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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 29, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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criminals have been captured. that is a wrap this week for news watch. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see y >>. >> heather: i'm heather childers and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> i'm eric shawn, topping the news. >> heather: governor mitt romney talking cuff on iran. a live report from jerusalem coming up. >> show down on this week on capitol hill between democratic and republican bills which could decide whether we'll see a big tax hike this year. >> heather: and democracy for sale total highest bidder. allegations of drug money is buying votes in one state.
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our voter fraud unit headed by eric shawn who is with us is on the case. >> heather: much of the governor's speech focusing on iran and suspected nuclear weapons program. saying it must be america's highest national security priority to keep tehran from building a nuclear bomb. carl cameron is traveling with the governor in jerusalem. >> reporter: mitt romney is wrapping up his day here in jerusalem. it's quite late. it was day he began with the meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu a long time friend and culmination for a quite personal level, not his first to the western wall where he was greeted by a number
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of other pilgrims and jews going to the iconic religious site. got a very warm reception. following at the time he put a prayer into one of the cracks in the wall as is the custom. later in the day he delivered a very important speech, largely symbolic. he has given a number of foreign policy speeches during the course of this year. last week in nevada gave a very harsh one in which he outlined a number of new foreign policies but in his visits overseas he has gone out of his way to avoid criticism. yet today he noted back in 2007 on a prior visit here to israel he outlined a number of steps that were important for the united states to take in order to curb iran and it's nuclear ambitions. iran says it is only interested in nuclear energy and not nuclear weapons but much of the western world does not believe that. although he says he will not be critical of the obama
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administration suggested that his suggestions five years ago having not been implemented have allowed the situation to get worse. listen. >> iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons capability presents an intolerable threat to israel to america and the world. that threat has only become worse. >> reporter: he didn't exactly name president obama or the obama administration but in the intervening five years it has been the obama first term. mr. romney will wrap up his trip tomorrow with a major fund-raiser in jerusalem. between 20 and 30 people to donate in excess of million dollars. first time republican candidate or any american candidate has conducted a fund-raiser in israel. then it's off to poland. he plans to be back in the states in a couple of days. >> heather: thank you very much. >> fox news channel greta van susteren is also there and had a
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chance to sit down during an romney during an interview you can see tomorrow night on the record. he spoke about the tenuous relationship between israelis and palestinians in the region. >> do we want to see the peace? absolutely. do we want to encourage that and facilitate that? yes, but for that to happen the palestinians are going to want to have to negotiate and so are the israelis. they are ready and willing to do so without preconditions. >> heather: you can catch the entire interview on, on the record right here on the fox news channel. >> eric: many new national polls are showing governor romney and president obama locked in basically a dead heat. this as the presidential race enters the last 100 days. the election could come down, of course, to the economy.
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fierce efforts to mobilize voters. steve is live in washington. going into the final stretch, what do you think will be different with what the candidates will be doing differently? >> reporter: i think they will hit the campaign trail more often making more campaign stops. both candidates will focus on the battleground states that are likely to determine the outcome of this race. governor romney will continue his attacks on the president claiming his failed policies prevented the economy from making a stronger recovery. >> this is president who has abandoned any idea of offering the public any new ideas about getting out of the current economic stagnation. what governor romney has done during the campaign has focused like a laser that is driving voter sentiment is the economy. and our inability of the president to get it back on track. >> reporter: you'll see a bigger
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push by both sides to mobilize voters. >> eric: you mentioned mr. romney. how about the president? >> reporter: he has to make a strong appeal to independent voters in key battleground states. he will claim that mitt romney is not qualified to lead the country. hey would a decision by israel to attack iran. obama team says this is also the president's view. >> we have never taken any optn off the table in dealing with the nuclear program in iran. president obama has led the strongest international coalition ever assembled with the strongest sanctions ever levied on the country 6 iran. we have made progress in delaying that nuclear program. >> reporter: and he criticized romney for questioning london's readiness in hosting the picked games. >> heather: new video and heavy
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fighting between rebels and troops in syria's largest city. shelling parts of aleppo and this is amateur video showing fighters holding their own. they can be seen celebrating on a tank. regime seems committed to keeping it out of rebel hands. most of the people in the city have fled the area. >> eric: back here at home. anaheim, california, in the grip 6 protests involving two fatal shootings involving police. dozens have been rallying around the visible attraction in california, disneyland. the death sparked the protests. 23-year-old was killed more than a week ago following high-speed chase. police saying he was a gang member who reached for his waistband before officers had to open fire. it turned out he was not armed.
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that incident setting off a series of violent rights in the city -- violent riots in the city. the f.b.i. is now investigating that controversial shooting. >> heather: colorado's shooting suspect james holmes is settle to return back to court tomorrow. he is expected to face a slew of charges, 12 counts of first-degree murder and about the psychiatrist that reportedly was treating him before the massacre. elizabeth is live in colorado. what can we expect from the hearing tomorrow? >> we can expect to learn the charges that 24-year-old james holmes faces. he will be going to the courthouse next-door. he could face more than a hundred charges for both crime scenes, not only the theater but the apartment. it was filled with explosives. after the charges the judge will listen to a number of motions.
