doubt, israel is our greatest friend. we cannot allow the iranians to do what they want to do, which
9:25 am
is to wipe israel off the face of the planet. >> shannon: thank you for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. >> there is no way to regard this penalty as a tax. it simply does not bear that meaning. you cannot ghif, in other words to save the constitutionality, you cannot give the text a meaning it will not bear. >> shannon: that was supreme court justice scalia, talking about the individual mandate should be a tax or constitutional. that's not all he talked b. i talked to chris wallace for a preview of his exclusive one on one with the justice. you had one of the most entertaining interview this is morning, not just because i'm a huge geek and nerd and fan of the supreme court, but you had justice scalia. he has a new book out and you asked him about the philosophy of the book and how it squares up with his decision in the
9:26 am
health care case. >> i knew you were going to be jealous of me. i have to say, to spend a half hour quizzing justice scalia, the way he quizs justices on the supreme court is a treat of my career. he talks about textualism, you stick to the text of the constitution and in terms of interpreting it, originalism is the idea that words have meanings that change over the years and you want to stick as closely as possible to what the words meant at the time. in the constitution, if there is a choice of what a word or phrase means, what does it mean in 18th century america when it was written? in this particular case, he was clear that he thought that...: we didn't talk about the commerce clause, but specifically, the way in which justice roberts, chief justice roberts saved it saying that the mandate is a tax.
9:27 am
he said was nonsense because he said, there is no way -- he said, you can't call a penalty a pig. that's what he feels that roberts tried to do, sew that you can't make something up to say it's constitutional and he thinks roberts did that in saying the mandate was a tax when in fact it's a penalty. >> shannon: whether you agree or disagree with the philosophy, from the bench, he is always entertaining in sometimes very stuffy arguments. he has a reputation of it being cantankerous. i think you used that word this morning. you talked about the prodding and the public criticism from the president and from pan appellate court judge. >> yeah. that was very interesting. we are talking about the-- the decision -- his disent tracking down the arizona immigration law. and also a conservative judge, but somebody in the chicago circuit court of appeals said he
9:28 am
thought that part of scalia's dissent went over the line and like a campaign speech. he sat back like this -- scalia did and said, he's a circuit court judge, isn't he? he doesn't rule on my opinions, does he? i said, no, you rule on his. he went, exactly. >> shannon: it was very, very entertaining and insightful, how he works and how the court works. >> were you jealous? >> shannon: just a little. i'm going to let it go. >> okay. >> shannon: thrarchg thanks. it was a great interview. you can see the exclusive interview with justice scalia right here on fox nume, after our show, 2:00 and 6:00 eastern. corruption elections and politicians, backroom wheeling and dealing to buy votes now forced into the light. >> eric: you sold your vote. how much did you sell your vote are -- vote for? >> $25. >> shannon: eric shawn uncovers
9:29 am
massive voter fraud in one state. a group of senators says that the administration could be doing a lot more to protect our borders. and our own groat gret, live in israel, she just talked to governor romney. she will be here live after the break. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months,
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>> jamie:r. >> shannon: peter doocy has your top stories now at bottom of the hour. >> reporter: governor romney told a crowd of more than 200 supporters that a free and strong america will always stand with a free and strong israel. earlier today, he met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president peres. israeli officials are denying reports that the obama administration told them the u.s. is ready for military action against iran if sanctions
9:34 am
don't work. the newspaper claims u.s. national security adviser tom donalyn talked to netanyahu about the plans in his trip to israel, but a senior israeli official says those talks never happened. colorado shooting suspect james holmes will be formally charged tomorrow. holmes' defense team has file aid motion to discover who leaked information about holmes to the media. friday, you remember, we learned that holmes mailed a notebook detailing the plans of an attack to his psychiatrist. first lady michelle obama is wrapping up her trip to london with a speech to the u.s. olympic committee. but she did have time for fun at the game, attending the opening ceremony and watching the serena williams tennis match. >> shannon: thank you very much, peter. greta van susteren is in israel
9:35 am
with governor mitt romney. she just interviewed him and has more live with what he had to say. >> reporter: happy to be here, shannon. i can tell you, he is very popular here in israel, at least as he travels on the streets, people are very receptive and glad to have him here. what was interesting, he came out very strong, reaffirming his commitment to israel, should he be president. but what is interesting, he said he didn't want to talk about foreign policy, but he did. he talked about iran and his foreign policy as to iran, he is not that dissimilar from president obottom a. sanctions and sarngzs and if that doesn't work, everything's on the table,ed including military options. bithe big difference is that he is here, talking to them. he is not talking to the palestinian president abas, but he is talking strongly to the israelis and solidifying his
9:36 am
relationship here. >> shannon: did you talk to him about other spots on the trip he is taking, having been in london and heading now to poland? >> reporter: london's a sore topic that. gaff that he made. he and his staff are stinging from it. so i didn't re-ask him that question, it's self-evident that that was a gaff and that he wants to move on. i didn't want to waste the time dihave. the next stop is for poland. obviously, that has a very historic significance. he will tour a few spots there, hoping to see lech walesa. he has a fund-raiser tomorrow that at first was closed to the media and now is now open to the media. but not for the campaign, but by carl cameron of fox news, i am told that this is the first time, a candidate has held a