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defense is trying to get that notebook we hear was sent to a doctor citing patient privacy. there is an effort from the media to get the gag order lifted so the public and victims' families can get more insight into the mind and motivation of a killer. >> heather: more survivors are starting to come forward. what is their message? >> we did speak with one survivor. he spoke to edge church. a local church here. he was both shot in the arm and twice in the foot. at one point the shooter was standing over him. today's message to the congregation was really about forgiveness. here is what he told the congregation. >> the darkness wants people not to have hatred and anger. as you feed into that, it's all you can imagine is the hatred and anger and vehicle ens on
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this man than the darknesses has won. >> reporter: i told you at one point the shooter was standing over his body. he believes it's god that saved him from that failed shot. >> heather: so many brave stories coming out of colorado. we appreciate it. coming up, the mountain of expected charges for shooting suspect james holmes including 12 counts of first-degree murder. what prosecutors plan to do about seeking the death penalty. our legal panel will weigh in on that. >> eric: now to the fox news voter fraud unit. major drug dealers buying votes to steal elections, drug money funding voter fraud. you wouldn't think that would happen in this country, but prosecutors say it has. a string of federal prosecutions exposing widespread buying and selling of votes. our nation's very democracy up for sale. >> voter fraud has taken on a
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shocking new meaning in eastern kentucky. >> you sold your vote, how much did you sell it for? >> $25. >> richard moore was paid by a candidate to vote in a local election. they say it's accepted longstanding and illegal practice in eastern kentucky politics. >> selling votes is something that everybody does, does it surprise i? >> no. >> how do you feel about it? >> i think they ought to do something about it. >> in the past few years, 20 officials have been convicted in voting schemes. he sold his vote to michael sawyers who is running for magistrate. >> it's just like everyday thing. >> he met with voters here in the back room of this store in jackson, kentucky. he would send him over to the courthouse to cast their ballots.
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when he returned, he would hand over the cash. >> they would come to me and ask how much i would pay for votes. asked me if i was buying votes. i told them, most likely it would be $25. they would go into machine, cash their vote -- cast their vote. he told me i got four votes. he said, he would come back and i gave him hundred dollars. >> in another county the cost was much higher. >> did drug money buy votes? >> we believe drug money did buy votes. >> prosecutors say over the course of several elections, $400,000 part of the drug money was spent to buy the votes of 8,000 voters. one vote was bid up to $800. they are leading the law enforcement effort. >> these folks go out and
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literally highjack the local elections for their own purposes then they use those jobs to enrich themselves. >> in court. kenneth day convicted of buying votes. it trafficker had served at at clay county republican election commissioner. according to the transcripts he says i always buy votes. i bought my first vote with half a pint of liquor. eugene lewis says vote buying was so easy i would pay them right in the booth. you wouldn't believe the percentage of people that i had bought their vote from. >> the foundational freedom is right to elect your officials in free and fair elections. the fact that we have people that would so willingly and so completely corrupt that process is just reprehensible.
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>> state officials have set up a special voter integrity task force to try to clean up elections. jack conway is the attorney attorney general. >> if you sell your vote you are selling the heart of democracy. if they are buying votes rather than treat world of people, it doesn't belong to everybody. it's very central to our democracy. to so this work is very important. >> richard moore believes that vote buying can't be stamped out. >> you think it will be stamped out? >> no. >> why is that? >> it's base that is where the money is at. >> they are chipping away at the tip of the iceberg. if you don't do something about the inequality. if you don't do something about the poor folks, lack of education you are going to have this again and again and again. >> as for sawyers he regrets buying votes and is serving 60
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days in jail. >> that is the first thing of this situation is the shame, is the people that i let down. >> eric: he is clearly remorsful and he wants to let people know he is sorry and apologized. three more people went to jail for vote buying and there was another guilty plea of a public official. authorities vow to stay on top of it. if you suspect voter fraud, we want to know about it at voter fraud at >> heather: thank you for covering that. >> eric: it's unbelieve amp. >> heather: really? amazing, good stuff. we are following an american swimmer winning the butterfly and setting a new world record. the victory is especially sweet she missed qualifying for the
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2008 olympics in beijing. good stuff to talk about. >> eric: wall street to start in the morning. they had a big bang on friday, above 13,000, will it stay? why did it suddenly go up? we'll have the latest what we can expect will happen in the morning bell tomorrow. >> heather: and from stocks to taxes, lawmakers are ready for a showdown on capitol hill. will the bush-era tax cuts live or die and who may not make the cut? stay tuned. you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>>. >> eric: wall street ends with a boom. dow surging about 13,000 mark for the first time in nearly three months. why the surge and crend did a is but the they are, what is going to happen tomorrow morning? >> not just the dow. mainly in our 401-ks most people have the s&p 500 5 index. that had a huge move up. it went higher than it higher than may 3rd. it was up 4%. so maybe 401 considering there may be something there to.
1:21 pm
>> eric: we should look at the s&p 500. >> it's good to look at the broader mark. always take a look at s&p 500. but stocks went wild just as you said. mainly it's because of what is going to happen or what they are hoping is going to happen. look at all the terrible news we had last week. economy is barely moving. it's going ailing long at 1.5% the g.d.p. is. housing is bad. consumers are not spending, businesses are not hiring, why the move up in the market? they hope that the fed and the european central banks are going to move in and rescue. >> there is a big week coming up. >> it is a big week. there has been a study done, usually right before meetings like this you see a surge in stocks and then they go down
1:22 pm
because the sellers step out of way beforehand. afterwards, no matter what the fed does, if we are going to buy more bonds and get us back into a good recovery. chances are stocks may go down because friday, as you know, we get the big unemployment number for july. it hasn't been very good lately. >> eric: potentially we could see a softening of the market? >> we may get a little move up further but unemployment number all depends on that. there isn't a lot of optimism. >> eric: we hear such bad news, 1.5% growing rate. but the market goes up. what we will be seeing through the election? >> pretty much what is also seeing which is uncertainty. businesses are not hiring because they don't know what is going to happen. we talked about that fiscal cliff at the end of the year, that is when the bush-era tax cuts expire. there may be big spending cuts
1:23 pm
going through. it's an election year. nobody is quite sure what is going to happen. why are you going to hire people if you not selling goods? why are they going to spend if they don't know if they have a job? >> eric: what is your prediction as we go out, but where do you see us going over the next six months, nine months, it depends on who gets elected? >> it does. there is two competing policies how to treat the economy. it will depend on this election and also in congress, who goes along with the president. another reason to watch. >> eric: we'll just sit like this and hold on. thank you brenda, catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: presidential
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campaign focus goes overseas playing out in israel. governor romney and president obama signing a new deal with our middle east ally two days before. up next our political panel takes a fair and balanced look at both policies on israel and the middle east. prosecutors say justice delayed but should not be denied. drew peterson is charged with murdering his third wife eight years ago and now his trial is getting underway this week. a preview is up next. why not try someplace different every morning? get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension.
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good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh woah. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. >>. >> heather: welcome back the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. governor mitt romney giving a foreign policy address in israel saying the united states must block iran from achieving nuclear weapons. >> eric: a ride turns deadly in california.
1:29 pm
a fight broke out between two women. bus door opened and one of them fell out. one was killed. >> the united states marines are sticking to their guns placing a new order for $22.35 million for the iconic colt .45 pistol used by the military for decades. >> eric: remember drew peterson. wheels of justice finally moving in his murder trial. opening statements getting underway on tuesday. he is accused of killing his third wife back in 2004. he is also suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife. anna is following this case. it's been a while. >> reporter: it certainly has been. attorneys are focusing on evidence or look there of because opening statements are
1:30 pm
expect on tuesday. prosecutors say peterson killed his third wife in 2004 because he feared their divorce settlement would wipe him out financially. the death was ruled an accident. her body found in the bathtub, her hair soaked in blood. it wasn't until peterson's fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared in 2007 that the body was later exhumed and the death ruled a homicide of them brought charges against peterson despite an apparent lack of physical evidence. they will be relying heavy on savio and peterson stacy made about threats made by drew peterson. >> they are going to listen and find out to show that drew was at that house any time that weekend, not going to have any physical evidence and not any real evidence. they have hearsay, rumor that came four years later.
1:31 pm
>> reporter: it's been a real battle between drew peterson and the families over visitation and custody. the jury is now set in the savio murder trial. seven men and five women. after working as a cop at a chicago suburb for 29 years. he is the multijury consultant in active role in his defense. >> heather: lawmakers preparing for a showdown on capitol hill this week. as the house prepares to vote on extending bush tax cuts. the democratic controlled senate on raising taxes on people making $250,000 a year. how will they play out back home for the vulnerable house and senate members trying to keep their seats and will it help to reach a resolution before
1:32 pm
election day? matt is former white house director under george bush and also an advisor for american progress. thank you so much for joining us. >> we have two colonel pete go tax bills. they head to the house floor this week. matt i'll begin with you. which plan is better? >> you know we've got over 8% unemployment. this obama economy is really hurting families an businesses across the country. this is the exact wrong time to even contemplated to raise taxes democratic senator from arkansas said just that much on the senate floor when he voted against raising taxes. there are 700,000 new jobs at stake if these taxes are increased on over 900,000 small businesses and other businesses, as well. this is the wrong time to be doing this. president obama is making a big mistake.
1:33 pm
>> heather: should we raise taxes on anyone in this economy? >> i want to say who are we. who we don't want to raise taxes on. that is the middle-class. we're talking about 2% of the population, that is among the wealthiest that is going to have their tax rates, you guys could probably afford to pay your fair share. what democrats want to make sure that the middle-class can continue to pay their bills, keep kids in school and they can do that through the tax break as it stands. we want to make sure we're talking about who is going to benefit and not give the american public the illusion that everyone is supposed to benefit under the republican's plan. >> heather: and it would cover the middle-class, as well. >> it would cover the middle-class, but here is what they are not telling you. under the republicans' proposal they would have the middle
1:34 pm
classes bear the brunt tax breaks they get. people like me and you would pay for $180,000 a year for millionaires that get tax breaks. that is going to come out of our pocket. >> heather: then the question of a millionaire. there are house democrats they are going to cross party lines with all this. one said he would vote with republicans to extend all the tax breaks. congressman a democrat in texas he was leaning toward a full extension. here is congressman colin peterson. he will vote for both even though his preference would be to extend all bush-era tax rates and do tax reform in 2013. i am in the camp we shouldn't be raising taxes where the economy is where it is. i don't want to get into the
1:35 pm
fight how many democrats do you think will cross over. that is my question to you. senate democrats they only lost two votes for their tax plan bill. >> going back to what he said i think there is something important we shouldn't miss. he says i don't want to get into fight with the group about raising taxes or should we not. the one thing that americans have to understand that republicans in the house are essentially holding hostage tax breaks for the middle-class. i think everyone across the board agrees we should not be raising taxes on the middle-class right now. >> heather: matt, jump in again. both plans don't raise taxes for the middle-class. >> that is untrue. what we are talking about here, what the democrats want to do, what president obama wants to do is to say these taxes are irresponsible. he hit a rock and forgot in 2010 after the american people slapped him at the ballot box,
1:36 pm
he was forced on these taxes, 89 house democrats were for extending these taxes. they didn't think was the right time to raise taxes. over 700,000 jobs are at stake. i don't care who gets the tax cuts and who is helped. if it means that more americans go back to work. this is something that republicans and democrats can work together and agree on and something that democrats just a year and a half ago were willing to compromise on. >> sure we shold be working together but right now the republicans are not interested in compromising and saying, okay we care about the middle-class. let's give them a tax break. no, we're not going to give the middle-class or anybody else any tax break unless our millionaires get them. >> heather: matt. >> what about the jobs? what about the 7400,000 jobs. >> the jobs bills is stalled. >> president's economic plan is not stalled. it's being implemented and it's
1:37 pm
destroying the economy. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your insights. it's going to be a battle on xiop. >> eric: meanwhile, the fighting continues in syria where some predict that assad's days are numbered. what does it mean for the future of middle east? can we prevent a potential power vacuum? >> more sad news linked to the colorado movie massacre. one wounded pregnant survivor losing her baby. we'll tell you why, an accused mass murderer likely won't face an additional homicide charge. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes
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>> eric: the tragedy in colorado in court. tomorrow morning, accused murderer james holmes is expected to be charged with 12 counts of first-degree murder. plus.
1:42 pm
a slew of other charges related to the massacre at aurora movie theater. we have learned of another victim of this senseless rampage. a miscarried child. her six-year-old daughter you see on the right was killed. there likely won't be an additional charge because colorado law only applies to people who have been born and alive. rachel self is trial attorney and david world joins us from irvine, kraz. what do we expected when it starts back in court tomorrow morning? >> i don't think there will be a plea of guilty or not guilty. there will be a declaration of doubt by the attorney that is not competent to assist in the defense. he will be sent to a battery of psychologists to see whether he is actually competent or not. there could be a trial on that issue. when he comes back, let's say he is declared competent.