9:37 am
fund-raiser while running for office in israel. the press corps has now open tuesday. so we will be able to cover it. >> shannon: thank you for the preview. when can we see the full interview with you and your sit-down? >> reporter: monday and tuesday. we checked out with president peres. we have that as well. a double treat. >> shannon: "on the record," we will be there. thanks. >> reporter: thank you. >> shannon: one senator is calling out the white house, saying they are not doing enough to tackle illegal immigration and they have the tools but they are not using them. we will find out more, live after the break. happy birthday! thank you, nana
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>> shannon: when it comes to tackling illegal immigration, our next guest says the
9:42 am
government has all the tools it needs, but it is not using them. senator, thanks for joining us. tell us about this caucus is all about. >> great to be with you. this is a caucus of u.s. senators -- about 11 -- whoa are very focused on enforcing the law, border security enforcement first, before any other so so-called comprehensive solutions, which usually means a big amnesty. >> shannon: i know you are concerned about the border. the department of homeland security says it is more secure, pointing to upgrading, more than doubling the number of agents since 2004. is progress being made? would you concede that? in your estimation, that's not enough? >> i think a lot of progress has been made in terms of giving the department of homeland security money and agents and assets. i think, unfortunately, what they're doing with that is moving right now in the wrong
9:43 am
direction. just this past thursday, i was with senator jeff sessions and chuck grassily and we were with border security agents and union representatives. what they had to say from the front line, if you will, was very, very disturbing. basically that, all the push, all the pressure they're getting from their superiors is about who not to arrest who, to let g. that's a big push president is focus right now. >> shannon: we have heard from a number of groups, and agents themselves, saying they are confused because the administration is sending them mixed messages about securing the border, but as you know, also decisions to let certain folk who is are here illegally go. >> right. yeah. a lot of what these agents talked about is the administrative dream back. president obam couldn't pass the act through congress uncle so he legislated administratively and said we won't enforce the law against this broad category of
9:44 am
persons. number 1, that's beyond his power. that's not prosecutorial discretion. that's rewriting the law, administratively. number 2, the way that's being enforced, anyone who claims to fall into that category, gloves off, hands off, agency can't verify that the information the suspects are giving them are true. so what that means is we have a wide-open border. and the folks on the front line, like these folks we talked to last thursday, are very, very frustrated and confused. >> shannon: i have to ask to you keep it short. but i want you to respond to the critique from the other side, democrat who is say that everybody acknowledges that needs to be comprehensive reform, but the g.o.p. won't come to the table with something that both sides can agree to. >> we hashed that out in 2007, and so-called comprehensive reform was defeated without even
9:45 am
a close vote. we need step-by-step reform. and step one is enforcing the law on the books now. i think clearly americans want that. >> shannon: senator viter, thank you for your time. america has its first gold, in the summer olympic, swimmer ryan lackke. but he got in trouble for insisting to wear a u.s. diamond flag grill in his mouth in the ceremony. china leads the pack with the most medals and the most goals so far. america's got 7 and italy's third with 6 medals. [ bell tolls ]
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card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> shannon: governor mitt romney says the united states has a solemn duty and moral imperative to block iran from creating nuclear weapons. in his first foreign policy speech as the presumptive g.o.p. nominee, mitt romney. a bloody battle with no end in sight. syria unleashed artillery attacks on rebel-controlled neighborhoods. we have our first gold medal at the olympics. women's gymnastic, all a fan
9:51 am
favorite, starts now. a tex as-sized political showdown is getting nasty. both republican contenders are hoping to replace kay bailey-itchison, a mothered partially blames ted cruz for her son's suicide. take a listen... >> corrupt judges put my son in a for-profit juvenile detention center to make millions of dollars. ted cruz says tahis clients should not have to pay that the. >> shannon:s is a victim, not the kids. my son came out and took a gun and shot himself in the heart. my son's life was worth $500. ted cruz should be ashamed of himself. i don't know how he can sleep at night. >> shannon: joining me, former solicitor ted cruz and if that's from your g.o.p. opponent. he will be here in the next
9:52 am
hour. that's a very emotional, very strong ad. i want to give you a chance to respond publicly to that ad. >> shannon, thank you for having me with you. it's a very powerful ad. i will tell you, as a father of two young girls, my heart breaks for that mother. she experienced every parent's nightmare. but i think it's contemptible, of my opponent to exploit her grief and to try to inject it in a political campaign -- i had no involvement. >> shannon: it's from a group that supports the lieutenant governor. we want to be fair -- we don't attribute it directly to his campaign. >> although that group is run by his former chief of staff, only to promote his campaign. so it is -- it is not terribly independent. and -- and the lieutenant governor has been pushing this hard. this particular attack. and unfortunately, shannon, look, as far as the facts go,
9:53 am
hiabsolutely nothing to do with the tragic judicial corruption scheme that is being discussed there. nothing to do with the criminal proceedings. i represented the individual who built one of the facilities in a breach of contract, civil action against an insurance company. but that follows the pat thearn my opponent has chon chose tone take. he has spent over $19 million of his vast personal fortune in nasty, false personal attack, all directed at me. you know what? it's not working. we have seen conservatives all over texas unite because the stakes in our country are too high. and people are tired of the nasty, cynical, false character attacks. and our campaign, we have not responded in kind. we have never once impugned his character. we have kept the issue -- the race focused on the issues and focused on his record and my record. that's where texans and want deserve to have the focus. >> shannon: i want to ask but