1:43 pm
they will then enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. at that time he will be set to another battery of psychologists to see is if he is sane. if he is declared insane he could end up john hinkley living the next 30 years in a state mental hospital. this is very far from a trial on the issue of guilt or innocence. >> eric: what are the chances of that? >> if he is living in fantasy land where his reality is a batman movie and people are shot i think there is actually a pretty good chance he'll be found insane. >> eric: others will say, he spent two months, the apartment and weaponry he had, it shows it was planned? >> absolutely. it's going to be very difficult to prove. after hinkley to shot there was such an outrage throughout the
1:44 pm
country that congress changed the law. colorado has the strictest insanity defenses. you have to show you were suffering from mental defect, actual mental illness at that time you didn't know right from wrong. even the craziest people know generally to pick up a gun and open fire that movie theater is wrong. so this is a defense the defense of last resort. this is not going to be alibi defense. there is not going to be identity defense. he did so much planning it's going to be difficult. as the prosecutor, the woman who is prosecuting this case is very tough cookie. she has no hesitation going for the death penalty. i think that she is going to go full bore against this guy and i think that is what he deserves. he had 6,000 rounds of ammunition, had his house
1:45 pm
booby-trapped and then went out after 15 minutes, he knew what he was doing. >> you know what the problem, he shows up at that movie theater. he has his hair orange, he has a gas mask on. a trench coat. he does this horrendous act, there is no way he is going to escape. he is living a fantasy land where he is on the set of a movie. the fact that he bought all that ammunition means he is sane. people think when they shoot somebody they get up and walk away as they do in movies, he is living on a movie set. granted, rachel is right. insanity defense works 12% of the time. it's a difficult uphill battle. that is the way this case is going and it could be three to four years before we get to a decision on whether he'll be
1:46 pm
tried on guilt versus innocence. >> eric: he was under psychiatric care. we got a notebook and dispute what was in it. how does that enter in the potential of mental insanity defense? >> i think it goes to the fact he might have realized what he was doing was wrong. that is why he mailed it to his treatment provider as a cry for help. i think that notebook is going to hurt the defense of his case. whether or not it is going to come in because it is doctor patient communication. >> eric: if you are a psychiatrist, aren't you supposed to go to authorities? >> absolutely. she received it after it happened. >> it sat in the mail room. the judge will examine it in camera but don't count on a jury
1:47 pm
seeing what is in that notebook. >> eric: what a tragic case. the alleged perpetrator is back in court tomorrow morning. >> heather: coming up a new york city police officer stripped of his gun and badge. the veteran of a force being questioned about a bizarre kidnapping plot. stay tuned for that. governor romney laying out his vision for u.s. israeli relations if he becomes president but he doesn't see eye to eye with president obama. coming up a look at the foreign policy positions of each candidate. [music see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just] the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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>>. >> heather: governor mitt romney arguing making his most important speech on foreign policy to date. he is visiting one of holiest sites and pledging to stand by israel and keeping from iran a nuclear weapon. two days ago president obama signed a new security bill agreeing to send $70 million in military aide. joining us with a fair and balanced debate, a radio talk show host of made in america.
1:52 pm
ellen ratner the bureau chief and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. >> so what did you think about the governor romney's speech today? >> i thought he made a speech with a few specifys. look, both obama and romney are going after the jewish vote. that is what this is all about. it's totally about politics. >> heather: what did you think about governor romney's remarks today? >> i think ellen is absolutely correct. it's all about the jewish vote. i believe, especially in a state like florida. getting back to the israeli policy, american policy towards israel, president obama has historic opportunity in june of 2009 to support the green political movement that was out in the streets in tehran and wanting to take down the these
1:53 pm
okay last but he was no where to be found. i think president romney would make a huge distinction. we would have been there to support the pro democracy movement. we wouldn't have the inevitable showdown between iran and israel because of this inaction. i think that governor romney is out there trying to make that distinction, to the on foreign soil but when he gets home he will start to draw those lines. >> heather: on friday, president obama did sign a new u.s. israeli security act authorizing $70 million for iron dome missile defense system. i would ask you what about the timing of that? >> again, everything has to be seen through the lense have this. he knew governor romney was going to be in israel. he is going to draw attention to his policy. i spent a lot of time to middle east. i've been to israel and all those places, been to the west bank, there is lot of backdoor
1:54 pm
deals that go on, we have no idea what is going on. there is a lot more close connections than the public knows about. this is complex issue. i don't think either of the sides is going to explain it because so much happens behind closed doors. >> heather: it's very tricky when you are on foreign soil. a romney advisor previewing remarks he was making today he talked about if israel is going to take action on its own in order to stop iran from developing the capability the governor would respect that decision. governor romney backing off on that, emphasizing he was using his own words and he respects the right of israel to defend itself. in response, here is what dick durbin had to say on face the nation. >> i understand that mitt romney is on political tour during a fund-raiser in israel, but the point is, the president has had to sit down as he had over and
1:55 pm
over again, with prime minister netanyahu to avoid the prospect of war. >> how has he handled about talking about foreign policy overseas. >> i think the jewish american voters and all american voters to have understand if this has to happen, if israel has to go it alone and take out an iran nuclear capability, i don't think sanctions work. we can take a look at cuba and syria and north korea and we can argue so it's inevitable. who do you trust to stand by our true and trusted ally, israel. unwavering supported that governor romney is giving or the confused support that president obama is giving. he is too busy in making speeches in cairo to even visit israel. the ironic thing, that america's
1:56 pm
standing in arab countries has gone down since 2008. these policies are not working. >> heather: we do know that president obama won the jewish vote in 2008. hundred days until the election. thank you for joining us. >> eric: a hepatitis "c" scare, eight states could have potential victims. a former hospital worker was the cause. >> days in power could be numbered in syria. what could happen if the regime falls. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants,
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
>>heather: hello, welcome to brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >>eric: i am here for gregg jarrett. topping the news, governor romney taking a stand on foreign policy and getting tough on iran. we are live in jerusalem. >>eric: in syria, the violence rages on. many believe the ruler's days may be numbered. now washington is worried what will come once he is gone. >>heather: parents fighting back at a school telling staff, "you're fireed ."