9:54 am
real big endorsements that have come your way, throughout the primary runoff. sarah palin, rick santorum, senator jim demint. your opponent has said are, he doesn't think it's right for big names from out of state to tell texans how it vote, referring to texas. do you think it will be a plus or a minus for you? >> they're an incredible benefit. i'll tell you, wree we have seen conservatives all over texas and all over the country unit -- unite behind this race. this is ground zero in the national battle between the moderate sceament, desperately clinging to power and the trveggative tidal wave sweeping the country. we have seen just about every major conservative leader in texas support this campaign. and just about every major leader nationally. in fact, we have seen over 33,000 individuals go on39 ted cruz dot-org and contribute from
9:55 am
over a thousand texas cities and all 50 states. the irony of my opponent's attack on this is that our campaign, the foundation of the campaign has been the grassroots across texas. we had thousands and thousands come out just a few days ago for a rally outside of houston, with governor sarah palin. we have been supported by thousands of tea party leaders and republican women in grassroots activists. he is supported by just about every lobbyist in autin does washington, d.c. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. it is easily one of the most interesting races out there. we will be watching on tuesday. >> thank you very much. thank you for having me. >> jamie: his rival is coming up in the next hour. governor mitt romney wrapped up his speech, declaring his commitment to protecting israel. what does it mean? carl cameron, traveling with the romneys, is live to sort it all out after the break.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
no option should be excluded. we recognize israel's right to defend itself. >> shannon: 1 hyundais until the presidential election and governor mitt romney is laying out his case to be the next commander in chief with a major
10:00 am
foreign policy speech. and what do touching scenion do about iran's nuclear program. drug money bying votes? another case of egregious election fraud. plus, obama care defeated at least temporarily. a catholic business owner goes to court to fight for his faith and business and wins round one. the head of that family joins us exclusively coming up this hour. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. >> shannon: america will stand with israel. that was mitt romney's bottom line during a speech there. after his meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president shimon peres. carl cameron is traveling with mitt romney and has more on the speech. >> this is what many are waiting for to see if there could be distinctions between mitt romney and president
10:01 am
obama. in recent weeks there has been a distinction made by governor romney in saying that he thinks that iran's uranium enrichment for what it says is for peaceful energy purposes has to halt because they are not to be trusted. today romney as he promised withheld direct criticism of president obama but in talking about the regime in tehran suggested they are probing and exploring for potential weaknesses and vulnerability in american policy and potentially finding it in president obama whereas romney said there will be none where he is concerned. listen. >> make no mistake, the ayatollahs in iran are testing our moral objectives. my mission is one and the same. we will not look away. nor will my country ever look away from our passion and
10:02 am
commitment to israel. >> romney has a second meeting today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife. mr. and mrs. romney will be going to dinner at their private residence tonight. no staff and no other politicians. private moment to get together and not only talk about world issues but perhaps reminisce about their relationship which goes back 30 years. tomorrow, romney will hold a fundraiser. he becomes the first presidential candidate to come to israel and raise money here. then off to poland for the final leg and back be to the states by mid week. shannon? >> shannon: carl cameron live in israel. thank you so much. romney's foreign trip comes just 100 days before you you the voters head to the polls. his campaign is holding events in the u.s. to highlight small businesses while hitting on the president for h his remarks about business owners not building their companies just
10:03 am
completely on their own. meanwhile, president obama is taking the day off, hitting the links today. >> the words government shutdown have become more and more common. a bipartisan group has come up with a plan. joining us, republican senator mike lee who cosponsored the bill. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> it is called ending the government shutdown, something along those lines. tell us how it is going to work to make sure that key programs stay funded but still some incentive for reaching a come pronice or reaching a budget? >> basically how it works is it makes sure the government doesn't just shut down in the event we fail to pass a resolution at the time it would ordinarily occur. automatic cuts, modest cuts but still significant enough to incentivize congress to make sure that it continues to get
10:04 am
funded but not at the same levels and this prevents a lot of bad things from haand prevee from being scared often unnecessarily that they are not going to get paid. >> shannon: how long has it been sense the senate passed a budget? >> more than three years. interesting, shannon, the last time the senate passed a budget there was no such thing as the ipad, no one had heard of it. it is stunning to think that throughout that entire duration of time since we have known that devis the ipad in our culture now, we never had a budget. this is a big problem because budgets represent priorities, priorities that congress is constitutionally designed to develop. >> shannon: is the only end result that americans if they are not happy about that and the fact that we seem to often get to a cliff before any real decisions are made, is their only recourse to vote folks out? what are the consequences for folks who do not pass budgets?
10:05 am
>> they need to be held accountable by the voters. one good question to ask to your senator or house of representatives is have you either presented a budget on your own or if you haven't presented one have you at least voted for one? >> we have had no budget is submitted by any democrat in this congress either this year or last year that has received a single vote in the united states senate. not about by a single democrat, not by a single republican. that is a big problem. so if your senator hasn't even submitted or even voted for one, you ought to hold them accountable and ask them why and perhaps consider voting for someone else. >> shannon: as i understand the bill that you have cosponsored, it would stop that falling off a cliff feeling, keep key people employed, keep key federal operations running but it often seems it takes getting to that point to get something done. would this bill in any way take away the bottom line incentives for people to reach deals? >> no, i don't think it would
10:06 am
teak away the incentive to get something passed. there is always that incentive there because again if we don't get anything done there are some automatic spending cuts. they are mild but nonetheless sufficiently significant that i think that would make sure that congress did in fact pass something. what this would help us avoid, shannon, is that sort of terrorizing effect that happens whenever you start having rumors circulate that our armed services personnel are not going to get paid, that social security recipients are not going to get their checks. and often the panic that ensues among americans generally who rely on those things is itself very damaging and sometimes has a damaging effect on congress as congress will do just about anything in order to ease that panic at the end of the day. >> shannon: senator mike lee, we are always happy to hear that something bipartisan is happening on the hill. keep us updated as the bill makes free thro progress. thank you.
10:07 am
>> thank you. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. syria's president is declaring victory in an intense fight for the nation's capital damascus we are talking about but rebels say they still have control of syria's largest city aleppo. the international community is expressing concern about a possible massacre are in that city. the syrian observatory for human rights claims 160 people not including soldiers were killed in fighting across syria that is just on friday alone. if the rebel opposition is successful the president's regime will fall. many government officials are predicting an end to what they are calling assad's reign of terror. peter doocy has more. >> there is a report in the washington post today that says the opposition in syria is being warned by the obama administration hot to totally break apart president bashar
10:08 am
assad's government and security force so they can' void the chaos seen in iraq when the government and security force was totally dismantled. as the administration is reportedly warning the rebels not to totally ditch all things assad they are warning other countries to stay afar away from his regime as possible. >> we will continue to call on the international community to all members of the international community and all nations with a stake in the future of the region and of syria to recognize that siding with assad is alying yourself with a lie t tyrant. convinced itne is con vined t would be wise to keep some fragments of the assad regime hanging around. >> i think there are things the opposition needs to do if it takes power such as turning over the chemical weapons to the united states or others. the notion that you simply keep the existing regime in place and just replace a few of the
10:09 am
top leaders i think is badly misguide. >> the state department officials said this week they are confident assad's days are numbers. many analysts do think he has the firepower to hang on for a few more months. back to you. >> shannon: see how long it takes. peter, thank you very much. colorado shooting suspect james holmes is expected to make his second court appearance on monday. it will be a formal arraignment where he will likely be charged in connection with the shooting deaths of 12 people as well as wounding 58 others. elizabeth pra. in n is live in centennial colorado with more on the upcoming hearing. hello, elizabeth. >> james holmes is in the jail behind me and on monday will be transported to the county courtroom where we will hear exactly the extent of his charges. he will get at least 12 counts of first-degree murder but also up to 58 counts of attempted first-degree murder as well as a slew of other charges roe
10:10 am
lated not only to the theater shooting but also his booby trapped apartment which was laced with explosives. we will also learn if the judge will release the gag order allowing the media and the public as well as victims' families to gain access to more information pertaining to his psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenton. we are wondering what is the extent of his care or was his care. did she have any indication that that tragedy was going occur. this while the community and the nation bury victims across tour states over the weekend. and many of the surviving are struggling with debilitating injuries. in fact, the mother of murdered veronica moser sullivan. she is the little 6-year-old girl that we have all come to know. she suffered a miscarriage yesterday. she was 8 weeks pregnant with the second child the night she was shot in the neck and abdomen. she is still? critical care along with many others. and yosef gar i hav i garvey in
10:11 am
critical care. his sister spoke with us about how the community is coming together. >> i think the community is different. we are trying to give the victims positive energy and talking about the bad that has already happened and trying to get the victims more support. >> there are still five people in critical care in area hospitals and 11 undergoing treatment. back to you. >> shannon: elizabeth, thank you for the update. >> thanks. >> shannon: an amber alert canceled now that an arkansas teenager found more than 100 miles from home. amber witlow was found in memphis. she was kidnapped after her adoptive parents were murdered by their own son. antonio witlow has been take noon custody. no word on a motive. drew peterson is accused of killing his third wife but perhaps just as pressing as