2:01 pm
>>heather: but first where we stand in the race not white house, 100 daze out from the election with polling showing neck and neck raise with the governor making a major policy speech in israel. at home both hammering away at one theme: the economy. steve is live in washington for us with more. >>reporter: one candidate is overseas and the other is in washington each preparing for a bruising battle over the next 100 days. mitt romney polishing his foreign affairs credentials in israel. the president's team is developing a strategy not push to election day. romney's people have nailed down the central team of their campaign. >> this is going to be an election that is seen through the lens of a better economic future. the last 3 1/2 years which has been the president's interview
2:02 pm
for rehiring, i don't think the american public will agree to continue in that same direction. >>reporter: obama team is focused on drawing a contrast saying republican ideas for the economy have been tried and have failed. they continue to question mitt romney's credentials, especially his past record with bain capital. >> this will be a close race. that is what we have prepared for and why we are investing in a grass roots army to win on election day. what will break the race out ultimately is the choice between to candidates and two extremely distant visions of how we build this economy and how we come out of the economic disaster we were in, and how we recover. >>reporter: a static race so far with no one surging ahead or falling behind and polls showing the two candidates neck and neck with the party's conventions and three debates coming up in the
2:03 pm
next weeks and months. >>heather: thank you, steve, from washington, dc. >>eric: governor romney delivered a speech in jerusalem speaking as a candidate supporting israel's right to support itself against iran saying the united states must block iran from building a nuclear weapon. carl cameron is there, in judgment, and joins us live. it is not your typical stump speech or location for the typical stump speeches we hear during a campaign. >>carl: not at all. it has been a jam packed day. it is midnight in jerusalem and romney has just wrapped up what has been a very, very busy afternoon and day. he began this morning with a private meeting with binyamin netanyahu and met with the leader of the palestinians and a host of other israeli leaders. then he took a visit to the western wall. it was busy with people -- you
2:04 pm
can see him there with binyamin netanyahu. he went to the western wall and greeted very warmly by a very, very large and enthusiastic group of people. then he gave a speech outside of jerusalem, with the old city as the backgroup, and it was a very clear criticism of iran. romney pointed in 2010 he came here and gave a speech about iran and 9 nuclear program and lady out a whole series of things he thought should happen. today, he suggested that they didn't happen, and things are worse. he said he would not be critical of president obama overseas, it was an implicit criticism of the absence of romney proposals during the obama tenure. listen. >> make no mistake, the ayatollahs in tehran are testing our moral defenses. they want do know who will onject and who will look the other way. my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one and the same: we will not
2:05 pm
look away. nor will my country ever look away from our passion and commitment to israel. >>carl: after meeting with prime minister binyamin netanyahu, he wrapped up his evening with his wife at a private dinner at netanyahu's home. the two have known each other since the 1970's and it was very clear they have a very warm relationship. he will were what up the trip tomorrow morning and become the first presidential candidate, ever, to conduct a fundraiser in israel the he will have 20 to 30 guests and expects to raise more than $1 million. then he will depart israel and head for poland. on tuesday, he will conduct a whole series of meetings, in part, meant to talk about romney's desire as poland has to project liberty around the world and stalk about american principles. there will be a lost references to his concerns about russia's role in the world. he has referred to it one of the
2:06 pm
biggest geopolitical threats of the up. a very busy weekend. his wife will return to london where her dressage horse is competing in the olympics and is expected to medal. she could be in london until the 12th when the olympics it will end so well not see any vice presidential picks until at least then. >>eric: thank you, campaign carl. in syria after a year of government crackdown many believe that president bashar al-assad's days are numbered. >> the syrian opposition is reportedly being told by the obama administration not to totally gut president bashar al-assad's regime when it is that assad falls from power. in today's "washington post" details of the administration's instructions are laid out with an explanation from an unnamed u.s. officials who says you can't have a complete
2:07 pm
disillusion of the system because the institutions will be needed in a trance addition much the obama administration reportedly doesn't want syria in 2012 to resemble iraq in 2003. when assad goes away they want whoever is left standing to respect everyone, including minority groups. not all experts think that is sound advice. >> the motion you keep the existing regime in place, just relays a few top leaders, is badly misguided. >>reporter: an official at the state department said assad's days numbered. and another said his fall is inevitable but not necessarily imminute. >> there are daily reminders that his grip on power is loosening and his control over the country is diminishing. we have seen almost each day defections of high level government officials, military
2:08 pm
officials. >>reporter: according to human rights based in britain, 20,000 people have been killed since the uprising in syria began. most of them have been civilians. >>eric: that was peter doocy from washington. >>heather: amber alert going out in california for a missing 16-year-old girl. police desperately need your help to find this girl. deputies responded to the girl's home and found two mended inside the house. the girl's boyfriend and her father, or his father, are both "persons of interest," and they could be taking the teen to mexico. the suspects were last sign driving a blue chevrolet tahoe. >>eric: a new york city police officer defended after a kidnapping victim was found tied
2:09 pm
up in the officer's garage. he is being questioned and forced to surrender his gun and badge. the 25-year-old victim was snatched off the street a few days ago on july 26. the friend got calls demanding a ransom. and the calls, they say, were reportedly traced to johnson's hoax. four men have so far reportedly been charged including one who lives in the same building. johnson has not yet been charged. >>heather: a story for every parent upset with their children's school. parents in a small california community are the first-in-the-nation to exercise the so-called "parent trigger," giving them more authority to control their kids' education. now more on this story from los angeles. >>reporter: last week the parents made history.
2:10 pm
(inaudible) she will be safe. she will be able to apply to colleges. >> for the first time ever, the parent trigger law gives political power to a mother's love. >>reporter: this in effect in 20 states allows parents at underperforming schools to fire the entire staff in a majority sign petitions to do so. >> what is due to my child and every other child in this high school district is a right, a right, to quality education. >> parents at four failing california schools filed to reclaim their school under the law. only one school succeeded overcoming opposition from the school board, the teachers' union. >> we protect teachers' rights. >> and an effort to steal the
2:11 pm
election by forging the documents. >> someone forged the documents. >> the parents challenged in court and won. >> the breaking point was the failing school system document we want change? do we want a future? do we want to continue? i want change. >> 70 percent of the students were incompetent in riding and math. >> it is frustrating there are no high standards for my child. i want the best for him. >> the parents made history. they the first parents in american history to take control over the educational destiny of their children. >>reporter: they support school close and they helped organization the parents. >> i joined this because i felt the teacher and as a principal i was not able to fix from inside. i knew for me to make a greater impact i had to do it from the outside. >> now the real work begins.
2:12 pm
there is a school but no staff. >> parents will put out a proposal and solicit bids from charter schools, for profit schools and other school districts, to come in and operate desert trails in the 2013 school year. then in a binding vote the parents will decide the best close to teach their children. >> we are going to watch what they are doing. well not stand for the lame duck attitude. if we have to be there and make sure it isn't done that way, we will be. they are not going to problem another year of our children's education. >> in los angeles, for fox news. >>heather: thank you, william, from los angeles. >>eric: a spill on a key oil pipe down. what is being done to protect the environment. >>heather: mortgage rates are in the basement but many americans can still not afford a new home. we have some tips.
2:13 pm
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2:16 pm
>>eric: and now the headlines. canada's energy company has
2:17 pm
contained an oil spill near wisconsin that happened in an isolated field and did not affect waterways or the water table. there were no injuries. the cause of the spill is now under investigation. >> oak high school student arrested for allegedly plotting a columbine-style shooting. he was arrested after application found a hot gun and rifle and 250 rounds of ammunition in his bedroom. >> florida senator rubio campaigning for governor romney in las vegas this weekend. the republican senator among the potential vice presidential picks. senator rubio calling this election a choice between free enterprise and big government. health mortgage rates are dropping to record lows and home prices are continuing to fall but few people are able to take advantage of the potential savings. here to talk about this is a senior business correspondent
2:18 pm
and anchor of "bulls and bears." thank you for joining us this hour. so, low mortgage rates, low home prices. it sounds like a win-win. why can't people take advantage? >>guest: the perfect formula to buy a house. what we are finding, it is more expensive to rent than to buy. mortgage rates continue to fall as the fed buys bonds. they will probably go lower although they are at record lows. the problem is, lending standards are so high we are just not seeing any contracts going through. people want mortgages. they see they can buy. they try. but it is just very, very difficult. you have to have a lot of money, a very good credit score. today, with unemployment and people having let their credit cards go out-of-control spending, it is hard to have high credit scores. >>heather: so, first try to
2:19 pm
get your credit card score under control. >>guest: absolutely. we are sighing -- seeing some prices stabilizing in the worst, and arizona. those are places to start potentially sellers having more luck there. but in terms of getting a mortgage or refinancing, trying to refinance, it comes down to those credit scores. the other issue is advisor is -- inventory is an issue. builders are not building. most homes selling are pre-existing. they are not buying and not hiring, another sign of uncertainty in the economy. they are not willing to --. >>heather: in terms of the construction companies, producing new inventory, it shows little faith in where the economy is headed. >>guest: that is a big sign.
2:20 pm
if you believe one of the better investors in the world, warren buffett, he says housing is going to start going up. you should buy an index of home builders. that is one sign that this might turn around if you believe this, as he has had a good investing record in the past. >>heather: what is your best piece of advise for someone who needs to buy a home? >>guest: get your credit cards ready to go. pay them off. do anything you can to get your credit score better. you will have to save to have more of a downpayment. that may mean not putting as much money in the 401(k). you may never hear that advice again. it could be better to have the money liquid. >>heather: best part of the country to look?
2:21 pm
>>guest: wherever they are underwater. nevada and those places, they are still showing very, very low prices. >>heather: thank, brenda. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears organization right here on the fox news channel. >>eric: new developments in the colorado shooting. james holmes will be in court tomorrow morning. we have a live report coming up. >>heather: two tech giants are squaring off over smartphones. [. [ roger ] tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected.
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>>heather: it is the bottom of the hour and time for the to which the news. marines are placing a new order for $22.5ment for the colt .45
2:26 pm
pistol. and anaheim, california, in the grip of protests over two fatal shootings involving the police. dozens rallying outside disneyland. >> memorial service in australia for 24-year-old surfer killed in a vicious shark attack, the 5th killed off the coast in ten months. >> hours away from hearing the formal charge against accused mass murderer, james holmes. he is expected in court at 11:3 a.m., eastern tomorrow morning in colorado. that is where our reporter is joining us. >>reporter: we will learn about james holmes' fate when we hear what heel be charged with. he could face more than 100 charges at both crime scenes.
2:27 pm
after the charges, well listen to the judge who will listen to a number of motions filed by the defense and media outlets. the defense is trying to get a notebook sent to a doctor's office, citing patient privacy. there is an effort to get the gag order lifted for the public and the victims' families so they can get insighted into the motivation of a killer. surviving victimrd taking on the journey of recovery. we spoke with a man shot twice in the foot and once in the arm. he spoke to the local congregation today. the biggest message was about forgiveness. but, at the same time, he says justice needs to be served. >> justice for me is james holmes going to prison for the rest of his life. never seeing daylight. never seeing fresh air again.