10:12 am
guilty or not guilty is the question of peterson's fourth wife who has been missing now for five years. anna has more on this story. hello, anna. >> attorneys are focusing on evidence or lack thereof. as opening statements are scheduled for tuesday. the long delayed trial for drew peterson. the jury is now set at what some are calling lightning speed. 7 men, 5 women and alternates all chosen from the first 47 potential jurors. peterson's attorneys say his background in the chicago suburbs law enforcement is an important tool for their defense. >> we call him the. mat jury consultant because he knows the area so well. he was a cop there for 29 years and knows the neighborhoods and knows the ethic groups and the socioeconomic parts of the county. >> prosecutors say peterson killed his third wife, 40-year-old kathleen savio in
10:13 am
2004 because he feared their divorce settlement would wipe him out financially. savio's body was found in her bath tub, her hair soaked in blood. it wasn't until peterson's fourth wife, 23-year-old stacey peterson disappeared in 2007 that savio's body was lake latr exhumed and her death ruled a homicide. her family is hoping for closure. >> they are doing as well as can be expected. they are concerned and anxious that the trial may not go their way and it may not tynd the truth of the matter at hand. but they are sure optimistic. >> prosecutor james glasgow brought murder charges against drew peterson despite lack of any physical evidence. they will be relying on alleged comments to friends and relatives about threats from drew peterson.
10:14 am
>> shannon: anna with the latest on that trial. thank you very much. >> we have a solemn duty and moral imperative to deny iran's leaders the means to follow through on their malovelent intentions. >> shannon: we will ask a member of the house armed services committee for his take on what the governor had to say. some calling it a moral victor arery. a judge temporarily blocks the contraception mandate for one family business. we will talk to them exclusively, coming up. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card...
10:15 am
you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift.
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10:19 am
they don't know anything about how texas works. and if they did, they would be endorsing david dewhurst. >> sarah palin, rick santorum, senator jim demint, gop senate hopeful ted cruz is drawing a lot of outside gop power but his challenger lieutenant governor david dewhurst has the support of the state's governor rick perry who says the outsiders don't know what is best for texas. ted cruz joins us earlier in the show and now lieutenant governor dewhurst joins us. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> ted cruz the challenger, the primary runoff for the gop slot on tuesday.
10:20 am
when polling started a year or more ago he got less than 2% which was actually inside the margin of error of 3% and now comes down to a final gop matchup for you you all on tuesday. how has he come from no where to be this big of a challenge for you? >> well, shannon, both mr. cruz and his washington special interests have been running millions and millions and millions of dollars of untrue negative attacks against me starting in the first days of january. obviously we had to respond. but my record as lieutenant governor is one of helping to make texas the most conservative state in the country, the most probusiness, progrowth and most prolife. i have cut taxes 51 times. i have balanced five straight budgets without raising taxes. i have cut spending. i led the fight against obama care. and i want to go to washington and turn, washington, upside down because it is broken and if we don't change, washington, we are going to bankrupt the future of our children and our
10:21 am
grand children. >> shannon: i gave mr. cruz a chance to respond to an add put out there by supporters of you so i want to give you a chance to respond to some criticism as well. some critics said when it counted you made key compromises with democrats and mr. cruz says your primary supporters are lobb lobbyists d insiders, the same accusations you are making against him. i want to tiv give you a chance to answer those. >> neither are true. the governor endorses me. most importantly, the people of texas. i have always seen my losses as the people of texas and so i'm proud of the fact that every business group is endorsing me. every large prolife group send orsing me he. i'm after -- is endorsing me. i'm after the endorsement of
10:22 am
the people of texas, not different celebrities that come in to texas. for me, texans are my celebrities. >> shannon: i want you to give me the number one example that proves you are more are conservative than ted cruz. >> well, first of all, mr. cruz his record is rhetoric. i have it. i have actually as i was saying, be shannon, i have been involved in the trenches. the whole i'm a life long conservative businessman. my job is part-time but when i'm in there as lieutenant governor the legislature is designed so bills don't pass and i have had to carry over the goal line bloodied and beat up photo voter i.d. and tort reform and loser pay and prolife legislation and creating appropriations to cut our spending by billions of dollars each year and to cut taxes 51 times by over
10:23 am
14.5 billioned and balance five straight budgets without raising taxes. now, that is conservative. >> shannon: lieutenant governor david dewhurst, we will see you on tuesday as we continue to watch the race play out. thank you for making time for us today, sir. >> thank you. you you bet, thank you. >> shannon: our military men and women including veterans may have to take another blow. the pentagon is considering takes hundreds of millions of dollars out of the military healthcare fund. congressman joe wilson is fighting that. we will talk to him next. a complete breakdown of our electoral system. a politician admits to buying votes. the latest in the voter fraud series coming up. >> they would come to me and ask ouch i was paying for votes and asked me if i was buying votes for whatever. [ cellphone rings ]
10:24 am