2:28 pm
>>reporter: he could be able to spread his message, but there are still five victims who are in critical condition in area hospitals. 11 people are still undergoing treatment. certainly a various long road ahead for those who did survive this tragic mass december. -- tragic massacre. >>heather: thank you from colorado, elizabeth. >>eric: and now the campaign insiders with more headaches for president obama. on friday the commerce department reported the economy grew at a rate of 1.5 percent in the second quarter. with the sluggish economy, will that be too much of an obstacle? hear are the campaign insiders, john leboutillier, former republican congressman from new york; doug schoen, former
2:29 pm
pollster for bill clinton; pat caddell is a victim of the rain in the northeast but will joining us shortly. so, 1.5 percent is not good news. >>pat: we could be headed to a recession. we will not have any robust economic recovery before the election. that is a huge problem for the obama campaign. it is one, when we talk to the polls they will get to, the romney campaign is not taking advantage. >>eric: why in >>doug: because his negative rating is 50 percent. the positive is only 23 percent. people are not comfortable with governor romney. >>eric: we see 1.5 percent. it is going down. it was 2 percent. >> there is a bitterness. the public likes obama as a person, probably more than they like romney but they don't have faith he will make things
2:30 pm
better. but romney as we have been saying for months, mantes -- hasn't sealed the deal. he has a lot to play with. he is a successful businessman. he was not connected with a message that says, i have made it in this country. i have worked very hard to make it. you work hard. i want to help you make it. >>doug: as we have been saying, especially you, there has not been a romney positive message of what he will do to revitalize the economy. he hasn't, as well, been able to tell people what he will do to reduce the debt, deficit, and create jobs. john: if we ran his campaign, pat, doug and i, we could win it for romney because the pieces are there. the guy was a turn around art i in business. he would take a bad company and fix it.
2:31 pm
>>eric: but the other side will say he getting rid of jobs. john: you have to say your piece which is, i know how to turn things around. i turned around the olympics and turned a mess of corruption around. now, for a dollar a year, i will forego a salary, i want to be your president, to fix the mess in washington. if he said it that way, and he said, it's a mess because both parties created that mess, he would get elected. >>eric: and there is controversy at the polls. the "wall street journal" poll, with romney at 42 percent and president obama at 49 49 percen. >>doug: there are too many democrats in the sample. it is a poll that is 11 percent-plus for the democrats. the sample should be two, three, or four points democratic. bottom line, if you adjusted it, it would probably be a tie or
2:32 pm
president obama --. >>eric: how can you tell that? >>doug: you have history, experience, and judgment. the current numbers the "wall street journal" is projecting suggest that the electorate is more democratic than they were in 2008. eric, common sense tells us, that is just not the case. john: last week, that poll dominated the political scene. everyone assumed those numbers were accurate. we believe the rasmussen numbers, which are likely voters, they have romney ahead. you are putting that on the screen. romney is a couple of points up. you take the others and the undecided, we think romney will get three quarters of them. romney will win this election if he does the things we have talked about. >>doug: but it is an "if." >>eric: and the gallup poll
2:33 pm
shows at 46-46. what is your gut feeling? you are the pros. >>doug: the electorate likes obama but disappointed with the performance. they are not comfortable with governor romney. he has not told us what he will do or what his vision is but we think he is a better economic manager. both sides have formidable challenges. >>eric: israel is part of the campaign with governor romney giving a speech and president obama signing new legislation for aid. john: this is hugely political. aid for israel on friday. an unidentified senior official who leaked that the united states is ready to assist israel if they go to war with iran, all designed to try to trump governor romney's trip which, as we have seen, has involved
2:34 pm
hawkish rhetoric this is hugely political. it is being played at a chess game. john: playing around with discussion of possible attack plans and leaks, with the israeli government undercutting governor romney's trip. >>eric: so the obama administration is using this for blatant partisan politics. john: we have seen it twice. the spiking of the football has been was over-the-top. the leaking of national security secrets to make the president look like mr. tough guy, that is not right, either. >> he would have the right to do it. >> what went over the line and is consistent with what john said, when the white house began
2:35 pm
with a negative ad attacking governor romney would not have done the same thing is wrong. your point, the fact that foreign policy is politicized involving war and peace in an election campaign is wrong. it tells you how off kilter the campaign is. >>eric: the president, of course, has denied they have leaked national security statements. he has rebuffed those allegations. we will talk about that more in a moment. >>heather: also coming up, a performer forced to pull the plug on an olympic performance. singer tom jones apologizing to fans. we will tell you why he is skipping his gig on the biggest skipping his gig on the biggest stages.
2:36 pm
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2:40 pm
>>heather: governor mitt romney talking tough on iran during a visit to israel saying all options must be considered to keep tehran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> apple and samsung facing off in federal court tomorrow over who controls the u.s. smartphone and computer tablet market. they are accusing each other of ripping off designs. >> tom jones apologizing to fans after pulling out of the an olympic celebration concert in london. the 72-year-old has bronchitis. >>eric: the campaign insiders are back. pat caddell is a fox news contributor and former pollster for president carter who joins us. we are talking about iran. your take? >>pat: my take is consistent with my colleagues. i want to take it a step further. in 2010, at the end of the election, on the last week end, we had an international crisis
2:41 pm
with a cartridge bomb. that resulted in 9 percent of the voters saying that they voted only on that, the most important mid-term election ever, they voted 14 points more democratic. the president's national security advisor who i have call the leaker in chief, and we have this big leak of israel, he has no experience in national security. what he does is politics. if i am with the republicans i would be saying, you know, we are taking advantage of issues in a presidential election that takes place and i would warn about some kind of october surprise if i were republicans because i think, in fact, the question now with 90 days that is an important question. >>eric: you have experienced for decades the october surprise. >>doug: the october surprises are mostly unpredictable, and mostly don't happen. the only one i remember is 1962 during the cuban missile crisis where there was an impact but as
2:42 pm
pat suggests, at the end of an election, a close election, where everything is being politicized, all bets are off. >>eric: what could happen? >>pat: i don't want to speculate. if i were the republicans, i would not go along. i think this is a very political national security problem. >>doug: the jewish vote which is critical in nevada, ohio, and florida, 4 percent of the overall electorate key constituencies in those states will make the result. >>eric: and the negativity in the campaign is being criticized. but there are some new ads. >> we are a nation of workers and doers. we ask our hard work pays off. the way we grow your economy is from the middle out.
2:43 pm
john: that is the second ad in a week with a month positive ad with the president narrating and talking about what he believes in, in a positive way. all the polls agree on one thing, the two campaigns have been trashing each other like we have never seen at this stage of the campaign. the negatives of the president and governor romney are way high. it will hurt either one of them the rest of the way and it will hurt whoever wins. >>doug: we have been talking about the need for candidates to articulate a vision and a path forward. what we are seeing with this ad is president obama going to do just that. >>pat: the last two months it is always the president's campaign that takes the initiative. whether for good or bad, romney's campaign and the republicans play to their tune. they better stop letting that happen. they need to take charge.
2:44 pm
john: each thing that happens including what we talked about, the israeli thing, romney announced these weeks ago he was going to israel. and obama campaign put the things together for friday and this weekend to undercut it. >>pat: john, it is just a coincidence. >>doug: but it is hugely significant. on the mission announcement, on israel, gay marriage, the obama campaign is controlling the debate and the dialogue. romney is on his back foot. bottom line, while the economy is very weak and the numbers confirm it, the initiative of the campaign is still with the president. john: they stumbled even when the supreme court ruled. it took six days for the romney campaign to get their act together. earthquake you are saying as long as the white house is in control of the message that is bad for romney. >>pat: they are running an aggressive campaign. romney is on the defensive.
2:45 pm
that matters. >>eric: and now a romney ad. >> president obama's first term economic plan was $800 billion stimulus. >> it creates two or three million jobs. >> that is from the rnc. >> we are seeing there a real example of what the romney campaign is. it is august negative. that message resonates. their question is, what are you going to do different? how will you leave the country? what is your vision? we have not heard it from governor romney. john: you have one into someone in the romney campaign. >>doug: i had a candid discussion with a romney fundraiser who said he spoke to the leadership and said, gentleman, you have to offer a message and a platform.
2:46 pm
he was told, we're going to stick to negative. we are not going positive. bottom line, if they don't go positive, pat and john, you would agree, they will have much less of a chance to win. >>pat: they could win if the economy collapses but they are running right now such a " "unsmart," and i would like to say another word, an "unsmart," campaign and it behooves romney to listen to someone else. >>eric: your advice? >>pat: what doug and john said. he should be doing a positive and offering a message. john: i totally agree. i have said it before, the first of the two men, the president and governor mitt romney any who switches and goes all positive and spells out, here's what the next four years will be like if i am president and how we will turn the economy around, the first one who does that will win
2:47 pm
the election. >>pat: with the numbers as bad as they are for governor romney, he has to do it quickly. it is an urgent challenge. >>john:: some of romney's people, and this was so good this week on defining the economic thing, but romney is not doing this. i don't understand it. >>eric: each week millions of dollars of campaign advice from you three guys. >>doug: free. only here on fox. >>pat: you get what you pay for. nothing. >>eric: glad you could make it. more of the campaign insiders each monday at 10:30 a.m., for half an hour. you can feet them and send messages to them on they will be back here as they are every sunday, next sunday, with great advise. they are open twitter, too. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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>>heather: a health scare in several hospitals. this lab technician contaminated needles that were used on patients, possibly exposing thousands of people to hepatitis c.
2:52 pm
so, what, exactly, is hepatitis c? how can you protect yourself when going to the doctor's office or the hospital? we have a practicing internist and faculty member at new york university school of medicine. thank you, doctor. so, tell us, what is hepatitis c and what caused it? >>guest: hepatitis c is a virus that infects the liver, causing a chronic liver problem going on to what we call sir -- cirhossis, this is an evil act for anyone who perpetrates it. >>heather: the symptoms? >>guest: you may, early on, develop a viral like symptom where you are fatigued and you may have symptoms of hepatitis but the majority of people do not know they are infected and it is only 10 or 15 years later that liver tests are noted on
2:53 pm
testing and that is when you find out. the initial stages are often without symptoms. >>heather: we should mention the states potentially involved: new hampshire, arizona, georgia, kansas, maryland, michigan, new york, and pennsylvania. how do you treat it? >>guest: well, up until recently there was no treatment. but more recently, now, there are antiviral drugs that are available and we are able to type the type of hepatitis c we have and we are able to give more appropriate and targeted therapy. the key, really, is to try to avoid getting hepatitis c which you can avoid by avoiding sharing needles with people. this is often in the drug population, people who inject themselves and sharing needles. that is where it is spread. before 1992, before we had the testing for hepatitis c, people what got organ donations and blood transfusion, they were at
2:54 pm
risk. but fortunately isn't 1992 we can actually test the blood, it is primarily needles that are suppose a person. >>heather: in this case where nothing that the people did have been exposed, what should they do? >>guest: probably less than 1 percent or 1.5 percent who are imposed on a needle will get it but it is different if they are injected. clearly they have to be seen by the doctor and be screened for hepatitis c, it is a blood test. and a decision is made as to whether or not a treatment could be initiated down the line. unfortunately, opposed to, for example, hepatitis a or b if you are exposed you can be given a certain vaccine but there is no vaccine available for hepatitis c. that is why this is so nefarious. >>heather: is that the difference between tight l --
2:55 pm
between help tight -- hepatitis a and b? >>guest: hepatitis b is sexually transmitted but it can be prevented with vaccines. hepatitis c is not as much sexually transmitted, but, really, the needle stick exposure. blood born. >>heather: horrible story, thank you, doctor, for your time. >>eric: and a special thank you to our great summer intern this year, meredith. today is per dig's last day. how was it? do?azing. >>guest: work in booking and working with all the guests that came on the show. i met a lost cool people and worked at fox. >>eric: what guests? >>guest: well, i love sports so rex ryan. i am a student at university of arkansas.
2:56 pm
go, hogs. i would love to work in sports reporting for onfield football. >>heather: good thing we did not runner off. >>eric: internships are a great way to learn and to get experience. >>guest: especially at fox news, they have a great program. >>eric: and we have something for you from the stage manager. >>guest: thank you. >>eric: are you going to, could back next year, too? >>guest: thank you. >>eric: that does it for us. next, supreme court judge scalia is chris wallace's guest on "fox news sunday." 
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