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>> shannon: if lawmakers can't reach a deal to cut federal spending and sequestration triggers automatic budget cuts across the board the defense department will lose $500 billion. will that put soldiers at risk or the benefits and healthcare of our veterans? committee member joe wilson joins us with his concerns. republican from south carolina. congressman, thanks for joining us today. >> shannon: we are having a bit of a technical problem. let us try to iron that out. we will do that with the congressman. we want to make sure we hear you. let us work on that and we will get back to the congressman. now, to a fox news investigation into rampant voter fraud in one southern state so bad one poll expectation in kentucky tells eric shawn on camera that he did in fact pay for votes. eric shawn reports from new york. >> reporter: voter fraud has taken on a shocking new meaning in eastern, kentucky. >> you sold your vote. ouch did you sell your vote
10:29 am
for? >> $25. >> richard moore was paid to vote in a local election. prosecutors say it is an accepted long standing and illegal political practice here. >> selling votes is something that almost everybody does? >> just about everybody. surpriseer: doesn't sur are you? >> almost 20 public officials and others convicted in schemes to steal elections. >> when it comes to vote buying it is just like an every day thing. >> sawyer has met with voters here in the back room of this store in jackson, kentucky. he would send them over to the courthouse to cast their ballots. when they returned he would hand over the cash. >> i had one gentleman come to me and tell me, he said i got four votes and he said so he voted and come back and i gave him $100. $25 a vote.
10:30 am
>> in another county, the cost was much higher. >> did drug money we votes? >> yes, we believe that drug money did buy votes. >> reporter: in clay county, prosecutors say over the course of several elections $400,000 part of a drug money was spent to buy the votes of 8,000 voters at 50 bucks each. one vote was bid up to $800. in court, several convicted drug dealers admitted buying votes in return for protection from elected officials. >> i think there is no question that the vote buying does undermine the basic tenants of democracy. >> reporter: state officials set up a special voter integrity task force to clean up elections but richard moore believes vote buying can never be fully abolished. you don't think it can stop? >> no. >> reporter: they will be buying and selling votes here for years? >> yes. >> reporter: why is that? >> because that is where the money is at. >> reporter: sawyers regrets
10:31 am
buying votes and is now serv 60 days in jail. >> shannon: this is an ongoing investigative series by eric. he has uncovered massive voter fraud across the board involving republicans and democrats alike. stay with fox news and fox news .com for the latest information coming out of eric's great investigation. by the way, we were trying to talk with south carolina congressman republican joe wilson about concerns about sequestration and how it is going to impact the defense budget. we had technical problems. i think we have them ironed out. congressman, thanks for sticking around. i want to ask about a letter that you authored to defense secretary leon panetta in your latest concern with spending in the defense department. >> this 24 members of congress sent a letter to the secretary expressing concern that $708 million which should be used for medical purposes and medical research, post traumatic stress disorder and
10:32 am
traumatic brain injury and reduction of suicide is being taken away at the same time there are increases in tricare. >> shannon: you are worried the money unallotted for the medical expenditures for the mill rarely will be moved elsewhere and military families will have to pay more for their care? >> last year there was a move to remove half a billion dollars from mill tare arery medical health and put it into biofuels and this resulted in the scandal of where fuel was purchased at $26 a gallon which should have been purchased for $4 a gallon. >> shannon: we did cover that. an interesting debate about the biofuels. i want to ask you about the bigger picture about sequestration with that coming we know under the current budget already the defense department is going to have to ed in spendingn, north dakota,
10:33 am
this year and now another $500 billion over the next ten years. if washington doesn't reach a deal on federal spending. how confident are you that the two sides will get anything done in the election year before the sequestration cuts kick in not only for defense but domestic spending as well? >> i'm very concerned. there has already been a $487 billion reduction in the defense budget and now another half trillion dollars is being proposed. i believe this is second the wrong message to enemies overseas. they believe that the american people the israelis have the watch but you they have the time, they have the resolve. we need to address this. the house has voted four times to address this. sadly, it has been held up in the senate and the president has even indicated he he would veto our efforts. >> shannon: how can you respond to democrats as those within the white house who say this is a bed that republicans made when they had the vote to raise the debt ceiling and they have got to lie in it now and see
10:34 am
kissequestration is part of the package? >> secretary panetta indicated this is a disaster to the military and needs to be addressed. there was a view that this would be addressed because it the ar armageddon. i didn't vote for it because i don't believe we should have such a consequence to the medical to military families. >> shannon: the reverend jesse jackson sierra is speak out about his son congressman jesse jackson, jr. and asking people for their prayers. >> pray that the medical diagnosis and work will be successful. we also want you to pray for him. >> shannon: congressman jackson is currently on leave from the house and being treated at the mayo clinic for depression and
10:35 am
gastrointestinal issues. his father will not comment on his condition. >> a new harvard study shows american kids are not making grade when it comes to education. nobody wants to hear that we are not first. we will talk to the former d.c. schools chancellor and education advocate about what education advocate about what we need to do to get back on track. she joins us live. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite.
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10:39 am
>> shannon: presidential candidate mitt romney is reaffirming his support for israel and giving americans a glimpse of the plan he would pursue if elected president. the governor about about's trip to israel and abroad is the most clicked store arery on fox news .com. peter doocy is tracking all of the hot stuff online. hi, peter. >> governor mitt romney just wrapped up a speech in israel talking about his commitment to protecting israel. >> no country or organization or individual should ever doubt this basic truth of free and
10:40 am
alwaysamerica will stall stand stand with a free and strong israel. >> governor romney also said he would respect any israeli decision to make a military strike aimed at keeping iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and the stories about romney's trip on fox news .com are some of the most popular on our website. the marines are getting some new guns or rather some old ones. they placed a $22.5 million order for the colt .45 m 1911. colt .45s are well liked because of accuracy and stopping power. they are american made and barely changed from the original model. the oldest general store in america is closing its doors. grey's in rhode island has been open for more than 200 years. the owner inherited the store from his dad but the 21-year-old wants to be a sports journalist instead. you can find owl th all the sts and more on fox news .com.
10:41 am
>> listen, journalism is not all it is cracked up to be, right? that thing looks really school it is a small business and maybe thought it was going to be tough in the economy. >> shannon: it is tough now but that place is adore arable. we wish him all the best moving on in his career. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> shannon: a study shows when it comes to education the u.s. a falling way behind. is there anything we can do to change that? joining us now, michelle rei, founder of students first an education advocate. first i want to talk about the harvard studdie. what does it say about where we are in the world when it comes to education and were you concerned or surprised? >> no, unfortunately, i'm not surprised. basically you know what we know is that the u.s. is far behind its international counter are parts. we are now 25th out of 34 nations when it comes to math for 15-year-olds and it is absolutely unacceptable.
10:42 am
>> shannon: does the study devle into at all or share your insights into what is causing the rankings? >> the tough thing is when you see startling statistics like that everyone wants to know what is wrong, what is the one thing that we had to t need tod the challenge in education is the problems are multifaceted and complicated so there is not one thing that led us to where we are and there is not one thing that is going be able to fix the situation. what we do know is that there are several things we could do in this country that that two rapidly improve the quality of education that kids are getting. make sure that every child has an incredibly high quality and highly effective teacher in the classroom teaching them every single day. the second is provide families with more choices and options. no family should ever feel like they are trapped in a failing school. the last is that we should really look towards how we are spending our dollars.
10:43 am
we have more than doubled almost tripled the amount of money we are spending on students and yet the results have remained absolutely stagnant and have gone down in some cases. >> shannon: with those criteria, steps that we could take forward, what are the barriers to having quality teachers and making sure that parents have choice? >> you you know, the biggest barrier is that there are a lot of defenders of the status quo and a lot of people who want to leave that the schools are just fine and nothing needs to change and i think that at the end of the day if you look at it most of the time systems are run and decisions are made based on adult issues and the politics around it instead of what it in the best interests of children. if we took on a policy agenda in this country where we thought about what -- are these decisions being made based on what is best tore children then we would end up with a wildly different agenda than we were
10:44 am
pursuing. >> michelle rhee founder of students is first. the name says it all. thank you so much for your time today. >> absolutely. >> shannon: america has its first gold medal of the london olympics. swimmer ryan lochte took home the gold. got into trouble for the ioc for insisting on wearing this diamond plated u.s. flag grill in his mouth during the medal ceremonies. check it out. here is where are things stand. china leads the pack with the most medals and most gold. america not far behind with 7 medals one being lochte about's gold. nd italy six so far. up next, a family who fought back against obama care and just scored a major victory. these fellas used capital one venture miles
10:45 am
for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift.
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yes, there are some limitations that can be imposed. what they are will depend on what the society understood were reasonable limitations at the time. certain location limitations. >> what about the technological limbations. not talking about a handgun or musket. we are talking about a weapon that can fire 100 shots in a minute. >> we will see. >> shannon: in a rare
10:49 am
television interview, supreme court justice antonin scalia sat down with chris wallace and they hit on several hot button issues including calls for more gun control and the justice discussed a controversial healthcare ruling. "fox news sunday" cares right after our show right here on the fox news channel. don't miss it. >> shannon: some are calling it a modern day david versus goliath story. a family owned business takes on obama care and wins. at least for now. they own hercules industries and they say they have a moral objection to the h healthcare law requiring access to birth control in healthcare coverage for employees. they would have to provide options for free contraceptions including birth pill abouts and morning after bills
10:50 am
sterilization in some cases. bill is represented by matt bowman are the alliance defending freedom. he is here with me live in washington. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> shannon: your objections to being forced as an employer to carry out this particular mandate? >> shannon, we feel that all americans deserve the right to follow their religious freedom. all americans including family business owners have the right to live and do business according to their faith. and these fundamental principles are being denied us and taken away from us through this hhs mandate. >> shannon: matt, you argue the case. obviously to this point successfully. you have an order in place from the judge that says this particular mandate can't be enforced against hercules industries while the case is playing out. from what you heard from it the
10:51 am
judge so far are you confident you will ultimately prevail on the merits? >> we are. this is the first court to consider the question of whether the government can use obama care to style the religion freedom it has been sworn to protect and bill really identified what it at stake in this case. is every business owner going to be free to live and do base in their faith. obama care forces people to choose between two poison pills. either abandon your faith or face massive fines and government lawsuits. what the judge ruled in this case is that the interest the government was claiming "pales in comparison" to the imfringement of the religious freedom of the family. >> shannon: i want to bring you back in here. a quick turn around for a federal court. the case was argued wednesday and you got the order from the judge although not the ultimate resolution of the case. the order came that the government can't enforce the
10:52 am
mandate against your business. are what was your reaction when you got the news? >> well, we were very gratified. but let me he just start, shannon, by saying that my father started this business 50 years ago and he started it with everything that he supplied in this business. he did it on his own contrary to maybe what our president would think. he got nobody's help. i watched him implement the moral values, the ethical standards and conduct and corporate culture that we have today that made this business successful and profitable for 50 years. and now we are are being asked to change that corporate culture. my brothers, jim, paul, who work in the business with me every day today and my sister kristine, they hold these values and truths just as dearly as i do and we feel that
10:53 am
taking these issues is -- these decisions away from us affects is our corporate culture. we have a president i think that doesn't know much about building up a business but he he certainly has good ideas on how to tear one down. again, all americans family business owners have the right to live and do business according to their religious beliefs. i want to: quickly, into ask if you were to ultimately lose on the issue and the court told you it you had to make sure the benefits were available to employees because you offer health insurance, would you as some other business owners have said they would do, would you consider dropping health insurance coverage for employees. >> well, it is a good question, shannon. you know, we have our own religious beliefs that we hold dear and we are asking by the federal government to as matt said choose between two poison
10:54 am
pills and that is either comply and dessert our faith or are resist and be punished. >> no one should have to face that. >> that is a decision we don't want to be forced into. we don't want to be force inside that. >> no one should have to face that choice. can the government force people to choose between their faith and earning a living or serving their community. >> shannon: we thank you both. we will keep an eagle eye on this case so please keep us updated as you have developments. >> sure will. >> shannon: what are your thoughts on the ruling? a temporary win or a sign of things to come something more permanent? tweet us answers. we will read some of your responses right after this break. a must see, this video is going viral. we will tell you where you can check be out this guy's act. he has some serious dance moves. 
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♪ >> shannon: no doubt the king of pop would be proud. check it out, the walrus has some sweet moves. to check out his act you have to go to the troy arc in turkey to see him live. he does an awn walk. the video was first posted back in march but it is finally having wit its day in the spot light and going viral. love it. we have a winner. our twitter followin growing by
10:59 am
the day. we gave away a fox news prize pack. jason is the lucky winner. here he is with some of his stuff including an autographed photo of bill o'reilly. we are starting another drive. follow us on twitter at @ ahnqdc. we have saw some su surprises d give aways coming up. thank you so much for watching and for following. we asked you on your thoughts on the segment we just aired. a judge temporarily blocked the contraception mandate for a family business. the court says this he don't have to provide birth control coverage to employees. a lot weighed in. dan wrote that should be a personal responsibility not a company's responsibility. jim said i hope this is only the beginning to detailing our freedom back. a.j. disagrees.


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